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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 8, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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directions, all because of a woman threatening to jump off a freeway overpass. >> i'm janelle wang. thousands of commuters are stuck in traffic unable to get home because of the impact on surface streets and freeways. look at all the red across the bay. cars are not moving at all or an absolute crawl. that's a lot of cars right now. >> it's been going on since 2:45 this afternoon when we shot this picture. multiple police officers have been on this overpass trying to talk this woman off the overpass. they haven't had any success. we're going into the evening commute. it's gone from bad to worse. 680 jammed up, affecting all freeways in the area and also side streets. you can see traffic being diverted off the exit there. it is just jammed up. it can go on for miles and miles, this backup. >> let's get back to berkeley. looking live at the protesters marching again. this is the area near college
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and dwight. the crowd seems to be growing. at this point the demonstration has been peaceful. there's concern it could take a violent turn based on what happened in berkeley the past two nights. protesters attacking businesses, lighting fires, shutting down traffic on highway 24 for a while last night. nbc bay area, jodi hernandez in berkeley with the latest on the protests brought by grand jury decision. jodi? >> terry, as mentioned, marchers are on the move as we speak. many businesses along telegraph avenue have decided to close up, some decided to board up as a precaution. business owners do not want to pick up broken glass tomorrow morning. >> we don't understand who is supposed to protect us from them. >> that's how some uc berkeley students feel about police after officers escalated what started as a peaceful demonstration saturday night. they say police used batons and deployed tear gas. >> instead of letting us walk with them at their own pace,
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they pushed us and jabbed us. students, including myself, were batoned. we have bruises. >> demonstrators say police turned things ugly. protesters fired back by breaking windows of businesses throughout downtown berkeley. >> used to go after the banks or the corporations. because they thought they were the problem. now they bring the problem to street level with mamas and papas businesses. >> berkeley mayor tom bates stands behind his police department. he says the city is ready to work with demonstrators to keep the peace. >> hopefully, they will talk to us so we know where they're going, so that we can make sure it's peaceful. >> students are angry at police and at demonstrators who crashed their peaceful protest. >> i mean, don't ruin it. it matters. like the entire protest could focus on the little bit of violence that occurred. >> students have been trying to protect businesses. in fact, protesters came to the
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aid of this ice cream shop. >> they lined up against the wall and told people to leave cream alone. we were thankful for that. >> protesters are on the march as we speak. we are told that they are a couple of blocks away from us. about college avenue and dwight. now, they passed by me a little while ago. some of the protesters were wearing black masks, had their faces covered up, the others looked like they were dressed for combat. the hundreds and hundreds of protesters on the street are peaceful. they look like students and students told us earlier that they are determined to keep things tame. reporting live in berkeley, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, jodi. new at 6:00, after a temporary lull, residents in san jose' evergreen community say the crime wave is back. the latest on the burglars
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prowling in their neighborhood again. one came face to face with them today. damian trujillo is live there. >> reporter: that victim was rattled when i was speaking with him earlier this afternoon. the residents in evergreen are demanding more protection and today they got it. more officers patrolled evergreen today. officers pulled over any driver whose car matched the description of the burglary attempt in evergreen. this man was shocked when the suspect opened his bedroom door. >> i know it's a burglar right there. i my wife said i'm going to call the police. i start yelling and chasing after the guy which is probably dumb. >> he hopped the fence after breaking the window screen and that's when his neighbor spotted the suspected burglar. >> all of a sudden, i see a quick shadow. i see someone running right down our roadway and all of a sudden i get on and hear our neighbors
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screaming and hollering. >> evergreen residents say it was pretty quiet in october. but there have been 29 burglaries in evergreen in the last two weeks alone. it prompted one resident to send this letter to the police chief asking for help. the chief said the department has limited resources but it has devoted several resources to evergreen and today the beat captain assigned a burglary suppression unit including several additional officers working overtime to find and stop burglars in evergreen. >> shows up, the guy shows his face in my bedroom that i don't know. i start chasing after him. >> police were in his neighborhood -- >> it's like an action movie. you've been living here for 12 years. it's all quiet. >> there were four, maybe five other burglaries here in evergreen alone today. crime prevention experts say the holidays is when the residents
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are more vulnerable because more packages and presents are arriving at your doorstep. the next crime prevention meeting here in evergreen is on thursday. we're live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo. thanks very much. an officer hurt in a police chase is out of the hospital. but the suspect who was shot is not so lucky. san leandro police spotted a stolen car last night. officers tried to stop the car but the driver pulled over first and then sped off. she then rammed several patrol cars, forcing police to open fire and hitting her. the woman remains hospitalized in grave condition. her passenger was also treated and released and is now being questioned. santa clara police say he was a belligerent fan who went too far at the pac-12 championship game and needed to be ejected from levi's stadium. many people who watched it say it was police who went too far. nbc bay area's marianne favro is
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live at the police department with more fors us. >> reporter: janelle, what police say is that the video does not say what happened before the arrest. when the man apparently assaulted an officer. this video taken at levi stadium on friday shows a santa clara police officer hitting mark leyden in the back of the leg with a baton. the baton even breaks. it also shows an officer wrapping his arm around the man's neck. while this is going on, people are chanting, he's not fighting back. he's not fighting back. >> police say what you don't see is what happened before the video was taken. lieutenant kirk clark says officers intervened after leyden became belligerent with a city employees. >> attempted to eject mr. leyden, at which point he refused to follow their direction. he walked away from them. at one point assaulting one of
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the officers. at this point, they attempted to take him into custody. >> leyden pushed an officer and was eventually arrested for resisting arrest and assaulting an officer. leyden lives in eugene, oregon. we reached out to him but he did not return our calls. some who watched the video are questioning whether the police went too far. >> the officer felt in his mind that he used sufficient force to make the arrest. that's what the officer did. in that particular circumstance, our department will review that and drm if it was excessive or not. >> if that police department investigation does determine excess a force was used, the case would be turned over to the district attorney's office for review. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you for that. a shooting near a popular south
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bay sports bar in downtown san jose. the man who was shot was a bouncer not on duty. he thinks he was there at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> our camera system shows he was not involved in breaking up any fight inside the location. so what we see is that, him going out in the street and being in the wrong place at the wrong time and taking the bullet. >> the man is in serious condition at the hospital. but he's expected to survive. several people were detained and questioned after that shooting. one much them remains in custody. police say they recovered a weapon if the scene. >> after a demoralizing loss to the raiders, the head coach is on jim harbaugh. he answered more questions today about what is next for me. we have more on what the coach had to say. >> reporter: janelle, no doubt, sunday's loss for the 49ers signals the beginning of the end
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of the harbaugh era in san francisco. it's going to be tough for them to make the playoffs. why would they keep together a rocky marriage at best after this season. interesting looking conversation yesterday. mark davis and harbaugh, before the loss which dropped the 49ers to the 8th spot, two games back with three to play. reporter aaron rapoport says there's big interest between the silver and black and the coach. for now, trying to finish the season strong. >> you take great love and pride in being a professional. so that's ever day. that's every week. that's every game. that's every play. the list of blows that we take pride in snapping on the film the next day and -- on the field the next day and showing that you play with every ounce of effort that you have and it's because of the love of the game and the pride you have in being
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an nfl football professional. >> pro football talk released a report yesterday saying the university of michigan reached out to harbaugh about their head coaching vacancy but came away thinking he would rather stay in the nfl. the rumors of harbaugh possibly to the raiders will keep circulating. there's been a lot of talk on colin kaepernick's declining play of late. more on kaepernick later in sports. jerod, thanks very much. powerful storms zeroing in on the bay area. this could be the worst in years. >> mild conditions outside right now. in the 50s and 60 s. we're tracking that storm system that will bring a double punch of damaging wind gusts at times and potential for flooding rain. we'll talk more about that in the micro climate forecast coming up. thanks, rob. a rise in the sky of drones. lawmakers are falling behind in technology. also, no longer seeing red. the meeting san francisco city leaders don't have to hold for
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the first time in 15 years. we continue to follow breaking news in berkeley. live pictures from our nbc chopper. hundreds of people have gathered in an intersection, shut down traffic. officers are keeping a close eye on the demonstration after the violence and vandalism last night. keep it here for more updates. we'll be right back.
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back live with breaking news in berkeley. hundreds of protesters have basically shut down this intersection. they started marching about an hour ago. they're protesting the grand jury's decision not to indict for the killing of unarmed black men. demonstrations were very violent last night. lot of vandalism. keeping a close eye on the situation and we'll continue to follow this story here at nbc
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bay area. as they fly above it, businesses are tempted by them and bay area police departments are putting them to use, all while lawmakers are frantically trying to pass laws regarding drones. the latest case of cutting-edge technology clashing with government. our business and tech reporter scott budman caught up with the drone authorities and live in san jose with the story. scott? >> reporter: yeah, terry. that clash between technology and government is rarely a smooth one. drones just the latest example. yes, they can be helpful to businesses, law enforcement, even news operations. but they come with privacy and security concerns as well. as with almost all high tech innovations, drones and what we can do with them are flying well ahead of regulators trying to protect the public. >> drones truly have the potential to change the world that we live in imt.
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>> lisa he willman an authority on this, came to the bay area from washington, d.c. to talk about drones and why privacy is on the minds of policy makers. >> it's because i can monitor my neighbors' every move with this drone. should i be allowed to do that? that's creepy. >> with similar concerns on the mind of residents at a weekend meeting with their police department discussing how it will use drones. >> i don't understand why public safety would want this kind of expense. >> there are a lot of potential uses for drones. but they come with concerns. both for privacy and safety. ellman says they're taking all of that into consideration and that will take a while. be patient. >> amazon is probably still a bit -- a ways off. >> this hobby may soon become a way of doing business.
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>> reporter: lisa ellman worked with the federal government on drone policy. she admits officials are slow in keeping up p technological advancement. her advice, to have the officials come out and meet with the drone makers and users. scott budman, nbc bay area news. over to san francisco. good news for the first time in 15 years, there will be no budget cuts for the city of san francisco. they don't need to trim their budgets for the fiscal year beginning july 1st. extra of 22 million bucks on hand thanks to record levels of property, business, hotel and transfer taxes. mayor lee is telling officials to figure out how to improve their operations so everyone in the city can feel the benefits. here's a mix of anticipation and dread. er stirred up by one of the biggest storms headed our way. the upcoming rain for the
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drought conditions. bad for people hit hard by the last storm. the photos, evidence of why there's concern. meteorologist rob may yet a joining us. robert honda is live from the santa cruz mountains to show us how people are preparing. robert? >> reporter: terry, there were areas that took a beating during the last storm, especially from falling trees. many people are trying to do something about it if they can. >> could kill somebody that fast. >> a 100-foot redwood tree came crashing into this house in the santa cruz mountains in the last storm. other trees slowed down the falling redwood and kept it from causing major damage. >> it was rotten in the middle. you can see it here. that's why the top of this tree popped off, came down and went through the side of the house right here. >> the storm also knocked down this 100-foot oak in boulder creek. rotting roots and saturated soil
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made it an easy target for the storm. the previous damage and concern about the upcoming storm are keeping travis busy. >> today, we're getting ourselves ready and cleaning up a bit of mess there. thursday, everybody should be -- you should have your local tree guy come and look at your trees before the storm. >> the santa clara valley water district says it will have roaming crews looking for potential flooding. it will temporarily postpone maintenance at reservoirs such as chess borrow where the drought allowed access to the bottom. >> they're fairly, relatively easy to get to. we're hoping to be able to get to those the next week or two before they become too submerged. >> reporter: the water district plans to stock up at sandbag stations for the public this week. robert honda, nbc bay area news. speaking of the drought, blamed for california's drought
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is shifting tonight. a new report says global warming is not behind the current three-year drought. the report by columbia university says natural trends are keeping the rain away. including he will nina. this conflicts with recent drought studies from stanford and the american geophysical union. it will likely worsen future california droughts. we're going to get a lot of rain this week. big storm coming on thursday. let's get a check of the micro climate forecast with rop may a mayeda. >> going back to 1995. 25-hour window. sustained winds over 40 miles per hour. peak gusts over the hilltops. look to the right. this is what we're expecting for thursday, between 2 to 3 inches of rain. winds at times getting sustained
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close to 40 miles per hour. going back to 2008 and 2009. that's a sampler. when it will be a lot of rain across san francisco and the bay area. hilltop locations seeing gusts above 60 miles per hour. this is getting started wednesday night into thursday afternoon. now, for the rest of the bay area, rain the other part of the story as you heard. robert honda, santa cruz mountains, one of the hotspots for rainfall. this will see the totals getting close to 6 inches of rain, plus the creek rises and mudslides likely. this storm is hitting the ground running with saturated soil from all the rain last week. we've had a few sprinkles in the north bay. short term, we may see a few more in marin county. as you can see, patchy fog like this morning. could be an issue towards tomorrow morning. the bottom line tomorrow is enjoy the break. prepare your storm drains, clear them out before the next rain starts to come on in before
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thursday. highs tomorrow, mild. upper 60 s to mid-60s around san francisco. the next storm, won't take long before the winds accelerate in the bay area. a full look at this and the full forecast in the next half hour. stay with us for continuing coverage of the oncoming storm and download our app for instant weather and traffic alerts. you can do so at click on the tab at the top of the page. get the nbc bay area app. coming up, a new use for old technology. we'll show you where to pay homage to recent relics. plus, new clues. why this video may prove an innocent teenager has been locked up for murder. we continue to track breaking news in the east bay. a massive march going on in berkeley. protesters leaving the area of channing and shattuck. they're expecting traffic in that area. we'll have an update coming up.
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we continue to follow
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breaking news in the south bay. look at that mess. this is not a still picture. the evening commute at a standstill in some areas. a woman is threatening to jump at the overpass at alum rock and has 680 shut down. that's backing up traffic all the way to the 28 o/17 interchange. side streets a mess as well. we're getting calls from people out there. we'll have an update on the breaking news in less than ten minutes. new at 6:00, newer, better, faster. all favorite words in the technology savvy silicon valley. some of the cutting-edge technology is heading for the trash. joe rosato, jr., explains. >> it seems the only thing certain in life is change and among the things always changing is our stuff. >> these are called 8-track tapes. >> in the san jose -- >> paper owe i.
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>> a new exhibit is paying homage to the recently departed technology. >> as you can see, it's a huge pile of slides. >> more than a dozen artists put a new spin on things that up until recently were considered new. >> this is the very first apple computer. >> that's real what i this show is about. is to show how quickly we are discarding the technologies that seem to be cutting-edge. >> so these are egg beaters. >> photographer, david pace, ventured a little farther back in the way back machine much obsolete things. >> we have all of this stuff around. it's familiar and interesting because it has a history. >> like these photos taken during world war ii and sent the technology. >> radio photographs transmitted via radio waves. >> artist genevieve hastings put her expired treasures in a box. >> i had the iphone.
6:27 pm
>> only this has a twist. >> it hax into twitter every -- it asks if the word curious has been tweeted and the light comes on. >> it's humbling to see the objects of our recent lives already on display in a museum. >> things you must be of a certain age to appreciate. >> maybe some other younger people come in are not even going to know what the clicking of the slide projector is. >> it has an interactive component as well. exhibit runs until january 24th. people can bring their own out of date stuff. >> it's a kind of profound visual that we are creating as the sculpture grows and grows. i have no idea what that is. >> it's difficult to imagine a similar exhibit of say, out of date cloud technology. maybe it's best we just enjoy the past before it's out of date. joe rosato, jr., nbc bay area
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news. still ahead, breaking news in berkeley where it looks like it's going to be another long night for law enforcement officers. you can see some of the crowd there marching to the area of shattuck. we'll have more on that. we'll have a live update from nbc bay area's jodi hernandez who is there on the ground. new surveillance video released today shows the moment that led up to a fatal stabbing of a high school freshman. i'm michelle roberts in san francisco where defense attorneys believe the killer is still out there.
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we continue to follow breaking news in the south bay. the evening commute at a standstill after a woman threatened to jump off the overpass. 680 is shut down in both directions. this is the residual effect on the neighboring freeway. it's gone to 280 southbound. this is the 280/17 interchange. we'll have an update in less than ten minutes. keeping an eye on this breaking news out of berkeley as well. a live picture of perhaps a thousand, maybe more gathered to protest the ferguson grand jury decision and also the grand jury decision in the case of eric garner. so far it's been peaceful. the police are making sure it isn't a repeat of the last two nights. jodi hernandez in berkeley with the latest on the protest sparked by the controversial grand jury decisions. jodi? >> reporter: that's right, terry. marchers are on the move for the
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third straight night here in berkeley. our nbc helicopter is monitoring their progress and last check they were heading toward the berkeley police department. again, hundreds of protesters out on the street. this comes after two very destructive nights here in berkeley. protesters actually faced off with police. students tell me that they feel that the police actually escalated the situation by using their batons and deploying tear gas. now, as of this morning, more than 16 businesses had been damaged from the weekend protests. including coming back live. this corner business on telegraph avenue. this ice cream shop had its windows broken out. many of the businesses along telegraph decided to close early for the night. some of them, like this one have boarded up as a precaution. everybody is crossing their fingers, hoping that tonight's protest remains tame. as yyou mentioned, hundreds are out on the street.
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some wearing black masks. some dressed for combat. some are students and they're determined to keep things peaceful. reporting live in berkeley, i'm jodi hernandez. >> we've learned that protesters closed down the berkeley b.a.r.t. station. we'll keep an eye on that situation. the berkeley b.a.r.t. station is closed at this time. also shut down, 680 at alum rock. this traffic situation has not improved. it's closed in both directions since this afternoon when we shot the pick turks. look at the woman threatening to kill herself by jumping off the overpass. that prompted police to rush out. southbound 101, 880, service streets, they're all jammed up and clogged. no telling how long 680 will stay closed. when the ripple effect will clear up. we'll continue to follow both breaking news stories throughout this newscast. you can get updates at nbc bay
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area,.com. >> the public defenders are accused police of ignoring crucial information. new information was released in the name of an honor student. he was stabbed to death in september in the mission district. michelle roberts outside the police station and lawyers say they have the proof of a wrongful arrest, right? >> reporter: yeah, they say the proof is in the surveillance video that was just released today. this video shows the actual crime. defense attorneys say it also shows that their client is innocent. >> 14-year-old rashaan williams had dreams to graduate from harvard. his life was cut tragically short on september 2nd. the football player and honors student was stabbed to death outside a convenience store in the mission district. days later, one of his former classmates was arrested for murder. >> we have an innocent child locked up in custody and accused of this heinous crime. >> the public defender is representing the teen accused of the stabbing.
6:35 pm
because he's a minor, his name isn't being released. today his lawyers showed a surveillance video that they believe proves his innocence. >> we expect the police department to do their jobs. that didn't happen here. minutes before the attack, pictures show two teens walking together. circled in blue was the teen police believed killed williams. in red, a teen in dark pants and red sleeve. this boy isn't it custody. there's no question, they have the wrong person. >> it appears to show the person circled in red lunging towards williams. we're showing the moment up to the minute before the fatal attack. >> it's not necessarily just the video. there are witness statements and there are pictures. there's forensic evidence that we all look at in the totality. >> assistant district attorney alex bastion said the video is being investigated and the images enhanced before the case goes to court. >> if we're weighing the culpability.
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>> reporter: the police department hasn't commented on this case today. as for the suspect, he's being held at a juvenile facility and will appear in court next month. i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. michelle, thanks a lot. still ahead, not in the holiday spirit. a chain under fire after a southern california woman discovered something on a holiday item. bracing for impact. why. contract ia is sending out a global warning. kate and william take new york. you knew they would. the royal visit, what's on the itinerary that's a nod to princess diana. ♪
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continue to follow breaking news for you. a live picture from the nbc
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chopper of a demonstration going on in berkeley right now. it appears to be more than a thousand people. you can see them holding signs protesting the grand jury decisions in a number of cases recently involving the police shooting death of black men. this is outside the berkeley police department. we have no reports to this point of any violence. a large crowd, a large police presence. it is demonstrations going on for about an hour and 40 minutes to this point marching around berkeley. we'll have more as the show goes on. >> a controversy over some gift wrap started in southern california. it now has spread nationwide. a southern california woman bought the blue and silver chanukah paper over the weekend. she saw the dark blue lines formed swastika patterns. she complained to the walgreens store which has since pulled the product off the store shelves in all u.s. stores. the new type of british invasion this week aspirins william and his wife kate are
6:40 pm
wrapping up their first full day in the united states. the duke and duchess of cambridge currently watching lebron james play. they attend their first ever nba game. prince william met with president obama at the white house today. meantime, kate toured a child development center in harlem. part of williams visit is to address the illegal wildlife trade. >> must be to reduce the wildlife trade by making it harder. denying traffickers access to transportation. putting up barriers to their activities and holding them accountable for actions. >> the couple is staying at the carlyle, a favorite place to stay for william's late mother, princess diana. tomorrow they'll visit the 9/11 memorial and take a trip to the top of the empire state building. just seeing new york. >> all in just a couple of days. nice to have them here. we're bracing for a big storm headed our way. >> maybe the biggest in years. right now, pretty calm outside. you can see from emoryville.
6:41 pm
heavy wind and rain on the way. your forecast is coming up. we continue to follow breaking news in san jose. the 680 freeway shut down in both directions. this is the 280 interchange. this is the backup on to the freeway. updates, next.
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we want to show you live pictures in san jose. cars, as you can see southbound on 280 barely moving. it's all because of a shutdown at 680 in san jose. 680, this is the alum rock overpass where a woman there has threatened to jump. that's forced police to shut down lanes in both directions. she's been there since 2:45 creating a traffic nightmare for
6:44 pm
thousands of drivers in that area. it's backing up to neighboring freeways. also, a live picture of the golden gate bridge. a slight backup northbound right there because of some police activity going on, on the bridge. a person possibly thinking of suicidal thoughts. of course, one lane is closed northbound on golden gate bridge right now backing up traffic there. of course, we'll follow both stories. we're following a developing story as well. u.s. embassies on high alert has washington prepares to release a report on harsh cia interrogations containing use of torture on al qaeda detainees at secret facilities in europe and asia after the terrorist attacks. they're expected to release the report tomorrow. officials are warning that the move will lead to violence and deaths around the world. not giving up, they continue to fight president obama's executive order.
6:45 pm
republicans are saying that undocumented workers hurt the united states. is it true? sam brock looks into it tonight in the reality check. >> how to address america's immigration crisis has been the talk of the nation since the president announced his reform plan last month. on "meet the press" sunday, texas governor-elect greg abbott joined in the conversation fielding a question from chuck todd will undocumented immigrants and their impact on the economy. >> illegal immigration, good or bad for the state of texas, bottom line. >> legal immigration is great for the united states of america. any illegal activity is not good anywhere. >> yet, it's been good for the texas economy, right? >> legal immigration has been great for america. >> did you catch that? the question centered on quote illegal immigrants, not legal immigrants. the governor-elect declined to answer the question directly. so we took the same question to uc davis immigration economist
6:46 pm
giovanni perry. >> most economists would say illegal immigrants have contributed to the american economies. they have not had a negative impact on wages. and therefore, they have -- a positive effect. >> perry explained that numerous studies confirmed the argument. the pew research center, the usda, the united states department of labor and the congressional budget office. the research has looked at and answered the following questions. have undocumented workers increased the gdp of the u.s.? yes. has their work decreased the prices we pay for food? >> yes. has the tax revenue outgained the cost of government services they use up? yes. >> have undocumented workers increased the wages of legal workers? yes. for more information, you can head over to check and find a link to each one of the studies. the bottom line is this.
6:47 pm
according to perry and a library full of research, undocumented workers benefit the economy. here in california, down south in texas and across the country. of course, it's one important part of the immigration debate. i'm sam brock and that's this edition of reality check. let's check the forecast. we have one of the biggest storms in years coming this way. with the timeline, here's rob. >> we got a break between all the rain last week but even with the three to four days of relatively calm before the next incoming storm, the ground still saturated outside. we have 50s and 60s out there and the saturated soil helping to form the radiational fog. we'll see more of that tomorrow morning. flow pushing some mid-level moisture our way. once the moisture rises over the marin head lands and the coastal top, you'll see more showers overnight. then rain will certainly pick up as we get closer to thursday.
6:48 pm
so for tomorrow morning, we'll see areas of fog and then as we go through the day, no rain on the radar here. we're looking at temperatures that will be mild despite the cloud cover with that southerly flow. we should still manage the numbers climbing into the upper 60s in san jose. close to 70 today. close to that range for tomorrow. san francisco seeing highs in the mid-60s. patchy dense fog in east bay valleys, towards the tri-valley. once it breaks up, sunshine mixed with high clouds and temperatures in the mid, upper 60s. this storm tapping into tropical moisture. an area of low pressure will -- up towards the oregon northern california border. we'll be dealing with wind, waves and heavy rain. first the wind developing late wednesday, coasts and hilltops seeing gusts above 50 miles per hour. 20 to 30 in the rest of the bay area. the heavy rain potential, 1 to 3 inches of rain for most of the bay area.
6:49 pm
the coastal locations and the santa cruz mountains looking at more than that as you're about to see in the rainfall projection getting into friday and yes, high surf, all that wind over the water reaching our coastline. a long period swell of 9 to 14 feet at 17 seconds should give wave heights 18 to 20 feet-plus towards friday morning. the main event starting to come in thursday morning. mainly a north bay event. then towards the evening for the evening commute until about 11:00, the focus should be south of san francisco. heading towards friday, most of that moisture moves on and the temperatures will drop down as the cooler air sweeps on in. the bull's-eyes for rainfall on the map. this will be the north bay mountains. 8 inches possible north of santa rosa. close to ukiah. another 6 to 8 inches of here and 2 to 4 likely. early thursday into friday afternoon is when it starts. the main event the next storm, setting up for wednesday late at
6:50 pm
least for santa rosa in the north bay, heavy rain into thursday. scattered showers, cooler temperatures into friday. waiting until midday thursday for the rain to pick up. same story for san jose and san francisco. the heavy rain arriving midday to the evening on thursday. friday, look at the highs. upper 50s. scattered showers. slight chance of thunder to wrap it up for friday into saturday and then as all that cold air heads towards the sierra, 10 to 20 inches of snow dropping snow levels towards the weekend. all right, rob. sharks trading in the game sweaters for something more festive. the players wrapping up their gift to the fans. that's coming up next.
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coach harbaugh talking after yesterday's loss to the raiders. we're going to start off with baseball in the comcast newsroom. hi geraud. >> baseball meetings under way and hot stove on simmer. the a's prepare to have a roster full of changes. brandon moss traded to cleveland for minor league second baseman joe win dell. >> the athletics traded their 3, 4 and 5 hitters since last july. the first baseman underwent hip surgery in october and he hit .234 this past season. he's coming off a broken bone in his right hand. >> looking to get a little bit younger. if you look back to the end of
6:54 pm
11 and leading into 12, we've traded the last three allstars. we ended up winning the division. we're looking to compete again. >> conflicting reports surfacing on the john lester sweepstakes. according to baseball insider, ken rosenthal, the lefty will choose between the giants and cubs. the red sox and dodgers are also in the running with lester expected to make a decision by tomorrow. madison bumgarner magical 2014 year got better if you can believe tchl the world series mvp named sports illustrated sportsman of the year. he's the first san francisco giant and the seventh major league baseball pitcher to receive the honor. >> minnesota, looking for a victory. clear path. throws the dunk. that sends the dubs back the other way with open space and
6:55 pm
bodies. clay thompson drains the three. warriors up 8. later in the quarter, vintage steph curry here. step back, one leg. rainbow jumper. the lead grows to ten. right now, dubs in control. 89-70 in the fourth quarter. offensively, the 49ers have not looked like a -- basically looked like a shelf themselves in the past three seasons. naturally, qb colin kaepernick taking a lot of heat for the offensive lack of production in yesterday's loss to the raiders. he completed 18 of 33 for 174 yards while rushing for only 26 yards. the offense didn't score a touchdown in the second half, but it hasn't changed the coach's opinion of kap. >> when you talk about professional, he is that. giving it every ounce of energy he has. >> it's a rough patch last couple games and definitely things to improve.
6:56 pm
and correct. >> have you considered playing him at all or could he get playing time? >> colin is our quarterback. it's that time of year when sharks players trade in game sweaters for a seasonal variety. take a look. >> turkey, ham, pumpkin pie ♪ ♪ the holidays are here ♪ that's why i got me a holiday sweater ♪ ♪ made of wool ♪ mine sobrie bright it will ma you sweat snoe♪ this is not the first video they've put out. they certainly don't look like hockey players, do they? the group house of pain comes to mind. thanks, geraud. breaking news. the first one in san jose, the 680 still shut down in both
6:57 pm
directions because a woman on the overpass has been threatening to jump since 2:45 this afternoon. at this point, police say there's no sign of her coming down. and in the east bay right now, 1,000 protesters back on the streets of berkeley tonight. live pictures from our chopper. they are marching for justice they say after the controversial grand jury decisions in ferguson and new york city. they just left the berkeley police station. they are now marching through the streets. we're counting about a thousand demonstrators. they've been peaceful so far. but we want to let you know that the b.a.r.t. berkeley station is closed right now because of demonstrations there. usually when this happens, trains don't stop there. but they go through. we're going to continue to monitor both breaking news stories. we'll bring you the latest tonight on nbc bay area news at 11:00. >> thank you for watching. see you tonight. >> good night.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
angelina jolie's new interview about her stealth coverup. >> now on "extra!" . >> angelina and brad's undercover wedding, she breaks it down. >> how in the heck did you guys keep it such a secret? >> and opens up about directing unbroken. >> it's your future? >> i hope so. >> a film that has her locked in an oscar battle with oprah then o unveils her passion project. >> we are celebrating. >> her first words on the ferguson and choke hold cases ripping america.


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