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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 29, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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we're live with the latest next. plus the search continues for the air asia flight that disappeared off the radar over the weekend. >> and i'm meteorologist christina loren. cool and breezy for today as we head throughout your tuesday and wednesday, it is going to get cold. we'll see a nice end to the week. temperatures starting to moderate before that storm window opens up. >> a relatively calm commute except for the dublin interchange. >> and let's give you a wide look outside at the beautiful bay bridge there today. it is monday, december 29th and you are watching "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm vicky nguyen.
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laura garcia-cannon has the day off. this morning police are investigating an early morning home invasion right now. stephanie chuang joins us. we're hear police are now looking for the suspect who they believe is armed? >> reporter: that's right. it's unclear whether it's one or more suspects they're looking for. we're very close to san francisco university. this is where the home invasion robbery happened. police confirmed it was armed. no visible signs of breaking down the door or anything like that at 108. there were eight to ten officers here earlier. and several patrol cars both san francisco state and spd
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responding. we did see a couple of young men, two to three. they may or may not be students as we are close to san francisco state. we have not been able to confirm that with police. the officers said the victims understandably very shaky. police couldn't say how many suspects because they said with multiple victims, there have been different accounts of what happened. officers have been here looking with flashlights and taking pictures. other than that, officers remaining pretty tight-lipped, only to say that the suspects are outstanding. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> i know it's early but do we know if the suspects knew the folks or what was actually taken in this armed home invasion? >> that's right, vicky.
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it is still very early and off camera the officer wouldn't even say how many suspects there were. he was saying that the victims had different stories about what happened. he also would not say what was taken, only to say, though, i want to add that nobody was hurt in this. so that's the good part of what could have been much worse. but doesn't know if this was a targeted situation or something random, vicky, at this point. >> thank you, stephanie chuang live in san francisco. >> it is 5:03 right now. crews have spotted oil slicks in the java sea. they emphasize it is unclear whether that has anything to do with the missing flight. the airasia flight was carrying
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162 people on board. the last indication is the pilot felt there was rough weather ahead and was requesting a reroute. many fishermen have also joined in the search. the ceo of the airline said since he founded the low-cost carrier in 2001, the airline has never lost a life until now. the indonesian consulate will open for the first time since the loss of that aircraft. they don't know yet of any bay area folks who have loved ones on that plane. search crews continue to offer updates on the search for the plane and possible wreckage. you can get details on those on our web site, >> after weeks of rumor and speculation, it finally happened. the 49ers and jim harbaugh made
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it official, going their separate ways about an hour after the final game against the cardinals. bob redell is live at levi's stadium with what's next. good morning, bob. >> reporter: fox will be able to speak about the departure of jim harbaugh after their team meeting at 10:00 a.m. and they will discuss this in a news conference at 1:00 this afternoon. hardly a warm embrace. you can see how awkward that moment was. just after the game ended the team released a statement that harbaugh and the niners had mutually parted ways, wishing him and his family the best and announcing there was a search on for a new head coach.
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question, will they be able to find someone as successful as harbaugh. he had a record of 44-19-1, led the team to three nfc title games and one super bowl. >> i feel great about what we accomplished. i appreciate the fans, the people of the bay area, the 49ers faithful and the players, coaches, staff, friends for life. >> it's expected that jim harbaugh will take a head coaching job at a university.
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>> according to the record there, bro hug, do you think it was awkward? >> did you say bro hug? >> yeah. four years together, it could have been warmer but got a little pat on the back. >> reporter: there was something there. not much, though. >> bob, thank you. the harbaugh decision was announced yesterday. today is the day most teams will be around whether their coaches will be around next season. it's commonly referred to as black monday. >> basketball teams from a northern california high school were barred from a tournament because of wearing t-shirts that
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said "i can't breathe." that was the phrase uttered by eric garner who died after he was arrested by police and died after being put in a choke hold. the mend seenio players said they meant no disrespect. >> a statewide search for an inmate who escaped monterey county jail on christmas day. freddy swanson is still at large. he climbed into a ventilation duct, punched through a window and then jumped off the roof. he was in custody for weapons and drug violations. if you see him or have any
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information, police want to hear from you. >> it is 5:08 right now. some folks headed back to work in that break between the christmas who will kholiday ands holiday. >> good morning to you. we hope you had a great time with family and friends. it's still going to be nice but it's going to be much and i mean much colder. we have no low clouds. basically when you wake up and you see those low clouds overhead, you can think of it as a blanket trapping in some of the warmth from the day before. without those low clouds, everything travels back out into the atmosphere and we get cold. so it's going to be chilly today, but nowhere as cold as where we're headed.
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58 in the south bay, 57 in san francisco and 55 in the beautiful north bay. i promised you a sneak peek at your new year's eve forecast. if you are going to be headed to the city along with thousands, 45 degrees at midnight for the fireworks in san francisco. so it's going to be cold but it will be as clear as a bell this year. we still have rain on the way. let's welcome in mike inouye. any new year's eve plans, sir? >> we're going to be rocking in the east coast new year's ooech. the kids always want to stay up later than mom and dad. it's not a rocking good time, just a slow time here at the dublin interchange. you see this light right there, fewer lanes have you headed west? approaching that seen coming off of the dublin interchange. the connector is open, though, and traffic flow heading south
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on 680 or north. that crash should hopefully clear in the next few minutes but chp hasn't given an update. the rest of the bay moves very smoothly. earlier crashes on the peninsula have cleared. we'll give you a look at highway 92, san mateo bridge and we'll end at the golden gate bridge. we'll talk about 101 coming up. >> mike, thank you very much. your time now is 5: 11. a bay area man is going the extra mile to make his wife smile. >> it will create the perfectintory room, media center or garage. call california closets or visit our dream.
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visit today.
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sony's play station network is up and running again. the company says heavy traffic could still cause some issues for some users. a hacker group called lizard squared is taking responsibility for those outages. >> just after the holidays, one of the country's major shipping companies is upping its rates. landon doughty is live at cnbc world headquarters with that and a look at the markets. good morning, landon. >> good morning to you. futures are pointing to a lower open as the markets look to extend the holiday cheer. the dow closing at a record high
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on friday, it's now posted two straight weeks of gains and is up in the past seven trading sessions, its best seven-day performance since 2008. look for prices on home prices, and pending home sales. and you're going to want to start cramming your packages a bit tighter. ups will now start charging by size of packages as it tries to offset fuel costs. it already charges by weight and size for air shipments. federal express announced a similar change this year. >> it's nice to see you so close by and not so far away at the wall. >> it is chilly, we should sit a little closer. do whatever you can to keep warm
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out there. your pets will not want to be outdoors for long. kick them out but they're going to run right back in. any sensitive plants that you're concerned about that could get that frostbite, you want to bring those in this morning as well, especially up in the north bay where we're getting our chilliest conditions. 36 degrees in novato. as you make your way out that front door this morning, you might be headed to to return items or cash in on late sales, temperatures will be chilly this afternoon so keep that in mind. 49 in morgan hill and 46 degrees in my hometown of campbell. coolest point of the day, just after sunrise so between about 7:00 and 8:00, it is going to be bitter cold out there, as we hit
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our highs. we have a weak disturbance coming through today. it's not going to bring us any rain but it will bring in some gusty wind. you'll notice where you're getting that hot pink, those are 45 to 50 miles per hour ventilation. this front won't bring us any rain but look at the difference between today and tomorrow, it's going to be cold around here. first day of the new year looks good, mid 50s. we're going to hold off on the rain until we get into next week. we'll talk more about that coming up. right now want to check your back-to-w back-to-wok. >> let's show you the dublin interchange. we've been following this big jam. you still get flashing lights
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and 580 but things are moving more smoothly and that bulk of traffic is moving. i'm going to step off screen for a second. this will be an ugly move pb i've going there's west 580 coming out of the dublin area into livermore. >> the mabb will show you the same thing. the rest of your bay, a lighter flow. some fox coming back to work but not much of a commute right now. there is a fog advisory chp issued farther north novato. meanwhile, no problem for the
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bay bridge. i'll send it back to you. >> thanks very much, mike. of all the ways we can make the world a better place, making someone smile seems like a very simple gesture. >> and an important one. >> one man's wish to see his wife smile during a difficult time has taken on a life of its own. >> garvin thomas had his calvin -- call i van's life has been filled with many unpleasant surprises but one very nice one. as you will see in this bay area proud, one that thanks to the kindness of strangers keeps on giving. >> as hard as the doctors and nurses try to make it otherwise, valerie's twice monthly immunotherapy infusions are not
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all that pleasant. from the moment with the needle to the hours of nothing, there is not much to make her smile, which is why it is so great that should valerie need to smile, all she has to do is look at the purple polish at the tips of her toes and think of the story behind them. >> it's just something fun to get through this experience. >> valerie's experience began last august. it was just about a month before her wedding to long-time partner ralph when doctors told valerie the cough that had nagged her for more than three years was something very serious, stage four lung cancer. >> that's just devastating to receive that diagnosis. >> the months that followed was a dark time, valerie admits, but that is when with hopes of raising her spirits just a
5:21 am
little, ralph took valerie to get a pedicure. she went with her favorite kol are he said he chose purple to make me smile. >> you were laughing pretty good there. >> yup. >> it turned out to be just the first of many smiles. that's because after ralph posted a picture of their purple painted toes, a remarkable thing happened. their friends started doing the same, followed by complete strangers who had heard about what ralph had done. hundreds upon hundreds of them, all painting their toes and sending their pictures just to make valerie smile. >> it touches my heart. it just really gets down to a deep level and just the support and the fun i think people have
5:22 am
with it, too, i want it to be really both. >> it has, though, become even more than that. with the help of friends, these wonderful gestures have grown into a fund-raising campaign, one that has raised more than $12,000 for lung cancer research and continues to raise the spirits of one woman who needs it now more than ever. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> since we first aired the story, valerie continues with her treatment and go our to our
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bay >> okay. your time now is 5:23. we want to show you an amazing fire rescue caught on camera. a young child jumps from the second floor of a burn i ud have rob be or get a $300 bonus when you buy a tem purr pediatric mattress. with no interest up to 48 months, the savings really add up.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> your time is 5:25. we want to give you a live look outside at san francisco. check out this beautiful light. it is chilly this morning. make that coffee extra hot today. >> a child leaps from the second floor of a burning apartment building. take a look. >> we got you, come on!
5:26 am
come on! jump! come on, your mama right here! your mama said do it! >> oh, we got you. >> oh, thank god! >> that happened in alabama early christmas morning. a firefighter rescued another child from those flames as well. but amazing that that child took that leap of faith. in all six people, four people are hurt but everyone is expected to survive. food left cooking unattended on the stove started that fire. but that little boy didn't jump until he said "your mama said do it." >> 3 years old, that's pretty impressive. >> how about things to bring to a tailgate party? food, drinks, altar. >> altar not so much. a couple in texas took time out of their tailgate to get married
5:27 am
this weekend. they got hitched in the parking lot before yesterday's houston texans game. they said they promised to stick by each other through all of the ups and downs in life and the team's wins and losses. >> friends, families, easiest thing to do, don't have to worry about the small details. everything you do at a wedding, the party, the friends, the food, everything is here. >> and the football, right? >> that's right. >> they got their rings but unfortunately for the newlyweds, their beloved texans will not get a chance at a super bowl ring this year. >> they didn't got that marry tail ending of them going to the super bowl. >> the search for the missing malaysian airlines jet continues next.
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a home invasion story just blocks from a local university. stephanie chuang will have the latest details next. >> and as we speak, looking for that asia airplane that disappeared less than 48 hours ago. what we learned overnight and just now next. >> and cool and breezy today. it is going to be chilly by tomorrow and the coldest air of the season rolls in on witness. >> we're looking over the roadway. we'll sort out what's going on around the bridge as well. >> and let's give you a live look outside. that is san francisco, folks.
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christina will be along with a moment with your new year's eve forecast. for now it is monday, december 29th. you're watching "today in the bay." good morning. thank you for joining us. >> we have an update to breaking news in san francisco where police are looking for suspects involved in an early morning home invasion. stephanie chuang joins us live from san francisco. stephanie, what are police saying at this point? the details were scant this morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you. right now it is very early on. you can see the door is open on the 100 block of camden drive. there is a patrol car still here. investigators have been in and
5:32 am
out of this house here i did speak with an officer earlier who spoke to me about how there were multiple victims and there puerto rico varying accounts of what had happened. we do know it was an armed home invasion robbery that happened just after 3:00 this morning, here where you see the door open. there are no visible soons of. this is -- there were one officer did say they were very shaken. the good news is no one was hurt for this. as protocol, they were asked if they all wanted to go to the hospital but they refused to go.
5:33 am
the good news is they did say there was a good amount of evidence and that is why they're here. we've seen them with flashlights outside the. >> i also asked about the frequency of home invasions and the officer off camera telling me it is pretty rare. again, very early on we'll try to work on trying to get more information and give it to you once we get it . >> that is good news that no one was hurt. breaking news, crews from several countries are now looking into oil slicks. it is not clear whether debris
5:34 am
or oil slicks are from the indonesian airliner. the last communication was a request by one of the pilots to fly higher because of rough weather. >> the ceo of airasia told reporters since he founded that low-cost carrier, he has not lost a life until now. malaysia flight 370 disappeared while flying from beijing to kuala lumpur. then on july 17th, a plan was shot down by russian rebels. russia has denied that. all 298 people on board that flight died in the crash.
5:35 am
our coverage continues on air and online. the "today" show will have another update right after "today in the bay." >> new this morning, crews. >> a truck landed on its roof and the ohcean's wave line. the chp major accident investigative team will head to the boch but have a pretty good. >> going too fast on the curb, don't see it in time urk could end up in this situation, situation.
5:36 am
>> there were initial reports that the driver was speeding away from the officers. >> after four years, three nfc title games and a trip to the super bowl, the 49ers and jim harbaugh are parting ways. the search is on for a new head coach. let's just say fans are not reacting too kindly to the split. >> reporter: they're not happy about this. this is hardly a surprise. we had a hint about a month ago when the team own are said you are to apologizeapologize. the 49ers did go on to beat the cardinals 20-16 in what would be coach jim harbaugh's last game at levi stadium as head coach.
5:37 am
fans we spoke with don't understand this decision. yes, the season want great but in each of the previous three as soon as, harbaugh led the team to the championship game and a super bowl. his record is hardly that of a losing coach. >> i really disagree with that. >> i'd like to see him stick around. he has done pretty good. he's taken us to the playoffs three out of four years. that's not bad. >> harbaugh is expected to take the head coaching job at the university of michigan. we'll hear his thoughts on his departure within the next half hour. later this morning after a 10:00
5:38 am
a.m. tem meeting, the players are available to talk about harbaugh's departure and the -- but he did say it was a good talk. >> it was a joint statement released by the team but did have comments by coach harbaugh. they appreciative of his opportunity here. it would be nice to know exactly what they really think. hopefully we'll get a better sense during that news conference at 1:00. >> i wouldn't think he'd be done with the nfl. probably good to take him up on his offer to be friends forever. >> meteorologist christina loren
5:39 am
given with the fletcher. i keep trying to turn on the male audience here. you foe what? you're going to go with the sweat pants because i'll have my samm sammo-but the good news is we're going to stay safe and we hope you are, too. it going to be cool and clear, no fog to worry about but we could be talking about some patchy black ice. i'll show you why in just a moment. the only area settling in this morning is con only a county. as we head through the day maybe 20s in the and then we've got
5:40 am
much needed rainfall. we're go a wook into wintertime. here is anyway concern, peer going to see the coldest temperatures that we've seen this season so far. the cold will settle in from midnight till 9:00 a.m. even at the coast getting freezing conditions as we wake up and meet back here. >> you know, i didn't get that. it was on my wish list. >> maybe you did, maybe you did! >> i'll check that. thank you for that little gift christina. looking over here, the gift for
5:41 am
fasttrack players are doing just fine. we talk about potentially some kroosh dustins. we'll have more right after this quick break.
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>> reporter: the white house and federal lawmakers want to decrease the gap.
5:44 am
one thing we hadn't seen before was police officers demonstrating against city government. that's what happened in new york at the funeral services for nypd officer rafael ramos. when the commissioner was speaking, many officers turned their back to him. there is one solution that is getting attraction. those police body cameras. many people believe that will help to repair the trust life between the free officers. >> the as much is on for a gunman in l. archl who opened fire on a police car. police say two drivers were driving in an l.a. area last night when their squad car was fired on by two people.
5:45 am
>> the rifle used montana shooting has also been found. >> neither of the officers were hurt. police so far have not released any kind i motive this morning. >> warning signs are up this morning at a central california beach as a surfer recovers from a great white shark attack. witnesses say he used the cord from his surf board to make a tourniquet for his leg before he hadled himself to shore. and your slan san lewis abyss. >> mabb the kevlar. >> we did have some big waves out there over the weekend. everything starting to calm down now. woo don't have any significant
5:46 am
storm systems to talk about this week. if you are getting to get out, countries so about what would fwrrk the on place you may signed problems later on trying to got to miami and you'll notice it is quickly moving offshore. otherwise we'll continue to keep you updated. here in san francisco, no fog, no flight delays. 33 in ukiah, 34 in rosa and that's 23 we head through tonight. >> we'll lose any crowds thatof
5:47 am
of -- in the evening is when we're really going to see those wind gusts. that's what's going to keep your temperatures cold for tomorrow. these might look cold to you but take your temperatures for today and drop it by a good 5 to 10 degrees and that's where we're headed on tuesday. coldest days, last two days of the year, first day of the new year looking good, 55 degrees in the south bay, 54 degrees in san francisco. then we bring on the rain by next week. first here's mike and your drive. >> christina, if not for you and your warning, i would have been wearing a flowing skirt. you knew that. looking over here toward san jose. we'll show you south bay match.
5:48 am
>> moving very nicely at speed coming out of the maze and the east shore freeway. i want to show you the incline coming toward the bay bridge. somewhere through the stretch, reports of a dog that was hit overnight. so the crews will be heading out there. let's show you the view from emeryville as well. you see the low clouds blocking our view of san francisco's lights. that will be a factor to the north as well, especially north of 101 through novato. >> happening now, crews are trying to pull the captain and four rescue workers from a stranded, burned had much out ferry off the coast of greece.
5:49 am
the coast guard said all passengers are off the forman atlantic. overnight they pulled nearly 400 people off the bod carry -- the 41st president was admitted to houston methodist hospital on tuesday after suffering from shortness of breath. they say his condition has improved from last week. doctors have not announced a discharge date. president bush spent nearly two monies in the hospital in 2014 for a bronchitis-related cough. >> after briefly stalling lava, a hawaii big island is losing to
5:50 am
a -- the lava front hardened. >> fema will help a person online or over the phone until 6:00 tonight for people whose homes were affected by the magnitude 6.8 earthquake. so far fema has helped more than 2,000 people. to learn house of representatives to apply for aid, go to and search napa quake. >> with the clock ticking for new year's eve police around the bay area are already looking for drivers letting their holiday celebration get the best of them. and within the first 15 minutes,
5:51 am
several but 20 expurr effect. me -- it is already the law in two dozen states. >> in those 24 states that are utilizing these interlock devices, ignition air lock device, they're showing a 30% to 40% reduction in deaths caused by drunk drivers. >> significant number. the breathalyzer ignition lock program is now being tested in four california counties. >> the restaurant that served as a meeting spot for silicon valley executives and stanford students alike is no more.
5:52 am
now the owner want to tear down the building and build a hotel in its place. >> the video is making me hungry. markets are open in less than an hour. the futures are pointing lower. it a much different story from friday. after two. >> executive tell the wearables loo look. >> "the interview" raking in $18 million since its release. much of the money from the interview came from digital
5:53 am
sales. about 15 million made sense for the witness release. >> apple is jump christina loren, if you downloaded it over the holiday, you were probably busy with that. >> somebody got a new bike. that's what we did a couple of years ago. it is a great chance to that this mcgee, good morning to you. bring your winter gear, whatever you're doing today, i've got to tell you, it is going to be chilly out there but not as cold as what we're going to see across the nation. i want to give you an idea of the temperatures across the nation, 33 in atlanta, 31 in new york and 7 in minneapolis.
5:54 am
the good news, we don't have any major town systems to. >> we do have a few more card than last week but did should be a lighter list. we'll look at your map on the approach, no problems. tri-valley had the earlier snow bound. typical build there. light volume for the rest of the ba bay. >> and specifically petaluma ci city. >> howie is the dent continue on yp. >> it the north bay you might
5:55 am
encounter situations like this. back to you. >> some say it was intentional, others not so much. either way it is a play that could affect this weekend's playoff matchups. it is possible the league will review this play by suh. he's a key player and if he is suspended for that play saturday it's the carolina panthers the patriots, the seahawks, broncos, they all have bye weeks. they don't play until the following weekend.
5:56 am
>> we talked about this being black monday, the day a lot of changes are made with the top football teams. >> the jets are now announcing just less than an hour ago, head coach rex ryan and the team's johnson are out lp the theme for this your's parade, inspiring stories. and grand marshall lieuy zamperini will be honored posthumously this year. the parade will feature 40 float, 18 high-stepping equestrian teams and 20 marching bands. you can of course watch the rose
5:57 am
parade right here, right after "today in the bay" of course. >> of course, with someone we love. it is 5:56. j jim. sfchlt. >> get the forecast from nbc bay area's microclimate weather team.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news right now, the search is suspended for a missing passenger jet. new includes that they hope could lead them to any possible
6:00 am
wreckage. >> and a driver plunges some 200 feet to the sea below. what likely caused this crash. >> mainly clear and chilly to start. a mild finish and then i'm talking frigid conditions for tonight. >> and we have the backup getting into the peninsula, a crash blocking one lane. can't move the car. we'll give you the update on that low inging a. >> look at that beautiful shot as. >> this is the "today in the bay." thanks foroi


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