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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 16, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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growing memorial for the guard with an emotional tribute from the mother of the man he saved. michelle? >> reporter: that's right. he's being called a hero. manuel zuniga was working here on saturday. he got involved in a robbery, tried to put a stop to it and that's when he was shot and killed. tonight, the memorial is growing, people paying tribute. meanwhile, police are still looking for the people responsible. >> and it's not something that any parent should have to ever endure. ever. >> sandra morales says she will be forever grateful to manuel zuniga. >> in my eyes he will always be a hero. >> reporter: she says manny died while saving her son. they were working the front door security at b boss nightclub when they noticed a robbery at the liquor store just a few feet away. the owner of liquor for less says a man barged in on saturday night and stole a cigar display case worth only about $20.
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>> came in the store. and my cousin -- >> reporter: soon after, he said bullets started flying. her son, jonathan, didn't want to go on camera but tells his mom that he and manny approached the thief before the man got in the get away car. >> my son was in the line of fire. he jumped in front of my son. >> reporter: 33-year-old manny was shot multiple times. police are looking at surveillance video and trying to figure out who pulled the trigger. meanwhile, people in the area are in disbelief. >> for a $20 box of cigars? i can't believe that. >> reporter: sandra says she'll never understand the violence but she hopes justice for the killer will bring peace to the zuniga family. a go fund me site has been set up in his honor to pay for the funeral. that link is on our website, reporting live tonight, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. back to you. now to a developing story
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overseas. a tsunami warning has been cancelled after a 6.8 earthquake struck just off the coast of japan just after 3:00 p.m. our time. fishermen near the epicenter say waves less than a foot tall hit their coastline. no damage has been reported. the earthquake struck about 200 miles north of fukushima, the area devastated by the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. there was never any tsunami warning issued for the u.s. mainland or hawaii after today's quake. back here at home new video of an alarming sight, a brush fire in the middle of winter. this one broke out late this afternoon in san jose just off 680. firefighters knocked it down quickly, but say it's a sign of things to come. we have live team coverage tonight. our chief meteorologist is checking the winds, which are about to change, but we begin with robert honda where cal fire is now accelerating its hiring season. robert? >> reporter: well that's right. cal fire moved up its hiring
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process in order to get firefighters trained and into stations at least a couple of weeks before the official fire season. the recent rain made the timetable even more urgent. drought weather creates a dangerous fire season and tough conditions for cal fire crews who are anxious to get added seasonal staffing. >> we're on the edge of the fire. so when we're going uphill and we have the extra gear on the helmet and all, plus the hot weather, having that extra body helps us move faster. >> it gives us an extra hand so we can fight fires more aggressively. >> reporter: cal fire says it plans to hire around 120 seasonal firefighters statewide depending on need with 20 to 30 headed to bay area stations. the agency says the recent rain and current dry weather helped accelerate the hiring process. >> so that combination together means especially if we're going
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to have another extended period of very dry spring that we'll be seeing fires earlier. >> reporter: cal fire says that while it's generally declared in mid april, it hasn't said that that will change, but officials acknowledge they do plan to have the new firefighters in place by the start of april. live in morgan hill issue robert honda, nbc bay area news. it's great weather for the holiday weekend to hit the beach. but a cooldown is on the way. our chief meteorologist is tracking the changes ahead of us. jeff? >> you'll see today we did have mild weather here today. not as mild as it was saturday and sunday. napa, 75 degrees. san francisco, cooling there with 69. our record today was in oakland at 73. we reached 75. so this really tells the story on what we are tracking right now. yesterday at 1:00 p.m. nothing in the way of fog offshore.
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now check out today's visible satellite imagery. you can see widespread areas of fog at the coastline. and that's why we are now beginning to see a major impact in our temperatures. running 13 degrees cooler at this hour in san francisco. also numbers down at half moon bay and santa cruz as well. anywhere between 5 to 7 degrees cooler. minor differences here for the superior valleys, but we'll talk more about how the fog will impact your forecast for tomorrow coming up in about 10 minutes. a lot of viewers sharing their weather pictures with us today. nice shot going into the pool there. we'd love to see yours. all you have to do is go to our website, nbc bay and send us your pictures. the growing west coast port slowdown has now caught the attention of president obama. he is sending in a negotiator. the labor dispute has virtually shut down shipping from seattle to san diego. you request see the ships here stuck off the shore. nbc bay area's jodie hernandez is at the port.
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and this impacts the prices we pay for many items. >> reporter: it is has a huge ripple effect. not only are folks having a hard time finding products they need but it is hitting many in the pocketbook. tonight, as you mentioned, help is on its way from washington, and many are saying it's about time. >> it's had a huge effect on us. it's devastating. >> reporter: food exporter hal shinson is sweating. west coast port slowdown has meant his company, nature's sun grown foods, hasn't been able to ship out products to asia in a timely manner for months. >> you know, we're in the food business. people have to eat. and if they don't have our product, then they are going to have to find another product. >> it's having a very significant impact not simply on the pay area or california but on the entire country. in some cases, it's an inconvenience. in other cases, it's a disaster. >> reporter: uc berkeley
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professor harley shaken says entire sectors of the economy are feeling the pinch in a way we haven't quite seen before. food producers to automakers are taking a hit. >> it isn't simply that you don't have the part or the goods you're seeking to sell. it's you don't know how long it's going to take either to export or to import. >> reporter: the situation so dire the president is sending the u.s. secretary of labor to san francisco tomorrow to help broker an agreement. >> i'm hoping that he won't leave until we have an agreement. >> reporter: perishable goods like cheese and produce are at risk of rotting if they don't get shipped out soon. >> we have significant losses because we're not shipping product. >> reporter: again, the u.s. secretary of labor will be here in the bay area tomorrow urging both sides to resolve their dispute quickly so that operations here can get up and running as they should be soon. reporting live at the port of
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oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. first a break-in and then a fast-moving fire. that's what happened at this school in oakland overnight. police first received a report of a door pried open at claremont middle school then reports of a fire. the cause still under investigation. school will be in session tomorrow. still ahead here at 6:00 new rides at what cost? some stater leaders getting some heat for a so-called spending spree. they worked for their money, but they were never paid. up next, we investigate wage problems in the area. and pets are piling up. what is forcing owners to part with their beloved pets. dollar $
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pets the newest victims of the housing crisis in san francisco. we want to bring you a live picture of the golden gate bridge. you can see some foggy conditions going into san francisco. 207 pets were given to the san francisco spca since last march because of housing problems. half of those pets are looking for new homes because their owners could not find pet friendly housing. about two dozen are homeless because of changes in lease agreements. employ earerers short-changing employees. it's called wage theft. steven stock exposes this underground economy and joining us this evening. steven? >> just last year 1,300 different bay area companies failed to pay nearly $20 million in wages to their workers. wages that the courts say those workers earned. even so we discovered many of those workers rarely see a dime of that money.
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>> did they ever pay you overtime? >> no. >> reporter: and overworked. >> there's no consequences if they don't pay. >> reporter: it's called wage theft, and it's happening here in the bay area and around california. employers neglecting to pay their workers, leaving the workers with nothing. >> do they do this to me? i don't deserve this. >> reporter: she worked 10 to 12 hour days six days a week even sometimes seven, at a residential home for mentally ill clients in san jose. did you ever get paid overtime? >> no. >> reporter: but you always worked it? >> yes. >> reporter: so you'd worked your 40 hours and then work some more? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: because you had to? >> yes, because nobody would relieve me. >> reporter: she filed a complaint, and the court ruled that she was owed nearly $65,000, but she is not alone. we requested all wage claims dating back to 2010. we found that statewide in the last four years, courts and the labor commission have ruled
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against 17,000 different companies, and awarded workers $274 million. $81 million of those unpaid wages were from companies right here in the bay area, many of them repeat offenders. take crazy buffet in sunnyvail. there are 18 complaints and the workers won in 17 of the cases. here is the data. we have tried to call. your phone is disconnected. we went there to get an explanation. you guys are listed as not paying your workers to the tune of $500,000. but the man we were directed to denied being the manager or owner, and walked away as we tried to ohioshow him the state's data. other local companies such as united meat company, draeger construction have all been ruled against by the courts for
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not paying their workers properly. according to the labor commissioner, as many as 60% of the companies that owe their workers go out of business or change names. draeger construction and united meat both went out of business and bottlerock changed owners. just because a court rules that a company owes an employee money does not mean that the workers actually ever get paid. >> translator: i feared that i would lose my job. >> reporter: he worked for a restaurant called m a's in san jose. he spoke to us using an interpret interpreter. >> translator: i feel i was mistreated because they would make us work more time than we should have, and they didn't pay wages. >> reporter: a federal court awarded him $35,000 in a judgment, but he's yet to see a penny of that money. >> it's a failure of the fundamental promise of the american dream. >> reporter: she and her team at ucla's labor center obtained records from the state for every wage claim filed between 2008 and 2011. >> it doesn't even skim the
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surface. >> reporter: their data shows that many of the companies that were ruled against by the labor commission never paid the back wages at all. >> we were shocked to discover that just 17% of those folks who received final judgments for unpaid wages collected a dime, which means that 83% had nothing to show for their efforts. >> there is an epidemic. >> reporter: she has been running a free labor clinic tackling these issues for 11 years. held at santa clara university's kathryn and george alexander community law center. >> it's anti-competitive behavior. >> reporter: she says dodging wage obligations has become a business model. companies simply don't pay, even after the courts rule against them. then those companies keep doing business as usual. >> wage theft is one of the greatest threats in california today. >> reporter: she serves as california's labor commissioner. she's as frustrated as anyone about these companies' failure to pay their workers.
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>> the majority of targets that we hit are breaking the law. we're finding it. we're issuing citations and getting them to pay. >> reporter: but she admits the state has a long way to go and she concedes that thousands of workers owed millions of dollars in wage theft still go unpaid every year. >> more needs to be done and we are doing more with the resources that we have. >> reporter: do we need more enforcement, more effective enforcement, here in california? >> i would say that my work is not done so yes, i think that we can always do better, and we are striving to do better. >> right now under state law, there are few consequences for any company that does not pay. last year there was a proposed law to fix all of that but that proposed law failed to pass at the 11th hour in sacramento. commissioner su hurvegsh says she is considering the possibility of filing criminal charges against company owners maybe even locking them up in jail. none of the owners featured in the story who talked to us would comment on the record.
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if you want to know more for the first time we have made all of this wage theft data available for you online. just go to our website, click on the investigations tab. >> thanks so much steven. let's bring in our chief meteorologist now with our holiday forecast. >> well you know i hope you guys got a chance to enjoy that mild record-setting heat the past couple of days. we're beginning to see some changes. you'll see in the satellite radar picture nothing in the way of storm systems several hundred miles out. we're talking about some crystal clear skies at least up above. but down below, our fog product is showing at the extreme lower levels right here across the coastline. point rays down in santa cruz, that fog is beginning to move in for tonight and beginning to impact our temperatures. from mid 70s today down to 60s right now. san francisco after mid to upper 60s today, you're already at 56 degrees. we'll take you to this foggy
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shot you shot. you can barely make out the bay bridge tonight. be prepared for that if you're in the south bay and heading up to san francisco. it is jacket weather. you may even need the windshield wipers for drizzle. a lost the moisture is getting squeezed out. looking at tomorrow's forecast, it's going to be a mild day, but we're not expecting major record-setting heat like the last couple of days. 68 in valley. next couple of days it's not going to be nearly as hot as it was the past couple of days. you'll see as we head throughout the south bay, 70 on wednesday. 73 on thursday. 72 by friday. we'll hold in the upper 60s to low 70s here for the peninsula. san francisco, looks like mid to upper 70s are just completely gone. only 68 here for thursday. also 67 by friday. for the north bay, east shore and also the trivalley, a round of low 70s up into morin, napa,
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and sonoma county. in the full forecast in about 25 minutes, we'll talk about a slight chance just a slight chance here, of some weekend showers. i'll have details on that. on this presidents' holiday, a new score with a presidential monument. the washington monument is nearly 10 inches shorter than previously thought. it's not sinking. the height discrepancy is actually over how the d.c. monument was first measured back in 1884. back then crews measured from a point below the surface of the patio. today, new measurements were taken from the entrance floor to the tip. its new official height in case you're keeping track at home, 554 feet and 7 inches. up next an nbc bay area investigation uncovers what's really going on inside the medical marijuana industry in california. and a crime surge. burglaries skyrocketing in san jose. our political analyst will join us to look at ideas on how the city can stem the tide.
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more than half a million dollars for new cars for top elected officials. critiblescs say it's something our state can't afford. they say paying that much for cars is excessive. they were bought for state senators to use in sacramento. the critics say the money should instead go to social service
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programs. state officials say the order to swap out older cars with eco friendly models came straight from the governor's office. governor jerry brown wants 10% of nonemergency state vehicles to be eco friendly. does a nicer neighborhood get better police protection? this is a concern spreading across san jose and another headache for the embattled police department. larry, this stems from the issues in the less affluent east side of town. >> take a look at the comparison of officers to people in san jose, san francisco, and oakland. you can see it for yourself. san francisco has fewer residents than san jose, but nearly three times as many officers. per 100,000 people. oakland as well. its population is half of san jose's and it has nearly twice the number of officers. and now perhaps out of embarrassment or maybe political pressure or maybe both the city is shifting its limited
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resources from poor areas to affluent areas. that may help the folks out there, but the question is we have a gaping hole. what do you do about that? >> you're talking about really political embarrassment, but it's really about safety. how does the city get out of this mess? >> well it is a mess. they will concentrate in stopping the police from leaving. the mayor has tossed out an olive branch of sorts, although he may need a grove's worth of olive trees before it's over. second the city needs to consider increasing revenues. perhaps sales tax increase, maybe 1/4 to 1/2 cent raise. but it won't be on the ballot until next year at the earliest. so fundamentally, what's this all about? it's about equality. the big public relations black eye for san jose centers on the
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perception that it's treating affluent residents better than poor residents unless the city deals with the concerns quickly the perceptions, they may have a long time solving its problems with residents that have had the least trust in its candidacy to begin with. >> this is his biggest challenge for sure. thank you, larry. still ahead, false alarm. the scare that has people at one california airport running for their lives. also, united in sadness. bay area christians mourn the death of 21 people executed by isis. what they want the united states to do in response to these brutal killings. >> so what does he have to say to get the car? >> basically just say that you have lower back pain or something. >> does it have to be true? >> not necessarily. up next a hidden camera investigation. all it takes is heartburn, $80, and about 10 minutes with a doctor. stay with us.
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we investigate medical marijuana, next.
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you ca a developing story now. tonight, retaliation. egypt responds to the execution of 21 coptic christians by isis. new video showing the beheadings of the egyptian christians makes it clear they were killed for their beliefs. as egypt takes action against isis, bay area egyptian christians say the u.s. needs to step up its response against the terror group.
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nbc bay area's mark matthews spent the day talking with local egyptian christians live in san francisco with more. mark? >> reporter: as you know president obama has asked congress for authorization of military force against isis and as you say, jordan has already started air strikes. now egypt joining in. today at a coptic christian church in the bay area i heard calls for even stronger military response. the priest of the coptic church in hayward told his congregation today be proud of the martyrs who died in libya. 21 coptic christians beheaded by isis forces. the father says the u.s. response should be military force. >> isis is kind of virus. if we keep it, it will destroy everywhere. even here. >> reporter: everyone we talked at the church agreed. the u.s. needs to do more to defeat isis. >> i don't like the u.s. to put
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boots on the ground again or soldiers, but i have a feeling they can do a lot more than what's being done now. >> our government is letting people suffer. >> we can't sit and just watch my fellow brothers or the families weeping every single day. >> reporter: today egypt launched air strikes against isis forces in libya, and called on the u.s. to expand its military strikes into libya. there has been a lot of talk about reaching a tipping point against isis forces, but a former assistant secretary of defense for global strategeic affairs says there is no plan to send soldiers on the ground. >> every one of these muslim countries is corrupt, completely corrupt. with a deeply alienated population. >> reporter: he says there may be more air strikes that are more than symbolics, but they fear what will happen if they send their troops to fight sunni
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troops in other countries. >> it may lead to disruption and even overthrow at home. >> reporter: the professor says the talk of the tipping point is just that talk, and that isis grin gains recruits and even financial support every time they release one of these videos. mark matthews, nbc bay area news. a false alarm at l.a.x. sent passengers running out of the terminal and onto the tarmac today. police say they were responding to a possible suicide attempt this morning, but somehow a rumor circulated that a gunman was on the loose at the airport. that rumor ended up being announced over the airport's public address system. about 20 passengers ran through emergency doors and out onto the tarmac. in reality, a police pursuit was going on outside of the terminal. whether they like it or not, california cities are in the marijuana business. nearly two decades ago, voters legalized medical marijuana. >> and getting that marijuana is easier than you might think.
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tonight, our investigative unit has a hidden camera look. chief investigative reporter is with us. and pot is supposed to be only for chronic illnesses, but a lot of people are abusing the system. >> reporter: with nothing more than a diagnosis for a heartburn, we sent a producer out to test california's medical marijuana standard. the question how far are we from states that have already legalized recreational marijuana? >> legal sales began this morning at 8:00. >> this is colorado. >> i knew some day it was going to be legal, and i'd be there for it. >> reporter: and this is california. >> we have a hotel room. the doctor is on site. >> reporter: two different business models. from a pot shop in denver -- >> we are told from pot shop owners they think they made more than $1 million on day one alone. >> reporter: to a street corner in downtown san jose. what do i have to say? >> i mean what's your medical
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condition would be for using cannabis. do you have any symptoms anxiety, trouble sleeping? >> do i need any proof? >> not at all. >> reporter: essentially, two states, two different laws one's recreational, and one's medical. >> so what does he have to say to get the card? >> just say that you have lower back pain or something. >> does it have to be true? >> i mean, not necessarily. >> reporter: what our investigation and our hidden cameras have discovered when defining medical and recreational marijuana laws it may be a distinction without a difference. is this a regular doctor? >> she's an m.d. but she specializes in doing just this. >> reporter: she is a recruiter, walking us to that hotel room blocks from the recent
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hempconconvention in downtown san jose. >> you have a reason. insom in ain a. who doesn't have insomnia? >> from there, the producer met with the doctor inside a room at the motel. >> when we were here the doctor asked me what are you here for? and i said i have some medical paperwork, but i want a medical marijuana card. >> he brought this paperwork, proof from his personal primary care physicians that in fact he had heartburn. did the doctor ask you if you had a heartburn? >> no. the doctor never asked me if i had heartburn. >> reporter: did you expect that the doctor would examine you? >> i expect a stethoscope somewhere, and i never saw a stethoscope, she never listened to my heart rate. never listened to my pulse. >> reporter: so with heartburn and $80, our producer got this medical marijuana recommendation and this card all the documentation required to legally purchase marijuana for the next year.
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are you at all surprised we got a medical marijuana card with the heartburn in about 10 minutes of our time? >> i'm not surprised. >> reporter: he supervises the narcotics prosecution team for the santa clara county district attorney. our hidden cameras essentially proved the obvious. anyone who wants a medical marijuana card can get one in california. >> there is a million -- i would say even a $1 billion industry in california in the issuing of recommendations by doctors who are doing it under suspicious circumstances. it's a farce. >> reporter: san jose's mayor, sam lucardo. >> we know for the most part this industry has grown to its present size for reasons having nothing to do with medical needs. >> reporter: basically a doctor right now can give it for pretty much any reason, right? >> that's what the law says. >> reporter: dave hodges founded one of the first cannabis collectives in san jose.
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would you be surprised if i told you that we got a medical marijuana card with the condition of heartburn? >> no, actually, it wouldn't surprise me at all. >> reporter: do you think that's legit? >> that's one of the reasons we need legalization. >> reporter: and that's where many now believe california is headed back to the ballot box to legally clear up any confusion between california's current law and what voters approved in washington and colorado. >> do we really have recreational marijuana legalized already in this state? >> it's pretty close. and that's actually probably one of the reasons we don't have legal marijuana recreational marijuana right now, is because the laws are so close to that that most californians feel that it already is legal. >> reporter: does this in essence prove there's not a whole lot of difference between california and colorado and washington? >> well, there's more obstacles to getting recreational
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marijuana, but i think we all agree it's recreational marijuana here at this point. >> here in california? >> at least dpichbgiven the way that many dispensaries operate yes. >> reporter: next year california voters will likely consider as many as three different propositions calling for legalized recreational marijuana. and the medical recommendation and marijuana card that we did receive, you should know will be destroyed and not used to purchase marijuana. coming up thursday night, our investigation continues as we explore the controversy inside the marijuana business tax in california. the money that the city makes on the marijuana. >> if you have a tip for tony or anyone else in our investigative unit call us at 1-888-996-tips. still ahead, a $1 billion heist. new details on what some are calling the biggest robbery in history. also -- >> this morning, in my driveway, there was a moose head.
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>> it's a fun story. a cherished city landmark has been returned. but how it got here still has a lot of people baffled. plus -- >> take a look at this. the next generation of silicon valley innovators. coming up 3d printing day right here in the bay area.
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have you heard of the new dialing procedure for for the 415 and 628 area codes? no what is it? starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number you'll need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. okay, but what if i have a 415 number, and i'm calling a 415 number? you'll still need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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a $1 billion swipe from more than 100 banks in 30 countries. this might be the biggest cyber hack in history. crooks managed to rob banks here in the united states russia japan, and europe in 2013 without ever stepping foot inside of a branch. the thieves did it by sending bank employees email
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attachments, which contain the malware. once the employees clicked on the attachments, it gave those hackers access to the bank's computers. at this point, it appears the hackers only took the bank's money, and no customers' accounts were targeted. can't catch a break. the northeast bracing for another round of snow and ice after a blizzard swept through the region on the weekend. much of the region below 0 today. more flight cancellations power outages and whiteout conditions are expected from d.c. to maine. some cities in the northeast have received more than 100 inches of snow this winter, the majority just in the past three weeks. boston is within a foot away from having the snowiest winter in recorded history. here is a fun story. the return of an unusual and unofficial city mascot. it prompted cheers in napa today. gasps and applause greeted the mayor as she announced the missing moose head had been deposited on her driveway overnight.
6:42 pm
now, it's not a real moose head. it was a strange natural growth on a eucalyptus tree which resembled a moose with antlers. it was painted and decorateded several times a year for various celebrations until vandals sawed it off on new year's eve. now the moose is in police custody until city leaders can decide on its future home. >> the moose is back. >> the moose is back. >> at least the moose is back. >> i can't believe somebody did that. why? >> i don't know. >> really? >> well, it's back so it's all good. >> not attached to the tree, though. >> they couldn't get any fingerprints though so they'll never catch the culprit. >> turn yourself in. let's get a look outside right now. you can see clear skies here in san jose, but we are tracking some thick fog for tonight. we'll let you know how much that will cool temperatures down for tomorrow in just a few minutes. and they call her the bubbly bandit. tonight, she is behind bars but the crime remains uncorked. the mystery of the missing champagne, just ahead.
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tnt giving up. amazon says it's still going forward with the drone delivery plan despite new proposed federal rules that would make it illegal or impossible. over the weekend, the faa release saidd rules that would allow unmanned aircraft to fly only during daylight hours, under 500 feet and five miles away from airports. operators must also have the drone in their line of sight. now that last rule makes it difficult for amazon to launch its delivery service, but the company says it will continue to work on it while the fa a's proposals are under consideration. this was a working holiday for a lot of bright young minds working on the next big thing. our business tech reporter is in san jose with some of the smartest kids in town.
6:46 pm
>> yeah. it's pretty impressive here. these families didn't go to the beach for their holiday. they came here to the tech museum to learn about future technology and how they can lead the way. the tech museum was packed today, filled with the innovators of tomorrow. specifically innovators learning to print in 3d. the tech calls it the 3d print jam, a way to stimulate young minds with cuts-edge technology. >> it's like a layer and a layer, and then it makes it in 3d. and then we're just trying to do the things. >> helping people to discover their own inner innovator by taking part in things like this where they learn how to do new things with technology. >> reporter: from computer assisted design to printer to object, the kids and their parents are developing a new skill.
6:47 pm
>> they spend most of the time on computers anyways. and this is the real -- they take to it very fast. >> reporter: maybe now they'll think of the computers in a different way. >> it's cool because you can just make anything from plastic pretty much. >> reporter: a way to create new things that might even lead to future careers. speaking of the future the next exhibit here for the young people will be cyber security. it's going to open right there at the tech museum in just a few months. scott budman, nbc bay area news. the woman known as the bubbly bandit is in jail tonight, but the bubbly is nowhere to be found. laurie soderman was caught on camera allegedly stealing $600 worth of high-end champagne in santa cruz. police posted this surveillance photo and the next day they received a tip identifying the woman.
6:48 pm
soderman turned herself in today, but police never recovered the six bottles of expensive champagne. authorities say soderman has an extensive history of theft. >> jeff back with us now as we talk about our week. a lot of people enjoying this holiday. >> yeah. and we'll see some mild temperatures continue over the next few days but definitely not nearly as warm as it was on saturday or sunday. hopefully you got to the beach and enjoyed it. the story today, 10:30 this morning blue sky. but as we advance this, a thin layer of fog developing at 11:30 in the morning. very quickly it involveenveloped the entire coastline. that was the big change for today and that helped the temperatures to drop. as we take you outside right now, you can see clouds in san francisco. it is a complete fog storm. if you're headed there tonight. also, thick clouds in the north bay developing as well with 56 degrees.
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south bay, mainly clear with 63. tomorrow morning, fog at the coastline will continue to intrude into the interior valley. so it's not going to be a sunny start like we've had the past three to four days. areas of patchy fog. temperatures at 36 in the north bay. south bay, 48. so the key difference in the forecast, no doubt from when we had the hot record-setting temperatures close to 80 degrees to tomorrow's forecast which is going to be cooler is the fact that we'll have these westerly winds. it takes this cooler pacific air and pushes it all across the bay area. and it takes some of the moisture from the pacific and again gets that fog machine going across the bay area. it's not going to be very gusty. only about 5-10 miles per hour. but you can see on the future cast for tomorrow morning it's the coastline. also alameda county possibly down to santa clara dealing with the clouds, and also morin, napa and sonoma counties. the fog will burn off for everyone by 11:00 except the
6:50 pm
coast and possibly the san francisco peninsula. eventually by the afternoon we'll have increased sunshine across the bay. overall, the bottom line on this tomorrow it will cool down by about three to five degrees but i still think we'll have an awesome day coming our way. san jose expecting 68 degrees. 70 at the coast line here. cool at the beaches. 62 in pacifica. palo alto 68. napa expecting 69. oakland 67. and we'll have mild weather here and pleasant with 70 degrees. the trend throughout the week, it continues to stay dry on wednesday, thursday friday. also on saturday. the biggest change though, you'll notice by saturday, clouds increase. there is a very very slight chance we may get some showers. it's only about 20% right now. we'll see this inside slider, the storm system sliding in from the east. we'll continue to monitor that. right now it looks dry, but about a 20% chance of maybe
6:51 pm
something. more on that throughout the week. >> and that big hockey game for the sharks on saturday night. >> rain would be the worse thing, so we're trying to push that away. what a weekend it was in the big apple. but now will all-star party is over for the splash brothers. back to work here in the bay area for the warriors as they chase down an nba title. in our house, we do just about everything online. and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works.
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and of course, free same-day delivery. but hurry! sleep train's presidents' day sale ends sunday. at levi's stadium right now in santa clara, football conditions are just miserable, but good thing it's hockey season. the process of turning the gridiron into a winter wonderland for saturday night's
6:54 pm
hockey game between the sharks and the l.a. kings. most of the ice is down with the markings and logos scheduled to be applied tomorrow. the rink starts and ends at the 20 yard lines. about 70,000 hockey fans are expected for saturday's game the first of its kind in northern california. >> that should be fun. >> that should be fun. >> hockey outdoors. and warriors basketball. it's so cool to see the national stage, everyone buzzing with the warriors. it's been decades. >> yeah. you know what there's a lot of talk that steph curry is going to be the eventual face of the nba once lebron james gets a little bit older. but we're talking all-star weekend is now in the books for the slash brothers, and it's back to business on friday with the season stretch run upon us as the dubs shoot for home-court advantage come playoff time. it all starts with hosting san antonio on friday night. but sunday night, it was indeed historic for the franchise. starting two players in the game for the first time since 1967. although both steph curry and klay thompson wish they shot better than a combined eight for
6:55 pm
27 the opportunity to make more important history still awaits. >> we're doing things that haven't been done in our franchise in a very long time, and we're going to remember this. and hopefully, like i said be doing some great things come postseason as well. >> well, it's going to be a fight to the finish for the dubs this season. and andre iguodala is using the all-star break to put in some work at a boxing gym down in van nuys in southern california. now speaking of tee time with the pebble beach pro am in the books, local golf fans can look forward to the cadillac match play at tpc harding park. the event tees off april 29 through may 3 and is the first pga tour event in san francisco since 2009. >> we have all of this great history. it's exciting. certainly it's exciting for me. it will be exciting for all the youth that will be here. we're going to find ways to
6:56 pm
encourage even more youth to be out here welcoming the best players in the world. before the end of last season the reports were that the 49ers wanted frank gore back. but now gore seems to have his doubts. he posted this instagram last night. quote, i know the fans love me, but i need to know if management does. but i'm going to love my fans no matter what, end quote. and earlier in the night, gore wrote, what should i do? well teammate bruce miller's response to gore was brief and to the point, quote, you should come rush for another 1,100 yards and chase a super bowl ring with us, lol. all right. comcast sportsnet bay area has learned former 49ers defensive coordinator nick mangeio would have stayed with the red and gold had the now offensive coordinator adam gates been hired as the 49ers head coach. he was gates' first choice to
6:57 pm
remain in charge of the defense and he was good with working under gates had he been given the gig. and finally, the 20-year career of former a's first baseman and designated hitter jason giambi has come to a close. the now 44-year-old called it a career today after 440 home runs and a 2000 mvp season with the athletics. 198 of his homers came with the green and gold of the a's. he played eight seasons for the a's before playing for the yankees, back to oakland, and then colorado and cleveland. quite the career. 20 years in major league baseball. pretty good long run. >> he was one of our favorite guys covering him here in the bay area. well tonight at 11:00, silicon valley companies are making them, and doctors are takes notice. how smartphone apps and attachments are changing the medical world. that's tonight at 11:00 after "state of affairs." >> thanks for joining us. see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
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the epic "snl" 40th reunion show. every star on the planet, every moment you didn't see from the wild red carpet to the afterparty. >> now on "extra." bradley and betty's makeout. eddie murphy's 73-second return. seinfeld roasting the crowd. >> yes, tina? >> no, it's sarah, sarah palin. >> tina fey is so good. you know, is that me? >> a night of surprises, cameos and memories and aj is in the middle of it all. >> it's "snl's" had 0th, anyt


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