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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 15, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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minutes to redwood city, and likely east palo alto by 5:30. here's the thing about this week. next five days, three more storm systems. we're tracking it in the pacific. i'll hall full details in 10 minutes. the rain pounded the south bay again today. a power line snapped and it came crashing down on a mobile home park in almaden valley. this happened at the villa teresa mobile home community on coleman road. marianne favro joins us live in san jose with a look at the damage done and the lasting impact on hundreds of families today. anyone injured when those power lines came down? >> reporter: no one was injured, thankfully. but you're right, there was definitely a ripple effect here. this came down at 8:20 this morning. take a look at what pg&e crews are doing now. they are still working to restore power here after the storm caused a bell to snap and come crashing down on this mobile home. >> i heard a pop or something. >> reporter: this is what ron ellers heard, a power pole
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crashing down on the roof of his neighbor's home at villa teresa mobile home park in san jose. it happened just before 8:00 this morning. no one was hurt but at least five people had to be evacuated. when the storm sent the pole down it sparked wires and caused a power outage that impacted hundreds in the almaden valley neighborhood, including here at action day primary plus which takes care of 300 children. administrators contacted parents and told them to pick up their kids. >> we first sent the babies home. our infants under 24 months. because we couldn't warm bottle, we were worried about classrooms not being warm enough for them. >> reporter: a few blocks away the power outage forced this ymca on santa teresa boulevard to close. power went out here at allen steinbeck school. hundreds of kids studied in the hallways near windows. by 1:00 pg&e had restored electricity to most of the homes here. but some neighbors wonder if the
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other poles will be able to withstand the next storm. we just got an update from pg&e and they tell us only 22 customers remain without power in this area. they hope to restore it tonight or early this morning. as the rain continues so does the finger-pointing. people at two mobile home parks are concerned that they're going to get flooded out yet again. you might really last week this video here, they were chased from their homes by that rising water. they say redwood city is at fault. nannette miranda is there tonight. this is turning into a bitter battle. >> reporter: a very bitter battle, raj. so far, so good here. no flooding from that canal back there behind these mobile home parks. still with no permanent fix, residents feel the city is dragging its feet. another storm rolled in today making residents of two mobile
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home parks in redwood city nervous. just a few days ago, the incessant rain caused flooding, as much as four feed of standing water. they're barely cleaning up after that storm when this one came through. it was a race against time for resident steve parcetto who's trying to pump water with his own time and equipment before it gets to flood stage. >> once that water starts pulling over the edge, that pump doesn't do anything. it's just going to flood, then we're going to have to move everybody out again. >> it does flood from all the time. >> reporter: city leaders are aware of the constant flooding at these mobile home parks but say the answers are complicated, especially when adjacent salt ponds are owned by a big corporation. >> there's a confluence of jurisdictions that you have to deal with. it just takes a long time to find a solution. there is no silver bullet solution. >> reporter: residents are starting to believe decades of delays only mean the city just wants them out. >> they're not helping us
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because they want this property here to sell it to developers. >> reporter: some residents believe that perhaps you want them out so that you can sell the land or use the land for higher-paying developers. >> absolutely not true. >> reporter: the city says it acknowledges the value of affordable housing, but at the same time it acknowledges these parks can never be 100% flood-proof because of how low-lying they are. >> this is one of the most common sights during today's storms. lots of trees just fallen. in foster city the ground became so saturated it uprooted a large pine tree outside the harbor cove apartment complex. that's on edgewater. it did land on a couple of cars and even that delivery truck you see there. luckily, though, no one was injured. in the east bay, the weather brought down a large oak onto stone valley way in alamo. that blocked the entire road. workers moved quickly to try to remove that tree from that area.
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in napa a falling tree has forced a family out of its home. the tree came crashing right through the roof of a home on sora canyon road. the crews cutting up the tree after it fell, the house red tagged until building inspectors can determine if the building can be salvaged. a live look at 101 in san rafael. as you can imagine the roads are slick but the rain has slowed down a lot. this is a crucial time for water officials. it gives them a chance to add up all our recent rain totals. nbc bay area's mark matthews is in practice rin this evening. this doesn't end our drought but it helps. >> reporter: it certainly does. and welcome to the lake woe begone of the bay area. if not the children, at least all of the reservoirs are above average. let me show you pictures of the water going over the spillways. water is running over the spillways in four of marin county reservoirs. they are completely full. the water isn't going to waste.
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marin has four of its seven reservoirs linked so they spill into each other. after the last two weeks they are filling up fast. the water district's seven reservoirs combined are at 138% of normal. >> we're definitely in better shape than most of the state because so much of the state is dependent on snowpack. and we are mow dependent on rainfall. >> reporter: marin's municipal water district gets 75% of its water from the rainfall stored in its reservoirs. 25% of it comes from the russian river. and incidentally, people in marin county, while they don't rely on snowpack, they are very good at conserving. in the month of october they cut backwater consumption 21%, the statewide average was just 6%. bay area airline passengers also may have felt the storm's impact depending on which airport they were going to. i want to show you a live
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picture at oakland which national interhasn't had any delays or cancelations. quiet at san jose international as well. different story sfo. more than 100 flights canceled today. right now some arriving flights are seeing delays as long as three hours as well. with another storm on the horizon, you should download our nbc bay area app for your smartphone. there you can see the latest forecast. you can also find live radar and alerts about the flooding and out ans going on in your neighborhood. developing story overseas. that's the violent end to a hostage situation in sydney, australia. it all started earlier today when an armed man walked into a popular cafe around 9:45 a.m. sydney time. he held 17 people hostage and lined them up, you can see here, at the window with their arms in the air. six hours later, three hostages escaped.
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two more followed about an hour after that. then in the middle of the night, this is sydney time, another five hostages ran from the cafe. minutes later, police stormed in, firing their weapons. >> events that wrup folding inside the premises led them to the belief that now was the time to actually deploy and they did. >> police found two of the hostages dead as well as the suspect. three other hostages and an officer were rushed to the local hospital there for various injuries, including gunshot wounds. the gunman is identified as man harone mones. they say he's not part of any terrorist group but has an extensive criminal record including charges related to the murder of his ex-wife. he was already facing sexual assault charges. owe firs are calling the incident politically motivated. while this hostage crisis was unfolding uber became a part of the story. the san francisco-based company started its surge pricing in the area around the hostage crisis. uber was charging nearly $100 to
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get out of central sydney. that's more than four times the usual fare. public outcry hit social media and uber responded by promising free rides and refunds for people fleeing downtown sydney. our coverage of this story continues in "nightly news" in 20 minutes. we have a report from sydney. brian williams has more on the background of the lone gunman and his possible motivation. ♪ got to get free got to get freedom ♪ another loud and emotional demonstration in the east bay. this time demonstrators close down streets and briefly disrupted operations at the oakland police department. i'm jody hernandez in oakland where now a nighttime gathering is about to get under way. i'm robert handa live in san jose. controversial tweets from a police officer have the department scrambling to control community anger. it's been talked about over 20 years.
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tonight it's millions of dollars closer to becoming a reality. why the feds could be the key to an earthquake warning system here in california. crimes going unreported at sea. >> the more i delve into it, the more i realize there's a darker side. >> three years ago we started asking questions. now a major new development that could give you the power to judge how safe you are on a cruise ship.
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i want to take you outside again, give you a live look, it is dark. this is oakland's lake merritt. those lights are protesters gathering for a second time today to voice their anger over that grand jury decision in ferguson and new york. these are ongoing protests we've been seeing for days and days. the new protest comes hours after police finally broke up another demonstration that blocked access to the oakland police department for hours. that was earlier today.
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nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us live from lake merritt with more on the day of demonstration. this seems to have no end in sight. >> reporter: we're going into a fourth week now. at you mentioned, demonstrators have gathered here at lake merritt. you can see them behind me, about 100 people gathered here. the plan is to fan out around the lake and create what they're calling a silent circle of mourning for black lives lost. a demonstration held earlier today was anything but silent. ♪ got to get free got to get free got to get freedom ♪ >> reporter: protesters upset with recent grand jury decisions descended on oakland police headquarters this morning. chaining themselves together to close down streets, block the entrance to the police department. >> we've got people who blockaded the building, we had somebody, climbers who climbed, took down the flag and set up a different one. >> reporter: people of all
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ethnicities. and all ages came together to express their anger and frustration, despite the soggy weather. >> justice doesn't stop because it's raining. people are getting killed. black folks are getting killed every 28 hours. rain, sleep, no. the rain isn't stopping me. >> we are white activists who feel like it's important for us to take a stand. we feel there's a war on black people in this country. >> reporter: police used a cutting device to detach the demonstrators and cart them off to jail. this is the fourth straight week police have faced off with angry crowds. >> they're killing us, what more can we tell you all? >> reporter: you're looking at the demonstrators who have gathered a the lake merritt. i'm told they're gathering a the three separate spots and the plan is to fan out to join hands and then at 6:00 tonight i am told they will either light candles or flashlights, it's
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raining so likely flashlights, again at 6:00 tonight. this is supposed to be a silent action. things did get quite noisy today. but so far today's actions have remained relatively peaceful. in san francisco right now, there's a packed auditorium, people are there to hear directly from the father of michael brown. that's the teen at the center of that ferguson decision killed by the ferguson police officer. michael brown senior is speaking at mission high in san francisco, part of a solidarity rally with the other san francisco unified high schools. on sunday, brown senior spoke to a crowd of hundreds at the third baptist church as well. a social media misstep for the san jose police department. an officer is in hot water for what he tweeted. tonight there's some public pressure for the department to fire that officer. nbc bay area's robert handa is at police headquarters. what did he tweet and what's the
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background of this officer? >> reporter: his background is one of community involvement. that's why along with this police internal investigation, there's been an emotional wave of community reaction. partly because of these comments and also because officer white, philip white, is involved in a number of community activities, or at least he was. >> 3:00 in the morning -- >> reporter: 20-year san jose police veteran philip white is a familiar face at crime scenes and community events. the officer known for starting an anti-gang school program and being an assistant basketball coach at menlo college was placed on leave as police top brass reviewed tweets from his personal account. the tweets appear to be a response to the nationwide protests of the ferguson and new york grand jury decisions. one tweet said, threaten me or my family and i will use my god-given and law-appointed right and duty to kill you. another said, if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives matter i'll be at the
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movies tonight off-duty carrying my gun. two of the popular chants from protesters are "i can't breathe" and "black lives matter." police watchdog group silicon valley debug demanding white be fired, collecting hundreds of signatures hourly. >> it is a bit of social media karma considering that this was sparked by these completely irrational, dangerous tweets sent by officer white. >> reporter: the police union also condemned the tweet messages. >> offensive, disrespectful, inappropriate comments on social media have no place in the public discourse surrounding the tragic loss of life in officer-involved incidents around the country. >> it's a devastating black eye to this police department, particularly if they do not act. >> reporter: we were not able to contact officer white today. coming up at 6:00, more reaction, including some from a parent of a menlo player who says white made racially charged statements before.
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i want to get back to weather. the same storm bringing us rain here is also dropping, take a look, snow in the sierra. this is what it looked like this afternoon on interstate 80 at donner summit on your way to lake tahoe. drivers are being warned to bring chains. in reno it looks very, very snowy. this is new video of snow falling on the biggest little city in the world. it is packed in with lots of snow. tracking the snow and of course all the rain for us is jeff ranieri. we're really getting walloped. >> we are. it's a little break in between the storm systems. looks like the sierra could see 3 to 7 inches of snowfall as we head into wednesday's forecast. right now on satellite radar, the biggest zone of that heavy rainfall that happened from about the noon hour to 3:00 p.m. has now moved off toward the east. we're still finding some scattered areas of rain. we'll track more on that in a minute. we'll take you to 24-hour totals coming in from our weather underground network of rain
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gauges. since last night through today, anywhere from 1 to 2 inches of rainfall into marin, napa, sonoma counties. tib you're ron, 2.29. orinda over 1 inch. palo alto, menlo park, 1.5. not nearly as much down there towards san jose. but still great news for the fire danger and continuing to add to that rainfall season. let's take you to the doppler radar right now. we put a stop on it to get an idea of what is and is not happening. it is very scattered in nature. a few areas of light to moderate rainfall in the north bay. two main zones of concern right to you. the first one is across the east bay. all it's taking right now is moderate, even a little bit of heavy rainfall. a the love water coming up in the roadways on 680 from danville through san ramon, back into dublin, pleasanton, livermore. you want to be careful the next 45 minutes. the other area that i'm tracking, it's a heads-up for you in the peninsula. if you're thinking of doing any traveling on 280 or 101 over the
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next one 2 two hours, you can see this complex of heavy weather right now that's going to be tracking across areas near woodside and san mateo throughout 5:36, half moon bay, 5:44 highlands, 5:49 san mateo. as we take a look at the storm system we saw the scattered rainfall on the doppler. i think it's going to be very similar to that as we head throughout 11:think tonight. so still wet weather. by tomorrow morning's commute it's not expected to be any kind of heavy rainfall. a few scattered showers will be with us at 7:00 a.m. but by 11:00, 12:00, 1:00, our next storm system will arrive. heavy rainfall from the north bay all the way down to san jose. also down into santa cruz as well. and then as we head throughout the evening hours on tuesday, you can see we'll keep that scattered area of rainfall in the forecast as well. seems like i need a little bit of water. as we head into wednesday at 7:00 a.m. we'll see a few
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scattered showers with us. it will be a little bit of a break in between storm systems. then as we head throughout wednesday night, another storm system will arrive with heavier areas of rainfall from santa rosa to san jose. by thursday's frost we clear out. then throughout friday there is the fourth storm of the week with more wet weather. what we've done is broken this down for you in this next graphic. what you're going to see here again is that second storm of the week arrives tuesday. third storm by wednesday. and that fourth storm by friday. so do expect isolated flooding concerns throughout the week. and again, possibly more power outages and downed trees. throughout saturday, it's going to stay cold. temperatures in the 50s. there's not a spot tomorrow that is not going to see rainfall here. from san jose all the way down to san francisco. also for the north day, east bay, and tri-valley, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. with that rainfall, heavier at times arriving by the noon hour into the afternoon. you can see the extended forecast, we'll see that off and
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on rainfall coming our way. then eventually by saturday's forecast we dry out. overall this week it looks like the north bay could see the most rain. anywhere from 2 to 4.5 inches. we're tracking more of it, full details coming up at 6:00 p.m. just ahead, a possible new clue in a southern california fireball. the pictures detectives hope will explain what or who sparked a massive fire in socal. bill cosby's wife breaking her silence. how she's defending her husband. and criticizing growing rape allegations against him.
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every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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we have new video that could offer key clues in the los angeles apartment complex fire that caught national attention.
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newly released surveillance images show two men investigators say likely witnessed the fire up close. one video shows one man grabbing a fence near the fire. you see that there. just before firefighters pulled him away. another video, seen here, shows a second man walking down the sidewalk near the fire. officials believe the two witnesses could offer clues that could lead to a cause. at the moment investigators say this is not a criminal investigation. bill cosby's wife is standing by her husband in the face of multiple sexual assault accusations. camille cosby released a new statement today in defense of her husband. she mentions the couple met in 1963 and were married a year later. she assures everyone the man that she fell in love with 50 years ago is the man who america fell in love with as well on tv. she adds "there appears to be no vetting of my husband's accusers before stories are published or aired. an accusation is published and immediately goes viral." $5 million is the start, an
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early warning system for earthquakes is closer to reality. congress approved funding as part of a government spending bill. the technology exists but needs a lot more funding before it can be made public, at least widely public. the usgs, cal, and bart have been testing the system over a year. they got between 10 and 60 seconds of warning for most earthquakes. the most recent test was the napa quake in august. experts say the system performed well. that's going to take roughly $80 million in funding to roll out the system statewide. up next, going for the game. the olympic-sized sales pitch that san francisco will make on the peninsula tomorrow morning.
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it's the newest way to translate languages as you talk at 6:00. san francisco has competition in its bid to host the 2024 summer olympics -- rome. italy's premier today announced rome will seek to host the games again. the 1960 summer games were held in rome. san francisco has tried three previous times to be the host city. its next attempt will kick into high gear tomorrow in redwood city. representatives from san francisco, l.a., boston, washington, d.c., will make their pitches to be the u.s. bidder. the final decision expected early next year. >> i think we can do it. >> i think we can. >> i think we can do it, bring
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the olympics to the bay area. on our broadcast tonight, hostage raid. police storm in to end a 16-hour standoff in australia, but not everyone made it out alive. tonight, what we know about the dead hostage-taker and his motivation. studio scolding. sony pictures, along with a big name in hollywood, demanding the news media stop reporting on stolen e-mails. to his defense. camille cosby speaks out for the first time about the accusations against her husband. contagious comeback. the growing number of grown-ups coming down with childhood diseases like mumps and chickenpox and how people can protect themselves. and "making a difference." a nationwide outpouring for the library that became a sanctuary in the middle of so much trouble in ferguson, missouri. "nightly news" begins now.


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