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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 22, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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mcdonald replies "we'll talk about that when i see you tomorrow." the conversation continues with the alleged victim saying "i need to know if i should be buying the morning after pill." the documents say mcdonald answers, "yes, get the morning after pill." at that point an officer identified as sergeant lombardo takes over, posing as the alleged victim. "ugh, that's not cool." mcdonald replies, in essence, stuff happens. the reply ply from the cop is "i don't even remember anything." former prosecutor steven clark says this could be crux of the argument. >> it's not going to be ray mcdonald saying he didn't have sex but it was consensual. but if she wasn't capable of giving consensual sex it can be rape under california law. >> reporter: mcdonald told police about surveillance video he had of the encounter and mcdonald's father told me it will provide the truth. he said, we know the real story and when it comes out it will make your head spin. thank god for the surveillance system he put in."
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>> that was robert handa reporting for us. coming up at 6:00, more about that video and why witnesses including 49er aldon smith could be crucial to the outcome. the man convicted of setting more than a dozen fires in san jose back in january learned his fate today. as part of a plea deal patrick brennan will plead guilty to over a dozen charges. he will be sentenced to 40 years to life in prison. the deputy district attorney says that deal requires brennan to serve these 38 years before eligible for parole. he will likely never be released. sen 10ing is set for february. the high tides are turning bay area roads into ponds. they're the so-called king tides. they arrived this weekend. while they're only a minor inconvenience today, they come with a serious long-term warning. mark matthews joins us live from marin county which was part of that area flooded by the king tides today. >> reporter: the king tide reached its highest point a few minutes before 11:00 this morning. it flooded the highway 1 turnoff
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at 101 near the manzanita park and ride. this is pretty typical flooding for the intersection of shoreline highway and 101. but usually it is caused by rain storms. today, with no rain, the tide water flooded this road. and washed up over the sidewalk on the south side of san francisco's ferry building. where the executive director of san francisco baykeeper told us, this is the future. >> what it will look like as the bay continues to rise because of climate change. >> reporter: the national academy of sciences projects up to a foot of rise by 2030. arlene is watching tide water seep from her foundation and thinking about what the scientists say is coming. >> that's scary. really is. >> reporter: another 12 inches of water and she figures her bayfront house would be gone. >> we'll probably have to take the whole house down and start over again.
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>> reporter: right next door, her neighbor says he's not sure there is a problem. >> i don't think a foot would do much damage to begin with. and a lot of us aren't sure that's going to happen. >> reporter: and there you see it in a nutshell, the problem. there is no intergovernmental agency to work with all of the cities and the counties on a comprehensive flood control plan. and you've got neighbors living right next door to each other who don't even see it the same way. that's part of the story we are working on for tonight at 6:00. let's bring in meteorologist rob mayeda for the latest on the king tides and how long these unusual conditions are going to last. >> that's right. they got started on sunday. what we're seeing for coastal flood advisories around the coasts of the inner bay is the potential not only for rising waters above a few feet higher than normal high tide but changes to the currents in and out of our harbors and bays. strong rip currents at beaches and unusually high surf breaking
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over into some of those harbors. this happens this time of year at the winter solstice as the earth is at its closest point to the sun and the moon in its closest point in its orbit around the earth. the two combining to really increase graphtational effect and these astronomical high tides with one more day tomorrow action day three, coming up for places like ocean beach just before 11:00. high tide 6.73 feet. low tide coming up at minus 1.24 feet. coming up at 5:48. this should be the last of our truly high tides as we go through the rest of the week. it's helping things out obviously that we don't have flooding rains or strong winds which would make things a lot worse. but that's subject to change as we're tracking this storm system here in the pacific that now looks like it has a good chance of bringing some rain in time for christmas eve. and a lot of wind and a big drop in temperatures in the next seven days. traffic is moving again in southern marin after a mudslide shut down several lanes of highway 101 this morning.
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that slide included a lot of that mud and a very large boulder which you see there. it took crews hours to break it up and then be able to haul it away. this happened on southbound 101 near the alexander avenue off-ramp just before 3:00 this morning. the roadway finally reopened just before noon. luckily no reports of anyone getting hurt or any cars being damaged. if you want to stay up to the date on the king tide and your local forecast, be sure to download our nbc bay area app. you can personalize your forecasting along with our realtime doppler radar. it's free for apple iphones and android users as well. a developing story out of new york city where the city's mayor is asking everyone to take a step back. he wants a city-wide haul to protest in the wake of the ambush killings of two police officers, shot to december in their car on saturday. the shooter described as a mentally disturbed drifter had recently expressed 18 over social media over the recent killings of black men by police. just after killing the two
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officers, he took his own life. in a speech before a police group mayor de blasio asked the public to put protests and political debates on hold. >> in the coming days, two families prepare for funerals. two families try to think about how to piece their lives back together. that should be our only concern. how do we support them? >> new york investigators say they have counted at least a dozen threats against police since saturday's shootings. the new york ambush has prompted several police departments nationwide, including here in the bay area, to warn their officers to always wear bullet-proof vests, be aware of surroundings, and avoid inflammatory posts on social media. san francisco's police force is honoring the fallen new york officers with a traditional black band across their badges. >> certainly when it happened, we do what we -- we put out a heightened officer safety alert just to tell the officers to be aware of their surroundings.
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certainly don't go anywhere by themselves. back each other up. >> the chief says beyond that it is business as usual. our coverage of the new york police ambush killings continues at 5:30. tonight on i do nightly news" with brian williams we'll take a more in-depth look at the suspect's history. police in san leandro shot and killed two pitbulls they say attacked at least one person and several dogs. now they're trying to find the dogs' owner. the witness says someone let the dogs out of a blue toyota pickup around 6:30 a.m. yesterday near the san leandro marina and the attacks then began near the marina inn. at least one of the dogs attacked by the pitbulls had to be euthanized. investigators say the officers shot the animals because they felt their lives were in danger because of the dogs. investigators say they're trying to track down the person who initially released the two dogs out of that truck and right there near the marina. he is alive, recovering, hoping to walk again. that's what we're hearing from the wife of a window washer who fell from the top of an 11-story
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building in san francisco last month. 58-year-old pedro perez fell 130 feet before landing on a moving car. he suffered a fractured pelvis, a broken arm, and brain trauma. incredibly his wife says his condition is improving. he'll soon be transferred to a rehabilitation center. his family calls it a miracle. they also say they are struggling to make ends meet without perez's income. >> translator: while we're here today is to ask help from the public and from the community. we need help during this time of recuperation and to help maintain our family. it's not easy to be here asking for help. >> perez cannot walk. he will need months of therapy. the family will spend christmas together at the hospital but they are relying on donations to pay monthly bills. big changes when it comes to the oversite of california's day cares as a result of an nbc bay area investigation.
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the governor recently signed a law which as bill requiring day care inspections get posted online so parents can compare facilities. fsn bay area's stephen stock joins us with more. >> these new changes come about one year after our initial investigation aired. nbc bay area teamed with the center for investigative reporting on a six-month probe into california's day care centers and the oversight of them. we discovered that little information was available online for parents who want to know about their day care's inspection history or the past violations or safety issues there. so we published that information online ourselves, posting all inspection reports for napa county and santa clara county. after our initial reporting, state lawmakers took action themselves, changing the law and revamping the state site to include similar information for every county in california. >> now you can get this information online. we see the improvements that
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it's not just in the last year but even the last few months of better information out there. i'm very proud of the work that we've done. >> it's really significant how much it's changed in a short amount of time. >> tonight at 11:00 we'll take you inside this new system to show you how children are now better protected, how child advocates say even more needs to be done, and how you as a parent can get all this information. we'll also tell you about the new federal laws that were just signed by president obama last month which will also increase the frequency of day care inspections here in california. that's tonight at 11:00. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit call 888-996-tips or e-mail is it an act of retribution? still ahead the widespread problem north korea is now dealing with all in the midst of the sony hacking investigations. i'm scott budman. a holiday travel warning from
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the tsa. we'll have the story coming up. coming up, we're taking you to the north pole to check in with santa and his eight not so tiny reindeer. a drone spotted over levi's stadium before the niners game. and police jump into action. >> we don't know if it's the hobbyists, we don't know if it's someone who has ulterior motives. >> the faa releases a list of dos and don'ts for flying a drone at 6:00.
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we're following developing news out of north korea tonight. the country experiencing widespread internet out ans. the problem comes on the heels of the attack on sony pictures by north korean hackers. last week president obama promised the u.s. would respond proportionately to the act of cyber vandalism. however, tonight the white house and the state department will not say whether they are behind
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north korea's internet outage. at least one u.s. official is outright denying involvement. for perspective, computers are rare in north korea. computers with internet access, even more rare. local airports are packed with people flying out of town or coming in for christmas. the tsa has a warning about what to do with your weapons if you decide to take them. scott budman is live at san jose international airport. with what tsa agents are finding at bay area airports. people forget. >> you're right. bay area airports crowded as they've been all year. tsa agents are working overtime checking to see if travelers have anything that won't make it under the tree. >> thin as a credit card. >> reporter: if you open it up, it's a sharp knife. a tiny fraction of the haul tsa has confiscated at bay area airports lately. wrenches, box cutters, even
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guns. >> just in 2014 alone, tsa has found about 2,000 guns at airports across the country. 15 of those at sfo, 7 at oakland, 3 here at san jose. >> reporter: as crowds build during christmas week -- >> even a little bit of a line but it's going to be great when we get there. we're going to see everyone, grandma, grandpa, and a lot of cut sins. >> reporter: the men and women who check you and your carry-on bags before you board say, be aware of what you have. >> almost everything on the table behind me can be put in checked bag and made it from here to point "b" without a problem. just take the time to put it in your checked bag, or leave it home. >> reporter: that way everyone travels more safely and quickly. with so many people traveling with presents this time of year, tsa says best bet is travel with them unwrapped in case anything shows up in the x-ray. tonight at 6:00, what bay area
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airports are doing to relieve the stress of the holiday travel season. >> if you want to talk stress, airports are not the only busy place right now. with three days until christmas, last-minute preparations in santa's workshop are moving at a frantic pace. >> pressure is on. norad santa tracker, the countdown clock is inching closer to the big fight for santa. >> a look at how santas dealing with this pressure. and he can't flake here because i'm behind on my list, he has to come through. >> reporter: merry christmas to you, jess and peggy. santa's under pressure. the evidentlves. look at the reindeer, they're making much-needed rest. they're trying to save their energy for christmas eve. think about it, it's only 48
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hours away. they've got the impossible task of hauling all those boys around the world for all those boys and girls. with all those wishes -- >> i want a lego set. >> i want a barbie. >> a pair of high heels? are you going to be able to walk in them? >> reporter: some incomprehensible it's a miracle this man's able to pull off christmas eve. >> how do you keep up? >> i try to keep up, those elves are going crazy right now. >> a jet toy. >> a jet? you like jets in wow. >> reporter: santa's preferred choice of air travel, the eight four-legged balls of fur out back. there's dashers, dancer, prancer, vixen, getting a last-minute pep talk from the boss. >> we've got one night to do the whole earth. you got that, dancer?
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>> how high do they jump? >> they make one leap and then they're off. >> really, that's it? >> yep. >> how much runway do they need? >> none at all. >> reporter: all they need is a little christmas magic. >> it's always here. people just forget about that during the year. the magic is always here. you have to believe in it. >> when do you sleep? >> january's the time to sleep. >> ho ho ho, merry christmas! >> reporter: you know, santa's actually had a deal with an unexpected obstacle this christmas season. never had to deal with it before. we're talking about hackers. that's why he's giving us this exclusive inside peek into a cyber command. he wants to reassure everyone that he's got his secrets, his database protected from anyone trying to break in there and -- wait a minute. what's going on here? guys, i've never seen this happen before. it looks like someone's trying to break in as i speak. they're launching a pour attack, didn't work. control-alt-delete! come on!
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stretch. hit the escape key. harder. oh, wow. that was a close call. very close call. but you can see that crisis was averted. >> thank goodness for that. definitely the naughty list if you hack santa. >> no, i think bob needs to stay there through christmas just to make sure. good luck, bob. see you in the new year as well. thank you very much. let's turn things over to rob mayeda. now you're saying santa might have to deal with some rain here? >> in a little bit. we're watching that closely towards christmas eve. rate n right now clear skies and light winds, another night of patchy fog and low clouds tomorrow morning. watching one more day's worth of king tides. unusually high tides continuing late tomorrow morning into saturday afternoon. could still see some localized flooding there near the coast and bay. at least we don't have wind or rain from the storm system making things worse for tuesday. high pressure holding on another
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day. storm track off to the north which means we'll see these dry conditions for another day tomorrow after we wake up to some fog and some misty skies in a few spots around the bay area. we'll see fog as early as 10:00, 11:00 tonight and tomorrow morning like today clouds begin to break up slowly. into the afternoon mild temp does with that next chance of rain arriving as we head into wednesday afternoon. tomorrow, highs in the mid to upper 60s around the south bay. san francisco seeing highs in the mid 60s and tri-valley locations. might take a bit longer for that fog to break up around the alta mont pass and toward concord and fairfield for tomorrow. again, a dry day tuesday. here comes some changes for the second half of the week. wednesday, a system dropping in from the north, not going to have a lot of the moisture. it will have cold air and a brief chance of seeing that rain picking up for wednesday afternoon and evening. but watch how quickly the system clears. santa will not have any problems around the bay area passing midnig midnight. we should see less than .25
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inches of rain for most of the bay area. any of these weather systems that drop out of the north tend not to hold a lot of moisture but it's cold. around the sierra, we'll be waking up did a white christmas. that's getting into thursday morning. the system dropping most of the snow overnight wednesday into thursday. it moves on and we'll see windy and cooler conditions. we've been used to lows the last couple of nights in the low to mid 50s. low temperaturespy the end of the week. you notice san jose 40 degrees for a low. that means some upper 30s and mid 30s in the valleys. chance of rain for wednesday. some canadian air conditioning for you. highs in the 50s for thursday into friday. and it does look dry heading into next weekend. those morning low temperatures are really going to take folks i think by surprise. may even have some patchy frost as that system moves on for christmas day. cool day as we watch temperatures in the upper 50s. dry weather should continue into the weekend. tomorrow looks dry. quick chance of rain for wednesday for early afternoon and evening. christmas day looks dry but
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cooler. you're going to notice the change in the air out there with morning testify of temperatures in the 30s, 40s and highs in the 50s as we wrap up the week. still to come, will there be enough to go around in the south bay families who could be forced to go without if a nonprofit organization does not get some last-minute donations. speculations swirling after yet another loss. the 49ers coach jim harbaugh said today about his future with the team.
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every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys
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grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america. rumors it's the end of the line for 49ers head coach jim harbaugh, the coach is keeping mum about his future. >> what will happen will happen. what won't happen won't happen. but like the players, like the
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coaches, we are dedicated to doing our jobs. finish what you start. that's the mindis the. >> it's not been a great season for harbaugh. the niners have lost 8 of the past 15 games. while harbaugh has one season left on his contract, there are reports he could get the boot after the team's final kickoff this sunday. there are reports that his alma mater, michigan, is interested in the coach as well as the raiders and chicago bears. a south bay holiday tradition may come up short this year. >> right now sacred heart community service doesn't have enough toys to provide for all the kids it's hoping to help. san jose charity planned to hand out gifts to 5,800 children in need but it doesn't hive enough. especially for teenaged girls, gifts and of course cash. >> we will go out and buy as we see that we are running out of toys throughout the day. we have shoppers lined up to help us out. and any level of monetary gift is really, really helpful. >> if you want to donate, visit
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sacred hert on south first street on east alma avenue in san jose, or go to and search "sacred heart" and donate online. >> they do an amazing job. a great organization. crunching the numbers on santa's salary.
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coming up at 6:00, a christmas present nearly 30 years in the making. how a woman was reunited with her stolen car decades after it went missing. that and more coming up at 6:00.
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also tonight, putting a price on santa claus. the folks at added up all of santa's jobs, including his work as reindeer wrangler, and computed his yearly earnings. the total santa should earn, $140,000. also lean negotiator duties are worth nearly $5,000. more if the elves decide to unionize. that would be a whole other debacle. as a professional shopper and investigator. finding out who's naughty, nice, who goes on what list. >> that's obviously at the north pole. if you move to the bay area you'd have to quadruple that salary. >> that's very true. he's got good weather. >> tomorrow fog could slow things down tomorrow morning, misty skies. but christmas eve, the afternoon, we will see some quick-moving rain. but skies clear by midnight into
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thursday. chilly temperatures. >> might get on that naughty list. >> thank you for joining us. on our broadcast tonight, tracking a killer. after the assassination of two new york city police officers while in their patrol car, what investigators have found as fear of anti-police sentiment now spreads through departments nationwide. the nightmare before christmas. a giant storm hitting right as so many families are waiting for last-minute packages and loved ones to arrive. is it a counterattack under way right now days after president obama pledged payback for sony? north korea appears to be under electronic assault. the power of prayer. tonight, the doctors who show evidence of a healing power not just on the human spirit. and a rock legend is gone from woodstock through nearly the next half-century, tonight


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