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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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now. a low wind conditions cold temperatures accumulating at ground level where we breathe it in and has been for several days. >> and it is sticking around for the rest of the weekend poor air quality, prompting another spare the air alert for tomorrow. thank you for joining us, i'm peggy bunker, terry mcsweeney is off tonight. bundle up. the bay area is looking for other ways to stay warm. let's look above san jose nbc bay area's rob mayeda is looking at this for us. >> we're seeing really not fog, just haze and smoke hung over
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the bay area right now. 30s, 40s outside right now, another chilly night in the area, napa 46 there in san francisco. high pressure above the area, the storm tracker off to the north, fortunately not enough wind to stir up the smoke pollution, what has built up underneath this warm inversion area, cooler air is trapped below, acts like a room with a lower ceiling, this time of year, the worse pollutant, wood smoke, up to the higher areas, that is why you're being asked, no burning in the higher areas, with the dry pattern ahead this may linger all the way through tuesday. which obviously means dry conditions around the bay area until we see the one opportunity of rain and a chance of showers tonight, not from the weather but for outer space, we'll show you the view from the meteor
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shower coming up in just moments. >> a lot of people looking at that thank you, rob, a fallout to the flooding. people living in san mateo county can now apply for low disaster loans. in redwood city take a look here where two mobile home parks were completely flooded. some residents there evacuated by boat. people affected by the storm in december can now file the applications for disaster loans starting on wednesday. and don't forget you can keep track of the weather with our nbc bay area weather app, once you bring it up go to the drop down menu and temperatures for your area. it is free for android devices. and we have more news on the quake in the southern california area, the first quake was a 3.0 after 7:00 tonight. just north of los angeles, about 20 minutes later, a 4.2 quake hit in the same area. people as far south as long
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beach and as far north as baker bakersfield reported feeling shaking from some of the quakes. one woman reported all the shelves rattling then she heard a big boom so far no serious damage has been reported. now to a follow-up on the airasia crash, crews have located large parts of the jetliner that went down in the java sea. the biggest piece of the jetliner is about 18 feet wide which appears to be parts of the jet's body. the head of the search and rescue team says they are confident it is from airasia flight 8501. the key is tracking the black box and recovering more victims. >> the key is to understanding the recovery it could shed
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light on how much impact forces was sustained by the aircraft and each of the victims. >> also the indonesian government has grounded flights from surabaya to singapore indefinitely while they figure out if they filed the proper paperwork for the route. and hundreds attending the funeral of wen jen liu. he and his partner were gunned down while sitting in their patrol car. mayor de blasio was saluted by officers as he entered the home this of course in stark contrast after last week's incident where hundreds of officers turned their backs on him while he spoke at ramos' funeral. the police commissioner asked the police to put aside grievances.
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>> show respect for officers we lost here. >> liu's funeral was set to take place tomorrow. san jose police has two officers attending the services eight officers from san francisco pd will also be there to pay their respects. after decades of debate thousands of undocumented immigrants in the bay area have begun the process of receiving california driver's licenses. hundreds in san jose today, that is where we join nbc bay area. a lot of crowds there today marianne. >> reporter: it was very busy here, this afternoon, peggy, this was the busiest dmv processing center more than hundreds came to apply for a driver's license. dozens waited in the cold this morning to be among the first in this dmv processing center on center road in san jose today. >> we did have a line wrapped around the building today, just as we had more people this
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morning because of the news coverage that occurred yesterday. and word got out. i think for this particular driver's license processing center in san jose it is unique because also it is accepting walk-in appointments. >> oh yeah i have a license. >> ramon torres was excited to show us the learner's permit he received after passing the test of the rules of the road. >> i'm very excited. it is the first time i can pass. you know i passed. so i'm very happy. >> he will now have to take abide the wheel driving test. if he passes he will receive his license in about six weeks. the licenses are available to undocumented immigrants after governor jerry brown signed legislation last year. applicants have to provide documents to verify their identities and prove their live in california. nelson diaz says with a license he will feel more confident on the road and will worry less about getting pulled over and
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having his car impounded. this was one of the few processing centers, with 42 windows and 180 employees this office was designed to handle the large number of applicants processing large numbers at the dmv alone. other offices also stayed open in concord, daily city and napa. combined more than 8200 applicants were processed today in the bay area. and throughout california, more than 17,000 people applied for california driver's licenses since friday. reporting live in san jose nbc bay area news. >> all right, marianne thank you so much. and police in the south bay are asking for help in finding an at-risk man. they issued a report for john nunoz, and he never made it home today, he has dementia and can become more disoriented.
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this was in south san jose. 30 minutes later he was seen at a jack-in-the-box about a mile away in campbell. that was the last time he was seen. if you have any information please contact authorities. and we know you love them. the christmas trees, but it is time to throw them out. this was after a family's tree caught fire in antioch, everybody was able to get out safely. the firefighters arrived on scene, and no one was hurt. and the first meteor shower of 2015 is starting today. experts say there could be challenges to watch out for. nbc's bay area christie smith is outside at the science center. if your an astronomer christie this is your big night. >> reporter: yes, as you said the peak starts closer to midnight. we have already heard from people on our facebook page and some circulating here at the
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science center that they have seen meteors in the sky. >> it is the meteor shower that is particles floating through space, orbiting around the sun. they're left behind by an extinct comet. >> reporter: he says there has been quite a bit of interest in the meteor shower. but the moon will be bright. >> tonight, we have nearly a full moon. so we're not going to be able to see the really faint one. so at best we'll see the brighter meteors. if you go out and look toward the eastern sky between midnight and 3:00 a.m. you may see a few meteors streaking by. i think they're awesome, it's fun to watch. lie back in a chair, late at night when it is just me and the stars. it is exciting to see. when there is a bunch of them. >> it's exciting, yeah, yeah.
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>> meteor showers like the perseid do tend to get more attention, but these are drawing attention, as well. >> we're going to open the gates and let people come in. we have an observatory plaza here. you can camp out on the plaza and just talk to the astronomers. >> reporter: he says it may produce about 40 meteors an hour others predict many more but all say it is something worth seeing. now, the peak of course is overnight. but i'm told there is a chance you may see a few of them for the next day or two. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> moneyhope we get a good look. coming up next a tahoe icon stuck in the dock. the emergency situation that prompted a coast guard situation. also? a 7-year-old has just come out of the woods alone. >> a frightened injured little girl walking away from a small
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crash that took her entire family. next, the strangers who helped take care of the girl afterwards afterwards.
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it is an unthinkable tragedy but also an extraordinary story of survival. a 7-year-old girl the only survivor of a plane crash that claimed the lives of her parents, her sister and cousin she then walked a mile through the brush in the forest to search for help. >> it was the first sign anything was wrong. a knock at larry wilkins' door. >> a 7-year-old standing there
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bleeding legs and arm scratched up. all scratched up. and she said her mom and dad were dead and that she had been in the plane crash. >> 7-year-old sailor gutzler had survived the crash and walked through the cold, dark woods looking for help for her family. >> a 7-year-old rushed out of the woods. >> police rushed in, it took two hours to locate the plane, in the crash, her parents, her sister cousin sierra wilder. >> it is a miracle that she survived. but also the fact that she didn't succumb to exposure and hypothermia and was able to have the sensibilities to try to get help. >> the plane took off from key west, florida, and stopped to refuel, in mount vernon it lost control over kentucky shortly after reporting problems. marty gutzler was a pilot for 30 years. there is sadness. >> this is a devastating loss to
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the community. we look to the family and community for prayers. >> investigators are now on scene trying to determine what went so tragically long. >> survivor deserves a lot of credit. >> an incredible survivor's story, a little girl who is now with family as they work to heal from an unimaginable loss. nbc news. and one of lake tahoe's most popular attractions is shut down this week. the tahoe queen paddle boat won't leave its dock under orders from the coast guard, the boat had had to ask for help it was stranded. the captain couldn't tell if it hit the ground or if the boat was stalled by high winds, about 200 people were stuck for an hour in the sub-freezing temperatures. when the boat made it to the dock, the coast guard inspected it and found it had a broken paddle. it is unclear how long the order will be in place. and checking now with rob
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mayeda, the temperatures out there are pretty chilly. >> yes, lake tahoe, 26 degrees. but in napa 34 pretty chilly with patchy frost possible in and around the north bay but not quite as cold as the last few mornings. looking at lower 30s, mid-40s as temperatures climb up a little bit over the next nights and mornings. rewinding to last year last january, most of the state was quite dry. turning the satellite back down on in same area across northern california, all green more snow there in the sierra area. so the benefit of that very wet december and the cold storm we had had towards the end of the month, you can see the difference, a very dry looking california. that is the difference a year makes. but a little misleading. it looks good on the satellite, technically, 45% to 53% average. we could use a little more sierra snow. rainfall looking great, courtesy of one of the wettest decembers we've seen in years.
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almost 200% of average short term, though, we won't be adding to either of those totals. no sign of any rain or snowstorm track here precisely that with a strong ridge of high pressure across northern california that set us up in the pattern for spare the air nights. cold clear night. the air quality issues may linger possibly until monday or tuesday, and the news should be good for the meteor shower as you heard the full moon may limit the weaker view. right now visibility not bad. we'll see this drop off a bit heading towards tomorrow morning in the form of patchy fog possibly around the north bay and east bay. but you can see here for the morning, overcasilla -- over cast skies, it is likely to stay there through the middle of the week. temperatures upper 50s, low 60s, warming up more for tuesday and
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wednesday, san francisco highs close to 60 about the same for the north bay despite the cold start to the morning, cold enough for patchy frost, close to 60s in santa rosa and 50s in livermore. the weaker system approaching the bay area on thursday evening, really falling apart as it slides on through, next weekend, once again, things are looking dry. the forecast ahead, look at the temperatures, santa rosa mid-60s, best chance of seeing shower's coming in thursday afternoon. things are dry again as we head to the weekend. another view around san jose, the temperatures here interesting, notice as we head to tuesday, areas south of downtown may get close to 70 degrees. a slight chance of showers mainly north of san francisco thursday, things dry out heading once again to wednesday, temperatures are nice high pressure controlling the spare the air days likely to continue through the middle part of the week peggy.
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>> all right, we'll keep that in mind right now checking in with kate scott with comcast sportsnet sportsnet. checking on all the games, there were a lot of them. >> they punched their tickets to the second round of the playoffs. could they beat the blues without jumbo? we'll find out next in sports.
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. november 11th 2010 that was the last time that sharks center joe thornton missed a
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game after suffering a body injury on wednesday thornton was forced to sit tonight. first game of 2015 first time they have been without thornton in 319 games. we catch up with this one with less than a minute to play. tying the game at two, st. louis pulls away. t.j.oshie, for the second gain of the game, a hat trick, under 15 seconds to go in the second. 4-2, blues, the race was on. sharks lose this one, 7-2, here is logan couture. >> we arewere never in that game. it is very disappointing to do that in any game especially in your home game the team came in and dominated the very first second of the game. >> the wild card game one of the best rivalries ravens at steelers, jim harbaugh was there
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to support his brother. joe flacco avoiding the pressure ravens up 20-9. fourth quarter ben roethlisberger under pressure again, john harbaugh loved it. since the ravens picked up their first ever playoff win in pittsburgh. over the nfc, the panthers host the cardinals, cam newton looking for his first ever playoff win. newton dumps it off, cuts back across the field. gone. panthers take the lead and they look back going on to win this one, 27-16 in bay area nfl news, mike shanahan confirmed that yes he did in fact interview with the 49ers on new year's day. shanahan led the broncos to super bowl titles in 1998 and 9, after ringing in the offensive coordinator in '95. the 62-year-old was fired by
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washington in 2014. the 49ers quarterback has also interviewed and remains a strong candidate to take over for jim harbaugh which may be the reason why the niners denied washington's request to interview to run defense, they interview ryan tomorrow and defensive coordinator todd bowles sometime next week. so a whole lot of news in niner land. all right, thank you so much. a quick break here, we'll be right back.
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a childhood dream of having a luxury tree house is becoming a real nightmare for a northern california couple. listen to this, they paid more than $60,000 to have this testify 00 square foot tree house built on their property in
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placer county. there was a whole segment on it with a featured kitchen and loft on a limb. all with spectacular views, however, placer county says the family already has a guest cottage on their property and the tree house has to go. the family has not yet commented on the order. i wonder if the county caught on if they saw the show? boy, it looks like a beautiful day there. >> you want a heater even in the tree house, still cold 30s, 40s, patchy frost, highs tomorrow, low 50s, 60s, highs for the south bay for the week ahead, as warm as the upper 60s, a reversal of the meteor showers coming in on thursday. >> and with the spare the air, we know fires are tempting but no go on that. all right, thank you for joining us on nbc bay area news
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"saturday night live" is coming up next. have a great night, everyone.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> well, uh, senator, thanks for
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coming. >> my pleasure. >> here's to you and the republicans on the victory. >> well, thank you. thank you. you know, i think that this election had a clear message. >> yes, it did. folks wanted us to -- >> the people rejected you. >> okay, good start. >> we ask you not to move on immigration without us! and the first thing you do is say you're gonna move the first thing! >> okay, so you're telling me that republicans are going to pass an immigration bill? that's your first -- that's one of your first acts, a bill of immigration? >> absolutely, yes. it is a huge priority. >> really? >> definitely. [ both laugh ] >> okay, okay. now we're having fun. >> [ laughs ] [ laughs ] >> hey, did she pick up yet? >> hold on, hold on. uh, yes, mrs. hillary clinton?


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