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tv   NBC Bay Area News Special  NBC  February 9, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PST

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>> tonight we investigate. >> forgetting is not good cause. motion to dismiss is granted. >> writing tickets but not showing up at court. if there's a problem here how some departments are cracking down after we investigated. >> and the question as to why are some counties doing so well and other counties not so well? >> unused flu vaccines in bay area counties going to waste? we investigate how much it's costing you, the taxpayers. >> what happened is it's probably a training issue. >> plus major accidents with fedex trucks not getting reported to the government. why it could affect your safety
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on the road. here is chief investigative reporter tony. >> thank you for joining us. for the next 30 minutes we investigate, exposing government waste, uncovering critical issues and holding the powerful accountable. we begin with a story on child care in california. the state took significant steps at protecting kids in day cares including a new law and a new website with inspection information. steven stock has our results. >> is there anyway we can see your licensing information? >> we shed light on a safety investigation that had kept families in the dark for years.
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>> so you don't have anything that we can like look at? >> no. >> the department of social services overcease nearly 48,000 day cares in california where 1.1 million children go every day. >> last year state officials at midded that the current system was antiquated and underfunded. >> after our reporting, bay area parents demanded action. >> if we can't protect our most vulnerable, what does that say about us? >> we don't have an easy way or a difficult way of taking the information that is in this system and putting it up online. >> that's what we did. last summer the unit spent
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months putting the information online. something that had never been done before. >> i was just happy to be able to get this far on the process. after our initial investigation, representative garcia sponsored and helped pass a new law that now requires the state to publish inspection records yoin line. it's now easy for parents to check with just a few mouse clicks. >> i think the reporting helped to insure that the clegt ofs were informed. >> it is great to make sure there is enough personnel that is trained. >> last month president barack obama signed the block grant into law. the law requires annual
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inspections of all day cares. >> that needs to change immediately. >> we did hear directly from families. >> johnson says putting the inspection reports online is a good first step. she says california needs to come buy with the new federal law. >> we absolutely need to insure that where children are have basic health and safety standards. >> johnson and assembly woman garcia both credit our joint investigation with what they call changing the conversation. and forcing state policymakers to confront is issue.
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>> it's significant how much has changed in a short amount of time. >> thank you for all the hard work you have been doing. we have got it done. >> state officials said they were too busy to sit down and answer steven's questions about what has changed in the system but they did send an e-mail saying we are working with our federal and state partners to better understand the impacts of the new federal legislation. >> coming up next -- >> so this matler be dismissed. >> handing out tickets but skipping court. why the rules are changing for some law enforcement after we investigated. we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make.
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>> this next investigation puts local law enforcement under the mike scope of accountability. they're paid to serve, protect, and show up in court. but we uncovered more problems with officers skipping out on their dutiesment agencies promised change and we followed up to check on those promises. >> all rise. >> it's a time for the ticket writer and ticket holder to make their cases. >> call for first case number one. >> it's show time in santa clara county court. but as records confirmed and our investigation found in many cases it was no show time. >> apparently he forgot there was a traffic court appearance today. >> it cost the court, the county
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and the city both time and money. >> forgetting is not good cause. motion to dismiss is granted. >> your tv spot your investigative reporting resulted in some of these agencies being made aware of the fact that there's a problem here. our analysis found the biggest problems within redwood city san jose and san jose chp all failing to appear more than 15% of the time. >> your agency is one of the high nest failing to appear. will you share that with your patrolmen? >> most certainly. yeah. it's -- that's an easy question. yes. >> definitely. is the message going to be a little bit stronger? i think all they will have to do is turn the televisions on. >> a bit of a wake-up call? >> i think when we looked at the
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numbers provided to us we recognized the fact that we need to do a better job. >> both the chp and san jose police promised changes. >> so this matler be dismissed. >> five months after our first report records show the changes made a difference. >> there is a significant drop in no-show rates. >> since our first investigation back in june san jose police dropped its no show by 4%. >> what's that say? that said that they -- number one they licensed to what you all had to say and they made the corrective -- they made the corrections.
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>> but our latest review found that not everyone got that message. >> all right sir, the officer is not present in your matter. >> on this day a sheriff's deputy failed to appear. >> so this matter will be dismissed, lack of prosecution. sheriff's deputies missed court 20% of the time. the largest know show rate of any major agency. >> that number is a little higher than i expected and that's the reason why i was surprised when you presented me with the data. >> the captain responded to the numbers saying the sheriff's office like other agencies will now focus on tracking deputies' appearances in court. >> what's the message you are passing along from this data. >> take care of your business.
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it's what we have to do. you come to us with a problem and you're looking if ar solution and we're here to provide that solution. >> we found the agencies that do track when the officers show up have the best attendance records. when it's not monitored there's a greater chance the ticket gets dismissed because the officer failed to appear ultimately wasting court resources and your tax dollars. when we return -- >> you don't want to waste taxpayer money by having vaccine go to west. >> we investigate flu vaccines. why some bay area counties are letting thousands go unused. the numbers are next.
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>> the calendar says we're right in the middle of flu season when health departments spend a lot of time and money to fight the virus. we have learned that thousands of vaccines go to waste every year. >> are you ready? come sit over here with me. part of a massive public health campaign to distribute vaccines and it's working. alameda ranks number one with how little is wasted each season. >> we have anywhere from 110 to
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190 illnesses that are caused by flu every year. >> not all counties appear to be as pro active. >> wonderful. wonderful. >> the investigative unit looked at the past five years of usage data. we found on average more than 88,000 vaccines go unused each year throughout the state. every year the state provides free flu vaccines to each county based on potential demand. but the flu vaccine is only good for one season. state records reveal a wide variance
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variance. >> why are some counties doing so well and others not so well. >> all counties need to have an effective system for distributing vaccines not only for flu but because it's practice for any outbreak. >> if we can't get it right for flu we won't get it right if a more serious disease occurs. >> this is a great kril run for us to ramp up. we need to get this right. >> we have some of the highest rate of unused vaccine at 19 percent. >> he was not in charge when the
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county reported 38% of vaccines went unused but she's adding more clinics to get more off the shelves. >> we returned only 5% of our doses. >> we found that none of the counties had any idea how they compared. >> you don't want to waste taxpayers' money. >> unused vaccines have cost the state at least $5.9 million since 2009. the state health department declined our request, but after we started asking for data the state started requiring counties to count usage rate in the winter and summer. >> fear gripping the east coast. >> with the ebola virus nutritioning headlines and with a vaccine currently in the
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works, it's more important than ever for public health leaders to be prepared. >> if we were to have a vaccine and we need to get it out quickly, this inflew enza program is the model. it is the model. >> doctors do recommend flu shots saying they can shorten the illness or make it less severe. we have put together a map showing how many vaccines were wasted in each county. you will find this story on page 4 on the investigative tab. >> coming up next -- >> i saw the truck. i just thought it was his top. >> a commercial delivery truck plows into a bus but it's never reported. next we investigate how some stents are going untracked.
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investigative reporting has shown that some major accidents have gone unreported. >> imagine being a passenger on this bus when in a flash a fedex ground truck plows into you.
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>>. >> with you can see him sitting in the back row wearing a white t-shirt and headphones. >> the paramedics people were screaming, in pain. >> city officials say 18 people includeing that man were taken to local hospitals all because the truck ran a red light and t-boned the bus.
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>> the collision is not part of ground safety score. >> you don't have all of the accidents recorded then you don't know the record of the company. >> rod runs a transportation institute. >> they can't recommend legislation that reduces the accidents. >> we have found 15 major collisions that are missing. in many cases the crashes
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involve involved multiple injuries and even fatalities. >> one person has been killed after a fedex truck and bus collided. >> another crash involving fedex shut down this freeway in texas. in rhode island traffic came to a standstill on the interstate there after a car hit a fedex truck. here in california a fedex driver hit and killed a man's father. we discovered that all of those accidents are missing. the possible reason? law enforcement never reported the crash. miscoded our recorded the wrong d.o.t. number. >> the officer, he is required to collect all of that data. >> this is the -- the california
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highway patrol investigated the two crashes in orange county and brentwood. >> it's some type of human error? >> it was human error. and what happened was it's probably a training issue. >> he says in light of the california accident officers failed to record the dot number in the crash hort. >> since the investigation alerted chp, captain johnson
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said the two accidents in california will now be part of fedex ground's overall safety record. >> the federal board says i's unclear whether 15 years would negatively affect the company's safety score. but those involved in non-reported crashes say every crash should count. >> they look at injuries. so just to be forgotten like that is not fair. >> bottom line it usually comes down to law enforcement doing a better job sharing accident information. now many of our stories come from viewers just like you. if you have a story for us call
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our type line. or send an e-mail to >> thank you for watching. it's a perfect combination. you watch and we investigate. good night.
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