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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 6, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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rights now at 4:30. breaking news, a traffic tieup. a major freeway at a stand still with police blocking the lane. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. stephanie chuang is at the scene of the breaking news. >> reporter: right now we're at pennsylvania avenue. this is the onramp to cesar chavez. drivers are being diverted off here as well. ahead almost two miles is where the commotion is. you want to look at the video we have earlier. a chp officer said this has been
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going on for five hours. there's a man, he's shirtless, he's straddling the railway, this is 280 south, the junction here. there are negotiators from san francisco police department who have been on scene for at least a couple of hours. and at el myra, there are firefighters here just in case this man jumps or falls. it's 50 or 70 feet, something like that. the stretch of 280 is basically like a bridge. there is no net there. he's basically shouting obscenities. it appears he is under the influence of some sort. that whole entire stretch of 280 southbound is closed this morning. we are getting into the commute hour.
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you can jump off on cesar chavez west to 101 and hop back south to 280 south if you need to go that direction. give again, back here live at the 280 on-ramp, i just spoke with a battalion chief who is about two miles south where all this is happening. he's kind of my eyes and ears here. he's saying that the man is still there, it's almost like he's playing a game of chicken. for now live in san francisco, i'm stephanie chuang. >> thanks, steph. >> mike, how do you get around this if you're commuting? >> it can be a little confusing in san francisco right now. there's the junction for 280 and 101. they dos could off s coulcross
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point. stephanie is showing you cesar chavez. you'll take 101 to get you around that juncture. this is the section that is closed where all the police activity is. for the most part because of the very light traffic flow, as you'd imagine, everything is moving smoothly through the area. this will be an issue if it lasts for a few more hours out there. the rest of your bay area traffic showing like in the morning. what do we have as far as our forecast goes? >> it is a little chilly. temps in the 40s. you're at 36 degrees up in the north bay. later on today, the warming trend kicks in. we are going to end up in the 60s and 70s. and for us that's going to be much warmer than average. in fact, we might actually touch
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on a few records. 6 degrees is the record in the east shore. we're going to break it down city by city for you coming up. plus rain on the way. we're still counting on that. right now back to you, sam and laura. >> firefighters quickly put out a house fire in san jose. nobody was hurt. crews were able to put out the flames in less than 15 minutes. people on scene told us there was some smoke damage from a hallway into a bedroom door. >> and new details in a police shooting in new york city. the officers were shot when responding to a robbery. both officers are expected to survive. it does not appear they were targeted. this comes after two other new york city police officer were shot and killed in their patrol
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car in brooklyn. >> san francisco town hall meeting is planned for tonight in response to a police shooting that is now being called a case of suicide by cop. police officers shot and killed 32-year-old matthew hoffman in the parking lot of the mission street police station on sunday night. it turned out he was armed with an air gun. mrs police officers say hoffman wrote a suicide note. >> at 4:45 grief counselors will be in berkeley today to help students deal with the loss of their vice principal. shum was wrieding his bicycles last month with some of the cyclists stopped in front of
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him. he swerved to avoid them but went right into traffic and he was hit and killed by a truck. there will be a memorial. >> officers say belinda carson posted a cryptic message on her facebook page saying she was scared and trying to get home. friends say she was on the phone with a 21-year-old man on new year's eve and may have gone to see that man. >> on december 8th, police arrested at least 150 people for shutting down interstate 80 for more than an hour. that action took place about two weeks following the verdict in the ferguson, missouri that cleared police in the death of michael brown. organizers hope to hold a news conference to explain why protesters should not face charges. >> this is no doubt looking a
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little touch and go. governor brown pushing full speed ahead with california's high-speed rail project. the ground breaking happened this morning in the silicon valley. train overpasses would be an eyesore. >> if you can imagine 30, 40-foot structures running right down the streets of these cities, right down mean street practically. >> the amount of land that's going to have to be eminently domained from farmers and businesses. >> phase one of the rail system breaks ground in fresno today, a 28-mile stretch in the central valley. supporters say by 2029 trains running at 229 miles an hour will connect san francisco and l.a. in less than two hours.
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>> candlestick park is in its final day and its demise is in debate. dozens of neighbors voiced their opinions in a meeting last night. they're worried about the dust generated by an implosion leading to health concerns. >> you're going to sweep the streets. what about our back yards? this stuff is coming into our homes. >> a representative from lenar urban said exploding the stick will take one day as opposed to two months of dismantling it piece by piece. they said it would be safe because asbestos and hazardous materials would be removed before.
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>> heavy rains flooded several peninsula neighborhoods in mid december. the san mateo county office of emergency services has opened a drop-in center to provide services and loan information for people who suffered property damage. >> sam liccardo takes over as mayor. he will be sworn in at 6:00 p.m. and will take place at the center for performing arts. it's more than twice the size of the original venue, the california theater. the reason for the change -- too many people, not enough seats. >> and you might be able to catch a performance outside, in theory, if the weather would permit. christina is talking about that. >> you're putting on a show but
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you get a show for free here every morning, sam and laura and myself putting on the traffic and the weather. you can bring out some of your spring gear. maybe you tucked it away, dust it off, break it out for today and tomorrow with a nice warm being trend coming your way. i love getting satellite image that is so vivid, i don't even have to draw. you'll notice the clouds are arcing up and around that big strong ridge of high pressure. this is keeping the storm track to well to our north. at this point it's questionable as to whether we'll see much precipitation. it does look good for a specific, particular part of the bay area. i'll show you that in a minute. we're 36 in the north bay and 4 to kick off date on the peninsula. these are your highs. 72 in the south bay. that's room temperature. get to give your heater a little
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bit of a break today. and 71 in the north bay. in my next report we're talking rain and we're talking air quality. that is is likely to improve but we're going to have to wait for that. first mike has a couple of big incidents here. first of all, the live shot. don't be alarmed. the bay bridge toll plaza is moving smoothly. let's look at your map. the east bay is all right getting into the city. getting out of san francisco is the big issue. steph chuang is out there below the freeway and 280 is closed at cesar chavez. folks have to move over to 101 and you do see more slowing. folks trying to figure out where they're going to go after that. there's police activity closing southbound 280 and has been for about five hours now.
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we don't know when this is going to reopen. the rest of your bay moves very smoothly. the north bay, we're looking at san rafael with a nice easy drive. one-way traffic control at the lake/napa, county line. >> apple releasing a new iphone at 6:00 this morning. we'll explain what difference. >> plus, why this cup of coffee could change your morning plans. >> and a spacex project that will make history.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> about an hour ago california based spacex aborted a rocket launch. the falcon rocket was set to launch at 3:20 from cape canaveral. a mechanical problem on board forced them to abort less than two minutes before launch. they are carrying supplies for the international space station. the company wants to land the rocket on ta barge in the middl of the ocean so it can be reused. the next launch is set for friday morning.
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>> the tech show is on. there is an entire channel made up of gopro videos, too. >> we'll have sports and activities, as well as things like human interests and animals. say my daughter sit down and watch the go pro animal channel for a couple hours. >> and coming up in about 25 minutes, we'll take you live to las vegas for a look at some of the other gadgets that are debuting and catching people's eyes. >> speaking of gadgets, apple getting ready to release a new version of the iphone today. sort of. landon dowdy has a look at that and how futures are trending. >> the markets look to rebound following monday's selloff. the dow plunged 321 points.
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crude is below $49 a barrel today, the lowest level since april 2009. with the negative start of 2015, the investors are eyeing the so-called january effect, a fairly reliable market predictor. as the first two trading months go, so goes the year. this network is the latest to unveil a streaming tv service called sling tv. it's targeted to younger consumer who don't want to pay a pricey cable package. it will have content from espn, tnt and the food network.
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apple will sell an iphone who don't want to be bogged down to one carrier. >> starbucks has a new coffee called the flat white. >> it is available in starbucks nationwide. some in the bay area already serve the flat white. they hope having it on the menu at starbucks will be more exposure. >> it means we'll get more customers excited to taste it even more. >> the flat white technically isn't new.
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the drink has been popular in australia and the u.k. for years. >> will they make those little hearts? >> we'll take a little love in the morning, right, christina? >> always, any time. love is what i love most about living in this great world. we've got some great things happening. as we get into the next couple days, we're still going to be sparing the air so do keep that in mind. if you suffer from asthma or respiratory issues, you want to limit your outdoor activity for today. it's illegal to burn. good thing our temperatures have really warmed up. our overnight lows are in the 40s. 40 degrees to kick off the day right here, beautiful san jose and you're at 42 degrees on the peninsula. mike is tracking a couple big issues this morning so wait for his report. he's coming up in just a few minutes if you're just trying to get out that front door right now. if you've still got time to plan that wardrobe for today, what
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you want to do is think layers, dress layers today. almost 15 to 20 degrees above average for some of our bay area cities. we're rivaling temperature records for this date, january 6. so here's the deal, 73 degrees, even warmer for tomorrow. by thursday we'll see the peak of this warming trend and temperatures start to moderate as we head to the end of the week. but look at this, friday at 12:00, we still get a little bit of shower activity. i think this is really going to stay confined to the north bay and immediate coastline but we need that rain to clear out our air quality and also any drop in the bucket is going to help us when it comes to that drought situation. i am watching an area in the long run to bring us significant rainfall. we'll talk about that coming right now, a beautiful look in san jose as the sunrise starts to make an appearance.
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right now back to you, sam and laura. >> nice to break that cold senate, too. thank you, christina. authorities identified three more bodies found in the wreckage of airasia 8501. officers showed passenger seats, seat belts and safety information cards from the airasia jet. the head of search operations say searchers believe they've located the tail and parts of fuselage. >> the start of the 114th congress as republicans take control of the senate. they now have the widest republican majority in 84 years. 74 lawmakers are settling in today. the first big test, the keystone pipeline. the house plans to approve the deal as soon as this week and the senate soon after. it's not clear if president
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obama will use his power to veto the bill. >> i'm not prepared at this point to issue a veto threat. we don't want to put the cart before the horse here. >> other hot-button issues will include immigration and new funding for homeland security. >> plenty of issues out there. we'll see how many get tackled. >> the bay area native expected to find his way into the baseball hall of fame today. >> and a live look out here. we definitely have some changes going on for that closure of 280 in san francisco. all of that plus activity. steph chauang and i will have te latest on your work around. playing hoops, sam is number one.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> winning a super bowl does not guarantee you a shot at the 49ers head coaching job. the team said it will not interview mike holmgren, who won a lombardi trophy with the packers. he said if the niners don't want him, he's going to retire. >> they will interview terelle austin. >> among those candidate, mike shanahan, who also made a stop across the bay during his be visit. shanahan has history with both teams. he was head coach of the raiders 25 years ago where he butted heads with then owner al davis. and he was also defensive coordinator with the 49ers.
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>> the latest nominees for the baseball hall of fame and a bay area native could be on that list. >> this is the first year that livermore native randy johnson is a candidate for cooperstown. he has the second most strikeouts in baseball history. >> he's not the only pitcher expected to make the hall of fame this year. pedro martinez and john smoltz are also first-time eligible players. craig biggio also has a shot, missed by just two votes last year and mike piazza make also make that list. >> it's interesting because now we're getting into the steroid era, the players that are becoming eligible. mike, you're not performance enhancing this morning, right? >> only well -- >> coffee. >> take a lot of coffee sometimes. we look over here.
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280 is still fully closed right now, southbound getting out of san francisco. the cones preventing you from getting on to the freeway as well. we're looking at police activity that may have come to an end. we're waiting for the latest update from steph chuang. 101 is your alternate there. we'll track this as well as your north bay. >> as mike just reported, part of 280 closed this morning. we're live on the scene of when it could reopen next. >> plus a late-night fire at an iconic house. investigators looking at just who tried to set fire to the home featured in the movie "mrs. doubtfire."
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>> and our warming trend really kicks in for today. good morning to you. in the 70s as a matter of fact. even warmer for tomorrow. and then we'll see slight cooling, maybe showers as we get into your all-important weekend. we're talking air quality and precipitation in my next report. >> and a live look outside right now of the bay bridge. it is tuesday, january the 6th and you are watching "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> very good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. parts of southbound 280 in san francisco were closed for the past six hours. let's turn to mike inouye for the very latest. >> 280 was fully closed. it continues to be fully closed. there's been changing at the scene. there was a person on the roadway, a pedestrian, a person out


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