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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 15, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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and mixing marijuana and technology. how it's bringing pot right to your door. the news is next. right now at 11:00 here we go again. the bay area gets hit with another hound of rain following last week's powerful storm. >> and while the radar still shows rain, we're getting ready for another storm that will come in tomorrow. all this rain leading to plenty of problems from downed trees to lots of car crashes. good evening, everyone. i'm jessica aguirre.
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>> and i'm raj mathai. let's take you outside, give you a live look at the golden gate bridge now. some heavy rain here just a few minutes ago, and the rains remain dangerously slick. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, who's tracking the worst right now, and what's to come tomorrow morning? >> we do have some heavy rainfall on tap within the next 18 hours. right now it's all about two zones of rain we're tracking at the current moment. the heaviest area is right here in the extreme south bay. over the past two hours what i've been concerned about is this rainfall that's been basically training over the same exact spot in morgan hill. elevating your flood concern. it's now beginning to move to the south and also the east. that's beginning to put some heavier rainfall right through gilroy as we head through the next five to seven minutes. expected to pick up there. off to the north the other zone we're tracking is some rainfall up to the north bay and a heavier zone of rain. that's going to be moving right here through downtown san francisco. as we head through 11:12, also likely 11:14 into chinatown.
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so really where do we go from here? by 11:30 we still keep some scattered areas of rain. by the morning commute, some spotty showers. but the heaviest rolling in by 2:00 tomorrow. not only the wet weather but also the wind. 10 to 15 miles per hour to start. but we likely could see gusts as high as 24 miles per hour. concerned about power outages and more trees that could come down. we have the forecast on two other storms this week as well in about 15 minutes. >> all right. we'll see you then, jeff. nearly 15 hours later the power is still out for more than a dozen customers in san jose. this morning's storm brought this power pole crashing down right onto the roof of a mobile home. luckily, nobody was hurt and most of the power was restored to the area by this afternoon. the rest of those people should have the lights back on around 2:00 in the morning. so it should be a brighter morning for them. >> they continue to point fingers on the peninsula. people at two mobile home parks in redwood city are closely watching the rain after being
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flooded out last week. now, many residents say redwood city is being slow to act for their drainage problems. many are even using their own generators to pump out the water. now, we invite you to use our nbc bay area app for your smartphone. you need to download it. there you'll find the latest forecast, radar, weather alerts. all of it checking before you head out on the road tomorrow morning. and for the latest on tomorrow's storm make sure you watch "today in the bay." that starts at 4:30 in the morning. you'll have a full roundup of what to expect for the day. following up now on a neighborhood nuisance in san jose. crime-ridden and noisy. those are just some of the complaints about a troubled local bar. and now last call is over. the bar shut down and neighbors couldn't be happier. it was a seven-month fight to shut down the bar right there on north 13th street. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is in san jose with how one family says the closure of the bar has actually changed their lives forever. >> reporter: that's right, raj.
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it was actually a group effort between san jose police, city officials, and neighbors. neighbors say that one bar brought in a big criminal element. and tonight that bar is closed. >> and in those four days our life has completely changed. >> reporter: it changed from this -- [ sirens ]. to this. a quiet peaceful san jose neighborhood. >> before, when the bar was still open, it was hell to live through. there was constant fights, shootings, stabbings, prostitution, drug use right in front of our home. >> reporter: that chaos is what prompted rico mendez and more than 20 of his neighbors to petition the city to shut the el tarasco bar down. the battle to close it started in may, but in october a security guard was shot four times in front of the bar. he was wearing a protective vest and survived. but the bar's neighbors felt they would not survive the criminal element the business brought to the neighborhood. >> we don't have anything
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personally against the owner of the establishment. i don't know him. i'm not saying he's a bad person. really it was all of the violence and everything that was emanating from the bar, which forced us to take action. >> reporter: mendez shot 40 hours of video, gathering signatures, and met with city officials and police. the bar was ordered to close on december 16th. it actually closed on friday. the bar owner didn't want to speak to us. but his brother had a short comment. >> do you think it's fair that the neighbors got it shut down? >> i don't think so because he has the bar for a long time. >> i was surprised at how quickly people were willing to really step up and share their story with our elected officials and sharing their story is what made the difference. >> reporter: now, mendez told me tonight that the difference for his family is that they will be able to sleep for the first time in seven months. reporting live in san jose, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. a south bay police officer's
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job is in jeopardy tonight after he sent out some controversial tweets. san jose police officer phillip white is a 20-year veteran and a familiar face at community events. now, though, he's been placed on leave as his bosses reviewed tweets sent from his personal account. the tweets appear to be in response to the nationwide protests surrounding the ferguson and new york grand jury decisions that failed to indict white police officers. one tweet said, "threaten me or my family and i will use my god-given and law-appointed right and duty to kill you." another said, "by the way, if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives matter, i'll be at the movies tonight, off duty, carrying my gun." an online petition is demanding that white be fired. the police union has condemned his tweets. now to a dramatically different protest, both unfolding in oakland today. this evening a peaceful candlelight vigil at lake merit. earlier today, though, dramatic shutdown of the entrance to the
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oakland police department. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney joins us live at lake merit right now with what tonight's diverse collection of protesters had to say, terry. >> reporter: what we saw tonight is the difference between anger and violence. now, the leader of tonight's event says this is a chain against police terror. controversial inflammatory remarks but the way this message was carried out into the streets tonight, yes, there's impatience, yes there's frustration with the system. but no violence. ♪ this little light of mine ♪ i'm going to let it sthien >> tonight at this rally at lake merit. >> to really bring about a large gathering of people in peace to unify, raise our voices, commemorate our fallen. >> reporter: part of tonight's demonstration, a strolling candlelight vigil around the lake. east bay residents virginia, annika, and tigress say they
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were reflecting. >> what we might be doing that's keeping this system in place or what we might do that might change it. ♪ we shall overcome ♪ someday >> one of the biggest things we saw was that a lot of our white allies standing up today to say that we are falling in line with the movement against police terror that black organizations are setting. ♪ we are not afraid >> the rothsteins took part tonight. mom, dad, and the boys, ages 4 and 7. >> there are privileges that we enjoy that not everyone has, and that there are systemic problems in our society that are affecting whole groups of people. ♪ we shall overcome someday >> reporter: this was all about wanting the system to change. and when it was all over, people hugged, shook hands, took down
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their signs, and just left. no violence. now, that's a change. live in oakland, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. we want just for black people! >> protesters here delivering their message of discontent straight to the police. we mentioned just a few minutes ago this protest which blocked oakland police headquarters. they chained themselves together, actually, to close down the surrounding street and the entrance to the building. this man here even scaled a flagpole, replacing the flag with one of his own. police arrested 25 people in this mostly peaceful demonstration. one of the most notable people in this whole movement is the father of michael brown. he's visiting the bay area from ferguson. tonight he spoke with local high school students who are frustrated by the number of black men, young black men being killed by police. nbc's jean elle joins us from san francisco's mission high school with more. jean? >> reporter: raj, members of the black student union here at mission high school say it feels
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like society believes it's okay for police to shoot young men of color. tonight students here say it's time to make some noise and knock some sense into society. hundreds of san francisco high school students showed their support for michael brown sr. at a solidarity rally at mission high. >> to make change. >> reporter: members of mission's black student union say they are standing up for michael brown's son and others who were killed by police. >> trayvon martin and oscar grant. we thought, you know, time something needs to happen. and it's time for it to change. and so we put our minds together and decided let's start a rally. >> reporter: brown says he believes the rising chorus of protesters chanting "black lives matter" will help create change. >> keep everything alive all over the nation and just let your voice be heard.
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you know, don't back down. don't be scared. you have rights. >> reporter: oscar grant's uncle cefus johnson believes it was protests that led to the arrest and conviction of the b.a.r.t. police officer who killed his nephew. he says continued unrest will force leaders to address what he calls a broken criminal justice system. >> there's a lot of work ahead of us because not with just the grand jury, not with just the d.a., not with just with the jury, not just the judges, but everybody's infected with this sickness. and it has to be addressed. >> i can't breathe. >> reporter: energized students are planning a march. >> it's a vicious cycle of police brutality, and it needs to stop. >> reporter: that student-led march is expected to happen in january. in the meantime, speakers encourage young people to attend political meetings to get politicians thinking about an issue that has so many people out in the streets protesting.
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reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jean. next at 11:00 -- pot on demand. the new trend that can have medical marijuana on your doorstep in minutes. also, two may not be better than one. the bold new idea involving pilots on commercial flights. plus, they're infections commonly associated with kids, but now they're making a surprising comeback and impacting adults. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we are tracking some heavy rainfall right now approaching san francisco. we're going to track that plus a total of three more storms this week. the full timeline in just minutes.
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first the gold rush and now the green rush. as more states legalize marijuana, a lot of people are cashing in. and some of the best marijuana technology is happening right here in the bay area. here's nbc's stephanie truong. >> reporter: tap, click, and you're done. your delivery is on its way. but it's not pizza, not laundry, and not a ride. it's marijuana. >> it's been coined uber for medical marijuana. >> reporter: keith mccarty is ceo and founder of nobmobile ap. you register with your medical marijuana card togs. pick how much of it. minutes later it's on your doorstep. >> average delivery time in san francisco is ten minutes. >> reporter: he was employee number 4 at yammer, a social networking service used by fortune 500 companies, bought by microsoft two years ago at $1.2
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billion. he set his sights on the next lucrative business. >> we want to get in right now so when it starts to evolve and take off and the regulatory landscape continues taupe up we'll be in the best position. >> reporter: ease officially launched end of july partnering with san francisco's largest dispensary sparks to make its largest deliveries. ease just secured $1.5 million in investments and in the last few weeks there's more competition. this is an apothecarium, on san francisco's castro neighborhood. it's just launched its delivery service after partnering with meadow, another delivery app. but focusing on partnering with multiple dispensaries in the city. co-founder david hua says the drivers are employed by the dispensaries, they just provide the technology. >> technology often stooimz skirts some of these things. if you look at air bnb or uber. this is not that space to do that in. >> we tried to offer a variety
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of varieties. >> the manager believes business is booming and he believes it will only fuel the growth. >> delivery is something our members have been asking for since we opened the doors and it didn't seem feasible but i think with tech innovation and companies like meadow we're really able to reach the younger generation. >> reporter: chambers adds using this technology will boost another demographic, those who have a harder time physically getting the product they need, the elderly. >> you're definitely seeing a really bad influx of those walking in the door. >> reporter: the clients come from all across the bay area, the east bay to the north bay. >> now we have patients that are asking for the service in mid peninsula. around mountain view, palo alto, atherton. you know, around those areas. >> reporter: still, what about safety? well, banks don't deal with the industry, one still deemed illegal by the federal authority, which means this is cash only. mccarty says security mechanisms are built into the system. it isn't just the recipient who tracks eta.
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the dispensaries can also track their drivers. >> if the driver starts to fall behind that delivery eta it will be flagged and they can call the driver and say is everything all right, how's the delivery going? >> reporter: they say this is the leadup to hitting it big in this green rush. >> i think there's plenty of room for everybody. this is a business or an industry that at $1.8 billion it's going to be at 10.2 in the next four or five years. everyone's going to be just ordering their cannabis. it's the same thing. >> reporter: stephanie truong, nbc bay area news. in terms of some local crime stats we asked the san francisco police department about the frequency of crime linked to marijuana. the sfpd's response was that marijuana is the lowest priority for officers. is one pilot in the cockpit just as safe as two? we might soon find out. with shortages of pilots coupled with advances in automation, researchers at nasa ames in mountain view are now looking to the idea of letting jetliners be
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flown by only one person. right now all commercial jets and cargo planes fly with at least two pilots. one of the ideas being looked at by nasa is having a co-pilot on the ground remotely assisting solo pilots during the flight. experts warn this could be the first step in eliminating pilots in the cockpit altogether in favor of full automation. could the olympics be coming to the bay area? a local group led by giants president larry baer is bidding for the 2024 summer games. tomorrow is a crucial step. four u.s. cities -- san francisco, l.a., boston, and washington, d.c. -- will make their pitch to the u.s. olympic committee. this will be happening at electronic arts in redwood shores. the executive chairman of ea is also the chairman of the usoc. one u.s. city will likely be chosen to compete against international cities like rome and paris. a final decision will come in 2017.
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now, if san francisco is chosen, a pop-up stadium for the opening and closing ceremony will be built in the brisbane bay lance right off 101 across from candlestick park. meanwhile, an olympic village for the athletes could be constructed at the old hunter's point shipyard. levi's stadium, stanford, and the earthquakes' new stadium would likely be used as additional venues. >> it would be a big, big occasion. that's for sure. all right. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri who's going to be talk about these storms that are still coming our way. >> it's almost hard to believe. we had all that rainfall last week. we picked up so far in december over a third of what san jose usually sees in about a three to four-month period. again, five to six inches of rain across parts of the south bay. now, the storm system that hit us today, most of that is now moving on, but i do want to point out that our next storm system is already lining up about 600 miles away. so once again, it's going to be getting here by tomorrow. we'll take you to the doppler radar, and there's really two concerns that we're focusing on right now. the first and most major one has
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been over the past three hours through morgan hill. this rainfall is gradually moving to the south, so we think we're done with our flooding threat there in morgan hill, but gilroy likely to see that heavier rainfall continue for about the next 20 to 30 minutes. we're also tracking a heavier pocket of rainfall down near san francisco. this one could hold a little bit of hail, maybe even a few lightning strikes. we're going to have to continue to follow this. likely moving through the sunset district by 11:21. through the richmond district by 11:24. so we'll continue to see these areas of on and off rainfall we think not only through 11:30 but through tomorrow morning. it's be going to be an extremely wet commute on your tuesday. the roadways will still be slick but check this out. by 2:00, that's when we'll begin to see that heaviest zone of rainfall line up at coastline as our storm gets close. then as we head through the afternoon that will continue to move across through about 5:00 in the evening. now, after we see that happen we'll likely hold on to some scattered areas of rainfall through about 11:00. as we get into your wednesday
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forecast, what you'll see is another storm system is going to move in. but this one's going to be weaker. we're really talking about some scattered areas of rainfall, but it's still going to keep rain in the forecast all the way through wednesday on and off to this point. it's really going to come in these waves here over the next 48 hours. even through 11:00 in the morning on wednesday we'll keep those areas of showers. now, as we head throughout wednesday night we're going to dry out, and that's in advance of a break that we're going to get on thursday's forecast. but hold on. we still have more wet weather to come here. as you look ahead toward friday looks like another storm system's going to drop down. this could bring us a quarter to maybe 3/4 of an inch of rainfall. again, three more chances of rain fall over the next five days. eventually we'll clear out by this weekend and that's going to lead us through some dryer weather around the christmas week. let's take you through your microclimate forecast. the other thing besides the wet weather that we haven't been used to lately are the cold temperatures. in the 50s for tomorrow for daytime highs. winds 15 to 25 miles per hour. as that rain arrives.
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going to make these temperatures feel like the 40s. san jose 56. palo alto 59. most of san francisco in the mid 50s. for the north bay, east bay and the tri-valley, temperatures in the mid up toer 50s, take the jacket, have that umbrella ready to go. we'll get you into the trend in the next five days, and if for some reason you're just tuning in right now, again, rain for tuesday, chance of rain wednesday, dry on thursday, and then by friday more rain returns. and so far it looks like a dry trend. the 20th through the 26th. overall, raj and jess, throughout this entire week looks like the bay area will pick up anywhere from two to five inches of additional rainfall. kind of stuttered there because we haven't been able to talk about this in a long time. it's crazy. >> exactly. and he had a dry christmas week it looked like. at least initially. >> we asked for rain and we're getting rain. >> i know. >> thank you, jeff. still ahead, hollywood and sports stars diagnosed with viral infections that are really commonly linked to children. so what's behind it? >> and guess who's hanging out with jimmy tonight. >> hey, raj and jessica and everyone in the bay area, the
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one and only oprah winfrey is my guest tonight! plus we've got music from idina manziel.
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well, a couple of illnesses that are usually associated with children may have made some big-name talent sick. hockey superstar sidney crosby has the mumps. crosby was diagnosed with the virus despite getting the vaccine for it as a child. crosby is just the latest nhl player to get the mumps in the past couple of months. five different teams have had players come down with the bumps. now doctors are discussing whether adults should be getting a booster shot for this. a few days ago actress angelina jolie announced that she has the chicken pox in this video. and you can see the spots on her. the illness means jolie cannot attend the premiere of her new movie "unbroken" which she directed. age may really only be a number. when it comes to living longer, feeling young may be more important than actually being young. scientists looked at nearly 6,500 people in their mid 60s.
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many felt at least three years younger than their real age. and now during a follow-up eight years later scientists found those younger-feeling people were less likely to die. experts say healthier people may feel younger naturally and it may also indicate a stronger will to live. >> i feel 24. that's the number i'm going with. >> you look 24. geraud moncure joins us next.
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good evening. geraud moncure here in the comcast sportsnet studios. with the 49ers' first failure to reach the postseason under jim harbaugh, the questions on his future only become asked more frequently and with further curiosity. gm trent baalke spoke about that issue on 95.7 the game this afternoon. he said, "when the season ends decisions are going to be made. and that's when that conversation is going to take place. jim and i sat here this morning and we basically talked about just that, and we talked about what we needed to do from a roster standpoint to get ready to play saturday. 49ers of course host the san diego chargers at levi's. can the warriors continue to hold on to the association's best record despite a bite from
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the injury bug? the dubs put their 16-game win streak on the line tomorrow against the memphis grizzlies. andrew bogut doubtful with knee tendinitis. david lee still out nursing that strained hamstring. and harrison barnes now questionable after breaking his nose yesterday in new orleans. okay. finally, iconic bay area heavy metal band metallica showed the giants love this past season, and they'll do the same with the sharks on january 21st. the night they host the l.a. kings will also be metallica night with the sharks. there will be a variety of special features and in-game events with the band. members of the group will take part in the puck drop and make an appearance in the broadcast booth during the game telecast. that's for sports. more news coming up after the break.
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good evening and welcome back into the doppler radar. heavier rainfall headed right toward the richmond district over 11:36. we could even have a little bit of hail with this. we're track another storm for tomorrow. the heaviest rain will arrive 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. >> have a great day tomorrow. >> thanks. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- oprah winfrey -- musical guest, idina menzel --


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