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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 31, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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and that's how you ripping in the new year. it is already 2015 in other parts of the world. we'll take a look at some of those celebrations, and the preparations under way for our celebrations here in the bay area. plus, windy conditions here help to go spark a fire at a san jose apartment complex. an unusual odd chain of events that led up to it. it is starting to drop off. i can tell you next up a cold blast. how low will they go? i'll have your temperature for overnight into the first weekend of 2015 in just moments >> one of the spots where folks like to ring in the new year, golden gate bridge. it will be very cold. we are live with new year's preparations wednesday, december 31st. this is today in the bay.
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and good morning. thank you very much for joining us on this new year's eve morning. we begin this hour with a microclimate weather alert. a live look at the bay bridge from emeryville camera, we can see the camera is bouncing around a bit at that elevation. near freezing temperatures, fierce winds are causing problems across the bay area. this morning we have team coverage of the dangerous weather. we'll begin with christina loren. how long is the wind going to last? sustained winds yesterday. >> it was really, really strong out there yesterday. especially into places where we don't typically see that fierce wind. i'm talk building the south bay. where we saw the most power outages. widespread across the bay area yesterday. wind speeds are dropping off. this is a cold front. a dry cold front came through the bay area. behind it trails the coldest air of the season. just in time for your new year's
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eve celebration plans. really we want to make sure you stay safe out there. we want you want to get out there and ring in the new year. make sure you have a jacket. it will still be breezy and temperatures will be frigid. right now back to you, sam and chris. >> definitely a sweater is not going to cut it. the windy weather is to blame for this apartment fire in san jose. they say it started when the wind knocked over a tree on seven trees boulevard. then one of the residents lit a cancel. when he came back, that apartment was in flames. >> bob joins us live in san jose recounting all of these events. pge crews were kept busy overnight. >> they are so busy trying to restore power -- good morning to you, chris and sam. public works will be out here
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later today. traffic light was knocked down on amla in south san jose. it was only supported by sandbags, which is one reason why it fell so easily. last night's windy weather to blame for that apartment fire on seven trees boulevard at 8:30 last night. the wind knocked down one of the trees outside. the man who lives there went outside to start cutting down the downed limbs. when he went back inside, he realized his christmas tree caught fire. >> at the time power was out in the whole neighborhood. he had candles lit in the apartment, fire in the fireplace and animals knocked it over. >> that man and a couple other
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people doused the fire with a garden hose. three people inhaled smoke. they had to go to the hospital but will be okay, though. they must find another place to live while the apartment is repaired. here's the scene at westfield mall. 40 stores went dark as a result of the outage. the damage not contained to the south bay. these images from san francisco show how widespread downed trees and power lines were in that city as well. reporting live here in san jose, today in the bay. >> bob, thank you very much. >> all right. thanks, bob. in the north bay, a large redwood toppled on a house in napa. thankfully nobody was hurt there. the damage was so bad the house was red tagged. no one can go back in the home. two homes behind that one also red tagged because another tree is at risk of falling. >> well, it wasn't just that san jose apartment complex bob was tell you about.
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pge restored power to thousands across the bay area. here are some of the latest figures. 7,500 customers bay area wide waking up in the dark this morning. 3,000 on the peninsula. 2,300 in the south bay. about 2,000 in the east bay. and just over 200 or some in the north bay. none in san francisco. and now a live look at san francisco this morning where in just a matter of hours, tens of thousands of people will flood the city trying to catch a glimpse of the fireworks lighting up the night i sky. the good news, it will be clear. >> it is quite the attraction. today in the bay annette miranda joining us. annette, you do seem to be a little bit cold right now. and understandable. good morning. oh, yeah. say the people inside nice and warm in the studio. if you are going to come out and brave the cold, certainly bundle
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up. temperatures around show time in the low 40s. preparations will get under way here this morning along san francisco. 200,000 people are expected. but of course that could change if people find it too cold. the recommendation is to get here by 11:30 p.m. be sure to build in time for delays. the free fireworks show will begin promptly at midnight. here are the best viewing locations. they will be launched 1,000 feet from shore, south of the ferry near pier 14. the best places south of sinbad's restaurant, yerba buena island, treasure island and a couple of places on telegraph hill. the end of alta street and end of calhoun terrace. just remember the last two locations are residential and you should be respectful of those residents. the fireworks show will begin --
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will actually last 15 minutes. it is produced by the same company that does the pyrotechnics for the san francisco giants and oakland a's. each year there are interesting fireworks to the see. it entices people to come out year after year. it is usually synced to music. you should situate yourself near the speakers between pier 14 and just before the bay bridge. so it will be chilly tonight. bundle up. at least the skies will be nice and clear. live in san francisco, annette miranda for today in the bay. >> they will have you to thank, nanette because you have shown us how cold it is. thank you. this time we want to look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we expected traffic. but if there are any problems
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you run into, we'll let you know. >> you would probably rather count the fireworks. let's check in with christina. good morning. >> good morning to you, sam and chris. you know what, it is going to be cold out there. you can really hear the wind whipping from her microphone. yeah, the wind gets picked up a little bit. san francisco, sustained at 22. back up to 25. so you can see you get that lull in time that kind of freezes. those are your current wind speeds. san jose from 12 to nothing over the course of the last 20 minutes. basically what's happening is the cold front is exiting the bay area. and as it continues to move south it is going to take that with it. behind it, this is classic. the cold front. you get the coldest air behind the cold front. that will settle in. once we lose that wind, the cold air sinks to the surface. these are your temperatures this morning. this is where we are expecting the low to end up. this is tomorrow morning. the
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coldest point of day, as you know, around sunrise. 29 tomorrow morning in napa. close to freezing in san jose. i think we will wake up with widespread frost. and the pets, keep them indoors tonight. if there are fireworks going off, not a good sign for pets. they do not all the explosives going off. it's a good idea to the keep them indoors. 58 degrees. nice by friday. 53 today. so a lot of you probably have the next five days off. maybe you're thinking about getting to the beach, you want to go for a hike. saturday and sunday with temperatures starting to moderate and climb a little bit above average this time of year. then we bring in the rain. the main thing i can point out, it is going to be really cool. 5 to 10 degrees cooler and pleasy for tonight. back to you guys. a little perspective for you.
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you think you can tough it out, but it's not worth it. wear your warm boots tonight. download nbc bay area app for your smartphone. you can stay up to date with windy and cold conditions and check our real-time doppler radar >> the time is 6:10. a san jose neighborhood on alert this morning after another string of car fires >> plus, an update to a developing story. searchers may have pinpointed the wreckage of the airasia flight. now something else is getting in the way of recovery efforts.
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welcome back. happy new year's eve to you. if you are trying to catch a flight, maybe last minute plans to get out of town orpiking
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somebody up from the airport locally, looking good. no flight delays out of any of our major airports across the nation. we will let you know where we could see some later today if you're plans are to travel later. it will be cold and windy. then the pattern changes entirely. your full forecast is up next. >> and here are today's top stories at 6:13. bad weather hampering recovery efforts in the java sea. only a handful of the 162 people on board have been pulled from the water. also, the plane's black boxes have not been recovered. two more car fires both in san jose in the early evening hours. that made it five car fires in less than 24 hours, all a short distance apart. they have not come out and said the fires are connected. we are still waiting for confirmation they were intentionalley set.
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the freedom train from san jose to san francisco is shutting off its engine next month. it was established by coretta scott king, wife of the late dr. martin king jr. in the late 1980s. less than 18 hours away from the new year here in the u.s. but it is already 2015 across many parts of the rest of the world. >> that's right. and here's just one of them. that was the celebration in auckland, new zealand. the first place to ring in the new year. they did it a few hours from now at 3:00 this morning our time. ♪ and that's how you rock in the new year in australia where they rang it in at 5:00 our time. so just about an hour ago. the fireworks extravaganza in sydney is one of the most popular new year's celebrations
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in the entire world, attracting more than a million people. >> you saw a couple of those top hats and glasses from a distance. new year's eve and partying go hand in hand. here are some options to make sure you get where you need to go safely. >> ride sharing companies like uber and lift will be running. heads-up, they will be more expensive. riders can expect surge pricing and primetime rates which can jack fares five times more than the normal price. and you may have to wait longer. >> flywheel hoping to draw people away from rideshare. they are offering a flat $10 rate for all ride. they will pay cab drivers double what the rates would have been. >> bart will run until 3:00 tomorrow morning with trains every 20 minutes after midnight. or ride cal train for free. it is added four trains after
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midnight as well. >> in the south bay, thousands are expected in downtown san jose to take in 2015. >> fahrenheit ultra lounge expects 250 people for dinner and dancing. and sp 2 sold out for dinner, drinks, and a d.j. new year's eve is one of the busiest nights. and the south bay say the atmosphere improves every year. >> i've been here for 10 years. downtown seems to be progressing. it's getting better and better every year. >> downtown san jose doesn't have that good of a rep right now. >> revelers are bracing for cold. no one we talked with expects the weather to keep people out. >> what kind of resolve would there be if the the weather kept you inside. five months after a devastating fire tore through the kitchen of a critically acclaimed restaurant on the north bay, the dining room is hours from
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reopening. a fire raced through shutting down the michelin two-star restaurant. the chef and owner will hold a special new year's eve party tonight to mark the opening. law enforcement wants everyone to have the time of their lives, they say safety is a top priority. a live report from the big apple at 6:50 this morning. of course we too party like it's 2015 here in the bay area at 6:17. a live look outside. that is the look at the bay bridge from emeryville on a shaky morning. at least the cameras are shaking from all that wind. christina has been talk building it all morning long. >> you said it will die the out. but the cold is not. >> just like that prince song. don't we're going to party like it's -- you know you're going to
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hear that out and about. we're old now. 1999 was a long time ago. but it's a classic. like little red corvette. 43 in livermore. 40 in san francisco. so those are your feels-like temperatures. it's cold. and it will be cold for today. so wherever you're headed make sure you bring the jacket, scarf, boots. yeah, you can bring a little glitter, a little tiara. people will know you're ready to celebrate. but they'll know you're ready to celebrate responsibly. i want to bring your attention to half moon bay. straight offshore wind at 30 miles per hour. so this wind is relentless. we're starting to lose it significantly. mountain views down to 5 miles per hour. nothing in san jose. 3 in concord. 5 in santa rosa. the coast continues. and the santa cruz mountains as well with the strong winds. we're not done just yet.
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live picture of san francisco. it looks like the celebration already started there. we have a little bit of shake to our camera. you do want to keep in mind it is going to be chilly out there. we don't have any flight delays. we could see some if the wind gusts stay strong the next couple of hours. right now no delays out of los angeles. we are expecting icy morning conditions. las vegas, you could see delays there. likely because of wind, rain, and snow mix. yes, new york city it is going to be chilly. lots of people headed out for times square. gusty wind, ice and snow. remember, if you don't know want to head to times square and you're still here in the bay area, carson daly will head the show here in the bay area. if you are going to be waiting outdoors, stay nice and bundled
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up. protect your ears. all places you are sensitive to cold. 45 degrees will be the true temp. but it will feel more like the upper 30s to low 40s in the city. as we get into the next couple of days, temperatures will start to the ease. up to 61 by saturday. sunday, 63. a&a whole new pattern change for the first week of the new year. but i'm excited. january and february are typically the wettest months here in the bay area. right now the storm track looks to return by the middle of next week. right now back to you, sam and chris. >> all right. thank you, christina. we are not the only ones deal with cold temperatures right now. this is video from san bernadina county where fire crews spent most of the night rescuing more than 100 drivers trapped in the mountains by heavy snow. many were trying to drive on a windy part of 138. when they got stuck. crews finished rescue operations two hours ago. no reports of any injuries. >> keep an emergency pack in
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your a car. 6:20 right now. with 2014 almost in the rear-view mirror, we will look back at some of the a wackiest trends of the career. a quick peek outside the golden gate bridge. all six people that are up and driving on 6:20 this new year's eve. getting ready to celebrate. much more on what's going on around the bay area and good places to watch the fireworks coming up with nanette miranda after this break. 6:23.
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we're going to beat that drum one more time. looking live at san rafael. it will be very cold. if your festivities take the you outdoors, be prepared for that or you will be miserable. so who spilled the salt? >> salt? >> salt, yeah, that is salt pouring out of the side of the morton salt company. several cars buried underneath. it looks like snow. it happened yesterday afternoon in chicago. no one was hurt. but we are told the cars are a total loss. i would bet they're rusty. it appears the building was overloaded with salt, causing the wall to give in. in other news, the doctor says too much salt. that will increase the blood pressure, do doubt about it. we want to look at the weird and wacky moments of the last 12
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months. >> people are turning the camera on themselves more than ever. here is the year of selfie este esteem. >> when ellen degeneral list interrupted the oscars to take a quick pic with a-list pals, it was legitimized everywhere. just like on jimmy fallon's ""tonight shotonigh "tonight. and this might not be this guy's stairway to heaven. >> it might take it to the next level. >> you apparently had to take the highway to the danger zone. spectators at the tour de france got trucked for their trophy pics. and she felt the need to document her own plane crash. running with the bulls may be macho. running with the bulls with a camera, loco. not to say animals didn't follow the trend. camel, lions, lemurs, sloths.
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this may not count as a self y. if you fly a drone into hawk territory vengeance is swift and awesome. a high schooler took a selfie with a docile and furry animal. he made him pay the price. we engaged in odd inappropriate and mostly questionable behavior. but we produced amazing moments as well. more so the odd, but still. a warning, though, if the selfie satisfaction goes any furthering we will end up taking selfies of our selfies. >> there you go. it's going to burst. the bubble is going to burst. my prediction. time right now 6:26. still ahead, the final trading day of the year gets under way
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in just minutes. we'll be live with opening bell next. a dark shadow at the bottom of the sea. new clues that searchers hope will lead them to the wreckage of that airasia flight. >> and toppled trees and down lines all over the bay area. microclimate up next. it is still very cold. the wind will die down. temperatures will remain very low and chilly. we're back in just a few minutes.
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searchers trying to reach what could be the wreckage of the airasia flight that disappeared. overnight developments up next. the wind is still fierce this morning right at the immediate coast and through high elevations. elsewhere, we are starting to see it drop off through your inland valley spot.
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cold blast of air before the pattern changes. more on that in moments. . we hope the pattern does not change when it comes to the stock market, which have been surging in recent weeks. a couple of sailors at the new york stock exchange and confetti raining in the new year. kids go crazy. they love it. you are watching today in the bay. >> from nbc bay area, this is today in the bay. their parents convinced them it was midnight. the confetti. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm sam brock. the wind and cold temps are causing a microclimate alert. the bay bridge from emeryville. that camera has been shaking all morning long. you can see outside or at least would feel that it is crisp and
6:31 am
gusty. if you're planning to ring in the new year's outside, you'll want to bundle up for sure. how cold it will get coming up in two minutes. >> so the strong winds making for all kinds of problems from this downed tree and downed power line and fire coming knupp 15 minutes, the unusual chain of events that led to one south bay apartment complex catching fire late last night. >> first, an update to a developing story. search officials may have found wreckage of flight 8501 as reported. sonar detecting a large dark object under the waters where both bodies and debris were pulled from the sign. brian, bad weather in the search area is hampering the recovery efforts this morning. good morning to you. >> yeah, good morning, sam. airasia we should point out is starting to walk back the initial reports. the vast majority of the wreckage has been found.
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there are hopeful signs but right now they are not finding the main part of the wreckage. again, they are hopeful they will be on the track soon. as far as the families go, the discovery is devastating news. but it is the first step on the road to closure. as search crews in the java sea zeroed in on the wreckage of airasia flight 8501 the bodies of the first victims arrived at a military base in indonesia. shipping containers are being turned into makeshift morgues. tents prepared for autopsies of the 162 victims. the discovery of a half dozen victims and various pieces of debris dashed hopes of finding any survivors but puts investigators a step closer to finding the so-called black boxes that may shed light on the cause of the disaster. two american ships, the
6:33 am
the uss sampson and uss ft. worth have been dispatched to help in the search and recovery effort. airasia ceo is trying to comfort grieving family members. >> it's a horrible, horrible experience. we will do our best and focus right now. >> the wife of the pilot is among those yearning not just for news but the return of a loved one. >> translator: i must be strong and tough. and i'm here for my children and their future. >> a search for answers at the bottom of the sea. investigators are confident they will reach those answers because the wreckage is in relatively shallow water. >> thanks, brian. microclimate weather alert. a live look outside. a very cold start to the day even as the sun starts to rise. we'll check in with christina loren for more on the forecast. >> good morning everybody at
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home. the wind still whipping at the coast. elsewhere, inland valley spots, much different scenario. calmer than yesterday at this time. yesterday afternoon was tough for a lot of drivers. this morning i can tell you we want to give ourselves a little extra time. i'm observing all traffic cams. we're not alone. quite a few people are heading out and about right now. here's the deal when it comes to that wind. let me take you through your day. we're getting all these warm colors. strong winds, 30 to 50-mile-per-hour gusts continue through the bay area. as we head through 3:00 today, you'll notice we're back to the low end. 10 to 20-mile-per-hour gusts. and it will be breezy through midnight. the wind will start to drop off as we head through the wee hours of the morning. then we'll get very cold temperatures. just to put things in perspective. napa, 32 degrees. tomorrow we're talk building the 20s. make sure you winterize up there
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in the north bay. livermore, 29 degrees. loss gatt toes, 33. san francisco in the 40s for the first day of the new year. we have rain in the forecast. as we head through next week, stay two steps ahead of each storm system. i will help you do that coming up in the next report. keep in mind it will be very, very cold out there. if you are going to be traveling, we urge you please stay safe. back to you, chris and sam. >> all right. thank you very much, christina. 6:35 on this new year's eve. taking a live look at the big board. not a ton of trading right now. futures little changed here. the dow jones industrial average above 18,000. up about 30 points on the day. >> six great years of gains is not bad. >> that's a good stat. >> it is. 6:35. still ahead, evidence of an
6:36 am
inside job. what cyber security experts are saying this morning about the recent hacks on sony pictures >> plus, a major airline is suing a computer whiz. the loophole he found that could save drivers serious cash. and looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. the sun is starting to come up on the horizon. it is going to be a very cold day. watch out for branches and other debris across the roadway overnight.
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a little look right now at what's going on across the country on the other coast. the new york city and times square. famous place to take in the new year. 17 hours, 20 minutes for us. 14 hours, just that for them. probably about how long many people to stand outside freezing to get a glimpse of the ball >> a new strange twist surrounding sony's controversial film "the interview." this morning a south korean activist is planning on dropping 100,000 balloons all carrying dvds and usbs of that film over
6:40 am
north korea. the activists said he will launch the balloons late next month. he is reportedly partnering with a u.s.-based nonprofit human rights foundation which is helping to pay and make the dvd and usb copies equipped with korean subtitles. many people in north korea don't have access to either computers or dvd players. >> a bay area security is saying the cyber attack on sony may have been an inside job. according to the l.a. times they think a disgruntled sony employee may have been behind the hack. one of the reason the breach shows intimate knowledge of that company's computer system. north core says evidence presented by the federal government is not concrete enough to say north korea was in fact, behind the hack. kris, united airlines and the travel website or back seat
6:41 am
bitz is suing the creator of hidden city fares. if you're going to chicago, instead of buying a direct flight it could be a cheap tore buy one to new york city and chicago and get off during the layover. it says it is not doing anything illegal. orbitz filed the suit to protect customers with legitimate tickets. . 6:41 right now. coming up, a look at some of the new laws that will go in effect tomorrow morning. winds sparking a fire at a san jose apartment complex. unusual chain of events that led to the sparking of those flames.
6:42 am
and ringing in the new year. it is already 2015 in other parts of the world. we're going to take a look at those celebrations as well as give you a look at what you can expect here in the bay area. let's stay here in the bay area. there's the san mateo bridge. some people are making it out december 31st, perhaps to perhaps. perhaps to see family. we'll be back with with 15 minutes of nonstop news and weather right after this break.
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6:44 right now. we continue with the microclimate weather alert. as we take a live look outside golden gate bridge camera. the entire bay area seeing
6:45 am
strong winds and freezing temperatures, making it feel like some of the coldest weather of the year. the weather right now being blamed for all sorts of problems across the bay area, including this late night fire in san jose. a tree knocking out power to an apartment building and cameras lit inside one of the unit sparking the flames. >> that was an unfortunate circumstances. bob redell joins us with the bizarre events and another look at damage from other plates in the bay area. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, kris, and sam. right now the weather imposed upon us two very powerful forces, namely the cold and the wind. you can see what the did to this traffic center at alma. knocked them over from the south bay, up north to san francisco and beyond. widespread power outages last
6:46 am
night, including the westfield ball and san jose, which sent 40 stores into the dark. this is how fans bundled up last night watching stanford beat maryland in the foster farm bowl which felt more like the arctic ice bowl. >> it's cool. it's different. it's like back east. my friends are back in new york complaining about the cold and i'm saying the same thing here. >> last night's wind led to a fire in an apartment unit on seven trees boulevard in san jose. it knocked down a tree and knocked out power. the man went outside to start cutting down limbs. tried to move the tree off the roadway. when he went back inside, that's when he realized one of the candles inadvertently started his tree on fire. the fire department believes a pet may have my knocked it down accidentally. the three people in that area were able to douse the fire with
6:47 am
their garden hoses before the fire department arrived. they did inhale some smoke. one actually had to go to the hospital. they're going to be okay. unfortunately for the man and his roommate, they are trying to find another place to live until their apartment is repaired. bob redell, today in the bay. >> obviously it's very cold outside. bob, stay warm. thank you very much for that report >> pg&e crews spent the entire night trying to restore power to thousands of customers across the bay area more than 13,000 bay area customers waking up in the dark this morning. for the latest outage in san francisco's north beach neighborhood where 6,000 are now in the dark. 3,000 on the peninsula and 2300 in the south bay and 2,000 in the east bay. >> a cold night to be without power for sure. taking a live look at san jose this morning.
6:48 am
the sky begins to turn pink. clear companies mean cold temperatures. >> yeah. that's it. we don't have the blanket of fog that we typically have in the bay area. we're going to get it by this weekend. we'll return to standards we're used to. plus, ladies, if you can't wait for the moisture to come back, it is dry as a bone out there. my goodness. i can't get enough of it. 20 degrees right now in stockton. here's the deal. these are your feels-like temperatures. trying to get into the central valley, going to fresno for your big new year's eve celebration, bakersfield, i've been there. they have a good time new year's eve. maybe you're headed to southern california, watch out. you could find black ice. it is that cold. otherwise, no flight delays out of any of our major airports. serious delays out of sfo. i would not be surprised to see another round the next couple of hours. that's the only place right at the immediate coast.
6:49 am
you can clearly see that here. the wind is increasing. it's dropping off everywhere else. we will keep the wind advisory in place. zero in san jose. 35 miles per hour in half moon bay. this tells me that system is moving out of town. you get the most in stability with a tight pressure gradient. as high pressure starts to build in, and that will warm us up, it's working against an area of low pressure that came in yesterday. so let me tell you the story of the day via future cast. what you'll notice is really calm conditions. even over the santa cruz mountains. the winds will ease. meanwhile, the cold will intensify. as we head through the overnight hours, we're expecting widespread frost. frosty and frigid start for 2015 when we meet back this morning. we will be here tomorrow morning before the rose parade. temps will ease for the weekend.
6:50 am
if you want to get outdoors, looking really good on sunday to go for a hike. or if you wanted to hit the beach it won't be be too brigid. temps in the 50s. tpwr grab your coat and gloves and eyes toner gloves. we get rain next week. a little something for everybody in the forecast. 10:00 a.m., storm track returns wednesday, thursday, friday, rain chances for next week. we'll keep you updated for this. sam and kris? >> how about the heat packs you stick in your gloves. 6:50 right now. in just a matter of hours, preparation, everything by watt i. ten office thousands of people will flood san francisco to catch a glimpse of fireworks lighting up the night sky. >> nannette, it is very form out there we can see from the hair blowing around it is windy we will as well. the wind will die down. it's going to be cold. >> very much so. i think the key to tonight is to
6:51 am
layer up. i'm wearing three layers. still really, really cold out here. the temperature around show time will be in the low 40s. so definitely bundle up. but here are some locations that will offer the best viewing for tonight's fireworks show. that's south of sinbad's restaurant between mission and folsom. yerba buena island and treasure isla island. the end of al ta street and calhoun terrace. the last two are in neighborhoods so be respectful of the residents out there. free fire woks show promptly at midnight. 200,000 people are expected to to go. it's recommended that you be there by 11:30 p.m. be sure to build in time for delays. the show is usually synced to music. you should be near the speakers, which will be placed from between pier 14 and almost the bay bridge. the pyro telling nick companies
6:52 am
that does the san francisco giants and oakland a else will be doing tonight's show as well. they usually add a few new and interesting fireworks to entice people out to -- if they've been here before to come on out. i think i will need a little more incentive to brave this cold weather. but at least the skies will be nice and clear. live in san francisco, nannette miranda for today in the bay. >> seeing that video just puts you in the mood. we're very close. well, it's not just the bay area. final preparations are under way for one of the biggest new year's eve parties in the world. the celebration at new york times square seems to get more exciting every year. that is where we find today in the bay sarah dallof. good morning, sarah. people just starting to show up? >> reporter: that is correct. they are coming down to check things out, taking pictures.
6:53 am
they will stake out their spot for the midnight ball drop. all in all more than a million people are expected to pack in to ring in 2015. a party of this size doesn't happen without a lot of planning and a lot of preparation. >> lots of fun. lots of good music. >> new crystal panels added to the iconic ball. >> 2,688 of the panels. and the new panels will represent fortitude. >> and a test confetti drop. safety is a top concern. radiation detectors will scan the crowd and plainclothes police officers will be among the throngs of people. >> we have not received any specific threats. but the city will be on high alert for any signs of trouble. >> taylor swift and florida georgia line are expected to take the stage. >> happy new year! >> and the new york mayor will push the button to drop the
6:54 am
ball alongside refpts of the representatives of the international rescue anticipate kphaoet. committee. the anticipation is drawing people already to times square. >> we like the whole buzz, the whole -- just everything. there's so much to take in. >> ready to leave the old year behind and usher in the new. and a celebration with no equal. >> reporter: and more than a ton of confetti will rain down on the crowd when the clock strikes midnight. it is all the responsibility of one person, the so-called confetti master. a very unique job. back to you guys. >> sounds like a very noble position, confetti master. >> my kids consider themselves confetti masters. while we are still hours away from the new year here in the u.s., it has already been new year's day several parts of the worrell. ♪
6:55 am
>> that, my friends, a celebration in auckland, new zealand. a place to ring in the air a few hours ago, 3:00 a.m. our time. >> australia welcomed in the new year at 5:00 a.m. our time. attracting more than a million people. >> and because we have eyes everywhere, a live look now in tokyo, japan. okay. right now it is around 11:55 p.m. there. just five minutes away from ringing in the new year and starting 2015 all over the place. >> we will roll that video for you, i'm sure. protesters plan to ring in the new year a little differently in oak land, by making some noise. occupy oakland organized a new year's eve noise demo at 11:00 don't at the plaza. according to occupy oakland's
6:56 am
website, the goal is to remind people being treated unfairly that they are not alone. several other frosties are planned elsewhere in oakland and san francisco. tomorrow marks six years since oscar grant was shot and killed by a bart police officer at the fruitville police station. there is a vigil tomorrow afternoon in honor of oscar grant. with the new year comes several new state laws that are going to take effect starting tomorrow. people can file lawsuits against anybody who shares sexually explicit pictures and video without consent. this is similar to audrey's law, who killed herself after somebody at saratoga high school leaked pictures of her being sexually assaulted. and a new type of restraining order that allows law enforcement to temporarily take guns away from people who may be a risk to themselves or on
6:57 am
others. and doggy dining will be allowed under certain conditions. for one, it has to be on a patio. the dogs cannot be walked through the restaurants to get there. they will have to stay on a leash at all times. dog lovers who felt discriminated for years appreciate it now. the train is shutting off its engine last month. the last freedom train in the nation was established by core etta scott king back in the early 1980s. it commemorates the historic march between selma and montgomery, alabama by dr. king and others. lack of community interest and sponsorship is the reason for officials shutting it down. monday, january 19th will be the final freedom train ride. all the recent rain is leaving one pet store high and dry. the owner of andy's pet shop says when it rains it powers inside. workers have to move the animals around and set up tarps in
6:58 am
busq buckets. the shop is trying to raise $1,000 to put a patch on the roof and help protect the animals. they don't have all the money to fix it. they are asking for the public's help. the time is 6:58. one last check of your final day's top stories bad weather hampering recovery efforts in the java sea. only a handful of the 162 people have been pulled from the water. the plane's black boxes have not been recovered. fire crews dealt with two more south bay car fires last night. both in san jose. it now adds up to five car fires in less than 24 hours. all a short distance apart. investigators are not saying if they are connected but they are investigating. we're waiting to see if they are intentionally set. a downed tree triggered an
6:59 am
outage around seven trees boulevard. some candles were lit by residents. while one man was outside trying to deal with a tree, they believe a pet inside knocked over the candle. two people who live there are okay but will have to find someplace else to stay for a while. for many people on the roadways, you saw the aftermath of all the winds, trees, branches, everywhere making a bit of an obstacle course. >> the trees falling like confetti. i can tell you that winds will ease but the temperatures are going to intensify. that cold is going to get even more brutal throughout the night. keep that in mind as you head out and about. definitely want to bundle up. 42 on the east shore. 47 in san francisco. although it feels like 41. we dropped into the 30s. 36 in the north bay. it will be cold all day. temps in the mid 50s. cute fireworks, everybody.
7:00 am
the final today in the bay show new year's eve forecast for san francisco, temps in the upper 40s. great working with you this year. >> likewise. >> looking forward to next year. christina makes sure we're prepared. >> see you next year. good morning. brea good morning. breaking news. officials believe they located the wreckage of that air asia passenger jet on the bottom of the ocean floor. this as the first bodies arrive from the crash site. and new questions arise about the plane's final moments. did those on board know what was happening? >> frozen. 2014 leaves us with dangerously low temperatures across much of the country. as millions get set to ring in the new year in the brutal cold. when will we see relief? >> royal ruckus. charles, camilla and diana is shelved at the last minute amid


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