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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 25, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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a missing mother found, but her baby still out there this morning. bay area crews stepping in to help. fliers beware. why your flight may be cancelled this morning and it's not because of the weather. plus, illegal gambling, prostitution and drug deals. new numerous arrests. >> taking a look outside at the beautiful bay bridge. it is february 25th. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> a very good morning to you. it's 4:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. much more on those stories coming up in just a second.
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first, let's start in the logical place, find out what your day is going to look like. good morning, christina. >> good morning. temperatures this morning are definitely all over the place. santa rosa is at 39 degrees. 51 meanwhile in san francisco. 36 degrees down in san martin. that is the coolest location on the map for now. temperatures are going to continue to drop. and then we have a spectacular afternoon ahead. you probably want to know more about that forecast. we'll have more on that coming up for you. i had a long night last night. it was a good time. >> you look wonderful, and we're looking over toward palo alto, which doesn't look so bad itself. this looks like a great clear shot, but i do want to show you the map coming up into the area. reports of an earlier car fire. it's actually at frontage road and does sound like there was a car fire, but crews are on
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scene. this will be a distraction with flashing lights, but no slowing shows up on our system. we'll talk about what else we see farther north, coming up. back to you. if you're flying southwest today, double check that flight. >> southwest is cancels several flights as the airline works to get its planes up to code. bob redell joins us. >> reporter: overnight, the faa did agree to let southwest airlines keep flying those airplanes as long as those inspections are performed within the next five days. we checked t edchecked. no impact there. a quick check of the website in oakland international, does indicate there are nine cancelled southwest airlines flights today. what is not clear is whether these are due to the lapse in inspections or if it's something else. yesterday, the texas-based
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airline grounded 128 of its airplanes. they're all 737s. some versions thereof. it's about a fifth of its fleet. it failed to perform inspections on the backup rutter system. it's a mistake the airline caught by itself. southwest cancelled about 80 flights nationwide yesterday. not clear how many if any affected travel to and from the bay area. even with this extension from the faa, the airline expects to have much of the inspections completed by this morning. >> it's the responsible thing to do. i hate to see them -- let them fly the planes when they haven't been inspected. >> i've flown southwest a lot and i've only had wonderful experiences with them, so i have faith and trust in them. >> reporter: a retired american airlines pilot tells us that if southwest hadn't discovered this lapse in inspections, if it had been the faa instead, the airline could have faced a hefty fine. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. >> and this is not the first time southwest has dealt with mechanical problems.
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in 2006 and 2007, southwest failed to properly inspect four fuselage cracks. it cost the company more than $7 million in fines. happening right now, searchers from the bay area are headed to the sacramento region to help look for a missing newborn baby. that baby and his mother were reported missing monday from knight's landing. knight's landing is a small town just north of sacramento. responders located the mom last night but she didn't have the baby with her. searchers and dogs from marin, contra costa, alameda, sonoma and napa counties are all assisting in the search. investigators say the driver of the truck that caused a metro link train crash in southern california wasn't stuck on the tracks. he was driving on them. the crash happened yesterday in oxnard. no word yet why the driver took to the tracks before his truck was hit by a metro link train. the impact of the crash caused three of the trains five cars to derail. more than two dozen people were hurt. investigators say jose alejandro
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sanchez ramirez was driving the truck. he ran from the crash scene but was arrested about a mile away. punched, kicked, and then stiffed. police hope you can solve a crime against a san francisco cab driver. cameras capture the entire attack. it happened on valentine's day, but the video was just released last night. the driver picked up a man in san francisco and dropped him off in daily city. police say the passenger got out of the cab and refused to pay. when the driver confronted him, the suspect punched and kicked the driver and then took off. happening today, a judge will consider setting a trial date for the man accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. torres has pleaded not guilty to charges he kidnapped and killed the 15-year-old in 2012. investigators say they found lamar's hair on a rope inside the trunk of torres's car and his dna showed up on her clothing. lamar's body still has not been found. it is a lot quieter than normal in one san jose neighborhood this morning, after police shut down an illegal
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gambling and prostitution ring. locals have been complaining about strangers coming and going during all hours at this house. yesterday police arrested four people at the house after finding evidence of illegal gaming, drug dealing, stolen vehicles, prostitution, and identity theft. that investigation led them to a nearby convenience store where they found nine illegal gaming machines. you won't see any police drones flying around berkley any time soon. last night, the city council placed a one-year moratorium on drone use by the berkley police department. that gives the council time to write up a policy for officers. >> the issue is government use of drones and the potential misuse of drones to invade the privacy of the public, especially in terms of surveillance. >> it's going to be harder to regulate drones once the sky is more flooded with them. there will be more soon. this is the perfect opportunity. >> berkley is one of many bay
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area cities debating eyes in the sky. the san jose police department grounded its aerial camera when people expressed privacy concerns. speaking of which, prepare the waters. here comes the stingray. despite plenty of opposition, the santa clara boozer approard supervisors approved this plan. critics are worried about privacy rights. it still has to be reviewed by several oversight committees before it can be put to use. the list of california politicians vying for barbara boxer's senate seat is shrinking. yesterday, the former los angeles mayor announced he would not run for boxer's seat. he says his heart and his family is in california, not washington, d.c. some have taken the statement to mean he may be planning to run instead for governor in 2018. >> keep an eye on that race. roll out the red carpet. batman returns.
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>> last night the documentary on the boy who touched millions of hearts played at the california theater in downtown san jose. it's called "batkid begins." it really shows the story of batkid miles scott. it takes you behind the scenes of his famous day in san francisco. >> a better story than that, a little boy who has leukemia, who fights it and wins and then gets a big parade where an entire city comes out. >> hans zimmer, the composer of the recent batman "dark knight" series even composed some music for the film. i stayed last night and watched it. it was phenomenal. >> i'm guessing there were not a lot of dry eyes. >> not a lot of dry eyes. but also, my face hurt from smiling so much. >> it's such a nice story. you were there as was christina. >> she introduced it. >> yes, she did. >> what a beautiful, beautiful film, full of love.
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you can still find out more about that on our website. 13 days of film festival fun. and really, this year, they've outdone themselves. temperatures are a little chilly as a result. we're going to see a really nice warm-up later on today. clear, cold morning. making way to beautiful sunshine and a return of the 70s. we haven't had the 70s for quite some time. your highs today, 69 degrees in the tri-valley. 70 degrees in wine country. we do have rain in the forecast just a couple days away now. we're going to time that system out to your doorstep, tell you how much we're expecting. you might not be impressed with that, but there's another system on the heels of the one coming through late week. it is coming our way. more on that in our next report. right now let's check your drive. say good morning to mike inouye. >> you said resort, that little
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slip of the tongue, but that's what we're all thinking, we're all looking forward. look at this easy drive. let's look at our emeryville camera. smooth drive from oakland and in toward san francisco. some clouds in the area, not a concern right now. the east shore freeway will zoom out and you see the entire east bay quadrant. no problems reported by drivers through the area. south of where the orange is, a clear view, obviously no problem for driver volume and an easy drive toward the golden gate bridge. back to your maps. we'll talk about the rest of the commute. now reports of a crash. it sounds like things are clearing quickly to the
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shoulder. we will track this. i'll get you an update on the activity once the chp gets that to our station. the car fire is not affecting lanes from 101 but you can see it from 101 around the embarkadero off ramp. a home blown to bits. >> that story and an american missionary taken against her will in nigeria. what we know about the woman who may be in the hands now of some dangerous men. plus, the man who killed the american sniper learns his fate. details still ahead.
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more than two dozen people were killed overnight in twin bombings in baghdad. officials say several students were killed in the first blast. they had just gotten out of a nearby school. while bystanders gathered to help, a car bomb went off killing others. at least 25 people died in total and 50 others were hurt. no group immediately claimed responsibility for the bombings, but attacks like this are often the work of isis. gunmen wearing masks reportedly abducted an american missionary in nigeria. that kidnapping was reported on the free methodist church's website last night. the church says that reverend phyllis sorter was taken from the church's compound by several
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nigerian men. the family is still waiting to hear from the kidnappers about any demands. for the second night in a row, unidentified drones were spotted over france. officials don't know the pilot's intentions, good or bad. but want to talk with them. yesterday, drones were spotted flying over the presidential palace, the u.s. embassy, and near the eiffel tower. drone spottings in france go back several months now. people first started reporting seeing the tiny aircraft in november and december. >> something janet yellen said yesterday is not sitting well with investors. for more, we turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc's d.c. bureau this morning. good morning, landon. >> hey, laura, good morning to you. futures are slightly lower after the markets rose tuesday with the dow closing at a new record high. investors reacting to comments from janet yellen who told us in a panel the fed is likely ready
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to raise interest rates sometime this year, although she didn't say when. yellen says the job market is improving, but inflation remains low. look for data today on new home sales and earnings from lowe's and target. health department insurer anthem says hackers access personal information for nearly 79 million people. that included 60 to 70 million of its own current and former customers and employees. the rest were people enrolled in other blue cross blue shield plans but use their state in a plan where anthem is the operator. it exposed names, birthdays and social securitys, but not medical records or credit card and bank account numbers. and jp morgan has been questioned. dealers make more of a profit from higher interest rates and
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the goth says this provides an incentive for dealers to charge some customers more, opening the door to discrimination. laura, back to you. >> thank you very much, landon. check your ceiling fans, but be careful when you do. popular models being recalled because part of it could actually fall on your head. they have received two reports of the ceiling fan's hub falling. no one has reported being hurt so far and the company wants to keep it that way. the fans were sold nationwide from 2002 to 2014. a new survey finds most millennials do not have renter's insurance. the study was done by millennials, people ages 18 to 29, most don't feel like they own much of value, but it could be a costly mistake. if there's a fire, flood, or earthquake. the average cost of renter's insurance is $187 a year. the new port labor deal may
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be too little too late when it cops to california fruit and nut farmers. the "l.a. times" reporting it may take 12 weeks to clear up the cargo backlog. losses from some exports may reach 50%. case in point, california grown citrus bound for chinese new year celebrations overseas. almond farmers fear that foreign buyers will cancel orders due to the massive backlog. >> it is chilly out there. make sure you grab a jacket. starting you off in livermore. waking up with 45 degrees in beautiful san jose. haven't had any iconic fog for a while, but throughout this evening, the fog will return. as we get into the next couple days, big change coming your way. if you're looking for warmth,
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outdoor sunshine, today is your day to get out there. 68 degrees in the south bay. 66 degrees in san francisco. increasing clouds for thursday. i always like to keep you up to date with what's going on when it comes to our drought situation, so here's a progress report for 2015, the rain year so far. at this point, we've actually done pretty well so far. we're at 93% of average rainfall. our reservoirs across the state of california are looking pretty good. in northern california specifically, we're at 84% of average. but everything comes down to the snow pack, and that is where we are not doing very well. only at 20% of average for central california. as we head throughout the next couple days, we do have tahoe snow moving in and bay area showers as well. starting friday morning, continuing into saturday.
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if you're trying to make outdoor plans, sunday is your day to do so. right now, back to you, sam and laura. >> appreciate that progress report, christina. dramatic images of a house blown to bits. all of this caught on dashboard video. police and utility crews in new jersey evacuated this neighborhood when people smelled a natural gas leak. that blast injured 15 people. two utility workers still in critical condition this morning. that house was under renovation at the time. people could feel the explosion, they say, from a mile away. this morning, the man accused in a high-profile murder is waking up where he'll wake up every day for the rest of his life. a jury convicted eddie ray routh of shooting and killing former navy seal chris kyle and kyle's friend. last night, the jury rejected the argument that routh was insane when he killed them at a gun range. with the conviction, routh gets an automatic life sentence without parole. the story of chris kyle's life became a blockbuster film "american sniper."
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swift action against four wesleyan college students. police in middleton, connecticut, arrested four students on a variety of drug charges yesterday. the school also suspended them. they're accused of providing concentrated forms of ecstasy leading to overdoses over the weekend. it is 4:51. a pet food giant is defending itself against a claim its food is toxic. the suit claims beneful contains toxins that can be deadly to dogs. the california pet owner filed suit alleging his three dogs all became ill and one died after being fed beneful exclusively. purina calls the suit baseless. you know herm edwards once famously said "you play to win
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the game." now two girls basketball teams are learning a lesson about tanking. the winner would face the state's top team, so both teams played to lose. each squad made a mockery of the situation, even shooting into the other team's basket, because that's not a dead giveaway. as a result both are now suspended and out of the tournament. administrators issued apologies. a marine returning from overseas and surprising his kids at school. the joy, the pure elation there. we'll have more coming up. always a tear in the eye. over here, though, no reason to shed one because fremont looks smooth. we'll talk about the rest of your commute coming up.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back. 4:55 right now on your wednesday. just trying to make your way through the week. >> just trying to wake up a little bit. sometimes even on a wednesday, mike. >> superhero effort by your part. we're looking over here toward the bay bridge. a smooth drive approaching the toll plaza. today, again, off to the left. a couple of those lanes not yet open. they'll be open the next five to ten minutes. a smooth flow of traffic on our maps shows through the maze in the east shore freeway, no problems. a little fog. not a surprise. not a major concern.
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there's your flow of traffic north of the san mateo bridge. northbound routes are moving smoothly. debris around the 101-680 interchange. we'll send it back to you. daddy! >> there he is. there's dad. juan jimenez surprised his two kids at their school in riverside county. jimenez served seven months overseas in the middle east where he provided mechanical support for aircraft fighting isis forces. his first grade son had just one request for his dad after their warm embrace. >> can we go to chuck e. cheese? >> i've been missing them. i can see them on the internet. i get a lot of pictures now. but it's not the same as being able to hold them and talk to
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them. >> you think the reunion would be enough, but the reunion plus chuck e. cheese's, fitting. fittingly, the class was reading the book "hero dad" when he made his entrance. >> what is it with check e. cheese and kids? parents, not so much. still ahead, they have millions of dollars to spend, but where should the money go? leaders on the peninsula sitting down to talk about what to do with so much cash. plus, a muslim woman who says she was denied a job at a popular store because of her hijab. details coming up.
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search crews scouring a county looking for a missing newborn. the baby's mother is in the hospital. what we're learning. plus, flights cancelled in the name of safety. what southwest airlines forgot to do that's now causing troubles for travelers.
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good wednesday morning to you. clear and cold to start the morning. beautiful afternoon coming your way with temps in the 70s. then we have a big pattern change. more on your forecast in just moments. >> a peninsula car fire and a tri-valley crash, coming up. and a live look outside this morning. the bay bridge at 5:00. it's wednesday, february 25th, you are watching "today in the bay." a very good wednesday. thank you for joining us. >> an update to a developing story. a handful of bay area southwest flights are cancelled this morning. the airline says it missed scheduled inspections for some of its jets. bob redell live at sjc. no cancellations there, but there are some at another local airport?


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