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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 24, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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bay area's less fortunate. the annual tradition under way in san francisco where we'll be with a live look. >> this morning, waking up to the thick fog like we've seen the past few mornings. this morning north bay and east bay. we'll talk about our next storm system set to hit the bay area today. the full time line, coming up. >> the storm system in now, we have fog, unusually heavy in spots like this, san mateo bridge. light traffic at bottom. we lose sight of the traffic at the top of the screen. a tree down in the east bay, coming up. a live look outside. looks to be, what is that san francisco downtown? yes, i thought so. wednesday, christmas eve, december 24th. you are watching "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm vicky nguyen. laura garcia-cannon has the morning off. >> i'm sam brock on this
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christmas eve. anthony slaughter. no snow but we have precipitation. >> no snow in the bay area. doing traveling to tahoe, another additional foot above 6,000 feet. that's going to come this afternoon and evening. if you are doing any traveling, hold off perhaps if you can late tonight. that will be your best bet. the storm system, not impressive. the thing about it, we're waiting on this piece of energy here to link up with this area of low pressure there. and so, once those two meet, that's when we'll see showers push into the bay area. that will be around noon and points thereafter. this morning, dangerous, thick fog. yesterday it was the south bay. you can see even seeing some develop across mountain view and woodside on 280. one area to keep in mind. patchy fog. even in oakland, not bad but in the north bay, socked in this morning from vacaville to santa rosa and the extreme coastline. take it easy from the north bay this morning. otherwise, showery, as we head
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towards the day. 59 in the north bay. 60 south bay with showers arriving this afternoon. the full time line coming up in moments. >> thank you. time 5:01. four people have died, and more than 50 people hurt after a violent storm that ripped apart a mississippi town overnight. meteorologists say is it possible a tornado touched down in columbia, mississippi. strong wind ripped the roof off of a daycare center. children were inside but no one was hurt. a number of cars were flipped over. a hospital lost power but did continue operating on generator power. 5:02. the navy investigating whether the former navy s.e.a.l. who claimed that he killed osama bin laden revealed classified information. robert o'neal has given several interviews saying he was part of the operation that resulted in death of bin laden, has gone to great lengths not divulge
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classified information. but yesterday a spokesperson said they have gotten allegations that he did provide classified information and they're now investigating. a spokesman for o'neal has not commented. former president george h.w. bush is in the hospital, after experiencing shortness of breath. an ambulance took bush to a houston hospital, a spokesman said he's staying there mostly as a precaution, and that he is being held for observation. a year ago at this time, the 90-year-old bush was in the midst of a two-month stay for bronchitis. a white house spokesman said president obama sent good wishes to the former president from hawaii, where the first family is vacationing. reaction is mixed this morning, following the fda's recommendation to lift a lifetime man on gay and bisexual men donating blood. the fda says starting next year, gay men who have not had sex for one year will be able to donate. the current lifetime ban put
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into place in 1983 early days of the aids epidemic. gay rights advocates pushing for a change in policy says the recommendation is a step forward, it's still discriminates. >> not based in current technology and science. it's based if fear from generations ago. >> a screen for everybody, when they test the blood afterwards, they can have that assurance. >> many medical experts say a lifetime ban is not necessary, given advances in hiv testing. the red cross is reminding everyone it is the season for giving blood, as well. holiday blood drive is happening through the start of the year to boost bay area blood supplies. donors of all types welcome but especially in need of o negative, a negative and b negative blood. two evefrnts taking place, one at hilton double tree in campbell, another at stone ridge
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mall in pleasanton. it's not too late to be able to do a really good deed this morning. happening now, last-minute push to provide christmas cheer for less fortunate children in san francisco. you can't get any more last minute than this. christmas eve. >> sometimes it's that pressure that you put on that gets people going. stephanie chuang live in san francisco where lefty o'doul's broke a record last year and collect toys now until the christmas deadline. good morning, steph. >> reporter: good morning, vicki and sam. here at lefty o'doul's here, it's all in the christmas cheer right now. they are pushing to get 10,000 toys for children in need this year. you can see, there are some collected here so far. you've got dolls, even a buster posey here. i want to bring in lee who started this 14 years ago. talk about the drive and what you need. >> we need 10,000 toys.
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this year, more than ever, the divide is greater than ever. we've got a very successful year in san francisco. lots of business. people are making money hand over foot, but it isn't trickling down. the need, we've gone out each year and check in the weeks before christmas, the need is greater than ever. at the academy around the corner kids asked if they had ever seen san tap they never seen santa claus. we need to get them a toy. that's our goal. every kid in san francisco will have a toy tomorrow morning, because you folks are going to come down here, drive by, union square, 333 geary street, celebrity santa, you'll recognize, will take your toy from your window and go to a needy child. >> looking aat video from last year's drive right now. talk to us about -- people can drive by, give the gifts to the santas or elves. it's easy.
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>> so easy. come on by, a 60-piece oompah pa band, musicians playing all day, you can see mayor brown here, see the fire chief, police chief. we'll have some 50 kids singing to you. >> reporter: perfect. thank you so much. we'll have more throughout the morning. this is going on through 11:00 tonight they'll accept donations, even past that maybe. you can, 10,000 toys. keep it here to "today in the bay." we'll have all of the entertainment, as if you need any more reason to give to the kids. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you. i think he had me at the oompah pa band. >> i wanted to know what it was, but we'll be looking into that. 5:07. anthony, do you know know what an oompah pa band is? >> now, but i'll google it, like i did with the rubles. satellite and radar perspective,
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this tells the story. you see the systems, tightly wound up. ing this system is not organized. waiting for this piece of energy to link up with the north. once the two meet, we'll have rain. but it's going to be a while until we get rainfall. another five hours, until we see anything develop across the bay area. but by around 10:00115 1 area. but by around 10:001150:00, 11:t will hold off around noon. same for oakland, tri-valley and towards the delta, up towards sacramento and sierras looking at snow this afternoon. winter storm warnings posted there. notice rain continues for south bay but going to move in around 2:00ing 3:00ing 4:00. after that it's done. not talking about a huge all-day rain, not a big storm. but it could cause travel problems trying to get out of town, especially because of the wind, i think, is going to --
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talking about wins in excess of 50 miles per hour at the coastline. through the afternoon and evening hours, winds are going to rev up. rain first and winds kick up, even in the valley floor winds up to 40 miles per hour especially in some of those low-lying areas. keep that in mind as we head through the day today. rain will arrive first in the north bay, spreading through the south bay towards evening and afternoon hours and tomorrow wake up to sunshine for christmas day. not a bad forecast. rain comes and goes quickly. that's how we like to see it come and go. >> that's right. by the way, for you, an oompah pa band, i associate that with ge ge german music, tuba. you'd recognize this. 880 through the fog starting to move. you can see lighter traffic. i had this as a reference, light on top of the roof where the camera is mounted. 880, now the live look -- not
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live, video we had as a tree came down on the roadway. that's 580. two lanes blocked until a couple of minutes ago. chp just gave us the all-clear. the car, wrong place, wrong time, tree hit the front of the car. the driver able to be interviewed, that's good news. the car, bad shape. back to the map. what we're talking about, that was 580 at 14th, that has cleared all lanes in the last couple of minutes. light volume, fog around the golden gate. here, we have woodside, peninsula, watching it creep down into mountain view. it's unusual for that portion of the bay. we often see this, but this is widespread for the north bay. san rafael shot, tough for drivers to see as well. >> thank you. time 5:107 why the holiday packages may not make it to your doorstep in time. >> the man stole my purse. i can see a blanket underneath his arm as he's running up the aisle. >> plus, a warning on one of the busiest travel days of the year.
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a woman robbed mid flight. detailsing next. >> where did the robber think he was going to go? >> yes, golden gate bridge. traffic moving nicely at this hour. we want to leave you with a holiday greeting from one of our servicemen stationed overseas. >> how are you doing? here in kandahar, afghanistan. shout outs to family and friends in california. happy holidays. go, raiders! ♪ the world is your snowball see how it grows. ♪
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♪ that's how it goes whenever it snows. ♪ ♪ the world is your snowball just for a song. ♪ ♪ get out and move it along. ♪
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i'm currently in camp, i want to say hi to my wife, my daughters and a.j. also hi to my time, oakland, california and where i was reared, pittsburg, california. >> bay area representation in the military, love seeing that. 5:14. this might sound difficult to comprehend. theft at 30,000 feet. a warpining, thieves are targetg you, even in the sky. our nbc station in los angeles shows us why you need to buckle more than your seat belts when you're in the air. >> reporter: it happened aboard an american airlines red eye to paris. >> eyes closed. >> reporter: lights were dimmed, and carol of orange county dozed off. >> sleeping on my side.
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>> reporter: leaving her purse in the seat pocket, minutes later. >> the man stole my purse. i can see a blanket flopping underneath his arm as he's running up the aisle. >> reporter: the thief ran into bathroom and she waited until he came out. >> he emerged in full uniform, flight attendant with the badge. >> it can certainly happen to anyone. becau this is a crime of opportunity. >> reporter: david gates says the feds have nabbed numerous on board thieves, like the one on a flight from sydney to l.a.x. >> we got a confession. >> reporter: a confor example from australian professional star tony daly admitted stealing $925 from carry-on bags. he gave the money back to the feds so they didn't charge him. >> we sent the rugby star home to australia. >> reporter: police arrested the son of cybill shepherd, stealing cash and camera on a flight. he was sentenced to alcoholics anonymous program. >> keep valuables close to your
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body. keep your valuables hidden. >> money, money's gone! >> reporter: this video, produced for travelers in asia, warns them to report possible thieves while still in the air. so a suspect can be arrested right when the plane lands. >> what should someone do on a plane and think they've been ripped off. >> call the flight attendant. >> i said you stole my purse. >> reporter: the man was a flight attendant, named pierre petronio. she notified other crew members, and american investigated. he was terminated because american said his behavior was inappropriate. he wasn't charged. >> inappropriate behavior? i call it a crime. >> reporter: carol has to travel for work every few months. but becoming a victim at 30,000 feet has left her with a fear of flying. >> i have flight anxiety because
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it all rushes back over me again. >> impressive that she followed the thief to the bathroom. 5:16. joe grover. that woman did get her purse back, american airlines offered carol 50,000 frequent flyer miles as an apology. >> markets are open, a half day of trading christmas eve. you know who is working full time? meg tirrell live at cnbc world headquarters with business headlines. good morning, meg. >> good morning. the dow looks to march higher today, after a close above 18,000 for the first time tuesday. futures are pointing to a higher open on wall street. stocks rose on strong gdp report which showed the economy grew more than expected this summer. dow went from 17,000 to 18,000 in less than 6 months. it's short day of trading today. markets close at 1:00 p.m. eastern. the dow rising 64 points to end at 18, 024. nasdaq fell 16 to 4765.
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bad news for last-minute shoppers. fedex and u.p.s. capping express holiday deliveries after a surge in packages led some to go over their agreed upon limits. trying to avoid a repet of last year when 2 million packages didn't make it on time because of bad weather and rush of late online orders. >> thank you. merry christmas eve. >> officially crunch time. people trying to get packages slammed in. hopefully no guilty parties here. >> as we learned yesterday, anthony has no sympathy for these people. he's all about plan ahead. happens every year, everybody, get on it. >> part of the -- gift ahead of time. >> planning. >> when you have kids, it's all different, they want the gifts under the tree, you've got to the deliver. santa's got to deliver. talk about the fog out there. another foggy start to the day. man, that is oakland, completely socked in. one of our best cams that we can
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show you, everything else is dark, especially across the north bay, finding the worst fog. so, yes, as like to say, plan ahead in the spirit of fun. talk about the fog that we've been dealing with. all week long. in fact, hopping around the bay area. yesterday in the south bay. patches of fog developing up across 101, 280 and towards woodside. over towards palo alto and mountain view as well. but otherwise, we'll see a little bit of cloud cover. few peeks of sunshine. they're taking sun away today and bringing in the next storm system. rain will arrive first in the north bay and this afternoon, for san francisco, points southward into the south bay. we've got a bit of time to actually get through some of the rain because it won't get here until 11:00, 12:00. you ski 10:00, dry, cloudy. peaks of sunshine here and there but mainly cloudy, even when
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rain arrives. not expecting heavy rain except for the north bay. as the thing moves to the south, notice 1:00ing 2:00 san francisco, peninsula, east bay. it's going to fall apart. we will get a tenth of an inch but that's all. the other thing to keep in mind, wind is going to pick up after we get the rain. most likely from 2:00 this afternoon, you can see when the front starts to push in, through 7:00. that's where we could see winds gust, even in san francisco, up to 50 miles per hour. even through the inner bay. across some of the higher hilltops, we'll see gusts up to 50. but in inland valleys, really 20, 40 miles per hour. but that will be detrimental to some of the trees and mudslides over the past couple of days without the swran without the wind. keep that in mind. we're not expecting huge totals. you can see anywhere from a tenth of an inch and that could be all. rain comes in today and then it's going to get cold. we're talking about 30s for overnight lows for christmas
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night. even into this weekend. in fact, saturday morning wouldn't be surprised here in the south bay, waking up to frost. yeah, it's going to start to feel like the holiday season once we get past the next storm system. let's talk to mike. >> here, anthony, where the roadways themselves, drivers, there are less of them today obviously light volume today, at least for morning. afternoon and evening will get crazy, as folks go across town. we can make the glow here. between the camera on the rooftop and the road itself, low clouds creeping through. visibility on the deck okay. but patches where you will have a tough time to see. oakland hills. the map, talking about the area. here in the north bay, highway 37, north of the benicia bridge. that will be a factor for the north bay. tri-valley, where we talk about fog, no problem. same as yesterday. fog-free through the tri-valley,
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south 680 through livermore, pleasanton. 680 here at 237 earlier crash but looks like everything's cleared up. here's the fog. unusual for that coastal area -- sorry, peninsula area at woodside. palo alto with the camera, it's tougher to see that glowing yellow thing that should say ikea, not going to get to see this morning. >> ikea tons of publicity on the show. scott mcgrew talking about an ikea chair the other day. story of survival out of sacramento, some are calling a christmas miracle. >> 13-year-old boston terrier fell off of a 15th floor balcony, straight into the hot tub, and the guy survived. a story you want to see. >> reporter: fighting tears from his balcony, an emotional bill mccord recalls the frightening experience. >> just can't imagine a dog going through that kind of trauma. >> reporter: if they say cats have nine lives, bill's 13-year-old boston terrier sammy could be considered to join his
5:23 am
feline friend. >> he got on the next balcony, tried to work his way back. he has an eye sight issue. >> reporter: when the eyesight failed, there was nowhere to go but down. what happened next was a miracle. by all accounts, no way sam should have survived to bark another day. >> just to the east of this balcony, is a pool and hot tub. the dog went directly into the hot tub. >> reporter: this sign meant nothing. >> hit the hot tub, he instinct actually started to swimming to get out. he swam three times, found the stairs, pulled himself out. >> reporter: suffering from cracked pelvis and broken rib, now recovering at the animal hospital. after falling from one of the tallest residential buildings in sacramento. >> i've seen him stand up and walk. it's just -- it's amazing. >> 13 years old! that is a christmas miracle.
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>> and, sam the dog, had a nose for the water. happy to hear the dog's okay. time 5:23. another 2014 list out this morning. have you had your fill? >> no, love the end of the year lists. >> let's do. the most overpaid actor of the year, coming up. first outside, a live look. look at that, beautiful picture there. another holiday greeting as well, as we go to break from one of our troops overseas. nicholas family, coming from anderson air force gase, guam. happy new year, merry christmas to all of the neicholass in san francisco, california. happy new year, merry christmas. >> we love you guys.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay."
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adam sandler's funny. who doesn't love the hanukkah song, right? >> part of history. >> boss cutting his paycheck might not be laughing to the bank. >> for the second straight year he wins dubious distinction of being hollywood's most overpaid actor. forbes compiled the list based on box office bang for the buck. a formula. sandler's flops are making hem a costly catch for studios, nas $3.20 for every dollar paid. >> you want to know who the other folks are, right? rounding out the top five, overpaid actors, johnny depp, grossed a dollar more than sandler for every dollar paid, then ben stiller, ryan reynolds and tom hanks, that's a prize. >> it is. who is bringing in the most dollars per dollar paid. >> yeah. we're working on that list. >> i don't want to promise something i can't deliver. 5:27 right now.
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next. >> oh my god. >> go, go, go! >> a chilling road rage incident caught on camera. two women run off the road, you're going to hear from one of them, next.
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a pair of north bay police officers hospitalized after rushing into a burning building to save a person inside. what we're learning about their condition. >> with less than 24 hours to go until christmas, one bay area bar making a push to help out those less fortunate. live with details, coming up. >> next storm system taking shape across the pacific northwest. while we've got thick morning fog. rain returns and then the winds pick up this evening. full microclimate forecast coming up in minutes. >> fog, yes. look at this. the san mateo bridge, as anthony's talking about fog creeping in to spots you might not expect for your morning commute. how that might affect your easy drive, maybe not so much. >> outside in san francisco.
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not too much of the fog at all. clear and beautiful, wednesday, december 24th. you are watching "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for being with us. i'm vicky nguyen in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. all new, two roanoke park police officers injured after running into a burning apartment complex to rescue a person, this happened at midnight. spokesperson for the public safety department says two officers did suffer smoke inhalation but are going to be okay. the person who lived in the apartment are treated for minor burns. three units damaged, 14 people have been displaced. >> police are asking for your help in identifying a man wanted for sexual assault. police have issued this sketch of the man. take a look. on monday he pulled his car alongside a woman and tried to
5:32 am
lure her into his vehicle. when she refused the man got out and attacked her. it happened near the corner of 33rd and san fernando streets near highway 101 and 680. the victim managed to run away. the car is a white four-door sedan with silver grill. >> hearing from one of the women involved in a scary road rage incident on interstate 80. south bay woman in jail, for allegedly harassing two young women, intimidating them with both her car and a fake badge. as nbc bay area ian cole shows us, the young woman had presence of mind to call 911, and they were recording it all. >> oh my guard. >> reporter: strykul shot the video saturday as her friend drove on i-80 near auburn north of sacramento. strykul says the driver of a
5:33 am
silver suv tailgating them. she made an obscene hand gesture towards that driver strykul says the woman lost it. swerving in front of them, trying to make them pull over. >> i was petrified. i was so scared. she continued to follow us. she's in an explorer. >> reporter: one point they did stop, the woman pounded on the window and waved an i.d. at them strykul claims she tried to put them under arrest. >> go. >> go. >> she called 911, and the women pull away. but there's more swerving and honking from the driver, and then -- >> she just hit our car! she's pushing us off the road. she's pushing us off the road. she's coming for us. put it in reverse. >> reporter: every moment caught on camera, relayed to the operator. dispatches are direct them to the gas station, where a chp officer is waiting and where 50-year-old orozco would be arrested. police say it was her second road rage incident in a week. court she appeared to mock prosecutors reading the charges against her.
5:34 am
>> started tailgating two individuals. >> reporter: no matter what happens next, strykul is happy she and her friend are safe. >> there was a moment where i feared for my life. i don't know how i would have handled things differently. >> go. >> reporter: ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> so scary. that's why you never want to engage with people on the road. you never know who is in the car with you. >> you don't. interesting courtroom reactions as well from the perpetrator. 5:34. this morning a final push to collect christmas toys for less fortunate san francisco kids. >> "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang live at lefty o'doul's in the city. that's where they try to push it to the last minute and get the procrastinators out, right? >> reporter: absolutely. good morning to you. we're in union square, you can come shopping and stop by and drop off amazing toys for kids. joined by nick, owner of lefty
5:35 am
o'doul's. talking about 10,000 toys. >> we heard over 10,000 kids without a toy. we're not going to let that happen. every kid will wake up with a toy. please come by, just drop off a toy, join the website, or something at the fire station. let's help the church. no kid wakes up without a toy. >> it's christmas eve but feels like christmas. everybody's here. entertainment, carollers are taking a break now. >> we have from baptist church from san francisco academy, from mo madness, kids come every year that help us bring the spirit of christmas alive. so everybody please help us. let not one kid wake up without a toy. >> reporter: nick, who are these toys going to? i mean, these are toys all around -- kids all around
5:36 am
san francisco and the bay area. >> yes, kids, we were told, over 2500 just in tender line alone could be waking up without a toy. another set of kids. as toys come in, they're going out. it's a big distribution center. 24 hours to get this down. >> reporter: even less. thank you, nick, owner of lefty o'doul's. final push. 10,000 toys here now until 11:00 tonight. come on by, if you can, in the spirit of the holidays. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> noble efforts, no doubt about it. thank you. you still have time to help out with our nbc bay area food drive as well. we've teamed up with -- help feed bay area families this season. you have until christmas day to help us reach the goal of 150,000 bags. bags are preprepared.
5:37 am
you can buy the bags at any local safeway stores. >> simple, just ten bucks, right there at the checkout. trying to bring that up to christmas eve. let's bring in anthony slaughter. another simple guy here, with a -- >> he's complex but simple when it comes to the forecast, giving us what we need. >> at 5:30, you can call me simple. come on, so early, especially, trying to wrap your mind around the holiday festivities that you've got going on. of course up late last night, trying to get the turkeys done, maybe opening gifts like we did yesterday evening. i want to start you off with the fog. what we've been seeing all morning. you can see the thickest in the north bay. we have patchy fog across the inner bay, oakland to mountain view. in spots you'll see the fog. in other spots clear conditions like the south bay. later this afternoon, rain arrives in the north bay first
5:38 am
around 10:00. and spreading south. i'll time that up for you. futurecast, mainly dry conditions by 10:00. as we head through 11:00, 12:00, showers spread into the north bay. then, san francisco, oakland, peninsula, east bay, tri-valley, expecting to see showers 2:00, 3:00, activity into the south bay by 3:00 and 4:00. after that, done with the rain. san francisco done with it at 2:00. north bay, sunshine when the rain pushes out. once the rain inends, don't let your guard down. that's the first push. the first weather element of what's coming through. we've got fog now. we'll have rain this afternoon and then the winds pick up by i would say 5:00 when we'll see the worst of the winds from 5:00 to 7:00. and after that it should start to die down. talking about winds in excess of 50 miles per hour at the coastline. san francisco, half moon bay, towards santa cruz, everybody
5:39 am
else for the inland valleys winds up to 20, 40 mile per hour and they should subside towards christmas morning. it's going to get cold. highs for the weekend, talking about 50s in inland valleys. even in san francisco. and thing to note here, saturday morning, frost in our inland valleys. a bit of everything here as we move through the christmas season. talk to mike, see how roads are looking. >> looking at the roads right now, trying to with the camera here in palo alto. anthony's told you, it will be a different pattern for some areas as far as the fog goes. yesterday the south bay, clear view. palo alto here, we can barely make out the shopping center across the roadway where we are perched here. there's the overcrossing. better visibility. look at the maps. a smooth flow of traffic. again, orange, road weather index, tougher to see in wood sigh, 280, towards los altos and mountain view, palo alto,
5:40 am
highway 101. south bay looks good. 6 0 south bound, 237, crash, boom, that has cleared without further incidents. no major injuries. we have a possible car fire, something going on, south 680 at sunol. i'll check on that. light slowing there. around the rest of the bay. north bay, there's a lot of fog. there's san rafael, picking up the volume big. >> thank you. time now 5:40. president george h.w. bush hospitalized. live in washington with the latest on the president's condition. >> live look outside right now. yep, this is the bay bridge toll plaza, approach there not too many cars on the roadway. not a big surprise. of course we are in the midst of a holiday week. we'll be back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather following the break.
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>> "today in the bay." >> another health scare for former president george h.w. bush, waking up in a hospital after experiencing shortness of
5:43 am
breath. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joining us washington, d.c. any word on how his condition is this morning? >> well we hear that he's probably going to be fine. and that's good news. but he will likely stay in the hospital through today. that's the latest information that we have from houston methodist after this morning, when he woke up in the hospital last night is when he experienced shortness of breath. they put him in an ambulance, got him over to the hospital and the doctors there, after checking out the former president, decided to keep him overnight for observation. abundance of precaution is what the spokesman said. it was two years ago around this time he was in the hospital, over the holidays. but that time, much more serious than what this appears to be so far. he had bronchitis, ended up staying for seven week, it was january before he got out of the hospital. but now hearing possible that -- he'll likely stay through today, but that he seems to be doing well. certainly good news.
5:44 am
>> encouraging to hear. thank you, tracie potts, from washington. >> anthony slaughter now. turning to the weather story christmas eve, what it looks like as folks are heading out of town. >> bronchitis, ain't nobody got time for than it's christmas mass, we don't have time for bronchitis. yes, doing traveling -- love sweet brown -- funny clip years ago. rain here in the bay area. hang on. i want to take you out to the rest of the country. you can see we've got rain across the east coast right now from the mississippi valley, towards tennessee river, ohio river valley as well. stretching towards atlanta. they've got tornado warnings south of atlanta. traveling to georgia, heads up, you will run into nasty weather later on this afternoon. that's going to continue to be the case through the day. as you can see, no airport delays locally new york city, starting to see a half hour
5:45 am
delay. the thing that's going to delay your travel is fog. it's very thick from concord now over towards vacaville, towards napa, santa rosa, through the 101 corridor. mike will be along to talk about that in a moment. also, seeing mountain view, towards fremont, patchy fog starting to thicken up. fog will be the first element we have to deal with weather-wise today. and then rain comes in, as we heads towards middle part of the day. final thing we'll deal with, gusty wind that's expected to move through towards this afternoon. notice as we put futurecast into motion, 10:00, 11:00, i don't think we'll see the heaviest of rain until noon. once the front starts to push southward, 1:00, 2:00, san francisco, peninsula, east bay and tri-valley expecting to see rain then. by 3:00 and 4:00, front pushes into the south bay. and will push out of here as we head towards 5:00. we'll be completely clear after
5:46 am
5:00. no rain, just fog, lingering at the coastline. other thing as i mentioned, winds pick up from 5:00 to 7:00 this evening. you'll notice, put this into motion, see bright colors, that denotes higher gusts that we'll see across the higher hilltops, even at the coastline through san francisco, where you get gaps across the coastal mountains. keep in mind, after the rain stops, especially if you live near the big redwood trees, we've seen just so much damage across the bay area, you want to make sure you're on guard, paying attention, staying alert. make sure with the system moving in, you don't let your guard down towards evening hours. after we get rid of the rain and wind, we'll see crisp weather for christmas and fog and frost towards this weekend. of course, we call that freezing fog, right, mike? >> exactly. i don't know, whatever you say. as far as weather goes. i'll handle the traffic. yes, we did have the fog rolling
5:47 am
through. not much of an issue at bay bridge toll plaza but a big issue for the east shore freeway. now looking down towards emeryville, you can make out the restaurant as well as hotel and traffic flow, much more important for traffic report. you can see that now. drive never heavily affected by the low clouds, just above the deck. but still, may be a factor across the ben sheesh shicia anz bridges. may be activity on the shoulder. no problems as far as the throw. patchy fog. tri-valley, look at that, no problems through interchange, patchy fog over 280, woodside. also 101 and palo alto, view of san jose, 101, for live camera here, shows you a nice, clear drive, nice clear view as well. yesterday we had heavy fog throughout san jose. today not the case. it's farther up on the peninsula that you want to watch out. back to you. update to a developing
5:48 am
story. protests erupt overnight after another police shooting in berkeley, missouri. just miles away from ferguson, missouri. the officer was responding to a gas station for a report of someone stealing, when an 18-year-old man, a black man, reportedly pulled out a gun and pointed it at the police officer. who then opened fire, killing the suspect. during the investigation, officials say up to 300 people began protesting near the scene. some throwing brick and explosives at officers and police cruisers. one officer was hurt when hit in the face with a brick. police ended up arresting four people in that incident. we'll be following that throughout the morning. despite a call from new york's mayor to temporarily halt protests, demonstrators gathered in new york city to protest the police killings of unarmed black men. those continue. hundreds of protesters marched through manhattan some holding signs saying quote "jail killer
5:49 am
cops," the mayor asked them to hold off on demonstration after two nypd officers were laid to rest. joe biden lands to attend the funeral for one of the officers ramos. and his partner ramos and liu killed while sitting in the parked police cruiser. arrangements will be one lui's family arrives from china. police planning to send representatives to the services. the man who shot the two later took his life. the drama sounding "the interview" now takes another twist. independent movie theater operators say sony reached out to them about playing the comedy and many plan to play it tomorrow, christmas day, including the elmwood in berkeley. the first showing is already sold out. "the interview" is of course a fictional movie involving killing of north korea's leader. it led to a cyberattack on sony
5:50 am
and threats of violence against theaters that play. sony initially pulled the film but offering a limited release. the twist getting mixed reaction from folks in berkeley. >> people calling to thank us for america about just free speech and berkeley, and yeah, entertaining. >> we may be a little arrogant in wanting to push this movie so much prove to we're not scared of anybody. >> the berkeley police department says it is aware of the release but does not have special plans for the event tomorrow. the elmwood is expecting a big christmas day crowd. more details. the elmwood not the only local theater showing the film. this is the marquee above the camera 3 theater in downtown san jose. they will also have a christmas day showing. according to "the huffington post," "the interview" will play in these following theaters, fairfax, livermore, martinez, pittsburg, and oakland, sonoma,
5:51 am
petaluma, morgan hill, san jose having showings as well tomorrow. 5:50 on your wednesday morning christmas eve morning, everybody. in the holiday spirit, that includes meteorologist anthony slaughter closely tracking things outside. a little bit of rain. >> i think we're all in the holiday spirit, right? nice christmas colors. looking at the fog this morning, and the fog is actually reducing visibility from the north bay to the peninsula. even is now stretching towards the east bay. keep that in mind, fog with us for the first half of the day. as we head through the afternoon, showers are expected to arrive in the north bay around noon. we'll see rain spread into san francisco by 1:00 k 2:00, into the south bay by 3:00, 4:00. overall, rain light. other thing it's windy and that's that could take down trees and power lines with the ground saturated. something you want to keep in mind as you are traveling around the evening. speaking of traveling around, let's talk to mike.
5:52 am
>> you have your christmas colors, i have hanukkah, last day of hanukkah as well, we want to represent. sunol, southbound 680, smoothly a report of a car fire. i don't see it, but it might be a bit to the north. we'll look at your map. smooth drive south through the same area. it's northbound we have slowing. again, car fire looked like whatever it was going on was on the shoulder. there probably aren't flames. oakland shows you, low clouds and fog through the area, light traffic. back to you. >> thank you. time 5:52. sony is reportedly considering whether to sell its music publishing business, which owns most of beatles' song catalog. the "wall street journal" says that is according to internal e-mails leaked by hackers this month. the by was co-owned with the he estate of michael jackson estimated to be worth about $2 billion. get ready to see more
5:53 am
football highlights on your facebook feed. facebook has inked a deal with the nfl to run short video clips in users' news feeds. reports say the clips include game highlights, news and other content, followed by ads from verizon wireless, love this of colin kaepernick going 90 yards. the second longest yard run by a quarterback in nfl history. the nfl struck a similar deal with twitter last year. >> look at you pulling out sports references. >> we have rick keeping me sharp. sports world. nice holiday note. warriors in the giving spirit this season, making a dream come true for a fan, a cancer survivor who lives on the other side of the world. >> the warriors doing great work all year long. comcast is showing us how. >> happy holiday. when it comes to giving back, take a tip from andrew bogut.
5:54 am
with the help of the warriors and make-a-wish foundation, native trent frost got the opportunity to meet his hometown hero. but that was only the beginning. >> i met him a few years ago in melbourne. his wish to come to an nba game. because of his condition, he couldn't travel. >> how was the trip? >> it was long. >> good. >> he said if you ever come out my way, let me know, i'll hook you up. make-a-wish came to me when i was sick, they said what do you wish? i wish i could see an nba game. it all snowballed from there. >> he had a -- seeing andrew, it was bam. >> loss for words, i'm don't know what to say. >> here for a couple of days. >> good. >> see the game tonight. get the vip treatment.
5:55 am
>> he took me upstairs to the manager's room. >> good buddies with this guy. we want to offer you a contract. >> he's got a contract for me to sign. >> the contract is signed, i'll sign it first. >> that was a surprise to me. i was like, what? >> a one-day contract for the day. >> that's awesome. >> professional athletes, we're in a great opportunity to give back to the children all over the world. >> overwhelming from a mother's point of view. to see the look on my child's face. >> expecting to come, shake hands, meet the team, come back to the game. but they went above and beyond. >> we'll get him gold and blue shoes. then he'll be ready, right? >> absolutely. >> seeing him today, there's no bringing him down after this. it's amazing. to see him like this. >> outlook, it's great i a bigger role model than any of
5:56 am
us. >> i don't how to explain it. it's a dream come true as well. no money could ever amount to what this has done for trent. >> it's a dream come true, really is. >> what a great story. later this season, steph curry will host four make-a-wish families on friday, january 9th when the warriors play the cleveland cavaliers. in the comcast sportsnet studios. >> we love those stories. nice to get a look how everyone's giving back from professional athletes to the charities in our backyard. >> heartwarming in christmas eve getting started here. but on the other side of the world, boys and girls waking up to christmas morning. >> it's santa in his sleigh right now being tracked, as he visits kid all over the globe. any guesses where santa is at this moment? >> norad is fantastic. he's passed over east timor,
5:57 am
talking 900 million packages already delivered. metrics are there. santa getting into big data. keeping track of everything. >> trying to exceed his package total from last year. >> very good. 5:57, how to give without hurting your pocketbook, next. >> how this guy survived 15-story fall and is expected to make a full recovery. the story, next. ♪ the world is your snowball see how it grows. ♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ that's how it goes whenever it snows. ♪ ♪ the world is your snowball just for a song. ♪ ♪ get out and move it along. ♪ right now another black teenager shot and killed near ferguson, missouri. running towards the flames. two bay area police officers risking their lives to rescue a person inside a burning apartment building.
6:00 am
one final push to collect thousand of toys for bay area children. how you can help, next. another thick fog morning. talking about that dense fog, even san mateo bridge right now. we're going to see rain later on this afternoon. after the rain, gusty winds. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter in for christina loren with a full breakdown of the christmas eve forecast, coming up. >> a dark shot over my shoulder. but looking for a fire. i don't see it on the shot but i did get more details. you'll be interested to hear what's going on off of 680 through sunol, coming up. >> thank you, mike. looking for clarity as we take a live look of the san mateo bridge. there are some folks milling about on this wednesday. of course, it is christmas eve. it's wednesday, december 24th. you are watching "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >>od


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