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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 24, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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thousands of people making one last dash to find that perfect gift. we are in san francisco. a problem at a bay area port means some gifts have not been delivered. >> it was very busy all day long. parking lot was packed about an hour ago. >> there was a sea of shopping carts inside the mountain view target. some people just ran in for a quicker rand. others nearly shopped till they
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dropped. >> i am holding up this table right now chl. >> i have 12 grandchildren. wrapped everything up. and i said oh know. i have up with more thing for this child. >> and she's not alone. 15% of all holiday shoppers waited until last minute. >> christmas time is always like this. most stores offer the big discounts on black friday. >> we are so tired we can hardly make it. we are done.
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>> this year's holiday shopping season will be up. >> a slow down at the port cost thousands of dollars of lost sales. a look at what's causing the hold up. >> ship traffic is causing containers waiting to be picked up. st back up means importers are waiting weeks. >> a day before christmas.
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this north beach shop is packed with unopened boxes. he says a shimming container sat at the port for weeks. his merchandise didn't arrive until monday. >> sit a problem. >> truck drivers say containers are stacking up while they wait for hours to pick up a load. >> the port of oakland says off scheduled ship arrivals is snarling cargo movements. michael says the slow down means he is missing out on pay. he gets paid by the load. >> we can't give the merchandise unless the port gives it to us.
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>> he hopes he can make up for lost sales. >> if the economy, this is a gift. a wonderful christmas. i promise you i will try to get it. >> the association and long sherm sherman's union has been negotiating for several months. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> dozens of people will be waking up christmas morning without electricity.
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the road is still closed as crews work to remove the tree and restore power. christmas will be cold and windy. the golden gate bridge on the right. >> good evening. >> 15 wind speeds out 49 in san jose. when you factor in the wind speed it feels like 43. and where the winds have stopped for now it's down to 39 in napa.
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areas in the north bay. southern california still seeing a little built of snow. during the day tomorrow, windy around the bay. close to 45 miles per hour. the cool air, temperatures will only be in the mid 50s for highs. by nighttime with less wind tomorrow night. we will see the winds tapering off. we get into the weekend we will talk more in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. skiers enjoyed some fresh snow
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on christmas eve. sunny by chilly weather on christmas day. chains are required for anybody headed to the mountains. you can head to our app for a personal weather forecast. >> protesters took to the streets again in san francisco demanding justice. they say they won't be taking tomorrow, christmas day, off. that meeps more overtime for police officers already stretched thin. already a million dollars spent on overtime. meanwhile protests just a few miles from ferrellson word of
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the ins accident had spread. this is video. tonight the seen much different. some holding hands, others crypting to a growing memorial. video reportedly shows him pointing a gun at officers right before he was shot. police confronted martin because he believed he was shoplifting. co coming up next, chickens about to get more room to roost. how the extra room is supposed to make eggs healthier.
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plus streaming online. let's go outside and check out holiday lights.
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>> reporter: in 2008, more californians voted for prop two than any other initiatives. farms were given sick years and their deadline is now here. will the changes do anything to make our food safer? >> prop two said that many
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animals needed to be given enough space to stand up, turn around and fully extend their legs. >> from our perspective, there are animals that suffer from the quantity and quantity of dep revags. >> the deadline is almost here and with it a new question. if hens are in the cages will prop two do neck to make our eggs safer. chickens are more susceptible to outbreaks of sal ma nelly la. this is no joke. this kills proximately 400 americans every year.
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>> there is not a silver bullet. there is no magic answer. there are pluses and minuses on both sides. >> arnie is one of the egg producers in northern california. he serves as the president of california egg farmers. his hens produce about a million eggs a day. >> if you're eating an egg in california, it probably came out of here. >> his million plus hens are kept in battery cages which he told me in advance he will not let me see. this is typical of battery cage operations. >> walk in there and they will be just as happy. >> but research tells a different story. eggs from battery cage chickens
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were twice as likely to sicken consumers from sal nelly la. fee call dust. factory farmed eggs were four times more likely to be con tame gnatted. >> they are removed from their fecal matter. >> you want to make sure nobody goes thirst any. >> they are dying every day because of poor nutrition, poor conditions. all of their energy is going into producing eggs. they are riddled with pair sites and worms. >> this is one of the very few people who has regular access.
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>> they don't ever clean the feces. they with waist high. it burns your eyes and lungs. >> construction is underway for an enormous shed. it will house over 250,000 caged hens. >> 260,000 birds? if anything else, a clear reminder, the health of the animals of those that we eat directly relate to those of our own. >> many countries have banned
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cages. wendy's, burger king and deny's have switched to only using cage free eggs. >> kindness of christmas eve. >> finding a new place to stay was made easier. a man heard about what happened and donated $2,000. organizers say they reached their goal of 10,000 toys. 6,000 of those toys were delivered today. the rest will be passed out
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tomorrow. >> speaking of helping out today, family services hosted ii its annual lunch. >> you just kind of uplift it. made to live a life the regs of the year. >> there is still time to help out. you can pick up any of these bag s let's check back in with rob and the christmas forecast. >> you have got temperatures in the 40s and 50s.
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above 20 miles per hour at times. we will see a chance for some 30s. most of the moisture has gotten out after about 6 to 8 inches of know. you can see how the skies have cleared out. this is cooler drier air. the temperatures not going to kwarm a whole lot. yesterday we had highs close to 70s. by tomorrow night wi will see low 40s. things will be cooling off very
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quickly. up err 50s from san francisco. north bay about the same range. the cold dry air settles into if area. friday morn zpg again on saturday morning oto see the chilly temperatures. here is an estimate. low 30s, maybe upper 20s.
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>> towards the middle part of
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next week, could see more 30s in the forecast. long range models may have to hold out until about january 6. it may be a while until the mean tile. >> the film the interview is about to hit theaters. we will tell you about a theater about to make a huge debut. 6 last year they raised $24,000. we will be right back. b
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bap. >> three weeks from now i will be traveling through north korea. >> it's the film that has been at the center of international intrigue. sony decided to debut tomorrow. sony shelved the product after many revuzed. one of the theaters is in downtown san jose. a manager told us they sold 30200 tickets on where line. the company's ceo is now facing an indictment.
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they are also offering a financial regard. how a lab mistake may have exposed an employee to ebola.
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the director said he's troubled by the incident. >> the cdc says the risk is low and there is no public threat. we will be right back with santa's progress.
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>> get your cookies ready. this is a live look. by norad, i have got rob here and as you can see -- >> he went pascal gary. >> there are camera icons. >> every stop, if you happen to be tracking this online, you get a picture there.
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>> norad had some 1200 volunt r volunteers monitoring the flight tonight. a pentagon spokesperson speaking to the press. we have a nice 3d image. >> we have highs in the 50s. warm by north pole standards. patchy frost advisory. >> merry christmas. we will see you back hoar tomorrow. now, a special christmas presentation from nbc news. from the vatican in


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