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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 16, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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students. we're live with the details. >> rain and another heavy rain this evening. we'll have more wednesday, more on thursday and a potent system on friday and saturday as people are trying to travel for the holiday. >> and a tree down and power lines down on a highway. >> plus san francisco making its pitch to become the home of the future olympic games. a big decision today that could man a lot of changes in the near future. >> before we get ahead of ourselves, let's take a peek outside and see what's going on right now in downtown san jose. christina has been talking about rain showers off and on today. we'll be checking in with her very shortly. it is tuesday, december the 16th and you are watching "today in
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the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and laura garcia-cannon. we start with our nbc bay area microclimate weather alert. meteorologist christina loren tracking another storm. >> kind of a tough drive for the commuters. san francisco some spotty cells working their way towards you. as we head out the day today, that will continue to be the sto sto story. let head over to mike inouye. >> highway 17, there's a tree reported down right around glenwood drive.
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it's across the southbound lanes, wire down. they think they may be power lines down, which is affecting the northbound lane as well. if you're coming over from the santa cruz site, traffic is turned around at sugar loaf. we'll look at the. >> thank you so much, mike. be sure to download our bay area app for your smartphone. >> it is 5:02 right now. we have breaking news out of pakistan this morning where at least 126 people have died, most of them children, more than 100 after a terrifying attack at a military school. >> let bring in is it.
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>> reporter: absolutely. it's a very horrific attack. we're talking about many school children. it's 6:00 p.m. there. the attack began in the a.m. more than 100 children killed, many of them grades 1 through 10. this a school run by the pakistani military for children of its members. these goonmen reportedly anywhere from five to ten entering the school in military-style uniforms to blend in. some. they entered cls by class -- they even set a teacher on fire, making them watch inside the
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classroom, very gruesome. there were reports of teachers barricading themselves and students inside rooms. others escaping by running out. now, you may remember 17-year-old malala, the girl who survived a brutal attack, she just issued a statement this morning saying she's heart broken by the cold blooded act of terror adding, i "i along with millions of others around the world warn the killing of these children, my brothers and sister, but we will never be defeated." this is the worst attack in the country in at least over a year, guys. >>. >> everybody is heart broken today. thank you, stephanie.
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>> a disturbing discovery under investigation. human remains discovered sunday off of the side of highway 9 near booker creek road. detectives are now recover it does not say anything the pum p p pum. >> santa clara county supervisors will take a closer look at a plan to outfit
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deputies with bod' cams will. earlier in -- >> happening today, san francisco making a bid to host the summer olympics. the u.s. olympic committee will hear proposals for from four states. >> reporter: in just a few hours from now, san francisco and three other u.s. cities will make their pitch for the 20-4 him pb. >> each city gets an hour starting at 8:00 to do their presentation. l.a. goes first. all now, baer is expected to
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sell san francisco's beautiful skyline which includes the golden gate bridge, alcatraz and coy tower. the proposal calls for the main venue opening and there's talk of a new raider stadium in oakland. you might recall s.f. pulled out of the bid after the raiders planned to build a new stadium.
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now, it would still be several weeks before it will announce its choice city. the international committee. >> the l.a. times reports some of the proposed venues in l.a. include the walt disney concert hall for martial arts and nokia theater, which hosts the primetime emmy awards. it could become the site of the fencing event. there was also talk about using the hollywood bowl. >> you can see there.
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>> and in the summertime, hey, a little bit of rain is not such a bad thing. we have a good looking day shaping up. you will be able to get outdoors and take care of business that you may have been kept indoors from because of heavy rainfall. we have steady rainfall along the east shore. your season make sure you're ready for that and give yourselves extra time. and extra caution taking those little ones to school today. tonight is the first night of hanukkah. we will have that forecast coming up as we know traditions are important to you and your family and the weather impacts everybody. as we head through the day today, this is what you can count on, breezy conditions,
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breezy conditions trending rain and time throughout this evening. mostly clear by 11 p.m. but we have another storm system on the way for tomorrow so don't put that umbrella away yet. >> you'll probably have at least until about 2:00 down here in the south bay. as you can see here, once that stuff comes in, it's going to be draped across the. >> heavy rainfall in the south by 7:00 p.m. and another system
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barrels more rain, you can count on that. here's mike inouye. >> we'll start with a look it the by. >> we're looking at wet roadways through the city as well and some flooding reported at east 87th street, same thing as we saw the last few weeks. north bay may see fog creeping in. the rest of the bay moving very smoothly around the greater bay area. as we move farther south, oaks are there's the peninsula also
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dealing with the leftovers from the slick road. back to you. >> bad santa. the annual holiday event that's making it tougher for police to track down a weekend bank robber. >> and new ways to watch tv. we'll tell up in just a minute.
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san francisco police looking for one bad santa. a man dressed up as santa claus robbed a bank. he handed the teller a note and walked out with cash. the robbery occurred the same time as santa con. it's a benefit for toys fors to the. >> that could be quite confusing out there. the outgoing mayor chuck reed wi
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will. >> tech news now. did apple intentionally lock other companies out of the ipod and its massive pots of revenue? >> we're being completely cliche-free here. the jury is literally deciding this. they'll have to decide l apple must include a balance. so this is the basic question before the jury. were changes intended to make your ipod experience better and as a side effect locked out competitors or was the real purpose to block out those competitors? >> well, the markets are on a
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losing streak. let's turn to landon doughty, see if she can do anything. good morning, landon. >> i don't know if i can doing in for you open. >> the continued slide in po. >> the fed begin as two-day meeting and the central bank is expected to drop its pledge to keep interest rates throw for a long time. scott, back to you. >> all right, landon. thank you much. did you have know you can watch our newscast streaming live on?
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apparently so not on demand. we have hulu for that. it's kind of strange in that we're a broadcaster. secondly, it's only tv show, not spots. that's is a totally differency lens at least for now, live television as it airs on nbc, you'll also be able to watch on your tv. >> if you've ever tried to stream an nfl game, it's.
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free us, free rain -- you're laughing, that was a corny subject. >> a little cheesy, sam. we'll let it go. you're right on, sam brock. we need this rain. it something that is going to make for there coming in right in the heart of why are morning drive. you want can can can make sure that you are ready. we had three really barren years. it was really rough for us to see our hillside turning brown and it luscious to see them
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turning green again. like i said before, spotty light spol spoly. sunset, 4:52 for the first night of hanukkah. santa has to get here and possibly through some thick fog. as to be expected. rudolph knows what to do. by friday night, people are starting to get ready to travel. if your travels take you over 17, we have a big travel alert. >> i want to show you san jose because that affects all theets folks northbound 101 and we'll
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talk about santa cruz mountains in a second. there's a big crash, this is the effect of northbound 101. your south bay map, you see the slowing that should show up as well. we'll see the sensors turn the next couple of minutes. a little build. overnight flooding reported at junction. over here highway 17 a much bigger issue. both are closed at nor glen drive. but that. >> you turn back around at summit coming back up into the silicon valley. that's the safest, easiest alternate. only if you're a veteran and
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know that highway really well because of the conditions right now. we'll get you one quick look at oakland. we'll end with this shot of 880 north, no interruptions. >> mike, it is 5:21 right now. you may finally get the full picture of just how safe you are on a cruise ship. new federal revelations will require cruise ships to. >> good morning. if you've ever thought of taking a cruise, you may have important safety information before you book that next vacation. it comes after we first started asking questions about crime on cruise ships. previously only crimes that were investigated and clothesed by
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the fbi now overboard. the information will be available. many companies you can watch our full investigation at just search "investigations." >> yes, christmas is right around the corner. you've heard of all the great gifts you can get people. well, what are the worst gifts to buy people this year? we'll tell you right after the break.
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♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!!
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no? must be the honey!!! >> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> the countdown to 2015
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unofficially begins today. the giant 7 foot tall numbers that make up the 15 feet at the base of the ball in new york's times square arrives today. over the next few days the numbers will be mounted and final preparations will be made for the big countdown. by the way, that 15 for 2015. we're just 16 days away from the new year. >> right around the corner. >> you always put the wrong year for the first couple weeks. as we approach the end of 2014, the best and worst lists are coming out, including the worst car. >> according to a survey by carinsurance.year, the 2014 chevy spark is what they call the ugliest car of the year. about half the owners say they don't care, they bought the car to be different. chevy says they don't care
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either, they're very proud. >> whatever you do, be original approximately. >> and the worst holidays gifts, number four is books, followed by home decor, such as frames and candles, second on the list is flowers and plants and the number one worst gift is hard liquor. wine came in as number 7 on that list as well. >> i'm surprised at that list. maybe it's not a nice bottle of wine. it's a bottle of vinegar. >> it is the fight over the president's immigration reform heads to court. >> plus a controversial south bay bar shut down. what neighbors are saying this morning.
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>> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> a good tuesday morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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let's take a live look outside, beautiful look at san francisco this morning. sprinkles on and off overnight. yet another storm is now moving in. christina loren joins us with a microclimate weather alert. >> i want to make sure everyone's aware of this before they head out that front door at home. tracking these showers, they're coming in steadily. here's the deal, it's been raining overnight. and we have wind increasing at this hour as well, sustained speeds, getting gusts to 35 miles per hour. a pretty intense gust just rolled off of -- the rain continuing to come down. the traffic flow not so bad. it's still early in the commute. the south bay moving smoothly. highway 17 is what christina talked about the rain having traveled through. right around the same time weep
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have a tree down across 17, wires down as well, both directions, all traffic flow stopped. if you're traveling to los gattos down to the summit, you're turned around and sent back. we have about 100 vehicles, including some big rigs, they have to turn back and go the. you can also download our nbc bay area app on to your smartphone. >> taliban militants claimed responsibility for an attack on a school in the northwestern part of the country, killing at
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last 126 people, most of them children. and the standoff between the police and the gunmen not oaf yet. >> reporter: good morning apc news the and at least six gunmen entered the school in peshawar. there were reportedly around 500 people in the school at the time. people are trapped with possibly still children held at gun point. this is a military school here. some have said that the shooters
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went classroom to classroom, shooting children one by one. malala said, "i around with millions of others around the world mourn these children, my brothers and sisters, but we will never be defeated." this school is one by the pakistani military and. >> keep it tuned here. we'll have the latest for you.
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laura? >> thanks so much. just devastating there. >> -- the suit says the program serves as a magnet for more undocumented immigrants to enter the u.s. and those immigrants would then commit crimes burdening his law enforcement resources. the justice department argues the theory is speck la it have and length spaulding was missing for 17 days before her body was discovered. spaulding's family has filed a claim with the city for $2.9 million. the board of supervisors will decide on the case today.
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>> the battle o o to can. >> we don't have anything personally against the owner of the establishment. really it was all of the violence and everything that was emanating from the bar that i'm starting get the brm. >> would woe kbm definitely a saturated ground so do take it
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easy getting that trk shun that you want. we petaluma getting little bit are are. there is more heavy rainfall on the way to the north bay. for today, what you can count on, showers rolling on shore. keep that umbrella handy. make sure you also have that jacket ready to go with temperatures. your best chance to get outdoors will be between 9 and noon. the rain will come in steadily after it rp be universal we're
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talking heavy rain from and there is more rain on the way as we head through tomorrow and the next few days. i'll show what you to expect. plus we're taking a sneak peek at christmas as well. i want to can be kentucky. >> you see the chopper skid. both directions of highway 17 are closed now because of a tree down on the southbound side which took down wiresboth direction. pg&e is hope des natalie so it
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sfr sfrch. highway 101 is a much easier and safer route to take if you're unfamiliar. it going to be a while before that southbound side reopens. . >> san jose is relatively shorter. we that. >> around the bay you see.
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on the bay bridge we have the metering lights turning on in about five minutes. back to you. >> another slick commute today. thank you, mike. if you request a traffic trial, officers, deputies and krol mon money. >> back in june, they dropped their no-show rate. >> what's that say? >> that says that -- well, number one, they listened to what y'all had to say thnd they and it just tells me that they want to do tonight at 11:00, see
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which ones saw a drop in traffic court no-shows and what they're doing to address the problem. if you have a tip, you can call or just e-mail us at the the >> and yet another storm comes to the bay area. a live look outside in san jose. 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather after the break.
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a very good tuesday morning to you.
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tributes continue to pour in for the victims of the shooting in sydney, australia. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: good morning. as they continue to deal with not only the investigation and the aftermath, and the mourning there, a big crowd now gathered around the area where this happened yesterday. they are brings there how do we prevent something like that from happening here? in new york they bumped up security at certain sites in the city. lfrmt ankts far are, not sent by
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them, but inspired by their message, inspired pi those groups and then acting on their own. that's been the big concern here in the united states. ta talkand thos types of attacks, unfortunately, are likely to continue. >> it's so frightening to see the people running out as well. >> now, there was a disaster in slow motion. a hefr of hot pa the gas staegs plans to utilities.
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here our land is certainly saturat saturated. >> you took a look around mt. hamilton yesterday and you can actually see how green it is all sots take your pictures now, embrace it. we have more rain on the way pore frm.
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so p so that's what we didn't have last year at this point. we had no good looking rain chances. this morning we're getting that rain. you see on your way dar particular pour sprn -- level conditions for the south bay at 59 degrees. keep your umbrella handy. you're going to need it with more rain on the way. the core of low pressure komts through tomorrow. we are also expecting some thunderstorms as we head through tomorrow afternoon. keep that in mind. by thursday, a bit of a dry break. won't last long.
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another big storm system starts moving on wednesday. doesn't done a little break will kick off the dry weather that extends into next year. can you believe it, it already here, my absolute favorite day of the year. kid like to get up early, i do believe, 60 degrees at 6:00 a.m. with cloud cover lingering over the south bay on christmas day. i know a lot of bay area kid are pretty excited about the. >> i do. i they will the kid he breaks into the house. they really prrn sp so far an
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easy drive. wet roadways through san francisco. the dumbarton bridge is an easy drive right now and a gentle build out of livermore and in toward dub . the big drama is heading south. and this is a big issue right now, highway 17 closed in both directions at glenwood drive, a tree down across the lanes hi 1 is your alternate now. there were 100 vehicles there,
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including big rigs andle sfrchlt thank you, mike. berkeley's city council will hold a special meeting tonight looking into how officers respond to protest. the council is talking about ban heavy criticism after officers responded to crowdy protesters by using baton's and tear gas protesters continue it kobs
5:50 am
michael brown in san francisco, pat n and just let your voice be heard. don't back down. don't be scared. you have rights. >> it's a vicious cycle of brutality and it need to stop. >> students are planning a solidarity march for next month. meanwhile, oscar grant's uncle said he thinks protests reasonable doubt some of the
5:51 am
proposals include adding more bike lanes, allowing riders to ride on sidewalk and restricting truck traffic on skol routes. >>the city by the bay hoping to get a shot at the 20/20.
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brchlt. >> reporter: good morning to you. san francisco is one of four u.s. cities presenting their 2024 bid to the u.s. olympic committee in just a few hours from now. each city will tand then boston. all leaders are expected to attend. giant ceo larry baer expect s sposp sppt san francisco's beautiful skyline includes the golden gate and the tower. the proposals calls for a main venue for opening and closing ceremonies to be on the field in brisbane. hunter's point would host the olympic village and there's talk
5:53 am
sfrch sfrchlt, in part because of the billions of dollars to put on this competition. as we saw in russia, in sochi, it was very expensive. if they do decide to go forward, it would take several weeks before they presented their united states stits to the ioc. the ioc expected to decide on the host city in september of 2017. >> a lot of steps still need to be achieved. thank you very much.
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>> they're going to document the nks 100 years of robots and artificial intelligence. now, when you think about it -- and they have -- there's likely nothing in the next century ahead that will change our lives more than robots and artificial intelligence, sart. >> the western central bank monday turned the knob on interest rate, all the way up to 17%. the ruble has collapse witness.
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>> talking from essentially 0% to a fraction of an increase. russia's choices are grim. they do nothing and then there as just no money moving during a recession. so you have buy nothing or. >> low toll price you were saying we have another round sweeping through. we might not see a break until later in the week. >> we have rain on the way. i'd much rather be tracking showers than tracking that
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drought. we're still getting heavy downpours. bill loy will gl on mostly in the 50s. you got to get to work and that could be tough. here's mike to help up out. >> i'm showing you highway 17 at glennwood drive where we have the full closure. southbound 17 closed at the summit, folks are having o come pook be a. . >> lottery officials are offering up a different kind of jackpot.
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there we go. people in california, it relates to the french laundry. >> it certainly does. the lottery's newest contest awards a lucky couple a dinner. if you want to win 18 courses and paired wine, you'll have to buy an emerald 10 scratcher. you take a picture of yourself with the ticket and you write a caption about who you'd share the dinner with and why. the most creative caption wins. >> "fine." >> lot it can. >> another storm moving in to the bay area. we'll have an in-depth look at your forecast coming up.
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