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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 31, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> and right now at 11:00, a cold snap to end 2014. thousands in the bay area bundling up as we get ready to usher in a new year. good morning and thank you for joining us on this new year's eve, i'm sam brock in for scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. let's get right to meteorologist christina loren with a microclimate forecast for a smoochy time tonight and the beginning of the new year. >> that's right, kiss time. when the clock strikes midnight tonight, it is going to be cold and a lot of people have come in from out of town to experience a san francisco new year's eve. if you're one of those people make sure you're bundled up. all day long it's going to be chilly. temperatures really aren't that bad, the sun is out and because
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that wind is starting to drop off, it feels a lot better. we've taken down the wind chill factor substantially. so right now, the strongest wind speed is found in san martin about 12 miles per hour sustained. so nothing more than that. wind advisory expire right on time temperatures for today will be chilly just 51 degrees is the high in the south bay. 53 for the peninsula and the east shore, and 55 degrees in san francisco. what will the weather hold how cold will it be when that clock strikes midnight? we have your forecast coming up and you're covered in just moments. right now, back to you. more on the cold weather. >> speaking of cold weather, cold snap is a bitter way to end 2014. >> not to mention the fact the wind not helping out either. bob redell live right now in san jose with how people are coping right now, good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and kris. the cold weather is hardest for people who don't have a home those who spend most of their time on the streets.
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many of those people in san jose turned to the james boccardo center a place that will offer them a bed regardless of their circumstance. now, home first, which runs the shelter, is confident it won't have to turn anyone away because of emergency actions the county has taken within the past 48 hours. on monday they got permission to increase capacity close to 275 people 90 of whom showed up because it was so cold outside i couldn't bear it. so stressful, i probably would end up in the county jail.
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just to have a place to lay my head you know? out of the cold. >> the center has also seen an uptick in the number of people taking their beds because of the recent closure of the jungle homeless encampment and sunnyvale armory. apply caulk to any leaks, install gaskets to outdoor electrical outlets and winterize your pipes, especially if you're going to be in the north bay, and that of course means draining them of water if possible or running hot water through them. reporting live in san jose bob redell nbc bay area news. >> okay bob, thank you very much for that report 11:03 right now. investigators say the windy weather is to blame for this apartment fire in san jose. the power was out in the entire
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neighborhood last night, so one of the residents lit candles. when he went outside to chop up a tree that had knocked over the nearest house by the wind his christmas tree caught fire. firefighters say it is likely one of his pets knocked over a candle. he and a roommate and another man managed to put out the fire before the fire department could arrive. everybody will be okay even though they did suffer from smoke inhalation. >> you can keep up to date with the latest weather outside of your own door download the nbc bay area app for your smartphone. you can receive a personalized forecast, as well as realtime doppler radar. it is free for apple iphone and android users, as well. >> it will be interesting to see what impact the weather will have on attendance at the fireworks show in san francisco. >> nannette miranda is along the embarcadero with more. i think if folks are ready to go out, they are going to out even if they have to wear an extra layer, i think. >> reporter: absolutely. i think the key to tonight is
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wearing and dressing in layers although right now i feel warm because i have too many layers on right now. it is tolerable because the sun is out, but it won't be out later. at least, though there is no fog in the forecast clear skies mean that you'll be able to see the fireworks tonight. it's going to be a chilly night for the annual san francisco new year's eve fireworks show. probably around the low 40s. the fencing along the water has already been put up so people don't get any ideas about jumping into the frigid bay. no parking signs are giving plenty of warning, but the waterfront is no place to leave your car. barricades are at the ready for crowd control and a friendly reminder to bring plenty of patience as 200,000 people are expected to be here. hopefully, there will be enough porta potties for them. all that's needed now is for the barges to load up the pyrotechnics for the awesome show. they will station about a thousand feet from shore. some of the prime locations
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offering the best views, south of sinbad's restaurant between mission and folsom yerba buena island and treasure island and the end of alta street and calhoun terrace. the last two locations are residential areas, where you have to be mindful of the residents. the fireworks show typically lasts 15 minutes or so. the company, pyro spectacular produces the shows for the san francisco giants and oakland a's. they always add in some new and interesting fireworks every year. if you want to hear music to go along with those fireworks, you'll have to be near one of the speakers. those will be placed from pier 14 to almost the bay bridge. live in san francisco nannette miranda, nbc bay area news. happy new year guys. >> happy new year to you, too, nannette. >> prepare tonight. investigators in the south bay are on the lookout this morning after numerous suspicious car fires just in the last 24 hours.
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the latest two happened last night just blocks away from each other. the first one on caspian sea drive, that's around 7:00 then an hour later firefighters had to put out another vehicle fire on willow street. this comes as investigators are looking into a rash of vehicle fires that we told you about yesterday. monday night a car was lit on fire in a parking garage off bascom. a few hours later, firefighters responded to two more fires about a half mile away. willow glen in san jose seems to be the prime target for thieves these days. they broke into a restaurant, mojo burger saturday morning. the surveillance video caught the suspects scoping out the place before then breaking a window and stealing a safe. the owner says it is the fourth restaurant in that area to be hit in the last month and that's not all. >> cvs, i don't know the exact date, but within like the last two weeks they were broken into and someone tried to steal the atm machine. unsuccessfully.
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>> mojo burger's owner also says police told him that they have seen a surge in the number of home burglars in the willow glen neighborhood in the last 90 days as well. san jose city council agreed to appoint an interim city manager to replace the city manager. yesterday the city council chose someone who has worked as a city employee for 28 years. he's been the deputy city manager since 2008 and was the interim assistant manager from december 2013 to last may. only city manager for about a year announced earlier this month that he was to resign saying in a statement he, quote, understood the city council's desire for a change in management approach. that position pays $250,000 a year. the freedom train from san jose to san francisco is actually shutting off its engine next month. the last freedom train still running in the country was established by the wife of dr. martin luther king jr. in
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the early 1980s, commemorating the historic march between selma and montgomery alabama, by dr. king and many others. lack of community interest and lack of sponsorship are the reasons for the shut down. monday, january 19th will be the final freedom train run. caltrans is threatening to fine the company that helped bring the bay bridge's eastern span to life. according to the chronicle, caltrans wants to fine the contractor $25,000 a day until the project is finished. rust spots and trouble with water leaking on to the tower's foundation have yet to be fixed. caltrans agreed to help pay for the repairs, provided they were done by the end of 2014. they only have 13 hours left, so as of now these repairs don't look like they are going to be done. there is some resolve, the california man attacked by a great white shark says he is not going to allow little shark bites to keep him out of the water. veteran surfer kevin juanson is
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currently recovering after being attacked by a juvenile great white shark. he made it out of the water on his own, then was air lifted to a hospital where he underwent two hours of surgery. >> you look at it there's no way, and, you know kind of looks frankenstein-ish as far as the stitches go but everything is there, you know perfect. so it's going to be a pretty scar, but scars are, you know, scars are cool. >> makes for a good story, too. for the swansons surfing runs in the family. after the attack the swansons have a new rule call as soon as you're out of the water so everybody knows that you're okay. >> our family tradition is fear sharks and we're sticking with it. thousands of music fans are braving freezing temperatures to attend snow globe, an outdoor music festival there. temperatures have dropped into the teens and the wind chill is now at less than zero for the annual three-day festival that runs through new year's eve. despite the uncomfortable
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conditions concert officials say they are on track to average about 14,000 people a day, which is up from 10,000 per day last year. concert goers, though say they are ready. >> i have two sweatshirts on underneath this jacket, hoodie with gloves and three pairs of socks on and boots and two leggings. >> the cold temperatures are a concern for police. two years ago you might remember petaluma 19 year old became disoriented from the cold while trying to walk back from the concert, she was found dead and frozen a few days later. still to come on this midday edition of nbc bay area as we get ready for 2015, new laws set to take effect. we'll go over the important ones for you. plus, why you may want to arrange a designated driver instead of counting on ride sharing this new year's eve.
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ringing in the new year with balloons, fireworks, music. in tokyo, hundreds gathered to countdown to the new year. congrats to them. the countdown for us is still on. just under 13 hours from now, saying good-bye to 2014 and ringing in our new year. in the south bay, the farenheit ultra lounge in san jose expects 250 guests for some dinner and dancing. elsewhere, the sp-2 communal bar and restaurant say they are sold out for dinner drinks and a d.j. you can be sure new year's eve is one of the busiest nights for many night spots and south bay establishments say the atmosphere on new year's eve improves every year. >> i've been here for ten years and downtown san jose seems to be progressing. it's getting better and better every year. >> i know downtown san jose doesn't have that good of a rep
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right now, but everyone here feels really invited. >> well, revelers are bracing for cold no one we spoke with says the weather will keep people from partying. five months after a devastating fire tore through a kitchen in the south bay the dining room is just hours away from reopening. you'll remember in july a fire ripped through the restaurant shutting down the two-star restaurant. the kitchen and the roof were destroyed and repairs cost millions of dollars. the chef and owner will now hold a special new year's eve party to mark the reopening tonight. here's what he told us about it yesterday. >> we've been working very hard the past six months but moving forward after tomorrow we'll be back in our working with the skill set that we were here to do to begin with. >> he says the restaurant will resume its regular service on saturday. he says the menu has been updated, but he expects patrons will be treated with the same top-level dining experience. a lot of people around the
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bay area tonight expect someone else to be doing the driving, but here's a heads up the rides for hire may be more expensive than usual, especially if you're dealing with ride sharing companies like uber and lyft. riders can expect surge pricing and primetime rates, which typically jack up the fares, could be as high as five times the normal rates, just keep an eye out for that. also a new option if you're thinking about taking a taxi tonight, a new app called fly wheel links users to cabs offering a flat $10 rate for all rides this new year's eve. however, the startup will end up paying cab drivers double what the metered rates are supposed to be. fly wheel hopes the promotion will draw away regular users from uber and lyft. if you're looking to take public transit, muni is offering free rides throughout the night and into the morning starting at 8:00 tonight, running through 5:00 tomorrow morning. bart will provide extended service, as well. trains will run every 20 minutes after midnight until at least 3:00 tomorrow morning, and
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caltrain will offer free late rides, offering four post-midnight trains from san francisco starting at 12:45, ending later. new rules, including a controversial one allowing new dogs at certain restaurants. the decision is being left up to restaurant owners. it's in their discretion. there are some conditions here, though. the dogs go through an outside entrance and they cannot walk through the restaurant to get there. they have to be kept on leashes and are not allowed on chairs. other laws taking effect tomorrow, gun safety restraining orders, a law that creates a new type of restraining order, allowing law enforcement to take guns away from people deemed to be a danger to themselves or to others. another law requires local governments in drought-stricken areas to create local agencies to develop a plan to maintain groundwater basins and starting tomorrow people can file lawsuits against anybody who
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shares sexually explicit pictures or video without consent, similar to audrey's law, after someone leaked pictures of her being sexually assaulted at a party. protesters plan to ring in the new year in oakland by making a lot of noise. occupy oakland organized new year's eve noise demo for 11:00 tonight. according to occupy oakland's website, the goal is to remind people who are being treated unfairly that they are not alone. several other protests are also planned elsewhere in oakland and also in san francisco. meanwhile, tomorrow marks six years since oscar grant was shot and killed by a bart police officer at the fruitvale station. members at the community, along with local artists are inviting everyone to attend a vigil tomorrow afternoon. a bay area cyber security company is contradicting federal authorities this morning saying the cyber attack on sony may have been an inside job. according to the l.a. times, san
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mateo-based company thinks a disgruntledd employee may have been behind the attack. the evidence presented by the federal government is not concrete enough to prove north korea was behind the attack. the attack, though so bad employees at sony had to go old school reportedly using phone trees, note pads and blackberries to get through the crisis. the ceo of sony said during the hack executives set up a phone tree to let everyone know what was going on also pulled out old blackberries which use a different server to send out e-mails, also having to cut pay checks manually as in a checkbook and a pen. rains are helping water supply, but hurting a local pet store. when it rains, it pours inside. she says the roof has always needed repair but it wasn't really a problem in the past few years, probably because it
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didn't rain much. since we've seen more rain it has become a greater issue for them. they don't have the money to fix it so they are asking for the public's help. >> it's been very inconvenient. having to move products around move the animals around, cover things with tarps, set up the buckets. >> all of the pets inside andy's pet shop are from animal shelters, you can feel good about that. also the shop is trying to raise about $1,000 to try and put a patch on the roof. today is a good day to have some of your own fur, as it were for animals or put some on yourself because the temperatures -- >> what are you looking at? >> christina, i'm definitely familiar with you. >> i'm rocking the faux fur on the boots right now. whatever it takes to stay warm and it's really cool how science works and biology and it's that time of year where all of our wildlife starts to grow their winter coats so all those
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animals in the bay area you know, the coyotes, everything that kind of dwells even the deer and the fox, they grow these beautiful winter coats, so it's that time of year coming in right in time too, because temperatures are going to be frigid. welcome to what will be the coldest air of the season so far. right as we're getting into what looks to be some of our wettest months. still looking good for rain as we head throughout next week, but the wind has been the story and it was really cranking from the south bay yesterday. we had a system come through, brought quite a bit of snowfall through southern california same system that could bring snow to las vegas as we head throughout tonight, but for us it just brought wind and behind it as the wind drops off, we're going to see the really cold air settle in. so here's the deal stopping the clock for you at 3:00 p.m. getting into this afternoon you'll notice the wind starts to die down. we're not getting the warm colors, blue and yellows return and that's ten to 15 miles per
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hour wind gusts, but by midnight tonight, no wind which is good news if you're going to be out and about, but this is going to enable that really cold, dense air to settle in and this is when we're talking about the potential for frost. we're expecting widespread frost formation as we meet back here tomorrow morning, so if you're not going to be headed out on the town you can join us for the first day of the new year. if you are going to be headed out on the town please stay safe. 45 degrees at midnight in san francisco and that will be a very cold night. overall, taking temperatures down by a good ten degrees from last year. you know i've got to update the old graphics of the year before yeah had to take them down. 10 degrees, so you're going to notice that difference. even at home adjusting your thermostat can make a big difference. this is where we're headed tomorrow morning, 20s. 27 degrees for napa livermore 29 31 in los gatos, 39 degrees
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in san francisco. if you want warmer weather, we've got it for you, it will gradual make its way throughout friday, saturday sunday looks good, 63 degrees. and, of course i like to eke out science when i can, looks like the storm track is going to come back by wednesday. still a ways out, so i'm not completely confident in the forecast, but i do like to show you what the models are hinting at. we're going to get a little rainfall, so that's the good news. for tonight, keep in mind the wind will ease but the cold will intensify. more on that coming up for you in just a little bit. right now back to you, sam and kris. you know, getting kind of sentimental, last show of 2014. back to you guys. >> we can attest you were crafting them like a master artist. okay. well the word used most -- don't get too emotional on me -- in 2014. we'll come back after this break.
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♪ all right, a glance across the globe, australia welcoming in the new year. at 5:00 our time this morning, we saw it live. the fireworks extravaganza in sydney is one of the most popular new year's celebrations
11:27 am
in the entire world attracting more than 1 million people. when people acknowledge this thing they call the new year, they likely do it with some bubbly. about two-thirds of all champagne and sparkling wine is bought for special occasions. 40% of sales during the fourth quarter of the year that's thanksgiving, christmas, and new year's eve. too many numbers, probably. >> why would you say just for a special occasion? it's nice all year. well the most used word of 2014 isn't actually a word. >> it's actually an image. according to an austin company, the word that popped up most in newspapers books, social media blogs was the heart emoji. to qualify for the list must be found globally have a minimum of 25000 search engine results, and appear in various forms of media. coming in at number two on the list the twitter hash tag symbol, what we used to call the
11:28 am
pound sign. vape, which is smoking an electronic cigarette. a full year in review coming up next.
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there is the scene here of course, it is already 2015 in hong kong, as well folks there celebrating the turning of the page three and a half hours ago with an incredible fireworks show. back here in the u.s. final preps are well under way from coast to coast for the biggest parties of the year. >> the celebration in new york's times square which we often watch on tv seems to be getting more exciting and extravagant every year. here's a preview. >> reporter: a party of this size doesn't happen without a lot of planning and a lot of preparation. >> it's going to be wild lots of fun, lots of good music. >> reporter: new crystal panels
11:31 am
add carefully to the iconic ball. >> 2,688 of the panels. and the new panels will represent fortitude. >> reporter: and the confetti drop. safety is a top concern. radiation detectors will scan the crowd and plain-clothed police officers will be among the throngs of people. >> we have not received any specific threats, but the city will be on high alert for any sign of trouble. >> reporter: performers are scheduled to take the stage, including taylor swift and florida georgia line and new york's mayor plans to push the button that drops the ball alongside representatives of the international rescue committee. already the anticipation is drawing people to times square. >> we like the whole buzz the whole -- everything about the place. so much to take in. >> reporter: ready to leave the old year behind and usher in the new. >> hoping a good year. >> reporter: and a celebration with no equal.
11:32 am
in new york city's times square nbc news. >> people already excited. it has been a record setting year including a brutal winter and the largest outbreak of a deadly virus that's ever been chronicled, not to mention deadly police encounters across the u.s. >> 2014 did come with a few pleasant moments, as well as another year draws for a close, let's have a look back at what brought us here. >> u.s. helicopters and navy warships are scouring the sea, looking for any signs of the malaysian 777 that headed for beijing and disappeared about an hour into the flight. no relief in sight from the polar vortex. temperatures remain freezing in the midwest as the arctic air sweeps into the northeast and south. >> southern discomfort across the southeast. snow brought atlanta to a virtual standstill abandoned cars and trucks littered the
11:33 am
highways. >> happened about 60 miles north of seattle, a rain-soaked hillside gave way, swallowing everything in its path, envelop enveloping homes. >> relentless and powerful a night of dangerous tornados following several days of deadly storms. alabama, mississippi, and louisiana were all hit hard. arkansas especially seems to have suffered. firefighters race against the wind that's carrying embers hopscotching between treetops and up in swirling columns, the people here in san diego county are calling fire nados. >> a jumbo jet down and destroyed in ukraine, a boeing 777 with 295 people reported onboard. >> a night of terror a community of mostly students near uc santa barbara, a rolling rampage of gunfire from a black bmw coup that left seven dead
11:34 am
including the shooter, seven others injured. >> questions and concerns how and why general motors allegedly hid defects that led to at least 13 deaths and dozens of injuries turned personal. the strain was visible on gm's ceo mary bar's face as lawmakers questioned her. >> the death of robin williams left his family, friends, and fans across the world in shock. >> tear gas filled the air in ferguson, missouri. where hundreds of angry protesters again clashed with police as tensions continue to boil over after the death of 18-year-old michael brown, the unarmed teenager who was shot and killed after a confrontation with police. >> nearly three weeks after, surprising many by walking into emory university hospital sick with ebola, dr. kent brantly is walking out. >> i'm thrilled to be alive, to be well. >> emory doctors have released
11:35 am
brantly and fellow missionary nancy writebol they became infected in west africa. >> thomas eric duncan died for ten days he fought the ebola virus here. within a few days he got sick. >> shots rang out at marysville-pilchuck high school just before 11:00 a.m. >> we are confirming two deceased at this time one is the shooter. >> at least four others have been taken to hospitals. >> republican leaders are celebrating incumbent senate democrats hung on but mark udall, mark pryor, and kay hagan lost their seats. republicans joni ernst, shelly moore, mike brown, and steve danes took what had been democratic senate seats. >> almost in an instant it went from fall to frigid. arctic temperatures mixed with howling winds unleashed an unprecedented snowfall in
11:36 am
buffalo. >> and liftoff. >> orion pushed away from pad 37 and into history. >> the dawn of orion and a new era of american space exploration. >> today a staten island grand jury rendered its decision no indictment for the new york city police officer whose officially banned choke hold was cited as a contributing factor to garner's death back in july. >> chanting slogans now synonymous with the movement against police violence protesters call for changes in the way police interact with people and in the way incidents of police violence are investigated and prosecuted. >> during an nfl season that's often played out in the courtroom instead of a stadium, nfl owners unanimously approved a new sweeping league personal conduct policy. >> freed after five years in a cuban prison alan gross arrived back in the u.s. part of the diplomatic deal that was secret until now. >> today america chooses to cut
11:37 am
loose the shackles of the past. >> the u.s. will open an embassy, signaling a new era after half a century, the door is now open. >> three, two, one -- [ cheers and applause ] >> there you have it. what will 2015 hold in store? you're going to have to find out. we'll tell you what we hold in store for the rest of the show. still to come who poured the salts? cars ruined after a salt factory's wall gives way on to a dealership. >> plus how new technology is opening the door to the past a story to make you bay area proud. it's so nice to see those wind speeds calming down. the wind will continue to ease but the cold will intensify tonight. we're going to see a frosty and frigid start to 2015 and then a mild weekend. i've got the full details, we'll take you through the highs and the lows of the next few days in just moments.
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have you heard of the new dialing procedure for for the 415 and 628 area codes? no what is it? starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number you'll need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. okay, but what if i have a 415 number, and i'm calling a 415 number? you'll still need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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well you've heard of a pinch of salt but how about an avalanche of salt. looks like a snowstorm. several cars were destroyed at a chicago dealership after a
11:41 am
building next door that was filled with salt collapsed. no one was hurt but the buried cars are a total loss as you might imagine. investigators say the building which belongs to the morten salt company, was just overloaded. >> quite clearly. >> apparently. unlocking the secrets from the past and using technology to do it. what technology unlocks in our next story is something very special to a san francisco man. >> nbc bay area's garvin thomas has this story in our bay area proud. >> the technology developed at berkley lab makes a digital map of the surface of old recordings, then turns that image into sound. it's been used on some very historic recordings, and as you'll see in this bay area proud, very personal ones, as well. there is a place in endover, massachusetts, where they are experts at preserving history.
11:42 am
the northeast document conservation center is like a hospital for old books, documents, and photographs. a place they go to get their lives extended, or in the case of this 70-year-old 78 rpm broken record -- be brought back to life. 21st century technology recovering 20th century sound that matt has waited decades to hear. >> i think i'm going to have to hold my breath because it's going to be emotional. >> the sound on that record you see, is the voice of matt's grandfather, ray. lieutenant ray, a b-23 flier flew three missions returned to the states started a family, became a pharmacist and eventually moved to the bay area. he passed away when his grandson matt was just eight years old. matt says as a child he used to
11:43 am
pore over pictures of his grandfather at war, imagining the adventures. and that was good enough for a kid. >> when i got older, my curiosity went beyond that and i actually wanted to know some of the facts beyond just pictures. i wanted to know the story behind the pictures. >> there's no doubt this is a personal search for me. >> so matt at the time a television reporter in fresno poured himself into the research. >> that's our crew there. >> eventually producing a two-part tv series about his grandfather's service tracking down and interviewing surviving crew members to hear their stories of his grandfather, yet still lacking something matt would have loved to have had. >> the voice of my grandfather, i never had it for those stories that i told. it was the one missing link. >> missing until matt found these earlier this year in the garage of his grandmother's home while helping her move. it seems upon returning from the
11:44 am
war in 1944 ray sat down for an interview with an omaha, nebraska, radio station. an interview they recorded on two 78s. records matt's family had lost track of years and years ago. now they were so close, literally in his hands, yet still lost in a way. >> there's a radial crack on both of them which makes them unplayable. >> it was back to research again for matt this time to find a way to recover the audio, which led him to andover and technology developed where a camera captures high resolution images of the record's grooves, then a computer processes those pictures into sound. sound that matt along with his father, are about to listen to for the first time. >> all right, here we go. >> the flyer's name is
11:45 am
lieutenant ray, coming from omaha. >> yes, sir. >> what were you doing before the war? >> i was working -- >> once matt and his father got over how young ray sounded they settled in to listen to a ten-minute interview, made 70 years ago. >> he started out and later on moved. >> a small piece of american history perhaps, but one that couldn't sound any bigger to one man's ears. >> i'm just really glad we got it done. this is precious, right, i mean this is it. it's really nice to finally hear it and to be able to pass it on. >> that same technology used to recover lieutenant's voice was used a few years ago to play back at the oldest recording ever of a human voice made in france in 1860.
11:46 am
garvin thomas nbc bay area news. well, if you know someone doing something nice for others garvin would love to hear from you. go to our website, and search bay area proud. switching gears now all of the recent rain did little to help out california's water situation. and the first snow survey of the year, the department of water resources found that there is just 21.3 inches of snow on the ground, that means the water content is still far below average for the state. the snow pack supplies about a third of the water needed for the state's farms and homes. i have a feeling christina will give us more context on this rainwater we've received recently and the snow pack still so critical. >> yeah it certainly is certainly is sam and kris. you know what the perspective all comes with the new season. we just kicked off winter on the 21st of december so now that we are in winter and going to start to see the systems get colder and colder out there in the pacific, they will bring more snowfall to tahoe and our next
11:47 am
chance looks like next week. we are also going to get some rain next week, as well. you know what we still need a lot more to dig out of that drought. every time i see something, i will let you know as well. now what i'm really seeing right now is a much better situation when it comes to the wind. we had a lot of wind-battered trees, downed trees branches even power outages because of the wind event yesterday. one of the benefits absolutely crystal clear sky. i mean you can see for ten miles or better. it is so clear, clear as a bell out there. let's talk about something else that's pretty cool. this actually happened it snowed in las vegas. it snowed and you can see that on the radar, at this point, as you see we take it back three hours and, boom snowfall on the strip. we haven't seen any pictures of that just yet but as soon as we do we'll put them on our website, so check for that of course. jeff ranieri will have more on that for you tonight. speaking as clear as a bell san
11:48 am
francisco, just gorgeous downtown, but ocean beach showing you the same clear sky, you want to make sure and bundle up. no fog and fog free for tonight. fireworks display, but if you're going to be headed out there, make sure you bundle up. 50 degrees on the peninsula right now. east shore's at 55 and 51 degrees in san francisco. so many cities have hit their high for the day, but the sun is out in full force. once it drops off, so do those temperatures like a rock. 47 degrees by 8:00 p.m. in san francisco. you'll be at 46 for 10:00 p.m. getting oh so close to the fireworks at that time, then midnight, when they go off, 45 degrees. it will be chilly out there. make sure you're prepared for that. you want to cover your ears if they are sensitive, any areas you don't want to be exposed to the cold especially if you are sensitive, though. my ears get really cold. temperatures throughout tonight across the bay area look good. north bay 34 degrees, tri-valley 33 at midnight and 38 degrees
11:49 am
in the east bay. san francisco chilly conditions for you. will persist. if you're right on the water, you're really going to feel the impact of that breeze. going to be colder on the water than inland san francisco tonight. we're going to continue to drop though, between midnight and 7:00 a.m. when the coldest point of the day occurs and temperatures will be frigid tomorrow, downright frosty out there. if you are headed to work early, give yourself extra time to get the frost off your windshield. here is the story, we are going to continue to climb all the way through the end of the week and into the first weekend of the new year, 60s on the rebound, really looking good for saturday and sunday. monday and tuesday look good, then the storm track returns wednesday and thursday. i'll be watching over the weekend and have the latest for you when we meet back here next week. hey, you guys, if you have tomorrow off, i already miss you. see you next year. back to you. >> we'll be right back.
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bay area hospital is going to start doing research that could ultimately impact all newborn babies. doctors across the country will start sequencing the genomes of healthy newborns as part of a government-funded program. the testing could provide doctors and parents a large pool of data that can reveal a wider range of potential medical risks. the goal is for it to be more beneficial than the current test which checks for more than two dozen possible conditions. airline food, if you get it typically isn't tasty, but some airlines have healthier options than others. a new survey of the 13 major carriers finds that san francisco-based virgin america is number one for nutritional
11:53 am
meals. its onboard snacks scored lower. delta and jetblue tied for second place. delta recently partnered with a nutritious food provider. jetblue offers a veggie platter and salad. hawaiian airlines came in last place, with just a half star. hawaiian offers the rare complimentary meal for all passengers, but they are very high in calories. >> there's the give and take. as if we needed it another look at just how expensive it can be to live in the bay area. this causes a huge shock to you. a new study showing people spend more money on health care, gas, car expenses and their homes than people who live in most of the rest of the country. the top four cities with the highest spending in the country are, not coincident tally, in the bay area. this is a look at how much people spend on an average transaction, palo alto tops the list with people spending nearly
11:54 am
$345 per transaction, mountain view second on the list followed by sunnyvale, fremont then new york city. >> $300 per transaction? >> i find that hard to believe, too. we'll investigate and be right back.
11:55 am
11:56 am
a quick programming note for you. we will not have an 11:00 a.m. newscast tomorrow. also here's a look at what's going on for new year's day, first the rose parade at 8:00
11:57 am
then the nhl winter classic and you can watch the day's news, as usual, at 5:00 and 6:00. >> if you're looking for a new year's resolution yours was to be a better listener if i recall correctly. here's one that would make linguists across the country, stop saying bae. the 40th anniversary list of words to be banished for misuse overuse, and plain old uselessness. most of the words were suggestions from the public. >> first on the list is as kris mentioned, bae, with that kind of holding with the end of the word. it was introduced by pharrell. also on the list polar vortex that is so last year. foodie enhanced interrogation, and cray cray as in crazy. got to like that one. >> i just like crazy. says it more clearly. >> yes, it does. >> thanks so much for joining on this last day of 2014. we'll see you next year. >> when the ball drops.
11:58 am
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today on ak"access hollywood live," who would rip angelina jolie in this town. what producer is that wild? things are getting heated in this town. and kate middleton stuns again and jennifer aniston gets an awesome wakeup call. former "scandal" star columbus short is here and talks about his troubled year. he's had a bad 2014. but i think he's got a big 2015 ahead. "access hollywood live" starts right now. captioning provided by the national broadcast company welcome to "access hollywood live" i'm billy b


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