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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 15, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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right now at 11:00, we're tracking the latest storm rolling through the area, bringing rain and strong winds, knocking down trees. and power lines. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon in for kris sanchez. >> we have team coverage on the latest storm. bob redell is in san jose. power pulse craoles crashing one homes. let's start with christina loren. not as bad as thursday's, right? >> definitely not. it has a lot of moisture, but it's not going to last as long. we're not talking about 12 to 24 consecutive hours of straight rainfall. i can tell you, it's coming in heavily. here's the deal for today.
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once that rain starts to subside by about 2:00, 3:00, we're talking about potential for some strong thunderstorms, especially over the santa cruz mountains. then as we head through tomorrow, another system comes through, by wednesday, we'll get a little bit of a break, still tracking on and off showers likely. then thursday, drying you out for one day only. big weekend for holiday travel. we have a very potent system on the way. we've got a lot to go over in the full forecast. the three systems coming your way this week. plus, let you know how much rainfall we are expecting. i'll also have the averages for this season. you might be blown away with where we stand thanks to the rain from last week. that's all coming up. right now, back to you, scott. toppled trees and power lines, nbc bay area's bob redell is live in san jose. was anyone hurt? >> reporter: good morning there, laura. yes, the wind was so strong in
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south san jose, it snapped two power poles in half. you're looking at timber that was snapped early this morning sending those on to two homes in the mobile home park. view from chopper gives you a better lay of the land. and then about ten minutes later, they saw the power lines and transformers starting to spark and arc. the people in both of the homes, including a couple with alzheimer's, according to police, did get out okay. a third home also remains evacuated. pg & e has begun restoring power in south san jose. another frightening situation in foster city where the ground became so saturated from the overnight rain, it uprooted this large pine tree outside the harbor cove apartment complex on edgewater. it crushed a parked car, damaged another. this was around 6:10 this morning before sunrise. it was still dark out. the driver of the white box
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truck probably didn't see the tree until it was through the windshield. got out on his own. same with the driver of a sedan who also couldn't stop in time. >> driver in the center there said that it felt like a big black wall just came in front of him and then his car came to a stop. but everyone's doing good. very little property damage, no damage to the building here. and we're just getting the tree removed now. >> and in the east bay, the weather brought down a large oak on to stone valley way. that was in alamo blocking the entire road giving the area's arborists practice with their chain saws. you can see another one of those power poles like i mentioned, there were two that snapped. and this one actually punctured the roof of this mobile home. it's just a matter of now cleaning this up and getting the power restored, which pg & e is out here getting ready to do. reporting live here in south san
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jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, bob. and of course, be sure to download our nbc bay area app for your smartphone. you'll see the latest forecast. you can find live radar and alerts about flooding and outages. >> after a 16-hour standoff, heavily armed australian police stormed a cafe in sydney using explosives and gunfire. now there are at least four injured, three confirmed dead, including the gunman himself. a man with a criminal record. nbc bay area's stephanie truong has the details on the situation. >> good morning, scott. police there in australia and sydney have finished a press conference. they've identified the other two killed were hostages, a 34-year-old man and 38-year-old woman. police have accounted for 17 hostages, some with traumatic injuries, some with medical conditions. and the lone gunman shot and killed. also, police officer shot in the face but the update is he is in good condition.
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he's been assessed and will be in the hospital for some time. we're talking about 17 hours in a standoff after 7:00 this morning our time, officers moved in. and you can hear and see what appear to be flash bang or stun grenades. police deployed these devices right after six hostages ran out of the building in different directions. their arms and hands up around the corner into heavily armed police officers. the police commissioner minutes ago said the tactical response team went into the building after hearing gunfire after it felt there would be more damage if they did not intervene. there you had just seen a woman getting carried out. so this was after the explosive. there was loud gunfire and moments later, two police officers escorting this woman out. she's visibly shaken. they're taking her to safety into the arms of a larger group of officers as well as paramedics. at least four structures were seen carried away. and all of this unfolding about ten hours after the first five people were able to get out.
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>> this pen is my gun, and these words are my bullets. >> this is the man confirmed as the gunman. a self-proclaimed muslim cleric. he was out on bail on multiple violent charges from accessory to murder to sexual assault in separate cases. we did see him on camera inside the building there. the chocolate store with the backpack on directing people around. forcing some of them to hold up this black flag with arabic writing. an islamic declaration of faith now heavily used by extremists and armed islamic groups in that area, although not linked to isis. muslim leaders immediately condemn the attack. the highest office holding in australia said in a statement that the muslim community was devastated by the attack. the gunman had used, allegedly, social media to try to reach out to police. and in an interesting flip, the social media community also
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stepping in this morning to help with those who wear religious garb. on twitter, the hash tag i'll ride with you has been trending. and it's still trending. also, i should add, there were claims by the gunman that there were bombs in other parts of sydney. and that, of course, raised a lot of concern in terms of terror attack. but police say they have not found any explosive devices. they're also keeping pretty tight lipped about the other details so as not to compromise the investigation. back to you. >> stephanie, thank you. now a strange side bar to the hostage situation, has to do with uber. it's an automatic surge pricing feature that went into effect. in the central business district more than five times higher as the crisis unfolded. and that triggered a backlash. first argued the fair would encourage drivers to head to the hot zone. then did a quick turn around, a u turn announcing would be free
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the rest of the day. >> new at 11:00, at least a dozen protesters were arrested after dozens blocked the entrances to oakland police headquarters. they're calling for an end to police killings of unarmed african-americans. others blocked nearby streets in a highway offramp. the protesters will face charges of blocking a public building and resisting arrest. michael brown senior, the father of the teenager killed by an officer spoke to a crowd in san francisco. he appeared at the third baptist church for an event focused on racial injustice. brown's comments were brief. he like many of the dozen or so speakers is calling for social and political change. many talks about the growth of recent problems with police enforcement, underscored by what's perceived to be a pattern of injustice against men of color. >> got a major fight going on. i've got to stand up. that's all i'm doing. standing up.
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we love all that, and like i said, enough is enough. we've got to stand strong, together. >> brown told the crowd how much he appreciates the love and support from the bay area. the event lasted more than two hours and was peaceful. meanwhile, san jose police officer under scrutiny for several controversial tweets. buzz feed captured those tweets before they were deleted. phillip white writes, if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives matter, i'll be at the movies tonight, offduty, carrying my gun. in another, he vows to use his, quote, god given and law appointed right and duty to kill. other tweets show white ridiculing protesters who shut down the west oakland b.a.r.t. station and criticized members of uc berkeley's women's basketball team, as well. the san jose police department says, quote, we were made aware of the situation, the issue and forwarded up the chain of command for review.
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we will not have a response until the review process is complete. our own robert honda is investigating, as well and has a full report tonight. hundreds of protesters bottled up traffic ahead of yesterday's 49ers game in seattle. before the game started, crowds gathered outside century link field at one point laying down on the street, that frustrated some of the masses of football fans trying to get into the stadium. but that protest was peaceful. well, speaking of the 49ers, it's now official, they'll miss the playoffs for the first time since 2010. even though it was still a long shot, yesterday's loss to seattle officially eliminated the 9ers from the post season. for fans, it's a far cry from the hoopla and excitement that started the season. it's an opening of a brand new stadium. >> they took advantage of all this new stuff. and i think if they reach deep down inside, they'll realize they were not prepared for this year. >> also losing out, businesses
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and restaurants around that would have been brought in more revenue from the playoff crowds. not to mention the players who went into the season expecting more. >> i expected, you know, to be in the playoffs. you know, they've been in the playoffs for the last three years, i expected to be back there again. >> which is also the first time the niners have missed the post season since harbaugh took over as coach. they've played in three straight nfc championship games, winning one of them to go to the super bowl, of course. still ahead, a big step forward for california. congress green lights a new system designed to give us a heads up before the next big quake. plus, sony hires a lawyer telling journalists not to use any of the entertainment giant's internal documents from the recent hack.
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and welcome back to you. the dow industrials down 86 points this morning, closely tracking the price of oil. oil continues to plunge now under $57 a barrel. the french government seems to be ready to do something the french courts would not, ban some uber cars. uber pop is the french version of our uberx where regular people with regular cars pick people up. well, last week, a french court said it didn't have the jurisdiction to ban the practice. so this morning, the french government says it will ban uber pop starting january 1st. french taxi drivers say they'll deliberately block traffic today to protest uber. recently, san francisco taxi cab drivers slowed traffic down around sfo to protest uber. it's a curious strategy in that many people use uber because they don't like taxi cabs.
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sony has hired a high-powered lawyer that's trying to convince news agencies not to publish sony's secrets. david boyd sent a letter to news organizations asking for their cooperation in destroying any documents. he may be a familiar face to you. he's been involved in the microsoft anti-trust case, the napster case, and prop 8, and bush versus gore in the supreme court. hackers, as you well remember, downloaded what appears to be all of sony's data as apparent revenge for the movie "the interview," a movie that depicts the assassination of the leader of north korea. aaron sorkin is weighing in on the hack, as well, writing in to the "new york times," do the e-mails contain any information about sony breaking the law? misleading the public? no. acting in direct harm to customers the way that tobacco companies and enron did? no, they're not newsworthy and ought to stay out of the news. results of an alarming health study show a number of women may be having unnecessary
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abortions. because of a new generation of prenatal tests that may be giving false positives. the study was done by the new england center for investigative reporting and followed pregnant women testing for edward syndrome. a painful genetic condition that is almost always deadly. it looked at women who used a number of different non-invasive tests that have been on the market since 2011. while other studies show these tests are more accurate than standard screening, the investigation points out positive results can be wrong. 50% of the time, it says many women don't get a second opinion and go off these results only. investigation points out companies market these tests without fully informing patients or doctors about their limitations. palo alto considering beefing up its ban on smoking, now including electronic cigarettes. tonight the city council's expected to extend an existing smoking ban to all commercial areas, including downtown and stanford shopping center as well as all dining areas. right now, you can't smoke
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within 25 feet of business doorways. but city leaders say there's some confusion among both smokers and police officers trying to enforce the rule. the council is expected to talk about barring pharmacies from selling. people have until february 15th to sign up or make changes to existing plans to their affordable health care plan through covered california. the rest of the nation has until midnight tonight. more than 6 1/2 million people have health insurance through the program. the obama administration hopes to increase that to 9 million next year. happening right now, a ground breaking legal case involving a youtube video returns to the courtroom. the video is called innocence of muslims. it was pulled off the internet after a court order back in 2006. one of the actresses in the video, cindy lee garcia said she'd been hired to act in a much different production than what was actually created. garcia's life was repeatedly threatened by islamic extremis s
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extremists, and she convinced a court that she and not the film maker should be awarded the copyright to the movie. she had the right to ask to take it down and the court agreed. google appealed that decision. not because it supports the movie, but because of the copyright ruling. that case will be considered by an 11-judge federal panel. congress says it'll help find an early warning earthquake detection system for california. the system has been in the works for nearly a decade. it hinged on receiving $5 million in funding from the government. system is already being used to warn trains to slow down before a quake hits. but b.a.r.t. is among only a few agencies who actually receives alerts from a prototype system. scientists testing the system in the bay area got an alert 8 seconds before the 6.0 quake hit napa in august. with the funding in place, scientists hope to expand alerts to some schools some time next year. >> can predict earthquakes eight seconds out, but weather way farther than that thanks to
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christina loren. tell us about the storm. >> well, it's going to dump more rain on the bay area that we desperately need. but, yeah, last week's storm on thursday when we broke all kinds of historic records and saw more rain in a single day than we had seen in over 12 years, wellious you know what, the technology has really improved over the course of the last 12 years. and i can tell you right now with a fair amount of certainty, these hills in sunol are going to stay green all the way through the month of december with more rain on the way. showing you that same beautiful hillside in san jose. it's so pretty, and it hasn't looked this beautiful with those luscious green hills, as you know, for the past three years. this is a really welcome sight. also expecting the hills around the grapevine to change, as well. let me show you the radar. this is where we stand right now. you can see a lot of that heavy moisture pushing into the central valley. by the way, where our farmers desperately need it. all the way north through stockton. for us, a little bit of a break. another line of showers, though, getting ready to slam the
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peninsula. most of this activity is still to the west of 101. and that's where it's going to stay for the next 15 minutes. it's moving quickly, and we're expecting another round of heavy rainfall in sunnyvale as we head through about 11:49. before the show is done, you're going to see the big blob of yellow and red move over the south bay. keep that in mind, heavy rain and could be dangerous driving around out there. if you can postpone your travels, we have better conditions coming your way towards the end of the day. periods of rain, breezy to windy for now. we can expect some thunderstorms, especially the local mountains. santa cruz mountains, you want to keep your guard up later on today. strong thunderstorms develop. if that's the case, we're going to let you know, with some of the stronger cells like we saw on friday, pea-size hail, gusty wind, 50 miles per hour, not out of the question, and brief, heavy downpours. by this evening, we're going to rule that chance out, trending drier overnight. this tells a story of not just today, the entire week. you can see by 5:00 getting a little bit of a break. we'll see another wave of
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moisture move through at about 11:00 p.m. tonight. as we take you through tomorrow, we get another storm system. don't go putting that umbrella away just yet. heavy downpours up and down the bay area. stop that clock for you again wednesday at 6:00 a.m., a little bit of a break. won't last long by wednesday night into thursday. we get another round of rain and then a third system moves through as we head through thursday into friday. and i'm really concerned about. it's packing a lot of rain, and a lot of people are trying to get out of town for the holidays. after all, first night of hanukkah is tomorrow. and we have christmas, of course, next week. on that note, guys, back to you. lots of planning to do. >> right. thanks a lot. well, still to come, it all comes down to these next two nights. we'll have a preview of the big voice finale next. coming up after "nbc bay area news at 11:00," "access hollywood live" followed by "days of our lives."
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it's finale time on "the voice." the final four singers to perform tonight trying to win a little favor for votes. >> and a look at tonight's final four. >> you might expect craig wayne boyd to have some nerves about tonight's finale, but those came much earlier. >> the only time on the show i
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was nervous was about half way through my blind audition when i looked at the chairs and they were still turned around with their backs to me, i got pretty nervous then. >> boyd is the last member of blake shelton's team while adam levine has three of his singers left, including damian lawson. ♪ he sang his way into the finale with the wild card spot. >> it's a blessing, really. to have america still believe in you enough to vote you through. i really couldn't ask for anything more. ♪ >> matt mcandrew says the time he spent on "the voice" has already passed his expectations. >> coming in, you know, i was like working at a grocery store and teaching music to kids and now i feel like i'm getting a chance to realize my dream. so it's just wild. >> and that might mean more pressure tonight. but chris jameson says he'll
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approach this performance just like his earlier ones. >> i tell myself, go out and have fun, sing a song, it's supposed to be simple. go on stage and sing a song. that's it, and you're done. >> but the winner of "the voice" will just be getting started. nbc news. >> a lot of confetti. >> for sure. well, still to come, we investigate. >> actually just wasting time and sitting there and waiting, that all is costing money. >> if you've ever traveled over the holidays, you know it can be a season of delays, cancellations, missed connections. why you're more likely to experience those travel headaches at one bay area airport, you know which one we mean than any other in the nation.
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winter weather, holiday travel, delays, cancellation headaches. in fact, ground delays right now, 39 flights have been canceled, not a single delay at san jose. so sfo among the worst in the nation. but why?
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>> investigative reporter looked at a year's worth of federal data. >> thousands will pour through san jose, oakland and san francisco airports during the holidays. but sfo has one of the highest rates of flight delays in the entire country. we poured over the data pored o data to find out why. >> arriving from phoenix and ontario. >> during the holidays, taking off or landing at san francisco international airport, it can be the season of delays, cancellations and missed connections. even when weather isn't a factor. >> 0 to 10, it's a constant 7. >> the investigative unit looked at data from the department of transportation. we found in the last three years during the months of november and december, out of an average of more than 52,000 flights, 11% of arriving flights were delayed 45 minutes or longer. and 2% were canceled. >> sfo did not score too well.
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>> that's no surprise to a.j. smith, a managing editor at smart asset, a financial company that also analyzed flight data. they calculated the odds of missing a connecting flight and ranked sfo second worst in the nation. right behind newark. >> you probably want to choose the airport where you're most likely to actually get there and to get there in a timely manner. >> certain airports and san francisco and newark are certainly two of them are operationally challenged. >> mark hansen studied air travel for decades. he's a civil engineering professor and co-director of the national center of excellence for aviation operations. >> the problem that san francisco airport are well understood in good weather day, they can use two runways for arrivals and two runways for departures. and on a bad weather day, it becomes one runway for arrivals and one for departures, as well. the capacity is cut in half. >> but hansen says beyond the long standing issue of bad
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weather at sfo, airlines often overbook flights. >> if they're thinking about cutting back, they worry that some other airline will take that capacity and schedule more flights. so it's a hard thing for individual airlines to make good decisions about. >> and if you missed a connecting flight, travelers can foot the bill. during the last three years of holiday travel, smart asset estimates, it cost those stranded at sfo more than $65 million. >> whether you're having to book a hotel room, whether you're having to rent a car to get where you need to get or whether you are actually just wasting time spent sitting there and waiting, that all is costing money. >> but there are ways to help avoid headaches. the odds of missing a connecting flight at san jose and oakland airport are less than half that of sfo. hansen also recommends doing your own homework when booking flights. >> any travel booking site is going to enable you to find out
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what the on time performance of your particular inbound flight is and also of the outbound flight. >> and we did reach out to sfo to talk with us on camera, the airport denied our multiple requests for an interview. we also reached out for an airline industry. they blamed weather for delays, cancellations and missed connections. you want to see the numbers for yourself, you can. go to our website,, search investigations. nbc bay area news. and if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips. or send us an e-mail to the unit police have surrounded a home outside philadelphia where a man suspected killing several people, that's not all. he's also accused of killing four more people in neighboring cities. the first shooting reported just before 4:00 this morning eastern time, authorities aren't saying
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much about that suspect. they do say he's a marine veteran. neighbors saying, telling the press, rather, one of the victims was his ex-wife. we will stay on top of this story for you. >> the families of two dozen victims of the sandy hook school shooting massacre have filed a lawsuit against the maker of a gun used in that shooting spree. the suit names bushmaster, the company that made the assault rifle used in the killings along with a firearms distributor in the store where the weapon was purchased. the suit argues the military-style weapon has no -- has valid -- has no valid civilian uses. it should never have been publicly available. well, officials in alabama say three dangerous inmates are back behind bars after running loose across the state. janet shamlian has an update. >> reporter: the third suspect was captured at about midnight 100 miles from here in tuscaloosa. he's back here in the jail in butler, alabama, today.
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the trio escaped over the weekend. they convinced the night jailer that one of the inmates was sick, when the jailer opened the door, they were able to overcome him, take his cell phone and keys. and with those keys, they were able to unlock the jail and make their escape. two of the suspects were recaptured over the weekend. one 30 miles from here at a family member's home, the other, also in tuscaloosa in the parking lot of a movie theater. the men were wanted for crimes ranging from burglary to capital murder. and this was a widespread search. 19 agencies not just from alabama but from mississippi, as well. involved in the search for all three men now back in custody. for nbc news, janet shamlian. what changes should be made if any to secret service. the biggest breach was the one in september involving a man who jumped a fence and reportedly
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made it into the east room of the white house. that lapse led to the resignation of the head of the secret service. shortly after that incident, the white house ordered an independent review. the panel's findings are expected to be released today. the nfl is facing a new lawsuit filed on behalf of suspended star adrian peterson. the suit filed by the players union challenges the impartiality of the arbitrator who upheld the suspension. the running back pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges for disciplining his child with a switch, a wooden stick. the arbitrator spent two decades working for the nfl and the union says that's unfair. an alarming new report out on the state of the world's oceans. >> specifically, says oceans contain far more plastic than scientists first thought. here's more from anne thompson. >> reporter: alaska's rugged shoreline. home to brown bears and sea otters. looks pristine from a distance, not close up.
11:36 am
>> there's just a breeze literally everywhere. >> scientists -- on the coast of the sparsely populated 49th state. and new york's congested long island. >> look at this. this is all trash. >> yeah. >> yeah, and you know, you can clean up a little bit if you take a walk, you can spend your whole walk picking up garbage and come back the next day and there's just as much. >> a new study says there are mind boggling 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in the world's oceans, nearly 300,000 tons. marcus erickson says that's enough 2 liter plastic bottles to go to the moon and back twice. few pieces are that big. >> 92% are the size of a grain of rice or smaller. erickson and his colleagues didn't find nearly as many as the tiny pieces as expected. >> we pounds as it got smaller, the salt and pepper sized fragments were almost
11:37 am
disappearing from the ocean's surface. they're not on the surface. they could be somewhere else, and that's where we are concerned. >> erickson says they could be sinking deep into the ocean below the five gyres, giant swirling bodies of water where plastic accumulates. or more ominously entering the food web. >> we're finding a more endso plankton. >> the -- >> can we solve this problem? >> we made it, presumably we can solve it. >> they have banned plastic bags. and some are using plastics made from plants that break down in months, not years. the american chemistry council agrees littered plastics do not belong in this marine environment and should be recycled whenever possible. reducing, reusing and recycling to prevent a walk on the beach
11:38 am
from being a walk among trash. nbc news, stony brook, new york. well, still to come, a world famous restaurant about to reopen in los gatos. the special treat owners are planning for the holidays. plus, a busy shipping day for the postal service. how one mail carrier is taking to the water to deliver holiday packages. and unfortunately, they're delivering through the water. we've got a lot of rain out there. rain chances every single day this week. we'll tell you who is going to see the most. your mind might be blown as to where we stand in terms of seasonal averages. lots to go over in your microclimate forecast moments away.
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welcome back, everyone. a winter warning for parents. wait until your child is out of the car before putting on to bulky jackets. big, puffy coats can be hazardous in a car crash. the warning is written in most manuals for car seats, but experts say most parents don't read the manuals that closely. they don't have the time.
11:42 am
they say in a crash, your child's puffy winter coat will compress making the car seat straps too loose. they advise putting a blanket over your child and the car seat. well, the days leading to christmas is the busiest for the postal service. bob redell delivers us an explanation. >> reporter: a light load of letters feels a lot heavier when its final destination is riddled with so many obstacles. >> i'm not going to be able to get in here right now. >> six days a week, maneuvers 60 miles of weed-ridden waterways that make up his mail route in the delta. >> who's driving the boat? >> nobody. >> to deliver to his 23 customers. >> okay. >> reporter: what is sometimes
11:43 am
their only communication with the outside world. >> this is the way that it is out here. it's hard to get to, you know. it's remote, it's totally, totally off the wall. >> even man's best friend seems to know the rules are different out here. on the river, they don't bite the mailman. >> this is great. >> reporter: this stretch of the delta has been a mail route in one form or another since the days of the gold rush with deliveries between san francisco and the pony express in the central valley. today, this ponytail express is the only postal employee to still deliver mail by water in the state of california. >> i am the only mailman on the water, but it's no big deal. i could be a postman in the city and do the same job. >> in an environment like this -- you'll never find this mailman just mailing it in.
11:44 am
>> at the end of the day, when i go home, i feel like i really did a service for someone, helped somebody out. i brought them their mail. >> on the delta. >> you ready? >> yep. >> reporter: bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> here's some tips from fedex. use double-walled boxes for heavier items, and if you're reusing a box, remove old labels. use cushioning to keep your gift from shifting. secure the address label and put a copy of that label inside the box in case the outer one disappears. finally, seal that box with three strips of packing tape across all flaps, all seams top to bottom. >> you used way more than three. >> got to make it solid. well, a famous restaurant taking reservations after a fire destroyed it in july. >> earned the reputation as one of the south bay's premiere dining spot because it has two stars and the celebrity chef.
11:45 am
the restaurant says it will reopen on new year's eve and started taking reservations this morning at 10:00. there will be a special new year's eve menu for $245 per plate. >> but no bananas foster. one ohio baby with an unusual birthday. >> born saturday morning in a cleveland hospital, get this, at 10:11 on 12-13-14. saturday represented the last calendar date for at least 20 years. the family says they feel lucky and excited. hazel grace is actually the fourth child to join the family. look at that little mom. >> looks like she's going to fit in with happy sisters. >> that's right. >> let's check your weather. good morning. >> hey, good morning to you. yeah, you know, we still have pretty good shower activity across the board. if you're getting ready to head out and about, make sure you're ready for that, grab your umbrella and make sure you've got patience, out on the roadways, it's a little dangerous right now. we've seen on and off showers, but they've started to subside
11:46 am
up in the north bay. we have some pretty impressive totals. we've tallied up everything. 24-hour rainfall totals looking really good. over an inch for san bruno, almost 2 inches -- almost 1/2 inch for us down here in the south bay. sunnyvale well over 1/4 inch for you, in menlo, 1 inch of rain on the floor. that's good news just from the system alone. that means our hillside will stay nice and green and we're going to continue to add to your tallies when it comes to your average rainfall, which is actually looking pretty impressive for the season thus far. take a look at this, these are your rainfall season averages. started this up in september. and at this point in san francisco, we're at 181% of average. so well above average for the season so far. some of the more impressive stories come from the south bay and mountain view where we're at 246% of average in the south bay, mountain view at 276, almost 300% of your average rainfall has already come
11:47 am
through. and there's more on the way, we're getting that steady rain, right now slamming the peninsula. although a little bit of a break from santa rosa all the way south through the very tippy top of marin county. but san rafael, in the thick of it, that extends down the peninsula and all the moisture on the way to the south bay, just minutes away now. we're tracking this to your doorstep. count on showers steadily to arrive. in san jose at about 12:05, we're expecting a 12:00 arrival in santa clara and just before that in sunnyvale, 11:52. it's getting close for that rainy, that heavy rainfall. to start off and last for 2 to 3 hours in the south bay. after that, between 5:00 and 9:00, we're watching for thunderstorm development, especially over your local mountains. keep that in mind. we'll be here tracking that for you as we head throughout the day today. let's take it to the future cast and move you forward into tonight and through the rest of the week. because this is not our only rain chance. that clock for you stopped at 5:00, getting a break. we'll get another wave overnight at about 11:00 p.m. and then
11:48 am
tomorrow, we get slammed with another storm system, another subtropical moisture tab and that means a return of heavy rainfall between about 2:00 and 8:00 tomorrow. then that system starts to break apart deteriorating just in time for a mostly dry late wednesday into thursday, but then the rain returns as we head throughout friday and, of course, that's the point when a lot of people are starting to plan their holiday travel. so do keep in mind, rain continues. good news is, though, as we head throughout sunday, monday, tuesday of next week getting into your christmas week, looks mostly dry. a lot of rain between now and then and we'll be here to guide you through it, and after all, it is a drought. it's a blessing, we need it. we'll keep giving you the success story. the only thing is, it's becoming kind of the norm, the drought became the norm. now the rain is the norm. so i hope you're ready for that. back to you, scott and lawyer. >> thank you much. still to come, he's known simply as the sandwich man in minneapolis. and his incredible dedication to
11:49 am
those in need is inspiring people around the world. we'll show you. coming up after "nbc bay area news at 11:00," access hollywood live followed by "days of our lives."
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11:51 am
welcome back, 9 minutes before noon as we take a live look at the golden gate bridge. it's slick out there, do be careful. we've got rain pretty much all week. >> got to get used to it. >> we do. in the meantime, season of giving, learning about a man who gives back all yearlong. >> he's known as the sandwich man and uses his own retirement money to help those who might otherwise go hungry. >> after most shelters and soup kitchens closed, the van hits the road. for many, it's the only food they get.
11:52 am
>> he really helped me out. i don't have no food now. >> he makes the rounds through the streets of greater minneapolis, delivering homemade sandwiches to people on corners in housing projects and shelters. >> how you doing? >> pretty good. how you doing? >> enough, he says, to feed hundreds. >> i bring food for that many people. i don't see that many, i leave enough for at least 1,500 a night. >> it's an effort he began almost 50 years ago when he was a teacher. >> and i would normally stay in the streets until 1:00, 1:30 in the morning and come in and three hours and then go teach for the day. >> when he retired 15 years ago, alan stepped up his efforts, now making deliveries all night long. >> what made you take this on as a cause? >> i don't know. ever since i was a young kid, i knew i had to help people. >> through a nonprofit organization he founded, thousands of volunteers from nursing homes, corporations,
11:53 am
even the boy scouts donate the groceries and help make the sandwiches. >> i've seen people out on the streets before. and i'm like, i wish i could do something about that. so now i'm like, yes, i can do something. >> all the sandwiches are stored in his apartment. >> you've got 17 freezers in this apartment. >> well, ten right here, two in the kitchen, three in the bedroom and two in the dining room. >> this year alone, he's passed out 720,000, earning him the nickname sandwich man and now his inspiration is spreading. >> we get e-mails every day from people saying we're starting a food project because we were inspired by alan. >> and these were made just tonight. >> alan says he's just one man going the extra mile. >> i don't want people to look at me and say, oh, he's wonderful. no, we all are a piece of the puzzle. simple as that. >> nbc news, minneapolis. >> wow. that's lovely. >> we'll be back in a minute.
11:54 am
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11:56 am
and a reminder to our lovely viewers, you can take our weather wherever you go. be sure to download our nbc bay area app for your smartphone. there you'll see the latest forecast. you'll also find live radar and alerts about flooding and outages. now, we have rain but not cold. tens of thousands of penguins. penguin couples rushing the shores of the island.
11:57 am
>> filled with adult penguin and is the young offspring which are brown, you can see them there. they first came ashore for nesting in november. the number of penguins on the island varies ever year. each year, researchers are taking video of the penguins to see the development of their populations. not many whales competing for the same prey, to the penguins have plenty of food. the tricky part is getting the food to the babies. the adults go searching for the food in the ocean, they have to come back to shore to find their own offspring among the masses. i imagine as we're able to recognize our children, they can recognize theirs, too. >> i don't know how they can. >> one little fish at a time, though. >> that's a lot of penguins. >> thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is coming up at 5:00. >> and get all the information at be back tomorrow. have a great day. .
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> georgia on "access hollywood live". bill cosby first interview and what he has to say is quite controversial. >> love this. christmas photo of prison george. you won't believe who he's compared to. it's good. >> absolutely perfect. justin bieber latest pranking victim. we have the exclusive and painful video. it's not prett pretty. >> i feel bad about it already. >> "access hollywood live", >> i feel bad about it already. >> "access hollywood live", live", starts right now. >> hoist me up. >> welcome to "access hollywood live", i have to get my petite in her chair over here. i'm billy bush. bloated up like a tick on a monday morning. i can't believe i did it again. >>


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