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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 17, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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assaulted on monday by ray mcdonald at his home. last night police served a search warrant at the mcdonald home. no word on whether anything was found, but so far no one has been arrested or charged in the case. >> this organization has a strong belief in due process and has and has demonstrated that over time. ray's demonstrated a pattern of poor decision-making that has led to multiple distractions for this organization and this football team that really can no longer be tolerated. >> reporter: you may remember the d.a. declined to charge mcdonald after his fiancee accused him of domestic violence earlier this year. in that case team executives stood by mcdonald, refusing to keep him off the field, a much different tone than today. players said they were shocked by the allegations, but understand the team's decision today. >> this is a organization, it's a franchise. you want to have a high standard and we do around here.
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you have to be able to abide by that. >> reporter: san jose police say they are still gathering evidence related to the latest allegations. we spoke with ray mcdonald's mother via telephone today. she did not want to go on camera, but she told us that the allegations have no merit. we're live at levi's stadium, i'm dame thian trujillo. the epic decline for this franchise now. no playoffs, a lame duck head coach, off-the-field issues and a lukewarm demand for tickets at the new stadium. a lot of problems this season as it comes to a close. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live in san francisco with more. this is a mess on many levels. >> reporter: that's right, raj, and a lot of 49ers fans are scratching their heads. i'm here at zeke's sports bar where people have been watching the news about mcdonald all afternoon. many are questioning the team's timing on his firing, asking why
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now? >> miguel -- >> reporter: the buzz at kmbr radio is all about linebacker ray mcdonald. the police investigation into sexual assault allegations and the 49ers' decision to release him. >> with ray mcdonald, i think they did the right thing and i think they did the convenient thing. >> reporter: at zeke's sports bars, niners fans are fired up. many can't understand why the team has decided to cut the linebacker now and didn't do it months ago when mcdonald faced separate domestic violence allegations. >> i somehow think if we needed to win this weekend to get to the super bowl, i feel he would still be there. you know. but since we don't need to win this weekend, they can take the high moral ground and make a stand. >> reporter: and we are back here live at zeke's, where again people have been glued to the sports news today. many people say they are disappointed with the entire mcdonald situation, but then again, they also say they are
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hugely disappointed with the entire season. reporting live in san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. we have more details now on ray mcdonald. he was drafted by the niners in 2007 out of the university of florida. on august 31st of this year, he was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. he continued to play during the investigation, despite pressure on the 49ers to bench him. then on november 10th, the santa clara county district attorney's office announced it would not file any charges against mcdonald, citing insufficient evidence. and then today, new allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman. despite no arrests in this case, the 49ers have released him. our coverage continues on our website, there we've posted the general manager's entire news conference on ray mcdonald. just click on the top story box. our other headlines this evening, and you're probably seeing it outside, a microclimate weather alert. the third storm of the week is
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here, continuing to create dangerously slick roads across the region. on your right our live hd cameras. another slow evening commute. let's get right to our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. >> good evening, guys. the thing that's different about this storm from the other two this week is that it's moving a lot faster so that should mitigate some of our flooding concerns, but there's so much water on the ground, it's so saturated, that even this moderate to heavy rainfall is bringing up a lot of water on the roadways. you can see moderate rain in the north bay and a few heavier pockets we're tracking right now. you can see the worst really continues to be in a place that we need it the least and that is the peninsula where we have had quite a bit of flooding issues the past 7 to 10 palo alto, also sunnyvale seeing the heaviest rainfall. it will track through downtown san jose in the next four to five minutes, eventually down towards campbell as well. the other zone getting in on the
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heavy rainfall is hayward to fremont. that will track through the tri-valley through pleasanton, also livermore 5:15 to 5:21. now, we are expecting areas of rainfall to continue through tonight. we'll be tracking more on that, plus details on our fourth and final storm of the week as we head throughout thursday night and friday. that's about ten minutes away. >> thanks, jeff. a live look now at san rafael where the third storm of the week is hitting there right now. you can see the roads slick on 101. it comes at marin county is still trying to clean up the mess created by flooding and mudslides. mark matthews is live in marin city, a place where they're not only worried about the rain but about a very specific tide. mark? >> reporter: hey, janelle. there's that king tide coming. and it's expected to roll into the bay about 11:00 in the morning next monday. this is the spot where it will likely be the most trouble for travelers. we are just north of the sausalito boat houses, a spot
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where 101 comes very close to the bay and where 101 is the most likely to flood, especially if there is a lot of rain coupled with that high tide. up in novato, there is another area that bears watching. this levee in novato is giving way. a section melting away into novato creek. during the big rains last week, crews intentionally breached this levee to divert water from the creek and now both breaks need to be repaired, at a projected cost of a million dollars. >> in order to really build it right, you actually have to take part of it down and rebuild slowly. >> reporter: marin county's director of public works says it's got to be done right now because a king tide coupled with another big rain could be serious. >> it's a possibility that we could have a significant failure on the levee. >> reporter: so the county has proclaimed marin a disaster in order to try to tap into federal and state dollars to make
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repairs. just a little 23ufurther up the road in marin, the mcabee ranch is celebrating the rain. they grow olives. and for the first time in years, their irraigation ponds are nea full. >> it was almost possible to walk across the bottom of our ponds before thanksgiving. >> reporter: now there is a possibility of a bumper crop twice the size of last year's. and the dates for those king tides, december 21st through the 23rd. reporting from highway 101 in marin city, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> earlier today when it wasn't raining, people in the south bay and santa cruz mountains had a chance to assess and clean up the damage. fallen freeze and near misses are big concerns. crews are still trying to remove this large pine in santa clara that nearly crashed on a home on burbank drive. arborists say conditions are ripe for more damage. >> it's been nonstop for
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everybody. and the ground is so wet right now, if we get any kind of wind, it's going to be really bad. >> getting back to the fallen pine tree, you see the crews going to work, cutting it section by section. download our app for your smartphone. when you get there, click on our icon and it will take you to the weather page and you'll have our latest forecast from jeff ranieri and our team, live radar and weather alerts. in other news tonight, a five and a half decades old american embargo on cuba is finally thawing. president obama today announced a historic plan to re-establish diplomatic and economic ties with the communist country. >> we will ending an outdated approach that for decades has failed to advance our interests and instead we will begin to normalize relations between our two countries. >> the policy change comes after a secret deal the u.s. made with cuba. it involved a prisoner swap of
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an unnamed intelligence agent who was held for 20 years and three cuban spies who had been jailed for 15 years. american contractor, alan gross, was also allowed to go home today. he's been locked up in a cuban prison the last five years for espionage. gross says he supports the game-changing policy. >> two wrongs never make a right. i truly hope that we can now get beyond these mutually belligerent policies. >> the u.s. plans to eventually relax travel, banking and commerce restrictions, but some people are against the president's plan. >> it is a victory for the oppressive human government, but a serious setback for the repressed cuban people. >> senator rubio says he plans to use his power as incoming chair of a foreign relations subcommittee to stop these new policies. today's news is being closely watched here in the bay area, especially by many tech companies. scott budman is live in san jose with that part of the story.
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scott. >> reporter: well, here at the restaurant, havana cuba in san jose, like the rest of the bay area, people seem optimistic about a new relationship with cuba. many say they are looking forward to what the future brings. after decades of isolation, things are opening up between the united states and cuba. >> for tourism, travel to cuba will be much easier. >> reporter: it may also bring more business to silicon valley, as cuba prepares to deal with a very old, very slow computer system. >> i think cubans upgrading the telecommunications area, if we are allowed to sell to them, which we are currently not, it will significantly improve cuba's access to the interpret, which i think from a political perspective is a good thing. >> speaking of access, local cuban americans like vanessa gill say they're looking forward to an easier way to see their family members. >> i think it will be great.
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i'm going to get married soon. it would be great to some day take my fiance to cuba and make it a little easier than it is for me to be able to travel there and have her meet the rest of my family. >> reporter: travel and business, just two of the things expected to get a lot smoother between the u.s. and cuba. i've got to be honest, the question we've been asked the most is what about cuban cigars. from what we're hearing from washington at least right away, you'll be able to bring back up to $400 worth of merchandise from a trip to cuba and a percentage of that can be cigars and alcohol. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> scott, thank you. this just in, san francisco district attorney george gascon, who immigrated from cuba as a child released this statement to nbc bay area. we quote here. on the one hand i am pleased to see the president engaging in meaningful dialogue with cuba. our policy over the last few decades has clearly not worked and has kept the castro regime
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in power. on the other hand, i am conflicted because a free media and a more open democratic process do not appear to be part of the equation as of yet. coming up at 5:30 on "nightly news with brian williams" our coverage continues, including more reaction, some of it mixed from cuban americans. still ahead, a movie meltdown and a suspect. major developments in the sony pictures hacking case and why you won't be seeing the film at the heart of this hack. also -- i'm nannette miranda live in san francisco where police say an arsonist is on the loose. four cars were set on fire this morning and now investigators need help nabbing the suspects. and we've been telling you about the rain, but take a look at this. where snow is falling for the first time this winter.
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we are following a developing story right now. sony pictures makes a blockbuster announcement.
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it is pulling its comedy "the intervi interview" after the biggest movie theater chains in the country announced they will not show the film after a terrorist threat. the film starring james franco and seth rogen was set to come out christmas day. prior to its release a cyber attack against sony pictures and a violent threat against theaters who show it. the u.s. government believes that this time north korea is behind these attacks. we have new details this evening on the hunt for an arsonist who set four vehicles on fire in san francisco. it happened this morning. four fires within blocks of mission delores park. among the questions is a link to a similar set of car fires last month. nannette miranda is in san francisco with the latest. >> reporter: raj, eight vehicle fires now in less than a month. they could all be possibly connected, according to police investigators. now police say that they're
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stepping up patrols just in case this fire bug does something more serious. >> but they are being investigated as arson. >> reporter: residents got a rude awakening as four vehicles within blocks of each other were set on fire between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. >> it's very alarming. i was here this morning and was awakened at a quarter to 5:00. it was just frightening. >> reporter: this jeep suffered a lot of damage and it's definitely not usable. >> quite unnecessary. >> reporter: thewner now is stuck without a car to go to work and has to rethink his upcoming road trip. >> unless i can take muni, but i was going to tahoe in a few days. >> reporter: arson investigators are going door to door now to see if surveillance cameras caught the suspect or suspects. they're also investigating whether a vehicle fire on december 8 and three others on november 19 are connected to this latest string. police say they have been lucky
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so far that the eight suspicious fires haven't spread, but what about next time. >> that doesn't mean the fire can't travel and go to another vehicle, go to, you know, some trees in the area or another building. >> reporter: this area has also seen a rash of car break-ins and home burglaries so they're all forming a neighborhood watch group now because residents are so concerned about the increasing crime here. live in san francisco, nan nnet miranda. the city manager of san jose is resigning. he made the announcement to the city council today. in a statement he said the city council's desire for a change in its management approach is the reason for his departure. he will stay on until january 1st. the city council will hold a special session this friday to discuss filling the position. let's get back to our microclimate weather alert. rain here means this. more snow for the sierra.
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this is highway 50, a beautiful drive here just south of strawberry on the way to south lake tahoe. bring your skis, your snowboard and your chains. >> for more on the snow and the rain, let's check back in with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> we could see 3 to 6 inches across the sierra across the next 48 hours. snow levels approaching about 4,000 feet and you'll see on the doppler radar right now our third storm of the week is now beginning to move in here from the north bay down to the south bay. it's moving rather quickly so we think it will mitigate some of the flooding issues we had with yesterday's storm system and you'll also see we're tracking a few areas of moderate to heavier pockets. we'll take you down into that and you can see first off doing any traveling here across san mateo, the bay or the golden gate bridge, you have wet conditions tonight. a typical commute, may take another hour to hour and a half as those cars are trying to slow down. across the south bay, the heaviest rainfall now over downtown san jose. rainfall rates over 1 inch per hour, indicating to us it is
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coming down good and also very, very strong. as we put a track on this, we'll likely see some of this heavier rainfall move through evergreen as we head through the next five to ten minutes, so watch out. if you have any plans to leave, you may want to wait about two hours and things will begin to calm down. also a very wet commute again here from hayward down to union city, also fremont and back into the tri-valley. all of this activity across hayward is going to continue throughout pleasanton, also livermore over the next hour, so again 580, also 680 very slow travel in this evening. we'll take you to the futurecast. we think as we head throughout about 11:30 tonight we'll have a few areas of spotty rainfall left. the widespread consistent rainfall we're getting now is going to be moving out. then for tomorrow morning we're starting this drying trend. finally here we're getting a little bit of a break. may have a few spotty showers at 7:00 a.m. but no storm system
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expected right throughout 6:00 p.m., dry conditions. as we head throughout friday our next storm lines up. looks like the timing on this is speeding up, arriving about 2:00 in the morning when a lot of us are sleeping of course an continuing through about 1:00 in the afternoon. after 1:00 on friday, we should be setting ourselves up into a drying trend right into the upcoming weekend and also possibly into your christmas holiday. let's take you into your microclimate forecast as we head throughout thursday. expect sun breaks, temperatures warming up as well. getting out of the 50s and into low 60s. san jose expecting 61 degrees. also low 60s for morgan hill. for the peninsula, 60 in pacifica, 62 palo alto, san francisco, primarily upper 50s. north bay, east bay and tri-valley also widespread temperatures in the upper 50s to about 60. partly cloudy to partly sunny skies throughout the day. so here's how the trend looks as we head throughout the next couple of days. once again a dry day, storm-free on thursday. by friday rain returns.
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then for this weekend saturday and sunday it is dry. drier trend likely through the 26th again, including christmas. we have some refined numbers on our san jose record rains. so far this entire month, 7.23 inches of rainfall. all-time record is 9.26 so we are close to beating the all-time wettest december ever in history. we talked about the sierra snow. check out these totals. seven-day numbers, not mega snow but at least something up there at the ski resorts. kirkwood 34 inches. north star coming in with 14. we've got more coming up at 6:00 p.m. just ahead here at 5:00, a rude awakening for an elderly couple. we'll tell you why a man was shot by the homeowner. plus a silicon valley power player is teaming up with stanford to help people with allergies. then at 6:00, the fda lays out a new set of rules.
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♪ share your ideas, tell us on facebook. more high school students walked out today. this was in oakland. they walked out in defiance of district leaders who tried to head off these protests. the students are demonstrating against police brutality and several recent high-profile police killings. yesterday when school district identifies learned about plans for today's walkout, sf weekly reports they notified parents to instruct their children to remain at school and raise their voices in the classroom instead of the street. a bizarre crime in benicia where a homeowner shot and wounded a man who broke into his
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house. police have charged the 24-year-old intruder with trespassing, vandalism and public kpaintoxication. the 66-year-old homeowner said he was awakened by a man banging on the sliding glass door and repeatedly asked him to leave. the intruder smashed the door and walked inside. that's when the homeowner shot him in the hip with a handgun. police say the intruder told them he was very drunk and thought he was breaking into his own house. about one in three americans suffer from some type of allergy. now a well-known entrepreneur is teaming up with stanford and fighting back. shawn parker who co-230u7founde napster and was facebook's first president is donating $24 million over the next two years to stanford. the money will establish the shawn parker center for allergy research at the university. >> we have been very grateful about his interest in immunotherapy here at stanford to try to cure allergies. specifically we're looking at
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near fatal allergies. >> $24 million in the next two years. that's one of the largest private donations to energy research in the country. santana row in san jose is expanding. mayor chuck reed and other officials helped break ground on the project today that will see a 230,000 square foot office biddle. the six-story building will try to lure businesses into the popular area. right now santana row is currently home to 20 restaurants and more than 800 homes. we're back in a moment with the latest on tonight's storm that's moving through the area, stay with us.
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for most of us, getting groceries is a simple trip to the supermarket, but for the disadvantaged in san francisco, getting groceries for the holidays is lining up before dawn and waiting for hours in the cold. well, volunteers also up really early filling thousands of bags with food. this is the 36th year glide memorial has organized its grocery bag giveaway. >> here's another great way you can help. toy donations for the family giving tree felt short by as much as 40%. weather could be to blame. the nonprofit collects and distributes thousands of toys for underserved children. nbc bay area employees helped sort through some of the gifts this morning, but again the bins are nowhere near full. to donate, real easy, go to >> if you can help just a little bit, it goes a long way. we've got rain falling right now. >> heavy at times in a few locations. look at the doppler radar and you can see it's mainly in the east bay and portions of the south bay. we're tracking the storm tonight
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at 6:00. >> brian williams joins us next. we'll see you soon. >> see you at 6:00. good night, folks. on our broadcast tonight -- making history. the surprise announcement by the president, the u.s., and cuba agree to normalize relations after more than half a century, opening up the floodgates for travel and commerce. tonight, the prisoner swaps, the tearful reunion for an american held there for years, the fallout and the reaction from here to havana. breaking news -- the feds say they know who was behind the sony attack as the studio now cancels its christmas-day movie release after threats of violence. and nightmare flight -- a genuinely terrifying ride, the kind of turbulence that has rarely ever been recorded on video as passengers are heard praying for their lives. "nightly news" begins now.


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