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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 29, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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good morning, and thanks for joining us. >> and i'm kris sanchez. good to have you with us. new at 11:00 this morning, it's estimated that drunk drivers kill more than 1,000 californians and injure more than 20,000 each year. just within the hour one lawmaker announced legislation to save lives and cut downen o the number of people who drive drunk. nbc bay area live in redwood city to talk about the ignition interlock device. and california, stephanie, this is not a new concept. but california's late coming into the game. >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you, kris. i'll give an example. earlier this month, a san mateo man who had been convicted of
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three duis already was sentenced to almost six years in prison for driving drunk again and crashing into two cars with people inside. so this is the ignition interlock device. tony here with smart star is going to show us right now how it works. he's going to blow into it. and after that it takes a little bit of time to analyze. but this is a device that 24 other states already have laws requiring a first time dui offenders to install. again, you're blowing into it. it prevents the engine from starting if the blood alcohol level exceeds the preset limit. a pilot program including alameda and sacramento to the entire state. and so shortly after it'll be able to -- be able to start the car. now, during the holidays, law enforcement in the bay area has stepped up drunk driving enforcement with check points. officers pulled over several drivers in the first 15 minutes and this one in downtown san mateo saturday night. under current state law, installing these iids is
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optional for those convicted. and only 20% choose to install it versus driving on a restricted license. this morning, we spoke with a livermore mom who says her son was killed by a drunk driver in los gatos in july of 2001. a man she adds had been driving on a suspended license. >> matt was 22 years old, and i have the passion to stop the pain from happening to any other family. and when my grandchildren are driving age, i want them to have a paradigm mind shift that you mean you allowed people to drive drunk. how would you -- how can you do that when we have this to prevent it? >> we lost 50,000 californians in 30 years and at the rate of 1,000 and 20,000 injured every year from drunk drivers, it's inexcusable. i lost my friend to a drunk driver 30 years ago. and as you just heard, she lost her daughter to a drunk driver. families are devastated by this. and still we allow it. and i don't want to say we don't condone it but the penalties just not severe enough.
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>> and jerry hill basically introducing this legislation just within the hour here in redwood city. and the legislation would require everyone convicted of dui to install the iid six months for the first dui, a year for the second, two years for the third dui and three years for the fourth. you can see kind of that schedule there. back here live you're looking again at the smart start iid device. the centers for disease control says requiring or highly incentivizing interlocks for convicted dui offenders cuts the rate by 67%. and this is something that senator hill says you can't trick. there is you know in case, people are wondering can someone else blow into it? and the convicted dui offender drive off. well you apparently can't because there are random checks that are recorded and the results sent to a judge. senator hill saying this legislation will go to a committee in march and hopefully he'll be able to get it past that step. nbc bay area news. >> all right, thank you very
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much, steph. now, to breaking news out of san leandro. we have just learned that a police chase has ended with the suspected car thief in custody. it all started about 8:30 this morning in san francisco's bay view district. that's where a man stole the newspaper delivery van. police chased the driver across the san mateo bridge into hayward and then san leandro. the suspect jumped out of the van and took off running. officers tracked him down and arrested him about 45 minutes ago. that man is now facing a long list of criminal charges. also new at 11:00, a raging house fire killed a family dog and burned most of what was inside that home this morning. the fire started before 9:00 this morning in an east san jose home on court. but luckily, according to the woman who lives there, everyone got out safely, including her son who had to jump out the window. it is unclear what started the fire which ended up damaging most of the house and a car
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parked outside. now, to new developments in the search for the missing air asia plane. the search area will be expanding on to land areas in indonesia after daybreak there. but it is believed that plane is at the bottom of the java sea. air asia flight 8501 was carrying 162 people when it disappeared from radar over the weekend. just before that the crew had asked for permission to increase altitude because of rough weather. indonesia's air force says oil samples from the java sea will be collected and analyzed to see if they are connected to the missing plane. meanwhile, the ceo of air asia told reporters the airline had never lost a life until now. but it has been overall, a terrible year for malaysian-based airlines. back in july a malaysian airlines flight crashed in ukraine, u.s. and ukrainian officials say the plane was shot down by russian rebels. but russia has denied that. all 298 people onboard that plane died in the crash.
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and you may remember on march 8th malaysia airlines 370 disappeared from the airline. they have not found pieces of that aircraft. and stay with us for continuing coverage on the missing air asia flight. you can also get the latest details on our website at well we have learned that the captain of the greek ferry that caught fire along with four italian sailors will remain on board even though all of the passengers have been evacuated. the five will stay on the ferry to try to hook it up to a tug boat. they saved hundreds of passengers from that ferry after it caught fire and drifted into dangerous waters. eight people died on that disaster. it took crews all night to rescue all of the 414 people
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onboard. >> police in san francisco are looking for two armed men responsible for an early morning home invasion robbery. it happened about 3:00 in the morning. that's not far from san francisco state university. police say the men entered the home and held up two victims at gunpoint. they took off with a bike wallets and cell phones. the victims, luckily, were not hurt. officers are investigating the deadly crash of a truck on to a north bay beach. investigators say it appears that the driver of that truck failed to manage a turn on highway 1 and drove off a 200-foot cliff. the truck landed on its rooftop at the ocean's wave line. rescuers rushed the scene but declared the driver dead. investigators say they already have a pretty good idea of what happened. >> here's the pick-up, straightened out the curve. there's no lighting and it's going too fast on a curve. don't see it in time. you can end up in this very situation. >> now the chp reports said that a states parks officer saw the
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crash and happened and there were initial reports that the truck was speeding away from the officer. but the chp has not elaborated on that. the search is on for a gunman in los angeles who opened fire on a police car. police say two officers were driving in a south l.a. neighborhood last night when their squad car was fired on by two people. the officers opened fire but both suspects took off. one of the suspects was captured and is now in custody. the other person is still on the run has also been recovered. the officers were not hurt. police so far have not told us of any kind of motive. the family of the window washer who fell 11 stories from the top of a san francisco building has raised more than $70,000 in just 17 days. last week the family of pedro perez asked for help in paying his medical bills. perez fell from the top of the sterling bank and trust building in november while he was working as a window washer. the family initially hoped to raise $20,000 because they needed help to pay for multiple surgeries. so far, more than 1,100 people
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have donated more than $72,000. and still to come a shark attack off the california coast. how the victim used his surf board to save his own life. the numbers are in. and it was a record-breaking week for the controversial film. christina loren. take a look at the foot traffic out on the golden gate bridge. a lot of people in town the celebrations only to be found in san francisco. just 60 hours left of 2014. we'll tell you what to expect in just a few moments.
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it's the start of a new era for the 49ers. jim harbaugh is gone. and now the team is on the hunt for a new head coach. >> bob redell is live at levi
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stadium. and just a few hours. have you gotten the gist of what they might have to say? >> it'll be very interesting to get their reaction as to why harbaugh is leaving. that news conference taking place here at levi stadium, chris and vicky at 1:00 this afternoon. we did just speak with a couple of players who were doing something this morning they'd rather not be doing, and that is cleaning out their lockers before the post season. this is the first time in four years that the team has not made it to the playoffs. the man who led him to the past three nfc title games is out the door. coach jim harbaugh and the organization agreeing to mutually part ways. the players had the last team meeting at 10:00 this morning. and then into the locker rooms to speak with us. the couple of players we spoke with wouldn't question upper management's decision to let harbaugh go. >> how do you feel about harbaugh?
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>> it's tough. we've had four years together. you know but, you know we as players, like i was saying we can't control, you know the distractions what's been going on outside of football. that's all we do. we come to work and we play football and try to win as many games as you can. >> do you think it's right for the organization? >> i don't know. that's not right for me to say. like i said i'm a player and going to stay in a player's place. >> last conversation was really just last night. in a sense, we come off the field. just got the "w" and that was all the focus. >> e we tried to speak with colin kaepernick but he brushed us off saying he spoke with us yesterday and needed his space. this is video of harbaugh and the team ceo and owner hugging each other before yesterday's game.
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what you see there speaks volumes about the split between both men. it was hardly a warm embrace. you can see how awkward that moment was. harbaugh and the niners went on to beat the cardinals 20-17. and then after the game ended, the team released a statement that harbaugh and the niners had mutually parted ways wishing him and his family the best making an announcement the search was on for a new head coach. he had a record of 44-19-1 and led the team to three nfc title games and a super bowl. he'll take the head coaching position at the university of michigan. again, the team ceo and his general manager will be holding a news conference here at 1:00 just under two hours from now here at levi stadium. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> a lot of us will be watching. thank you very much bob.
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>> while it is not official dockers is already trying to capitalize on jim harbaugh's next coaching job. check this out this morning. the docker's website put michigan game day khaki pants on sale. $30 to $40 apiece. you can have your own piece of the khaki. that's almost half price of the regular price, folks. csn bay area reports harbaugh will sign on as michigan's next head coach and they think it's going to happen tomorrow. we have a lot more coverage online looking back jim harbaugh's time with the 49ers. just head to it is our top story. well basketball teams from a northern california high school will hold a rally today after being barred from a tournament for wearing "i can't breathe" t-shirts. they were told they could not participate in a tournament this weekend at ft. bragg's high school because of concerns that the players would wear "i can't breathe" t-shirts warming up.
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a number of nba players spotted wearing the "i can't breathe" t-shirts. a number of team members tell the news they mean no disrespect to local law enforcement. they say, quote, we the players wanted to express our support for the people who face prejudices racism and police brutality daily in our country and convey our concern about these injustices to the public. a statewide search continues this morning for an inmate who escaped monterey county jail on christmas day. police say 23-year-old freddy suanne swanson is still at large after he escaped from a rehab area of the jail. he climbed into a ventilation duct punched in a window and jumped off the roof. he was in custody on weapons and drug violations. if you see him or have any information, police want to hear from you. >> well, city health officials will conduct tests on a coyote
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that bit two people in fremont. last thursday the coyote bit a 5-year-old boy and p ran down the street and bit a man walking to his car. then about an hour later, another man told police he had to kick the animal because it tried to attack him. if that animal had rabies that could be a different situation. shortly after the attacks, crews managed to track down the animal, it was euthanized. warning signs are up at a beach as a surfer recovers from a great white shark attack. the surfer says the shark bit him on his hip. witnesses say he used the cord from his surf board to make a. he was treated onshore by doctors at the beach before he was flown to a hospital. we are told he should be okay. this all happened yesterday. the shark was between 8 and 10 feet long. experts say it was probably a
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young shark. and the beach is not closed this morning, but officials are warning people to be careful. this happened about 10 miles where a woman was killed by a shark in 2003. authorities continue to search for a missing teenager who may now be in the south bay. police say 14-year-old stephanie was seen last on christmas eve. she was initially reported as a run away but now her family believes it is possible that she's being held against her will. stephanie was last seen wearing a pink tank top and pink sweat pants. her family says she might be in gilroy or in san jose. anyone with information about her whereabouts asked to call police. napa quake victims have until tonight to apply for federal aid. fema will offer help in person, online or over the phone until 6:00 p.m. for people whose homes and businesses were affected by august magnitude 6.0 quake. disaster assistance includes grants for homeowners money for
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essential home repairs and other disaster related needs not covered by insurance. so far, fema has helped more than 2,000 people. to learn how to apply for aid, go to our website, and search napa quake. well, impressive early returns for a movie that at one point was not supposed to be released. sony says "the interview" has earned $18 million since christmas. >> would love it if you could take him out. >> you want us to kill the leader of north korea. >> yes. >> the comedy about the assassination of north korea's dictator earned close to $3 million in about 300 theaters, but the big haul was through online streaming sales like youtube and google play that earned it another $15 million over the weekend. north korea's cyber attack on sony and threats of violence against theaters showing the film caused many major theater chains to back out of screening that movie. >> i did not get a chance to see it over the holiday, but i was talking to our business and tech
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reporter scott budman and he wrote a review for >> he said he liked it. >> i trust scott's judgment. who else's judgment i trust is miss christina loren. >> it's still cold out there vikki and kris. that fog settled in. still settled the textured clouds starting to break apart as that top layer burns off. that's how fog clears and that's what's happening in san francisco. meanwhile here, in the south bay, we have a little as well and yeah, you can really see how green those hills are in the background here. just a beautiful, beautiful day. although deceptive sunshine. temps are still chilly. we're at 52 degrees right now in the south bay. 53 on the peninsula. and because of that fog holding tight up in the north bay, you're still at 40 degrees. so here's the deal. temperatures are going to stay cool for today. we're only going to climb by about 5 to 8 degrees. and that'll make for the upper
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50s in the south bay. and then you're probably not going to notice those upper 50s. it's going to feel like the low 50s because we've got a windchill factor. in fact, some pretty gusty wind on the way to the bay area as of this evening, especially through the mountain passes and right at the immediate coast where you lack that friction. look to the key here see 40 to 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts certainly likely as we head throughout this evening, that wind will start to drop off, though. after the front comes through. the front's going to bring a cold blast of air and gusty wind but no rain out of this thing. the frigid air mass will settle in as we head throughout tonight and as a result tomorrow morning and in addition to that wednesday morning waking up with widespread frost. some of the coldest temperatures of the season so far. that means the coast and the bay is going to hit 35 to 40 degrees tomorrow and that's in san francisco where a lot of people are not ready for that. and the valley is 25 to 30 degrees, officially making it the coldest day of the season so far. we just kicked off winter now about a week ago. so this is what we're working
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with. take you deeper into the final days of 2014 tuesday into wednesday. look at the difference. temperatures continue to drop. we're in the low 50s in san jose. on wednesday, i.e. new year's eve. if you're going to be headed out and about for new year's eve, a lot of people like to go to san francisco, the high's about 54 degrees and, yeah midnight 45 degrees. chilly, but the good news is it's going to be nice and clear. do you want to take a look at those fireworks this year. here's the deal when it comes to the rain we are going to stay dry this week into this weekend as well. but that storm track is on its way back as we head through tuesday and wednesday of next week. and once we get this thing going, once we open up that window. a series of storms looks like they're going to set up and impact the bay area. there's more rain on the way which is great news for our drought situation. and i have something to watch. right now, i'm going to send it back to you, vicky and kris. well still to come was it an accident was it intentional?
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how this could have a big impact on the nfl playoff. >> coming up at 11:00, access hollywood live. followed by "days of our lives" at 1:00 p.m.
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a restaurant that was a meeting spot for executives and stanford students alike is now closed. the popular palo alto restaurant is no more. hundreds of people though, dined at the chinese restaurant
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one last time last night. it is located east of highway 101, you've probably driven by. the restaurant's owner says she now plans to tear down the building, build up a hotel in this place, however, she says, there will be a new reinvented restaurant at the hotel. of course that will take a few years. >> well, that's good news. let it go not the frozen song. that's what people were doing in new york's time square yesterday for the big apple's eighth good riddance day. the point here is to shed shred and put to bed any bad memories from 2014. one woman smashed her inhaler because she says she spent too much time dealing with asthma this year. many others put their worries or problems to paper and then shredded them. that's a great symbolic move. organizers call the annual event an opportunity to purge the negative and make room for the good things in this coming year. >> i like that idea. we should do it in the newsroom later. well some people say it was intentional, other people say it was not. but either way, it is a play
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that could effect this weekend's football playoff match-up. >> no word yet. but it is possible the league will review this play with -- you can see him right there stepping on green bay quarterback aaron rodgers leg not once, but twice. he's no stranger to league discipline. he's a key player on the detroit's defense. if he is suspended for that play, it could really hurt detroit's chances on sunday against the cowboys. >> so how did the playoffs look? saturday, it is the cardinals in carolina against the panthers. there's also the ravens at the steelers and you can see that game here on nbc bay area that starts at 5:00. the bengals face the colts and lions are in dallas. the patriots, seahawks, packers and broncos. if they don't play again until the following weekend. >> and still to come an amazing fire rescue caught on camera. a young child jumps from the second floor of a burning building into the arms of a good samaritan.
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investigators now presume that air asia passenger jet with 162 people onboard has crashed into the sea off the coast of indonesia. >> here's katy tur with this report from singapore. >> the head of the indonesian search and rescue team is preparing people for the worst. our evaluation of the coordinates that we receive suggested it is under water. so our presumption now is that the aircraft is under the sea. still, that is only an educated guess. teams in the air and at sea are scouring the area near flight 8501's last location. the island is half way. malaysia and singapore are assisting in the indonesian led effort and australia, a maritime patrol aircraft that helped in the search for mh-370. meanwhile, another day of
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waiting as relatives hope for a miracle. as the hours passed without answers, eerie similarities are being drawn between this flight and m.h. 370 which also abruptly went off radar. there are a lot of differences. unlike m.h. 370 which flew undetected for hours, air traffic control immediately noticed when this flight went missing after pilots requested to fly at 38,000 to avoid bad weather. 8501 is likely somewhere in the java sea which is relatively shallow and very heavily trafficked. 20,000 hours in the cockpit. and the plane itself had flown more than 6,000 legs. >> our focus is to help and support the next of kin of passengers and also our crew. >> and as you can see, the weather is only getting worse out here. the wind is picking up.
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it's expected to rain for the next few days. it's monsoon season here in southeast asia. and that could hamper the search and rescue effort. back to you. >> well there's a consulate located in san francisco. but so far, that office has not -- there are about 5,000 to 6,000 indonesians living in the bay area right now. many are familiar with air asia because it is a low cost airline. it is also often the only way to travel from one island to another. one representative told us that singapore is a popular destination for indonesians and that many of the passengers onboard flight 8501 were likely headed there to ring in the new year. they were planning to have.
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>> this is the third separate incident this year including the missing m.h. 370 flight and the plane shot down over ukraine. air asia has a good safety record and never lost a plane nor passenger before. >> tensions are still running high across the country right now between police, community and in some cities government leaders. it is making the road to a peaceful solution all the more political. nbc's richard jordan has more on efforts to repair relations between cops and the communities they police. >> this trust is grown between the police and the communities and now police and government officials. new york police commissioner bill bratten expects tensions will continue. >> it's a rift that will go on a while longer. however, we'll be making efforts to sit down and talk with the union leaders in particular to deal with their issues. >> this weekend, protests showed the divide.
11:34 am
demonstrated against recent police related deaths. thousands of police officers turned their backs to a screen showing de blasio at the funeral for brooklyn officer rafael ramos. many blame him for furthering the divide. >> the reality is the mayor of the city of new york should not be blamed for the murder of those police officers. that issue should not have been injected, it's wrong. >> cares very deeply about the divide in the city at this time. and working hard to heal that divide. >> there is support for dialogue that will lead to change. >> one solution that is getting widespread support, those police body cameras many people believe. those may help to rebuild the trust between police officers and the communities they serve. richard jordan, nbc news, washington. chilling moments caught on
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camera as a child leaps from the second floor of a burning apartment building into the arms of a neighbor below. >> come on! right here! your momma can't do it. come on. >> this happened in alabama early christmas morning. a firefighter rescued another child from the flames. in all, six people including four kids were hurt. but everyone is expected to survive. investigators say food left cooking unattended on the stove started that fire. but a miracle that child landed where he did. >> yeah. it's chilling video every time you see it. but amazing that neighbor was there and the child trusted him. happy ending. well how about things to bring to a tailgate party. food, check, drinks, check, check? well, for a couple in texas, they took time out of their tailgate to get married this weekend.
11:36 am
pedro and monica put the fan in fanatic getting hitched in the parking lot before yesterday's houston texans game. they say they promised to stick by each other through thick and thin and, of course that includes all of the team's wins and losses. >> this was friends, family the easiest thing to do don't have to worry about the small details. everybody's here. everything that you do at a wedding, a party, the friends, the food. everything is here. >> they got their rings, but unfortunately for the newlyweds, their beloved texans won't be getting a chance at a super bowl ring this year. >> no they won't. well still to come preparations underway in l.a. for the rose parade. we're going to give you a sneak peek at some of those beautiful floats. >> always so fun. plus the bay area man going the extra mile to make his wife smile. his story will make you bay area proud. truly a beautiful story there. worth tuning in for. you might be interested in your forecast, as well. it's going to get windy for
11:37 am
today. then temps plunge as we head into the midsection of your week. we will see chilly conditions on new year's eve. but it will be nice and clear for all of the fireworks. then we have rain on the way. i'll start it all out for where you live in moments.
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as we approach the new year we like to take a look back at the weird and wacky moments of the past 12 months. >> usually caught by eyewitnesss. this year, people seem to be turning the cameras on themselves. here's the year of selfies seen. >> when ellen degeneres interrupted the oscars to take a quick pic with her a-list pals selfie culture was legitimatized everywhere. formal visits to the white house house, the grave. posing with the pope may not be this guy's stairway to heaven. >> the year 2014 might be the year of taking the selfie to the next level. >> but to get to that next level, you apparently had to take the highway to the danger zone. spectators at the tour de france got trucked eded for their trophy
11:41 am
pics. and felt the need to document her own plane crash. running with the bulls may be macho. running with the bulls with the camera, loco. that's not to say animals didn't follow the trend. deer selfie lion lemur, sloth, ostrich, turtle and i guess zebra. this may not count adds a selfie. but if you fly a drone into hawk territory, vengeance is swift and awesome. speaking of vengeance, here's what happened when a high schooler took a photo with a docile furry who made him pay the price. to sum up 2014 was not about what you did but about the picture of you doing it. selfie indulgence revealed everything you needed to know about mankind. engaged in odd, inappropriate and mostly questionable behavior. but we produced amazing moments, as well. more so the odd, but still. we'll end up taking selfies of
11:42 am
ourselfies. nbc news. >> that put a smile on my face for sure. those are some wild selfies. >> we're guilty of some good ones and bad ones. >> selfie with a pope tops the list for me. well of all the ways we can make the world a better place, making someone smile and not just for a picture. seems like a very simple gesture. >> but as you will see in this story, one man's wish to see his wife smile during a difficult time has taken on a life of its own. nbc bay area garvin thomas has a colorful story that will make you bay area proud. >> it was over a year ago that valerie's life was turned upsidedown with very bad medical news. the time since has been filled with many unpleasant surprises. but one very nice one. and as you will see in this bay area proud, one that thanks to the kindness of strangers keeps on giving. >> as hard as the doctors and
11:43 am
nurses tried to mange it otherwise, valerie's twice monthly infusions are not all that pleasant. from the moment with the needle to the hours of nothing, there is not much to make her smile. which is why it is so great that should valerie need a smile, all she has to do is look at the purple polish at the tips of her toes -- >> there you go -- >> and think of the story behind them. >> it's just something fun to get through this experience. >> valerie's experience began last august. it was just about a month before her wedding to long time partner when doctors told valerie the cost that nagged her for more than three years was something very serious, stage 4 lung cancer. >> it's just devastating to
11:44 am
receive that diagnosis. >> the month that followed was a dark time valerie admits. but that is when with hopes of raising her spirits just a little ralph took valerie to get a pedicure. she went with her favorite color, purple. then so did ralph. >> he said he'd do his toes purple, as well. to make me smile. >> seemed to work though. you were laughing pretty good there. >> yep. >> reporter: it turned out to be just the first, though of many smiles. that's because after ralph posted a picture of their purple painted toes a remarkable thing happened. their friends started doing the same followed by complete strangers who had heard about what ralph had done. hundreds upon hundreds of them all painting their toes and sending their pictures just to make valerie smile. >> it just touches my heart. it really gets down to a deep
11:45 am
level and just the support and the fun that i think people have with it too, that's the, you know i want it to be really both. >> all right. got it. >> it has, though become even more than that. with the help of friends, these wonderful gestures have grown into a fund raising campaign. one that has raised more than $12,000 for lung cancer research and continues to raise the spirits of one woman who needs it now more than ever. >> thank you. thank you. >> since we first aired valerie's story in june the purple toe pictures continue to come in as has the money. valerie continues with her immuno therapy treatments still looking forward to being cancer free one day. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> great story and a great update. glad she's doing well.
11:46 am
people in pasadena meanwhile are getting ready for one of the most popular new year's day celebrations in the world. organizers are prepping the route for the yearly rose parade in pasadena. the theme for this year's parade, inspiring stories and the grand marshal will be honored posthumously this year. the olympian and world war ii prisoner of war whose life was the inspiration for the book and movie "unbroken." the parade will feature 40 floats, 18 high-stepping teams. you can watch the rose parade this thursday at 8:00 in the morning after "today" in the bay, of course. well if you're ringing in the new year here in the bay area. christina mentioned to us earlier, it's going to be beautiful and clear. that's the good news. the bad news, my friend, you deliver. >> allow me to take over. yeah, i've got to tell you too, i've been out to the parade live. and it's much better from the comfort of your own home especially in hd.
11:47 am
hard to get a good spot out there. 53 in mountain view. and 51 degrees in san francisco and kris is right. of course, you've got to have the good with the bad. here is the good. it's going to stay nice and dry for this week but we are going to get hit with very cold temperatures starting tonight with the weak cold front on the way. and you have to wonder, do all these people lining the golden gate bridge know that it's going to get very cold around here? i sure hope so. because temperatures are going to fall towards that freezing mark, even in parts of the city as we wake up and meet back here tomorrow morning. the coldest part between 7:00 and 8:00 in the morning, have chilly conditions. and you can see in pleasanton low clouds lingering, clearing nice and clear here in san jose. cool sunshine it's deceptive, you'll look out your window from your office, maybe from your home, you think i want to get out there, and it's nice and sunny, temperatures are chilly. make sure you bring a jacket.
11:48 am
56 degrees in the south bay. gusty wind on the way for this evening. 57 degrees on the peninsula. east shore, 52 for you. some parts of the east shore will struggle to break into the upper 40s for tomorrow. that's just how cold it's going to be. and turning windy in san francisco. 56 degrees for you. 57 in the tri-valley with that wind really cranking as we head through about 4:00 5:00 tonight. then by 6:00 it'll be at its gustiest point. you can see here that hot pink 40 to 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts anticipated at the immediate coast and to the higher elevations. please travel cautiously. there's our weather maker, low pressure's going to head out of town tonight. and after it does so that gusty wind will die down. you can't have that wind for frost formation. you've got to lose it all. that mixing. that's why they actually put fans on the vineyards to keep it nice and mixed so that frost doesn't form. for us we're going to lose the wind. and as a result, our temperatures are going to drop like a rock in the valleys.
11:49 am
25 to 30 degrees when we wake up and meet back here tomorrow morning. that's how chilly it's going to be. and here's the deal for the weekend. looking good we're going to see cool conditions all week long. we'll start to warm you up a touch and you'll notice that. 7-day forecast scrolling for your microclimate. right there at the bottom of your screen. but temperatures will reach the 60s. just for a brief break before that storm track moves in. and before i show you when it returns, let's give you a midnight forecast 12:00 a.m., ringing in the new year, san francisco, 45 degrees if you're not with someone, don't look around, or you're going to find a lot of people making out. and it's awkward when that happens. let me take you into next week. 6:00 p.m., that's when the rain begins. sounds like you ladies know exactly what i'm talking about. >> are we speaking from experience? are you one of the people looking over and saying, awkward. >> or champagne. >> that's good. >> there you go. hey, still to come from saying good-bye to 2014 to
11:50 am
saying hello to 2015 there is a new trend when it comes to toasting in the new year. we'll tell you about that coming up. sweetie, i'd love a hazelnut. mom? dad? big uncle wayne? hot chocolate. green tea. uh, decaf, cuz. wow. i'm dying for an herbal tea. the all new keurig 2.0.
11:51 am
11:52 am
new year's eve is just around the corner. and many americans plan to celebrate with a cocktail. >> and the increasing popularity of microdistilleries has many turning to moonshine. and they don't have to break the law to do it. >> mountain dew, clear whiskey corn squeeze and spirit whiskey. good old liquor. >> it's a rich part of our nation's history. >> it's almost drinking america in a glass. >> the spirit traditionally made by the light of the moon. >> you know, if people in the south drink sweet tea people of these hills drink moonshine. >> is breaking into the mainstream and making its way to store shelves across the
11:53 am
country. but legal moon shine is actually an oxy moron. >> it's an elicitly produced spirit based on no taxation. >> but the owners of dark corner distillery out of south carolina say their product is paying homage to their heritage. >> and for us it is. it's 100% moonshine. because it defines who we are, the people of this land and it represents a heritage that our ancestors passed down to us. >> founder says their recipe is is -- >> a settler's style of whiskey. >> and dates back to the 18th century. >> grain, water and yeast. it's really simple. >> we'll start with making a beer. >> each batch even comes out of the classic copper pot. >> refine it down. and comes out with our usable products. >> distilleries say curiosity and interest in american history are what bring customers to the tasting room. >> one, two, three, down the hatch. >> and the quality of the spirit.
11:54 am
>> that's good. >> woo-hoo. >> keeps them coming back. >> as the popularity of microdistilleries increases, so does the availability of moon shine in bars and stores. so this new year's eve, you might want to toast white lightning instead of champagne. chris pallone. nbc news. >> stay with us, we'll be right back.
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
as we can attest a lot of moms tell their kids to keep their elbows off the dinner table. but research shows now that maybe moms should do the same thing with their smartphones. >> for me it's feet off the table, actually. but we're toddlers right now. researchers recruited mothers and their 6-year-old children videotaped them during meal time. when the women had cell phones and similar devices on the table, it greatly reduced the communication between mother and child. that makes sense. >> yeah. >> when moms were distracted they had 20% fewer verbal and 39% fewer nonverbal interactions with their kids. so put the phone away talk to your kids. good for everyone. >> yeah. i told my dad, dinner's low tech. got to go. thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> you can also get the latest information all day at have a great day.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
. >> today on "access hollywood live", so much going on here kit. jam packed with the action. william and kate are going on a double date with beyonce and jay-z tonight. we have to preview that. future king. they go see the current king play basketball. lebron. >> first time in new york. then billy the hottest new couple in hollywood will be revealed. >> and we find out how much behati knew about her husband adam. there are some secrets. >> "access hollywood live", >> "access hollywood live", starts right now >> the royals. have hit new york. welcome to "access hollywood live". i'm billy bush. >> i'm kit hoover. i


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