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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 21, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PST

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cheap seats at levi stadium. die hard niners fans displaying their faith despite a down season. the unbelievable price fans paid to watch last night's game. will it be naughty or nice? anthony slaughter will have your christmas week forecast. you're watching today in the bay. time now is 7:00. we're giving you a live look at
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the lights in san jose. that's downtown there. good morning. thank you so much for being up early with us. let's get a check of your microclimate forecast. >> good morning. nice and foggy out there. we're starting to see sunshine in a few select places. i want to start you off with fog. you can see in san francisco we're fogged in this morning. a little more fog than we saw half an hour ago. it's very patchy this morning so not everybody is waking up to the fog. the good news is we have the radar fired up. you can see we don't have any rain in sight as far as if eye can see. we'll stay dry today. the clouds and fog will be with us for the first half of the day. by this afternoon we'll clear out and finally, yes, finally see some sunshine across the bay area. look at the temperatures. we're talking close to 70 in north bay. mid-60s for san francisco and the south bay peninsula. thing about it today we'll see a good mix of clouds throughout the morning hour. the sunshine will come out in full force.
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that will lead to a drying pattern as we head toward the next couple of days. the weather will be nice. the thing about it, the king tides return this week. we'll audiocassette about that in the next report. >> nice to dry out a bit. we begin with a developing story this morning on the ambush and shooting deaths of two new york police department officers. the veteran police officers were gunned down while sitting in their patrol car in brooklyn. they have been identified as wenjian liu and rafael ramos. new york city's police commissioner are call them heroes this morning. as is police tradition more than 100 officers stood and saluted as the fallen officers body were removed from the hospital where they died. police have identified the gunman as 28-year-old brinsley. he walked up to the officers and
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fired multiple shots hitting them in the head. he turned the gun on himself in a nearby subway station. investigators believe the attack was in retribution of the recent deaths of unarmed black men by police officers. investigators say he reportedly posted messages about killing police officers on instagram just before the shooting. >> it was an assassination. these officers were shot execution style. particularly, despicable act. >> before driving new york he shot his girlfriend yesterday morning in baltimore. she is expected to survive. in statement released last night the president said two brave men won't be going home to their loved ones tonight and for that there is no justification. the officers who serve and protect our communities risk their own safety for ours every single day and they deserve our
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respect and gratitude every single day. officers across the nation are mourning the loss of two of their own. san francisco police chief tweeted heartfelt condolences to families and friends of nypd officers. senselessly murdered today doing their job. god rest their souls. police are looking for any suspects after man was shot in the leg at a bart station. it happened about 10:30 last night on grant street. the 21-year-old victim and a couple of friends were waiting for cab when a car pulled up. words were exchanged before someone in the car fired shots at the victim. the car was a dark colored four-door sedan. the crash happened before 1:00 yesterday afternoon. a single engine plane flipped
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over when trying to take off. the pilot was not hurt. he was the only one on the plane. firefighters notified the federal aviation administration about the crash. shoppers had a long night on this busy last weekend before christmas. some stores stayed open. shoppers expected yesterday sales to hit $10 billion. that would bypass black friday sales. in san francisco shoppers said it was busy but worth it. >> feels very busy. it was shoulder to shoulder all the way over there and back. >> are you done shopping? >> no. tomorrow might be a repeat. >> i feel you. if you're out there today expect plenty of company. some stores are offering express lines and gift guides to help make your last minute shopping just a little bit easier. more details. super saturday now over but there's still to get your holiday shopping done. some stores are keeping their doors open until christmas eve like kohls.
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they won't be closing until the evening of the 24th. many macy's are closing at midnight. toys r us stores are staying open until 2:00 a.m. starting this thursday they will be open until 9:00 p.m. christmas eve for all of you prokrapr procrastinato procrastinators. nobody will catch collin kaepernick. >> taking it 90 yards down the field. something for niners fans to cheer about, but it didn't last long enough. the 49ers hoping to spoil the san diego chargers playoff hopes. they ended up losing 38-35 in overtime. a brutal end to yesterday's game. for some fans last night's game did have an upside. a loss season means a cheaper way to see the team. many of the fans didn't have to pay very much. ticketholders lost interest and been putting up their seats for
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sales at bargain prices. it was an opportunity for those who thought prices were too high to see a game affordably. in september the average niner ticket cost $117. an hour before kick off a seat went for as little as 44 bucks. >> some people probably gave up and didn't want to come to the game and got whatever money they were going to get. >> we went on online. we did pretty good on our tickets. >> tickets on stub hub for the next game going for as low as $60. that's still well below what fans were paying at the beginning of the season. there's good news for raider nation here in the bay area. the team staying at the coliseum, at least for one more season. the commissioner of the nfl announced no team will be moving to los angeles next season. they were all looking at
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possibly changing cities. the raiders lease at the coliseum expires at tend of this season. team officials will likely sign a one year lease to stay at the coliseum. much more ahead kpcoming up open to visitors. cuba's communist leader talks about opening up the country to more visitors. a mass purge on a network. instagram deletes millions of users. what it means for big stars.
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but with green giant's delicious seasonings and blends, we just may change their minds. ho ho ho green giant! your time now is 7:10. let's take you down to san jose where you're looking at christmas in the park. the skating rink ready for you this last weekend before christmas.
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cuban president is praising president obama for reestablishing diplomatic ties between the two countries but he is demanding the united states respect cuba's communist rule as they work toward normalizing diplomatic ties. he made the comment this weekend. the two countries announced the head of the half century cold war last week. it could help further develop a lucrative economy with more american visitors. >> we have felt very welcomed. people are very friendly. we do not feel controlled. >> americans when ever they go to someplace they leave money. >> critics say allowing more american tourists to visit will strengthen the communist economy. they are calling it the instagram purge. millions of accounts deleted.
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justin bieber lost 3.5 million followers in a day. it's cracking down on fake and spam accounts that inflate the true number of followers a person really has. the hardest hit were celebrities like beiber, kim kardashian and beyonce. many celebrities use their accounts as way to get paid for endorsements. th the crackdown could hurt those users wallets. north korea is denying it was responsible for the cyber attack on sony pictures. they proposed a joint investigation to find the real hackers. they said it would prove north korea had nothing to do with it. the white house remains firm that north korea is behind the attack. sony ceo says the company had no choice but to pull its new film the interview from a planned christmas day release. the satire about killing kim
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jung-un sparked threats of violence. >> we do not own movie theaters. we cannot determine whether or not a movie will be played in movie theaters. >> he maintains sony is working to find another avenue for the movie's release. the company has removed its social media promoting the film. still ahead, is san francisco ready? new details on the plans to make the bay area olympic worthy. we'll find out how much it's expected to cost. waking up to fog this sunday morning especially in oakland in places like san francisco. you get down the peninsula just low clouds. we'll talk about your sunday forecast and the return of king tides this week across the bay area. that's coming up after this break.
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♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!! that's a live look from our sky camera network.
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a lot of fog out. patchy fog along oakland as well. if you're flying out make sure you give your airline a call to make sure there are no major delays. it lasts for just two weeks and costs more than $4 billion. inspite of that san francisco wants it, the summer olympic gam games. the city made the 2024 bid a few days ago. we're getting a peek at the details. >> san francisco and the bay area is the best place on earth to host 2024 olympics and paraolympic games. >> reporter: the plan is to use existing venues. baseball and soccer stadiums are in place. gymnastic at the new warriors stadium. weight lifting and fencing at mosconi center. the olympic athlete village would be here at hunter's point shipyard. 2,000 units incorporated into the housing that's already being
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built. >> have that as an ongoing legacy for affordable housing in that region. >> reporter: the mayor's promise, no white elephants, at least not permanent ones. the olympic stadium would be recycled. >> we would repurpose the steel for construction projects. >> reporter: the site is a land fill along the ba bay along can stick. >> that would be our contributions that would be ticket sales and domestic u.s. licensing. >> reporter: during last year's america's cup the city did get stuck with a multi-million dollar bill. this time there will be protections. >> chicago used private insurance. >> that was mark matthews reporting. san francisco is tied with boston, washington, d.c. and los angeles in the eyes of the usoc.
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the olympic committee said community support will be factor in the final decision. check out this christmas wonderland on the peninsula. christmas fans flocked to take pictures and selfies in san carlos. that's amazing. another home that has a light show with music is in santa clara. the homeowner synced it with music. it comes in on personal fm radio singals so drivers can enjoy the lights and music from the warm and coziness of their cars. >> nice. let's check in with anthony slaughter. your lights come close to that? >> not at all. i have some lights around the door. we had the two little kids in the backseat. the line is so long. they were awake when he started.
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let's start you off with this weather. today, vicky, is the first day of winter. it does begin there afternoon at 3:03. it's all because you have the shorter days and longer nights. as we head into the next few months, january and february, are our wet months here across the bay area. the other thing that this phenomenon has an impact on are the king tides. when you get the sun and moon together, that's what we have happening. starting today a high tide around 11:00 this morning. there will be a coastal flood advisory that goes into effect through tuesday. every sipg l day when the high tides come up we're talking about a greater impact of low lying areas being under water. those areas headed up are likely
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to get covered with water. if not, covered with water, at least impact with a little bit of water on the roads. the other thing to keep in mind, you'll get the high tide and the low tide. when the low tide happens it's going to be extremely low. there is a risk for some of those boats actually to be able to hit the bottom of the sea floor. keep that in mind. overall the good news we're not talking additional rain. the high tides will come and go over the next couple of days. the king tides we're so familiar with across the bay area. look at our sky camera network. lots of clouds and even some fog across the east way and san francisco. that's where we're seeing the thickest fog in san francisco. you can barely make out the transamerica pyramid. as we head through the day we'll see sunshine. temperatures will warm up with this sun close to 70 in the north bay. 65 for san francisco. mid-60s for the east bay, peninsula and the south bay as well. we'll all get a good mix of sun
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and clouds as we head after about 11:00. we put the futurecast into motion some patchy cells. it really starleted to clear out tonight and that will leave room for a clear day. high pressure, you can see this big zone of clearing out across the pacific. you get the clockwise rotation around it. that's what we'll be looking at as we head toward the next couple of days as the high pressure moves in. that will leave skies clear and our weather very dry. i want to fast forward you into christmas eve wednesday into thursday. that will sag this way. look what happens once it gets this way on christmas day. we will stay dry and we'll stay mild. notice the temperatures really going to be nice. we're talking about mid-60s today and then even in san jose we'll get close to 70 degrees by
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tuesday and wednesday. as i mentioned the system will come in for wednesday will bring a few more clouds and by thursday, yes, christmas day, looking good. mid-60s across the bay area. no rain in sight over the next few days. hope you enjoy your holiday week. we'll track the king tides as they move in and out. thank you. coming up. >> babies have been born. people have gotten engaged. >> wishes coming true. the holiday tradition one woman has started outside her home that will make you bay area proud.
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make a wish. it's what we tell our kids to do before they blow out their birthday candles. how often do adults get to make wishes? a san francisco woman thinking not enough. for the past four years she's done something about it.
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garvin thomas is here with today's bay area proud. >> vanessa has been on a journey of self-discovery. in some ways that journey has only taken her ten feet from her front door. december is that time of year when many trees in the city trade their leaves for lights. on eureka street there's a victorian box tree that for the past four years has done a bit more. >> i want others to be as lucky as me. >> reporter: replacing greenery with generosity. >> i wish that everybody had $7 million or more. >> reporter: and love. >> somebody wishes for a boyfriend. >> reporter: and more than a little fun. >> i wish harry potter and nancy drew were all real. >> reporter: the woman reading the wishes didn't write any of them. vanessa made all of them
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possible. it all began in 2011 when she was at a bit of a cross roads in her life. >> i just was still not in a good place, a little lost and confused. >> reporter: a book about the power of wishes to change one's life spoke to her. she got an idea. she put out some pens, papers and little ribbon and asked people to place a wish on the tree out her front door. >> put a little sign outside that said make a wish or put words of gratitude and you'll see your wish on the tree. the bushes started coming. >> reporter: 200 wishes that first year and more and more each year. >> what did you wish for? >> stop sign inside my house. >> reporter: hashe enjoys the ks wishes most of all but think the adult ones are more important. she sees how people pause just before writing because she
7:27 am
believes people rarely ask themselves what they truly want in life. >> this going to take a while. >> when can you wish for anything you want? when can you wish for carte blanc. i hear people laughing out here at night. >> reporter: reading their hopes, desires and struggles has bonded her with her neighbors and maybes whatever problem she may face easier to bear. >> i'm on this journey and see some shallow wish, some profound wishes. some people bare their soul and it make ms me feel connected to them. >> reporter: some of these wishes do come true. just ask the guy who wrote i wish that she says yes on a card last year. what she said this year. >> yes. it works. >> it works. >> one more benefit she's gotten from the tree is she has met
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more of her neighbors in the past few years than she ever knew before. the tree has become something of a gathering point in the neighborhood. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> if you know of someone doing something nice for others garvin would love to hear from you. go to our website and search bay area proud. today many the bay is back in two minutes. fired up a billboard debate brewing in one northern kra c town that shows off a different side. legal marijuana at your door in ten minutes. see how technology is changing who gets pot and how they get it. machine
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. good sunday morning to you. let's give you a live look outside at san jose. we'll take you over to san
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rafal. some low clouds. not too bad. thank you for joining us today. i'm vicky win winguyen with ant slaughter with a look at the forecast. >> it's nice to sit back and dry out. maybe you want to head out to christmas in the park or union scare and do some last minute shopping. we will be the enny of the nation. 70 today in north bay. 65 in san francisco with a gad mix of sun and clouds. 64 for the south bay and even the tri-valley will be close to
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70 today. we'll see sunshine today. it's going to take a little while. you can already see sun. we'll see sunshine later on. it will continue for the next couple of days. we want to bring you up to date date. moments later the suspect turned the gun on himself. dan has the latest. >> reporter: a brutal attack in broad daylight. two new york city police officers gunned down as they sat in their patrol car in the brooklyn neighborhood of bed-stuy. >> the suspect is identified as
7:33 am
28-year-old brinsley. walked up to the police car. he took a shooting stance on the passenger side and fired the weapon, his weapon several times through the front pass jor window. >> reporter: emergency personnel rushed to two policemen to the hospital. >> despite every effort to save their lives both officers sub cup to their injuries. >> crews were unable to revive him after he shot himself. he was wanted in connection to another shooting in baltimore saturday morning. >> female, believed to be his former girlfriend was shot and seriously wounded at her residence. >> this sdtunning. we're all stunned.
7:34 am
>> our hearts are heavy. we lost to good men who devoted their lives to protecting all of us. >> reporter: a tough month made so much worse, the loss of two of their own. >> in statement released last night the president said two brave men won't be going home to their loved ones tonight, and for that there is no justification. the officers who serve and protect our communities risk their own safety for ours every single day, and they deserve our respect and gratitude every single day. officers across the nation are mourning the loss of two of their own. san francisco police chief tweeted heartfelt condolences to families and friends of nypd officers. senselessly murdered today doing their job. god rest their souls and they will be wearing black tape across their badges in the bay
7:35 am
area police departments. we want to take you to some breaking news we are just learning about. a florida police officer has been shot and killed near tampa. it happened earlier this morning. officers are on the scene gathering evidence. police have a suspect in custody. we do not know what led to the shooting or if it's linked to any of these other shootings of police officers across the nation. boxing legend ali has been hospitaled with what representatives call a mild case of pneumonia. the 72-year-old suffers from parkinson oos disease. he is listed in stable condition. he's expected to have a short stay in the hospital after arriving there yesterday. the location of the hospital has not been disclosed. ali was a three-time world heavy weight champion. a holiday billboard has fired up a new debate in a northern california city. the owners of down range
7:36 am
shooting range put up this sign outside of their business in chico. they say they are santa's little helper and can fill the order for ar rifles. some say it's in poor taste but the owners disagree. this idea of joy and giving holding a rifle is to contradictory. >> he's got his fingers off the trigger. the gun is pointing in safe direction. those are the things we want to promote is the safety when people are doing the shooting sports industry. >> the ordinary reason and prudence say the sign is temporary but it won't be the last. a sign featuring cupid or the easter bunny could be next. the clock is ticking for californians seeking insurance through the state covered california program. those who have started the application process have until tonight to finish signing up to get insurance by january 1st. more than 91,000 new enrollees signed up for health insurance through covered california from november 15th to december 11th.
7:37 am
the state expects most existing customers will have to have their plans automatically renewed. shoppers had a long night on this busy last night or last weekend before christmas. some stores stayed open overnight on super saturday. shopper traffic expected yesterday's sales to hit $10 billion. in san francisco shoppers said it was really busy and crowded but worth it. >> busy. feels very busy. we went to union square and back and it was shoulder to shoulder. >> are you done shopping? >> no. tomorrow might be a repeat. >> if you are out there today expect plenty of company. some stores are offering express lines and gift guides to help make last minute shopping easier. super saturday is over but there's still time to get your holiday shopping done. some stores are keeping their doors open until christmas eve.
7:38 am
kohl's will not close until the evening of the 24th. most macy's have extended hours. many are closing at midnight. toys r us stores are staying open until 2:00 a.m. starting this tuesday they will be open until 9:00 p.m. on christmas eve. still ahead on today in the bay, the sharks looking to keep a winning streak on home ice and rumors abound on who may be coaching the niners next year. we'll have that all for you, next.
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time now at 7:40. that's downtown san jose. drying out right now and up in the days before christmas. the phrase misery loves company was on the mind of 49ers last night as they took on chargers in a special saturday night till at levi stadium. the niners were eliminated from
7:41 am
playoff contention last sunday. let's head straight to the third quarter. san francisco just seen its 21-point lead cut to 7 when colin kaepernick broke off this incredible 90 yards for a touchdown run. that is the second longest ever by a quarter back. it pushed the niners lead back up to 14. the chargers would rally back in the 4th. 32 seconds to play. san diego ties the game on a touch down pass. this one was headed to overtime. it would lead to game winning field goal as san diego hands the niners its fourth straight defeat. >> as a team we didn't finish it. san diego did a heck of a job. tremendous comeback.
7:42 am
>> there's no secret about jim harbaugh's likely departure from the organization. last night espn reported the 49ers are looking to replace coach harbaugh with a young offensive mind. just down the road at the shark tank san jose taking on the st. louis blues. they were staging a come back of its own. sharks down by one with less than 30 seconds to play. in this one the good guys would prevail. brent burns with the game winner on the power play. san jose has now one eight in a row at the sap center. still to come on today in the bay, pot on demand. the new trend that can have medical marijuana on your doorstep in minutes. good morning. there's lots to do today in the bay. during this time of year there's an awesome train of lights that
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goes between freemont and my kids love it. you can skip the ride and hang out at the depot. for seven bucks you can partake in their hot chocolate tasting from 4:30 to 8:00. you can take part in their white elephant gift exchange starting at 7:30. you sign up for that through yelp. how about getting a cup of tea at the cow palace turn victor n victorian. for the final day of the dickens fair. they are lane, pubs, theaters, hundreds of costume characters of all social classes and they immerse you in an early christmas eve as seen through the eyes of charles dickens. your third option is your can see a classic. it's what's going on here in san francisco with cinderella as we told through the work of the african-american shakespeare
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company. all this talk about santa but let's give a shout out to fairy god mothers as well. let's also give a shout out to traffic anchors. yeah, or let's remember to tune them in tomorrow morning. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill.
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first the gold rush and now the green rush as more states legalize marijuana a lot of people are cashing in. some of the best marijuana technology is happening right here in the bay area. >> reporter: tap, click and you're done. your delivery is on its way, but it's not pizza not laundry and not a ride. it's marijuana. >> easy to coin uber for medical
7:47 am
marijuana. >> reporter: take a product, how much of it and you can track the eta. minutes later it's at your doorstep. >> the delivery time is about ten minutes. >> reporter: he was employee number four at yammer. a social networking service used by fortune 500 companies bought by microsoft two years ago at $1.2 billion. >> we want to get in right now so when this really starts to evolve and take off it continues to open up we'll be best positioned. >> reporter: it launched at the end of july. it just secured $1.5 million in investments. in the last few weeks there's more competition. it's a medical marijuana dispensary in san francisco. it just launched its delivery
7:48 am
service. co-founder says it's following the laws. both companies stress that drivers are employed by the dispensarie dispensaries. they provide the technology. >> technology often times if you look at these things, this is not that space to do that in. >> we try to officer a variety of cannibus. >> delivery is something our member vs been asking for since we opened the door. it didn't seem feasible. i think with tech innovation and companies like meadow, we're really able to reach the younger generation. >> reporter: he adds using this technology will boost another demographic, those who have harder time physically getting the product they need, the elderly. >> you're definitely seeing a big influx of those people walking in the door. >> reporter: they come from all across the bay area, the east bay to the north bay.
7:49 am
>> now we have patients asking for the service in mid-peninsula. >> reporter: what about safety? banks don't yields with the industry. one still deemed illegal by the federal authorities which means this is cash only. he says security mechanisms are built into the system. it can't just the recipient who tracks eta, the dispensaries can track the drivers. >> if the driver starts to fall it will be flagged and they can call the driver and say are you safe? how is the delivery going? >> reporter: they say this is the lead up to hitting it big in this green rush. >> i think there's plenty room for everybody. this is a business or an industry that's at $1.8 billion. it's going to be at 10.2 in the next four to five years. >> everyone will be ordering their cannibus.
7:50 am
>> we asked the san francisco police department about the frequency of crime linked to marijuana. they said marijuana is the lowest priority for officers. don't go away. today in the bay is back after the break. christmas came early to thousands of kids in the bay area. how you can help with the holiday toy drive that brings together tech start ups. the fog continues to move into san francisco. we're starting to see the skies open up as the fog starts to burn off. we'll get a check of your sunday forecast and let you know what the airport delays look like after this break.
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♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
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welcome back. 7:52 the time. i want to start you off with the airport delays that you're looking at. maybe some traveling yourself. you can see san francisco looking at delays up to 47 minutes. everywhere else across the country, new york, washington, d.c., even boston looking real good now. we don't have any delays to report on.
7:53 am
starting today through tuesday, we have a coastal flood add vie r advisory. in san francisco we get some of that water flashing up on the peer. keep that in mind. let oos move on and talk about this fog. we have the radar fired up. not get any returns but the fog is thick. it's along the coastline today. because of that old air moving along the ocean and hits that warm air at the surface. look at these temperatures. they will be very nice. the east bay, the peninsula and
7:54 am
the south bay all expecting temperatures back into the mid-60s with a good mix of sun and cloutds. the weather headlines do include the sunshine. we'll see the sun all day long especially about 11:00. it will come in intervals because the cloud cover still clearing out. it will be sunny and mild for the next few days as temperatures start to climb close to 70 in the south bay. for christmas day looks like we'll stay dry across the bay area. that's some good news. it's because of this area of high pressure that will push our storm track to the north. you can see the clouds sprawling right along the clockwise rotation. because of the high pressure that's expected to move in we'll stay dry over the next couple of days and expect to see sunny skies as well with the morning fog that we're used to seeing. by tomorrow we'll start to see our storm system, at least the next one that starts to form across the pacific move in. seattle and portland will see showery active not only for monday but tuesday through wednesday. that system to nourts as high pressure breaks down. it starts to sag a little
7:55 am
farther south. by thursday expect it to be across the bay area. it looks a lot of moisture. the only thing we'll see with this system is just dropping our temperatures by just a few degrees. it's not going to provide any rainfall but i think we'll see a little more cloud cover especially once we get into wednesday. look at how the temperatures climb up. we're talking about temperatures near 70s. by christmas day for santa's sleigh here across the bay it looks good. no rain but we may have to deal with morning fog and the evening fog that we're used to seeing in the bay area. the good news is we could use drying out. we're going to get it over the next couple of days and really confidentab confidentab comfortable weather. being from boston it's not too often you can hang up your christmas lights and enjoy 70 degrees. >> welcome to the bay area. >> thank you. >> we like it like that. as christmas nears, local charity groups fear some children may not get a holiday gift this year. some bay area charities are
7:56 am
really struggling to help those in need. the hunger program has been serving the community for 39 years. they are not seeing the same level of giving this year especially with gifts for teenagers. >> it's very humbling. you kind of feel like you're begging the community to help take care of the community. >> if you would like to help close the gap, go to and search charities. we want show you hour your good will does make a difference. christmas came early. live memorial handed out 10,000 toys to kids who night not have gotten any other presents. over 200 volunteers were on hand to help. the community and businesses such as zynga collected and donated the toys. >> you should see the
7:57 am
volunteers. they are happier than the kids are. when the kid finds the right toy, it's a joy to see. the parents are extremely grateful. >> they are making an appeal for donations of money, new and unwrapped toys and food especially turkeys for this holiday season. the countdown is on. santa's journey is just days away. starting wednesday at 2:00 a.m. you can track every step of his magical journey around the world. you can call norad's santa operation center to talk directly with a staff member who will tell you santa's exact location. starting on december 24th you can send an e-mail to a norad staff member who will send you a return e-mail with santa's last known location. that's before he heads back to the north pole. the weather will be great for santa's trip here. no slippery slopes for the reindeer. >> my 5-year-old wants the lap top to e-mail santa.
7:58 am
>> you have to know where the big guy is. thanks for makes us part of your morning. no 5:00 or 6:00. instead it's sunday night football. we'll be back on at 11:00 tonight. have a great sunday morning. thank you.
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this sunday -- >> we can fot have -- we cannot have a society in which dictators start to impose dictators' censorship in the united states. >> has a dangerous precedent been set by sony? and is north korea behind the cyber attack, and can the government and businesses be protected? and a shooting in new york adding more stress


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