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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 14, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. right now, the return of rain. the latest storm hitting the bay area. see the sky flying by there. we had a rough week last week. the ground is saturated. whatever we get there will be a lot of run-off from it. good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm peggy bunker. it could affect the morning commute. it is back. look at this video just coming in. the storm is just getting started as we take you outside. let's look at our network of cameras to give you an idea of the conditions around the bay
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area. you can see san francisco felt pretty clear. san jose at the top, then oakland, palo alto. you can see the clouds. someone watching it nonstop. >> 55 degrees and some light rain. look at the golden gate bridge commute. that's a sneak peek of monday morning. we'll see wet roadways and at times it could get a little bit heavy. we're seeing more moderate rain pushing across san francisco. light to mod rattle rain at times in the be peninsula. toward pacifica and slowly heading toward san jose. so we're watching you can see that rain coming from the southwest. that will spread over the bay area for your morning commute. like last week, it does look like it will get some tropical moisture. at times, light to moderate rain. the potential for some heavy rain at time. with the soil being saturated, you'll to have watch out. there is always chance of thunder on the increase later
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tomorrow. you might notice already, the winds picking up. the southeast winds, 15 on 25 miles an hour. some higher gusts possible in the hill tops. the rain spreading across the bay area, heading toward tomorrow morning. it should fill in for a wet start to the day. we have a couple more systems tracking that will help to drop snow levels. by the end of the week, some parts picking up three to five inches of rain spread out across five days. we'll have the complete micro climate forecast coming up. >> while this storm arrives, the bay area still recovering from the storm that hit on thursday. that was a big one. trees were toppled. people had to deal with widespread flooding and thousands and thousands were left without power. >> we were all getting back on our feet. just yesterday, people living at this mobile home park are finally allowed to return home. people were concerned that floodwaters could be contaminated with sewage. >> the san jose safeway till closed tonight. you can see the roof collapsed
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under the weight of all that rain. no word on when that will reopen. >> and businesses still drying out. people had their kayaks out, their canoes, some even doing a little wake boarding here. why not? you can see the water is very, very high. >> viewers across the bay area, sending in some videos. we want to see what the next batch will look like. send them to >> and you never want to get caught in the rain unprepared. you can get the a.m. for your iphone. there you will see the latest forecast and live radar. also alerts about your specific area. tonight the 49ers are recovering from two blows. one losing to the seattle seahawks, and two getting knocked out of the playoffs at
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the very same time. not the story they were hoping to write in their first season at the new levi stadium. we have the disappointing season. the reaction and highlights and let's start with marianne favro. this is big a disappointment for fan and local businesses. >> reporter: you're right. many fans i talked to said they are disappointed. they were hoping this season that they would be bragging as much about their team as they have been about this beautiful new stadium. another painful game for the 49ers. you can see it on coach jim harbaugh's face. the team lost to the seattle seahawks, effectively eliminating any chance of making it to the playoffs. fans had hoped the niners' performance would have matched the sheeny new $1.3 billion levi stadium. >> they got a little cocky. i think they got a little full of themselves, in my humble opinion. and i think this would, they
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just took advantage of the fact that they had all this new stuff and they thought they would ride that. i think if they reach deep down inside, they realize they were not prepared. >> if the team had made it into the post season, extra game would have brought in extra cash to santa clara businesses. especially hotels and restaurants like benigans that benefit from game and parties. she works at levi stadium and said the niners' poor season will cost her. >> a sad, sad thing for santa clara. i work at the stadium as well. we won't have a lot of games anymore. so that's less work. >> and the kaepernick shirts she sells in the team store won't be flying off the shelves like they used to. in april his jersey was the number three seller in the nfl. now it doesn't even make the top 25 list. >> you never know what you're going to get. >> many fans say the new stadium met and exceeded their
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expectations them just wish the nine hers done the same this season. but they have no doubt their team will make them proud next season. the nine letters play here at levi stadium on saturday. they'll take on the san diego chargers. reporting live in santa clara. nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. kelly johnson now joining us from comcast sportsnet. and boy, this was difficult for fans to watch. >> it was painful to watch. >> it was painful. and there are a lot of question marks surrounding the 49ers. as they're left to play out the final two games of the season. eliminated from the playoffs for the first time in jim harbaugh's four seasons as head coach. he's never experienced this. down three in the fourth quarter. let's get to the highlights. controversial roughing. it gave russell wilson another chance. he has paul richardson for the ten-yard scorer. the 49ers possession, in after frank gore left with injuries. he stopped short on fourth and
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one. the niners get shut out in the second half. 17-7, harbaugh, feeling the pain. san francisco. knocked out of the playoffs. >> we never get in. keep fighting. which our guys did today. >> i understand we're not eliminated from the playoffs. >> i think we're mathematically out of it. but you play this game because you love it. so we're not about to go out and lay down for anybody. as far as i'm kernel, we need to finish with two wins. >> it hurts. the 49ers have lost five of the last six meetings with the seahawks. colin kaepernick 0-4 with seattle. jim harbaugh's future with san francisco in serious doubt. i'll be back with more reaction coming up in sports. of course we'll have more later in the game. also tonight coming up. meanwhile let's get you to the protests taking place at the golden gate bridge. they're protesting the deadly shootings of unarmed black men
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by police officers. today very similar to the protests nationwide. today the father of michael brown, the unarmed man shot and killed by a police officer in ferguson, missouri, came to san francisco to speak at third baptist church. nbc bay area's were christy smith was there and i'm sure so many went to hear what he had to say. >> reporter: it was an evening of speakers. michael brown sr. whom most people came to hear. what he said, well, they seemed to think it was exactly the right message. a large crowd gathered tonight at third bamt church in san francisco. speakers talking about what they see as injustice along racial lines. at the end, michael brown's father. >> we want to start by saying we really appreciate all the love and support. >> reporter: his comments were brief. his son, the unarmed 18-year-old who was shot and killed by a police officer in missouri.
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>> a major fight going on. i got to stand up. that's all i'm doing is standing up. and like i said, enough is enough. we've got to stand strong. gather in peace. >> reporter: michael brown's case, just one that helped spark protests in many arrests. across the country, some here in the bay area. familiar names like eric garner repeated among other speakers. slogans on shirts, black lives matter. the call among those tonight, for an end to racial injustice. >> that needs to stop in america where we claim to be a hand of equality of opportunity and respect for the work and dignity of all personalities. >> reporter: the cause today, not just in churches but for another group also on the golden gate bridge. the more you are out in the streets giving your message that peace and justice matter for all people, the more people will see
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the message. >> reporter: the evening lasted about two and a half hours and was spirit asked peaceful. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thanks so much. san jose, protestors gathered at city hall wearing all black and carrying signs. the group then marched to the stiff christmas in the park event. that's where the groom held a so-called diein. more details. the police advocating -- doing away with criminal grand juries. cordell argued the whole process should be replaced by preliminary hearings. up like grand juries, they're open to the public and transparent and adversarial. she was the first black woman to be poinld to the bench in northern california said there's a reason that prosecutors still insist on using a grand jury. >> my view when i look at the kinds of cases they take on grand juries, they're generally high profile cases where there
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is a lot of pressure on the prosecutors to either bring charges or not bring charges. when that kind of pressure is there, that's when they turn to grand juries and put all the pressure on these grand jurors so it takes them off them no matter what the decision. >> she went on to say they should be the last people. now to the continuing story in australia where a gunman is holding people hostage inside a chocolate shop. in the last few hours police say they have made contact with the suspect but they don't know his motive. in the last few hours five people have run out. police stay whole ordeal began this morning when a man entered with a gun concealed in a bag. the man forced hostages to hold up a black flag with arabic writing into the wend over. they are now looking at possible isis links.
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meanwhile sydney is on lockdown. >> whatever the test we will face it hold and we will remain a strong democratic, civil society. >> so far there have been no injuries reported. the u.s. consulate in sydney has been evacuated as a precaution. coming up next, neighbors say it was a hot spot for crime and prostitution. the south bay bar finally closes for good. and they are busy. santa's elves preparing for the massive a's packages on their way to their holiday destination. and it is shaping up to be a busy day. you have that moderate rain across san francisco start to approach. some rain approaching for the monday morning commute. we'll talk about this and more storms in the week ahead.
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a bar shutting its doors. the tarasco bar shut down for good on friday. it was own for several shootings, prostitution, drug use as well. the city attorney's office filed a cease and desist order in october. the bar didn't comply. the officials threatened to fine the bar $25,000 if it didn't shut down by friday and it shut down by friday. it was slated to lose its liquor license this tuesday. tonight a group of artists are claiming responsibility for effigies. they are part of an anonymous artist collective. the artist explained the purpose behind the duraning images.
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they said they meant the images of black lynching victims, they want to remind people of the crimes of racism. they apologized to black americans who might have been offended. and an officer is under scrutiny after several controversial tweets in response to grand jury protests. he captured the tweets which were taken down. in one, he writes if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives malter, i'll be at the movies tonight offduty carrying my gun. in another tweet he vowed to use his god given right. and ridiculing protester who shut down b.a.r.t. station and criticizing members of the uc berkeley basketball team who tack part. the police department. we were made aware of the issue and forwarded it up the chain of command for review. we will not have a response until the review process is complete. starting tomorrow, a famed los gatos restaurant will be
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doing something it hasn't done in five months. it will start taking reservations. it was destroyed by fire in july. it has two stars and a celebrity chef. the restaurant's website said it will reopen new years eve and will begin taking reservations tomorrow starting at 10:00 a.m. it will be a special new years eve menu for $225 per plate. are you treating? ups is hoping for a merrier christmas than the last one. it is facing the busiest day in its processing centers. they faced harsh criticism last year because they failed to deliver thousands of packages by new years eve. this year they say they're ready for a big holiday season. ups expects to deliver $585 million packages and they'll do it on time. the company spent a billion dollars to upgrade its facilities to make sure what happened last year does not
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happen again. >> that was a bit of a disaster last year. moving to weather, a lot of people will be hoping tomorrow morning it won't be too tough to get to work. >> giving you a heads up to the monday morning commute. expect some extra time tomorrow. a sneak preview if you will for what we'll see off and on. notice the temperatures, 49 degrees in the north bay. low to mid 50s across the rest of the bay area. i point these out because high temperatures will be pretty close to the number you see. we'll stay cool to start the week. and notice the winds picking up out of the southeast. 15 to 25 miles per hour. the higher hill tops for those wind speeds will be running a little bit faster. it is possible we may see some wind gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour. the radar approaching over toward oakland into marin county. out toward richmond. san jose starting to get into the rain.
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that will begin to get in turning moderate for the next 30 minutes or so. you can see the band pushing on through. it is part of a weather system that once again is pulling up the tropical moisture out of the south. you saw the very interesting mid level clouds. the source again, the tropical moisture which may increase the rainfall rates at times for the morning commute so the windshield wyomingers would be going. hill top locations a little bit stronger. some of it heavy around the santa cruz mountains. also some isolated thunder and then toward the evening, the rain should begin to decrease as round one starts to wind down and round two starts to pick up as we get into tuesday. the morning commute, moderate rain moving across the bay area. it will continue to be fairly intense at times. especially on the coastal hill tops past lunch time. the evening commute, we're seeing it toward the east. and then by this time tomorrow night, we'll see a few isolated
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showers as things begin to dry out ahead of the next system. so rainfall projection. the highest totals likely coming in during daylight hours around midday into the early afternoon and evening. first we have the rain close to an inch to an inch and a half. and likely picking up two to three inches of rain. these systems are quite cold. between now and went, one to two feet of snow in the sierra. we will at least see the win weather advisory. you may want to take the snow cables off and on through the week. here are the temperatures tomorrow. mid 50s around the south bay. low 50s around san francisco. it is chilly in the north bay. highs near 51 in santa rosa and you see the tri-valley. we talked about the system pulling some tropical moisture up. that should power up the higher rainfall rates. and as cooler air comes in, that will give us a chance of seeing some thunder. the highs on the coast for the next two days and we'll likely see the breezy conditions
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lasting into tuesday stoex workweek forecast shows that you we have the system here that is bringing up the rain and breezy conditions tomorrow. the rain picks up as we get tuesday night into wednesday. thursday right now looks to be a bit of a break. we'll have another system on friday and that will reinforce through the week. as we head into the weekend, notice the change. we will see high pressure building in. we'll be rain-free next weekend and not just next weekend. after five days seeing some rain, we could see three to five inches in the hill tops. that is significant because by next weekend from december 22-28, we'll see a ridge of high pressure build. a himt of a big pattern change once we lose the rain drops friday into the seven-day forecast. back to you. >> thanks very much. coming up next, continue the fallout from the sony picture computer hack now affecting 007. the next james bond movie could be ruined by hackers.
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good and bad news has the price of oil falling. it has been falling about six months now after it reached its high in june. it is a rule of global oil production, particularly in the u.s. the news is singling the energy stocks spiraling downward. gas prices are dropping across the country. aaa says the average price for a gallon of regular gas in san jose costs about $2.88. we have not seen that in quite some time. drivers in oakland are paying the same as san jose. in san francisco, about $3 per gallon. uber's pr team is backtracking in a big hurry after raising prices on uber rides in sydney, australia, during hostage crisis. they usually implement surge pricing when there aren't enough cars on the road.
11:26 pm
it immediately sparked back lash saying uber was attempting to profit off an emergency situation. they are now offering free rides out of the city center to all riders in sydney. spoilers ahead. the latest james bond script is at risk of being leaked all because of hackers and they are now threatening that they are just getting started. the hackers thinld cyber attack leaked massive amounts of information are at it again. they had harsh words for leonardo dicaprio after passing on a role of they also took digs at will smith's family. the sony executives are on edge as the biggest movie surprise is set to take place by hackers offscreen. >> we're seeing a lot more to come in what they call the merry christmas bash. >> give me a 007 script.
11:27 pm
sony declined to comment on the leaks but they'll hold a town hall meeting for employees tomorrow. >> i do like leonardo dicaprio. they are in big trouble. you hear the worry over certain stars. it has hollywood upside down. still to come, if you have traveled over the holidays, delays, cancellations and missed connections. >> you are just wasting time. just sitting there and waiting. that is costing money. next at 11:00, we investigate why you are more likely to experience those travel headaches at one bay area airport than almost any other in the nation. plus, it is even worse than we previously thought. it has trillions of plastic bits now stuck in the water in our oceans. we'll show you where this is ending up. it has biologists extremely concerned. ♪
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checking back in. you see the golden gate bridge on the left. on the rnlds you see san jose. pretty slick there out there on the bridge, rob mayeda joining us now. >> you see the rain. probably the heaviest rain close to san francisco. over toward oakland. you're looking at moderate rain. and yes, san jose having enough to wet the roadways at times. and this is really what we'll be looking at for your morning commute. the potential for i think some heavy rain around the santa cruz mountains at times, maybe close to a third of an inch of water. that could lead to some problems. maybe some localized run-off issues. temperatures in the 50s for tomorrow morning. all the bay area experiencing some breezy conditions and moderate rain at times. heaviest around your commute and
11:31 pm
along the coastline. wind gusts could get close to 40 miles per hour. this is the first of a few systems we're watching that will keep our temperatures cool. drop the snow levels down and bring a chance of thundershowers. the full micro climate forecast is coming up. never be caught in the rain unprepared. make sure you download our app. click on the nbc logo to get to the weather page and you will see the latest forecast. you'll final live radar. if you fly in and out of the bay area especially during holiday season, you know sfo has its fair share of delays and cancellations. many are from weather-related issues but kit really be blamed on the rain and the fog all the time? elaine looked at a year's worth of data. >> reporter: thousands will pour through the airports during the holidays. but sfo has one of the highest
11:32 pm
rates of flight delays in the entire country. we pored over the data to find out why. >> arriving from phoenix and ontario. >> reporter: during the holidays, taking off or handing at san francisco international airport can be delays, cancellations and missed connections even when weather isn't a factor. >> 0-10. a constant 7. >> reporter: the investigative unit looked at the department of transportation. they found in the last three years during the months of november and december, out of an average of more than 52,000 flights, 11% of arriving flights were delayed. 45 minutes or longer. and 2% were canceled. >> sfo did not score too well. >> reporter: no surprise to a.j. smith. a managing editor. a financial company that also analyzed flight data. they calculated the odds of missing a connecting flight and
11:33 pm
ranked sfo second worst in the nation right behind newark. >> we probably want to clues the airport where you're most likely to actually get will and in a timely manner. >> certain airports, and san francisco and newark, are certainly two of them, are operationally challenged. >> reporter: mark hanson has studied air travel for decades. >> the problems at san francisco airport are well understood in good weather day they can use o for departures. on a bad weather day, it is one for arrivals and one runway for departures as well. so the capacity is cut in half. >> reporter: but em-on the longstanding issue, airlines often overbook flights. >> if they are thinking about cutting back, they worry that some other airline will take that capacity and schedule more flights. so it is a hard thing for
11:34 pm
individual airlines to make good decisions about. >> reporter: if you missed a connecting flight, travelers can foot the bill. during last three years of holiday travel, they estimate it cost those stranded at sfo more than $65 million. >> whether you are having to book a hotel room, whether you're having to rent a car to get where you need to get or whether you are actually just wasting time spent sitting there and waiting. that is koflting money. >> reporter: but there are ways to help avoid headaches. the odds of missing a connecting flight at san jose and oakland airports are less than half that of sfo. hanson recommends doing your own homework when booking flights. >> any travel booking site will enable you to find out the performance of your particular inflight performance is. and also the outbound flight. >> reporter: and we did reach out to sfo to talk with us on camera. the airport denial our multiple
11:35 pm
requests for an interview. we also reached out to the airline industry which claimed airlines do not overbook. instead they blamed weather for delays, cancellations and missed connections. if you want to see the data yourself, go to our webl and search investigations. nbc bay area news. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. today marks two years when a gunman killed two students and staff. today the victims were recommended. on the christmas tree were the faces of the victims. family members stay pain never goes away. >> there will never again be normal. i go to the christmas tree shop and i still buy treats for two kids now.
11:36 pm
one set goes in a goodie bag and another set goes on a grave stone. >> the mother of anna march kes is making recommendations that will go to the governor. she said while there is tighter security in schools, this he need to do more to prevent this from ever happening again. an important deadline tomorrow for americans who get or plan to get their insurance through the health care marketplace. tomorrow is the last day to sign up for obamacare for it to kick in on january 1st. it is the deadline to make changes for existing plans. if you do nothing your plan choices remain the same for 2015. that also means you automatically agree to any premium increases. more than 6.5 million people have obamacare. the goal is to increase that to 9 million for next year. coming up next -- >> the 49ers painful elimination from the playoffs, highlights. there was one. and reaction coming up in sports. that wasn't one of them.
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time to get to kelli johnson. we're talking about the third loss in a row. >> and out of the playoffs. we'll turn it over to you to make us happy. >> and here i have your one highlight. >> three straight trips to the nfc champion game. it seemed a given until this season when everything seemed to go wrong and providing the nail in the coffin for the post season hems, who else, the rival. the seattle seahawks. with the lions winning early, colin kaepernick has never won in seattle. second quarter, here is your
11:39 pm
highlight. the 49ers down three. frank gore ham in other words ten yards. he later left with a concussion. same score. from four yards out for the score. the seahawks go up 10-7. thank you very much. fourth quarter, same score. third and five. the 49ers' 15. russell wilson's pass incomplete. but wait. there's a flag. nick moody called for roughing the passer. a very questionable call. and jim harbaugh cannot believe it. it hurt, too. two plays later, wilson. hit paul richardson for the ten-yard touchdown. that would prove to be the game winner. they lose 17-7. their first ever three-game losing under harbaugh. san francisco eliminated from the postseason. >> i expected, you know, to be in the playoffs. definitely. they've been in the playoffs for
11:40 pm
the last year. i expected to be back there again. you know. i think everybody expected it. the whole team probably expected it. >> i think i realized how hard it is to win in the nfl. i was spoiled last year making it to the championship in my rookie season. not realizing how tough it is to get there. >> how about the raiders? oakland coming off a win over the 49ers. looking for the first road victory and a sweep of the chiefs. down 11. derek carr fumbles the snap. the chiefs come up with it. a rough day for carr off the sack four times. on the ensuing drive. smith. shaking off the raiders into the end zone. the chiefs are up 21 unanswered points in the third to win 31-13. to the nba and the big easy. warriors, pelicans. david lee, still out 15 straight. fourth quarter. the warriors down by as many as
11:41 pm
8. andre iguodala hits the quarter. he was huge. 20 points in this game. the warriors down one. after the most free-throw ties, klay thompson can't get it to go. we're headed to overtime. in o.t., draymond green with the driving bucket and one. doves control four. next possession. drains the three hx eight of his 34 points in overtime. the warriors survive a scare. 128-122. extenting the record win streak to 16 games. >> i had to take my time and get in a rhythm. and thankfully, on the start and the overtime them started to adjust. we got the open shots and got to make them too. >> breaking news out of
11:42 pm
sacramento. according to yahoo! sports, the king have fired michael malone. there have been rumblings that he wasn't the choice for head coach. he is expected to talk about that tomorrow. tyler corbin is expected to take over as interim coach. sacramento has dropped three straight and eight of the last ten. that has been without their best player demarcus cousins who has been battling viral meningitis them host the oklahoma city thunder who have won sex straight on tuesday. it will be tough for corbin. >> thank you for keeping those 49er highlights as brief as you did. i appreciate that. >> you are welcome. we'll be right back.
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it's pretty tough to hear. it says that oceans contain far more plastic than scientists ever thought. more now from ann thompson. >> reporter: alaska's rugged shoreline. home to brown bears and sea otters. looks pristine from a distance. not close up. >> there's just debris literally everywhere. >> reporter: scientists find plastic on the coast of the 49th state and new york's congested long island. >> this is all trash. and you know, you can clean up a little bit if you take a walk. you can spend your whole walk
11:46 pm
picking up garbage the next day. and this is just as much. >> a new study says there are mind-boggling 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in the world's oceans. nearly 300,000 tons. he says that's enough two liter bottles to go to the moon and back twice. few pieces are that big. >> 92% are the size of a grain of rice or smaller. >> reporter: but ericson and his colleagues didn't find as many of the tiny pieces as expected. >> we found as it got smaller, the salt and peopler size were almost disappearing from the surface. they're not on the surface. they could be somewhere else. that's where we're concerned. >> reporter: they said they could be sinking deep into the ocean. giant swirling bodies of water where plastic accumulates. or more ominously, entering the food web. >> we're finding it in many fishes and sea birds and
11:47 pm
reptiles. >> reporter: most famously, the albatross in the pacific. miss taking plastics for food. >> can we solve this problem? >> well, we made it so presumably we could solve it. >> reporter: california has banned single use plastic bags and some manufacturers are using plastics made from plants that break down in months, not years. the american chemistry koinls agrees littered plastic of any kind do not belong in the marine environment and should be recycled whenever possible. reducing, reusing and recycling to prevent a walk on the beach -- >> there's more. >> reporter: from being a walk among trash. nbc news, stoney brook, new york. >> very interesting. very worrisome. we're looking outside. a lot of cameras, you can see the rain coming down over the golden gate. >> the golden gate, it is really, really coming down and it will be coming down to where we live. i'm not sure when. >> i think everybody is starting
11:48 pm
to see light rain, moderate rain across the bay area. that's the view across the bridge and the view you'll see tomorrow morning. breezy conditions around the mid span. those bridges. at times, moderate to heavy rain that could slow your morning drive. plan an extra few minutes as you head out. maybe a half-hour to an hour. especially highway 17 where visibility will be limited, too. the low clouds over the top of the summit. right now, 40s and 50s outside. we have cool temperatures for the moment and for the afternoon. these numbers won't change a whole lot. our highs around the bay area tomorrow. low to mid 50s. wind speeds picking up as the frontal bounlry approaches early afternoon. we'll see the win speeds, 15 to 25. some gusts as high as 25 miles an hour. right now the story is the moderate to at times briefly heavy rain from san francisco toward oakland. and messaging us on facebook. just downpours.
11:49 pm
mainly off to the north. fremont. these areas will continue to fill in. you'll notice that there's moisture coming up from south to north. accessing some tropical moisture. this is first band coming through. you see the popcorn like clouds offshore. those are the could not vective showers. that's the second half which may include some isolated thunder, too, as this come in during the afternoon and evening for tomorrow. the rain should continue you this the afternoon. we should see the showers decrease before they increase again with another system on tuesday.
11:50 pm
you'd lion about an inch of rain. two to three inches in the hill tops. then we add up all these systems. maybe another two to three inches across the low lands. the hill top that's can see three to five inches monday through friday. then the high country, the cooler air coming in. you will see snow levels dropping down. cold enough to get snow. probably close to 3,500 feet to 4,000 feet approaching next weekend. so temperatures tomorrow. cool around the bay area. mid 50s into the north bay. only low 50s for highs. same story toward the tripp valley. the triple threat we're watching will be the potential for that heavy rain on some of the hill tops. we may see urban and small stream flood advisories. we'll see the chance of thunder over the next few days and breezy at times. then the next system coming in tuesday night into wednesday will reintroduce that heavy rain at times and a third system coming in right there on friday. so cool temperatures through the
11:51 pm
week. we catch a break wednesday afternoon thursday. friday one more round of rain. lowering snow levels. we should see two to three feet by the time we get into next weekend. speaking of next weekend, we'll see off and on through the week. it is looking dry as things dry out. patchy fog could be a problem after all the rain in the next five days. >> the skiers and the boarders just heard that about the snow. >> news there. thank you. coming up, he is known as the sandal witch man in minneapolis. >> and his incredible dedication.
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
we're learning about a man who gives back all year long. >> everyone knows him as the sandwich man. rehema ellis has the story. >> reporter: after most shelters and soup kitchens close, allen law's van hits the road.
11:54 pm
for many, it is the only food they get. >> can you help me out? i don't have no food in the frig. >> reporter: every night he makes the rounds through the streets of greater minneapolis. delivering home made sandwiches to people on corners, in housing projects and shelters. >> how are you doing? enough he said to feed hundreds. >> i bring food for them. i don't see that many person to person. >> reporter: it is an effort he began almost 50 years ago when he was a teacher. >> i would be on the streets 1:30 in the morning. then three hours and then teach for the day. >> reporter: when he retired 15 years alg, he stem up his efforts now making deliveries all night long. what made you take this on as a cause? >> i don't know. ever since i was a young kid, i knew that i had to help people. >> reporter: through a nonprofit organization he founded,
11:55 pm
thousands of volunteers from nursing homes, corporations, even the boy scouts donate the groceries and help make the sandwiches. >> i've seen people out on the streets before. and i'm like, i we shall i could do something about that. yes! i can do something. >> two in the kitchen, in the bedroom, the dining room. >> reporter: this year alone he passed out 720,000, earning him the nickname sandwich man. now his inspiration is spreading. >> these were made tonight. >> reporter: he says he's just one man going the extra mile. >> i don't want people saying i'm wonderful. no, no. this is a piece of the puzzle. >> i think what she said is
11:56 pm
true. people would hear about him and be inspired to do their own things. >> he looks like santa.
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
the radar showing you why you probably want to plan ahead for tomorrow morning. we have rain at time and cool temperatures. we're looking at rain and temps in the mid 50s. class action up next.
11:59 pm
i was a little bit concerned about my health. i was very happy to make my first doctor's appointment.
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i love my doctor. i'm in for the first time ever. you too can enjoy quality health coverage. to enroll, or find free in-person help, go to tonight, class action. a new online school based in the bay area promises an ivy league education at a fraction of the cost. we talked to members of the first freshman class to see if minerva lives up to the hype. >> it was not comparable. >> reporter: kids and computers. elementary school kids get a jump on computer science educatn


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