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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 12, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> we want to be comfortable and in our home. we don't want to be thrown out of our homes. >> right now, at 11:00, anger and frustration, people are forced to leave two mobile home parks flooded by heavy rain. also tonight. dramatic video of a tornado in l.a. this is from the same storm that slammed us.
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good evening, raj mathai. jessica aguirre is off tonight. the storm passed. damage lingers. now the finger pointing has begun. late tonight, mandatory evacuations at the two mobile home parks. families flushed out of their homes. and they say, redwood city is at fault. nannette miranda is there. nannette? >> reporter: technically a mandatory evacuation. police are not dragging residents out. quite a few are still here. many begging the city for help. and it took a health scare tonight to get some one's attention. >> reporter: redwood city officials red tagging homes in two mobile home parks. they believe the floodwaters left behind by the fierce storm could be contaminated.
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>> possible sewer, anything on the ground. lying on there. for health reasons it is going to be, evacuate both parks. >> people were here walking around in flip-flops. >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: barefoot. and now you are telling them it's not safe. >> now it's not safe. >> reporter: all day and all night long. residents have been wading throughwaters to go home or retrieve belongings like jose who had no protection. the mobile harm parks have a history of problems, and water spilling over into homes and businesses. police officers went door to door telling residents who have not gone to shelters that now is the time to leave as they work to sanitize the park. ape message they're resisting. >> we need help from the city.
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we don't need them to throw us out of our homes. >> reporter: the city was rez he -- city was hesitant to park. crews will be here at 7:00 a.m. to pump the flood watt r out. residents are demanding a permanent fix as promised years ago. >> reporter: they tell us, it's been fen yeaten years. you get tired of it. >> reporter: after the water is pumped out. residents will then go back home. each person is responsible for sanatizing inside their home. nannette miranda. >> sad for so many in redwood city. the powerful storm in southern california and wasted no time wreaking havoc. believe it or not this is l.a. this doesn't happen in l.a. it did, an actual tornado, roaring through the streets. ripped through a ten block span a few miles from the usc cam pulse.
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at least five homes were damaged. tonight, we have video showing the aftermath. wood and parts of a roof, simply snapped, stacked up look a pile of tooth picks. those who experienced it still scant believe what they saw and heard. >> it just came through. watched the roof of the house slip and go to the next street. >> look here in the bay area, tornados in l.a. are extremely uncommon. >> from the taornado in los angeles to a water spout of point reyes, sunset at drakes beach. water spouts are a tornado over water. a wild 12 hours. catch your breath. more is ahead of us.
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>> pretty good bulls eye on the doppler radar offshore. a look right now. a few remnants on the radar. across peninsula. at the coastline. after all of that rainfall and 24 hours yesterday. across 101. 280. not heavy. face water on the road. right now, the rainfall over san mateo. san carlos, throughout 11:07. next, two, three minutes see that pick up. just in case you missed it. rainfall totals have been epic here. across the bay area. producing once again as we have heard. so many problems here front north bay done to the south bay. in 24 hours. geyserville over 11 inches. belmont hills, 6 inches. 4 inches san jose. los altos hills, 6. and noe valley. 4 1/4. and richmond, 4 as well.
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historic. third wettest day ever in san jose history. most 24 hour rainfall since 1958. tracking a new storm system expected over 272 hours. more details and timing of this and how much it will bring us. >> jeff, see you shortly. our saturated ground could lead to more of this. fallen tree. our nbc chopper overhead. crews have just now finished removing that 90-foot tree that crashed through a senior living home. in union city. two people were hospitalized after the eucalyptus came toppling early this morning on trefride court. crews are inspecting trees nearby for storm damage. >> the plan for the weekend for many of us, dry off, and clean up. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us tonight. good evening.
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>> you are going to have to do me a favor and talk to jeff ranieri about this rain. started raining hard here, 20 minutes ago. right now there are about 1,000 people without power. that's the good news. the bad news is that pg & e crews and tree trimmers are bracing for more wind and rain. power saws turned on late tonight. orenda, clearing away the huge monterey pine tree from simon and paula goran's drive way. the tree toppled in the height of yesterday's storm. >> people came out and settled the area. in the 40s. 50s. these trees were planted for fast shade. unfortunately, they now have a lot of problems. >> reporter: problem that become apparent when the ground is saturated. >> they have a 50-year life span. and they're beyond 50 years. there ought to be a medicare for trees. >> that would be nice.
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>> another storm is coming. >> the tree roots get wet. the trees can't anchor themselves. the canopies act as a sail. so therefore when it gets windy, like last saturday, i think it was, you will see a lot more trees toppling. >> pg & e crews can be seen working on power lines throughout the bay the they won't get much rest. >> customers have been restored. our crews won't stop working. keep going until everyone, every last customer has their power back on. officials are confident all power will be restored before the weekend is over. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. stout bay safeway store won't be opening any time of in the near future. not one you, see below, two holes in the roof. caused by the storm. this is the safeway on east capital expressway, silver creek
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high school. it is too dangerous to enter. the roof might cave in more. today inspectors had to look from the outside. >> they can put away canoes in the north bay. downtown heelsberg is driving out. the sooner the better. business want to bounce back. here is jean elle. >> reporter: this part of the avenue was under water thursday. a lot of the water made it inside of area businesses. tonight the sandbags remain. but the water has receded. retailer want-up to know they will be open tomorrow. >> traveled through the walls. >> reporter: after the water flowed through her shop thursday. all this water, soaked several retailers on the avenue. >> there were maybe, four, five inches of standing water in the gallery. on our carpeted gallery. >> the hand made good at dovetail collection are off the ground.
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pat kirkish is putting the store back together. her husband steve has pieces drying outside. so many people showed up to help. >> out of nowhere, some guy showed up carrying a squeegy, carpet squeegy, borrowed from willie's next door. he got to work. >> stores closed. willie's seafood didn't flood. workers lost business too. >> stayed closed. you couldn't get in or out of town. >> now the streets are clear and lit up for the holidays. business owners worked late tonight. making sure shops are ready for what they hope will be a busy weekend. off awe decemb december is one of our biggest m months. >> things for sales. we will run credit cards. >> a busy weekend they hope will make up for lost sales during the flood and clean-up. reporting, jean elle, nbc bay
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area news. >> great place to spot. >> more weather coverage on your phone. nbc bay area app. :00 on nbc logo when you get your app to the weather page. there you will see the forecast. also live radar and alerts, about flooding and outages. >> you are actually wasting time spent time sitting there and waiting. that all is costing money. >> if you have traveled over the holidays you know it can beep a season of delays, cancellations, and misconnections. i'm elise, at 11:00, why you are more likely to experience the travel headache at one bay area airport, than any other airport in the nation. >> tragic death might be the first of its kind in the country. a warning for parents about a legal substance that could be deadly for kids. pictures were dramatic. the price sky high. new details about how muchprote
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local city. back in a moment.
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winter weather and holiday travel. a bad mix. especially at sfo. delays, cancellations, and headaches. sfo is among the worst offenders in the country. but why? tonight, we have some answers. our investigative reporter looked at years of federal data. who is to blame here? >> that time of year. thousand will travel through san jose, oakland, san francisco air ports during the holidays. sfo has the one of the highest rats of flig rates of flight delays in the
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country. we poured over the data to find out why. >> arriving from phoenix and ontario. >> during the holidays, taking off and landing at san francisco international airport. it can be the season of delays, cancellations and missed connections. even the weather isn't a factor. >> 0 to 10. it is a constant 7. >> looking at data from the department of transportation. in the last three years during months of november and december. out of an average of more than 52,000 flights. 11% of arriving flights were delayed. 45 minutes or longer. and 2% were canceled. sfo did not score well. no surprise to a manager at smart asset, sccompany analyzes flight data. odd of missing a connecting flight and ranged sfo second in the nation behind newark. >> choose the airport where you
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are most likely to actually get there and in a timely manner. certain airports. newark and san francisco operationally challenged. >> mark studied air travel and co-director of national sernlt of excellence for aviation operations. >> the problem at san francisco are well understood. in good weather day, they can use two run ways. arrivals. two run ways for departures. ian a bad weather day, it becomes one run way for arrivals. and one run way for departures as well. capacity is cut in half. airlines overbook flights. >> if they worry about cutting back they worry that an airline will schedule flights. a hard thing for individual airlines make good decisions about. >> if you missed a connecting
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flights. travelers can foot the bill. during the last three years, it cost those stranded at sfo $65 amillion. >> book a hotel room, having to rent a car to get where you need to get, or whether you are actually just, wasting time. spent sitting there and waiting. that all is costing money. >> but there are ways to help avoid headaches. the odd of missing a connecting flight at san jose and oakland airports are less than half that of sfo. hanson also recommends doing your own home work booking flights. >> any travel booking site is going to -- enable-up to find out what the on time performance of your particular inbound flight is and also of the outbound flight. we reached out. and the airport denied our multiple requests for an interview. we also reached out to the airline industry which told us,
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airlines do not overbook. they blamed weather for all of the delays, cancellations and missed connections. raj, we crunched numbers with california airports. all you do is go to nbc bay search investigations. >> very good. thank you. if you have a tip for any one in our investigative unit urge you new give us a call at numbers on the screen -- a high profile case. now multimillion dollar settlement. a woman found dead in the stairwell at san francisco general will get $3 million. she went missing in september of last year while a patient at sf general. she was found dead weeks later in a stairwell at the hospital. now, spalding's family will receive $3 million to settle a lawsuit. san francisco's board of supervisors expected to approve the settlement next tuesday. the city will pay the family nearly $3 million.
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we know this firsthand in the bay area. alug people to protest, is expensive. protesters cost oakland $1.3 million in the last few weeks. city officials say the costs are for police and staff overtime. and it doesn't include the cost of damages to local businesses. >> okay. turn things over to chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. jeff, friday night. a kids little league game tomorrow morning on peninsula. personal ied forecast. will we make it? >> you'll be fine. see on satellite radar picture now. the bulls eye of rainfall that woe had right on top of us. scattered showers. if you missed rainfall totals, 3 inches to 11 inches in 24 hours across the bay area. some notables in san jose.
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third wettest day ever in history. for san jose. most 24 hour rain fall in 24 hours in december. and in san francisco, most 48 hour rainfall. since january of 2002. 12 years, 11 months. strongest storm. central low pressure. core of the storm since october of 2009. yes, one more the history books. doppler radar. few hours of showers. lingering. shake residual moisture behind the storm. only a moderate to light rain at times. few pockets of heavy rain. majority of the peninsula impacted not heavy. that is still enough on the roadways now to continue to make areas slick. san mateo getting rain. moving to the south. redwood city. just about two minutes or so. redwood city junction, 11:21. down towards palo alto. a look at the forecast.
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mainly cloudy. temperatures in the 40s. tomorrow morning. what can you expect. i think most of the bay area. is going to be dry here. have temperatures starting off cold. 44 degrees in the south bay. need your jacket there. raj, 44 along the peninsula. san francisco. 49. biggest problem. areas of patchy fog. developing in the north bay. visibilities done to quarter mile and less. let's take-up to futurecast. again. areas of rainfall. tracking right now. as we head throughout 5:00 a.m. looking dry. but i thought you should know. it is going to be cold enough in napa to actually produce some snow flurries. 5:00 a.m. 37 degrees up to the north bay. enough cold air alosft. if we got a rogue shower. 20% chance. if there was a rogue shower. snow flurry, 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. very slim chance. covering all bases here.
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head throughout 9:30 in the morning. sunny skies. little cloud cover lingering throughout the forecast. take you to microclimate forecast head throughout saturday. beautiful day. noon hour. through the afternoon. going to be cold. need a jacket. actually need the sunglasses. that sun will break through. 57 expected in san jose. palo alto, 58. north bay. east bay. also for the tri valley. mid fifrts he50s here as well. easy street. scum parr compared. next five days. dry through sunday. rain returns monday. tuesday. wednesday. we'll lackly see one to two inches with the storm system. do have an early look at that. you can see, by, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, the storm lines up. welt start to the commute. we head into monday morning. keep you updated this weekend. timing may shift a little buy. right now. enjoy your weekend. off awe look living in seattle with all the rain. >> east coast.
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forget seattle. >> thank you, jeff. ahead at 11:00. sugar or salt? new claim on which is worse for your blood pressure. and -- we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. morgan freeman is here for antl antler, megan mulaley, and cat stevens, got to watch we are on next!
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a bizarre and deadly accident involving a 1-year-old child. the little boy ingested liquid nicotine commonly found in e cigarettes. in upstate new york. police say a tragic accident. even a teaspoon sized dose could bow fatal to small children. poison control centers says those types of poisonings are up 200%. >> sickly sweet, sugars and processed foods worse than salt? a new research study published in open heart says sugars are likely to raise blood pressure,
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trigger heart disease or lead to a stroke. dietitians are stressing that more emphasis be placed on educating people about the dpan je dangers of sugar. >> up next, bearded brody brazil, our old friend, with sports. stay with us. ♪
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>> brody brazil with us. the hockey playoff beard is four months away. you are in full swing. >> raj, grew this this morning for you. knew i was coming on the news. thought i would make the special appearance. the excuse is, decem-beard. >> you look good. you wear it well. the warriors, raj, historic start. 19-2 including a 14-game win streak. they managed almost all without david lee. for the past two games without andrew bogut. looks like the warriors will be without bogut for two more. injured right knee drained today. wit sit out the weekend road trip before being re-evaluated monday. bo guchl bogut. seven points. nine rebound. bob myers told 95.7 the game. they have reached out to the
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agent, 39-year-old shooting guard, ray allen. jet to sign with the team. another team from espn said allen is interesteden negotiating in january to make a decision on which team to go with in february to. football now. jim harbaugh. pete carroll's long standing rivalry. continues. a new chapter on sunday. harbaugh has the edge by one game. dating back to both college days. on field feuding well documented. this week, carol referred to harbaugh as a stud. and harbaugh had only nice things to stay about carroll in return. >> he is a great competitor. a great football coach. been in a lot of big games. very much look forward to playing against their team. because they're such a good football team. >> today the san jose sharks released they're newest jerseys worn during the team's outdoor
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stadium series game at levi's stadium. february 21st. against the l.a. kings. the bold new look is made to stand out from several hundred yard away. sharks defenseman. marc-edouard vlasic doing all modeling. finally when brent lori was traded from blue jays to the as. a 6-year-old fan was inconsoleable. the you tube video of her crying went viral. laurie went visited, 6-year-old. and they stopped off at a local pelt za re pizza restaurant. as much as a's fans will miss josh donaldson. good to know a good guy is joining the oakland as this season. more news with the clean shaven raj mathai right after this. (vo) nourished.
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jeff, our co-san core where was jessica aguirre? >> on her toes tonight. jess and her talented 11-year-old daughter, olivia. mother and daughter ballet team. performing in the nutcracker tonight at chabot college. >> so cute. >> they look great. >> you look good. >> thank you for joining us. have a great night. of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- martin freeman, megan muly


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