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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 26, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> good friday morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. scott mcgrew is off this morning. a lot of folks enjoying an extra day off work as they wrap up christmas celebrations across the bay area, but it is a cold one. looking live at san francisco there, oakland on your right, san jose, you can see a clear start, little breezy in some spots. let's bring in meteorologist anthony slaughter with more on how long this cold snap's going to last. >> wait until you hear this, we're talking about another week of cold weather. it's going to get colder this upcoming next few days. this morning i want to start you off with our coldest readings, alamo at 31, walnut creek 32, concord at 33 and guerneville up
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to 33. cold for some of us, but not everybody was cold. san francisco stayed in the 50s because of that marine influence up against the coastline, but even most of us right now in the 50s, truckee up there and tahoe, they are at 27 degrees right now. we can see as we step out and show you the rest of the country, not much happening. just a few showers across the state of louisiana and snow making its way towards kansas and nebraska. that's it. of course, just the cold weather continues to be the main headline. temperatures today in the 50s, kris. back to talk about the new year's eve forecast and how cold it's going to get next week. we'll see you. >> thanks. happening today, protesters say they'll fill union square in san francisco to protest the death of several unarmed black men at the hands of police. bob redell is live in san francisco. bob, protesters turned violent again overnight, not all of them, but certainly a splintered group. good morning.
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>> reporter: some of them, and they are hoping that's not going to be the case here in just under an hour union square, you can see san francisco police, they have some officers out here to keep the peace when this protest starts at noon here in union square in downtown san francisco. about 100 people are expected, according to the organizers facebook page, the goal is to be a thorn in the side of people taking advantage of the day after christmas sales here in union square. this is very popular with shoppers. there's no time to celebrate, that, quote, black lives matter. they are also imploring participants to stay peaceful, not turn to tactics used last night in oakland. someone vandalized the official christmas tree in jack london square, smashed windows, set a dumpster on fire. about 150 people marched through downtown oakland last night, fully aware, yes, it was christmas, but that was their point. they were not taking time off from their cause just because it was a holiday. >> yeah, it's to give no time
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off to the police within the context of racial discrimination and violence that's happening every day. what needs to happen for the marches to stop, an entire social transformation of the way things are. >> the damage of property is minuscule in comparison with the destruction of people's lives by the criminal justice system. >> reporter: chp blocked the freeway on and off-ramps yesterday to make sure none of the protesters tried to shut down the interstates like they have done in protests past. there were no reported clashes with police and they won't say whether or not they've made arrests. back out here live, sfpd here at union square, again, they are not expecting a huge crowd, maybe around 100 people, and the people on their facebook page, again, imploring people to be peaceful when they come out here. they might end up handing out flyers, but do not want a repeat of last night in oakland. reporting live in union square
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in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> certainly a show of police presence, thanks, bob. a memorial service for one of the officers that died in an ambush-style attack is held today in new york. here's the latest. >> reporter: since last weekend's ambush killings of two officers, new york city police are stepping up efforts to enhance their own safety after receiving threats, resulting in arrests of at least six people. officials said one man was overheard on the phone threatening to kill more cops. a search turned up weapons in his home. rafael ramos and liu were shot and killed while sitting in their patrol car. the suspect then killed himself nearby, authorities say. the officers' deaths sparked outrage and further fuelled controversy about the role of race in law enforcement on the heels of high profile deaths of
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two black men, michael brown in ferguson, missouri, eric garner on staten island here in new york. in both cases, grand juries decided not to charge the officers, setting off unrest around the world. rekindled in missouri after an 18-year-old man was killed by police tuesday night, just five miles from the ferguson flashpoint. dozens of protesters gathered, some shutting down a nearby interstate highway. authorities later released security video that they said showed the man pointing a gun at the officer. back in new york, the slain officers' families in mourning. the family of officer liu made their first trip to the crime scene on christmas eve, laying two wreaths, one for liu, the other for his partner, rafael ramos. ramos's son spoke about his father at an emotional ceremony. >> my father was a incredible man, hero to me, incredible husband to my mother, and he was
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a really dedicated officer. he truly cared about the people of new york city. rest in peace, dad. >> the ramos family also spent part of their christmas day at the scene where the officer and his partner were killed. he will be laid to rest on friday. vice president biden is expected to attend. details are still pending for officer liu. in the meantime, jetblue based in new york offered to fly liu's family from china, as well, to pay their final respects. people in ferguson, missouri, are trying to figure out who vandalized a makeshift memorial dedicated to michael brown. the memorial is located in the spot in the street where brown was shot and killed by a ferguson police officer in august. it appears a car drove right over that memorial, where flowers, stuffed animals, and other items had been left. the call on social media brought volunteers out in the pre-dawn hours to clean up the debris and to place fresh new flowers at
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the same site. four people were killed and two others seriously hurt overnight. this happened in fair oaks northeast of sacramento around 1:30 this morning. officers said a buick was completely covered in flames by the time they arrived. firefighters found three people dead inside that car and a fourth person dead on the roadway. a fifth person from that buick was taken to the hospital with major injuries, along with the driver of a second vehicle. the crash is still under investigation, but officers said speed appeared to be a factor in the severity of the injuries. happening right now, a statewide search is under way for an inmate that escaped a monterey county jail. the 23-year-old escaped from a medium security rehab area of the jail by climbing into a ventilation duct, punching through a window, then jumping off the roof. he was arrested last week for drug and weapon violations. if you see him or have any information on his whereabouts, police would like to hear from you. new this morning, police in hillsborough are warning people
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to be on the lookout for a mountain lion which was spotted in the area overnight. a home owner reported seeing the big cat near brentwood road. he says strange sounds woke him up in the middle of the night coming from his yard. >> a bunch of stuff was coming out of the tree hitting the roof right above our bed, and awakened us, then seconds later our window was open and there was a high screech, scream, like a mountain lion scream. and i screamed right back at it to scare it away, then i heard a lighter scream just a few seconds later. >> that home owner called police and when officers arrived a couple hours later, they found a dead deer in the yard. they believe the deer was mauled by that mountain lion. police say they caught a pair of christmas eve crooks red handed. livermore police arrested these two spokes from san francisco with a car full of stolen packages from a number of east bay towns. police got phone calls from two
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people stealing packages in livermore on christmas eve, then later that day a man and woman were seen hiding in the bushes in the same area. police recognized one of these two people from surveillance video and took them both into custody. officers say the couple's car was full of stolen packages. it was a tense christmas for a sailor who had to be rescued from his nearly flooded boat off the monterey coast. the coast guard got a distress call early christmas morning southwest of monterey and crews lost the signal, but then they were still able to locate the sailboat. a helicopter lifted the man from his boat as it was taking on water. he was the only person onboard. the coast guard has not said whether that man was hurt. well, power is finally restored to a neighborhood in marin county. this video taken a few hours ago on lucas valley road near sky walker ranch. last night a high wind brought down a tree and power pole on to
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the road, knocking out power for about 50 pg&e customers. crews worked through the night and restored power before 6:00 this morning, but it was a chilly night for them. christmas may be over, but shopping is not, of course. a number of stores opening early this morning hoping to pad the bottom line. macy's in san francisco's union square opened the doors at 6:00 this morning and already there were people waiting. >> well, yesterday we celebrated christ's birthday, today it's my birthday. i want to make sure i spend all my birthday money on me. that's why i'm here. i know there should be some good sales today. >> here's to hoping. many shoppers tell us they woke up at the crack of dawn to avoid the crowds. stores are hoping to lure shoppers in with deep discounts. if you have a return, make sure you have your receipt and leave the original tags on. and, of course, they say be patient. "the interview" on big and small screens right now. coming up, the fallout for the theaters showing the
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controversial film and reaction from north korea's ally. plus, getting the dirt. investigators seize evidence as two tech giants accuse each other of washing machine tampering.
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new this morning, china is calling for calm and restraint following the release of the controversial film "the interview." china is north korea's only major ally, but the country is staying relatively neutral on the issue of the movie. north korea was angered about the release of the movie, which has a fictional plot to assassinate north korean leader kim jong un, calling it an act of war. it was released in more than 300 theaters across the u.s. yesterday, including some here in the bay area, but no word of any retaliation. china is calling for calm, russia is backing north korea, saying the country's reaction to the film is, quote, understandable. that's russia's foreign ministry spokesman, who said the film's plot is out of line. he calls it aggressively scandalous. the u.s. has said north korea was behind the hack on sony, however, russia says the u.s. never offered evidence that north korea was behind that
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cyber attack. well, all of the hype has only helped sales of "the interview." it has become the best seller on both google play and youtube movies. the flick was the top download as of late christmas night, beating out blockbusters like "guardians of the galaxy." "the interview" has received such great results, variety is reporting that netflix is talking to sony about streaming the film. so far it appears apple and amazon are staying out of the fray. the reviews, they are mixed so far, but no one is really talking about the movie itself. a group of hackers called lizard squad are taking credit for internet failures on christmas day. yesterday hackers tweeted they managed to shut down both networks by overwhelming the servers with fake user traffic, prompting thousands of gamers to report the problems on twitter. sony and microsoft say they are working to fix the problem. the cuban tourism industry is hoping for a boom after the u.s. government announced plans
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to lift travel and financial restrictions. to visit cuba right now, u.s. citizens are required to join an authorized travel group or apply for a license for research. last week, the u.s. announced it would expand the types of groups allowed to visit the country and also streamline the license process. the white house is also working on lifting a 54-year-old trade embargo. prosecutors stormed lg headquarters in south korea looking for evidence of washing machine tampering. lg began feuding with samsung when samsung filed a lawsuit claiming lg executives vandalized washing machines during a trade show in berlin. samsung did not find the humor in that. overnight, investigators seized hard drives and information from employees that attended the trade show. both companies admit there was a search. neither company, though, has offered further comment. and now it's time to look at your forecast, because the weekend is upon us and so is
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that new year's eve holiday. >> oh, yes. i was just looking at some of those numbers. it's going to be cold. wait until i show you, kris, i think you jinxed it earlier, you said it's going to be so cold on new year's. no, it's not. yes, it is. now it is. all right. you know what else we're talking about this morning, look at this, we've got airport delays if you're doing any traveling in and around denver, we have up to an hour and ten minutes at denver on coming and going flights. overall, traveling to denver, not a good place to be doing any traveling. they had snow this morning, that's what's causing the problems. at home, different story. beautiful blue sky across the north bay, san francisco, down towards the south bay, excellent air quality, but it is very cold. in fact, towards this weekend, patchy fog is likely on some of those roads. i want to show you what we're looking at, san jose at the top, walnut creek at the bottom, this is where we had frost this morning, some of the thickest across the bay area you'll
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notice temperatures, overnight lows, smaller numbers, over the next few days we're going to be flirting with the freezing mark in san jose. by monday and tuesday i think we're going to get near freezing. by new year's eve it's going to stay cold as i eluded to, or you eluded to. wednesday night temperatures are going to be back into the lower 30s. we're talking 29 degrees in places like walnut creek. so that's something to keep in mind. really if you're doing any traveling on roads, bridges, overpasses, they freeze first. slow down and use that caution, because black ice is going to be a real threat over the next week or so. i want to show you the system from the north, bringing a re-enforcing shot of cold air. not a whole lot of moisture, so i don't think we're going to get rain out of this. see the latest update, no green across the entire state of california. you may have noticed earlier, green up towards tahoe, down towards l.a., now nothing. less than a 20% chance and continues to look better closer to that actual date.
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you can see it's going to stay cold as we move towards new year's eve. 30s across most of the bay area, san francisco, that will be the exception, of course, with the marine influence. 42 degrees expected downtown. if you're doing traveling down to the embarcadero, you want to see the fireworks, that's the place to be. we're talking about 46 degrees for the temperature there, maybe patchy fog, but overall, not so bad, especially once you get up against that water, the marine influence always is better when you have the polar air and the marine air. i opt for the warmer, right? >> i can't blame you. you guys look nice no matter what you wear on new year's eve. sometimes we like to wear skirts or dresses. we'll have to wear tights this year. >> and a coat. >> and a coat. a black bear was captured in an arizona neighborhood christmas morning and has been released into the wild. the bear eluded wildlife authorities for days before it was captured in the backyard of an empty home in mesa, arizona. that is a phoenix suburb. it was evaluated and officials determined that the two to three
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year old bear was healthy enough to be released into the tonto national forest. even though the bear has brown fur, it is a black bear. the breed is known to sport a range of fur colors. the bear was first spotted monday morning, managed to evade fish and game officers and began wandering in residential areas before being caught christmas morning. that hillsborough gentleman thought he had a problem with a mountain lion, i'd hate to see this guy outside my window. many folks set their sights on losing a couple pounds in the new year, the fda green lights a new drug for people battling serious obesity. how that drug works.
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welcome back. a drug that's used to treat type 2 diabetes has now been approved to treat obesity. it is the fourth weight loss drug authorized by the fda over the last two years. it is an injectable medication that works by mimicking an intestinal hormone that tells the brain when the person is full. it is approved for people with a dmi of at least 30.
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more than 60% of patients who took the drug in clinical trials lost at least 5% of their body weight, nearly a third lost over 10%. just in time for the new year's resolutions, new research suggests that weight training is better than aerobic exercise when it comes to losing belly fat. the harvard university study tracked 10,000 men over the age of 40 who were watching their weight and waist sizes. the men who did more weight training each day gained less abdominal weight than those who did more running or biking. as expected, the men who combined both types of exercise had the best results. and if you are setting fitness goals for 2015, here are some tips on how you can reach them. first, they say start with small, realistic expectations. you won't lose ten pounds in a week and probably won't stick to a five-day a week routine if you never worked out. also finding an activity you enjoy is key to sticking with
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the exercise plan and it's important to remember that some exercise is better than no exercise at all. hundreds of people in berlin donned running shoes and santa hats today for a 10k run to burn off those christmas calories. the roast goose digestive run is set off for the 16th year with a freshly fallen snow providing an extra touch of seasonal cheer. the run leader completed the course dressed in full santa costumes while carrying a goose. one runner said even during the festive season, moderation was key for good health. cookies and mulled wine, though, were still on hand at the end for those who wanted it. many of us spent christmas at home with our families. there are people who could not, and that includes children far away from home who are awaiting life saving treatment in the bay area. nbc bay area's ian cole shows us
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how they spent the holidays in the ronald mcdonald house at stanford. >> reporter: the families inside this one house may be far away from home, but they are spending christmas here this year to enjoy many more holidays together. >> it was a really good day. >> reporter: for now, the ronald mcdonald house is home for nearly 50 families who have a critically ill child, families like this one who came from pennsylvania in october so 2-year-old adam could have heart surgery. >> the surgeons are actually the number one surgeons in the world for his particular heart disease. >> reporter: they were only supposed to be here two weeks, but after the procedure, adam's condition worsened. >> we spent 11 days on life support, had numerous -- another open heart surgery. >> reporter: adam is now progressing in the hospital and could leave in february. the family are simply trying to keep their lives and christmas normal. for 9-year-old lucas and 11-month-old cole. staff helped all the families
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providing a santa's workshop with wrapping paper and toys for the parents. >> we know that our families don't have time to shop because they are back and forth to and from the hospital and a lot of them have taken a leave from their jobs, things are just different, so we try to keep everything as normal as possible. >> reporter: other families cooking a nice late christmas dinner, passing the time. waiting for her son to receive a heart transplant. >> they said it could be anywhere from six months to a year, minimum. that's without recuperation time. >> reporter: on a day that can be lonely, parents are finding comfort in each other with new friends. >> we've all kind of cheered each other on, cheered our kids on. >> reporter: there for each other as they wait for new hearts and for a normal holiday. in palo alto, ian cole, nbc bay area news. still to come, the u.s. preparing to end its mission in afghanistan, closing out one of the longest wars in our history. the latest from washington coming up next. of shaving stuff.
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and thankfully, being able to find backups.
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lifeand thankfully, of shaving stuff. being able to find backups. president george h.w. bush is spending another day in the hospital. he was admitted to a hospital in houston on tuesday because of shortness of breath. officials expected to release him a few days ago, but then they decided to keep him overnight for more observations. his family visited yesterday and a family spokesperson said he is in great spirits. the president spent nearly two months in the hospital last year for a bronchitis related cough and has recently lost the use of his legs, though he still
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parachuted on his birthday. america's longest war is now down to its final days, but the fight over how to end the war in afghanistan is still in debate. here's nbc's richard jordan with more. >> hello, everybody, merry christmas! >> reporter: the president and first lady greeted service members at a marine base in hawaii, but it's those deployed in afghanistan that are most impacted by the message he delivered and an outlook for that country's future. >> afghanistan has a chance to rebuild its own country. we are safer, it's not going to be a source of terrorist attacks again. >> reporter: the withdrawal in a few days will lead to more reunions like this, a moment many military families have been waiting well over a decade for. the last year has been among the deadliest for afghan soldiers and police officers, so nearly 11,000 u.s. troops will stay in afghanistan over the next few months. >> pretty important mission
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here, it's an honor to be a part of that. at the same time, it's a little bit difficult being away from home. >> reporter: senator john mccain spent christmas in kabul, assuring the afghan president the u.s. will not abandon afghanistan, even after american soldiers are gone. >> i believe we are now in the time where with the proper support and the proper effort, partnership with the united states in every way, including militarily and economically. >> reporter: the u.s. is prepared to leave, but some critics aren't so sure afghanistan can stand on its own. new this morning, a pakistani official says the alleged mastermind behind the recent massacre at an army school is dead. early this morning, the pakistani government reported he was killed in a raid by government forces. the attack killed 148 people, many of them were children. at the same time, at least seven alleged isis fighters were killed in a suspected u.s. drone attack in a pakistani tribal
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region. also new today, malaysia's prime minister cut his vacation short to return to his country to deal with the deadly flooding. at least five people have already died and more than 100,000 people are homeless because of the country's worst flooding in decades. towns and villages in five malaysian states were inundated with rain this month. new video of a massive fire that destroyed two famed restaurants in toronto. it happened last night. investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire. both restaurants in the building were closed at the time of the fire and there were no injuries. the restaurants are toronto landmarks and attract celebrities during the toronto international film festival. several families are crediting firefighters in san francisco for saving christmas after several homes caught fire in portrero hills.
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>> huge, like, flames just popping out. >> there were about ten of them up on our roof fighting from our house to protect the house. and we owe them everything for this christmas. we really are so grateful. >> in video posted on instagram, flames, you can see them leaping from the building on mississippi street. at least 100 firefighters and 12 engines responded as the fire tore through two duplexes. crews say high winds helped the fire spread from one building to the other and then nearly to a third. that third building suffered minor damage. the cause of the fire is under investigation this morning. the san jose church devastated by fire six weeks ago still celebrated the holidays. you might remember firefighters pulling the statue of st. joseph from the wreckage of the church in east san jose. we also saw the church on the steeple falling during the fire. that church is still rebuilding after that devastating fire, but according to the mercury news, that did not stop the priest
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from holding christmas mass there. parishioners gathered at the bingo hall next door to pray at a makeshift altar and the church says this year's nativity scene also a little different, it was purchased at costco. despite the near record rainfall this december, the city of pleasanton is not backing off mandatory water restrictions. the city will stick to its 25% mandatory cutbacks. the city's water czar tells the paper that reservoirs are still depleted after a long-term drought and the only solution is a very wet winter before things can change. as a result, the city will continue the cuts into 2015 and violators will be forced to pay penalties if they fail to continue to reduce their consumption by 25%. well, the flu outbreak is spreading across the nation and many people are getting flu shots to combat the virus. at some hospitals, nurses are required to get a flu shot and those who refuse could be fired.
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we spoke to a nurse in illinois who is facing that choice. >> reporter: it's estimated that roughly half of all americans get the flu shot and it's a good idea. >> i don't have any problems with vaccinations. i think vaccinations are for child. >> reporter: what he considers a bad idea, the mandate the employees where he works must get a flu shot. >> you know, comply with that or you get fired. >> reporter: after getting the notice, he still refused. then came another letter, and this week he and a union representative went to a hearing that could result in the loss of his job. >> i should be able to choose. >> reporter: he is not alone. across the country, health care workers with nurses in the lead are mobilizing against mandatory flu vaccinations. some who have already lost their jobs have filed suit. whether or not an employer can mandate a flu vaccination is a
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question now being answered in the court, but even in health care settings, there are usually health exemptions and some hospitals simply say anyone who is not vaccinated must wear a mask. in a statement, the cook county health and hospital system says to knowingly put patients and coworkers at risk when we know the risk could be reduced is irresponsible and it says the mandatory flu vaccine policy follows recommendations. frequent hand washing and a mask already protects patients. and patients themselves could get the flu vaccine if they haven't already. hey, somebody's having a baby. >> this story a miracle on a subway train. how transit officers delivered a christmas miracle. and a young man goes from playing with legos to using them to help the blind read. a story to make you bay area proud. and this morning we had a
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beautiful sunrise from our tiburon weather underground camera. clear skies over the city of san francisco and the entire bay area today. weekend forecast and the all-important new year's eve forecast, one hint, it's going to be cold. we're back after this.
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silicon valley is rich in stories of tech titans who started in a garage and then went on to make millions. this morning's bay area proud is a little different. this one starts at a kitchen table, not in the garage, and as nbc bay area's garvin thomas shows us, this future tech giant is out to help others, not to cash in. >> this 12 year old is universally described by his parents and teachers as a sweet, sensitive kid, and smart, too. just how he has put all three of those qualities to good use is our next bay area proud. the route to success can often be discovered in odd places. his just happened to be hiding under his bed. it's where you see he stores his
11:41 am
old lego kits, the ones he's been playing with since about the age of 2. >> you can be creative, you can do anything. >> reporter: but as he has grown, he's now a seventh grader at san jose's champion school, so have his legos, his ambition, and clearly his heart. >> i think i'm actually doing something that can actually help people. >> reporter: which brings us to this, $350 lego mind storms kit and what he spent an entire month creating out of it at the kitchen table. >> i thought i could do it. i didn't know it was possible, but i really wanted to do it. >> reporter: it started with a flyer on the doorstep, one asking for donations for the blind. he had never before thought about how blind people read, so he asked his dad. >> so then he said google it, so i googled it, and i found out
11:42 am
all this stuff about braille, then i found out how much they cost and they cost a lot, $2,000. >> reporter: he decided he could do it cheaper out of legos, and after seven different failed prototypes, late one night he struck on the right configuration and his printer struck out the very first letter. >> it was like a eureka moment. i said, mom, dad, it works. my mom was like, yeah! then, yeah, it was all crazy. >> reporter: he debuted his lego braille printer named braigo at his school's science fair. while his teachers say there were more complexed entries there, there were none more compassionate. it's why his story has continued to grow. his videos on youtube have been seen by hundreds of thousands.
11:43 am
people both sighted and blind have sent their admiration and congratulations from around the world. even the lego corporation tweeted him. just about everyone it seems is impressed by this 12-year-old technological wiz kid, one able to see solutions in the unlikeliest of ways. a lot has happened since we first aired our story back in february. he was invited to the white house to participate in their first ever maker fair, and in november, he became the youngest person ever to receive venture capital funding to help develop his next generation non-lego braille printer. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> look forward to watching him. if you know of someone doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you and share their story with us. go to our website,, and search for "bay area proud." new video this morning with christmas come and gone, people
11:44 am
now turning their attention to the new year. in japan this morning, people found a very special way to say good-bye to the year of the horse and hello to the year of the sheep. this is the handover ceremony in osaka. japan celebrates the new year according to the western calendar. china will welcome the year of the sheep on the lunar new year in february. they seem to be getting along okay. and now let's check in with meteorologist anthony slaughter -- christina loren is off. >> thinking about the year i was born, the year of the rat. >> you're not a rat at all. >> it's supposed to be a good thing, though, so they tell me. >> cute like a mouse. >> thank you. i want to be the year of the monkey, you know? more fun. all right. let's talk about some weather, shall we? this morning, temperatures in the 50s. you can see at least right now, but earlier this morning, a completely different story. we had temperatures below freezing in places like alamo, walnut creek was at 32 degrees,
11:45 am
and concord down to 33. it was very cold, only going to get colder through the next few mornings, now producing snow across denver and wichita, making its way towards the chicago area later on this evening. the thing about it, this system is causing up to an hour and 15 minute delays in denver, so it was not a lot of snow, just enough to cause some travel problems this morning. if you're flying in or out of denver, keep in mind going to run into that. overall, lots of sunshine for the rest of the day, temperatures back into the mid to upper 50s. 58 in the south bay, 57 for the peninsula, same for the east bay and san francisco, you'll be at 58, along with the north bay, i should say, up to 58 degrees. again, sunshine is going to be the main story, but the other thing we want to bring your attention to, serious weather, we're going to have the threat for black ice on the roads over the next few mornings. tomorrow morning it's going to get even colder. we're talking about a few places that could get into the 20s for overnight lows. that does include places like santa rosa.
11:46 am
guerneville got down to 33 this morning. you know what, wednesday and thursday this upcoming week, yes, new year's eve, talking about some of the coldest air all season. wouldn't you know it, lots of folks going to be outside on that evening enjoying some of the fireworks down in san francisco. use caution on those bridges and overpasses, of course, especially if you're going to be doing any driving over the next few mornings before 9:00 in the morning, between about 5:00 in the morning and 9:00. that's when we'll see the serious threat. otherwise, it's just going to continue to get cold. cold this weekend, cold next week. the good news, if there is any, we're not talking about shower activity because we definitely need some time to dry out. we have seen way too much rain over the past few days, even though good news for our reservoirs, you saw the repercussions, still talking about mudslides and trees that continue to fall from the rain that we picked up weeks ago. so the ground really taking a hammering with all that rain that we got and trying to recover. now that we're going to see the sunshine and temperatures are going to be cold, the black ice is going to be the threat.
11:47 am
towards new year's eve, you'll notice the computer model not bringing rain in here, but as we were reporting this morning, system traveling in from the north, to the south, could produce rain across southern california. if you're doing traveling to l.a., heads up for that. here at home, cold as we head towards new year's eve, 37 for the south bay, 32 for the peninsula. this is right around 11:00. 42 for san francisco, so if you'll be out celebrating for new year's eve, kris, i know you like to wear the tights and nice outfits. the guys, we like to do that, too. everybody has to bundle up this year. whenever you get to your destination, you can take it off. >> i like to wear sweat pants on new year's eve. we'll call them yoga pants, make them fancy. some people are calling it a christmas miracle on a philadelphia subway train. two transit authority police officers jumped into action last night to help a mother deliver the ultimate christmas gift, a baby boy. here's the story. >> i was hoping for a quiet
11:48 am
shift, like don't we all, but this experience was pleasant. everything happened so quick, but it was just amazing. >> reporter: two police officers jumped into action to help a mother deliver the ultimate christmas gift this evening, a baby boy. >> officer, hey, somebody's having a baby! >> reporter: the moment they were notified there was a woman on a train in labor, he and his partner got onboard and rushed to help. i got to ask, were you nervous? >> i was praying for the medics to come in and take over. >> the baby had the umbilical cord around its neck. we did that, you know, the mother wanted to hold the baby, the father offered the shirt off of his back to warm the baby up. >> here it comes. >> reporter: as this was all unfolding, eric cunningham was a few feet away recording it on his cell phone, captured the moment the officers placed the baby boy into the ambulance with his mother. >> it was wonderful. they cuddled the baby, rushed it
11:49 am
into the ambulance. took very good care of it. >> reporter: it was also pretty amazing for these officers, who are also fathers. >> it was just a blessing during the holidays, christmas baby. >> best christmas i've ever had. >> that is nice. baby and mom were taken to the hospital. we're told they are both in good condition. meanwhile, the university of iowa getting a lot of attention this morning for recruiting elementary school kids. more than 1,000 first through sixth graders recently got a college recruitment letter from the university. those kids actually participate in the university's wildlife camps but a coding error filed them as seniors in high school. nothing wrong with getting stuff about college. flex accounts are supposed to save you cash, unless you haven't used them, you lose them. coming up, ideas to help you maximize your money.
11:50 am
11:51 am
flexible spending accounts, also known as fsas, expire when
11:52 am
the new year goes. a look at what you need to do to make sure you don't lose the money. >> consumers with flexible spending accounts for health care are down to the wire to use funds in the use it or lose it arrangements. before you panic, check the terms. more employers now let you carry over more than $500 into next spring, giving you extra months to spend on care instead of scrambling now. start by checking receipts against your insurer easel jibl expense list. you could have unsubmitted expenses. one that's usually forgotten, mileage for driving to doctors appointments, parking fees, and tolls. leftover funds are a good opportunity to stock up on first aid and other medical supplies, ones you don't need a prescription for. contact lens solution and fertility monitors are all on the long list of qualifying items. extra prescription contact lenses or glasses can also deplete funds fast. think ahead to next year. you might be able to prepay for services like orthodontics and
11:53 am
if you're planning a vacation, immunizations and sunscreen are both covered. for, i'm kelly graham. >> sunscreen, didn't know that one. first they went big, now they are going small. apple insider reports apple is planning to make a mini version of the iphone 6. the iphone 6, of course, has a 4.7-inch screen, the 6-plus has a 5.5-inch display and the rumor has it the mini will have a four-inch screen, slightly bigger than the iphone 5 models. reports suggest the company wants to go back to a similar size to that of the 5 model, but with the curved screen edges like the 6. the 6 mini is expected to also be less expensive. well, just in time for that new year's party, a new kind of drink that adds a twist. wine brand 1,000 stories combined a west coast zinfandel with a bourbon creating a zin,
11:54 am
select parcels are aged in bourbon barrels, adding flavors to the wine and that blend goes into old bourbon barrels, some of which are 13 years old. my husband would probably like it. it is the day after christmas. your first full day to play with all of your new christmas gifts. one of the hottest gifts, drones. many people got drones this year that the faa unveiled a new drone safety campaign. the faa still hasn't given the go ahead for widespread use, but drones are gaining popularity. as part of the campaign, the faa is encouraging those to use a safety class before taking to the skies. hundreds are hoping to be among the first generation of certified drone pilots. >> seems to be the wave of the future, especially with the military. >> the benefits that this industry will provide, i think is going to be exponential. >> in a few months, the faa is expected to announce new rules
11:55 am
about who's allowed to fly and where. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
11:56 am
11:57 am
washington, d.c. finally breathing a sigh of relief after this giant panda cub finally came down out of that tree. the 16-month-old touched a hot wire marking the edge of her habitat and it scared her so much she ran up the tree, staying there for about a day. finally came down yesterday with plenty of time to enjoy her christmas dinner at the zoo. have a nice day, next newscast
11:58 am
tonight at 5:00.
11:59 am
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today on "access hollywood live", right out of the door. it's natural, right, monday morning quarterback on peter pan. what people are saying. >> i loved it. we announce the grammy category right here and first time megan train or joins and surprising hollywood guy who is wearing eye liner will reveal who it is next. >> people say you are very kin kind. not all the time. "access hollywood live", starts "access hollywood live", starts right now. >> i like the ♪ ready set here we go. the ♪


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