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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 8, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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. that breaking news in emeryville right now, where protesters have shut down a freeway. good evening, everyone. i'm janelle wang. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. raj and jessica are off tonight. take a look at this picture right now. you are looking at 80 as it approaches the bay bridge, and as you can see, the direction in the eastbound direction, that freeway's open. hasn't been that way all night, but it is now. you can see in the westbound direction things seem to be
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maybe moving a little bit. it had been shut for much of the night. we have not seen anything in the way of tear gas canisters thrown by police trying to disperse the crowds. we have heard that they have been -- police have been firing bean bags using batons to clear those freeways because for a time tonight everything you see there was at a complete standstill. >> yeah, the bush toward the bay bridge began several hours ago at the pedestrian bridge that crosses u-80 at university avenue in berkeley. protesters there squared off with police before demonstrators made a break for interstate 80. as soon as police corralled one group off the road, another group would just break through. at some points blocking traffic in both directions. >> we have live team coverage for you tonight. we begin with jean elle. she is live in san francisco, where law enforcement officers are gearing up to help deal with protesters shutting down traffic and trains in the bay area. jean, what do you have? >> reporter: we're here at the hall of justice, and i want to show you a pretty unusual scene.
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it's very common to see police cars parked here in front of 850 bryant, but it is not common to see officers gathering here on the steps in front of the hall of justice. just a few minutes ago there were about 100 police officers standing on those steps being briefed. and i'm told san francisco police are gathering here at the hall of justice, getting ready to offer their support to police departments in the east bay who have their hands full tonight with protesters. you can see many of these officers are holding riot gear. many of them have left. but sfpd is in close contact with the departments across the bay and getting ready to deploy officers here to the east bay if they're needed, if and when they say they're ready to help out. so they are gathering the troops tonight, amassing their forces and ready to help out. back to you. >> jean, thanks very much. and protesters in berkeley did not just halt freeway traffic tonight. take a look at this. they stopped amtrak trains as
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well. this is a picture tweeted from the tracks near addison and essex way just a block from the berkeley amtrak station. people, protesters were lying on the tracks in front of that train, not allowing it to continue. >> nbc bay area's nannet miranda joins us from east bay with more. >> reporter: a much different night in berkeley than what we saw over the weekend. no major reports of damage or vandalism. and businesses are keeping their fingers crossed that it will stay that way through the evening. and as for protesters, no use of tear gas, at least not yet. >> these killer cops must be held accountable and jailed. >> reporter: for the third straight night hundreds of marchers protesting the outcome of the michael brown and eric garner cases, took to the streets of berkeley. downtown businesses closed early so that workers could get home safely. shortened hours means a smaller paycheck for employees like sheree tucker. >> and i'm losing my commission,
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and i'm unable to work right now. so we don't know if we're going to get our hourly pay or anything right now. >> reporter: the student advocates office handed out a first aid kit of sorts to help in case of tear gas or possible rubber bullet injuries. >> they can wash out their face with the water. they can wear the mask to prevent breathing in the gas. the alcohol pads helps people hit by rubber bullets. >> reporter: police officers on bikes mostly kept to the perimeter early in the protest. at one point a massive sit-in where they blocked rush hour traffic for several minutes. protesters say they don't know how many nights they'll be out here doing this. >> people are dying. for what? unarmed people. no justice, no peace! >> and nobody's doing anything about it. it could be the fourth day or the fifth day. until somebody does something about it, we'll be out here as many days as it takes, i would think. >> next stop, berkeley police headquarters where they were met with officers in riot gear. they let the protesters know early they cannot get close. a hand on a guardrail gets you a
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baton slap. police agencies from other jurisdictions arrive to help. protesters hope they aren't needed tonight, saying the vandals are clouding their message. >> a lot of people see that as a green light to steal or take or hurt, you know, the police or other people. but that's not what it's about. >> we want to show you a live picture again of interstate 80. as you can see, westbound on the right-hand side stopped right now. police activity on the eastbound side it is moving again. this is quite a change from earlier tonight where protesters basically shut down the entire interstate. of course we're going to continue to monitor the situation. and we will update you later in this newscast. now to a developing story for you. part of interstate 680 in san jose still closed tonight after police shut it down more than eight hours ago. all because of a woman threatening to jump from an
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overpass. this is what the backup looked like during rush hour. traffic coming to a standstill. you see the line of lights going for miles. right now southbound lanes are closed as the incident continues on the alum rock avenue overpass. the northbound lanes opened about 9:00 tonight. surrounding streets and expressways heavily affected, seeing a spillover in traffic. many left sitting in their cars for hours. >> going to the dollar store which is right around the corn grer my house, took me an hour and a half. >> this isn't even gridlock. it's worse than gridlock. it's like a maze only everything's blocked off. >> chp says it has no timetable for when the 680 southbound lanes will reopen. they're asking drivers to please avoid the area if possible. now to what could be the strongest storm to hit the bay area in years. a live look at that storm gaining strength off of our coast. and after last week's heavy rain the potential for widespread damage is even greater this time around. meteorologist rob mayeda joins
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us now with the latest. rob? >> reporter: that's right, janelle. the ground very saturated after that rain last week. when we measure out the storm in terms of wind and rain and measure it up to its stronger counterparts of the past from 2002, 2008, and 2009 for san francisco the estimates there for thursday right in the ballpark of the strongest storms we haven't seen around here since 2009 with 2 1/2 inches of rain for san francisco and wind gusts around the sfo sustained winds getting close to 30 miles per hour. the effects of the storm being felt bay areawide with that flash flood watch out during the day thursday into friday morning. high winds too gusting close to 60 miles per hour in some of those hilltops. this on top of soil that's already saturated. very likely we'll see more widespread damage in terms of trees and power outages as winds wrap up into thursday. and it will be the mountain areas seeing the strongest winds the biggest impact of the storm north bay hills and the santa cruz mountains. and coming up we'll show you how much we're expecting in terms of
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the rain and how long it will last. >> see you in a bit. thanks so much, rob. stay with us for continuing coverage of this oncoming storm. download our app. you can do it at nbc bay click on the tap at the top of the page. a former uber driver has been charged in connection with a crash that killed a little girl. sayed mousafar was charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. he surrendered and posted bail. he'll be making his first court appearance on wednesday. now, police say mousafar was driving new year's eve when he hit and killed sophia lu. she was in a crosswalk with her mother and little brother. police say he did not yield to them hitting all three. lu's mother and brother survived. it's called the battle of the bay and it may have lived up to its name this weekend. when the raider-niner game ended a fight spilled out of a bar onto the streets and ended in a shooting. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd live
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in downtown san jose and what can you tell us about what happened next? >> reporter: well, terry, police are telling me tonight they can't say for certain if that famous rivalry sparked that fight and that shooting. but there's one thing for certain, one business owner i talked to said when these two teams square off again his business will be closed. >> next time the raiders are going to be playing the niners we will not be open. i don't want to jeopardize any of our staff's safety. so it's not worth it. >> he's owned the old wagon saloon in downtown san jose for five years. he knew the battle of the bay would bring in big brouds but was surprised it turned so violent. >> some people might think it's not safe to come downtown. that's a scary thought. and i hope san jose -- the city of san jose, the mayor, they would hire more police officers. >> reporter: more police officers to keep downtown safe.
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at around 5:00 on sunday police say several men got into an argument and got kicked out of the brit pub. a man who worked as security was inside the pub enjoying his day off. the britt's general manager, sonny walters, explains what happened after the men were told to leave. >> everything shows that he was not involved in breaking up any fight inside the location. so what we see is just him going out in the street and being in i guess the wrong place at the wrong time and taking a bullet. >> reporter: the off-duty security guard was shot. police arrested a man. as more businesses move downtown, crime inevitably comes with it. there have been fights when bars close, even a deadly shooting last month. gerald has worked in the area for over a decade, and he's concerned. >> what if someone missed or shot more than once and stray bullets go somewhere else and hit innocent people?
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>> reporter: we are told tonight that that security officer is in serious but stable condition. meanwhile, the downtown business association is concerned about crime. they tell me that they hire extra security officers every time there's a big event. reporting hive in downtown san jose, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. next at 11:00, it's found in everything from plastic bottles to canned food. tonight a new health risk being linked to bpa. then the cia's dirty secrets exposed. and the serious concerns about a report set to be released in just a matter of hours. and a royal match-up on and off the court. see what happened when the duke and duchess of cambridge take in a basketball game. we'll be right back.
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did santa clara police go too far in dealing with a fan at levi's stadium? some fans thought so. while police say they were just doing their job. take a look for yourself at the video posted online. it shows officers hitting michael iden with a baton in the back of his leg. it also shows another officer putting his arm around liden and several officers surrounding him. now, during the incident fans were shouting that liden was not fighting back, but today santa clara police say what you don't see is what happened before this video was taken. >> mr. liden came in contact with stadium staff and was very belligerent, intoxicated, and refused to follow directions. they were forced to intercede. >> officers arrested liden for resisting arest and assaulting
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an officer. police say liden pushed an officer. we attempted to contact mr. liden who lives in eugene, or for comment but he did not return our calls. u.s. embassies around the world are arbitration for backlash ahead of the release of a report detailing the torture of terrorism suspects by the cia. democrats in the senate intelligence committee are expected to release the document tomorrow. they believe that once the evidence is out in the open the u.s. will never again use torture to gain information. critics say the release puts u.s. citizens in danger, especially those overseas, and they argue torture helped disrupt terror plots and find former al qaeda leader osama bin laden. president obama ended so-called enhanced interrogation tactics when he took office. another live look at interstate 80 in emeryville, where protests have been going on all night. this is just near the bay bridge, which you're looking at on the left-hand side is east bay 80 finally moving very clearly. westbound 80 appears to be open,
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jl right 's some activity there with police. cars slowly getting by there. traffic finally reopened after hours of this on and off closure on interstate 80. keep it here, we'll keep you updated with any new developments. things need to be improving. you can say thatch about the scene there. police tactics for handling the recent protests have faced some criticism. in berkeley the mayor says he told the police department tear gas should be used as a last res ov resort. >> jean elle live in the east bay where a former police chief says politics and policing are not always xatdible. >> reporter: a former stris police chief says when elected officials start weighing in on how to handle protests a challenging becomes even more complicated. >> during any tenure we had quite a few demonstrations. >> reporter: former san francisco police chief tony rivera has experience policing protests. the director of the international institute of criminal justice leadership at the university of san francisco
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says after days of protests ending in violent in the bay area police chiefs have to plan for peaceful demonstrations and vandalism. >> we can expect breakoff of violence, violent groups in these demonstrations and we have to be prepared to deal with them. >> reporter: in berkeley over the weekend police fired tear gas at protesters after some people broke windows and damaged police cars p. the tear gas was also used to encourage protesters to leave a freeway. at city hall today mayor tom bates says while he supports the department he directed them not to use tear gas unless the circumstances are extreme. >> we don't want to see the police overreact. the acceptable amount of force for the situation. >> reporter: rivera says critiques or requests from city hall can make a tough job even more difficult. especially when the chief is appointed by city leaders. >> it undermines the chief of police in terms of his or her ability to do their job.
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and it also undermines the chief of police with the officer of their department. >> reporter: concerns for public sxofser safety rivera says being politically correct should not be part of the planning. >> sometimes politics and the law may not be totally compatible. and the police chief always has to go with the law. >> reporter: now, rivera says as police and protesters continue to clash police tactics will continue to be debated. just a quick update on the situation here at the hall of justice, it appears whatever situation sfpd was planning to respond to their help is no longer needed as the officers have dispersed. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the update. in new york hundreds rallied outside brooklyn's barclays center. protesters gag yerd just before prince william and kate arrived for the game between the nets and cavaliers. and while demonstrators were holding their die-in, inside the center several players wore shirts reading "i can't wreath."
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the last words spoken by eric garner in police custody. the demonstrations did not delay the game tonight or interfere with the royal visit. the duke and duchess of cambridge sat courtside for part of the game and during a time out the royal couple was introduced to american pop royalty jay-z and beyonce. after the game william and kate met the king, lebron james. he gave them cavaliers jerseys and cupcakes from his favorite hometown bakery in akron, ohio. prince william started his day, though, by flying commercial to washington to meet with president obama at the white house. this was william's first visit ever to d.c. afterwards the prince went to the world bank to speak about his charitable passion, fighting international wildlife trafficking. kate middleton did not join her husband at the white house. she remained in new york city to visit a child development center in harlem. she wrapped christmas presents and did arts and crafts with the kids. some of them thought she was a disney princess.
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>> if this is a goodwill tour i think they're doing rather well. >> they are very popular here in the states. >> day one is going well. >> yes. a big full day for them. they have one more tomorrow before they take off. >> rob mayeda, we have got a change in the forecast. this could be a big one. >> will be middle part of the week. mostly cloudy skies but mostly rain-free for themost moment. overnight tonight may see a few stray showers but for now most of the heavy rain-producing moisture is staying off to the north. with our skies clearing in a few spots already that patchy fog pretty thick. out toward fairfield and santa rosa less than a mile visibility. as you get out to you are why tuesday morning commute you may run into some of that patchy dense fog especially in the north bay east bay valleys and tri-valley for the morning. slight chance of a few lingering showers up closer to the north bay. mainly sonoma county northward as the fog continues to break up across the rest of the bay area. mild temperatures. south bay we'll see the temperatures climbing into the
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upp upper 60s. low to mid 60s around san francisco. upper 60s closer to pleasanton. the big story getting into wednesday and thursday, it's this system out here that's made a connection to some tropical moisture. that's the reason once again we're talking about rainfall totals double and trim what you normally expect for the bay area but we're also going to see the wind picking up wednesday into thursday, hilltop gusts at 60 miles per hour. bay area rainfall totals with this storm probably two to four inches for most of the bay area but you'll see coming up those coastal hills getting more than that. high surf, late wednesday evening into friday. all corners of the bay area feeling the effects of the storm. here's the timeline. getting into thursday morning's commute. heavy rain, possible localized flooding in the bother yea thursday. everything transitions for the evening commute thursday into the south bay. that's where the heaviest rains will line up and our rain projections going two to four
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inches plus in santa rosa. ross valley you'll have to watch out those rain rates. you're looking at more than an inch and a half of rain. the main event for the system with santa rosa gets start a little earlier. you'll see it beginning wednesday afternoon. heavy rain into the first half of thursday. scattered showers, cooler temperatures, slight chance of thunder there on friday before things begin to dry out. for the south bay and san francisco looks like most of wednesday should be fine. the winds will pick up but the heavy rain for you will start to drop in midday san francisco thursday. thursday evening in san jose. as the temperatures begin to drop around the bay area in the 50s for friday and saturday the sierra finally seeing some good snow near 5,000 feet. could see one to two feet just in time for the start of the weekend. >> i'm sure skiers and snowboarders like that. a bizarre flight delay in the u.s. because of nuts. >> and speaking of nuts, we've got jimmy. >> hey, guys, we're back with new shows. chris rock is my guest tonight! plus music from carrie
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underwood. you've got to watch. we're on next. what's not to love? what's not to love?
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there is yet another reason to steer clear of the chemical bpa tonight. a new study shows that eating or drinking from cans lined with it can raise your blood pressure. bpa's already been linked to high blood pressure in other studies as well as heart problems and developmental problems in children. researchers say people with blood pressure or heart problems should stay away from plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and
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plastic food containers. delayed by nuts. a korean air flight from new york to seoul was held up because of a bag of macadamia nuts. the plane was taxiing to the runway, had to be turned around after a flight attendant served the in-flight snack in its packet to the airline's executive vice president. apparently, it's company policy you have to ask the passenger first if they would like to be served. it's also policy to serve the nuts in a bowl, not in a packet. the executive had the attendant removed from the plane. the flight was delayed for 20 minutes. >> i'm sure passengers were not happy about that. >> question about management skills. >> yes. the a's are not done yet. reports of another trade tonight. geraud moncure is up next with sports.
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so you could put a holiday twist on the build-your-own grand slam? waiter: yep. new gingerbread french toast and pumpkin pancakes. but they're only around for a limited time. girl: can i still get it if i'm on the naughty list? waiter, chuckling: i think you'll be fine. [bell rings] waitress: welcome to denny's!
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good evening. geraud moncure here in the comcast sportsnet studios. at the baseball winter meetings the a's stirring things up on the hot stove this morning trading brandon moss to cleveland for minor league second baseman joe windal. but billy beane and company not quite finished according to john heyman of pitcher jeff samardzija on his way to the choel white sox. in return oakland could receive infielder marcus simeon, center
11:29 pm
fielder trace thompson, and right-handed pitcher chris beck. meanwhile, former athletic jon lester expected to make his decision on where he'll end up tomorrow. reports list the giants and cubs as front-runners in the lester sweepstakes, while lester's agent says the red sox and dodgers are both still in the running. turning to the hardwood, big night for the splash brothers in minnesota. dubs shooting for 13 straight victories. second quarter, zach levine blows the dunk. the warriors are head the other way. klay thompson finds himself all alone on the wing, and that is automatic. the three ball ups the dubs' lead to eight. later in the quarter steph curry getting creative. the stepback one leg jumper. silky smooth. nothing thaddeus young can do about it. but say hey, there's nothing i can do about it, he beat me. dubs up ten. on to the early third. curry at it again, drives, as the lead grows to 12. splash brothers each score 21. warriors win their 13th straight, 102-86.
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jim harbaugh spotted talking to raiders owner mark davis before yesterday's loss. adding fuel to the rumors that harbaugh could end up jumping ship to the silver and black next season. reporter ian rapoport tweeted today there is future interest between the two sides while no official contact has yet been made. finally, sharks players getting in the holiday spirit with a little sweater swap. check it out. ♪ turkey, ham, pumpkin pie ♪ the holidays are here and i want to look fly ♪ ♪ want to look sharp, sharp as cheddar ♪ ♪ that's why i got me a holiday sweater ♪ ♪ made of wool ♪ mine's so bright it will make youjbjyñ squint ♪ ♪ sure i itch but that'll get better when i get you to my holiday sweater ♪ >> this is not the first video team teal has put out and probably won't be the last but it seems like it's a step up from the sharks' 2010 effort.
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san jose, by the way, puts their work sweaters back on tomorrow, hosting edmonton after losing to the oilers on sunday in canada. more news coming up after the break.
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we want to give you an update on our breaking news in the east bay. live picture from the emeryville scene. our chopper was over the scene. we want to know show you interstate 80. the eastbound lanes on the
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left-hand side back open. westbound backed up again because of some police activity. nobody getting by right now. protesters have basically been shutting down the freeway off and on in both directions all night for many hours of interstate 880. they have dispersed and some are walking around emeryville. this is from earlier tonight when they started their march on the crossover on university avenue, the bridge there. >> and this is them blocking i-80 as we talked about in both directions for a while. now both directions open but moving very slowly in the westbound direction. >> we'll be following this all night and keep you posted on have a good night, folks. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- chris rock,


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