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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 12, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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you can see the twister rips up rooftops, knocking down trees. this is south of usc. the national weather service says the small ef-0 tornado touched down just before 9:30 this money. wind speeds reached 65 to 85 miles per hour. in addition to this twister southern california is seeing flooding and devastating mudsli mudslides. >> that storm in l.a. left behind serious damage here in the bay area. a trail of swollen rivers, streams, and soaked neighborhoods. in some cases the damage done could take weeks or months to repair. including this. you see down below, two large holes. this is the roof of a safeway in san jose. we have multiple reports on the storm cleanup. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking tonight's showers. scott budman has the cleanup in san jose. robert handa has the drought impact. michelle roberts in redwood city. >> reporter: raj, things are
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getting better here but still a lot of water left to be cleaned up. there is a pump in the back corner, the deepest area that's by the creek of this mobile home park. it has been helping. things have gone down an inch in the past hour. but a devastating day for so many. >> it was really going super high. >> reporter: janette perez was told to evacuate last night when rising water reached car doors and flooded homes. >> it's impossible for us to go. >> reporter: she's a new mom and cares for four younger siblings. >> i think it's really sad. we don't have nowhere to go. >> reporter: the family waded through knee-deep water at rc mobile home park in redwood city to get to their home. they carried out one trash bag of dry clothes and some diapers. >> it's just sad to see how it is right now. >> you can see that water? >> reporter: floodwaters from an overflowing creek submerged dozens of mobile homes.
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>> three or four foot. >> reporter: mira ball lives at lamar mobile home park. she struggles to find words to describe all that's lost. >> so sad. this is really sad for us. >> reporter: several people pitched in to clean up today. >> nobody else will do it, we have to do it. >> reporter: miguel garcia hopes this the one pump will be strong enough to clear the water. >> we try to keep that pump clear. make sure there's no debris inside. >> reporter: throughout the day there was progress but few answers for janette who doesn't know where to call home. >> we really worry. that's our place. that's where we live. >> reporter: there was a random act of kindness last night. i met janette, heard about her story, mentioned it on our news that she couldn't afford a hotel room. somebody was watching and donated the money. tonight janette is staying at the red cross shelter along with others who can't go home tonight. >> really heartbreaking to see,
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so glad to hear acts of kindness. take a look at what happened at lake cunningham park in san jose. it's home to raging waters water park. this parking lot is designed to take on creek water to help protect surrounding businesses and homes and these pictures suggest the lot did its job. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is looking at the impressive rain totals. >> 3 to 6-plus inches across the bay area and we're not done yet. we have scattered areas of rainfall on doppler radar. all it's going to take is a light shower and that's going to help bring some water to the surface. the ground is just so saturated. right now across downtown san francisco, some pockets of heavier rainfall. that's going to continue across the bay likely through oakland, also san leandro, alameda as we head throughout 6:09. a heavier pocket near the airport as well. so again, even though it's not as widespread as what we had last night, it's not going to
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take much to bring us isolated flooding concerns tonight. flood advisory remains in effect until 9:00 p.m. again expect isolated road flooding you may drive upon if you don't know the depths of the water, the best advice is to turn around and go the other direction. we'll still be closely watching our creeks and also rivers tonight as they remain swollen. rainfall totals as mentioned, this is not a five or ten-day total from the storm last week and this week, this is just from 24 hours. geyserville 11.22. belmont hills 6 inches here. san jose over 4. and the numbers go on. mt. tam mall bias 5.81. noe valley over 4 inches as well. we picked up in 24 hours than the entire calendar year last year. this storm is his storic. in san jose the third wettest day ever. last time we saw anything close
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was 1958. we are tracking another storm system. we'll have the details on when this gets here in about 15 minutes. the largest lake in north marin just got larger thanks to the storm. this is what the nicasio reservoir looked like before yesterday. here's what it looks like today. a significant rise in the water level. water officials aren't saying how much water was add the but we know the lake was only about 70% full this summer. where are we now in regards to our drought? let's bring in robert handa with details. >> reporter: the view of some bay area reservoirs today from our news chopper may not show the robust water we had a few years back. but when you look at reservoirs from a few weeks ago, compared to today, there is an obvious visual improvement. the water district says updated figures from this evening show south bay reservoirs gained almost 6,000 acre feet, or about a 3% to 4% jump in total storage. >> we were expecting more. we were expecting something more
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on the order of 10,000 acre feet. but the upper watersheds were so dry. and the storm didn't quite produce quite the amount of rainfall that we were hoping for. >> reporter: chessbro reservoir provided a symbolic victory. as we first reported and showed in september, it was declared officially empty. today, it has climbed up to about 4%. >> the level was so low that it was below the instruments that we use to measure of reservoir. we received enough inflow into the reservoir, 300 to 400 acre feet, that it's registering on our instruments. so it's good to see something go from nothing to a little bit. >> really it's building blocks here. late will have to do for now. the water district says this storm did cause enough saturation that officials expect the next storm to generate much bigger numbers. also in the south bay, this safeway is one of many casualties from this storm. it now has two holes in the
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roof. this is what it looks like from our nbc chopper. we want to show you the view from the street level. closed indefinitely to the public. nbc bay area's scott budman is live at the safeway on east capitol expressway near the high school. it's not looking good. >> reporter: remember last night eyes were raised when we all saw the 50-foot hole in the roof of this safeway. but check this out come today. the storm damage has gotten worse. the damage to the roof of the capitol expressway safeway in san jose doubled overnight. >> there is now a second hole that's opened up in the roof. >> reporter: making the building even more dangerous and catching local shoppers off guard. >> look at that, what's going on, just crazy. >> yeah, i actually was coming to see how it was, if it was open. because i needed to get some stuff. >> shopping here throughout the week, when it started raining you weren't expecting the entire roof to collapse. >> you look at that, we were
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standing there maybe seven hours beforehand, you wouldn't think. i'm thinking it might collapse beforehand. >> reporter: as building inspectors and the san jose fire department assess the damage, they couldn't tell us when the storm might reopen, only that it will be awhile. >> we don't know what caused either collapse at this point. but clearly it's a dynamic situation. the walls and roof are changing their positions. and that's why we're keeping everybody out because it's not safe to go in from right now. >> reporter: so a nearby target saw extra shoppers as people stocked up on post-storm groceries. >> is there another place you go to? >> probably lucky's down the street. i really like coming here though. >> reporter: looks like it will be some time before she'll be able to come back. we reached out to safeway headquarters here in the bay area to find out what happens to those who have jobs here at this safeway while it is shut down indefinitely. not to mention all the merchandise inside.
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but we did not hear back from safeway today. the storm did its fair share of structural and economical damage forcing schools also to shut down. plenty of districts did that, which was an extremely rare decision. christie smith is in pacifica with more on the potential economic impact of the school closure and a look at this ongoing cleanup. >> reporter: i have to tell you, we're in pacifica, there was some big waves here earlier that have certainly calmed down. but folks in pacifica say they're glad that finally they've got dry skies. we checked in all over the bay area and i have to tell you, schools to businesses, there is still plenty of work to do after the storm. >> i was quite nervous about this neighborhood. there was a lot of flooding even up on the hills. >> reporter: jamie rodney is describing the day of the storm. today, looking out at the ocean in pacifica, she says conditions
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still seem unsettled. >> as the waves, the tide, are reaching these rocks here near the sea wall, normally it only goes about halfway. >> reporter: in union city, a giant eucalyptus tree crashed down on a residential care facility overnight. two people were transported to the hospital for observation. in oakland at the rose garden two trees toppled over and needed to be cleared out. some schools like those in the south san francisco unified school district were closed today after a handful of classrooms were affected by heavy rain and needed cleanup and one more day to dry out. in the oakland unified school district, classes were back. >> so it's very unusual that you would cancel school in this part of california. we don't really get snow ever. >> reporter: district spokesman troy flint says the decision to close could have cost state funds tied to attendance but they've learned that likely won't happen. >> the state superintendent of instruction sent out an advisory to school districts yesterday stating that school districts
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will likely be able to recover these funds. so there will be no financial loss we hope for oakland or for other california school districts. >> reporter: as for south san francisco public schools, they plan to be back open on monday. we showed you earlier in this newscast at the top of the newscast that tornado in l.a. there's also this. mudslides and rock sliding as well. this is in camarillo springs northwest of los angeles. firefighters actually went door to door in this community making sure no one was trapped inside. we have even more weather coverage on our nbc bay area app. click on the nbc logo to get the weather page. see the latest forecast. you'll also find live radar and all alerts about wind, flooding and possible power outages. flooding in guerneville. a record rise to the russian river. we'll have the story coming up in this edition of "nbc bay area
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news." that storm once again in los angeles at this hour catching a lot of people off-guard. the close calls in this river right after the break.
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floodwaters forced evacuations in the town of guerneville this morning. the russian river crested at 10:15. it was so fast it sa prize eso e long-time residents. >> reporter: they're used to high water here in guerneville. in fact, they're referring to this flood as their casual high water. as steve paddled around his normally grassy rc park, he's never seen the water come up
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this quickly. >> it came up very quick. >> reporter: long-time residents say the russian river rose three feet in one hour. doubled, tripled in size? >> tripled here, at least, at least. tripled right here. >> reporter: the u.s. geological service was out measuring this morning. they found the river that normally runs 800 cubic feet per second got up to just under 40,000 cubic feet. that's roughly the colorado river at max flow. >> it's a little higher than normal. >> reporter: gretchen williams says that, living across the lane from this place where a little higher than normal looks like a major problem. people in guerneville will look at their property under water and tell you things like this. >> this is a normal little flood. >> reporter: it's all what you're used to. and in guerneville, it has flooded 39 times in the past 60 years. zach murphy of santa rosa pleaded with motorists and sometimes lost patience with cars ripping through the flooded street where he is raising a house on a temporary foundation.
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the wakes threatened to bring the house down. >> potential disaster, you know? >> you think they get it? >> this is guerneville. obviously they don't. >> reporter: a couple of things. the chp will tell you driving into a body of water or puddle is dangerous. the other thing is if there's somebody going, "slow down," might be a good reason. back down to los angeles now. an update on that tornado that ripped through the l.a. area. this is just south of the usc campus 94 south central l.a. officials say the ef-0 tornado hop-scotched over a ten-block span, ripping off a roof and damaging at least five homes and several cars. according to the "l.a. times," the wind tore the sign off the learning center, which is an area where about 21 kids were inside.
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the sign crashed into a window and shattered the glass. so far, the good news is no reports of any injuries. also down there, a raging water rescue caught on camera. one of several rescues emergency crews in southern california had to make from the swollen los angeles river because of the storm. a diver and boat were deployed to rescue a man stuck in a tree. nbc's john keet tascally mac was with the team who proved members put their lives on the line for their jobs. >> three, two, one! go! >> reporter: that's dusty clark, eight-year veteran of the l.a. fire department swift water rescue team, running the first of two rescues this morning. >> we had to weigh options. the flow in the river was increasing somewhat. increasing the risk to our rescuers. >> reporter: a maintenance worker spotted the man clinging to a tree. >> that was the first rescue. >> reporter: we shared video from nbc l.a.'s instagram account of clark's initial jump in the water.
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news chopper 4 caught him driving between the trees. >> i was able to position myself up on an underwater stump and wrap my leg around it to where i could end up effecting the rescue. >> reporter: then the man walked to waiting paramedics and us. >> are you okay? >> i'm just -- just thankful to the people cruise is downtown. >> reporter: he's the one who alerted rescuers a second person was still stuck in the water. so the team launched a second mission. >> we're going in. boom, there he is. >> reporter: nearly lost one of their own to the rapids. >> we rely on each other for our lives. >> reporter: once they located the woman they pulled her aboard. both are expected to be just fine. safe tonight thanks to those who train for these dangerous moments. >> we end up doing it, get paid a fair wage to risk our lives. it's an honor and a privilege to be a member of the los angeles fire department and the elite swift water rescue team.
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>> that was johncally mac reporting. we want to see your photos. these are sent by viewers. healdsburg, san jose. if you'd like to share your pictures, send them to us at jeff ranieri, very active in the bay area, even watching all this stuff happening in l.a. >> that really is, as we've been mentioning, the remnants of what was left of our super-strong storm. even though it wasn't as strong as it was when it hit the bay area, we still had some major impacts down there as well. doppler radar right now, we have instability back out behind the storm from yesterday. so we're not in the clear yet. at least it's not as heavy and widespread as this time last night. we're finding a little rainfall throughout san francisco and the east bay. tonight a few raindrops on the ground. we're seeing our flooding concern heightened on the roads as they remain saturated at this point. you can see right in you across san francisco down to the airport some areas of rain. we're tracking this heavier cell
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right now. there's no lightning with it. no hail that's being reported. this will likely continue throughout the oakland hills as we head throughout the next 15 minutes or so through downtown oakland by 6:24. in four minutes that rainfall will likely begin to pick up here. outside the sky camera network, it's mainly cloudy. temperatures in the 50s for the most part. again, spotty areas of rain throughout san francisco and also a little bit for the north bay as well. tomorrow's forecast, we are expecting dry weather from the morning hours right through the afternoon and even something a little bit rare for us, that is going to be sunshine here. the thing you want to watch out for as we head throughout saturday is places like the south bay. you're going to start off cold, in the 40s. not much warming by the afternoon with temperatures in the upper 50s. the weather trend, you can see not only saturday but also sunday dry. monday's forecast, wet weather returns. we'll see the same scenario for the peninsula as well. temperatures fluctuating a little bit by sunday.
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slightly warmer and then colder again for monday's forecast. rain returning in san francisco as well. you'll see that trend repeated for the north bay, east shore, and also for the tri-valleys. so with that wet weather coming on monday, a little bit more on the specifics on the timing. you think this storm system is going to be offshore by 8:00 on sunday. if you have plans to travel north you might encounter showers near redding, red bluff, chico. monday, areas of rainfall begin and possibly wet weather extending into tuesday's forecast. we'll have more coming up in about 25 minutes. coming up, a massive rally planned on the east coast demanding an end to police violence. why some say this could mark a milestone for civil rights. a controversial photo from a bay area protest. the new question it's prompting about police tactics.
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settlement reached between san francisco general and a family of a woman who was found dead in a hospital stairwell. lynn spalding went missing in september of 2013 while she was a patient at sf general. she was found dead weeks later in a stairwell. now comes word that a dollar figure has been agreed to. the settlement in a lawsuit filed by spalding's family. san francisco's board of supervisors must approve the settlement. no confirmation on the amount. it happened near an elementary school. sunnyvale police are looking for a potential kidnapper who they say tried to lure a 14-year-old girl into his car. the girl was walking in the area of morse and arbor avenues yesterday morning when a car pulled up. this is near bishop elementary school in sunnyvale. the man asked the girl in spanish if she wanted a ride. when she said no, police say the man got out of the car and ordered her to get in. the girl ran off. the suspect was last seen driving a 1990s or early 2000
6:25 pm
gold lincoln sedan. tens of thousands are expected to pack washington, d.c. for a march and rally against police violence. the march has been in the works for two weeks now. it's in response to the grand jury decisions not to indict a ferguson police officer and a new york city police officer in the deaths of two unarmed black men. the families of eric garner and michael brown, as well as trayvon martin, will be marching with reverend al sharpton. organizers say demonstrators are coming in on buses from all over the country. >> it is a realization for us in the civil rights community who do this work every day that we have made great strides but we have a long way to go. and i think this is a moment in this country where a movement can be built. >> march organizers are hoping to see legislation signed into law which creates greater accountability for police misconduct. the autopsy report of a 12-year-old boy who was shot by a cleveland police officer has been released.
6:26 pm
tamir rice died from a single gunshot wound to the abdomen. surveillance video shows rice was shot within seconds of police arriving on the scene. the rookie police officer who shot rice said he thought the boy was holding a real gun. it turned out to be a toy gun. a grand jury will decide whether that officer will be charged. the family of tamir rice filed a lawsuit against the city of cleveland. still ahead, white hot. bay area companies making a big impact on the market. the ipo bright spot. a date has been set. a lot of people excited. the famous bay area restaurant with national recognition unveiling when its doors will reopen after a devastating fire. a river of mud and rock tearing through more than a dozen homes in camarillo springs. i'm jay gr
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it wreaked havoc here. now it's hitting los angeles. tornado, mudslides, flash floods. jay x-ray joins us in camarillo, northwest of l.a., with the latest. jay, we saw it firsthand in the bay area and now it's down where you are. what's the damage there? >> reporter: yeah, it's horrible, raj. good to talk to you. it's tough to see in the dark but there is a mess here. a neighborhood that's really just been gutted by what
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happened. dump trucks, backhoes that had been cleaning away all of the mud and rocks, they're idle now but the work is far from done. the storm moved into southern california overnight, dropping too much rain too fast. in some areas, 10 inches or more. soaking hillsides already stripped by recent wildfires, the charred ground giving way to a river of mud and rock. >> the front window blew out next to me. so now i have complete flow of water and mud going through the home. >> reporter: as the thick mess moved downhill, it ripped apart and swallowed homes. emergency teams in camarillo springs rushed in overnight to evacuate those in its path. >> they came at 2:00 and told us we had to vacate. >> reporter: in on the record neighborhoods families waded through rising waters to higher ground as crews worked to push back the crumbling earth. >> it's shocking. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands have lost power during the storms. homes and cars have been
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destroyed. during the second straight day of intense conditions up and down the west coast, the effects of a system forecasters call the pineapple express delivering record rainfall, severe winds and damage that stretches for miles. now an update on the situation here. there are at least 16 homes that have been damaged by the mud. ten of those red tagged unlivable. there's concern that number could climb. we have new details now. it's a picture that is drawing harsh criticism. an undercover chp officer pulling a gun on a crowd during a protest last week. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez has more from berkeley, how city leaders are dealing with complaints tonight. >> reporter: that's right. officials here in berkeley, in oakland, with the california highway patrol, have been
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fielding a lot of complaints as those protests have heated up. it's an image that's causing a stir. a plainclothes chp officer pointing his gun at protesters and a news photographer after being outed by demonstrators during wednesday's march through oakland. >> i think they're recklessly endangering their own officers and the other protesters and it could easily result in a horrible tragedy. >> reporter: civil rights attorney jim channen says the incident's troubling. he believes oakland's crowd control policy may have been violated. >> which says that of other jurisdictions should not be assigned to frontline positions or used in crowd intervention, crowd control, or dispersal, unless there is a public emergency. >> reporter: it's unclear whether oakland police knew chp undercover officers would be on the streets. but the chief of the california highway patrol is defending the
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practice. and insists his men felt their lives were in danger. he told the "san francisco chronicle," "we need to understand that these officers were under attack." the photographer when snapped the image is a freelancer for the "san francisco chronicle," said the officers clearly felt threatened. >> the crowd was pretty -- pretty mad and yelling and screaming at them. his partner had just been hit in the back of the head and knocked down. by someone from the crowd. yeah, i think they were genuinely scared and he probably was justified using that gun. >> right before he had the gun pointed at his head, he was surrounded by guys in bandanas what tried to steal his camera. >> reporter: the "chronicle" photo editor said she's become increasingly worried about the safety of journalists who are dealing with unruly demonstrators, now with police. she says another freelancer had his lens broken by an officer's baton. a third got hit in the head by
6:34 pm
police. her staff captured this image of a reuters photographer who got pepper sprayed. >> i'm nervous. i'm tense. i'm very, very anxious about the upcoming event tomorrow. and i've got to make pretty hard decisions about whether or not to cover them. >> reporter: berkeley's mayor says police are doing the best they can to deal with highly volatile situations. >> i think we have a great police department, but sometimes things get out of hand. on both sides of the equation. >> reporter: again, the california highway patrol is defending how they've dealt with the demonstrations. the mayor of berkeley says this city will look at each complaint and if they determine an officer has crossed the line, he says there will be consequences. the new bart connector train to the oakland airport is up and running again after being out of service for most of the day. this was the scene throughout the morning.
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the train literally stopped in its tracks. bart officials are trying to determine if weather caused the problem. yesterday's storm may have blown debris onto the track which halted the train. for hours today, you see it here, the old-fashioned way. passengers relied on a bus bridge to get them to the oakland airport. the train just started operation last month. british leaders are demanding answers tonight after a computer glitch shut down london's five airports. the disruption forced cancelation of over 80 flights and delayed hundreds of flights across europe. u.s. flights to london were not delayed. the problem was traced to a computer system with the uk's air traffic management company which has experienced a number of problems in the past. with time running out it appears congress will begrudgingly pass a spending bill to keep the government going. the senate has until next wednesday to vote on the $1.1 trillion bill passed by the house of representatives last
6:36 pm
night. it fully funds the defense department and the cdc through next september. but only fund are funds the homeland security department, which is in charge of the immigration programs, through february. it's an attempt by republicans to roll back the president's executive order on immigration when the gop takes full control of congress in january. president obama says he's on board because it's the best he can get. >> this by definition was a compromise bill. this is what's produced when you have a divided government that the american people voted for. >> some senate democrats don't want to pass the bill because it brings back wall street bailouts but they feel their hands are tied because they don't want to cause the government to shut down again. a bad week is over on wall street, the worst weekly loss in more than two years. sliding oil prices have rocked the markets. the dow plunged more than 300 points today. while cheap oil is good news for
6:37 pm
drivers, it hurts energy companies and some fear it could drive some of them out of business. it was a great week for three local companies which went public this week. palo alto-based horton works is a business software company r. it launched big-time with an opening gain of more than 40%. san francisco's lending club closed up for the second straight day. then all these folks are very happy. san francisco's new relic. they actually rang the opening bell today. the software analytics firm exploded out of the gates, soaring nearly 50% on its first day of trading. i just went in survival mode. i knew it was -- i was in danger. >> coming up, the accusations keep growing. the newest allegation against bill cosby coming from an especially powerful voice. facebook is going negative. facebook getting closer to letting you give posts a thumbs-down. students helping students.
6:38 pm
the local high school classmates that helped make dreams come true today.
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6:40 pm
former supermodel beverly johnson, the first black american model to appear on the cover of "vogue" magazine, is speaking to nbc about her claim that bill cosby drugged her in the 1980s. she's also written about her claim in "vanity fair" magazine. she says after she drank what she says was a drugged cappuccino and fought off the comedian, she phoned him on a private line to get an explanation for what happened. she says cosby's wife answered and refused to give him the phone. >> i feel that cosby took my
6:41 pm
power that night. that evening. and that i took my power back. >> an attorney for bill cosby had no comment on the latest allegation. bill cosby has denied sexually assaulting a series of women who have come forward with these accusations. will facebook ever have a dislike button? that's a question mark zuckerberg is asked and today he answered it kind of. during a public q&a the facebook ceo said he's thinking about adding the option so facebook users have a way to not like something negative rather than like everything. then zuckerberg seemed to backtrack saying he doesn't feel a dislike button is good for the facebook community. starting monday, a famed los gatos restaurant will do something it hasn't done in five months -- take reservations. a july fire destroyed part of the restaurant with two michelin stars and a celebrity chef, one of the south bay's premier dining spots. the restaurant's website
6:42 pm
announces it will reopen on new year's eve. it will begin taking reservations on monday morning. the new year's eve menu will be a special one costing $245 per person. >> and they're already booked probably. >> table for three. >> oh, yeah. >> raj is treating. >> a free weather forecast. >> i will treat. >> free weather, that's good. >> we're doing a little bit better. >> it's friday. we made it through that crazy storm. >> i know. we did have all that damage as we've been talking about. at least for the weekend, you guys, even if you have storm damage, we have two days of dry weather then tracking another storm system. we have the full details coming up. do all dogs go to heaven? the pope weighs in on theo yaut life for animals.
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. take a look, snowplow drivers hard at work clearing a pass in the sierra. crews working on i-80 at donner pass, chains required during the storm but that has been lifted. carry chains, there could be snow falling right now. >> bring chains. this weekend is going to be epic for skiers and snowboarders. the secret's out. a lot of people are heading to the slopes. here's david beanic. >> reporter: the slopes are now gleaming white. so are the smiles on the fates of skiers and snowboarders. >> last year we came here, it wasn't that great. it's nice to see snow. >> reporter: broyle opened a month ago thanks to manmade snow. now the real stuff is here. one-third of lifts are operating and plans to have more running this weekend. >> probably, just guessing, two-thirds of the mountain should be open. >> reporter: people on the
6:46 pm
slopes are divided about whether this storm dumped light, fluffy sierra powder or heavy, wet sierra cement. >> cement today. especially all that area, it's heavy. >> sierra powder. i don't know what they're talking about. >> reporter: cement or poweder? you make the call. i can form it into a snowball but if i crumble it up, it blows away. either way skiers and boarders say conditions so far this season are definitely better than last year. still, holly is waiting before deciding when to buy a season pass. >> for right now we're keeping fingers crossed that this weather holds up. we're going to take it a day at a time. a little gun shy, absolutely. >> reporter: nearby, sugar bowl resort plans to reopen tomorrow after being closed for a week. crews were out today snow blowing the picnic deck and grooming the runs. >> with clear skies and sunny skies coming tomorrow and sunday it's going to be a fantastic weekend. >> david beanic reporting from the slopes. we are rad for the weekend. here's the deal.
6:47 pm
tomorrow morning, first thing, me, you and ranieri off to lake tahoe. >> oh, wow. i need to get an answer. >> not the story i had planned. >> i've got to get packing. >> i've got plans too, sorry, raj. >> i love the idea. we'll take a look at the satellite radar picture. you'll see across the sierra, we have a little bit of clearing right now in terms of any snow falling. there's another band of rainfall out here off toward the west. eventually that's going to move in tonight. so still some snow this evening. if you're going to be heading up there. by tomorrow we are expecting drier conditions. let's get a look at some of the storm totals. this is just a small sampling. healdsburg over 6 inches there. menlo park over 5. san francisco marine yeah 3.89. willow glen and san jose close to 4 inches. this is happening in 24-hour period. if friends along the east coast are saying, you're complaining about rainfall? this would even be a big storm system for the east coast. tell them to take that
6:48 pm
information and do with it what they like. historic storm system the past 24 hours. here's a look at some of what it meant for the bay area. the third wettest day ever in san jose in history. most 24-hour rainfall ever in december. for san francisco the most 48-hour rainfall that we have had in san francisco since january of 2002. some 12 years and 11 months ago. by my calculations it's the strongest storm system rated by central low pressure. that's the core of the storm. since october of 2009. all right, let's move into the forecast. you can see the doppler radar right now, we're tracking a few areas of rainfall. all it's taking is a little bit of rain helping roadways to slicken up. we have a heavier pocket across portions of the peninsula. it's going to be moving off towards the east, toward redwood city, the next 30 to 45 minutes. also woodside. watch out for water, ponding on the roadways. we also have a wide complex of showers across the east bay.
6:49 pm
if you're traveling toward dublin, san ramon, lafayette, orrin do, oakland, hayward, slick spot 580 and 680. while we're not in the clear, we have a stronger isolated storm developing, a little hail with it, south of santa cruise. we're under the threat of isolated storms as we continue throughout tonight. you can see that on the future cast. it's not widespread green but a little bit popping up here and there. we'll keep that through about 11:30 tonight. here's the thing. after we hit midnight we're in the clear. tomorrow morning a little bit of cloud cover and also sunshine picking in. take a look at that microclimate forecast throughout saturday into the weekend. there is no rain expected from the south bay all the way down to san francisco. temperatures are going to be cold, though. only in the 50s for daytime highs. a mix of sun and clouds. notice these numbers in white. that is your morning low. temperatures will be starting off in the 40s. so on the colder side for us. we'll get you to the north bay,
6:50 pm
east bay, and tri-valley. likely the coldest temperatures here through the north bay. santa rosa could be starting off in the upper 30s. east bay, oakland 57. tri-valley, we're also looking at a round of mid to upper 50s. the next five days, you can see this weekend not only dry weather for saturday, dry weather on sunday. but then here we go again. another storm system monday, tuesday, wednesday. the rain spread out over three days should mitigate the flooding concern but we could have anywhere from 1 to 2 inches of rainfall. if you're from the east coast, i'm from the east coast, i didn't want you to take the statement the wrong way. but a lot of times they make fun of us on the west coast, just saying. >> we got a lot of rain, you're right. christmas came early for south bay students thanks to their classmates. the entire student body at san jose's brandham high shares in the fun. each student writes down a wish and everyone gets sentimental as they gather to watch them come true.
6:51 pm
an emotional day. this is the fourth year for the tradition. any student can write a wish. and students in a special leadership classwork to make as many as they can come true. some requests are small, others require help from local businesses. the leadership team gets help from local sponsors. donations are taken online and also matching plemgs. today's donation pool tops $20,000. teal suits the sharks but wait till you see what san jose will be wearing for its upcoming outdoor game at levi's stadium.
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
a religious heavyweight is adding weight to the theory at the heart of a classic kids' film. according to pope francis, all dogs do go to heaven. in a november speech to the crowds at vatican's st. peter's square the pontiff said heaven is open to all creatures. dogs and cats too. animal groups like humane society and p.e.t.a. are applauding the pope's comments. church officials say it's not an official pronouncement and while some though on thes aren't convinced, they aren't splitting dog hairs over the pope's comment. >> it is the pope. the warriors are on cloud nine, on fire. let's check in with jim kozimor. >> koz is with us. >> so nice to have you here. >> i might need you at the end of this sports cast. >> oh, dear. >> by the way the puppy story, i think what he said was habeus puppy. that's a joke for anybody who gets people comedy. warriors are off to an historic
6:55 pm
start. 19-2 overall including a 14-game winning streak. they've managed almost all of that without the great play of david lee, out with injury, and for the past two games they've been without their center andrew bogut. looks like the warriors will be without bogut for two year. he had his injured right knee drained and will sit out this weekend's road trip before being re-evaluated monday. bogut, averaging 7 points, 9 rebounds a game this season. warriors' gm bob myers told 95.7 the game they've reached out to the agent of 39-year-old shooting guard ray allen, who's yet to sign with a team this season. a report from espn says allen is only interested in negotiating in january so that he can make a decision in february. jim harbaugh and kooet barrel's long-standing rivalry continues this sunday in the emerald city. overall, harbaugh has the edge by one game. that's dating back to both coaches' college days.
6:56 pm
the coaches' on-field feuding has been well documented. this week carroll referred to harbaugh as a stud, harbaugh had only nice things to say about carroll. >> he's a great competitor, he's a great football coach. been in a lot of big games. very much look forward to playing against their team. they're such a good football team. sharks with a three on two that one goes wide of the goal. but picked up again. pavelski scores! joe thornton, perfect pass again, and pavelski hammers it home, 2-1. >> joe pavelski, the hero again last night for the sharks. they edged the wild 2-1 at the tank. team teal has won six of their last seven. they've had to fight to grind them out this season. >> you know, if you look back a couple of years, we were able to
6:57 pm
do that every night and beat teams. but we know what we've got in this room. we're going to have to find different ways to win every night. today team teal releasing their newest jersey, we call them sweaters in hockey, which would be worn during the outdoor stadium series on february 21st against the l.a. kings. this is a bold new look. made to stand out from several hundred yards away. over 60,000 expected at that game. sharks defenseman mark edward vlasic doing the modeling. vlasic could be on his way back to the lineup tomorrow when they take on nashville. enough hockey, i need football, i need janelle, i need raj. we have a history with us three. janelle, give me the score. sunday, 49ers/seahawks. >> i don't know if i can give you a score. but i'm hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. >> i'm thinking 7s. i don't know where that came from. >> you should be a politician. ♪
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scarlett johansson's baby weight confession. tail swift on living with zero privacy. >> the new barbara walters tell-all interviews now on "extra." ♪ oprah, strahan, taylor, and scar-jo. >> do you like your body? >> who is barbara's most fascinating person of 2014? >> guess who it isn't. new video, derek hough confronted for the first time about hooking up with kate hudson. >> people said you were seen kissing together. is that true? plus, breaking couples news. >> the tv star who just secretly hired a divorce lawyer.


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