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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 8, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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we're going to continue to monitor the breaking story and bring you new information as it comes in. in the past 30 minutes, police have given an all clear after a gunman report proved to be unfounded. they got an unconfirmed report of a gunman in the business complex. everyone was allowed to evacuate while the campus was closed. now where protests have turned violent, another protest just getting under way. over the weekend, trrts attacked businesses, lit fires, shut down traffic on highway 24 and clashed with police. all this because of two grand jury decisions where they decided not to indict two white police officers in the killing of two unarmed black men. jodi?
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>> reporter: janel, that protest is scheduled to get under way shortly. we are standing in front of one of the businesses that had its windows smashed in last night. folks here are hoping things will be much tamer tonight. >> this is the result of -- >> reporter: like so many businesses, yoga to the people got hit during weekend protests turned destructive. >> creating so much damage for everyone. who have nothing to do with the cause they're fighting for. it's just not conducive. >> reporter: he's not the only one frustrated. business owners all over town have been left to deal with a mess. students say they never intended for the demonstrations to turn ugly. they say it was police who turned up the heat saturday night by using batons and deploying tear gas. >> instead of just letting us walk with them at their own pace they pushed us and jabbed us. students including myself were
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batoned. we have bruises, pictures. we documented all of it. >> all i know is we have one of the finest police forces in the united states. >> reporter: the berkley mayor stands behind his police department. he says the officers faced a tough situation. >> obviously, we don't want to see the police overreact. but all police -- >> reporter: the students say they're angry at the police and at the protesters who crashed their demonstrations. they fear the message, black lives matter, is getting lost in it all. >> we're being called animals. it's detracting from the entire movement that we're trying to do. >> reporter: now neighborhood ambassadors just passed out these flyers to businesses along telegraph avenue advising them to bring in their garbage cans and other objects because some businesses have opted to board up. others have closed early tonight. the protest is scheduled to get
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under way here in just a few minutes, just a few blocks from where we're standing. reporting live in berkley, jodi hernandez. we want to show you a live picture over berkley right now. this is a live picture at telegraph and bancroft where you can see about 100 demonstrators have gathered to get ready for another night of protests. like in days past, they have walked down streets, shut down freeways, so if you are traveling in that area, be aware. our choppers will be following scene and we'll bring you updates if necessary. new at 5:00, santa clara police are responding to accusations they went to far in dealing with this fan at levi's stadium. the arrest caught on tape and posted online. marianne favro's joining us live with what police say happened. >> reporter: police just spoke to us, and they say they were just trying to arrest a
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belligerent fan and eject him from the game. take a look at this video. it was posted online and shows the officers hitting 44-year-old mark lyden with a baton. during the incident, other fans commented that lyden was not fighting back. but today, lieutenant kirk clark says what you don't see is what happened before this video was taken. >> mr. lyden came in contact with the stadium staff and was very blinl rent and intoxicated and refused to follow directions. at this time, officers noticed this, and because of mr. lyden's intoxication and being uncooperative with staff, they were forced to intercede. >> reporter: officers arrested lyden for resisting address and assaulting an officer.
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lyden is from eugene, oregon. we attempted to reach him for co., but he did not return our calls. whenever an officer uses force, there is an investigation to determine whether it was excessive. nbc bay area news. we are learning more about the shooting near a popular san jose sports bar. it happened around 5:15 last night. the man who was shot is a bouncer who was not on duty. he says he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> our camera systems, everything shows that he was not involved in breaking up any fight inside the location, so what we see is just that him going out in the street and being, i guess wrong place at the wrong tike ame and taking a bullet. >> several people were detained and questioned after the shooting. one of them remains in custody, and police say they did recover a weapon from the scene. it was a welcome case of
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deja vu for the bay area. you have to look back to see that deja vu, more rain. looks like rain is imminent, maybe not. it could be one of the biggest storms in years. robert honda in the santa cruz mountains where folks are racing to clear debris ahead of the wind and rain. let's begin with rob mayeda. >> this is the calm before the big storm but not completely dry for parts of the bay area. we've had showers moving towards santa rosa with a big storm developing for the middle part of the week. you can see the moisture off to the west. you can see the watches and warnings that are going up around the bay area right now. watches because we're still a couple days away from the event. high wind watch up to the bay area where hilltop gusts could approach 60 miles per hour. and you look at this, a flash flood wash for the entire bay
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area. and whil we see the runoff flooding, this is the type of rain that will really fill our bay area reservoirs. so there is good news. but there could be power outages and wind damage. likely to be those north bay locations and the hilltops. santa cruz mountains could pick up more than 6 inches of rain from just this one storm and a big punch of snow headed toward the sierra. we'll take you through the timeline in just a few minutes. san francisco crews are racing against the clock to get this sinkhole fixed before the next storm moves in. here's what it looked like at the corner of sixth and lake in the richmond district. the street opened up last week during a storm. the intersection is expected to reopen tomorrow. crews could be back later this week to repave the surface. stay with us for continuing coverage of this incoming storm.
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on thursday. you can download our app. click on the tab at the top of the page on get the app s new video shows the moments before the fatal stabbing of a 14 year old boy. defense attorneys believe police have arrested the wrong man for the crime. plus, the flames covered an entire city block and caused big backups on nearby freeways. tonight, the evidence that has investigators suspecting arson. every day is a new opportunity to help make life better
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right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures
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as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america. we want to update you on our breaking news happening in san jose at 680. this is the overpass where a woman has threatened to jump, causing police to shut down both directions. as you can see, no cars moving in the area. this has been going on for
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almost two and a half hours now. traffic is a mess in the area. all the freeways in the area and side streets also jammed up. again, a woman threatening to jump from the overpass, traffic backed up in both directions because the freeway at 680 is completely shut down. we'll continue to monitor this breaking news and keep it here on nbc bay area for updates. the inferno in los angeles is now considered suspicious. buildings are not usually engulfed all at once. sniffer dogs spent the day at the construction site. the buildings were to be a huge apartment complex. morning commuters were forced into a backup that stretched for miles. flames were so hot the freeway signs melted. there is new information in the murder case of a 14 year old honor student and football player. he was stabbed to death in
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september. a teen ager has been arrested and charged with the murder, but today, the public defender's office says he is innocent. michelle roberts is live outside the police department, and the lawyer says there is proof? >> reporter: yeah, there's new surveillance video of the crime that was just released today. and defense attorneys believe that it shows their client is innocent. friends say he always had a smile on his face. 14 year old rashawn williams was an honor student at sacred heart high school. on september 2, he was scabbed to death outside a convenience store in the mission district. days later, one of his former classmates was arrested for murder. >> we have an innocent child who's been locked up in custody and accused of this heinous crime. >> reporter: he is representing the juvenile accused with the killing. they believe he's innocent.
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>> our client didn't know or expect any of that to happen. >> reporter: pictures show two teens walking together for several blocks. circled in blue, the boy in jail. notice he's wearing short sleeves. in red, a teen in dark pants and long sleeves. the d.a. says this boy isn't in custody. >> now watch the hands. >> reporter: the video appears to show the teen with long sleeves circled in rid lunging toward williams. we're showing the moment before the fatal attack. >> there are witness statements. there are pictures. there's forensic evidence that we all look in totality. >> reporter: assistant district attorney says the video is being investigated but says the images need to be enhanced. >> you want to make sure you do everything thoroughly in order to come out to the right outcome. >> reporter: the suspect is being held in a juvenile facility. he will appear in court next month. reporting live in san francisco,
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i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. thank you, michelle. residents and government agencies are bracing for one of the biggest storms of the year, that's because it could cause more of this, treesle toppling over from drenching rains and high winds. robert honda is live to show how people are preparing for this big storm coming in wednesday. many are still recovering from the last storm, robert? >> reporter: that's right. we did see a lot happen during the last storm in the santa cruz mountains, and now conditions are more treacherous, increasing the risk of falling trees. work crews are spread throughout the rain-soaked community, cleaning up trees near power lines. all in anticipation of more wind, rain, and problems. some jobs were bigger than others. this 100-foot oak came down in boulder creek, crashing within a few feet of a house. the owner couldn't see the oak's
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rotting roots and it didn't take much of a storm to knock it over. >> and this one's going to go probably next week. >> reporter: crews sectioned the oak and got rid of debris. they are getting a lot of calls from people concerned about the upcoming storm. >> a lot of trees have been loosened up from the last storm. if they're in danger of the house you should have them taken out. >> reporter: the santa clara water district is on high alert. crews will be roaming well before the rain starts falling. >> we make trips to hotspots to clear trash. we want to make sure those are all clear before the storm starts. >> reporter: and the water district will have more unusual situations to deal with this week. coming up at 6:00, how storms can actually cause problems at
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reservoirs, robert honda, nbc bay area news. well, royalty in the oval office as presence william visited president obama. the president and future king of england had a nice chat while the duchess of cambridge, kate, remained in new york city. >> it's been a busy day for the duke and duchess as people watch there had every move. you can't help but watch their over move. chris, the prince and his wife? going to be seeing the king. >> reporter: that is right. they have arrived here in brooklyn at barkley's center taking in the first ever nba game. the nets are hosting the cleveland cavaliers and lebron, king james. it's date night for the duke and duchess of cambridge after spending their first full day in the u.s. apart they head to their first nba game. they're launching a wildlife conservation campaign with the league. and while the royals watch
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basketball's king, some wonder if they'll meet our music royalty, net fans beyonce and jay z. the duke hideaded to washingtono meet with the president. >> our collective goal must be to reduce the wildlife trade by making it harder, denying traffickers to transportation, putting up barriers to their illegal activities and holding people accountable for their actions. >> reporter: the duchess toured a harlem child development center, confusing some of the young children who thought she might be the princess from the disney cartoon, frozen. >> do you know who's going to come visit you today? >> princess! >> reporter: they will take a trip to the 911 memorial and the empire state building. no word whether they'll grab a dollar slice of pizza or a hot dog to make their trip to new
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york complete. and the game is currently under way, but the dube and duchess have not taken their court side seats. they are expected to sit court side for the send of ha of the game. there was a protest tonight, a group of protesters supporting eric garner came here and tried to disrupt the royal visit. they protested for a period of time and have since disbursed. there were no incidents of violence. we'll send it back to you. >> okay, chris. i'm sure a lot of people watching the royal couple and not the game. maybe they'll show the kiss cam, you never know. it could be exciting this game. big story this week, one of the biggest storms we've had moving our way. >> today was technically a break in between storms. we still had measurable rainfall around the north bay. that wave has moved on. you can see now most of that moisture has moved off to the
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north of sacramento. but the future cast has enough moisture that once it rises over the hilltops it's enough to wring out a few more raindrops into the north bay. then as we go through the rest of the night we'll have to watch out for patchy dense fog that could set up toward the east bay and tri valley locations. during the day tomorrow, a nice, mild day around the bay area, but take that time to clear out your storm drains and secure your outdoor belongings. they may be trying to get to a different zip code by the time we get to thursday. in the mean team, tuesday not too bad. upper 60s around san jose, mid and high level clouds in san francisco. highs in the mid to low 60s. tri valley, after the fog lifts will see temperatures in the upper 60s. so here's incoming storm for the middle part of the week. once again you can see on the water vaeper loop it's making a connection. it's going to fuel some very high rain rates. but it's the area of low
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pressure strengthening that should give us wind gusts getting above 50 miles per hour in the hills. heaviest rein falling during the day on thursday. for the valleys, maybe up to 3 inches of rain. coastal hilltops, 6 inches plus. and down toward santa cruz. you can see the rough surf too, as wave heights get up to 18 feet. 9:00 thursday, mainly a north bay event. then as we head toward the evening, look at that. 6:00 from san francisco down toward san jose. and then, by friday into saturday, you can see how things begin to dry out. but in terms of the rainfall projections we have so far, could get 8 inches. up towards san francisco, 2 to 4 inches of rain coming down. so the main event coming up throughout the day thursday, gusty winds, heavy rain at times. starting after midnight wednesday, and as you get into
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friday, look at the temperatures dropping off, that's good news for the sierra, which will drop snow levels down to 5,000 feet. then more rain coming in on sunday. a much weaker system by the end of the weekend. for san jose, scattered showers into friday. saturday another break and sunday we'll see another system coming in for the end of the weekend. but the totals from wednesday night into friday very likely causing localized flooding. good news for the reservoirs, but wind damage a high probability as we go through thursday into early friday. back to you. >> all right, rob, thanks very much. and just ahead. will they stay or will they go? we're talking about the oakland raiders. a message to the fans that has them worried. do you see? what one woman sees in this wrapping paper that prompted
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walmart to pull it from store shelves.
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new video tonight of a fight that broke out in the stands at yesterday's raiders/niners game. it was not an isolated incident. nearly 100 fans ejected and more than 30 arrested. oakland police say those numbers are pretty typical for a sunday game and tensions weren't necessarily higher because of the, you know, cross bay rivalry. the raiders won the game. >> well getting inomen getting video. if there's not going to be a new stadium in oakland, maybe
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somewhere else. both teams want new fields, and with one home game left in the football season, the raiders haven't renewed their lease for next year. they're uneasy because the team isn't allowing them to renew their season tickets. the sense was that the raiders are getting impatient. >> i do feel that the raiders are making a statement. yeah. they're indicating to us that if we don't get something in place they might execute other options that they have before them. >> one of those options, well, it's well-known, the city of san antonio is lobbying to get the team. there is a deadline involved. the raiders have until mid february to notify the nfl where they're going to be playing in 2015. complaints about swastikas have walgreens removing paper
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from their shelves. they say they're pulling the product off its shelves nationwide. they took a break from the norm, the students at one school did for one hour today.
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we're following breaking news out of san jose where a woman threatened to jump off a freeway overpass. this has been going on since about 2:45 this afternoon, making traffic an absolute mess
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for the entire south bay. we have reports that surface streets are backed up. and so is the 280/17 interchange. we'll have an update coming up tonight at 6:00. finally, tonight, it is never too young to teach kids how to code. they gathered for an hour of code. it's designed to demystify computer science. there will be more than 1 million computer science jobs by 2020, but less than 3% of students graduating with a degree in that field. >> i'm not sure anybody could learn code. >> it's going to be one of those basic classes in the future. >> and i appreciate that coding for weather models. things will pick up in intentionity. that big mid-week storm
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wednesday night. and thursday the main event, heavy wind and rain. >> thank you for joining us, nightly news is next. >> you can always find us on line at big cia secrets about torture are about to be intentionally exposed. tonight, u.s. embassies and marines bracing around the world over warnings these revelations could cost american lives. towering inferno. it looked like a bomb went off. a massive fire levels a city block right at the intersection of many major highways, setting off a traffic nightmare in los angeles. inside the raid. stunning new details tonight about what went wrong on a mission to save an american hostage being held by al qaeda. and royal engagement. while kate charms new york, the prince meets the president where he shares a crucial detail about the birth of his son. "nightly news" begins now.


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