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  Today  NBC  May 4, 2016 7:06am-7:10am PDT

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>> he's the republican nominee, according to the republican party this morning. donald trump is with us now on the phone. mr. trump, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> were you surprised ted cruz dropped out of the race? >> i was surprised. i didn't expect it. i heard rumors in the afternoon, but in the end, look, he was a very tough competitor. he fought very hard, and it was a tough decision for him to make. i think he did the right thing for himself and the party. but it was a little bit of a surprise to me, yes. >> have you reached out to call him? has he called you? >> i haven't yet. he hasn't. but i would certainly expect to be talking to ted. >> do you really think, mr. trump, he can put aside all the things you've said about him and he's said about you and support you? >> i really don't know. in case of other people, i really don't care, but in ted's
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case, i hope so. it traveled along. all of a sudden, i was saying, when is this going to end? it ended a couple of months ago. he fought very hard. >> one of the people you spoke to was reince priebus, the head of the rnc, who called you the presumptive nominee of the party. can you characterize that phone call for me? did he pledge to you that he will now put the weight of the entire party and all of the assets it brings with it behind your candidacy? >> yes, he did. and he really -- he's doing a very good job. not an easy job. we started off with 17 people. all very talented people. he was put in a tough position. i think it's probably about the largest group of people ever. in fact, when i first announced just before that, there were pundits saying, this is the greatest group, one of the most talented groups of people in the history of either party to run for office. i almost said, what am i doing running?
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the fact is, he called up last night. we had a great talk. yeah, he's behind it 100%. the victory in indiana was amazing because it was far greater than anybody thought. and it was, you know, very conclusive. i think that really turned a lot of heads. >> mr. trump, this is a time that you are trying to unify the republican party. yesterday morning, you went on a morning show and suggested that ted cruz's father, rafael cruz, may have somehow been involved in, of all things, the jfk assassination. why in the world would you do that? >> savannah, i was on a show, and they played a clip of ted's father, who is very active in the campaign. it's not like he is an inactive person. >> but there is no evidence of this. >> excuse me. he said, you know, very nasty things about me. then i just asked about stories that were appearing all over the place. not just in the national inquirer. about the fact a picture was taken of him and lee harvey oswald.
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they didn't deny the picture. i just asked, what was that all about? this was in response to some very, very nasty -- i mean, honestly, very, very nasty remarks made about me. >> mr. trump, i guess what savannah is getting at here, on the morning you had this in your grasp and you were seeing the polls indicating that you were going to win this, and perhaps go on to become the nominee, why take that opportunity at that moment to go back into the gutter? >> well, because i didn't know i had it in the grasp. i mean, i didn't know i was going to win by such a big margin. i won by a massive margin, and the people of indiana, i'm thankful to them. i had no idea early in the morning. the voting booths were practically not open when i made a call to this show. they ran a clip of some terrible remarks made by the father about me. all i did is refer him to these articles that appeared about his picture. you know, not such a bad thing. >> in closing here, ten seconds
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i have left, are you fully confident, mr. trump, you can unite the republican party behind you? >> i am confident that i can unite much of it. some of it, i don't want. there were statements made about me that those people can go away and maybe come back in eight years, after we serve two terms. but honestly, there are some people i really don't want. i don't think it is necessary. people will be voting for me, not the party, and i think we'll do well against hillary. she is a disaster, and she will be a disastrous president. >> donald trump, congratulations on a big win in indiana. >> thank you very much. >>