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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 13, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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take a look at some live pictures from our nbc chopper. thousands of people taking to the streets in oakland right now. they were marching up harrison and turned onto 13th. just a few minutes ago, protesters were stopping traffic. the crowd now heading out of there in the area of 15th and harrison. earlier this afternoon, a large crowd gathered and they've been on the move ever since. the big concern is as it gets dark in the east bay, that's when the protesters have caused the most damage. on the uc berkley campus today, sympathizers hung something with
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a sign that said i can't breathe. many are questioning the use of such violent symbolism. this was the scene in san francisco where hundreds of protesters gathered. a lot of police presence. don't head down the side streets. more officers have been called in for back up. they will take any action if they see any vandalism or other criminal acts taking place. and in the north bay, several protesters staged a die-in. many are upset over the shooting and killing over the 13-year-old andy lopez by a sheriff's deputy last year. he mistook the air gun for a real assault rifle. it was a replica. the family has filed a federal
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lawsuit. protests in the bay area just one of many going on across the country. thousands of people took part in one of the biggest rallies that took place in the nation's capital. they led a march from freedom plaza to the capital building. >> look at these thousands of people. they're black, they're white, they're young, they're old. this is what america looks like. >> you know, our sons, they may not be here in bodies, but they're here in each and every one of you. y'all brought them here today. similar protests took place in new york and boston. another look right now at the protest going on in oakland. you can see many of the protesters there. there are many hundreds gathered
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in the streets. they have come up harrison and they are making a turn. police watching them as they go. we'll continue to follow this developing story at 11:00 tonight. happening now, returning home. thursday's storm left two redwood city mobile home parks underwater. these mobile home parks are on the peninsula. kristy smith is live with our first look inside some of these flood damaged homes. it has got to be a mess. >> reporter: that's right, terry. all the water that's been standing here since thursday's fierce storm, well, it has finally been pumped out. what we have seen since we have been here is residents bringing water logged damaged items out of their homes. some of them being placed in the dumpster. they're been cleaning up and drying out. we did get a look inside one of the units here in one of two
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mobile home parks after the flood water was cleared out. it's a mess inside. the city red tagged all the mobile homes, but today public works crews came and helped pump out the last of the water. the tags have been removed i'm told by a city smopokesman. there was concern with the flood water there might be some issues with sewage here. the area has a history of drainage problems and residents say a creek nearby does flood when big storms hit. now they're cleaning up again. >> ten years ago, when we flooded, i raised my trailer. i tell everybody when they come in, raise your trailer because it does flood. we have to live somewhere. >> a lot of these people, they have lost a lot of stuff. they don't have money to repair
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the things and buy new stuff. >> reporter: now residents say that they do want a permanent fix. they're been frustrated by the process but what's happening is they're going to have to properly clean and sanitize the units. one of the managers says they do have a number of pumps on site. with more rain expected in the week, they plan to have another pump brought in. nbc bay area news. thank you. we are drying out for now and i'm sure the folks in redwood city are much appreciative of that, but more rain is on the way. you have san jose on your left and san francisco on the right. the light on top the transamerica building is just stunning. rob, on the one hand, you don't want the folks in redwood city to suffer anymore, but we do need some rain.
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>> the rain totals we saw for 36 hours in the bay area there were 3 inches of rain. no question that we'd have flooding problems around the bay area into the north bay and around the peninsula almost a foot of rain coming down. a lot of that coming down as we made our way thursday into friday. $267 267% of average. got another system here approaching the coast. maybe some patchy fog. things are relatively calm. 30s and 40s outside. tomorrow patchy areas of dense fog and a few sprinkles possible as we await this next weather system that will push some rain into the bay area before the end of the weekend.
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we'll let you know how much rain we're expecting out of the system coming up a few minutes from now. thank you. a great way to stay on top of the weather with our nbc bay area phone app. there you're going to see the latest forecast, live radar, and there will be weather alerts. a truly shocking story where police say a man tried to kidnap a 10-year-old girl at a walmart and then molested here right there in the store. police are looking for this man. they say he posed as an employee and led the girl to the bathroom, assaulted her there. happening about 5:00 last night. he assaulted her again in a store aisle before she was able to get away and that is the man that police are looking for. if you can help them, please give them a call. any police department would be interested. lighting up could soon become more challenging in palo
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alto. we are live in downtown palo alto with the story. we're talking about e-cigarettes too here. >> reporter: on monday, the city council is expected to extend an existing smoking ban to include all commercial areas including here downtown and the stanford shopping center. the ban would also include all dining areas. smoking is banned within 25 feet of doorways of businesses. the propose e ed new restrictio would include all commercial areas. >> i think this ban actually is the correct move. another's right to smoke stops at my lungs and stops at my mouth and hers as well. >> reporter: penalties for violations would also go up. you could face a $250 fine for
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your first offense and $300 for your second. in addition to extending the existing ban, the city council is going to ask a committee to look into the possibility of banning smoking in apartment complex complexes. nbc bay area news. thank you for that. coming up, the bay area makes a major effort to get unwanted guns off the streets ahead of the second anniversary of the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school. plus we're keeping a close eye on protests going on all across the bay area, including this one going on in oakland right now. we'll be right back.
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on the eve of the second anniversary of sandy hook school shooting, local organizations turned grief into activism with a gun buyback program. people receiving between $100 and $200 in gift cards for their weapons turned in. police checked to see if any of the weapons were lost or stolen.
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all other firearms will be destroyed. >> there's one less gun in the community, and that's one less gun that can do harm in an accidental shooting, a suicidal shoot shooting, and a potential burglary item. >> hundreds of guns normally turned in at these events. in oakland, police say about 90 guns turned in during today's buyback event. they were offering $100 in handguns and rifles. several state parks closed by the storm back open tonight. mount diablo and angel island state parks. sea cliff, sunset beach, and big
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basin parks are open. a handful of parks remain closed for safety reasons. coming up next, snow in sausalito. it wasn't in the forecast. we'll tell you all about that. speaking of that, we might see lowering snow levels around the bay area this week. for right now, things are fairly dry. but notice we have another storm on the way that will bring more rain into the forecast by the end of this weekend. we'll talk more about that when we come right back. ♪
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rain and now snow in
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sausalito. although it wasn't the real thing, it had to be trucked in. the bay area discovery museum part of the museum's snow days. snow is used in some of the many interactive educational exhibits for the kids. the kids will learn about things like snowstorms. for some of the younger guests, it is the first time they've ever been in real snow. don't worry. snow days will also be going on tomorrow. our meteorologist knows all about snowstorms. we have maybe a dusting heading this way. >> we could see that towards the end of the week. normally you do have to truck in snow to the bay area to see it. some of the higher peaks could get a little bit of that later on. the story of the next seven days will be our high temperatures having a tough time of climbing
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out of the 50s. during the day, we woke up with patches of areas of low clouds. midday sunshine. you see the high clouds here approaching the screen. this is the overcast that we're seeing right now moving over the bay area. nothing showing up on the radar just yet, but there are thicker clouds offshore closer to the frontal boundary. this system will toss some rain and eventually have a big impact on the monday morning commute. the cool start to the morning with 30s and mid 40s for lows. highs at best close to 60 around the south bay. otherwise you're looking at highs in the upper 50s closer to san francisco. we'll also see that into monday. you can see the seven-day forecast on the bottom of the screen. most of the week will be high temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. let's talk more about the rain
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chances ahead. clouds on the increase as we go through tomorrow. maybe a few early morning sprinkles just after sunrise. this is a preview of your monday morning commute. you can see that rain crossing through the south bay. the system should move from west to east and not stall out. doesn't have as much moisture as the last system. once that main band goes through, tuesday and wednesday ze we'll see a few more scattered showers. close to an inch around santa rosa. the coastal hill tops maybe another inch or two of rain. then you'll see cold systems f that will continue to help drop those snow levels down close to 3500 feet by the end of the week. the rainiest day we have ahead for your workweek is monday morning into monday afternoon. thursday it looks dry.
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friday into saturday, more rain and this time more snow. and we really didn't see all that much in terms of sierra snow with this last storm. the weekly total there in the sierra might be two to three feet of fresh powder at elevations as low as 4,000 feet. maybe a dusting of snow around mount diablo or mount hamilton in the area. coming up, it is more than just a pub crawl. well, for some. the san francisco pub crawl. hundreds of santas visiting local bars.
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♪ i'm walking down grand
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avenue in san francisco this morning and i hear this wonderful sound. it turns out to be this man singing. he is a self-described tenor of maiden lane. he just does it because he likes it. if you want to tip him, he'll accept it, but that's not what he's there for. maiden lane near grand avenue. give mr. close a listen. santa's helpers took to the san francisco streets today to celebrate holiday cheer. this is santa con. men and women dress as santa to parade down the streets. each santa is asked to bring a toy to donate for toys to tots and to bring candy canes to pass
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out along the way. santa con has become a holiday ritual taking place in cities nationwide. i would be surprised if san francisco is outdone by anyone. the bay area is open to score a major rugby tournament. there's a bid to bring the 2018 rugby world cup seven to san francisco. the group tries to attract international events local. the tournament is considered the sports most prestigious event and could draw thousands to both stadiums. in fact, it would draw thousands. the host city is scheduled to be named in may and the bay area is in on that. we could talk about rugby, but i think we should talk about some amazing stuff going on in other sports around the bay area.
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i think that's a good idea. let's start with the 49ers. we have a full report from the pacific northwest. the warriors, they push their win streak to 15 straight in dallas today. full highlights and much more coming up next in sports.
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on the road for an early morning game against the highest scoring team in the nba.
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the warriors win streak should have come to an end in dallas today, right? not so fast. warriors up 13. seth curry from arlington. seth from the corner. slash. di dirk needed a break. slams it down. third quarter now. he would lose his shoe here. interesting sequence. curry would toss it away. watch this one. not up in here. i just want to know if the shoe block counts. they are 20-2 on the year, the
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warrio warriors. the 49ers need all the help they can get tomorrow. boots on the ground up in the pacific northwest with more. >> reporter: for the 49ers to keep their playoff hopes alive, they will have to accomplish something they have yet to do and that is win here at century link field. the 49ers have not scored more than 17 points. they will have to put together their best game of the season on sunday. >> i think it is as good as any rivalry, especially with the way the things have been going opini.
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both of us being at the top of our game, whether it is offense or defense, it makes the game so much fun. i think the fans play a big role in it too. the fans seem to break all kinds of records. when we go down there, their fans break a lot of records. >> people talk about the noise during the -- the crowd noise, that's at the highest level as well, but it is their football team that's the highest level and the biggest challenge. >> reporter: the 49ers understand their backs are against the wall. there's one trend they plan to continue on sunday. their perfect 4-0 under harbaugh following back to back losses. marcus mariotta is the first
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player to win the award. thank you so much. >> thanks a lot. thank you for choosing nbc bay area news. class action is coming up next. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. have a great evening. a new online school based in the bay area promises an ivy league education at a fraction
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of the cost. we talk to members of the first freshman class to see if minerva lives up to the hype. kids and computers, the code comes to the bay area. >> lit the fire under so many people. >> students get a jump on computer science education week. and a white house call to action for colleges. >> this should not be a democratic issue or a republican issue. >> a bay area unit pledges to double the number of graduates in one key field. now he-- welcome to our class action education special. can you get a great college education without stepping foot in a


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