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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 23, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> maybe you don't normally get affected by fog. today that's probably not the case. >> and let's give you a live look outside. check out that gorgeous picture of san francisco. it is tuesday, december 23rd and you are watching "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is
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"today in the bay." >> you'll notice thick fog in parts of the bay area today, typical for the bay area but the south bay, this is i don't want to say a novelty anthony but it's pretty heavy this morning. >> we don't usually see fog this thick in the south bay. it's usually across the bay bridge and golden gate. you can see right across san jose. coming across gilroy and morgan hill. the entire south bay really covered in fog with the exception of sunnyvale and saratoga. once you get up to 101 and palo alto, things do improve. you can see visibility down to less than a quarter of a mile, not too bad. coming through the altamont pass, visibility up to ten
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miles. it's really relative to where you are. you'll notice from our vantage point, expected to see some sunshine later on. 68 in the east short, 65 for san francisco and even 70s for the north bay. take it easy if you have to hit those roads right now. let's toss things over to mike. >> we're looking over here to 101 and 680. very thinking fog for those who might happen to be driving through that parking lot. the fog advisories from chp are for san jose, very unusual. we're watching for those conditions to be an issue. so drive slower than you might typically drive, even though traffic is really light around the bay. i want to point out the golden gate bridge as well, fog across here. this is not unexpected. back to you guys. >> thank you. new this morning south bay arson
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investigators looking into several car fires in west san jose. two of them happened overnight, this near the delmar high school. that is where stephanie chuang joins us from campbell. a car erupting into flames in the evergreen neighborhood. lots of car fire activity. >> reporter: this third one, the latest one, currently not being investigated as arson at this point. i'm at the river walk apartments where there are signs that there was a car fire here late last night it happened in the visitor parking section, we believe around 11:40. 40ments later, about three quarters of a mile away, another car fire. around 1:40 morning, san jose respond to a third vehicle fire. this one, though, about 1 miles away in east san jose out at
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silver creek park near neiman boulevard. there was an suv fully ungulfed in frames. b by the time we got there, you could see crews hosing it down. this is happening within the last few hours so very little information. that one again the third vehicle fire in san jose in the south bay, just a matter of a few hours, the first view being investigated as arson. we're working with the san jose fire department to see if we can get updates this morning. now live in campbell, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> court documents are seding new light on the sexual assault charges against ray mcdonald. the woman said they were drinking at a bar and then she went to his home. she said she fell, hit her head,
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was knocked unconscious. next thing she knew she was woke up neighborhood in himself bed. he said he has the video to show she was the one who initiated it. >> the district attorney is still reviewing the deadly shooting of a burglary suspect by menlo park police. on november 11th the officers say an alleged burglar pointed a gun at them. that's when they opened fire and they did kill him.
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>> we've been talking about it all morning, anthony, it's kind of pea soup out there. >> it's unusual to get fog this thick. it's all because we're right in between the mountains so all that cold air sinks down to the surface and we have seen lots of rain over the past week. and because of all that rich moisture in the atmosphere that's left behind, that's where you get the fog. you can see in the south bay limited visibility. but look at these highs. these are remarkable, in the 60s, we're going to get to the 70s today. we do have a storm system that's set to arrive tomorrow. over the next 48 hours, things will get a little active around
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here. it could cause some problems, especially if you're doing airport traveling. tomorrow around 10:00 we'll see the showers moving through the north bay. by 1:00, 2:00, it does fall apart, as it usually does when these system come from the north. showers for the east bay, tri-valley and the south bay as well. santa cruz, that includes you. by 6:00 tomorrow, the rain is out of here and that goes for tahoe. we're talking about the rain and snow ending by 6:00, 7:00 tomorrow. overall, those showers will move through tomorrow and then move out for christmas morning. the system is actually sped up a little bit so the mornings -- for christmas morning we'll see some fog but i don't think we'll be looking at any showers like the forecast is calling for.
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look how cold it gets as we get to the next weekend, 50s across the entire bay area. so enjoy that 70s and the sunshine, we we haven't seen a lot of. >> we haven't seen a lot of these either, fog alerts for the south bay. i turned it over a little closer to the camera itself. you can see just about a quarter mile. that's what anthony's talking about. we're looking at a quarter mile visibility. let's look at this shot from fremont. we can barely see over the rooftop where our camera is mounted. it is still very foggy there. the map will talk about the area right here in san jose. that's the tougher spot with the orange. there will be patchy fog in many spots around the bay. as we look from the emeryville side, an easy drive with low clouds on the san francisco
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side. >> 5:08 right now. whether you're hitting the road, as many folks are or getting a flight, getting where you need to go will be difficult this yeek. a look at how mother nature could be playing a role in all this.
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what every travelers needs to know, jennifer, seems like we're always taking on chicago and usually o'hare when it comes to air travel over the holidays. good morning. >> it really is a cross roads. it's a hub with the roadways and the major airports here and winter weather moving in to the area, not just here but across the eastern sea board could delay millions of americans between now and christmas eve. >> reporter: the rush is on. one in three americans is traveling for the holidays. prime time for not so frequent flyers visiting family and friends. 98.6 million americans plan to travel 50 miles or more. airports to watch today for delays, on the east coast.
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christmas eve weather moving into charlotte, cleveland, worsening in chicago and detroit. >> maybe the millions of road trippers are on to something this year. unleaded gas now averaging 2.36 a gallon nationwide and less than $2 in 27 states. >> we're paying 81 cents less there and we were a year ago. that's a pretty big drop. we've dropped 35 cents in a month, dropped 13 cents in a week. >> this is gift that keeps on going. gas prices already 80 cents less a gallon than last year. if you're headed to the airports, word of advice, check ahead, make sure your flight's on time. and the lines are really full o
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don't travel a whole lot. live from chicago, back to you. >> thank you very much, jennifer. >> sony is now threatening twitter with a lawsuit unless is block as user that's spreading sony's hacked secrets money scott mcgrew is here. sony playing hard ball. does this lawsuit really have merit? >> well, we'll see. this twitter account belongs to a singer located in london. he's linking to many of sony's internal e-mails. we have no reason to think he has anything to do with the hack, he's just tweeting the results of the hack. sony not amused, writing to
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twitter saying sony would hold twitter responsible for any damage or loss arising from such use or dissemination and asking for the account to be closed. generally speaking services like twitter are not liable for what their users post and sony knows that. >> let's talk the stock market. we'll turn to landon doughty. she's in washington. you're one step ahead of your travel plans i'm guessing, landon. >> that's right. i'm halfway to my ending point. but let's take a look at the markets. the dow is taking aim at the 18,000 mark today after closing a at new record high on monday. futures pointing to a higher open. investors -- there's a ton of economic data out today with reports on durable goods, housing, the consumer and final
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look at third quarter gdp, which may show the economy grew more than previously thought this summer. the nasdaq up 16 to 4781. scott, back to you. >> good news keeps on coming. >> research shows that people who read from tablets before they go to bed doesn't sleep as good as those who read from books. that has to do with the lit tablets had less melatonin and slept less well. this only applies to the newer kindle that has that lighting. it comes down to the quality of the light and that signal to your brain that you're seeing sunlight when really what you're seeing is a kindle or ipad. >> we were talking about that, how people need to go back to those books with paper. >> known as books.
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>> yeah. thank you. >> if you want it there by christmas, you better ship your gifts today. it's the final day fedex and ups can guarantee your package will arrive in time for christmas. both have hired more workers for this last-ment crunch and that your hoping bad weather, will not hamper delivery, which is kind of what happened last year. but we have an insider with insider information on that topic. and for it we turn to anthony slaughter. >> i think about this every time we get to christmas or thanksgiving and you get the mad rush. it's like this happens every year. it's no big surprise. plan ahead, people. >> no sympathy here. >> no, because we're working. let's talk about this fog that's out there. it may be causing some problems. if you haven't planned ahead this morning, it is really thick out there. look in san jose, we've got this really thick fog. it's unusual that it's that
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thick at least in the south bay. it's not causing any airport delays to sfo. it's very isolated this morning. a quick check across the rest of the country. the thing about it, san francisco not fogged in this morning, unlike what we usually see. we've got a steady breeze at the coastline that's keeping the fog at bay. in the south bay that cold air sink right down to the surface. the south bay being enclosed by mountains, it's kind of like a bowl, right down to the surface. 71 later on in the north bay. we have a storm system that's headed our way of course. here it comes. by tomorrow we'll see the first showers arrive across the north bay by 10:00, 11:00 and a lot of that activity will stay across the north bay until the afternoon.
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livermore down the sunol grade. a lot of that activity will be out of here by 5:00 and 6:00. the good news is a quick burst of rain. it's actually sped up. we're not looking at travel plans being impeded. so the good news, if there is any, is this system is really going to move in very quick and move out of here. so by christmas morning we'll see sunshine. i don't think it will be as bad. but look at those temperatures. once those systems move through, we're talking 50s for daytime highs. even 65 in san francisco, it's going to be real nice with the sunshine. let's talk to mike. how are you planning ahead? >> i'm repeating the mantra, you know we're supposed to say this, we need the rain. like you said, we're looking at the live cameras. this is the golden gate bridge. if you have friends from out of town, relatives who come in, remind them if you go to visit
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the golden gate bridge it will be foggy. on the north side you might get a better view so stick it out. but right now very dark so it won't be very visible. here the bay bridge, a much clearer view. we see the oakland hills. a nice drive down the freeway. look at your maps. we're talking about a nice easy drive all around the bay. yesterday we had big problems coming down through sausalito. over here you're basically at speed. the only thing of note is this orange blob through san jose. we're talk about milpitas as well. palo alto, a look over here on the peninsula shows you how things are shaping up.
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an easy drive here shows you there's not a lot of traffic here. >> patches of fog here and there. thank you very much, mike. a story of perseverance. a san francisco to and with down syndrome is getting national attention for not getting up. >> chelsea warner has low muscle tone but her family put her in gymnastics when she was a young girl. she loved it so much, he hasn't looked back since. >> she probably competed for three years and came in last place every time and she didn't care. then there did come a time where she did understand what the low score meant. then became the whole new journey, telling her this is what you have to do if you want to earn a medal, that you have to work harder. >> she'll be on the "today"
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show, looking at people whose strength and determination help them achieve.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> the time now is 5:24 this tuesday morning. you're looking live out at san francisco. no fog in sight but a different story in the south bay. quite patchy on 101 if you're heading down that way. >> okay, mr. christmas, heard of him? >> yeah. >> word on the street is he's calling it quits. >> we're not talking about santa claus. but bruce has put lights on his home for 36 years. health issues have forced him to say this will be his last year.
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hundreds of his names have come out to say, hey, mr. christmas, thank you. >> they all came out in force and really showed me what a community spirit is like. >> the lights will stay on until january 2nd. so if you want to check them out, his home is located on the 5200 block of olive drive in concord. it's not far from kirker pass road. >> check out a little piece of history while it's still there. >> speaking of the holidays, some inhabitants of the zoo in seoul are celebrating their first christmas in style. >> the lion and tiger cubs got dressed up in santa hats. they received christmas-themed toys and decorations. >> everybody, feline and everybody is getting into the spirit of things. 5:25. let's check in with anthony who is figuring out what's going on outside.
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it was a bit foggy for everybody. >> i got it all figured out. that's why i get in early. the fog is thick and dangerous across the south bay. you may say it's not that bad but in the south bay, that's where it's the worst. san francisco and places around the south bay not looking all that bad. later on this afternoon, it is going to be nice. 70 degrees for the south bay, 67 for the peninsula. the east bay, you'll be at 68. san francisco right at 65 in the north bay. low 70s with plenty of sunshine for everybody. let's talk to mike right now. maybe he's got fog to show us. >> december 23rd, let me call my cousin in chicago and let him know it's going to be 70 today. this is over the shoulder in fremont. we're seeing denser fog on our
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system by san jose. by the time you get to the mountains, visibility is just fine. the golden gate bridge with patchy fog. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> and your time now 5:27. arson investigators are trying to figure out what caused two cars to catch fire in the south bay overnight. we will have live details next. >> plus how a man managed to smuggle more than a dozen guns into a major airport. we'll tell you.
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from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> i have some video shot by one of our employees as he headed into work this morning. as you can see, a pretty foggy start to the morning for many parts of the bay area. good morning on this tuesday. thank you for joining us.
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i'm sam brock. >> and i'm vicky nguyen in for laura garcia-cannon. anthony, one of our co-anchors almost missed his exit here. >> process of elimination, it wasn't me. >> it's so dangerous this morning, even just trying to do that early this morning with no cars on the road, i had to bypass it. thanks to that video, whoever you were, you mysterious driver. this is our live shot from san jose. you can't even make out the street below. that's how foggy it is. and it's only in the south bay. you'll notice up the peninsula, san francisco, north bay, it's really isolated this morning and a lot of that gray area is where the fog is being picked um on our weather computer. you can see just putting the numbers on the map, visibility down to less than a quarter of a mile. sunnyvale mountain view, ten miles, san carlos and san
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francisco, no problems right now. once you hit about 7:00 as the sun rises, you get all of that cold air that sinks down to the surface and that's how you get that fog with radiational cooling. 70s for the south bay today, 65 in san francisco later on. let's see how the road are shaping up. >> they showed that video of 87 -- by the way, that want me either who did the filming. visibility is an issue now. tougher to see the glow of lights. your exits will come up on by surprise. slow down, it will give you more time to see those exits. a very light volume of traffic on the golden gate bridge. the fog will require to you slow down. from the bay bridge, volume is building but there's a big patch
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of clouds on that span between treasure island and san francisco as well. >> two car fires in west san jose have the attention of arson investigators. they happened overnight near delmar high school. stephanie chuang joins us. you're looking at another car fire in another part of san jose? >> reporter: that's right. that third one is in a different part of town. the focus for arson investigators are the first two vehicle fires. the second one happened three quarters of a mile away. you see the trail behind me. both locations all along the los gattos creek. just around 1:40 this morning, san jose firefighters responded to a third vehicle fire, this
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one about 12 miles away in east san jose at silver creek by silver creek valley road. there was an suv at one point fully engulfed in frames, but by the time we got there, fire crews were hosing it down. all you could see was a shell, a skeleton of the frame. so far that fire is not being investigated as arson at this point. san jose fire department saying there's no link thus far between the first two vehicle fires. san jose police are also investigating the fires. >> stephanie, thank you. >> this morning on the national front we're learning one of the new york city plefrs murdered in an ambush was just one hour away from becoming a certified chaplain. officer rafael ramos was
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studying to be a chaplain. just an hour before his scheduled graduation, he and his partner, wenjian liu were killed. investigators revealed new video of the suspect, ismaaiyl brinsley. you can see him holding a box that investigators believe the gun was placed in inside of that package. brinsley had spoken out against the police in the wake of the officer-involved killings in two black men. the mayor of new york city is asking protesters not to return to the streets until both liu and ramos have been laid to rest. >> eight years ago san francisco police officer brian tuvera was shot and killed by a parolee.
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last night as they do every year, family friends and law enforcement gather to honor the 28-year-old. his loved ones say december 22nd is always an emotional day but the loss in new york is magnifying their pain. >> it does feel different because it's more of an impact because of recent events. so when that happens, we really feel it. >> right now we're feeling it, two officers only guilty of wearing a uniform. >> officers from san francisco and other officers from across the bay area plan to travel to new york to attend the funeral of officers ramos and liu. >> and investigative reporter steven first uncovered problems with the reporting of day care and he joins us now.
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>> well, good morning. in response to our six-month-long investigation, state lawmakers passed and governor brown signed into law a new state law here in california that requires state officials to post public safety information record for day care centers online. also, parents can easily find that information and make good decisions. this fall the federal government passed a new law that -- our investigation uncovered under current law here in california, the stay only inspects day cares once every five years. that would have o to chang or the state could risk losing more than $7 million in federal grant money. they say getting these inspection reports online is a huge first step in improving child care here in california.
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>> you can view all the stories of the day care investigation by going to and clicking on investigations. >> nice to see changes produced from your reporting. >> let's go to anthony slaughter for a look at our forecast. it a little gray and muggy out there. unusual for drivers, not used to dealing with the fog out there. >> when i went to my car this morning, i was kind of shocked at how thick the fog was. visibility is really dangerous this morning, especially across the south bay pup want to make sure you go a little bit slower than usual. any hazards on the roads can sneak up on you. it's very isolated. it's not impacting sfo. i think we'll see some develop.
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if you're doing any traveling, always a good idea to check ahead. i just give you that quick check. >> ewoo do have temperatures are going to be really nice today. 70s in the south bay, 67 for the peninsula, the north bay today low 70s. while we have the fog now, we'll have sunit's remarkable when you forecast temperatures like this and then it happens. >> mike, how about thos road? >> that's the difference between you and me. now they would just show a traffic crash here, a car hit the center divide and is now
5:39 am
perpendicular to the center roadway. the rest of your bay, we're looking at the slow drive through the san jose area. the orange blob shows the worst of it. bits it's seen in milpitas and dixon road, a tough drive there as well. a shot of the bay bridge. you look at the cash lane starting to back up. not an unusual pattern but weep should see after all -- we're live in our nation's capital with the details. >> it was vicious temperature it was unbelievable. the people who witnessed the attack said they'd never seen anything like that. >> two pit bulls in the east pay ab
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aback. >> woor back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather right after this break. stay with us.
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major web sites in north korea back online this morning after a massive internet outage there. the timing is raising questions on whether the united states is behind it. tracie potts is looking into that for us this morning. good morning. >> good morning, sam. there are suggests the u.s. may be behind it because it was just a few days ago that the president said that north korea is responsible for the sony attack and we will be responding but we can't get any confirmation or denial that our government was involved in their internet going out yesterday. internet, which is always sketchy in north korea, was down
5:43 am
for more than nine hours monday. was it the u.s. making good on a promise to deal with whoever hacked sony pictures? the state department won't say. >> as we implement our responses, some will be seen, some may not be seen. >> the u.s. believes north korea was behind the sony attack. north korea denies it but says they are targeting the white house and the pentagon. the white house says there's no credible information about that. one washington lawmaker is inviting tone see to screen "the interview" at the u.s. capitol. >> we're not going to be deprived of seeing what's either a good or a bad movie because of threats from north korea. >> silence will not make the north korean government end its abuses. silence will not make the international community safer. >> reporter: she's urging the united nations to refer north korea to the international criminal court.
5:44 am
and new this morning china has said they had nothing to do with the sony attack and that any suggestion otherwise is irresponsible. sam? >> tracie, is sony weighing in at all? what do they have to say about this? >> sony has said they're a bit of an island here, that the government hasn't really come to their rescue, with an attack that not only affected their company but was an attack on america, a major cyber attack that could affect other companies the same way. there's quite a rift between sony and the government in trying to deal with this. >> thank you very much. >> let's turn our attention to the forecast and the run-up to christmas and christmas eve. the big guy, no weather is going to stop -- no no, the other big
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guy. >> we're going to be looking at nice conditions, at least here in the bay area. yes, weather will impact your travel. that happens every day, right? yes, plan ahead. even this morning you want to plan ahead because we're looking at dense fog. this is your live shot from san jose, it's christmas in the park and you can barely even make it out. can you see on the map our weather computer picks up on the data across the bay area. it's concentrated right across the south bay. it's isolated elsewhere. we're not seeing it across the entire bay area. it's across san jose and the south bay. later on, 67 for the peninsula, the east bay you'll be at 68, even san francisco, a little fog at the golden gate, not too bad right now. you can zoom in and see the downtown image with the clear visibility at least from this
5:46 am
vantage point. you'll notice cloud, fogs that will be with us again. by 11:00 tomorrow morning, that's when the first showers will start to fall across the north bay. i think the rain will stay concentrated for tomorrow morning. in you're doing any traveling perhaps out of town, headed up toward sacramento or over towards tahoe, rain and snow, they have a winter storm warning posted for 3 to 6 inches above 4,000 feet. use caution if you're traveling that way. by 6:00, tahoe will be clear. that drive up there will be clear as well, anywhere across the bay area for that matter. things will start to dry out. that means a dry christmas morning. the system has sped up just a little bit. we'll see a little bit of fog, a little cloud cover but not too bad. look at these temperatures,
5:47 am
though. we go from 70 today to 59 in san jose. look at that overnight low in san jose. can you see that? 39 degrees christmas night. it's going to be chilly once this cold front goes through. let see how that holiday travel is shaping up. >> it's. >> let's show you that tri-valley because there is that build out of the at more and a little build southbound 680 but no big deal. this is a lighter traffic flow for this week. it is tuesday so expect more traffic flow at least early in the commute than yesterday. we're seeing this orange blob that shows you where the road is and we're seeing tough visibility reflected here. there will be fog through
5:48 am
fremont, milpitas as well, though it's not showing up on the sensors. visibility holding steady just above a quarter mile in most patches. back to your maps. there's a little build toward the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on but only back to about the end of the the parking lot. >> delta airlines baggage handler under arrest this morning, accused of helping another man smgle guns on to an airplane. investigators say u yeen harvey using his employees credentials to bypass metal deexpect ticketors and apparently gave.
5:49 am
it's unclear how authorities found out about the lajd smuggling. >> the mercury news reports a teen-age girl out for a run yesterday morning was followed by a man in a dark gray prius. she first started him in she told policity took pictures of they are thnd. >> happening today, a new call to solve a deadly robbery on a hiking trail in the oakland hills. the regional park district will have an update on the death of 60-year-old david runzle. he was a writer and an english teacher who loved to hike. police are also expected to announce a new reward to find his killer. >> police are asking for your help to find the owner of two
5:50 am
pit bulls who they think were intentionally set free to attack. >> i started punching the ball game, the dog had margo in its mouth and was just shaking both dogs were hurt and had to get stitches and osbourne was bit on the hand. he fell down some steep rocks into the maroon a. luckily a passerby stepped in to end the attack, hitting the dogs on the head with a piece of patio furniture. those same pit bulls attacked oth other. >> the dogs were acting aggressively too the officers and had to be shot.
5:51 am
>> look what you've done to my dog. merry christmas. >> both pit bulls were killed by police. they think that the owners let the dogs out on purpose and they believe they drive a blue toyota pick up. and firemen are no longer able to sleep at the fire station because of mold. it not clear if the station will have to be closed down or if it can be cland and reopened to address the mold problem. >> sacred heart church is hoping the community come through to help children in the south bay. the charity plans to turn down two boys and one book to.
5:52 am
>> i don't know about you but it seems like christmas comes up really late every year in terms of thinking about shopping for my kid. we're hoping folks are going to step up and make sure they can provide some resources to other kid from low-encome families this year. we're hopeful they will respond. you can go and donate online, go to our web site, and search sacred heart. >> and bart is offering free trips to the airport.
5:53 am
one-way trips usually cost $6. >> you will soon see a new kind of google car on the road. our scott mcgrew is here to tell us about it. scott, looks really futuristic and i got to say it's kind of cute. >> super cute. we've all seen the robot cars on the road. not the mapping cars, the ones with the cameras. they go up and down 85 all the time. this is the new version of the google self-driving car. google had shown off this older version before. google said the old version didn't have thanksgiving it needed for the road, like working head. >> the dow closed at new highs is a breath away from 18,000. you recall earlier this month we were talking about the potential for taser to move much hyper. it gained nearly 9% on news that it landed a contract with lapd.
5:54 am
so why is taser so interesting? where taser excels is in evidence management. the recordings are not accessible to the officer. they're stored on the cloud, on accessible to the supervisor. where taser is taking the lead is in the evidence management. that's why it's been a really interesting -- >> and with the evidence management, you want them to be in a secure place. >> what happens if the outcome isn't clear. >> you got it right. >> we're going to check in with anthony, who has been managing our weather data this morning. i guess we're all looking forward to the holiday.
5:55 am
>> yes. >> it's a cooler start but it's warming up big time. >> it is warming up. take it easy, the dense fog will be with us at least for the first half of the day. not too bad afterwards. 70 in the south bay later on, 67 in the peninsula, east bay near 65 and the north bay, sunshine for everybody. it was nice to see that sun yesterday. how are the road looking right now, mike? >> not so sunny right now pop we have at least lit roadways. toll plaza, had all lanes filled, starting to back um on the left approach. the metering lights indeed are on because we still have a commute this morning. my concern is this patch of loch cloud drifting between treasure island and san francisco. there is a stall over at 8th and
5:56 am
getting off on the san francisco side. there's the rest of your bay, dense fog through san jose as well. >> thank you, mike. from grinches to goodwill, dozens of people at a central california wall nart got big surprises thanks to a secret santa. george is a developer who spends thousands of dollars every christmas. he picks up the tab for those last-ment shoppers. yesterday he paid for items of more than 40 customers. >> i've been blessed in my life and i come here every week buying children's clothes and toys and things. i feel like i'll just do what i can to help them out. >> i i'm just blessed to have all these gifts for my kid. i'm just happy. >> george says he might be
5:57 am
stopping by one more store before christmas. >> got to love that. a san francisco teen being honored by the today show for her courage and perseverance. >> investigators are now looking into three separate car fires, trying to figure out if any or all of them are the result of arson. we'll have the latest details. >> a live look outside san jose. this is what many people are dealing with as they wake up and get ready to go to work, a large swath of fog. we'll have another look at your traffic and weather coming up next. every day is a new opportunity to help make life better
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right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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right now at 6:00, a burned
6:00 am
out shell. why arson investigators are being called in. >> it's a little dangerous this morning, you want to leave a little extra time for yourself. you'll also see the end of king tides, rain pushing in. >> do leave extra time. can you do that because you'll have a little extra time. we'll show you what's going on with those roadways. it's going to be hard to show you, coming up. >> let's get a live look at the san mateo bridge. things flowing nicely but a little foggy out there so be careful. it's tuesday, december 23rd and you are watching "today in the bay". >> good morning. thank you for joining us this tuesday. i'm vicky nguyen, laura garcia-cannon has the morning off. >> and i'm sam brock. did


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