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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts right now. >> it doesn't seem like anything that we've experienced before. >> at 11:00 a sexual assault on a popular trail with an unusual description of the suspect. good evening. >> it's not your typical suspect and he may be linked to other assaults. >> and cheryl. >> reporter: well police are telling us tonight that the assault took place at 2:40 in
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the afternoon yesterday. the location a trail near a business park in santa rosa. now, the suspect may have a disability and may be involved in other sexual assault cases. every woman we talked to tonight is aware of a reported sexual assault on this trail in the fountain grove area of santa rosa thanks to social media, they have an idea of who police are looking for. >> has down syndrome features. >> reporter: police are saying he has wide set eyes and characteristics of someone with a disability. >> it's creepy, and makes me not want to run alone. >> reporter: the victim says she was alone yesterday when the man grabbed her. she was able to run away the suspect ended up on top of her
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and touching her inappropriately, she screamed and he ran away. santa rosa police say they're investigating two other cases with similar circumstances that have taken place in the last 9 month said months. one happening two months ago. and runners say that's an unfortunate reality in the world we live in. >> unless you're in a gym, you're going to have to be vulnerable and aware of your surroundings. >> reporter: there's a $2,500 reward associated to the arrest of the suspect or suspects in this case. and new video tonight
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involving east bay boy. the parents claim that fair field police treated them unfairly. and the police are releasing body cam video that shows the mother behaving badly. >> do you see the carpet? that looks like blood. >> officers say suzanne refused to allow them in their home and officers explained to her that they need to go in and then you hear them spot what they think may be blood and the father says the reason they weren't allowed in the home is they have dogs that could potentially bite and the police made a difficult time worse by handcuffing mom and they say they will file a complaint against the police
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department. the 49ers lose their battle for now to take over the coveted soccer field. chalk up a victory for soccer moms dads and kids. the 49ers wanted to use the youth field and convert nem to parking lots. the city counsel balliced at the idea bottom line kids keep their soccer fields. a south bay student showed up to school and then disappeared. he attend his first quarter class and was never seen again. sullivan is on the track team and never showed up. the parents say he loves running. and a california woman says something was taken by u.s. martial. she was using her cell phone as
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a camera. and nbc bay area kim is in the area. >> reporter: all this woman was doing was try to record police activity in public in her neighborhood when a u.s. marshall approached, her grabbed the cell phone out of her hand and slammed it to the ground. >> i thought he was going to beat me up but i wanted to protect the footage and at the same time i wanted to film him coming at me. >> reporter: she said she walked down the street for a closer look. they were there investigating local bikers. she said she was four houses away from the activity exercising her first amendment right and it was all seen by her neighbor across the street. >> anybody as the right to film
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police officers. they are public servants. >> reporter: that's exactly right says a judge. she says she was appalled by what she saw in that video. >> i think there is a general rule for all law enforcement, and that is any member of the public can record the police as long as they're in public and as long as the people recording are not interfering. >> reporter: and the judge said that any law enforcement agency operates under a duty manual where what officers can and cannot do is clearly spelled out. san jose police have a manual avail thooblable to the public online. and it has a space in for hour to deal with citizens recording
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incidents. the u.s. marshalls office is investigating the incident. kim, thank you. the music has stopped for a local teenager. thieves stole oo chela celo from her car. and you can see that to female suspect rummaging through the car and a male is in the get away car. they are asking for the public's help in reuniting the teen with her prized celo. tonight in a unanimous vote a proposed 1.7 billion dollar stadium took a big step forward. they want to bring in the raiders and the chargers that tenants. and the raiders say their top
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choice is to stay in oakland if a new stadium is built. and this surveillance video was taken march 31st. and it shows a woman after she reportedly scaled the fence. you can see her walking on the tar mack before an employee spotted her. the airport has now installed twelve 00 feet of new fencing, and it's now 4 feet taller than the new one and has barbed wire on top. bay area armeanians are taking action for something that happens 100 years ago. >> still asking for president obama to stand up to the turkish genocide. >> gene. >> reporter: members of the armeanian community gathered for a concert but many shared
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stories about a horror their relatives endured 100 years ago and they say it's time for world leaders to admit what happened. >> you need come together and admit the mistakes of the past. >> reporter: they gather in union square tonight remembering the armeanian genocide in what is now turkey 100 years ago. this man says the killing of almost a million people shaped his family. >> my father was killed in the genocide. he was orphaned. >> my grandparents were all survivals and they're immediate family aunts, ungcleuncles they are
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perished. >> reporter: and they are calling on leaders in turkey to end the denial and apologize. and they say then the healing can begin. >> they say the denial of gen genocide is like it reoccurring. >> reporter: president obama is expected to make remarks friday remarking on the within 00100 year remembrance but that he won't call it genocide. they say he is sebd sending a dangerous message. >> we are going to exterminate this group here and nobody will care. >> reporter: a disappointed community says it will continue to demand justice. >> and jacky spear will be traveling to armeania with a delegation and spear's office
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says she will be recognizing the genocide. here come the feds. department of homeland security is coming to sillicon valley. they want to battle hackers. the rsa conference in san francisco said they want to insure that government and private sector benefit. the san francisco sheriff's department says they're leading the way in body cameras. and the department will soon require body cameras for some depute ayes that county jail and that's after accounts that some deputies forced inmates to fight. no other jail has body cameras.
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and water conservation goals is 30% per house hold. and he wants to hold people accountable sooner than the current plan in place. how to dole that out needs firth discussion though. and it's not a big storm but we're tracking developing drizzle. we'll have your full fog forecast coming up. and sillicon valley start up ofs a low cost test for breast cancer you can take it home. and a serious discussion about what will happen if recreational marijuana is legalized in california. and the rare photograph that had people in aurr.
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a sillicon valley start up
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wants to make the easier for women to get tested for ovarian and breast cancer. they're offering a home test kit. the price tag is $250 and now available online. now, other available tests run from $1,400. now, that kit is similar to the type of testing angelina joely underwent. and lieutenant governor is asking for the pros and cons of marijuana recreational use. >> many people are predicting california will vote on recreational marijuana again
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next year. >> reporter: there are still more questions than answers when it comes to legalized marijuana. in the time before california can pass a pot measure is closing in. it's why he formed a blue ribbon panel of experts. he says what's working calling it the worst of both words. >> we know people are abusing on the medical side at the same time you're not necessarily taxing it or getting rid of the elicit side. >> reporter: and we previously talked to the professor on his class about pot. >> we want to figure out the best ways. >> the science isn't there yet. >> reporter: he says officers can test you for marijuana if
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you seem to be impaired but there's no.08 limit like alcohol. states with recreational markets are turning to blood tests on site but no instant results like breathalizers breathalizers. and this committee is trying to answer the questions. ian coal nbc bay area news. the party is in san francisco. today, we got our first look at the super bowl village. a full week long village for the fans on market street. they will stream from the ferry building and traffic will be rough but the glits and glamor of the super bowl may out weigh
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the cons. >> it's something special to be on the street and see capper nay on the street. >> and we'll be seeing a lot of nfl legends next february. for the first time 25% of revenue will be donated to local charity. the countdown is on. save up money for the tickets. 209 290009 2090 -- 291 days until the next super bowl. and although many people are skeptical of the photos scientists say that kwaud rupal
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rainbows are rare but they do happen. >> we mainly learned about double rainbows in school so i challenged anyone in new york to come up with this. i would like to see that. let's get a look at the satellite radar. i wish mother nature could bring us a storm system that actually has rainfall with it. there again, no indication of a storm system but we have a weak cold front that is devoid of any moisture and it's helping to in increase fog from the east bay to the south bay. and the most impressive view of course san francisco as the clouds have lowered to about 500 feet. so, with that in place, there is no way it's going to clear out for tomorrow morning.
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so you can leave the sunglasses in the backseat you'll not need them for tomorrow. over cast start for tomorrow even down to the south bay with temps in the low 50s and if you have a flight leaving oakland, you may have flight delays in the early morning hours p. and the foggy breeze, wungs againonce again, you can see it here. and eventually by 10:00 or 11:30 in the morning we'll start to see it clear. and we do expect increased un sunshine tomorrow in san francisco. and now, it still could hole up across santa rosa and napa for the possibility of a few rain drops tomorrow. and 73 in san jose, decent day
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for us. and cloudy across the coast line. we should have more sunshine in sf than we had today. but for the north bay that's going to be the best chance for some showers. and 73 in plezingten. and the overall trend has it getting cooler on friday. best day of the weekend right now, looks like sunday. and then by sunday looks pretty good for us. sounds good. and one's dramatic effort to save his drone and yes, it's caught on camera. and we have jimmy. >> blake lively is our guest and we have the roots. watch next.
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it could be happening, a woman's face on the $20 bill re replacing andrew jackson. not since the 19th century, when martha washington's portrait was briefly featured has been a woman on u.s. paper currency. and a mad dash to save an expensive tool. take a look.
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the man was using a drone to film a sunset. and the drone started to power down and go slowly to the sea. and you can see only two seconds to spare and i got it. everything is okay. i got it. up next who said the giants were struggling? we'll show you
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. good evening. here in the comcast sports net studios. after dropping 9 of their last 10 games, giants in need of anything to light the fire. and here come the dodgers riding a 7 game winning streak. and first of six meetings over the next nine days but the only panic for giants fans is for joe. and crawford, the flip and the double play. best defense for the orange and black. and top of the 8th, stip still, 4-1 game.
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and justin maxwell coming a long way and makes the sliding catch into the wall. incredible play for the second out of the inning. bottom 8th, maxwell, crushes his first home run of the year. the giants strike first blood with a 6-2 victory. >> it's exciting. we have a packed house every night and i really appreciate the fans in the right field. so i appreciate everybody's support. >> a's and angels and bottom second drew palm rans on the hill and johnny peputellau accepts. and that's his first of the season 3-0 angels. and finding the right side. but marcus simian throw to 3rd
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and erick ends up scoring all the way from first. angels roll 14-1. and the warriors have gone from a good team to a great team but steve curkerr is not the nba coach of the year. the buck's coach receive 67 first place votes and 513 total points from a panel of sports writers and broadcasters. jason jason kidd placed third. and september 14th and then host the packers october 4th. october 18th baltimore is in town followed up by the seahawks and then they travel to seattle and also have tripped to
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cleveland. and denver comes to the east bay on october 11th. and the silver and black also host them on the 20th and then finish finish here. the nbc sports deck is sponsored by xfinity. the future of awesome.
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our investigative meteorologist went on a fact
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finding mission. on a rainbow. the scientist says the person who took the photo behind them there must have been a body of water that provided the refraction and reflection and accordingly, there is a lake that is about two miles behind the person that took that photo. >> so could be a quadruple rainbow. >> exactly. i've never seen it in a textbook, but who knows. may have some airport delays. >> excellent investigating. >> good night. . ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- blake lively brian grazer


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