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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 9, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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much rain we could see and the timing of that. that's coming up in the next microclimate forecast. let's check in now with mike to see if there are any slick spots yet. >> kari, we're looking first of all and we don't see any puddling or leftover from the rain that came through. let's look back at your maps. i do want to show folks just like kari's radar shows the activity comes in and that's our road weather index and damp roadways and maybe some slick conditions and move over here towards the rest of the bay, but right now traffic flows very well and west 580 coming out of the altamont. back to you guys. >> that's right. with that rain comes the slick roadways as we mention. a live look at the golden gate bridge. the chp warned drivers to take extra precaution as that rain moves in. >> from one bridge to the other. pete joining us live in san francisco from the bay bridge with tips you should know before you head out the door.
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i've been watching rain come down for the better part of a day. good morning, pete. >> right here on the embarcadero. once that rain comes in, those roads could get slick. chp is getting out ahead of this. brake earlier than usual. but give yourself some distance and don't drive through any standing water. it could be much deeper what you would think. chp responded to several crashes yesterday, including the crash in petaluma where the driver lost control. >> started to make the back end drift on the wet roadway and lost control and went into the path of the other vehicle. >> as that weather starts to roll in, we'll keep you up to date on the changing conditions. in san francisco, pete. you know with the rain comes the snow in the sierra nevada. this is what it looked like this weekend at donner pass. drivers are urged to use chain as a precaution right now.
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cal trans is fully staffed with 20 plow trucks treating the roads. warning signs are up for drivers telling them to be careful. we, of course, will keep track of the storm throughout the morning for us, but to see it for yourself, download our free nbc bay area map. personalized forecasts for your neighborhood. more breaking news this morning, a busy intersection is shut down after a deadly car crash in south san jose. it happened about an hour ago right near redmond avenue. firefighters say a pickup truck hit the center divide around 3:30 this morning. three men were inside the truck. the driver has died and the other two men are in the hospital. almadon expressway will be closed for some time. bob redell is headed there and will get us an update as soon as he gets more information. an update to breaking news
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we're following from overseas. a jordanian killing two americans and a south africans. four jordanians were also injured in the attack at a police training center on the outskirts of the jordanian capital of iman. one of the wounded is in critical condition. the shooting is a crime scene and an investigation is under way. happening later today, actually, just a few hours from right now, all eyes will be on a san francisco courtroom. the high-profile trial finally set to begin today. facing a laundry list of charges of which include orchestrating the murder of a gang leader back in 2006. federal agents arrested chow last year with nearly 30 other people, includes former state senator lee.
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we'll bring you more information. a lot going on including that rain coming down across the bay area. let's check the forecast. you have the radar up. >> we did have some rain yesterday, especially for the south county where we did have up to a half an inch of rain just yesterday. parts of the north bay had a quarter of an inch and north bay had much lesser amounts. another round of rain moving in, especially for the north bay. for now, the rain has been very spotty and cool out now too with temperatures in the upper 40s and they will not warm up much throughout the day. expecting highs in the 50s for most. this is a look at the futurecast where the rain becomes more widespread starting at 6:00, 7:00 or 8:00 this morning. moves off to the east with the bay area getting in on heavier rain and the possibility of lightning, too. a few thunderstorms embedded and by 10:00 this morning it starts to wind down and we see the rain becoming a lot more spotty, but still possible as we go through the day. and then it all tapers off as we
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go into tonight and still that heavy snow continues across the sierra. i'll detail that and give you a look at how much rain we could see as we go through the day. that's coming up in a few minutes. let's check in now with mike to see how it looks on the road. >> hey, kari. starting in san jose. northbound 101 just underneath 280, 680. our traditional shot. the roadways, you can't tell. they're dry right here. as we look at your map, a little farther south. green indicating across the summit and damp roadways and early morning activity and kari is talking about that coming into the area. and between redmond and camden, that's where bob redell will give a report from the scene of that crash and currently has the expressway closed for one-block area and it sounds like a very serious scene. 85 to the north very smoothly and rest of your freeways. west 580 over here into livermore. no problems for the dublin interchange and move out to the
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rest of the bay, smooth drive towards the bay bridge toll plaza. that rain comes in 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, it will really affect that morning commute. a change in rules is fueling a fight between taxi drivers in san jose. city leaders are considering up easing up rules for sharing drivers. kris sanchez live this morning and taxi drivers plan to take some action today. >> yeah, i just talked with a taxi driver who said that he has not gotten the order to strike, but if he does, he definitely will. he says he can't live with uber here at maneta san jose. you know that you cannot call for a ride sharing service like uber or lyft because they had not been allowed up until this point here at maneta san jose, except for under the provisions provided back in june. now, this is what maneta san jose could look like. a taxi strike at sfo where
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passengers got stuck in the middle while taxi drivers circled around the airport. here in san jose, taxi drivers pressured the city to make the playing field level to meet the same requirements that taxies do. back in june the city opened up the airport to ride sharing companies so long as the drivers applied for business permits and according to "mercury news" not a single lyfd driver signed up. while the city will keep the requirement, ride sharing drivers get business licenses in the city, it is hitting the brakes on mandatory fingerprinting for all ride-sharing drivers. the city will consider random checks on a small percentage of drivers and also set aside the requirement that uber and lyft drivers be in cars less than ten years old a. a strike might not be obvious, but we will continue following the story for you online at
5:08 am and on our social media platforms. a little flustered trying to track down taxi drivers who are willing to talk. none on camera just yet, but we'll keep pestering. >> you have to throw that arm in the air, kris. coming up next, calling for action over health care. the move by president obama challenging a specific bay area city. wall street tries to deal with all that interesting job news, have you tried this yet? we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. >> hand it over. preparing for another round. why you should expect a lot of questions targeted at ben carson at tomorrow's debate. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail theunit@nbcb
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ono off-days, or downtime.ason.
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opportunity is everything you make of it. this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx. get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. candidates are criss-crossing the country in campaign mode.. decision 2016. candidates are crisscrossing the country and full campaign mode. this as they prepare for another debate tomorrow. >> here we go, "today in the bay" tracie potts with what we can expect. good morning. >> good morning. we can expect a lot of questions about the economy. that is the focus of tomorrow's debate and maybe also more questions for ben carson. ben carson is on the offensive.
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a west point scholarship he never applied for and now a "wall street journal" report whether he he says all about his quick rise in the polls. >> to the progressives, the progressive movement in this country. >> i feel badly for ben. >> reporter: donald trump tells nbc -- >> dpoeg to have going to have lot of things. >> reporter: bernie sanders says the focus for carson should be on issues. >> this man does not believe climate change is caused by human activity. >> reporter: go after marco rubio comparing him to hillary clinton. >> i see her and rubio being the same person. they both want no-fly zone and activity in libya. >> reporter: chris christie says being bumped from tomorrow night's debate isn't the end of
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the world. >> what really matters is what is happening in new hampshire and iowa. >> reporter: so, what's happening in iowa for chris christie is not a lot. donald trump is at the top of that iowa poll, two points ahead of ben carson. laura and sam, back to you. >> thank you, tracie. ben carson taking a barrage of questions footomorrow. happening today netanyahu will sit down face-to-face with president obama. it is the first time they met in more than a year and the first time since netanyahu addressed the congress opposing the iran nuclear deal. also a newly appointed netanyahu spokesperson recently blasted president obama, suggesting in a facebook post that mr. obama might be antisemettic and calling secretary of state john kerry, "untrustworthy." meantime the president spoke directly to bay area newspaper
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readers. the president wrote a special guest commentary in sunday's oakland triune to get his message across. millions of people who still lack health care coverage. the president focused specifically on oakland and help their neighbors do so. those who do not have health care through the affordable care act have until december 15th to sign up. tech news now and apple employees lost a very court case over the weekend. scott mcgrew rare saturday decision. >> the san francisco federal judge in the case said saturday that apple store employees don't have a reason to complain when their bags are searched when they leave the store. the employees that called it humiliating complained to management and eventually claimed it was a workplace violation because they're not getting paid during the time it takes to search their bags. the judge in the case said bottom line, you don't have to bring a bag to work, the legal equivalent of complaining to your doctor it hurts when you do that and the doctor says, don't
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do that. wall street still mulling over friday's excellent job numbers. unemployment a dropped to 5%, the interesting numbers, the increased wages and more people getting full-time work from part-time. the sort of numbers that make the fed feel much better about raising rates. let's check your news before the with that in mind. landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> good morning to you. stocks posted their sixth positive week in a row following friday's strong report. look for reports this week on inflation and retail sales on friday. the dow rose 47 points to 17910. and the nasdaq up 19 to 5147. scott, back over to you. scott and laura, over the weekend the "new york times" handed out virtual reality goggles to its readers. came with the sunday paper. not only in a cardboard box.
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no, actually made of cardboard. the idea is once you open it up, download "new york times" virtual reality app to your phone and you put your phone inside google's cardboard box and then watch video from new york times reporters like this one for the demonstration caused by what it does to children. you're not seeing this video, but if you could, it would be amazing. look, here it is. you can move your head around. obviously, not in this video. i can't have everybody move their head to the left right now, but if you could, you could look around this room and behind you. it is extraordinary and really, really interesting way to report the news. to bring you into that classroom. >> so innovative for a newspaper. >> yeah. "new york times" starting this trend here and it changes the entire. >> it is a cool first step. >> cool. 5:16 right now. a weather report from each of the 50 states in just seven days. quite a feat. who would attempt such a thing?
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"today" show al roker upping the challenge of his rokerthon 2. >> last year a 34-hour nonstop forecast but this year, the weather ankle has a new goal. >> hey. >> that was on his checklist. no question about it. roker set out to deliver a local forecast to every state in just seven days. he was in sacramento celebrating and meeting up with our very own kari hall. he told her about some of thealistics of his trip. >> i have already even all 50 states and it took my whole life and now we will use planes, trains, automobiles even the oscar meyer mobile. >> it is a fund-raising for feeding america. an organization devoted to feeding those most in need. >> and, kari, you were up there in sacramento this weekend.
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>> got my flag. it is just crazy that he is going to hit all 50 states in just a few days. but, wow, he's going to do it. >> how many cups of coffee do you think he needs to get through that? >> how about his travel agent. >> were going to the sierra last night and it was snowing. it is still snowing there. rain moving through the bay area and scattered showers for now. but we will start to see more of that moving through as we go through the rest of the morning. a live look now from san bruno mountain. you see the low clouds and they will start to drop some of the wet stuff as we go through today. let's get a look at how it looks out there right now. not a whole lot more, but i'm watching the north bay some of that rain moving in and you can tell by the icon there's. shows live lightning being detected by our radar and our temperatures in the upper 40s to lower 50s as you head out the door. it will be chilly throughout the day.
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highs only in the low 60s in the south bay peninsula up to 55 degrees in half moon bay and san francisco. 58 degrees. 62 in napa and 63 degrees in antioch, livermore today 64 degrees. here's the futurecast. this gives us an idea of what the radar could look like as we go through the morning. notice the bright reds and the yellows. that shows some really heavy rain, possibly some thunderstorms. and that moves through right in time for the morning commute. that is really going to slow things down. if you can get out on the roads early, you probably should do so. as we go am to the afternoon, the rain more hit or misbut even during the evening commute, we could see some of that rain passing as we go through the rest of the day. look at the 0.4 and snow in the sier sierra, we were talking about that and look how much they can get around the twin bridges area. we could get at least a foot of snow. great news there. look at the sierra. they do have wanter weather
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advisory in effect. once again, three to issix inch above 4,000 feet and more above 7,000 feet. the rest of the week, we will have a chance to dry out and a look the weekend forecast. it will be much cooler, but right about average with highs mosley in the 60s to low 70s there by sunday we'll have more of the same weather and could be watching another weather system to start out next week. let's check in now with mike to see how it looks with the commute. >> kari right now it looks great. foster city side of the san mateo bridge and in towards foster city. we'll see that rain coming in that kari is talking about. 6:00, 7:00, how far east you are in the bay area. as we look at the map, much more cover would green, but right now green is speed sensors and you saw light the traffic was and couple slower-moving vehicles. here this is the green we're talking about. highlighting the green and then blue for wet puddling and ponding and you catch the glimpse of a little fog for our
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weather index, as well. coming off kari's traffic data and building coming in towards livermore and typical pattern for 580 and crash off of 680 as you come off danville, san ramon. it doesn't sound like it is affecting the on or off ramps for the freeway. and very serious crash closes the expressway between redmond and camden as you come up through the lmadvalley. >> thank you very much. 5:21 right now. we go undercover testing three bay area doctors with big medicare billings. why each recommended different treatments for the same patient. we investigate. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay yare a, we investigate.
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an investigative exclusive. we can see where billions of our taxpayer doctollars are going w it comes to health care. >> ophthalmologists received about $6 billion in 2013 ahead of cardiologists and oncologists. >> investigative reporter vicki
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nguyen to find out some of the busiest eye doctors in the country practice right here. vicki? >> after we received tips and reed online complaints complaining that some ophthalmologists were recommending surgeries and procedures that the patients ma not need we conducted an experiment. we took tina to four different doctors for a diagnosis of her eye health. she received a different diagnosis from every doctor. one doctor told her she had dry eyes and gave her eye drops and anothered cataracts surgery in one eye and a third doctor said to test for glaucoma. her eyes were in good shape and did not recommend cataracts surgery and did not see signs of glaucoma. unless it's an emergency, patients should always get a second or a third opinion when
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any treatment or surgery is recommended. you can see the doctors we visited, their responses to our experiment and our full report is online right now. we've also put a link on our website to a medicare database. it's all at just click on the investigations tab. guys? >> and if you have a tip for investigative unit, give us a call. 888-996-tips. or send us an e-mail to t bracing for another round of rain this morning tracking this morning's storm system. you see it sprinkled all over your radar right now. team coverage of what it could mean for your morning commute. backlash over a rule switch in san jose. thes that have taxi drivers fired up.
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welcome to monday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it is going to be a wet commute. rain is sweeping through the bay area. >> we have team coverage on what you can expect before you head out the door this morning. from warning to driver to how long this system is expected to last. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall tracking the rainfall all morning long. when can drivers expect to see the most rain? >> now is the time to get out the door, if you can. we're seeing spotty, light rain. the rain will become more widespread and a lot heavier as we go through the rest of the
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morning. a look now at the those temperatures. very chilly in the north bay it's 43 degrees in highs today will only reach to up thor 50s and lower 60s. so along with that rain comes some gusty winds and the possibility of a few thunderstorms, too. i'll detail all of that and give you an idea of what to expect through the rest of the week coming up in a few minutes. let's check in now with mike to see how the morning commute is going. >> lots of live cams. so far the roadways relatively dry and i want to show my traffic system will show that wet roadway there. little lightativity here coming in from the south and we'll see that moving in 6:00, 7:00. so far the traffic flow exactly what you would expect for most of the bay. little slowing out of the altamont. a glimpse of the orange that is where there is fog in the central valley. right before you get to 780 a crash and slowing towards the carquinez bridge and for most of our viewers, not a problem.
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most of the activity here towards the bay bridge toll plaza moving very smoothie. back to you guys. >> that's right, chp on it, as well, warning drivers about that slick morning commute. live look at the bay bridge. look at already the backup there. kari just told us expected to get drenched this morning. now is the time to head out the door as it is just lightsly sprinkling. >> pete is live on the other side of the bridge. it could be a pretty dangerous drive for commuters. >> we expect the rain to affect the commute for the drivers behind me driving on the bay bridge this morning, especially the slick roads. as you mentioned chp is getting the word out on social media telling drivers to slow down and, of course, break earlier to give yourself some distance. they responded to a number of crashes yesterday including one fatal off the 101 near santa rosa. >> give on the wet roads she didn't have as good of traction and that is what caused her to
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go sideways in front of the other vehicle when she tried to correct it. slow down in the wet weather. it definitely makes a difference. >> we'll bring you updates on the wet conditions as they come in. >> things picking up, thank you very much, pete. this storm means more snow in the sierra. it started over the weekend. but more fresh powder is expected to fall through tomorrow with this same storm system. and ski resorts are cashing in. they're enjoying their best opening weekend in more than a decade. >> well, since 2004, we have had an opening day where we've opened all the way to the top and we were able to accomplish that this year with top to bottom skiing all opening weekend long and that was 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. >> on the roads, truckers and drivers are taking extra precautions. they're making sure that they are fueled up and that they have chains, had is now a requirement on certain roads to make it up the mountain. we're going to keep track of the storm throughout the morning, but to see it for yourself, just download our free nbc bay area
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app. we have a real-time radar and personalized forecasts for your neighborhood. at 5:32. now to some breaking news we're following this morning. you can expect delays on a busy road in south san jose after a deadly crash that happened just about 90 minutes ago on almaden expressway. bob redell is live on the scene. what can you tell us, bob. >> well, laura, as a result,bound almaden expressway is shut down and it is because of this solo vehicle accident here. you can see that san jose police are investigating right now. they're trying to figure out what caused that blue trickp tru truck to smash into that tree. the driver of this truck was killed and one man in the back that was able to out on his own
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and the other passenger in the pru front passenger seat. took five minutes to get him out. both of those men taken to the hospital, they were awake at the time and jose police will be interviewing them to figure out what caused the driver, the woman in this car for whatever reason to lose control on the southbound direct of almaden expressway smashing into that tree. a lot of debris on the ground. as i mentioned, she did not survive the wreck. they don't know if drugs or alcohol was involved or something else that caused this to happen. this road will be shut down until the medical examiner is able to come out here and do their job with regards to removal of the body. again, san jose police out here shut down and shutting down southbound almaden expressway between remden and camden. bob redell "today in the bay." more breaking news. this one overseas. a jordanian police officer opened fire killing two americans and a south african.
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at the police training center on the outskirts of the jordanian capital of iman. one of the wounded is in critical condition. the gunman was shot and killed. the attack happened in the cafeteria. a government official says it's a crime scene and an investigation is now under way. the three santa clara correctal deputies accused of beating an inmate to death are expected back in court later today. all charged with beating michael tyree to death in august. he was found dead inside of his cell at the santa clara county main jail. as we first reported last month deputies say rafael rodriguez had a number of questionable searches online right after it, yree's death. all three deputies currently out on bail are expected to enter a plea this afternoon. meantime, getting answers about what happened to that inmate who died in custody has become a bit more complicated.
5:36 am
the blue ribbon commission was created to investigate the death of michael tyree. the group is expected to spend the next six monthsing with the public to come up with recommendations on how to improve the jail system, but incommission just learned that the county hired its own independent consultant. some commission members are concerned about the duel investigations. >> i don't want to spend time duplicating, but i don't know. >> that's retired judge who was appointed the leader of that commission. she says that she's going to step down if more information is not provided about the county's consultant by the next meeting. the city san jose taxi drivers and ride sharing companies revving up for a big fight. for companies like uber and lyft. kris, taxi drivers are ready to take some action today. >> yeah, we've learned in just the last half hour that the plan is for taxi drivers to go on strike at 8:00 this morning.
5:37 am
some of the taxi drivers that were lined up here a little bit ago they will stop dropping off passengers and picking up passengers at 8:00 this morning. they will circle the airport and go over to city hall to show their disapproval. at that point, syc could look like sfo did back when taxies went on strike there. passengers got stuck in the middle waiting to get a ride out while taxi drivers circled. now, here in san jose tomorrow the city council will consider backing down on some requirements for ride-ing companies. back in june, the city opened up the airport to ride-sharing drivers who agreed to mandatory background checks and who agreed to apply for city business licenses and according to the "mercury news" not a single all, yft driver signed up in this city. while they'll keep the business requirement, instead will do random checks on a small percentage of drivers instead.
5:38 am
it also set aside the requirement that uber and lyft drivers be in cars less than ten years hold and fewer than 400,000. we're not clear if it's for broadcast, we want to verify that. we want to be responsible about the story because it is something that a lot of people are paying attention to. if you're hoping to receive someone says they need a ride around 8:00 it's probably because the taxi drivers have gone on strike and they can't get a ride out. >> you'll need a buddy system today. thank you very much. happening today, residents pushing to preserve the architectural character in one palo alto neighborhood will make their case to city workers. well known for single story homes made up of about 80 homes designed by joseph eichler. homeowners will ask the palo alto city council to ban any
5:39 am
two-story structures. in september city planners approved that very idea. it is 5:38 right now. smoke could be seen for miles and this morning nearly two dozen people out of homes. a deistructive fire took a heav toll on the community. the fire broke out just before 8:00 yesterday morning at a tire shop on 16th and shotwell. no one was inside the building and for the dozens of people living nearby, they were given very little warning. >> there's the fire right next door. hurry up and get out. i got to get my medication. it was a life-threatening pill and they wouldn't let me back inside. >> the red cross said they had to find shelter for 21 people. >> many people still reeling from the last fire in the mission. 5:39 right now. we are watching rain come down, a welcome sight. >> it could be messy for the morning commuters. >> it could be widespread with heavy downpours. right now tracking a few spotty, light shower. one thunderstorm that continues to move into the santa rosa area
5:40 am
and getting a closer looking at that now. we see the rain moving in and detecting lightning strikes in there being picked up live from our radar. as that approaches the santa rosa area, we will not have only rain, but lightning, too. a look at the current temperature, we are feeling chilly weather and gets even colder as we into tonight and a look at the futurecast. this is what the weather could look like at 8:30 this morning. spotty rain to widespread heavy rain all the across the bay area and in time for the morning commute. freezing temperatures for the interior north bay. all those details in than ten minutes. let's check in with mike to get a look at how things are looking with the commute. >> bay bridge metering lights are on and the commute just getting started as that system is coming in from the coast. we're looking at a backup here on the east bay. nothing dramatic. look at your map. no slowing for the maze or east shore freeway and metering
5:41 am
lights are on. most of your bay pretty typical pattern. but west 80 is the jam right here. just before you get to 780. really jammed up because of a crash going eastbound. hit the center divide, two lanes ared eastbound, westbound. a big distraction and some debris on the roadway as well as folks getting to the carquinez bridge and keeping the east shore freeway smoother right now. a little build for 101, but this crash right here for southbound, bob redell is here. deadly rash closing in at redmond. coming up next, not a ufo, wasn't an asteroid. why a mysterious white light is causing more than just a social media frenzy. plus, a frenzy over starbucks cups. we'll explain the controversy coming up in "business and tech." got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail
5:42 am nbc bay area, we investigate. now to an investigative unit
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now to an investigative unit exclusive. a bay area city threw out 1,000 red light tickets totaling $1 million after that city was not in compliance with new state regulations. the red light cameras in question are at two san mateo
5:45 am
intersections. >> did our investigation essentially catch you guys? >> i think what your investigation did was point out something that was a mistake that had occurred. so, in that sense, i think your investigation helped us to provide better service to the public. >> tonight at 11:00, nbc bay area uncovers that mistake the city made and how it happened in the first place. if you have a tip for ourive unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to if you didn't see it in person, you probably saw photos or videos of it over the weekend. this mysterious light on saturday night not so mysterious now. turns out the u.s. navy was performing a missile test off the coast. analysts say the test wasn't a problem for the military. they need to warn local aviation officials to keep planes out of the area, but at the same time,
5:46 am
the tests need to be secret enough to keep other countries from monitoring the missile launch and flight. it sparked a social media feeding frenzy with hundreds of photos and videos online. >> it was so secretive that everyone could see it. the navy also knows, scott, what goes up must come down. wall street is figuring that out, as well. >> trouble with a well-known start up this morning, scott. >> good morning. it's square. i borrowed your wallet here, sam. the company wants the public, you know, wants to go public and starting to talk about price. the prices are less money than investors paid to get in early. let me say that again in case you missed it. if you are one of those fat cat venture capitalists the price you paid was high than what
5:47 am
square thinks they can sell share chashares for. that's not how any of this is supposed to work. you become a fat cat investor by buying low early and selling high after the ipo. today's news does two things. one, colonize to questions the valuation of other companies. two, force square to make good with its early investors. that's going to cost the company a lot of money. now, you're not a fat cat, why do you care? the economy around the bay area has become somewhat dependent on big valuation. and the economy affects everyone. starbucks has started using its holiday cups and this would not be as story, except look at the cup. it's entirely red. no decorations, no holiday graphics, absolutely nothing about christmas. now, starbucks says the cups are a "two-toned hombre design with a bright poppy color into a darker cranberry below." you thought it was red. turns out people do not like it
5:48 am
when you take away their holiday cups for an hombre design. this has caused some eye rolling online. one woman said i can't wait until my life is so care free my biggest concern at the holidays is the color of a coffee cup. starbucks still sells the christmas blend and merry christmas gift cards but nothing but christmas. >> i have to think back to my cup -- >> mostly snowflakes and pine trees. >> did it say merry christmas? >> no. but my goodness, there were pine trees on it. >> now there's not. >> we can draw that on there. and maybe your name misspelled. a weather report from each of the 50 states in seven days. do you think he can do it? who would attempt such a thing? "today" show al roker. last year 34-hour nonstop
5:49 am
forecast and this year the weather anchor has a brand-new goal. set up to deliver a local forecast in every state in seven days. he met up with kari. roker was sharing some of his secrets about the logistics of his trip. >> i've already seen all 50 states but it took me 40 years in my career. it will take me a week. planes, trains, automobiles. all sorts of stuff. i think we may have the oscar meyer wiener mobile. >> is that the secret, kari? planes, trains, automobiles and the oscar mobile? roker 2 began in hawaii. >> he's leaving one at these at every site? >> yes. yesterday at the site natalie morales showed up with some in &
5:50 am
out burgers and that was a surprise. it was cool. and next he is going, next he was going to the sierra and it was snowing there -- >> hope he brought his chains. >> you do need the chains on if you're driving low the sierra if you want to see some of the snow coming down. look at san jose, nice, quiet start to the day. light rain yesterday, but it was really coming down in the south county where we had about a half an inch of rain from gilroy and to the south. in santa rosa, we had some rain yesterday, too. about 0.25 and now coming back in watching some lightning on the radar. you are seeing that move into bodaga bay and approaching santa rosa. you're seeing that rain at this point and see more widespread rain as we go through the rest of the morning, as well as that morning commute. a look at all the microclimates. temperatures will be in the upper 50s to lower 60s. don't expect it to be a warm day
5:51 am
and the rain will be off and on and it makes it feel even cooler. this is a look at the futurecast. this is what the radar could like as we go through the rest of the morning. widespread heavy rain when we start to see the yellows and reds. that shows some really heavy rain. and there could be some thunderstorms in the mix, too. as we go through the rest of the morning, it continues to move to the east. but still coming down. at any point the day, we could have some rain and it will just be dumping snow on the sierra. after we clear out as we go into tonight, look at the rain forecast. how much rain we could see. the possibility of most of us getting 0.3. maybe some isolated spots getting a little bit more. and a look at the sierra and how much snow we are forecasting at this point. this is one computer model and shows up to eight inches of snow in south lake tahoe and kirkwood up to 14 inches of snow. also some freezing temperatures for the entirier north bay as we
5:52 am
go into tonight and some of that snow continuing, especially f forrfor higher elevations and the ski resorts are just so happy at this point. mike, let's get a look at our olocal roads and see what's happening here. >> for locals heading to the sierra, we talk about, once again, bring those chains that are required for 80 and 50 right now as we speak. right now, we're requiring some patients for northbound 101. now, this is not unexpected. this is the first burst we talk about. kicks in at 5:30 and hits a nice congestion map and speed sensors through the same area and this will ease up over the next 20 minutes and kick in once again at 6:30 and looking at that expressway southbound still closed for that deadly crash. bob redell follows that for locals down in the area. green highlighted for damp roadways and that will change as the weather system comes in. puddling and ponding and everything just fine for the tri-valley and hayward and approaching that bay bridge where the backup only here because the metering lights are on. back to you. >> thank you, mike.
5:53 am
coming up next, we go undercover testing three bay area doctors with big billings. why each recommended different treatments for the same.
5:54 am
5:55 am
data is now public and for the first time -- we can see now to an vesive unit exclusive. medicare reimbursement data tracked for the first time. >> ophthalmologists rank number one in reimbursement among specialists. they received about $6 billion
5:56 am
in 2013, ahead of cardiologists and oncologists. >> vicki nguyen found some of the busiest eye doctors in the country practiced right here. >> good morning. after we receiveds and reviewed online complaints alleging that some ophthalmologists were recommending surgeries and procedures that patients may need not we conducted an informal experiment. we took one patient to four different doctors for a diagnosis of her eye health. she received a different diagnosis from doctor. tina she's one doctor told her she had dry eyes and gave her eye drops and another recommended cataracts surgery in one eye and a third doctor suggested testing for glaucoma. a professor of opthumology said tina's eyes were in good shape. he didn't recommend any cat rack surgery and said no signs of clocko clockoma. our patient said the results were eye opening. experts say unless it's an
5:57 am
emergency, patients should always get a second or third opinion when any treatment or surgery is recommended. you can see the doctors we visited. t their responses to our experiment and our full report is online and we also put a link on our website to a medicare database. just click on the investigations tab. guys? >> thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call-1888-996-tips. happening today, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is going to sit down face-to-face with president obama. tensions between the pair bubbling and undoubtedly higher this time around. first time they've met in more than a year and the first time since netanyahu addressed the congress opposing the iran nuclear deal. also a newly appointed netanyahu spokesperson recently blasted president obama suggesting in facebook posts that he might be ante-sem
5:58 am
ante- ante-semetic. one year from today america will wake up to a new president-elect. with 365 days and counting to election, most of the contenders are more concerned about shoring up short-term concerns. gop contenders will hold another detomorrow night in milwaukee. today, most are really crisscrossing the country. ben carson on the defensive. he's being scrutinized on everything from apparent holes in his personal history to unsubstantiated claims about the history of the egyptian para. >> because i'm a threat. >> to? >> to the progressives, the progressive movement in this country. >> i feel badly for ben who is to have to explain a lot of things. >> the latest iowa poll has donald trump with a two-percentage point lead. tomorrow's debate will be the fourth since august. i'm bob redell.
5:59 am
take you live to the south bay where a fatal accident has shut down aer thur eer thu eer thuro the worst is still to come. the reason most companies in the south bay are revving up. "today in the bay" starts now. a very good monday morning to you, thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. mother nature is not waiting. our live radar showing rain, once again, moving over most of the bay area creating a slick commute for drivers. >> we have a team in place to help you get out the door this morning. let's start with meteorologist kari hall. the brunt of the rain moving in right now. >> it will start to ramp up as we go through the rest of the morning and definitely into the main morning commute time between 8:00 and 9:00, we should have widespread rain. right now what we're seeing spotty, light rain and a couple
6:00 am
embedded thunderstorms moving into parts of the north bay. so, it may still be wet from the rain had yesterday and as we go into the morning, once again, the rain becoming more intense. right now, it's just chilly and cloudy with a couple of light sprinkles moving through with 45 degrees in the north bay and the peninsula at 48 degrees. and highs today will stay down with a lot of clouds, some off and on rain and 58 degrees will be the high today in san francisco. for now, i'll send it back you, sam and laura. >> thank you very much. 6:00 right now. beautiful look outside. bay bridge. we've already seen some problems on the roadways and the chp is warning drivers to take it slow. >> "today in the bay" pete is live in san francisco and, pete, we know we're starting to enter the danger part of the morning with the rainfall. what does it look like outside? >> no rain as of yet, put as you mention, once it starts raining the roads can get slick and be very dangerous. that's why chp is getting in


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