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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 15, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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2010 -- between 11:00 a.m. and 3, we have showers potentially measuring another 2 inches of rain. >> look at the volume of 580, westbound with the headlights, water flashing up on to the roadway. that's what we're dealing with,
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not the volume but the conditions there. the rain keeps things moving pretty smoothly still, 580 approaching the dublin interchange. so far no reports for 580. 680 southbound, right around pleasanton at the border, there reports of one crash and a bigger concern is 680 around vargas, reports of a jackknifed big rig. it sounds like the rig is on its wheels. a tow truck should arrive closer to 5:00. soupy conditions, wet roadways, just keep it in slower speeds through the area. slick roadways continue and puddling along the peninsula as well, guys. a new crash in hayward. we'll let you know about that later. >> bob, dozens of people just
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got back into their homes and they're wondering if flooding is going to push them out again. good morning. >> good morning. certainly hoping that this rain we're having now doesn't turn into the deluge we saw last week. we're talking about the storm that swamped the lamar trailer park and r.c. mobile home park, located here on east bay sure right up against 101 in redwood city. on friday residents were pumping water out of their neighborhoods that forced almost 200 people out because of the storm around led to the red tagging of several homes. the water is gone but those allowed to return did so over the weekend. so people who lived here voiced to us a lot of frustration over their location. we're talking about the entire neighborhood, they have a history of drainage problems.
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if it does stay like this, it does not appear these parts will flood. if there are problems, the red cross is opening a flood shelter today from 11 to 7 at the college in san mateo. they'll be doing the same tomorrow and wednesday. >> thank you very much, bob. >> another live look at radar this morning. we'll be tracking the rain all morning long. christina loren will join us again with the forecast in just a few minutes. mike inouye will keep us updated with the roads. >> we are tracking breaking news in australia where a hostage crisis is unfolding still in sydney. one of five hostages who imagined to escape that
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situation, it's been about 12 hours since a gunman entered that coffee shop. it still not a confirmed terror attack but people inside have been seen holding up a flag with the islamic declaration written on it. >> we have to deal with him on the level of police negotiation. we cannot be engaged in any speculation. >> the gunman is talking with negotiators. he's also demanded an isis flag be delivered to the cafe. stephanie chuang is monitoring those developments and will have an update in half an hour. >> san francisco bay's uber sent
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fares skyrocketing. that did trigger a backlash. the backlash grew when uber argued its fare surge would encourage more drivers to go to the hot zone and then uber did a quick u-turn, announcing fares would be free for the remainder of the day. >> michael brown's father is calling for social and political change. many talked about the growth of problems with police enforcement. >> we have a major fight going on. i got to stand up so that's all i'm doing is standing up for our right. like i said, enough is enough. we got to stand strong together.
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>> brown told the crowd how much he appreciates the love and support from the bay area. the event lasted more than two hours and was peaceful. >> as we talk about these demonstrations, hundreds of protesters upset over the recent police officer grand jury decisions bottled up traffic ahead of yesterday's 49ers game in seattle. before the game even started, crowd gathered outside of centurylink field. that protest, though, was peaceful. >> the 49ers will miss the playoffs for the first time since 2010. >> yesterday's loss eliminated the niners officially from the fan season. for fans it's a far cry from the hoopla from the start of the
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season with a brand new stadium. >> i think they were not prepared for this year. >> also missing out, businesses and restaurants around the stadium. >> i expected to be in the playoffs definitely. they've been in the playoffs for the last three years, so i definitely expected to be there again. this is also the first time niners have missed the postseason since jim harbaugh took over the head coaching decision. they played in three straight nfc championship games, though the super bowl ring is still elusive. >> christina loren, we have a microclimate weather going on.
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>> a lot of rain moving in. whenever i show you this radar and it looks like this and i widen out, it's always just the bay area getting slammed this time of morning. that's the case yet again. we have a lot of rain, we desperately need it. unfortunately we haven't had a lot of drying out time since the last historic storm and what's coming in. usually this would be a big deal but after what you had to get through last week, this storm is going to maybe dump a third as much rainfall. it 52 degrees on the east shore. you'll need your bracket and umbrella for today. let me give you an idea of what this storm system will do. we stop that clock for you at 8:00 a.m. really tracking this for all morning long.
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then look at this! you think we're going to get a break but tuesday at 1:00, another system comes through. there's more systems every day this week. first maybe you want to get rollin', picture me rollin', mike, maybe to the mall. i got some shopping to do. >> folks rolling with wet road all around the bay. on the peninsula side we have a new report of a crash involving a truck over there. no word about lane blockage so i'll talk about that in the next report. on the hayward side, two lanes are blocked. you see this flowing north through hayward and san lorenzo. puddling, ponding, slick roadways. green all over the place means at least you have wet roadways.
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no major problems through downtown oakland or approaching that bay bridge. from green to blue, covering 101 at 380, latest reports of flooding that we saw all the last half of last week. a jackknifed big rig, chp says they can't get the right size tow truck there until about 5:00. a live look at san jose shows you how soupy it is. light volume but still tough conditions. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. >> it's 4:41 on monday. >> up next, a tough law about to get tougher. the new ban on smoking that could soon be coming to one city on the peninsula. >> and congress approves billions who help california
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warn against earthquakes. we'll explain.
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>> there's some confusion among smokers and police officers trying to enforce the rule. they're also talking about barring pharmacies for selling tobacco and increasing fines for vendors. >> actress cindy lee garcia told the court she'd been hired to act in a much different job. the court agreed. >> sony prepares to meet with its employees. for more on that, we turn to landon doughty live at cnbc news
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headquarters. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's been 20 days since the initial report. now sony's lawyers wrote that any information the organizations have already downloaded should be destroyed. the letter comes after a new report that the hackers obtained an early strict of the new james bond movie "specter" due out next year. stocks pointing higher after last week was the worst week so far this year with the dow closing down more than 300 points on friday. investors will keep their attention on falling oil prices and will also be looking for more was in about rate hikes when the federal reserve meets next week and that meeting starts tomorrow. >> the congrea bill passed the
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thursday that will go to president obama's dess ik for signing. back to you. >> all right, linda doughty, have a great monday. >> we have a live look at live doppler radar and the slick golden gate bridge on the right side. >> the good thing is we don't have a lot of wind to turn the umbrella inside out. we haven't had a lot of drying out time between friday and now. i can tell you want to make sure you're watching out for some
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puddle ponding. and by now you know the usual spot where you get that accumulation. what's so cool about what we have here on the radar is you can clearly see that subtropical moisture tap. we just have that rain, that really rich moisture just training in from the pacific. so you will want that umbrella. what that means here in the south bay is we're not going to see that flow over the santa cruz mountains. that means we're going to get a lot of rain in the south bay where we typically get the rain shadow effect. 55 degrees in san francisco. temperatures today staying in the 50s. just about as cool today as it is when you walk out your front door. at 8:00 a.m., still getting really heavy downpours at that point, especially in the north bay. at 3:00 showers start to line
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yet a bit. between 4:00 and 7:00, we could get some more thunderstorms. then we get a break until tomorrow at noon when we get another storm coming through the bay area. then wednesday another one comes through. basically every day this week you'll want to have your umbrella with you. really no potent storm systems like the one that came in last week, except this morning we're getting hit by a pretty good looking system, about a third as much rain as the one storm dumped last week. we'll tell you how much we're expecting where you live and kind of show ug the flow as we head throughout tahoe the next few days, a lot of no-fly zosno the way. >> a system for earthquake
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detection has been in the work for decades. the system is already being used by bart to warn trains to slow down before a train hits. but bart is among the few companies that get alerts from a prototype system. scientists testing the company got an alert 8 seconds before the wake in napa. >> dozens recovering in los angeles after a suspected drunk driver crashed into a crash of people. police say the families gathered to look at christmas decorations. a pickup truck t-boned a van, sending it into a crowd. four people are seriously injured. the driver has been arrested.
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>> last month a judge ordered miguel zaragoza to be out on his own recognizance after he was spotted near a private airport terminal in november where he stole a truck and drove it to terminal b. it is the third security breach at san jose international this year. >> still to come, a world famous michelin starred restaurant damaged by fire is about to reopen its doors and the owners are planning a holiday treat for its guests. >> and we're talking about floods on the peninsula. we'll get the conditions coming up. playing hoops, sam is number one.
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it is 4:54 on monday. slick conditions. we'll be checking in with mike momentarily. a famed restaurant will be taking reservations today after
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a fire in july. >> it has two michelin stars and a celebrity chef. the web site says the restaurant will reopen on new year's eve and will begin taking reservations today. there will be a special new year's eve menu at $245 a plate. >> saturday represented the last sequential calendar day for at least 20 years. the family says they feel very lucky and excited. hazel grace is the fourth child to join the family and, yes, she's definitely unique. >> that's going to be a busy mom there. congratulations to them and to you. take it easy out there. slick roadways once again, mike. >> indeed, indeed. we get more reports of conditions out there. we'll start with our look at
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oakland, 880, where i've zoomed in just north of the coliseum. look at all that water on the roadway. the freeways a lighter volume of traffic but still soupy, sloppy conditions right here and we'll look at the highlighted area through that blue section of hayward that was ponding and d puddling. on the other side of the bay, 101-92, looks like it has move to blue, flooding over here and 380 at 101, a new crash as well. and 680 at vargas, a jackknifed big rig, no tow truck on scene yet. >> when we come back, our microclimate coverage will continue with meteorologist christina loren. >> and we're following breaking news in australia. an armed man taking hostages
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inside a popular cafe. >> plus a live look downtown san jose as you see sprinkles on the camera lens. that rain has been coming in overnight and will continue.
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it's 5:00 here. heavy rain in san francisco started coming down overnight bringing renewed concerns of flooding. thank you for joining us on this monday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. parts of the area could see several inches of rain today. but the real problem is the ground, saturated from the week before. >> sfo has already cancelled dozens of flights this morning. here's a live look outside as we
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gauge how that weather is affecting your community all over the bay area. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning. everybody at home getting that heavy rain at this point. the one exception is up in sonoma county, this is a very slow moving system. as we head throughout the day today, we're expecting downpours. things will relax a little bit but we have some thorpgs on the way as well. we guide you and start that clock for you at 8:00 a.m. rich downpours, you'll need the umbrella and need why are jacket for today and can see showers not as steady but still coming in. you'll still need that umbrella. but then the rain returns, another storm on the heel of this system and then another one after that. i'll tell you how much rain we


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