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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 24, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> good wednesday morning. it's 4:30, i'm sam brock, i'm vicki nguyen. first a check of the forecast with anthony. >> another morning, dense, dangerous fog. this time to the north bay, we've been playing pass the fog around, like hot potato all week. it's been over in oakland. then the south bay yesterday. now it's in the north bay, where we're looking at the most dangerous, thick fog. we have a storm system on the way. that's expected to arrive today. we'll time out this entire system coming up in a few
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minutes. i want to show you highs today. going to be dramatically cooler, rain's going to move in 60s today. 50s north bay. showers expected first in north bay, then slide through the south bay. full time line coming up. let's talk to mike. more of the fog. >> talking about the fog on the peninsula. yesterday was very tough in oakland. right now, it's not easy, either. we can at least see the glowing lights, as we take there is to full screen. rooftop camera showing you 14 floors down. the big bright glow, that's a rooftop light to give you reference. there's an issue. all right on the deck itself. okay for 883. watch oakland hills, you see orange there. as the roadway rises to meet low clouds, it will become a fog situation. a tree down, 580 at 14th. sounds like a car hit by the falling tree. no major injuries but tracking the rest of the bay. smoother drive. we'll talk about the peninsula
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coming up. >> thank you very much. 4:31. story still developing, protesters scuffled with police overnight following another deadly police shooting in berkeley, missouri. if that sounds familiar, it's a couple of miles away from ferguson, missouri. a police officer doing a routine check at a gas station when he saw two men at the side of the building. when a approached, one pulled out a gun and pointed it at him. the officer opened fire, killing one of the men. the other person took off. the police have not identified the victim but the woman at the scene said her 18-year-old son just left the house to visit his girlfriend. she told reporters she didn't think herson was carrying a gun. police recovered a weapon at the scene. demonstrators gathered in new york city to protest the police killings of unarmed black men. hundred of protesters marched through manhattan last night, some hold signs saying "jail
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killer cops," mayor de blasio asked protester to hold off until after two nypd officers were laid to rest. joe biden plans to attend the funeral for one of the officers, ramos. ramos and his partner sitting in a parked police cruiser. funeral arrangements for liu will be made once his family arrives from china. police plan to send representatives to the services. the man who shot the two officers later took his life. two police officers were hurt when they ran into a burning apartment complex to rescue a person inside. it happened after midnight, rear roanoke park expressway and country club drive. a spokesperson says the two officers suffered smoke inhalation but should be okay. the person who lived in the apartment is being treated for minor burns. three units damaged. this morning 14 people are out
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of a home. police are asking for your help to identify a man wanted in a sexual assault. police have issued a sketch of the man. take a look. on monday he pulled his car alongside a woman and tried to lure her inside his vehicle. when she refused, a man got out and attacked her. this happened near 33rd and san fernando streets near highway 101 and 680. the victim managed to run away. the car described as white, four-door sedan with silver grill. the drama surrounding "the interview" taking a new twist. independent movie theater operators say sony reached out about playing the comedy. many will release the film christmas day, including the elm wood theater in berkeley. the first showing sold out. "the interview," fictional movie involving the killing of north korea's leader. it led to a cyberattack on sony and threats of violence against theaters who play it. sony initially pulled the film but it's offering a limited release. the latest twist is getting
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mixed reaction in berkeley. >> people calling to thank us for america about free speech and berkeley, yeah. it's entertaining. >> we may be a little area in wanting to push this movie so much to prompt we're not scared of anybody. >> long history, of course, free speech in berkeley. the berkeley police department says it is aware of the release but says it has no special plans for the event. the elm wood expecting big crowds for that one. elmwood, not the only local theater to show the film. the marquee above the camera 3 theat er in downtown san jose which will show "the interview." "the interview" will play in fairfax, livermore, martinez, pittsburg, oakland, sonoma, petaluma, morgan hill and san jose. >> happening know, a last-minute push to provide christmas cheer for san francisco's neediest
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children. video from last year, last-minute troy drive at lefty o'doul's in union square. this includes local children singing and a brass band. donating a toy as easy as handing off to santa's elves who collect toys from passing drivers. organizers hoping to collect 10,000 toys than many collected last year at the event and that set a record. don't forget, you have time to help out with your nbc bay area food drive as well. we've teamed up with safeway to feed bay area families this season. you have until christmas day to help us reach our goal of 150,000 bags, $10 apiece. buy bags at any of your local safeway stores. keep that in mind. >> sam, as you know, christmas eve just getting started here in the bay area. on the other side of the world, its almost christmas morning. >> tracking santa and his sleigh. he's over the solomon islands,
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getting ready to visit kids all over the globe. a live look at nor rad's santa tracker. exactly where santa is at all times. can't lose track of that big fellow. >> wonder how he feels about privacy invasion. >> the nsa, now norad. >> it's one day a year, santa. let's bring in anthony slaughter who is an open book, here to tell us about the weather forecast. >> then think about the drones. i mean, come on. >> keep it below 400 feet. >> santa doesn't want rudolph in the drone area. i'll talk about the weather. we have dangerous, thick fog across the north bay. this is what we're finding worst of the stability. even patchy fog around oakland and also through mountain view. take it easy. if you are headed out and you've got to get somewhere soon, add extra time. you can see our next storm system, this is not that impressive. usually when we show you the
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system, we have a nice swirl to them. those is lagged out. stretched all the way out. you can see, this next batch of area, cloud cover, that's the system that is going to impact us. we're waiting on the moisture transport to meet up with the actual area of low pressure. it's going to take a while before we see rain form. this is 10:00 this morning. notice, dry across the bay area. it's not until noon when we start to see showers push into napa, santa rosa, 1:00, 2:00 for san francisco, oakland, tri-valley and towards the peninsula. it won't be until about 3:00, 4:00 until we see it here in san jose and towards the santa cruz mountains. we've got a little bit of time to wait before we see rain. but mainly cloudy through morning hours. after we get rain, winds are going to kick up. this is 2:00. the front positioned right over san francisco. that's when our winds gust at their highest at the coastline and then all of that wind is going to roar through as we head towards evening hours.
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from 2:00 to 7:00, that's when winds are going to kick up. winds are going to remain gusty through morning hours tomorrow as well. keep that in mind. today, rain in the north bay. temperatures only topping out at 59. 60 in san francisco, but rain around lunchtime and shower activity will spread to the south bay by this afternoon. over all, a different day from what we saw yesterday. no sunshine and definitely no temperatures in the 70s today. keep jackets handy. of course, umbrellas a good idea. let's toss things over to mike and check the fog. >> like the brisk morning. fog sitting around. a shot at palo alto. we don't usually see this much fog through the area. there will be typical coastal fog within other patches. . this, we'll see the glowing yellow light, that's where it's clearly the ikea sign, so it's tough to see across the roadway. a smoother drive on the deck. it's okay as you travel past university northbound with the
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headlights. at freeway, 880 clearer view as you past by the auto mall sign. 680 south, as we look at maps 237, there's an early morning crash. reportedly blocking your two left lanes, heading south past kal kal kalca cala verdes. south bay and the rest of the bay at the speed. watch for the fog around the oakland area. >> time 4:40. around 500 police officers guarding bethlehem, revered as jesus' birthplace. bethlehem's nativity square lit up. worshippers and pilgrims began flocking to the compound. leading a christmas eve mass at the church of nativity. on the heels of a blistering address to the vatican, pope francis is hours away from
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delivering his christmas eve midnight mass. monday the pope spoke to vatican leaders, plasted leaders calling them infected with pettiness and out of touch. the humiliation caught many off guard. tonight a different message. tonight a broadcast of the midnight mass after 11:00 p.m. newscast which ends at 11:34. 4:41. facebook signs a big deal with a major professional sports link. >> my god. >> go, go, go! >> plus, a chilling road rage incident caught on camera. two women run off the road. we'll hear from one of them, next. live look outside this morning. downtown san jose. christmas in the park right around the corner from that camera shot as many families getting ready to celebrate. of course special holiday greetings from our local troops
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overseas. >> hi, this is the trout family here in germany. we'd like wish everybody in antioch, california, a merry christmas and happy holidays. >>okinawa, japan, want to wish everyone a happy holiday, say hi to friends and family, love you.
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>> announcer: nur watyou're wat "today in the bay." >> time 4:44. facebook inks a big deal with the nfl. plus rights to beatles collection possibly for sale. meg tirrell live with all of the news before the bell. good morning, meg. >> good morning. we'll start with the markets. dow looks to march higher, after a close 18,000 for the first time on tuesday. futures pointing to a higher open on wall street. stocks rose ain't strong gdp report which showed the economy grew more than expected this summer. dow went from 17,000 to 18,000 in less than 6 months. it's a short day of trading, markets close at 1:00 p.m. eastern time the nasdaq fell 16 to 4765. sony reportedly considering whether to sell its music publishing business which owns most of beatles' song catalog. the "wall street journal" says
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according to e-mail. it's co-owned with the estimate of michael jackson, worth $2 billion. facebook has inked a deal with the nfl to run short video clips in users' news feeds. the clips include game highlights, news and other content followed by ads for verizon wireless. the nfl struck a similar deal last year with twitter. >> thank you. you know what this means, sam? >> what does this mean? >> more men with their face buried in their phone. >> for involved colin kaepernick and 90-yard touchdown yards, i'm sure many happy about that. i do at record highs. we've seen enough records regarding rainfall in recent days. maybe a pause for wreck legs over the holidays. >> i think we got the pause yesterday. now the next storm system making its way into the bay area. across the pacific northwest. showers starting. that system is going to sag to the south as we head through the
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day today. across the east coast, rain from really about chicago all the way to atlanta, they've got tornado warnings and rain stretches newspaper new york and boston. the thing about it, it's not causing major airport delays. good news, you don't have the airport delays. sfo looking good as of now. rain and severe weather, make sure that you're paying attention, if you're traveling that direction. look how clear it is in the south bay this morning. completely different story from what we saw yesterday at this time. finally, we can see christmas in the park activities. you can see temperatures are cold. even in san francisco, 53 degrees. later this afternoon, rain will arrive. in fact, showers arrive in the north bay first around noon. look at that high, around 59. 60 for san francisco with rain arriving around 1:00 and 2:00. east shore peninsula and south bay, you will see rain this afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00. overall, talking about light
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amounts, that is not a huge storm system. just enough to get the ground wet. less than a tenth of an inch really incredible amount considering that we had inches of rain over the past week or so. now we're talking about a minor storm. but it's going to cause problems especially on roads that could get slick as you try to get over grandma's house. talk to mike right now. actually, we'll toss it back to you. >> we'll tell grandma hello, we'll check in with her later. thank you. hearing from one of the women involved in i scary road rage incident on interstate 80. >> you want to see this video. a south bay woman in jail for allegedly harassing two young women, intimidating them with both her car and what police say was a fake badge. the young women had the presence of mind to call 911 and they caught it all on video. >> oh my god. >> go, go, go. >> reporter: strykul shot the
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video saturday as her friend drove on i-80 near auburn north of sacramento. strykul says the driver of a silver suv tailgating them. she made an obscene hand gesture towards that drive somewhere strykul says the woman lost it. swerving in front of them, trying to make them pull over. >> i was petrified. i was so scared. she continued to poll low us. >> reporter: one point they did stop, the woman pounded on the window and waved an i.d. at them strykul claims she tried to put them under arrest. >> go. >> go. >> she called 911, and the women pull away. but there's more swerving and honking from the driver, and then -- >> she just hit our car! she's pushing us off the road. she's pushing us off the road. she's coming for us. put it in reverse. >> reporter: every moment caught on camera, relayed to the
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operator. dispatchers relocate them to the gas station and where 50-year-old orozco would be arrested. her second road rage incident in a week. court she appeared to mock prosecutors reading the charges against her. >> started tailgating two individuals. >> reporter: no matter what happens next, strykul is happy she and her friend are safe. >> there was a moment where i feared for my life. i don't know how i would have handled things differently. >> go. >> reporter: ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> scary moment. >> that will get your blood pumping in the morning. 4:50 now. how the warriors made one fan's holiday wish come true this holiday season. >> san mateo bridge, what we can see of. anthony talked about yesterday a lot of fog in the south bay. today a different situation but unexpected fog. we'll talk about also a tree down in the east bay coming up. playing hoops, sam is number one.
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at st. jude i was number two.
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yeah, but that was a good thing. sam was the second of seven patients to receive a new cancer treatment available only at st. jude children's research hospital, and that discovery will be shared with hospitals all across america. st. jude gives kids like me a shot. a great shot. go to st. jude dot org or shop wherever you see the st. jude logo. i'm from san diego, california, director of nursing services, multination medical unit in kandahar, afghanistan. i want to say happy holidays to all of my family and friends, to david in san diego, my son, christopher in san francisco, my sister in new jersey, and my dad and kathy in north brunswick new jersey, all of the friends for happy health in san diego. warriors now are in the
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giving spirit this holiday season making a dream come true for a fan and cancer survivor who lives on the other side of the world. >> comcast sportsnet has the story. >> happy holidays. when it comes to giving back, we can take a tip from andrew bogut. with the help of the warriors and make a wish foundation, native trent frost got the opportunity to meet his hometown hero. but that was only the beginning. >> i met him a few years ago in melbourne. his wish to come to an nba game. because of his condition, he couldn't travel. >> how was the trip? >> it was long. >> good. >> if you ever come out my way, let me know, i'll hook you up. make a wish came to me when i was sick, they said what do you wish? i wish i could see an nba game.
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>> he had a -- seeing andrew, it was bam. >> loss for words i'm don't know what to say. >> here for a couple of days. >> good. >> see the game tonight. get the vip treatment. >> took me upstairs to the manager's room. >> good buddies with this guy. we want to offer you a contract. >> he's got a contract for me to sign. >> the contract is signed, i'll sign it first. >> that was a surprise to me. i was like, what? >> a one-day contract for the day. >> professional athletes, we're in a great opportunity to give back to the children all over the world. >> overwhelming from a mother's point of view. to see the look on my child's face. >> expecting to come, shake hands, come back to the game. but they went above and beyond.
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>> we'll get him gold and blue shoes. >> absolutely. >> seeing him today, there's no bringing him down after this. it's amaze. >> any of us, i think. >> i don't how to explain it. it's a dream come true as well. no money could ever amount tomorrow what this has done. >> it's a dream come true, really is. >> what a great story. later this season, steph curry will host four make a wish families on friday, january 9th when the warriors play the cleveland cavaliers. >> thank you. such great work for make-a-wish foundations and a great partnership with the warriors. >> makes you want to get
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involved and do -- throw out assists. we can't throw out assists to steph curry. >> i can't reach him either, except give him a high five. east shore freeway. the fog is the issue, in many parts, usual fog like this. extra fog on the peninsula as well. let's look at your maps. talking about the fog where the arrow is. a tree down for westbound 580. two lanes blocked. and it fell on to a tree. video coming in in the next few minutes. stick around for the next hour. we'll show you that video. also show you orange in the north bay, fog situation there for fairfield, petaluma, novato, light traffic but peninsula seeing that creeping forward side. we'll give you the video after the break.
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president george h.w. bush waking up in a texas hospital thi this morning. the latest on his condition, next. last-minute push to help the
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bay area's less fortunate. the annual tradition under way in san francisco where we'll be with a live look. >> this morning, waking up to the thick fog like we've seen the past few mornings. this morning north bay and east bay. we'll talk about our next storm system set to hit the bay area today. the full time line, coming up. >> the storm system in now, we have fog, unusually heavy in spots like this, san mateo bridge. light traffic at bottom. we lose sight of the traffic at the top of the screen. a tree down in the east bay, coming up. a live look outside. looks to be, what is that san francisco downtown? yes, i thought so. wednesday, christmas eve, december 24th. you are watching "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm vicky nguyen. laura garcia-cannon has the morning off. >> i'm sam brock on


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