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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 12, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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and those in los angeles getting some very heavy flooding. we've got this line of showers moving in and it's moving in pretty quickly. in about 10 to 15 minutes, you're going to start to see your first steady rainfall of the morning in san rafael. plus we have a chance for more thunderstorm development. we'll talk about who has the best chance of seeing strong storms later. right now back to you, sam and laura. >> this morning most schools across the bay area will be back in session. yesterday a long list of districts told students to stay home for their own safety. however, we do know nevada unified and south san francisco unified will stay closed through today. shoreline school district in marin also closed. if we hear of any more closings, we'll put that information on the ticker at the bottom of our screen. you can also check out
6:03 am >> just moments ago all northbound lanes of highway 101 were closed due to sear dlu. >> reporter: you are free and clear and you'll be able to get on to 101 in both directions, marsh and willow. it's going to take a while for things to get back to normal. however, as the terrific begin to the car was spinning out and not peacekeeper which is not something that chp and call. >> translator: does does ligh y
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lightlightly 9 rain is not falling right now. however, we did see some ponding on the roadways and the roadways are still slick. make sure you decrease your speed and increase the quality distance of the in front of you. we do have an update on power outage outages. >> take the percentage and hope the rest of the folks get their power resumed very soon. >> take a look at this.
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a safe thereto way roof collapsed under the weight of water, sending shoppers scrambling for safety. >> anthony, actually one person was hurt. >> p. >> reporter: yeah. the rain was really coming down here yesterday afternoon. in fact, it continued to rain all day yesterday for hours, and that is what most folks speculate caused the roof to collapse. of course there was no confirmation on that. but, you know, pretty good. uneven i was most of bay area hopes, stink the and other na s nairs. >> i heard like a rumble, explosion.
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then the next thing i seen was a bunch of people running out of safeway. the sliding doors came off the tracks and i liked in and the whole left side of safeway was collapsed in. >> yeah. i mean, that just speaks volumes as to the magnitude of this storm. of course we were telling you a huge storm was headed our way. this is just what it left behind. as folks get out this morning, head to work, head to school, just keep in mind so. >> thank you very much, anthony. >> the same storm causing some pretty big problems in southern california now.
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take a look at this. at least within home buried by rocks and mud. the heavy rain triggered a mudslide in a county just north of los angeles. right now there are no reports of injuries and people have been ordered to just leave that area. >> it is 6:07 right now. we're going to take a peek outside. the storm has now cleared and that is the window for this storm system, though the bulk of the moisture is well out of the area. right now tahoe getting some heavy snowfall above 6,000 feet. over the course of the next couple of hours, those snow
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levels will continue to drop and we're talking about a 4,500 foot snow level. we'll see some light showers, thunderstorms, even moderate rain from time to time. i take it to your future cast. starting to get moderate rainfall between 9:00 and noon. that will be the story. so your evening commute should be much easier today than it was yesterday. though i have to say so many people stayed home yesterday. the evening commute want that bad. i had to actually drive through it. the rain was terrible but there weren't a lot of motorists out there. so you're responsible in the bay area. we love that about you. thanks for reaching out. >> some winds could be strong across the santa cruz mountains. that's the area i'm really keeping an eye on for these
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thunderstorms. but my bulls eye is on the santa cruz mountains. i'll give you an analysis coming up in just a minute. here's mike inouye. >> we're dealing with the aftermath of so much rain over the last 48 hours. we're dealing with a better flow of traffic through palo alto. kris just talked about the reopening of the northbound side. still a little slow approaching. southbound reopened a few minutes before that. you see the speed sensors recovering. that's a good flow but just as you're getting areaored the bun. >> john: since. >> the rest of your bay shows nothing unusual for a friday. pretty easy drive but, as
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christina and i were talking about, look at the bay bridge toll plaza. yesterday's commute it was very, very light. a lot of folks stayed home. they might be trying to make up for some loss work hours. no. >> first of all, just one set of cones done the middle. yesterday we had that lane open between north and south. >> the buffer zone. >> that's right. no more buffer zone. just be careful. >> it can be dangerous. >> yes, it can. >> we want to help you be prepared for the next big storm. to stay informed, download our nbc bay area app. you'll also find live radar and alerts about winds, flooding and
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outages. >> it is 6:10 right now. we have a traffic alert to tell you about. it has nothing to do with the storm. why an east bay artery will be shut down overnight. >> and three bay area ipos in 24 hours. >> closed captioning provided by frontier ford, san jose. what's possible today?
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>> they are upgraded the planes with more wifis. >> thanks a lot. >> not something you see every day surfing in lake tahoe. strong winds in the sierra whipped up waves as high as 7 feet on the lake. some brave thrill seekers grabbed their boards and thought, why not, i'm going to paddle out and surf some waves. they're calling it alpine surfing. >> check out these two boys along the embarcadero in san francisco, huge waves crashing right in front of them. monster swells topped 20 feet. the embarcadero at one point yesterday was just shut down because conditions were just too dangerous. >> a live look outside this morning as the entire bay area trying to recover from those
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rain waters. the bay bridge people trying to gear up and get back to work. >> i think there's a little extra relief that it's friday as well. >> and knowing it's going to dry up and you can get outdoors, it does take the edge off. >> you know what? we did okay. we did okay. i can tell you, though, there's more rain on the way as we head throughout the beginning of next week and another storm system to book end the end of next week. let's start with the success from yesterday, which really comes in from mountain view. look at this. for this season we are at 269% of average. we picked up about half has much rain as we see on average from san francisco just from that single storm system. this morning we're in the 40s and 50s. temperatures are going to be chilly today. you'll need your jacket. it will feel winter-like.
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we're only a couple weeks away from the official kickoff of winter, which is the 21st of this month. you can see the heavy stuff moving into the central valley, fresno all the way down to bakersfield getting the rain they desperately need. you'll notice los angeles just starting to feel the brunt of this storm. this is where the main focus is going to be. you're going to see a lot of that on the "today" show. you have this batch to get through and a little bit of thunderstorms behind it. the reason why is because a lot of this activity is moving south. as it continues to stream to the south, that unstable air mass will track right over the santa cruz mountains as we head throughout the second half of the day. as i widen out, you can see there's nothing back there to develop. once we get through that, a nice
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dry weekend. still dangerous conditions trying to get over to tahoe. you're much better off waiting for tomorrow morning. with that in mind, you want to bring the chains with you and travel very cautiously. there is definitely a possibility of black ice up there with all the moisture they've aaccumulated. for sunday, another dry day for late sunday into monday. and another weather maker for next week. the system not looking as strong as the one that came through yesterday but it will have potentially a half an inch of rain with it. even here in the south bay we're fair game for that. then a nice break. starting tuesday and wednesday, another system comes through and another big one as we head into friday and saturday. the moral of this story is storm window stays open, which means more rain on the way.
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if you haven't had those windshield wipers replaced just yet, good reason to do so, wouldn't you say, mike? >> i'd say it's a good idea. tires as well, folks, check the treads. the metering lights are on. turn on at 5:40, typical type for monday through thursday. still the build is on and we should see 580 off of 24 slowing a bit as well over the next half hour. that's a good volume of traffic for friday. i think some folks may be making up for some lost time yesterday. looking over here toward the area for highway 1 between panoramic highway. it washed out yesterday afternoon. it happened in years past. that probably won't be repaired until the spring, 2015. i want to show you that gentle build for highway 4.
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look at this wide shot. moves very smoothly as well. we'll move around through your bay. there are no delays, all the way over to the castro valley y. we do have a crash south 101 at grand, south san francisco still blocking a lane or two. the south bay moves nicely. the earlier flooding we had talked about at but we do have two lanes blocked at dixon county road. eastbound getting toward the sierra, if you do drive there, bring those chains because there's chain requirements. as christina said, better tra l travel. >> the brunt of the storm is
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gone. but sfo. >> tonight -- >> a neighbor found him this morning. >> the blood thirsty legend comes to life. >> don't anybody move. >> the lone grim. >> i wanted the preus. ♪
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♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill. welcome back, everyone. a nice clear look at san jose
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this morning. sort of the calm after the storm in a sense, after we were hit by such a big one. we'll have a look at what we're in store for on the weekend in just a bit. firefighters needed a rescue boat to help people get out of two flooded mobile home parks. residents say the downpour started yesterday morning and simply never stopped for them. this area is located right off of 101 in redwood city. fire crews rescued people out of their home. >> the water is rising. we had to take all the stuff out of our house because we don't know what's going to happen to them. >> picking ump fido. you see them there holding their children as well. they had their pets and belongings, whatever they could do. firefighters also assisted in all of those animal rescues. they brought out three dogs, two birds and a rabbit.
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>> a miniature noah's arc version there. >> the lingering weather still causing problems the sfo this morning. yesterday the rain and wind forced sfo to cancel 248 flights. sjc reported just four cancellations and amazingly no problems at oakland's airport. >> 6:27. opening bell just minutes away. we'll take an early look at the markets next with scott mcgrew. (vo) nourished.
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we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. bay area street turned into lakes. a live report from some of the areas hardest hit next. >> a pretty significant line getting ready to slam the north end. peninsula and san francisco. we're tracking showers to your doorstep. plus potential thunderstorms for today. some may be strong. the latest in just moments. >> christina, we're still
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dealing with that flooding. we'll talk about the improvements to some parts of the peninsula and still a slow drive for others coming up. >> forget double rainbow. hugh about double ipo. new relic out of san francisco starts trading its shares. now over to the nasdaq. look at them. horton works out of santa clara with their green confetti, another ipo coming out of the bay area. >> a lot of green money coming out of those companies as well. a beautiful look at this bay bridge. you made it to friday. this is december 12th, "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> a very good friday to you. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> back to that microclimate alert. another storm may be he-- now tt
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the storm may be heading out of the bay area, it's time to dry out. >> we try to gauge what's coming in the hours ahead. the heavy rains and winds are migrating south to the southern part of the state. christina is watching that very closely. >> the north bay drying out. flooding was intense in some areas during the height of the storm. >> bob redell is live in one of those locations, petaluma. bob, is there much you can do about when there's just feet of water around? >> when you have so much water, the public works of petaluma is pointing out you have to let the sewer system do its work but it takes time. here just west of 101, which is
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still shut down, that water is finally starting to recede. so much rain washed out southbound highway 1 between panoramic and mirrorwoods road. fixing that part could take months. people in this area have to be cursing their water pump. it broke during the worst possible time, flooding the inside of the building. fortunately librarians saved a lot. they don't know how much it's going to cost to fix what was damaged yesterday. libraries aren't exactly plush just in about the hour, two hours that we've been out here. now you can see it's going to both sides of the road. the sure are doing their job and
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the public works department has been out here. now it's just more of an issue of maybe waiting another. >> the entire roadway was flooded. it had water up to its window. but that is now down significantly. public works had estimated to have this open 30 to 60 minutes from now. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> signs of improvement there. >> we'll take what we can get. >> this is looking at the bay bridge from emeryville. a beautiful sight this morning, a lot calmer than it was yesterday. although we still see a little pattern of rain, right, christina? >> yeah. you definitely want to bring
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your umbrella with you. the microclimate weather alert is still going for good reason. a lot of aftermath and for good reason. take a look at the success story. mountain view at 269% of normal for the season when it comes to average rainfall. here is the big statistic. we like to crunch numbers in the weather department when we're not watching satellite images and radar. this is a big one. nearly nearly seven times the rain we had last year came through mountain view. that is a whopper storm system. we need more rain to dig out of this historic drought but it's historic rainfall that will do it. that's exactly what we had yesterday. we have a long way to go. you still have to be conserving. here's what we're working with right now. light rainfall along the east
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shore. then we've got this big batch of ran barrelling toward the toastline. as it tracks over the way warm ocean currents, we're talking 62 degree water right here, it's enhancing the moisture and that's why you're starting to see the red. we do have heavy downpours coming in. we're storm tracking it on the pence land and 52 degrees now in san francisco. make sure you bring your jackets and bundle up the little ones. it's going to be chilly out there. 58 for san francisco and 58 on the peninsula. a touch warmer for the weekend. we will stay mostly dry and then that rain returns as of monday into tuesday with a second system on the way toward the end of next week. always moving you ahead but keep
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we can turn towards san jose where we do have some sprinkles and damp roads. 101 show as pretty steady volume of traffic. this is not unusual for a friday but more than yesterday. first of all, in general yellow for 101. it's been just below 60 miles per hour. no big concern but we are watching the effects of the rain still sticking around. we have south 285 on the connector ramp. the driver probably spun spun out there. i grave of gave, but we do hear that there's a lot of water there. same thing for 101 at the top of your screen and in moffett,
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we've had larger puddles, smaller flooding reports. keep in mind all the surface streets we're talking about. four of your forrin fremont and into the south bay. a and. >> we'll show you the bay bridge also with the metering lights on. this did not happen at all yesterday. the road was clear but the but bob showed us all the reports, the surface streets and some of your roadways. no full closures except for that stretch of highway 1 between panoramic beach. >> good to see cars back on the
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roadway safely. >> it is 6:37 right now. >> hey, you know the cromni bus bill? it's ike. >> then we have three bay ipo. get ready to buy in if you want to support some bay area companies. thanks, scott. >> heavy rains turn a normally quiet creek into a dangerous rushing river.
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the bags are already packed.
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trying to stay ahead of the flooding. >> and in the south bay, normally quiet rivers turned quite dangerous. two boys went missing at a creek. rescue crews were able to find
6:42 am
them and bring the boys home. >> it took firefighters about 15 minutes to free a boy trapped under a fallen tree. he is expected to be okay. >> a major bay area freeway flooded overnight. what you need to know before you head out the door. >> plus the rains proved too much for a south bay safeway as a roof caves in on shoppers while they were in the store. >> we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather after this break.
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there's a legacy at raley's about having
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the best meat and the best produce. it's my job to start a new legacy, the best wine beer and spirits. we travel all over california and the world to find all sorts of new craft spirits, craft beers, small production wines. ♪ brews from mendocino, and the finest wines from around the world. at raley's, we're really into craft, so we enjoy and are excited about carrying those products in the store. ♪ share your ideas, tell us on facebook. now 15 minutes of continuous news, weather and traffic on "today in the bay." >> at 6:44, a microclimate weather alert.
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the bay area experiencing what is left of a powerful, destructive and dangerous storm as it slowly makes its way south. while that storm is moving out, the damage is done. heavy rains, flooded streets and fierce winds brought down power lines and toppled trees across the bay area. some even grabbed wake boards, inner tubes and canoes just to ride out the rain. >> tracking issues making the commute a tricky one. >> reporter: who would have thought the traffic behind me would be the good news part of this story. highway 101 between willow and marsh road completely shut down in both directions last night for six hours. it was shut down by the chp at 11:00 last night because the
6:46 am
floodwaters, the rain that fell all day long, there was just nowhere for it to go. and folks were driving through hitting big ponds of water and spinning out. we asked one of the chp officers that he talked with this morning if he saw a lot of folks losing control and he told us "you have no idea." we also saw the site where they show all of the accident reports. the traffic is moving along smoothly now. you should be able to get to where you're going so long as you abide by the road conditions. a lot of the areas that are flooded, there's still nowhere for that water to go. do be careful out there, reduce your speed, increase your following distance. it's the same story but it might keep you safe. >> very good advice. thanks so much, chris.
6:47 am
>> another live look right now outside this of course the golden gate bridge and a part of san francisco there that got pelted yesterday, things looking pretty good this morning so far. drivers not experiencing too many difficulties, at least on that section there as they try to make their way into the city for work. >> and we had such impressive rain totals yesterday that are coming in. you've been crunching the numbers. >> historic totals. mountain view seven times as much rain so far this season than we had in all of last year. another whopper one. in san jose, this storm equals half of last year's rain just from this single storm. some parts of san francisco picked up close to 4 inches of rain. we bypass 4 inches down here in the south bay. everywhere got inches of rain yesterday. that's a big one. let me actually take you back to
6:48 am
another one. that's a third most rain ever in a 24-hour period from this storm that came through. i can tell you right now it historic, it's one that we're all going to remember here in the bay area. just doesn't happen like that all the time. we're in a drought, we need the rain. it moving in along the san francisco coastline right now. i really want to show you some really cool meteorology right here. over the past, say, 6 to 8 months, our ocean temperatures typically in the 50s have been in the 60s. as the moisture moves over the warm so within the next 20 minute, showers arriving in san
6:49 am
francisco. but your temperatures today will be cold. the goldest day we've had in months. >> what about 358 on the peninsula and 56 in the south bay. >> here's the deal, my friends. >> here's the dal it's a cold system so it's going to dump more snow on tahoe. that's where we really, really need that accumulation. our frozen reservoir, 60% of the water we need comes from that snow pack. if people are headed up to tahoe, they'll need those chain, won't they? >> absolutely.
6:50 am
it's advisable to wait. dribble dabble in the area. specifically a little south of here, look on your maps, we're talking about northbound 880. tonight we had basically five of six lanes lock of this huge puddling throughout the area. still the northbound lane. >> remember, there was a little flooding showing up, 2 8, 2878. puddling there. same thing for the sunnyvale area, mountain view. out of lanes but the driver said lost control. slick roadways. the earlier closure we talked about, chris was reporting
6:51 am
clearly who have or click over here to the bay bridge traffic. all that flooding that bob redell has been talking about continues through the area as well. 101 does move smoothly through san rafael. and there's more coming. >> there always is. >> yesterday a long list of districts told students to stay home for their own safety. we do know novato will stay closed throughout the day.
6:52 am
can. >> the roof collapsed under the weight of water at this safeway, sending shoppers scrambling for safety. >> sant any slaughter is at the east capital expressway. that store will be closed for quite some time as they close for repairs. >> you've seen a few cars come here and turn around realizing the silver creek plaza safe there way is closed because of a roof collapse. we had already had about 2 inches of rain fall across san jose. and these and it is clo.
6:53 am
>> let's hear from one guy who was inside the safeway at the time of the collapse. >> kind of like a rumble, explosion. then i seen a bunch of people running out of the safeway the sliding doors came off the track. i looked in and the whole left side of safeway was collapsed in. >> reporter: to give you some perspective this morning, i was just taking a peek inside, you can see some of the roof collapsed now that we're getting into day break. it looks like right where you walk in, it's right where the collapse happened. it's amazing more folks even though we just had one injury, just miraculous that we didn't have more to report on. in fact, it's good news here on
6:54 am
this friday. reporting live at the silver creek plaza safeway in san jose, i'm anthony slaughter "today in the bay." >> the north bay has some serious drying out to do from some of the heaviest rainfall totals they've seen in years. >> bob redell is live in petaluma where things are nowhere near back to normal this morning. >> a part of the hang up with the flooding was that drain right there behind this man in the yellow suit. within the past few moments, some workers just unclogged that drain. can you see the whirlpool action, which is now getting the rest of that water to go done. you compare this to 12, 18 hours ago and this roadway was submerged in con but nowhere
6:55 am
near as deep. my point is there's been tremendous progress, enough they've been able to reopen the road. all the other drains were working properly but in spite of that, the public works department telling us how much water was in here, that it takes that much time, we're talking 12 hours, several hours for it to work its way through the system and get back out into the bay, again bringing up the point we just haven't had this kind of rain in many years, not that kind of deluge that we had yesterday, that you have a room that that's. >> we're finally seeing this road back reopening. reporting live here in petaluma, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, before we go, you even noticed a change there during
6:56 am
the time that you've been there. >> as i was saying, the water was covering as you can see we've got lanes that were dry or not covered anymore and they're at the curbside. >> you can download our nbc area new app. click on our logo and go to the weather page and see live alerts. >> all kinds of bay area companies are trading shares for the very first time this week. scott mcgrew, lots of happy investors out there, lots of happy employees. >> let me get to the new york stock exchange this morning. this is new relic ringing the bell there. lots of tears there out of the bay area. now let's go over to the nasdaq. horton works. these guys have a ton to celebrate.
6:57 am
>> they watched their boss ring in the nasdaq in new york. i'm told champagne and bacon very popular. if you make a lot of money and move into a new office, champagne and bacon sounds pretty good. >> just give pee whatever tastes the best. i want bacon right now. >> even if you don't make a lot of money. >> it is 6:trillion dollar spending bill that will keep the federal government running. the house bassed fire.
6:58 am
gift bags lost in the fire con it and every day ef senses for the seniors. >> the newing isment of the tnl will flfbl or maybe trying to dry out or a combination of both. >> you sprieng a little friday on there and it makes it a little easier to enjoy the day, no matter what the conditions are. i know a lot of snow boarders who love the sport. you can finally enjoy it after two to three years of meager conditions. it's not safe to go to tahoe tonight. not really safe until tomorrow morning. if you leave early, you'll beat the crowd. right now we still have the showers coming in and they are intensifying.
6:59 am
get ready for heavy downpours. that line will slam to south bay but not until about 10:00 till noon. we're we. >> keep them guessing, keep them guessing. >> listen to this, folks, a smooth drive right here. we're looking at free front. we're not done with the storms. there's more coming in. a little flooding as well northbound. just your far right line. the san mateo bridge, west 92, suddenly getting caught with all
7:00 am
this traffic over on 880. golden gate bridge, things are moving smoothly. the regular cone configuration. back with more this afternoon. good morning. breaking news. good morning. breaking news. that massive storm out west triggers a mudslide in california, this after leaving at least two dead and hundreds of thousands without power. high-profile accuser. super model beverly johnson adds her name to the long list of women who say bill cosby drugged them. >> i was totally helpless. i was on the verge of passing out. >> we'll talk to her this morning about that incident and why she's speaking out now. historic blunder, one of the most historic and famous sites defaced by green peace activis.


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