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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 30, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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right now, at 11:00. dangerous, dramatic wind storm slams the bay area. leading to plenty of problems. >> pg & e out in force freeing to get the power back on. thou sand of people remain in the dark. awe off the wind is not done yet. dangerous conditions will impact the morning commute. good evening i'm terry mcsweeney. >> raj and jessica are off tonight.
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weather we are not used to. bitter cold. dangerous. gust yef conditiony conditions. toppling power lines. creating scenes like this. the cold snap continues to impact the bay area. begin with chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri, wind are the strongest and impact on our temperatures. jeff. it will keep gusty went for tomorrow morning. cold temperatures. showed you the pictures. some of the damage already. what you will see here. it wasn't just a few trees. in the north bay. east bay. south bay. also peninsula. numerous reports of downed trees. 50 of them. larger trees. now that easily happened in these wind that were 20 to 40 miles per hour. one top wind gust at 62 miles per hour. and, 2:33 this afternoon. now as we get a look at the wind right now.
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still gusty. not nearly as the bad as it was at 2:00 3:00 4:00. still good enough to bring down more trees. sustained wind. anywhere from 19 to 27 miles per hour. we can show you. see the air temperature in the 40s here across the bay area. but as the that wind kicks up. especially across oakland hills. making it feel like 32 degrees right now. in oakland. and that's why you need how to bundle up. we are expecting the wind to continue right into tomorrow morning. with gusts that still could be as high as 25 miles an hour. add that on top of temperatures. that will be in the 30s. a few isolated spots may feel like the 20s. so you want to know how to beat the cold and didn'twindy weather. dress in layers. gloves. scarf. appropriate for tomorrow. don't forget to warm the car. watch for debris in the roadways from the downed trees. no doubt across the hills above
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1,000 feet. details on when the wind kicks out of here. in 15 minutes. >> jeff. thank you. the dangerous wind ripped through the south way leaving wake of damage. cheryl hurd joining us now. a frigid night for sport fans. was? it is a frigid night for sports fans. i breck out my heavy coat. i have my gloves. only thing that i am missing is my hat. i went all over san jose today looking for, wind damage. i ended up here at levi stadium. inside this stadium, it felt like we were on the east coast. blankets. fur hats. more blankets. college football fans at levi stadium. freezing. foster farm bowl felt more like. >> arctic ice bowl. >> it was cold. for some people in the stand. it was a break from the wind.
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trees were swayinging. moisture from the rain last week. made trees and pg & e poles vulnerable. crews working hard to prepare poles pushed off the foundation by the wind. causing power outages all over the south bay. 40 stores were forced. it was a little hard. different. back east. my friend are back in new york. thaefr thaefr -- they're complaining of gold. >> widespread power outages. several businesses went dark. giving shoppers very little alternative off to spend money. >> i was shocked. they were hoping to go home themselves. >> businesses weren't the only
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things affected by the windai huge tree smashed two cars on the drive in san hey so. >> heard a crack. it wasn't real loud. and then i looked out the window. and i just done cooking dinner. and watched the tree fall on my truck. live in santa clara. cheryl hurd. >> pg & e. working round the:00'round-the-clock to restore power. right now there are 17,000 customers, without power. they're waiting for their purr to be turned back on. now beside power outages wicked winds toppled trees.
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san francisco, no exception. nbc bay area's jeanne elle in the city with more on the damage. jeanne. >> reporter: trees all over san francisco snapped. one of many inconvenienced. caused by the wind. while crews worked to repair power lines knocked down by strong wind in the mission district. they're getting through a dark night with no power. >> very ill-prepared we have one tiny candle. and weep just had just had to go for more batteries for these. >> pg & e has crews work all over the bay area. at the peak 170,000 customers were in the dark. most out offages were related to the wind. and that wind blew her away. i've never seen it that strong.
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a little scary. >> strong wind were too much for trees all over san francisco. fire crews bounced from one downed tree to the next. a sign on the trunk says it was schedule ford removal by january 22nd. >> we have seen a lot of trees fall down in the neighborhood. >> the trees by his self are aging. failing in the rain now the wind. it didn't hit any cars. it snarled the commute. drivers weren't the ones delayed. commuters waited for a tree on the tracks to be cleared. >> it wasn't like a branch or two. it was the whole tree. tree on the track. >> reporter: creating delays for arrival and departures. now crews did move the tree out of the roadway. but you can see there is still a lot of clean-up work to do tomorrow.
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with the wind expected. watch out for tree. tree branches in the road. >> good advice. thank you a lot. all lanes are open on i-80 right now. that was not the case this afternoon. 3:00. 300 foot tree crashed in the power lines. sparking a fire. before landing on i-80. three cars tried to avoid the tree. ended up crashing into each other. it left both side of the free way shut down a few hours. before it was finally cleaned up. crews cut kg upting up a tree. shut down b.a.r.t. for most of the afternoon. at one point. three of b.a.r.t.'s five lines were down with a winter related trouble. >> in the north bay alert. tree toppled into the house in north napa. damage was so bad. it had to be red tagged. no one is a loud back into the house. two homes behind this one has
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been red tagged because of a large redwood tree at risk of falling. and to stay up to date on windy, cold conditions. download the nbc bay area app, for your smart phone. it is free for apple iphone &roid user. >> of developments in air asia tragedy. the fuselage of flight 8501 has been located at the bottom of the java sea. seven body recovered. search crews found life vests and luggage, floating along side victims. the discovery, while giving family members some closure is heartbreaking. many found out watching local news. when victims' bed were shown on live tv without warning. ceo of asia air says they're doing everything in their purr to help out families in this a time of grief. right now priority for search team is finding the tail sect that hold the plane's black boxes. hoping the cockpit voice and
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flight data recorders will give them insight into why the plane crashed into the ocean. the u.s. navien the area is offering underwater listening technology. >> new at 11:00 clock. arson investigators. busy. two vehicles have been set on fire. the fire breaking out blocks from each other. crews were called at 7:00 p.m. an hour later. firefighters put out a vehicle fire on willow way. investigators are looking into a rash of fires. a car was lit on firen a parking garage. a few hours later. firefighters had to respond to two more vehicle fires nearby. >> another south bay neighborhood is dealing with thieves. the latest victim mojo burger on bird avenue. in the willow glen neighborhood of san how say. the owners says the safe was stolen last sunday. detectives looked at surveillance video. said one suspect made off with the safe from a nearby chinese restaurant. the mojo burger owner says his
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is the fifth rest rant to beep hit in the last month. police told him they have seen a recent surge in the number of home burglaries. >> next at 11:00. a major airline takes on a young computer whiz who may have found a money saving loophole. what he found. the airlines are so mad. >> the expeer mental test newborns will get here in the bay area. could be a national standard. the bay area gears up for new year's eve. a look at how people will be celebrating and how much it could cost-up to get a safe ride home. >> good evening. i'm meet rom gist jeff ranieri. gusty wind in san francisco. we have more on when it moves out. take a look at impact on temperatures. feels like 37. we'll have the full forecast in six minutes.
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>> the december rain is helping our water supply. but hurting a pet store. the owner says when it rains it pours inside. she says the roof is always needing repair. wasn't a problem the past few years. since we had more rain it has become a bigger issue. don't have the money to fix it. they're asking for the public's help. >> it's been very inconvenient. having to move product around. move the animals. cover things with tarps. set up buckets. >> all pets are from animal shelters. the shop was trying to raise $1,000 to put a patch on the roof. >> tomorrow night. a lot of partying.
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many expected to hire a driver. head up could be expensive. uber and lift will be running. riders can expect surge pricing. primetime rates. which could jack up fares five times or more than normal rates. uber is facing a lawsuit from a year ago when a driver hit and killed a 6-year-old in san francisco on new year's eve. want to take a taxi flywheel an app links users to taxi cabs. offering a flat $10 rate for all ride new year's eve. start up will pay cab drivers double what metered rates would have been. flaywheel hopes it will draw users from uber and lift. >> 25 hours away from the new year. preparation for parties are under way. thousand will party in downtown san jose. nbc bay area's correspondent shows us how restaurants are getting ready. may feel money talking calm before the storm on a night like
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tonight. low come restaurants and lounges are preparing. >> pretty quiet right now. a lot of work in the back. >> the ultralounge expects 250 guests tomorrow. each paying $130 for a dinner and dancing package. each year bigger and better than that last. >> new you're eve one of the biggest nights for us. >> same for sp 2. expecting 600 for dinner drinks and a dj. >> it sold out. no guarantee for extra tickets tomorrow. >> sp 2 not expecting the wild crowd for the second new year's eve. >> we have a loungy vibe. not a club. very inviting i would say. >> preparations will continue into tomorrow. both establishments saying the scene of downtown san jose new year's eve improved. i hatch been here for ten years.
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progressing. getting better and better every year. while it will be cold. no one we spoke with expects weather to be a factor. >> not used to cold. not going to stop me. hit it. throw a scarf around my neck. let it go. >> not many on the streets right now. tomorrow they will be filled. getting ready for the new year to blow in. in san jose ian cole. >> new york city's times square workers tested the most famous crystal ball in the world. droch on new year's eve. 32,000 lights. 2,700 crystals. it appears ready to go. >> question around here. windy and cold. or windy. or cold. >> jeff what is going on? >> wendy, freezing cold. >> breezy and definitely cold. lose some of the strong wind for today. still hanging around. little into your wednesday forecast. from our emoryville camera.
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san francisco. still shaking a bit. check out the traffic. new span. lot of folks commuting. 11:16 to or from the city. expect travel any time across the bridges into the morning. tough here. sky camera. a lot of you've saying is your computer working right. temperatures reading in the 40s. we know feeling a lot colder. we had the wind chill. air temperature. south bay. feeling look upper 30s. east bay. 43. 39. when the wind kicks up. feels it at 32 degrees. dipping to 38. more wind chill in the forecast. east bay. 34. north bay. looking at 33. just in case you are missing it. common sense advice. here is the few ways to beat the cold. dressen layers. help to trap heat next to your
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body. when the wind kicks up. stay warm. gloves scarf. people making fun of you. you'll be the warm one. protected there. most appropriate for that. don't forgot to warm up the car. watch out for debris in the roadways. lot of trees come down. may still be limbs in the road. worst commute. across the bridges. it will be the gust jeepest. we may have a few icy patches. the storm system that did not bring any rainfall. moved from canada. didn't move over the pacific. lot of moisture. rainfall. move from the land here. southern california. that was the wind. and the cold air across the bay area. 11:30. no dif renls. head through our tomorrow morning. not as gusty. wind to 20, 25 mile per hour. may take down treats and power outages. here's the good.
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not by 7:30. ..we may see wind justing as by as 15. 15 in redwood city. by tomorrow evening. it continues to look better here across the coastline. also for the south bay. so, wind begins to calm down. we head intoes when day any forecast. how about the cold temperatures. well again, numbers dropping for tomorrow morning. we think coldest lows in napa. 32. san francisco, 43. by thursday morning, that now looks like it is going to be the coldest morning of the week. 29. napa. and also sdpexpecting 29 as well. microclimate forecast. throughout. no big problems here. when it come to sky conditions. great out there. get through the coal. windy, weather. napa expecting 57. walnut creek, 53.
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trivalley. 52. five-day forecast. in case you dent see it on the bottom of your screen. you can see no rainfall expected thursday. for the first day of 2015. 2015. right, you guys. >> yes. yes. i had a moment. dry weather. if you are heading to san francisco. where it does not get that cold. it is going to be chilly for your standard. numbers in the mid 40s. you ring in new year. the wind kicks up. upper 30s. anywhere inland. in the 30s. hopefully everybody will have a good time. everybody is planning things out right now. >> yes. everybody has the safe night. >> cold. crystal clear. a sign of what is to come next year. >> all right. big prediction. >> thank you, jeff. still ahead at 11:00. computer whiz may have found a loophole involving airfares. hear this. and also hear why he is facing a lawsuit. >> we have jimmy. >> hey, guys channing tatum my
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guest. actor, and music from logic. we are on next.
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>> you have heard of a pinch of salt. how about an avalanche of salt. several cars destroyed at a dealership in chicago after the building next door filled with salt collapsed. no one was hurt. but the buried cars are a loss. investigators say the building which belongs to the morten salt company was overloaded. >> friendly skies may be too friendly. united is suing. united and orbitz suing a 22-year-old computer whiz. creator of helps people find cheaper tickets. showing hidden city fares. going to chicago, instead of buying a direct flight to chicago, a ticket from sfo to new york city with layover in chicago may be cheaper. get off during the layover. says it has done nothing illegal. found a savvy way to save money.
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united airlines and orbitz filed it to protect customers that buy legitimate. >> bay area hospital will do research. start seek starting sequencing. could provide a large pool of data that will provide medical risks. the gel tooal to be beneficial. the heel rick test. tests for conditions. jim harbaugh michigan's new football coach. hear what he has to say next in sports.
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>> good evening. here in the comcast sports desk studios. in what jim harbaugh described as a homecoming. the former field leader introduced as the 20th head coach in the football history of the university of michigan. the former big ten player of the year in 1986. met the media before receiving a standing ovation. introduced at halftime of the michigan illinois basketball game at chrysler arena. harbaugh's contract. seven-year deal.
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$5 million a season with a ton of incentives. different times mine life. thought about it. dreamed about it. now time to live it. my dad coached at michigan. that was something that i looked up to. and, wanted to wanted to emulate from the time i was -- a youngster. >> best team in the nba hosting the worst team in the association. warriors/sixers. on the run. behind the back. clay thompson the jam. in a groove. warriors up 10. second quarter. curry hooking up for the two-hand flush. a game high 23. against the former club. wins by 40. 126-86 the final. center ice. canucks, sharks. second period.
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trailing by a goal. and in the break away. down he goes. hits the post. the deficit cut to one. later in the period. the slap shot a blur. sharks go on to win 3-1. their third straight defeat. the college, post season. continues to roll on. maryland stanford. cold windy tonight at levi. second quarter. all cardinals. wright for two yards out. very busy scoring. first three touchdowns. eight-yard pass. and, 23 plays. in maryland territory in the first half. third quarter. more of the same. first and goal. one more time. nine yard touchdown connection. 189 yards. two touchdowns. stanford wins big. 45-21. 49ers defensive coordinator.
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interviewed for the vacant head coaching job today. as expected. and recently fired new york jets head coach. rex ryan. interview as well. according to the report. that's it for sports. more news coming up after the break.
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>> big story. weather. started with it. finish with it. >> exactly. see tomorrow morning. cold. 38, south bay.
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peninsula. 37 degrees. east bay. 34. make sure to take the jacket. wear your layers tomorrow. 42 san francisco. the wind kicks up. temperatures will feel anywhere from 3 to 6 degrees cooler. see inthe extended forecast. with temperatures in the 50s. so far for new year's eve. it is going to be staying cold. even down here at christmas in the park. san jose. temperatures by midnight in the upper 30s. so you need the jacket tomorrow. just leave it on for new year's eve. have a great time. >> all right. thank you for joining us. >> good night, folks. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- channing tatum eddie redmayne musical guest logic,


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