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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 16, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the focus now is the rain triggering mud slides. we have a team of reporters this evening. mark matthews is tracking those mud slides, ninette reports from the south bay. we begin right here in the studio. jeff, where is the bulk of the rain right now. >> right now at the immediate coastline, the peninsula, san francisco getting nailed over the past 30 minutes with some very heavy rain fall, even a few hail reports. rain fall rates approaching one inch per hour and with all of the rain over the past two weeks, flooding concerns will be up there if you don't have to be on the roadways, go ahead and stay inside tonight. you can see with this particular area right across san francisco, three quarters of an inch per hour. that will be good enough in downtown, to send water into the muni stations and bart may have trouble taking on this water. 280, highway 101, this is the number one worst concern right now -- not a good idea to be out here on these roadways with this heavy rain fall across redwood
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city and palo alto and belmont as well. now for the south bay, we've had heavier rain fall. head a lull in the activity, but all of this activity right now across per toe la valley, that will continue to track right through downtown san jose as we head through 628, alum rock by 6:24. 35 minutes, it will ramp up yet again for you. now we take you to the east bay and you can see berkeley getting hit with heavy area rain fall. this will push through. lafayette as we head through the next 15 minutes or so. lot of water on the roadways there. and while it is not heavy rain in the north bay, wide-spread moderate rainfall will keep our flood threat through at least 8:00 p.m. flood advisory is now through the north bay and portions of the east bay. we'll have full details in 15 minutes. thanks, jeff. the commute is a bit messy tonight because of all this rain, live look at san jose on the left hand side, dublin on the right.
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the roads are slick, could be a long night if you're waiting for someone to come home. all this rain has made some structures even more unstable, like this san jose safeway where the roof collapsed from last week's drenching. nbc bay area is there live. two gapping holes still aren't fixed. >> reporter: that's right. the roof has not been patched up or replaced, so rain is falling inside the store, probably making a big mess and quite frankly there are a lot of places in the bay area that have not recovered from last week's storm, even new problems from that have shown up. it's here again. rain fall totals are shaping up to be the rainiest december for san jose in decades. but wait, people still haven't moved on from thursday's storm. >> probably too much rain. >> reporter: you don't need further proof that some bay area residents have still feeling the effects of that downpour than what happened in santa clara today. even before a drop fell, a
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drought distressed tree, weakened by last week's rain fell over knocking over a light poll and partially damaging the roof of a four-plex that louis sanchez lives in. >> all of a sudden it starts shaking like an earthquake. and i came out to the main door and check out what was going on and i just saw that the tree was falling down. >> reporter: a tree fell down on highway 17 today, too, disruchting the early morning commute for nearly two hours and downed some power lines. >> there you go. >> reporter: no one was more anxious for that road to open than scar bro's ace hardware. a delivery truck with more stock was delayed by that road closure, so the store still had near empty shelves today from a run last week on storm-related goods. >> we prepped very early, brought in a lot of extra merchandise, flashlights, batteries, tarps, generators, tuesday and wednesday of last week we just had a huge run on all that stuff, basically by wednesday night i told through
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everything. >> reporter: so it looks like weak trees as well as storm drains will be put to the test tonight with this latest storm. live in san jose. in the north bay, a state of emergency declared late this afternoon. this move, if approved taps into federal and state funds to repair a levy in nevada which was damaged in last week's storm. but there's more trouble tonight. nbc bay area's mark matthews joins us. good evening, mark. >> reporter: good evening. it is cold and miserable out here. the winds gusting, but the worst we saw today was on tennessee valley road. a hillside gave way, shutting down tennessee valley road completely. oak trees were uprooted as the mud slid down. county crews that were working stopped because they did not want to be on cam rarks but one of them said there was real concern that more of the hill would slip as the rain moved in
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this afternoon. a small slide behind a house here sent mud into a swimming pool and then into the house. building officials showed up to talk with the homeowner then described the damage. >> luckily there's a swimming pool that caught the majority of the slide. a little bit went beyond the swimming pool, broke one window. >> reporter: there's concern about the closing of highway 1 a portion of the road slipped away a week ago, forcing the closure, which has had an impact on local businesses. >> several overnight guests have cancelled their room reservations. and the lunch and dinner business has definitely slowed down. >> reporter: but the pelican inn's inkeeper is more concerned about the town. she told us to look at the alternate road, it washed out in an earlier storm and is in one spot down to just a single lane. >> this is our only way really in and out because without this we would have to go all the way
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to stinson beach and there's really no guarantee if this collapses the highway 1 wouldn't collapse. >> reporter: and that is a concern for the people in merebeach. they are down to one lane in and out. the rain keeps falling. reporting, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, mark. you see that vantage point from where mark is, the rain does continue to fall. a great resource through all this, down load our nbc bay area app for your phone. when you get there, just click on your icon to take you to the weather page. there you'll see the latest forecast, our live radar and weather alerts. turning up the heat. a community group pushing to have a san jose police officer fired for making threatening tweets is applying more pressure tonight. the group plans to march to the police department and the district attorney's office to protest what it calls special treatment for officers accused of using excessive force. we are live in san jose with the details.
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robert? >> reporter: well, the group says the protests march on thursday will not only highlight local cases but will also bring the south bay into the national dialogue on the police issue. the police watchdog group silicon valley bug said this online petition has generated 13,000 signatures and will be presented to the police chief during a protest march on the department thursday. as we reported, officer phillip white is accused of tweeting in response to ferguson and new york protests. one mocking tweet read -- by the way, if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives matter, i'll be at the movies tonight. off duty, carrying my gun. >> the time for us now is to assert the san jose community into the national dialogue and national call to action for justice and change. >> reporter: the police chief says leriche out to the community and that the department is upset about the tweeting incident. >> on its face, it's disturbing, it's not what we stand for and i want the public to know and
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understand that we are being very proactive and aggressive in looking at this case. >> reporter: again the group also plans to march on the district attorney's office. they want to seek charges in a february incident involving a san jose state officer. live in san jose, robert honda, nbc bay area news. >> robert, thank you. we have exclusive details tonight regarding san francisco's bid to host the 2024 olympics. two sources close to the process tell us san francisco and washington, d.c. have the strongest bids thus far and washington has the slight edge. today, four u.s. cities made their pitch to the u.s. olympic committee. it all happened in redwood city and that's where we join scott who is there throughout the afternoon. scott? >> reporter: well, good evening. there are billions of dollars on the line. the u.s. host will only tell us they have four solid bids. but as you mentioned, it appears that sources tell us san francisco and d.c. may be the front-runners. what these guys tell us is that it's time the games came back to
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the united states. take at&t park, add levi stadium, san jose arena, even world class swimming venues and you have some idea of what the bay area has to offer when it comes to its bid for the 2024 olympic games. >> we think it's our time to move time with a bid. >> reporter: san francisco is bidding against l.a., boston and washington, d.c. for the 2024 summer games. the u.s. olympic committee meeting in redwood city won't tell us which city is the front-runner so far, but did say what it's looking for. >> it's the local community support, obviously the venue plan is important, and we want to pick the city that we believe has the best possible chance to prevail in an international competition. >> reporter: they do say having at least some existing venues makes a difference because if you have the arenas in place, it
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cuts down on costs, leaving more room for job growth as nearby city infrastructure is improved. >> roads, airports, bridges, mass transit systems, housing, sports venues, you name it. >> reporter: always to boost the global profile of the bay area as it makes its bid for the games. the u.s. oc said it will likely announce its decision on which u.s. city will represent us in the games in early 2015. it will then go against the other international citys trying to host the 2024 summer olympic games. we'll keep you posted. reporting live in redwood city, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> i hope we get. thanks, scott. still ahead, weighing in on water. what nasa is saying for the first time about what california needs to get out of the drought. the stunning figure. and good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff. we're tracking heavy rainfall right now across the peninsula
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from san francisco through palo alto. this rainfall headed right towards you in free mont as we head throughout the next five to ten minutes. watch out for that rain. we'll track more of this storm and how long it lingers in just a few minutes. whand the protesters are saying black lives matter. a local police chief is taking part and he's generating national attention. that story next. sweetie, i'd love a hazelnut.
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new at 6:00 p.m., it's the photo that's turning heads. richmond police chief holding up a sign that states black lives matter. we are live in berkeley where yet another demonstration is taking place tonight. emotions still running high weeks after the grand jury decisions in ferguson and new york city. >> reporter: that's right. demonstrators have gathered here in berkeley tonight to express their feelings. they are inside this school in long fellow middle school where
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a special city council is taking place. demonstrators are disappointed how they have handled these demonstrations. it's the police chief who is coming under fire for standing with the demonstrators. as police and protesters face off on what seems like a nightly basis, this image is causing a stir. richmond police chief chris magnus holding a sign and standing side by side with peaceful demonstrators in richmond last week. >> he violated government code section 3206. it's an inherently political act. he did that in uniform, which is prohibited by law. >> reporter: an attorney for the richmond police officers association says union members are disappointed by the chief's actions. she believes he violated the law and should be disciplined. >> he should be held accountable
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by the city. >> the chief advised me ahead of time that he was going to attend. >> reporter: but city manager bill lindsey says the city disagrees. lindsey says he applauds the chief's actions. >> i don't think that the phrase black lives matter is a political statement. i consider it a self evident truth. i think he was a police officer in uniform in the role of doing community policing. >> reporter: the chief didn't want to talk on camera today, but in a statement said -- this was not about supporting a candidate, an election issue or taking a position on any national level case involving the police. instead, he says -- he simply wanted to, quote, reach out and commit to members of the black community that our department believes in treating them with fairness, justice and respect. and we are back here live again at long fellow middle school in berkeley. this is where a special city council meeting is taking place tonight. demonstrators have gathered
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inside. but again in nearby richmond, the richmond police chief is actually drawing praise from some of the demonstrators. reporting live in berkeley, i'm jodi hernandez. >> a central part of this movement has been the issue of body cameras. the santa clara sheriff's department could be jumping on board. they voted to look in the possibility of equipping body cams to all of the sheriff deputies. supervisor made the request and says after the ferguson shooting, body cameras make sense. >> if we can reduce the excessive use of force and protect our officers against unjustified claims and restore some trust in law enforcement and community institutions generally, i think that's got to be a good thing. >> he says the video recorder could save county taxpayers a lot of money by eliminating unwarranted lawsuits. sheriff lori smith asked supervisors for those cameras several months ago but they were not approved.
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body cameras were approved today in los angeles. l.a.'s mayor said the city would spend -- would purchase 7,000 body cameras in order to increase police transparency. santa clara authorities have a mysterious death on their hands. someone found human remains off the side of highway 9 near booker creek road in the hills above saratoga this past sunday. sources tell bay area news the body appeared to be in a shallow grave. the body may have been there for about a year. they don't know yet if it's a female or male or the age of that person. authorities are in the process of recovering the remains. nasa scientists say california needs about 11 trillion gallons of water to recover from our drought. 11 trillion gallons, that's about a third of lake tahoe. scientists use images like this from special climate satellites to develop the first-ever calculation of the volume of water we need to end this drought. they looked specifically at how much water levels in the sacramento and san wa queen
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river basins have decreased. it indicates the snow pack in the see yar ya nevada is only half of previous estimates. back to our micro climate weather alert. we are tracking a new storm that just arrived this afternoon. look at 101 and palo alto, jammed up in both directions. it's another wet and slow commute. >> yeah. the picture says it all. jeff continues to track the rain that's hitting us hard yet again, jeff. >> and it's not just, you know, wet roadways we're dealing with, it's the flood concern after five to 15 inches of rainfall in ten days, the mud slides that are happening. also more downed trees that could occur. if you don't have to be on the roadways tonight, best advice would be to stay home, stay out of the traffic because there's going to be a lot of spinouts if you do decide to head out on those roads. this rainfall is coming down very heavy and also it's wide sfred here from south san francisco to san mateo, back into palo alto. rainfall rates of 1 to 1.25 inches an hour. that's good enough to bring
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flooding concern. i heard on twitter that some folks in san carlos are having problems with their gutters actually holding up with all of this water. you know, when you don't have the gutters operating properly, it hits towards your house and could produce flooding. watch this very carefully akrouns the peninsula, likely heavy rain the next two hours. in san jose, it's a moderate rain but the heavy rain will continue to track through downtown as we head through the next 15 to 25 minutes. then we'll take you here off towards the tri-valley. you have heavy area rain fall hitting hayward and freemont. east pleasantton by 6:31. very, very heavy rainfall in the oakland hills right now near clairmont, also piedmont now moving out. this is on a track to move into miraga as we head to 6:24. tracking the worst of it right now. as we continue throughout this evening, we have a flood advisory. instead of just for the north bay with the heavier rainfall,
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flood advisory for most of the bay area through 8:00 p.m. tonight. watch out for the slick roads. let's get you into the forecast. you can see most areas dealing with temperatures in the 50s. how about tomorrow? will it be as wet for us? i think this storm system will move to move out. yes, we still have rain in the forecast, but it's going to be more of a scattered situation. you have rainfall in the north bay, maybe some in the south bay at times then at other times you're dealing with drying condition. temperatures will stay cold in the 50s. after tomorrow, we're not done yet. wednesday's storm will be really on the weaker side. then we'll have our fourth storm of the week which could bring us another quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain by friday's forecast and the concerns again will be spinouts, downed trees and flooding. best news is the fact that from this saturday right through christmas, will likely have a drier weather trend for us and give us some time for the ground to see how that water run away at least at this point. >> that is a great forecast for santa as well. >> yeah. >> thank you, jeff. coming up here at 6:00 p.m.,
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what's really behind the surge? we break down ubber's controversial pricing formula during peak commute times and emergencies. now carlos santana reveals his biggest influences and shares his latest project next.
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tonight, your personal information may have been breeched. the university says hackers infiltrated campus service and data bases back in september, but school officials say it took until the middle of november to figure out what information those servers stored and to track down addresses for those impacted. 1,600 current or former employees may have had their credit card numbers stolen or social security numbers. there's no evidence the hackers down loaded or used the information. new at 6:00 p.m., not only a music legend baa true san francisco legend.
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67-year-old carlos santana continues to perform but behind the music is a compelling and inspiring personal story. here is nbc bay area's joe rizada jr. >> this book is dedicated to my dearest mother. >> reporter: any good story -- >> for her power, patience, tenacity. >> as a beginning and end. but along the way, you need a few twists and turns to strike a chord. >> it's about completing a certain chapter in my life. >> reporter: so after a life-time of gripping a guitar, musician carlos santana has now tried his hand at author. >> the main reason is for healing, you know. i think that everyone on this planet needs healing. >> reporter: his new book is called "universal tone." it's about his childhood to mexico and san francisco through his long run as a musical guru. >> i have completed this whole bushel of stories. >> reporter: among the stories are taling of the many powerful influences who shaped his sound but perhaps the most important was his father, jose santana.
6:25 pm
>> played violin. in the beginning he started playing more like chamber music then he became a full time mar ya chi with the full attire and everything. >> reporter: when he was 15 years old, santana's family moved from mexico to san francisco where he attended mission high school. >> coming to san francisco was really incredible in the early '60s. on the radio, you could hear everything literally from willie nelson to monk. >> reporter: san francisco where santana grew up was filled with the music that he soaked up. >> there were so many jazz clubs around. each time you went to one, you would learn a particular subject. ♪ >> reporter: santana's long career took him from wood stock to pages of rock royalty -- his 199 album "supernatural" sold 30 million copies pulling in three grammy awards. >> that's why they call it a comeback singer. it's a comeback to radio but not to life. i always connect it with life.
6:26 pm
>> reporter: for now, santana's life as an author has taken him from stage to book signings and speaking engagements but music is never far away. >> people like to watch us sing songs from our heart because they get to dance. they get to recollect. she was a lover of truth and i feel her energy now more than ever. >> reporter: though he splits his time between marin and las vegas, his early days in san francisco will always be with him. >> thank you, mom. i love you eternally. your prayers worked. ♪ coming up, they targeted women and went for their throats. a violent crime spree comes to an end in san jose. and for spreading gossip to a sinister new turn the new threat from sony hackers invoking september 11th. plus, we're still following the storm hitting the bay area right now. and the growing mudslide concerns in this north bay community. we'll be right back.
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we are water logged and mother nature is not letting up. another line of storms moving in. a live look at the radar right now, still very active at this hour. >> take a look outside the evening commute. this is interstate 80 in emoryville, usually congested even in good weather. of course it's rainy now and you can see a near standstill in both directions. this rain spell is even more trouble in marin county. look at this. possible mud slides here.
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county leaders have already declared a state of emergency for last week's damage. but there's also trouble in the south bay. nbc bay area's nannette is in the south bay. let's begin with jeff tracking the trouble spots at this hour. >> yeah. that's really what i want to spend time on. give folks a heads-up on what's coming their way. all of the bay area is getting rainfall, but there's a few particular areas that are seeing heavier rainfall versus over. right now? south san francisco near the airport, you're seeing heavier rainfall moves off towards the east. that will give you continuous heavy rainfall for hayward back into freemont. for the south bay, you've had moderate, heavier pockets in san jose. then you're under a lull right now, just moderate rainfall, but all of this that's hitting the peninsula will continue right here to downtown san jose also ft. campbell as we head throughout 6:36 through willow glen by 6:42. more off to the north, really the most dangerous travel right now is here across 880 also 580
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and 680, you have hayward, union city also freemont with a heavy pocket of rainfall and back here through pleasantton. it will be nasty the next 30 to 45 minutes. the typical commute of an hour may take two hours with this wet weather. then also check it out here off to the north. right up to walnut creek the heavy area rainfall continues at that hour. now, as we get an overall look, what we are tracking over the next three days is two more storm systems. and that's where the problems come in. we've seen in about a week's time, three months worth of rainfall. there's nowhere for it to go. we want to continue our storm team coverage right now, nannette joins us in san jose. it's all in extremes. we're in a three-year drought and we get all this rainfall at once and big-time problems at that safeway. >> reporter: yeah. really bad timing. you know, people are still trying to move on from thursday's big storm. this safeway behind me on east capital expressway is a good
6:32 pm
example of that. this new storm is hitting just when the problems from thursday's downpour have not all been fixed yet. the partial roof collapse at this san jose safeway is still very apparent, forcing customers to shop elsewhere for five days now. >> probably too much rain. >> reporter: over in santa dlar ra, a drought-distressed tree weakened by last week's rain caused it to fall over today knocking over a light pole and damage the roof of a four-plex. luckily no one was hurt. louis sanchez barely escaped from inside his home. >> i tried to get out through the front door, but the tree was crack, crack, making noise. so i decided to go to the back door. >> reporter: in the santa cruz mountains, local stores haven't had a chance to restock from last week's storm when there was a run on storm-related goods. generators are completely sold out, only a couple of lanterns
6:33 pm
are left and flashlights are a hot commodity. this lady got one of the last tarps. >> i have wood heat and i -- the tarp shredded in the big storm, so all my wood is wet, so i'm trying to protect it. >> reporter: looking at rain totals so far, this is shaping up to be the rainiest december for san jose in decades. live in san jose, nannette miranda nbc bay area news. we'll head to the north bay. the rain is making a mess. there are mud slides and road closures. one slide went right across tennessee valley road and down into a creek. workers were evacuated from the stables located at the end of the road. in tib ron, a small slide behind this home sent mud into a pool and then into a house. the town's building officer describes the damage. >> luckily there's a swimming pool that caught the majority of the slide. a little bit went beyond the swimming pool, broke one window.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: over in merebeach, highway 1 is closed right now, a portion of the road slipped away a week ago forcing the closure which has had an impact on local businesses. >> one of our viewers send us this photo, the nice sunrise. this was before the storm. looks beautiful. we want to see your photos, your weather photos specifically. send them into ic at nbc bay ripping necklaces right off their necks, four robbery suspecteds are in jail tonight but san jose police need your help capturing both. the bold thefts have plagued the area. this man walks up to a woman and steal her necklace. the suspect takes off as people run to help her. he was captured and arrested. so were three others, all four are accused of snatching necklaces across south bay. investigators from many agencies used security videos from several businesses to track down these suspects. but authorities are still searching for more and additional victims.
6:35 pm
officials are trying to find the owner of this necklace which may have been stolen in east san jose last month. call the police if you can help with the investigation. now to a gruesome attack over seas. dozens of school children were killed in pakistan. several taliban gunman stormed the buildings today and shot children one by one. some surviving kids were forced to watch their teacher being set on fire. pakistani military forces did move in, but 132 children and 10 staffers were already dead. all of the taliban gunmen were also killed. officials say today's attack was revenge for pakistan's air strikes on taliban targets. another bush may have his sights set on the white house. former florida governor jeb bush announced on facebook and twitter today that he's exploring the possibility of running for president in 2016. jeb bush is the younger brother of former president george w bush and of course the son of
6:36 pm
former president george h.w. bush. his spokesperson said a final decision will come next year. fuel prices may be falling but air prices aren't. a federal investigation could investigate why. charles schumer is asking the justice and transportation departments for answers. oil prices have dropped 40% in the past 6 months. the airline trade industry says not only is fuel purchase months in advance but carriers can take advantage of lower fuel costs to pay down their own debt and reinvest in new aircraft, facilities and amenities. still ahead, a tech titan prevails. the defense strategy that helped apple win today in a local courtroom. also -- >> has uber misled its kusers when it comes to pricing during emergencies like massive storms? that's the claim. we're going to vet it coming up next in reality check. and what would you do for that ten-course tasting men zblu talk about striking it rich.
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a new way to win an evening at the famed french laundry restaurant.
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hackers who call themselves guardians of peace are making serious threats tonight against movie theaters to show the interview. a film by sony pictures. "the interview" is a comedy about television journalists who are involved in a cia plot to assassinate kim jong-un. the hackers have released thousands of data and e-mails from the inbox ceo michael linton. the threat is being investigated by the fbi. the film is due to hit theaters nationwide on christmas day. a major win for apple. a bay area jury sided with the company in a ten-year old
6:40 pm
federal case that ended in oakland today. the plaintiff's claim that ipods were designed to keep users from playing songs that weren't down loaded from the itunes store. but apple argued that was only for security reasons. the case could have cost apple $1 billion. the plaintiff's attorneys say they plan to appeal. this is something new. a couple of big twists on california's newest lottery game. the prize will not be cold hard cash but a warm welcome at wine country's most famous restaurant, the french laundry. dinner will be an 18-course tasting menu with paired wines and includes a two-night stay at a napa resort and spa. the winner will have to buy a special $10 emerald ten scratcher. take a photo with the ticket and write a caption. lottery officials will judge the winner. the game launches in january. >> wow. >> okay, we have 15 minutes left on the news. let's get some low toe tickets. >> oh my goodness. french laundry.
6:41 pm
i've never been. it's impossible to get reservatio reservations. >> me either. i don't think it's on my list. i'm like whatever. i'll just cook for dinner. >> 18-courses, jeff? that would be a lot. live look at our san francisco camera and it continues to be stormy tonight. we're tracking some heavy rain fall. we'll let you know where the worst is and two more systems on the way. also a silicon valley marketing scheme pays off big for a tiny client.
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get you back to our microclimate weather alert. a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. you see a lot of traffic out there. it's a slick commute for everyone. if you don't have to be on the roads tonight, stay home. jeff will join us in just a few minutes with a look at where the storm is and the two other
6:44 pm
storms that are still on the way. apple is reacting to an economic crisis in russia. the tech giant has stopped selling its products online in russia as the country's ruble nose dives. apple says it will remain off/line there as it goes through the process of evaluating its product there. overnight, russia's interest rates rose by more than 7% in an attempt to prop up its currency. the 16-hour hostage situation in sydney, australia, rattled a lot of nerves. but the crisis cast a negative light on uber. some riders were charged extra to escape that area. >> and tonight's reality check, sam brock looks to see if youtu uber broke its own promise. >> reporter: it was the most recent and extreme example of an emergency. storm-a geden striked outrage
6:45 pm
among uber riders particularly on twitter. did the company take advantage of its riders? we take a closer look. it was by nearly all can'ts an unusual bay area weather event. vehicles stranded with drivers climbing out of car windows. residents displaced from their homes. an emergency? the ride sharing company uber didn't think so allowing prices to jump up to four times the normal rate. uber says the higher prices attract cars during times of need. in line with the company's business model. but transportation industry backed group who is driving you slammed uber for allegedly breaking its promise to shut down surge pricing during local emergencies, so who is telling the truth? here is the reality. following uproar over uber's surge pricing during hurricane sandy, the company announced a new national policy shown right here on its blog that outlines how quote, the algorithms will
6:46 pm
be capped during relative states of emergency except the rates weren't capped during the bay area storm. dozens of school districts closed the schools the day before. major roadways shut down and many companies cancelled work. the office of emergency services tells us is indicative of emergency preparedness. why didn't uber consider the event an emergency? that's the question we specifically asked the company and received the following response -- quote, the uber app was created to give riders a safe, reliable option to move around town and dynamic pricing makes it possible for uber to meet that standard for reliability. even during times of high demand, like inclement weather. so while everyone treated the storm as an emergency situation because the state of california didn't officially declare it as such, it failed to meet uber's standard. >> now, uber did strike a deal with new york about what constitutes an emergency, and that includes stressful weather.
6:47 pm
but that definition only applies to new york. for now, san francisco and los angeles would like to strike a similar deal in court also with more protections for consumers. i'm sam brock and that's this edition of reality check. back to you. >> very good information. thaumg, sam. let's turn things over to jeff, our chief meteorology itself. we've seen a lot of shots of not only rain but traffic around the area. >> very heavy rainfall. also isolated flooding concerns continue tonight. few areas of road flooding will continue throughout the next two hours or so. we have clearing out here eventually. it's three to four hours away at least until we get done with the heavy wide-spread consistent rain fall. we'll take you to the top three areas we're tracking. the number one location has been the spot getting the heaviest rainfall just piling in from the pacific ocean. that's been in half-moon bay where the heavy rain continues. that next band of heavy rain fall will continue right here through redwood city as we head through about the next 15 minutes or so through east palo
6:48 pm
alto by 7:03. as we move off towards the south, san jose is right now getting some heavy rainfall in downtown, also for coopertino and willow glen and back here towards east san jose as well. it will stay about this heavy for the next 30 minutes then you'll likely see some moderate rain move in. also aheavy zone of rain likely where you should be indoors, not out on the the roadways is from hayward to union city and then also here from san ramon to pleasantton and back towards livermore seeing a round of rainfall half inch per hour. we'll take you to the third area of concern and that's going to be our flood advisory, issued through at least 8:00 p.m. tonight, not just for the north bay but the east bay peninsula and the south bay as well not only isolated flooding on the roadways. we've seen this heavy rainfall for over a week. let's get you into the future forecast. for tonight, the storm system will move to the east.
6:49 pm
by 11:30, the radar will look better than it does now. we won't be totally dry. it will be more spotty in nature up to the north bay. by tomorrow morning, another storm moves in, but not nearly as strong as what we had for today. scattered areas of rainfall for that commute. but that's going to be good enough to slow things down on your wednesday, so watch out again for slick roads, prepare for some extra time in your travel. make sure to have the umbrella and also your jacket with you. as we head throughout the day, we'll see areas of rainfall continue. likely a heavier zone by 6:30 in the evening and after that we'll get clearing in here for thursday's forecast. i think from 7:00 a.m. on thursday right through 7:00 p.m. on thursday we will have a dry day with us. then we have our fourth storm of the week arriving as we head throughout friday, possibly heavy area rainfall throughout the evening hours. let's take you into our forecast as we head throughout the wednesday, not only the rain but also the chance here of some much colder temperatures. 57 expected in san jose.
6:50 pm
56, morgan hill 58. peninsu peninsula, upper 50s. not a whole lot of difference in temperatures when you have system after system push right across the bay area. there's no chance for a micro climates to get set up with wide variations in temperatures. no matter where you're going tomorrow, expect the same temperature. napa at 57 and mid to upper 50s throughout the tri-valley. we'll get you into the next five days and you can see once again through tomorrow, scattered rain, thursday is the dry day. another storm by friday, but then dry weather for saturday and sunday, likely a dry trend all the way through christmas so great news for those travel plans. as we wind things up tonight, a san jose record for december is in jeopardy right now. 120-year old record for december will likely be, 6.86 rain fall in december, 746% of normal right now and we are looking
6:51 pm
maybe beating a record that was set way back in the 1800s, 1894 to be specific. if we pick up another half inch of rain, guys, could be the most rain in december ever on record. >> amazing to see those numbers. >> nice. >> thank you, yef. the marquee game of the season thus far is unfolding on national tv as we speak. the warriors and grizzlies the two top teams in the nba. we'll have that next.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
in the south bay, a high concept marketing campaign has
6:54 pm
paid off big for eddy the terrible. the naughty chihuahua has a home tonight because of a clever marketing scheme that went viral. the silicon valley humane society advertised eddy's less desirable qualities among his drawbacks, on walks he turns into kujo when he sees other dogs and he is iffy with kids but loves a nice, soft bed, your nice soft bed. not only did the campaign get national attention, it got eddy a new home. very creative. let's bring in our come kca sportsnet news room. we want to see the end of this game? >> it's about -- i used to word there, raj. it's a good 5 1/2 hour flight. >> probably won't make it. >> let's do it. >> let's talk sports. the warriors may need to start thinking of a plan b andrew bogut revealed today his knee problem is more severe than
6:55 pm
previously thought. he could not miss four to six weeks with basically runner's knee which sometimes can lead to surgery to alleviate the symptoms. dubs put in the league's most market 22-1 on the line. harrison barnes playing with a broken nose and showing big heart, buries the corner triple. he scored nine in the first. second quarter, vince carter fighting off the grizzly's bench, third triple of game, part of a 20-0 memphis run as they go up 10. klay thompson dropping in the thee ball, cutting the deficit to 52-49. warriors trail. 49ers chris boarland most likely done for the season due to the sprained ankle he suffered on sunday against the seahawks. borland replaced patrick willis and has earned buzz as a defensive rookie of the year candidate over a three-week stretch he recorded a phenomenal
6:56 pm
58 tackles, another loss in the season of defensive setbacks. >> it's challenging, but, you know, you have to deal with the circumstances you're dealt with when ever they're dealt to you. you can't let it get you down. you just have to keep your focus, keep the blinders on and do the best can do and great ones can adjust and we'll try to adjust. >> the sharks continue to skate on their best run of the season, winning 7 of the last 8 games and it showed in the standings as they moved into a second-place tie in the pacific. unlike recent previous seasons, they dug themselves a hole and now they're clawing out. >> we don't have a good start but we have a good finish. previous years we did it the other way around. for the last eight years we've cruised into the playoffs. maybe this year we fight our way in and that gives us a better chance. giants fan favorite michael morris now a member of the miami
6:57 pm
marlins. he reportedly agreed to a two-year contract this morning. morris the horse crushed a key post-season homer and was a beast for the g-men at the beginning of this past season, hitting .278 with 13 homers and 42 runs batted in early on. by the way, the dodgers cut ties with reliever brian wilson designated him for assignment today though they're still on the hook for the 9.5 million he's owed for the 2015 season. so maybe the giants they really called it right, not bringing him back after he rehabbed from tommy john's surgery, dodgers got a great season out of him and then not a very good season last year and obviously they have lost faith in his ability to come in and hold teams down now. >> time to shave that beard. >> time to shave that beard. okay. before we go a quick look at our weather -- our wetter. >> it is wet. some heavier pockets of rain across the peninsula. we'll track more of it coming up
6:58 pm
at 11:00 p.m. >> stay safe out there. ♪
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bradley cooper's bradley cooper's date night after his "american sniper" premiere. bradley and >> bradley and sooki partying after the premiere that could win him an oscar. why cooper and a.j. both like to hang upside down. >> i have one in my house. >> mel b.'s husband's history of violence as he denies beating the beloved tv judge. what mail online just uncovered.


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