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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 9, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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a high wind warning for the entire bay area winds could top 40 miles an hour. biggest concern would be more power outages and downed trees. if you think of traveling to the sierra wednesday, thursday and friday may want to think twice. blizzard warning above 6,000 feet, winds topping 70 miles an hour. we'll have more in 15 minutes. >> see you then. a bit of gray skies over san jose but pretty soon will grow ominous. many people taking advantage of dry weather today to get ready for the wind that is expected. we are live in san jose with a look at how the city and home owners are going to prestlae iit flooding. >> sand bags are going fast
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here. take a look, some people right now are loading them into their vans and vehicles. this has been going on all afternoon. this time they are not taking any chances. >> this crew spent the day clearing out storm drains removing a truck load of debris that could easily clog city storm drains. the next storm on thursday is expected to dump foinch four inches of rain on the south bay. >> when the water hits the stations are ready to run, we have cleared all of our 30,000 catch basins. >> this woman enlisted the help of her children to heave sand
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bags into her trunk. she's not taking aany chances. >> we usually have flooding at our house because it sits lower than the rest. even before the rain we will get wet in front of our house. with the rain coming it is sure to get worse so i thought let's be safe than sorry. >> the san jose international airport is also stocking up on sand bags and getting ready to mop up the wet terminal to prevent possible slips. >> it's not stoo late to come down and pick up a sand bag at 1404 may berry road. bring some friends because these are heavy. san francisco crews are asking for helps from residents to help clean storm drains. there are 2300 catch basins in the city. crews are clearing what they can
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but they need help. and they are asking residents to stay inside as much as possible during this storm. >> please stay off the streets if you can. avoid big puddles. don't walk through water if you don't know what it is there may be downed power lines. just be safe. >> the city is adding 9-1-1 operators. now you can learn what you need to on our weather page, you will have everything at your finger tips at nbcbayareamobile. this picture came from san francisco. make sure you send us your photos. other news tonight a woman is being held at the santa clara county jail after causing an
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all-night traffic jam on the 680 yesterday was reported as a possible suicide attempt but the situation got more bizarre after the woman was finally talked off the ledge. we are live in san jose with the latest on this case and whether it will lead to changes in police policy. >> it is pretty easy to figure out why the traffic jam and circumstances around it hit such a nerve, traffic is usually calm here but the woman's action caused a tie up for more than nine hours, for various reasons. much of the initial sympathy turned to frustration and anger. the woman is now safely in custody. what started as a possible suicide attempt triggered a traffic jam and reactions ranging from sympathy to rage. >> i've never felt so much road rage in my life.
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i was very angry. i thought i was going to miss my last class, i was going through finals, it was really aggrava d aggravated. >> many felt like hostages and wanted police to take more direct faster action. >> we hear now that she was not suicidal so it was:zq"a misunderstanding so we went through all of that for nothing. i feel like the police could have been more proactive in doing something about it. >> but police say officers could have handled it differently and don't plan on changing procedures. >> it is very difficult. officers aren't easily able to grab somebody who is on the other side of it and in addition we have traffic underneath and we need to be concerned about the people driving on that freeway. >> snou now the sheriff department is telling us the woman is being held for biting a
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deputy's finger, possibly severed it while she was being booked into jail. live in san jose. nbc bay area news. we have new video of a walk out in union city this afternoon. thousands left class to march to the city's police station and did so behind the banner, that read, black lives matter. organizers want to see analysis of the abuse of the criminal justice system. if that followed another night of unrest, some shutting down i-0. we are live in berkeley. >> that's right.
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a meeting was scheduled to get under way right here at 7:00 tonight but the mayor's office postponed the meeting saying they don't enough room to accommodate all the protesters meanwhi meanwhile protesters are gearing up to hit the street for a fourth straight night. friends and supporters gathered outside santa rita jail for those who spent the night behind bars for protesting last night. >> we were there last night to just provide a different -- a model of a different way of being involved in the protest and to show people that they could really make a difference just by being there and being peaceful and causing disruption in way that's doesn't destroy other people's property. >> but the california highway
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patrol says not everyone was peaceful. they arrested 221 people last night saying some were quite hostile. >> the crowd of late has chosen to be aggressive. last night was another aggressive night. they have been kicking, biting, spitting, throwing paint. >> protest brought interstate 80 to a stand still foreclose , cl an hour. a woman was able to get to berkeley hospital where her 8 pound child was born a short time later. ifs. >> in this case a baby was born and was healthy, think of all the other people impacted. >> michael garner's family was impacted more than any other could ever be. >> the chp says they are
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prepared to arrest anybody who tries to get on the freeway tonight. >> we will be following this story all evening. thank you. new details on the weekend hit and run eddeath of a san jo woman. police say a white car sped off after hitting a woman on friday night. society toyota avalon with damage to the right side. it's cia tortured more than 100 people allegedly after the september 11th attacks. senator fienstein had this to say. >> at no time did the cia coercive techniques lead to the
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collection of intelligence on an imminent threat. >> washington has since put u.s. embassies around the world on high alart warning the report could spark attacks on the u.s. later we will hear how hayden justified the cia's actions coming up at 5:30. we are tracking a powerful storm system currently off shore. we'll let you know how much rain fall we will get and our biggest concern in just a few minutes. and it's not what you usually hear on board a flight. coming up what happened when a bay area flight suddenly got an extra passenger. and a new cave hopes its food and drinks will bring you
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in but it's the people behind the counter that make you bay area proud. these two district attorney's new at 6 sbl .
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well passengers on board an early morning flight got a big shot when a passenger went into labor. >> definitely a flight to remember.ó'sr >> southwest flight 623, after taking off not long after that a passenger was born airborne. a baby was born in the air on a
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southwest airlines flight out of san francisco. >> about 30 minutes into the flight i'm half asleep. i hear would you be . >> i hear one of the flight attendances saying she's having a baby. >> he was onboard. the flight otherly from san francisco . >> the flight landed in los angeles where we are told mother and baby are doing fine. >> it's nothing something you expect to see. but it looked like a healthy baby and like i said i think mom and dad and everybody ended up being okay. >> we don't know how far along the new mom was. southwest recommends not traveling by air if you have reached the 38th week of pregnancy.
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>> after the landing in los angeles the remaining passengers boarded another aircraft that took them to phoenix. joe montana development at santa clara will not be ready in time for the big game, in fact won't even have broken ground. montana planned to have $400 million project up and running this past summer but clearly didn't happen. we have brought you many stories of kindness, success and inspiration as part of our bay area series. >> stories that keep getting better. >> let's give you updates to two stories we covered earlier this year that both reached
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milestones this past weekend in very different ways. >> by the time christina lee hit the green this saturday she had more than 3100 miles behind her with just twodkv go. after crossing the country by herself over the course of five months she was just 15 minutes from the finish line. the time she was going to need apparently to come up with deep thoughts about her accomplishments. >> i have nothing good to say except i want cake. that's literally the only thing that comes to mind. >> her journey started last july, she averaged a marathon a day on her trek with nothing but two goals keeping her company, one, crossing an item off a bucket list she wrote in college
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and two raising money to the navy seals foundation, benefiting service members she thinks doesn't get the benefits they deserve. on this day of course it was all about recognizing christina. with this in the bags she can cross one item off the list. with many more to come. >> i'm well on my way to making the life i love. that makes me happy. >> on the same day it just so happens a very different finish line was crossed with the opening of a kahocafe. something very dear to her. we first met charlie this summer when this photo of charlie jumping into romo's arms gave so
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many people a little bit of joy, only later did we learn of the hughes family dream to open a cafe that would give developmentally disabled adults a place to not just earn money and gain experience but boost confidence. it's a dream that is now open for business. >> those are just two of the 80 proud bay area stories we have done this year. if you want to watch any of them go to our website and feast away. >> such a great moment. thanks. we are bracing for a big storm, let's get a check at the firework. >> you . >> >> you can see that storm system right here. huge storm system will turn into heavy rain for us.
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all forecast models are expecting heavy rain. all signs pointing to this being the storm as advertised. as you see for wednesday we will see a mix of sun and clouds side. 67 expected in san jose. down towards san francisco temperatures in the low to mid 60s. now to the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, wet weather in santa rosa at 63. will stay dry in pleasanton and danville. let's get you to the storm timeline. by wednesday at 11:30 we will begin to see rain in marin, napa
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and sonoma counties. but thursday morning the first branch of heavy rain around san francisco and then eventually will push across the peninsula and the east bay and around thursday at 1:00 p.m. heavy rain for santa cruz and san jose and will continue through the afternoon. by friday we will still see areas of rain but not as heavy. widespread rain for the bay area will likely top what we had last weerk. overall totals will be in the north bay. three to five inches in a ten to eleven hour period. two to four for the tri-valley and one and half for the south
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bay at the current moment. there's tons of concerns, the first and main one is a flash flood watch for the entire bay area if you live with a creek, river or stream in your backyard you need to watch that closely. also the russians and gernville river will be close to flood stage. there will be high winds 20 to 30 miles an hour likely gusts over 40, we will have potential of power outages and downed trees. blizzard warning in effect around 6,000 feet. anywhere from two to three feet of snow. could have wind gusts topping 70 miles an hour. so, wet, windy and then snowy for the sierra. storming on thursday, clearing
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on saturday and sunday. it looks like the most 48-hour rain san francisco has seen if the storm lines up exactly has we said it, in maybe twelve years. francisco. may rival december of 2002, maybe even february of 1998. you can go to our app store, type in nbcbeayarea to get all the information. just ahead, surveillance pictures could help police crack a case. also the reason these workers barge into a county meeting today.
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every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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. caught on camera. take a good look. this man and woman were caught walking into a apartment complex, once they made it inside they broke into several cars. these pictures were taken in october. if they look familiar please call san mateo pleencholice. hundreds of home care workers came&?x bring attention low wages to home care workers and others. they took their message to the street calling for a livable wage of $15. right now home care workers are paid $11.50 an hour which they say is a fair wage.
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we grapple with the bad weather, the december rain will not be allowed to last through spring, asking to conserve 15% instead of 10%. the money will be paid with a sur charge to customers up to 14% depending on how much money it ends up buying. the grand opening that drew a big crowd in the south bay, next.
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well coming up tonight at 6:00 end of the year investment for investors. debut of a new whole foods market. more of a festival than a ground opening. 35,000 square foot shopping complex is bringing more than 150 new jobs to downtown. the store is an urbanmm store. upstairs a micro brewery with a view. the cafe with free wifi and also a juice bar. >> wouldn't want to leave. >> i need to go do investigative reporting of the food. >> we're bracing for impact. >> yes. the storm system is going to by coming in. coffee would do you some good.
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flash flood watch throughout thursday. talk more about that at 6:00 p.m. on our broadcast tonight, secrets and lies. the blockbuster report on torture blows the lid off some gruesome cia tactics post-9/11, far more brutal than we knew, but did they make us any safer? tonight president bush's cia director tells us it wasn't torture. standoff. a chilling moment of crisis caught on video as police officers confront anrmed attacker inside a house of worship. flood threat. two big storm systems at both ends of our country. one of them being called a once-in-a-decade occurrence. and frightening crash. an nfl star quarterback involved in a terrible rollover on the road. we'll have the latest on his condition. "nightly news" begins now.


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