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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 6, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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nbc bay area news begins with a microclimate weather alert. >> a third straight day of heavy rain leading to saturated soil and thus this. trees tumbling down all over the bay area. good morning everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. watch where you park. we have our microclimate weather people in place. stephanie chuang is in san francisco, which has seen its fair share of fallen timber there. foggy in the middle is bob redell who's looking at water levels in the south bay. >> let's begin with meteorologist kari hall. the morning storm really packed what is like going to be the biggest punch of the week, right? >> yes. that was the strongest of the three. now most of that heavy rain has moved to the east, but we still have a lot more to go as we take
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a look at the bigger picture and more scattered showers rolling in as we go heading into the lunch hour. now we still see some scattered rain approaching san jose at this point. and where we do see the reds and yellows, that shows some intense rainfall. as we get a closer look at this as it continues to move closer up toward the city and fremont and 880, we get a look at how much rain is coming down in these cells at a rate of about a quarter of an inch per hour, and of course that could create the concern of flooding. we've already seen a lot of rain from the past couple of days. as we go into the rest of the day, still scattered showers off and on. the good thing is that the rain gives us a little bit of a break here and there and maybe a chance to soak into the ground. but that of course that makes the ground very wet and trees may easily topple over, that may be a concern as we go into the rest of the day. as more rain continues to stream in from a larger storm system from the ones we've had the past
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couple of days. i'll let you know how long this rain will stay with us and what we're expecting for the next several days. that's coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> thanks, kari. let's go to stephanie chuang. she's in san francisco. steph, fallen trees was a theme this morning. >> reporter: it was, scott. the rain has been on and off rece recently, but it was coming down pretty hard this morning and bringing down with it the trees. we're here on washington at gauf where it's just a stub of a tree. the san francisco rec crew just left. over here to the right you can see i guess some of the damage. there's a porsche that suffered a broken side view mirror, minor dents in this black jeep but really amazing considering the size of the tree. you can see the 45 foot black acacia had fallen on several cars. thankfully no one got hurt and the damages very minor. one city worker described it as
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a kickstand because the tree snapped at its roots. the branches acted like a kickstand and the weight of the tree did not drop onto those vehicles. earlier this morning around 5:30 this tree took down muni lines shutting down a block and forcing muni to re-route one of its lines for a few hours until crews could repair the line. all across the city we've seen and heard reports of these downed trees. rec and park says unfortunately there's no easy way to spot a tree that may be in danger and falling and on top of that there aren't enough resources. >> we don't have enough people to do that. we don't have that. >> reporter: so it's response right now? >> absolutely. it's an emergency response usually. prep as best we can and be whatever's going to come. and when it does, we try to respond like this. >> reporter: and an entire crew, the entire yard, about a dozen people responded and this was just the second call for the
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crew this morning. they had been at a 30-foot dead pine earlier. weakened and collapsed and hit the front of the car but very minor damage. the taller trees are the ones more at risk of falling. the crews here in the city say all they can do is be ready to respond as soon as they can. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> steph's been out there working hard all week. i suspect you will be tomorrow as well. thanks, steph. >> poor thing. i think she lost an umbrella too. let's go to nbc bay area's bob redell live in san jose. bob, that river looks very different than it did this past summer. nice to see. >> reporter: it does, good morning to you, kris and scott. as california enters its fifth year of the drought, this right here is such an unusual sight. to actually see the guadeloupe river running through san jose with a decent flow of water especially when you consider this visual to this image.
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this video is from august 10th of last year when the guadeloupe wasn't even a river. just a dry creekbed full of rocks and dead fish. this morning obviously it's much different. by no means a raging river, but it's certainly evidence that the el nino storms are here. just over the past 48 hours this week's storms have caused the guadeloupe to rise almost four feet. you can see latest numbers from the national weather service. on monday morning the river was at five feet and it's just above 101 here in down ttown san jose. right now it's at 18 inches, well below the flood stage. let's go to the lexington reservoir where the change is less noticeable. the water levels you can see are still very low. the reservoir only at 13% capacity. but since monday the santa clara valley water district reports the reservoir had added over 12 inches to its level. so from 582 feet of elevation monday morning to just over 583
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feet this morning. from a per sen tanl point of view it's unfortunately not that much of an increase. arborists worry about trees, that continues this morning as a tree fell on northbound 880 in san jose blocking number three and four lanes. it did put out a sigalert. no one was hurt. if you're wondering what effect this week's storm will have on the california drought, the state's climatologyist says it will put a dent into but will not put an end into the drought here in california. unfortunately it's going to take a lot more storms like this. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> we know we'll be out in the mall together. thanks, bob. >> as the next storm hits you can stay up today with weather conditions in your neighborhood by downloading the nbc bay area app. there's a weather tab where you can find live doppler radar and
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download that app from the app store or google play on android devices. now to a developing story we've been watching overnight. north korea claiming it detonated its first hydrogen bomb. >> so if true it would mark a significant and dangerous advance for north korea's military and disturbing threat to the region. nbc's bill neely reports. >> reporter: a north korean tv announcer claims the country's first hydrogen bomb tests and calls it a success. we won't stop our nuclear program, she says, because of what she calls american aggression. they cheered in north korea's capital. they've seen three previous tests announced, but never of an h-bomb. a far more powerful weapon. the u.s. is waiting to invade our country, this man says, so it's the right thing to do. the hydrogen bomb he says is a reliable way of defending ourselves. the tremors from the underground explosion were felt in china and
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in south korea, where officials say it's a provocation. north korea's leader, kim jong-un, knows that, but signed the test order any way. japan too is alarmed. military planes taking off to test air samples. the u.s. ambassador meetings to reassure a government the test is a serious threat. >> stands with japan and our partners and allies in solidarity -- >> reporter: north korea's leader, kim jong-un, is still consolidating his power and now flexing his muscle at a world that's looking at north korea with real anxiety. so it may take weeks to work out if this was a hydrogen bomb,nd if it was a successful test and indeed a viable device. but anything that can produce a seismic shock of 5.1 is dangerous. and there will be consequences for north korea. the u.n. will meet later and may move toward tighter sanctions. but kim jong-un is unlikely to
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be deterred by that. back to you. new details this morning in a marathon alameda city council meeting that only ended three hours ago as city leaders tentatively agreed to revise new rent control measures. last night the council voted to extend its current temporary moratorium on rent hikes. then council members spent more than eight hours considering a number of long-term options. they eventually agreed to force landlords and tenants into binding arbitration, that is if the two cannot agree on any rent increase above 5%. >> double digit annual increases chr , which are really unfair to tenants. >> now, it was at 6:00 that they came to that agree, this morning. council members also agreed to force landlords to pay relocation fees if they have to kick someone out of their home ncht the city of oakland is strengthening gun control laws. last night the city council
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unanimously passed two ordinances. they require owners to store guns in locked boxes, both at their homes and in their cars. the city council also banned ownership of large capacity magazines. the state already outlaws their sale. critics have threatened legal action if that ordinance had passed. well, jury deliberations resume today in the racketeering case involving a former san francisco chinatown gang leader. raymond shrimp boy chow faces multiple charges including murder. federal prosecutors say he ordered a former gang rival to be killed. jurors began their deliberations yesterday. a south bay family finally getting some answers after a deadly stabbing on christmas morning. the three men you see here are in police custody charged with the murder of jose marin. marin's family said he just finished a late-night christmas dinner with friends. he was attacked on north 26th street in san jose. police found him with stab wounds and took him to a nearby hospital. he died soon after.
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m marin's family believe it was a case of mistaken identity. turning to a tried and true method to slow the rate of car break-ins, security camera. the bay area news group says car break-ins at east bay regional park last year averaged a little more than one a day. the district is now buying 150 motion activated cameras for its parking lots at a cost of $120,000. some parks already use cameras, so new devices will cover dozens more entry points in their 65 park system. up next, tech lovers get excited, the annual consumer electronics show gets underway today. sneak peek at the hottest items and trends for 2016. still more rain to come as we go into the next 24 hours. off and on showers all across the bay area. i'll have the forecast coming up. plus, puddle watch 2016. why are people so fascinated
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with this innocuous puddle over the pond? we'll show you. happens in vegas -- stays in
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vegas.. but this week what's en you've heard that saying,
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what happens in vegas stays in vegas. it's all true except for this week because what happens in vegas this week will make a splash around the world. >> it's true. the consumer electronics show begins today. we'll get an inside look at the hottest new tech and trends. nbc area's jay gray got a sneak peek. >> reporter: it's the gee wiz, oh, wow, cutting edge stuff to get our hands on. >> it will tell you your daily activity. so this is kind of my day today. >> reporter: from your workout to what you eat, be able to buy a camera and pen for your fridge and cupboard to let you know how much milk you have left, even order the essentials. >> as long as you've got to run the app, you'll never run out of the most important things again. >> reporter: cooking vegetables kids won't eat, hook your smartphone into this stuffed animal, grab the smoon. >> and he feels the monkey is eating his green leaf so he wants to eat as well.
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>> reporter: no more monkeying around when it comes to lost luggage. the blue smart is the first smart suitcase with built-in gps as well as a sensor to tell you how much your bag weighs and power to charge your devices on the go. there's technology that works while you sleep, home security, cool cameras, even this laser that grows hair. and i don't mean to drone on, but they are still a big deal, smarter, faster, better, and soon even a fixed wing flier. >> you will have -- and fly like a bird. it will be really very amazing. >> reporter: amazing. a word you hear pretty often here at the consumer electronics show. jay gray, nbc news, las vegas. >> scott budman is in las vegas as well. look for his reports during our morning and evening newscasts throughout the week. well, off by a significant margin, that is what fitbit users are saying about the company's wristband heart rate
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monitors. customers in three states including california filed a class action lawsuit at san francisco's federal court yesterday. they say the charge hr and the surge models do not and cannot consistently record accurate heart rates during exercise as advertised. fitbit says it stands behind its technology and plans to fight that lawsuit. twitter could be tweaking the lengths of your tweets. the ceo hinted the company may lift it's 140-character limit. rumor has it the new limit could go as high as 10,000 characters, that's the same as the limit on direct messages in twitter. that change may take place in march. twitter ceo jack dorsey say people are already getti inting around character limits by taking screen shots of texts and tweeting those. >> what do you think about that? >> i think twitter value is short, concise. >> the headline and the link. so this afternoon a new round of superstars will be voted into baseball's hall of fame. and one sure fire home run
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candidate. >> giants fans should know it's not barry bonds, it's ken griffey jr. this is his first year on the ballot box. expected to fall short of the 75% threshold due in part to his ties to p.e.d.s but bonds will most likely receive more votes than last year. >> the announcement takes place at 3:00 this afternoon. other top con tennesseers, mike piassa, tim raines and jeff bagwell. proof cats have many lives, nine or at least two. >> this tiny cat got stuck in a crack between two walls. happened in scottsdale, arizona. emergency crews were called out and used a hammer and sledge to make the hole big enough for the cat to crawl out and into a cage. going to call that cat lucky. >> cat is like thanks.
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we didn't get worked up about rain, here is a video out of england of a puddle. 90,000 people one time tune sbood a puddle. we'd like to say there's more to it than that, but actually that's it. just a puddle. someone came along and put one of those slippery when wet sign in the middle and that was the highlight of the whole thing. >> i saw one guy trying to get across it with a little pink raft. i mean, who knows why these things take off sometimes. >> it's the internet. why not? it was kind of fun. we had a fair share of puddles. >> yeah. yesterday el nino was trending on twitter if you saw that. here's the reason why. it's getting a little bit more active. and we are finally starting to see the effects here in the bay area. round after round of rain moving through this large storm system and several more hours of this rain off and on. so just as you think the rain is done, the sun is coming out, it will start raining again. that is what we'll see the rest of the day. a closer look at the rain as it
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continues to move into san jose, parts of the east bay. many other areas taking a break like san francisco. you see that the clouds are still lingering, but it's not as wet. and as this continues to roll on through, we'll have the potential of some more of the flooding on the streets. and some of those low lying areas, poor drainage areas, where we see the bright reds here on the radar, that shows that the rain is really coming down. but it's becoming a bit more spotty than it was earlier today. and the good news is we haven't had many reports of some lightning or much damage. but as you head up 680 it's just raining pretty much the entire way up to concord and then also heading into the north bay. some scattered showers. temperatures now in the lower 50s, heading into the mid to upper 50s today with a lot of clouds off and on rain, as we take a look at what's happening in the east bay 56 for the high today, trivalley 53. 53 also in the peninsula. taking a look at how much rain we've had so far, just the past
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24 hours this does not include the entire storm total. anywhere from 0.75 to over half an inch of rain. in san francisco over an inch of rain. and inch and a half mira loma park. as we go toward the east bay over an inch of rain in oakland. and then in dublin about a half of an inch of rain. in the peninsula also some high totals anywhere from half an inch in menlo park up to an inch and a quarter in the belmont heights area. in the south bay about half an inch. most of us getting anywhere from a half to at least three-quarters of an inch, a few spots a bit more. as we look at futurecast the rest of the day scattered showers rolling on through. off and on tonight, maybe even a couple of rumbles of thunder into the start of the day tomorrow still wet. and throughout the day we will have a few more breaks in the rain, but it's not in the clear yet until the large area of low pressure swings on through and it's finally east of us.
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into the next several days we will have more rain. here's a look at friday as we are covered with some showers. and then on saturday during the afternoon a few spotty showers here and there. more widespread rain heading into monday morning. and then on tuesday night into early wednesday. so we are not done just yet. we are just starting to get things a lot more active and wet here in the bay area. we'll take another look at the forecast and see what's happening in the sierra, that's coming up a little bit later. >> kari, thanks. >> don't forget inside our nbc bay area app you can find great tools to stay updated on what's going on outside where you live. that's right. here's a way to stay ahead of the storm with your own personalized alerts on your mobile device whenever rough weather hits the bay area. go to our nbc bay area app and click on the icon on the upper left side of the screen. and then the gear icon on the upper right chrks will take you directly to our weather alert settings. in that menu you'll find a dropdown list of information that you can specify if you
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would like to know about lightning arriving in your area, or if you want to know if there's a dangerous storm approaching, you can select that on our dropdown menu. from flooding or other thunderstorm alerts, everything there for you that you can customize and get that information right to your mobile device minute by minute as the weather develops across the bay area. that's how you can stay informed on the nbc bay area app. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, access hollywood live followed by days of our lives at 1:00 p.m. sleep schedules for the
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holidays. staying up extra late. a lot of people change their sleep schedules for the holidays, staying audiotape little late. >> yeah. we have tips on getting back on track. >> reporter: the hustle, the bustle, the traffic. you might think since the holidays are over you can sleep better, but that's not the case for everyone. >> not sleep well, wake up a lot probably because of business. a lot on my mind. that's a lot of it, yeah. >> i'm usually up and down, you know. i've got kids. but the holidays i actually maybe sleep a little better because i'm exhausted from shopping. >> reporter: physicians say the holidays can bring about their own form of stress which can lead to insomnia. >> we have a tendency to get off of our usual schedule, whether or not that be an exercise program or we tell them we're going to go to sleep each night and then we also can't forget the types of foods and beverages that we consume during the
11:26 am
holidays and they can all really have a negative impact on our ability to sleep well. when we think about caffeine the first thing that pops into our mind is coffee, maybe tea or our favorite soda, but we never think about the chocolate laden goodies that we consume that can have just as much of a negative impact on sleep such as caffeine from coffee can. >> reporter: still munching on holiday goodies? taylor says don't eat two hours before bedtime, it can lead toin digestion, reflux, he says alcohol can also be problematic. at the beginning of your nighttime sleep it can help, but as the night progresses -- >> after our body has had a chance to metabolize the alcohol, it has opposite, sleep becomes very light. >> reporter: he says good healthy habits and regular time for going to sleep and waking up are key. >> i would agree with that. hard though. >> i was going to say follow
11:27 am
that advice. up next at 11:00, the homes of a wedding party hit with molotov cocktails. police say the groom did it. the motive behind the attack.
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frontrunner donald trump against both his g.o.p. well, new attacks from republican front-runner donald trump against both his gop and his democratic rivals. >> in an interview with msnbc, hillary clinton condemned donald trump for his rhetoric about muslims and again declined to respond to his personal attacks against her and her husband. nbc's kristen welker has that. >> reporter: facing annin creasingly competitive race in must-win iowa, hillary clinton ignored donald trump's attacks late tuesday focusing instead on rallying her supporters here. >> you know, i'm excited about the organization we've been building here in the state. >> reporter: but earlier in the day fireworks for trump. clinton saying his heated rhetoric makes him unfit to lead. >> we should not reward people who use inflammatory rhetoric,
11:30 am
who use the kind of derogatory comments, whether it's about muslims or mexicans or women or people with disabilities, whoever it might be -- >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with msnbc's chris matthews, clinton warned -- >> that's a sign of, you know, showmanship, of desperation, that should be rejected roundly by the american people. >> reporter: strong words, but clinton stopped there, refusing to engage trump on his personal attacks of her and her husband, who's back on the trail this week. for days trump has excoriated president clinton. >> is it sexism? is that what it is? >> i will not respond to his, you know, personal attacks. >> i feel like a lawyer now. how do i rephrase? >> he can say whatever he wants to say. i'm going to keep talking about what people talk to me about. >> reporter: meanwhile clinton also had her eye 1,000 miles away on the white house where an emotional president obama announced new actions on gun laws. >> every time i think about
11:31 am
those kids it gets me mad. >> reporter: clinton making no mention of the president getting emotional, praised obama while also taking a little credit. >> i was very proud that he made these recommendations, some of which i have been advocating in this campaign for. >> well, a brazen team of robbers are hitting jewelry stores in southern states with the fbi chasing closely behind. >> nbc's janet shamlian has more. >> reporter: they're brazen robberies that have the fbi and police in five states stumped. a string of jewelry heists across the south, over a nine-month period, making off with nearly a half million dollars in valuables. the latest armed robbery coming monday morning at a vault location in north carolina, following similar thefts in georgia, florida, south carolina and tennessee. the same woman, believed to have committed all six robberies,
11:32 am
with a male partner helping her in the first three. during monday's heist she held workers at gunpoint. and according to the fbi forced two employees in a back room and zip tied their hands before taking merchandise. in at least one of the robberies store employees say the female suspect had come in a day earlier inquiring about some of the items she later stole. this morning authorities are asking for the public's help while wondering where she'll strike next. for "today" janet shamlian, nbc news. well, now to one father's outrage over what he sees as overaggressive tsa patdown of his 10-year-old daughter. >> father says he's a big advocate of security but says in this case it went too far. what do you think? here's nbc's natalie morales. >> reporter: using his cell phone camera, a shocked and upset father recorded his daughter receiving what he believed to be an unnecessary and invasive tsa patdown.
11:33 am
>> she just had a completely blank stare on her face. i could tell it was very uncomfortable for her. >> reporter: the video shows the agent slowly and meticulously frisking the 10-year-old for nearly two full minutes. >> what's going through my mind is this is annoying. i don't like this. i want to run out the door. >> reporter: screened after a capri sun juice packet was found in her carry-on. according to her father a swab from her bag came back with a false positive reading. >> the patdown seemed to be the go-to option for them. and i think they could have done a better scrutiny of what they were looking for prior to putting their hands all over my 10-year-old daughter. >> reporter: the issue over whether children should receive patdowns is controversial. according to tsa protocols, officers will work with parents to resolve any alarms at the checkpoint and has modified screening procedures for children 12 and under that reduce the likelihood of patdown
11:34 am
screening. in a statement to nbc news, the tsa says, tsa screening procedures allow for the patdown of a child under certain circumstances. the process by which the child was patted down followed approved procedures. the tsa also points out that the process was observed by the child's parent and there was a cell phone with an alarm going off in the child's bag requiring additional resolution procedures. as for the pains, they understand the importance of airline security but feel when it comes to kids there has to be a better way. >> maybe they need re-training. maybe they did everything by the book, i don't really know. but it was, you know, an uncomfortable situation. well, a string of arson fires in the bay area groom accused of setting them. >> all because police say he was mad at members of his wedding party. >> reporter: a hunt for an
11:35 am
arsonist ended with this mugshot of joshua van buskirk. it began with a bizarre string of fires. police say was connected by key pieces of evidence left at the scene. >> there was a card from a deck of playing cards that were left at the scene of most of these fires. one was a joker. at another fire there was an ace of spades. >> reporter: an ace of spades playing card similar to this was left on the hood of a pickup truck in a parking lot in pleasant hill in mid-december sfwl i know the ace of spades it is considered in some gangs as the card of death. >> reporter: believed he targeted groomsmen from his 2011 wedding after his wife filed for divorce and filed a restraining order. >> these are people who were once close family friends who attended his wedding. and all of a sudden now he's going after them. and he's causing damage and fires. >> reporter: small fires, like the one set in the middle of the
11:36 am
night in antioch, one of the suspect's lifelong friends and his children were asleep inside. >> one of the charges that he was charged with was child endangerment. >> reporter: authorities say he also lit a small fire at this concord home on walnut avenue. police found an empty prescription bottle filled with a powder substance and shell casing. later police were called here where someone hurled this molotov cocktail and left this joker card. nbc bay area news. >> that is very strange. >> indeed. well, one of the leading companies in a billion dollar business for so-called brain training has been fined by the federal government to settle charges of misleading advertising. >> luminosity approved to even ward off alzheimer's, but as tom costello reports, they have to send out refunds. >> reporter: promising life changing results.
11:37 am
>> a personal trainer for your brain, improving performance of -- >> reporter: for as little as $15 a month, lumosity offered dozens of games and claimed by playing them several times a week a user could boost his or her performance at school, improve adhd and even keep alzheimer's at bay. this 65-year-old bought a subscription several years ago. >> i don't know if i'm losing my memory or not, but i want to improve my memory. >> reporter: but the federal trade commission fined the company $50 million for deceptive ads then reduced it to $2 million because lumosity couldn't afford it. >> i can tell a big difference. >> reporter: some of the best testimonials as the company played on the fears of an aging population. >> but there just isn't evidence that any of that will translate into any benefits in a real world setting. >> reporter: that was also the conclusion of more than 70 prominent researchers who in 2014 issued a statement that there is no compelling
11:38 am
scientific evidence that brain games can reduce cognitive decline. >> i always tell patients to save their $300 and spend time, an hour or two playing with their grand kids, which is much more realistic and i think meaningful cognitive exercise. >> reporter: lumosity told nbc news it has made strong contributions to the scientific community and the $2 million fine is a reflection of marketing language that has been discontinued. while lumosity customers can apply for a refund, researchers say it's important for older americans to stay mentally active. exercise rielly, interact with others and do puzzles, but there's no guarantee it will help keep alzheimer's at bay. tom costello, nbc news, washington. well, millions across the country are giving lady luck a chance today. powerball jackpot is now estimated $500 million for today's drawing. that would be the sixth largest jackpot ever in north america. people are lining up to get the
11:39 am
lottery tickets even though the odds of winning are astronomi l astronomical, one in 292 million. up next at 11:00, while the rain is a good thing, we're still in a drought. california's troubling water numbers and some parts of the bay area setting a good example. we've had rain off and on, but some spots are taking a break. we'll take a look at the radar, how much rain we have and how much we're expecting coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> and the holidays now behind us, we're going to take you to the place where all your holiday cheer end up. you'll meet the elves behind the cleanup. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips, or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. us, so is "the magic" of the
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season. not only are the holidays behind us, so too is the magic of the season, or is it? >> nbc bay area's joe resato jr. saved this one last holiday story tied up in a nice bow. >> reporter: the shopping is over. the gifts all unwrapped. we kept the stuff we wanted, the others we took back. the tree we cut down out there in the burbs is now covered in tinsel, dumped on the curb. it's the holiday tradition after blowing all that cash, it's now
11:43 am
time to deal with our holiday trash. >> after the holidays it's probably one of our busiest times. >> reporter: at the recology recycling yard, the trucks wait in line. >> this year the community has spent a lot of money on gifts. >> reporter: those holiday presents wrapped with such cheer. >> everybody had fun opening and then we get the end result here. >> reporter: those boxes for gadgets that might get used and would you just look at all the bottles of booze. there's discarded instructions that probably had the solutions. >> and you have to have a new year's resolution. >> reporter: there are lots of toy wrappers in this mountain of stuff. >> we're already seeing christmas cards show up. >> reporter: someone got a tv given with love. someone got shoes -- >> somebody got some gloves. >> everything from ups to fed ex. >> reporter: to amazon as well, all that internet shopping gave
11:44 am
santa some help. the post holiday trash is up nearly 20% from normal they say. 650 tons. >> this is just from today. >> reporter: just as one exits, another will enter. >> christmas has really moved down here to the recycling center. >> reporter: the trash is all sorted a piece at a time. it rumbles it rolls down the conveyer line. the plastic, the cardboard, all are retrieved. >> a lot of bottles from new year's eve. >> reporter: like the sugar plums that once danced in our heads, the trash dances on a sorter and will be reused instead. so much stuff all bought for a reason here at recology. >> we call it silly season. >> reporter: so here's our gift wrap, our boxes, the packages. >> it all goes to different types of manufacturing plants. >> reporter: everything purchased with such joy and such pleasure. >> recycling is somebody else's credit. >> reporter: but we haven't seen the last of this stuff, so have
11:45 am
no fear. >> we're going to get it all recycled so we can have christmas again next year. >> reporter: hear what the post holiday trash blues, joe resato jr., nbc bay area news. >> you can always count on joe to find poetry at the dump. >> absolutely. he's a great guy. with all this rain, are you taking a bit more time in the shower? turns out that's what's happening across california. >> nbc bay area's ian cole shows us we still have a long way to go in conserving water. >> reporter: showers across the bay area may have you thinking it's okay to take a longer one yourself. >> not indulging anymore. >> oh, no, no, no. you can't do that. because we love our state. >> reporter: others confess. >> i probably don't add on enough in my showers to feel guilty, but there's just a little bit less, you know, anxiety when you're taking a shower and having to, you know, while it's raining outside. >> reporter: new numbers show more of us might have the same idea. in november californians used 20% less water, it's the worst
11:46 am
conservation month since the restrictions were set in june. >> it's going to take more than a few storms to really get us out of it. >> reporter: the state is still averaging 26% water savings for the year, but water officials say lakes and reservoirs are still low. here's a picture of a bare lake shasta taken last week. >> we're starting to see some inflow into our reservoirs, but we haven't really seen that much yet. so we really need this pattern to continue. >> reporter: bay area wide we did better than the state at 27%, thanks to people doing what they can. >> save on the toilet. the old saying was years ago they used to say if it's yellow let it mellow. >> reporter: and you know the rest. state water officials say they'll know more about the winter's affect on the drought by summer. ian cole, nbc bay area news. i did not see that coming. >> i'm glad he let us finish it in our heads. well, meteorologist kari hall has been watching this series of storms. let me tell you, we are tickled.
11:47 am
>> we have had a lot of rain. and it's been good to see it coming down. a few breaks in between. we'll let it soak in. as we take a live look at tiburon, you see the clouds and raindrops on the lens. let's look at how much rain we've had so far. and over three inches, almost four inches in novato. mill valley three inches. richmond 2.8. and san francisco over 2 inches of rain. we have also seen anywhere from 1.5 inches to 1.75 inches as you head into san jose, los altos and orrin da. some good amounts of rain and it's still coming down in waves. this is a fairly large storm system. and the third we've had this week. and this looks to linger a little bit longer and it has been producing the heaviest amount of rain. now most of that rain continues to move out of san jose. as it moves farther off to the east. but we do still have some heavy downpours in a few spots. the rest of the bay area getting chance to dry out. anywhere from san jose to
11:48 am
milpitas that is where it's still pouring but will wrap up soon. on average we normally get the highest amount of rain and it is the wettest month of the year. but let's take a look at some of those totals and how it compares to the last three years. we've had over an inch of rain once again in san francisco. and the past three years, well, that's a lot more than we've had last januarys combined. and looking at santa rosa an inch and three quarters just this week. but then look at how that compares to the monthly totals from last year, the year before and the year before that. also the same in san jose. we've had 1.4. and last year we didn't get anything. just 0.10 in 2014 and 2013 wemp doing a little bit better but it wasn't enough. so as we go into the next several days of course the month is nowhere close to being done. and we do have several more storm systems that will be moving in. so that's a look at saturday more rain. on monday morning some scattered showers. and then as we go into tuesday
11:49 am
it looks to take a break until the next one comes in early on wednesday. that could be a little bit stronger. and we will continue to see our weather staying a little bit more active. into the next seven days we are looking at the possibility of another inch and a half to two and a half inches. maybe a little higher amounts in a few spots. taking a look at the sierra, this is heavenly and the snow is coming down. you can't even see the lake at this point. with the sthoe continuing in the sierra and temperatures right at about freezing, that's good news because we won't see much of that snow melting. and our snow pack continues to go up. i do think with the next update we will see more than this, but we are over the amounts of average for the northern and central sierra. the southern sierra still has a little work to do, but the statewide average we're at 103% of average. once again more snow in the forecast we're looking at other the next couple of days. at least another seven or eight inches in a few spots like twin bridges, kirkwood may see
11:50 am
another 10 inches of snow. so looking good here as well as the sierra. and it will stay wet, so just keep the umbrellas handy. it looks to be a very wet start to 2016, scott and kris. >> all right. kari, thanks. our nbc bay area weather app is a great way to be informed about it. >> nbc bay area's scott budman takes us for a tour how to use the app during a microclimate weather alert. >> when we're in an nbc bay area microclimate alert, we made it easy for you to get the very latest information on your smartphone. first, just click on the bar that says weather alert. that will take you right to what you need to know right when you need it. i'm scott budman and that's how to stay informed on the nbc bay area app. many people clean their dentures
11:51 am
with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
11:52 am
president obama's strong words - using his executive w well, yesterday you saw president obama's strong words using his executive power to issue new gun control laws. but there was a lighter moment in the president's remarks when he took the conversation to
11:53 am
outer space. it focused on gabby gifford's husband mark kelly and his brother scott kelly who's in space. >> you may know mark's twin brother is in outer space. he came to the office and i said how often are you talking to him? he says, well, i usually talk to him every day, but the call was coming in right before the meeting. so i think i may have not answered his call. which made me feel kind of bad. that's a long distance call. >> the president went onto tell kelly that if his brother calls again, he can go ahead and take that call. well, wanted, super bowl 50 workers, in fact, 500 of them. but before you get too excited, be warned we're not talking about a free ticket into the game at levi's stadium. however, you will get an inside look at the half-time show featuring coldplay and some special guests. the 500-member crew is needed to turn the middle of the field
11:54 am
into a giant stage. to apply log onto no prior experience is needed, b but you do have to attend all rehearsals and have to be over 18. "saturday night live" announces historic moment with this tweet, ronda rousey will host the show. the first female fighter signed by the ufc, ultimate fighting championship of course, january 16th driver will host he succeeds darth vader as the villain in the new "star wars" film. >> i haven't seen it yet. we'll be right back. spinning competition took place
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
in denver, mile high spinning competition happened in denver, colorado. >> spinning like bikes? no, spinning like signs. showcasing their awesome moves to see who would win title of best in colorado. some artists say sign spinning is a really good workout. i would imagine so. even meditative at times, you can see some of the tricks were acrobatic, little dangerous -- okay, that's awesome. that guy wins. the winner got a free trip to vegas. >> what are they selling? they were spinning so fast i don't know what to buy now. see you tomorrow.
11:58 am
11:59 am
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to find free, local, in-person help, visit today on "access hollywood live." lisa rivers joins us just as award season kicks off. wouldn't you say she just looks smashing right now? >> she always does. >> a touch of leopard. >> lisa kenny and natalie dormer are in the house. they have very big television shows. >> this looks so scary and something that everybody should see even if you don't like horror movies. >> my friend, o.b. is here and you get the truth about four major weight loss myths. "access hollywood live" starts right now.


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