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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 23, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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visibility is less than a quarter of a mile. mike is there to track those roads for you. >> everybody here must have seen that fog. it was an issue getting through the parking lot this morning i think. this is also camera we typically clearly see. we have a fog advisory, about 85. that never happens -- not never, it happened today. a tough drive. looking at the maps, you see really dense fog farther south of our studio. >> mike, thank you very much. 4:31 right now. new this morning, investigators trying to figure out what started three separate car fires in san jose overnight.
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the latest one happened just before 2:00 in the jefr green neighborhood of san jose. officials say they're not quite sure hour that fire got started. two car fires started within 40 minutes of each other within san jose are being investigated as arson. >> police on the peninsula are warning women who are planning an early morning jog, a man was followed by a man in a dark car. she said he took pictures of her while she tied her shoe lace. she eventually lost him and called police. >> two days before thanksgiving,
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someone robbed him and shot him to death. he was a writer and an english teacher who loved to hike. police are also expected to announce a new reward to find his killer. >> pg&e has announced a new batch of e-mails showing improper relationships. many e-mails cover private pg&e discussions with puc director michael peavy. pg&e now says it plans to make some 65,000 e-mails public between now and next february. >> see what information comes out. meantime, firefighters from one station in san jose will have to work out of their parking lot. that's because of a mold
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problem. crews are no longer allowed to sleep inside one of the busiest fire station in the city. during peak hours, crews will have to work out of the parking lot. >> police are asking for your help to find the owner of two pit bulls who they say were intentionally set free to attack. >> i started punching the dog, yelling at it, trying to get my dog out of its mouth. the dog had margo in its mouth and was just shaking it. >> he was bit on the hand and he feld down steep rocks into the marina the attack only ended with a passerby hit the pit bull
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on the head with piece of patio furniture. >> the dogs were acting aggressively towards our officers and one of the dogs had to be shot. >> look what you've done to my dog. merry christmas. >> both pit bulls were killed. police think the owners let the dogs out on purpose. officers believe the owners drive a blue toyota pickup. >> this morning we are learning one of the new york city police officers murdered in an ambush was just one hour away from becoming a certified champion plan. officer ramos had spent ten weeks studying to be a chaplain with tchaplain. he was scheduled to graduate
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wuss an hour later. this is video right here from inside a mall. you can see ismaaiyl brinsley holding a box. investigators believe the gun used in the attack was inside that package. and a call for calm. the mayor of new york city is asking protesters not to return to the streets until both liu and ramos are laid to rest. >> here in the bay area, eight years ago a san francisco police officer was shot and killed by a parolee. last night, as they do every year, family, friends and law enforcement gathered to honor the 28-year-old. they say december 22nd is always an emotional day but the loss in new york is magnifying their
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pain. >> right now we're grieving as a profession and as a country for twon officers. >> officer from san francisco as well as other departments across the bay area plan to head to new york to attend funeral services for liu and ramos. >> north korea's internet service is up and running again in case you were running after a massive and mysterious outage. internet access across the cent went out for hours now. last week president obama did suggest a response of the sony hacking was coming, after it was revealed that north korea was involved in that. there's also the possibility that north korea staged the entire thing. >> and sony says it has no
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choice but to sue twitter. sony is demanding twitter take down images of stolen documents. twitter has advised him to hire a lawyer. >> yesterday governor brown declared a state of emergency for marin, mend seenio and san mateo county. in san mateo alone, officials say the storms cost more than
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$3.3 million in damage. >> how about patchy conditions this morning? can you see much of anything this morning, depending on what your vantage point is? >> can you see looking down through downtown san jose, you can barely make out the stree below. really this is the story this morning, that patchy morning fog will be with us, at least for the first half of the day. we will see sunshine. take a look at these numbers. look at our highs today. 70 degrees in the south bay. in newark bay, if you're visiting town, if you're trying to get in some wine later on this afternoon, 71 degrees for wine country later this afternoon. it's going to be delightful across the area. christmas eve, we're tracking a storm system that's going to move in. the timing of this is actually
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sped up. instead of the showers moving in for morning, it looks like it going to come in tomorrow afternoon and then push out of here. so christmas morning would be dry. >> first of all, that's good news because i think someone very significant has travel plans tuesday but yet we could not see this shot from the bay bridge. look at that beautiful view and beautiful drive as well. it may drift around the bay. the mud slide, there's nothing going on like that now. you notice the on thing of note, bottom of your screen, the bik orange blob there, there's going to be patchy, dense fog in many parts. a live look given shows you 101
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and milpitas as well. >> and it's down to the wire for a local charity. how you can help. >> plus how the fed say a baggage handler managed to smuggle more than a dozen handguns on to a plane. >> and a california battery maker head to court accused of making more than 60 kid sick. we'll explain. playing hoops, sam is number one.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> and your time now is 4:44. bmw will replace tens of tho thousands of driver side air bags as part of a federal push to recall them. the air bags were made by takata. some 15 million cars have been recalled. bmw has agreed to israel 140,000 series 3 cars manufactured between 2004 and 2006. bmw is the last of the ten
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automakers to replace air bags in all of its cars. >> a simple security fix could have prevented a massive security breach. we turn to landon doughty inching her way toward the christmas holiday. good morning, landon. >> good morning to you, sam. natural gas prices are sliding to their lowest levels. the "new york times" is reporting jpmorgan could have ajoy avoided the massive security breach by using a simple measure. they failed to update one of their servers were a dual security method. the breach affected 83 million accounts. >> thanks very much.
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have the car now has working components like headlights. very space age. google says it is going to start test driving the vehicles, which don't have pedals or steering wheels around silicon valley next year so keep your eyes peeled. >> got to like that propeller rolling around the top of the car. >> anthony, we might need something look that. >>ing in that can get this fog out of here. it's really hard to navigate around fog right across the south bay, can you see there everywhere else not so bad.
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but once you get out of san jose, you can see how visibility improves. san carlos up into san francisco, no fog right now. i do think we'll see a little fog develop at the coastline but it's not going to be as thick as it is right now. you can see the south bay completely fogged in. the peninsula not so bad. even into san francisco, visibility looking real good. the other thing i want you to look at are these numbers. look at our highs today, 70. a couple days before christmas, doesn't get any better than this. here's what you want to mo about, the storm timeline. we're expecting showers tomorrow. the system has sped up from earlier predictions. tomorrow 10:00 in the morning, showers will be moving through the north bay. a lot of that activity will stay in the north bay tomorrow morning from 8 till noon.
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then those showers shift from the south bay and east bay and after that woor all clear. if you're doing any tahoe to. >> if you are try to do some traveling up to tahoe, look good to go up to about 6:00 or 7:00. of course it wouldn't be christmas if we didn't have the snow. right, guys? >> a white christmas indeed. thank you. >> a battery making is facing harsh new allegations regarding its recycling plant. in the past it has been cited for excessive led transmission that some say is making noosh
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they are being accused of willfully endangering the health of nearly 60 children, exposing them to high levels of toxins. the company is not commenting. >> relatives of a woman who died in a listeria outbreak are now filing a lawsuit against safeway. one of the victims is an 81-year-old woman who purchased apples from a safeway. she died three weeks ago, she died ba. >> a delta airlines baggage handler is under arrest this morning, accused of helping another man smuggle guns on to an airplane. investigators say eugene harvey brought 18 handguns into the airport in atlanta, using his
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employee credentials to bypass the metal detectors and reportedly gave the guns to mark henry. henry put the guns in his carry on bag and flu to new york where he was arrested. >> we are of course in the midst of the holiday season, but employees of one washington state business. in the thief was caught on surveillance tamara creeping around inside of the store money was dedicated for employees this week as part of their christmas bonuses. people are still looking for that crook. >> do people not realize there are cameras everywhere these days? >> welcome to 2015. >> from grinches to goodwill,
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dozens at a central valley walmart got surprises. this man spends the day before christmas paying for the order of customers. >> i've been blessed my life. when i see folks buying chrn's clothes a -- children's clothes and toys, i like to help them out. >> i'm happy i have these toys for my kids. >> george says he might be stopping by one more store. >> sacred heart church plans to
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hand out books to 5,600 kids in san jose. they tell us they are a thousand toys short. >> researchers say using ereaders before bed could have aing in tiff effect a negative effect on your health. what they say you should do instead.
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>> maybe you don't normally get affected by fog. today that's probably not the case. >> and let's give you a live look outside. check out that gorgeous picture of san francisco. it is tuesday, december 23rd and you are watching "today in the bay." >> from


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