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tv   Today  NBC  May 24, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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news update in a half hour. good morning. breaking overnight. major shakeup. the tsa's head of security is out. a new national command center created. hundreds of screeners added to help alleviate the long lines. will it be enough? taking shots. donald trump defends his new attack ad focused on bill clinton's past, while hillary clinton slams trump's business records. >> how can anybody lose money running a casino, really? >> and bernie sanders warns the democratic convention will be messy. >> that's what democracy is about. >> our one-on-one straight ahead. dangerous storms. tornadoes in oklahoma, large hail causing drivers in texas to seek shelter. in minnesota, lightning forces fans at a beyonce concert to
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evacuate. there's more bad weather on the way. and zika warning. mosquitos carrying the virus could be weeks away from arriving on the u.s. mainland. how many repellants stop the zika mosquito? alarming reports of a consumer report today. tuesday, may 24 th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. sure, it's raining outside, but summer is coming. we'll already see warming temps and people are worried about zika. >> what you should be buying to give you the best chance at keeping the mosquitos at bay. >> that's a story later. our top story, addressing the long lines at our nation's
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airports. tom costello has more. >> the lines stretched up to three hours at some airports. now the tsa chief, who generally gets high marks for trying to turn around an agency he inherited, he removed the top official in charge of screening. >> reporter: this morning, a shakeup at the tsa, facing a backlash over long lines and management issues. the head of the tsa replaced the agency's top security official, and adding more staff to handle the huge amount of passengers heading to the airport for the summer season. forced out, kelly hogan, the assistant since 2013. after he became the focus of congressional inquiries in a staffing and pay decision. >> you cannot recruit, you cannot trade, you cannot retain, and you cannot administrate. >> reporter: hogan has been reassigned, replaced by a deputy in the department.
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the move comes at the tsa chief, peter neffenger, looks to make changes after complaints. hundreds of passengers paralyzed in security lines as their planes took off at chicago's o'hare airport without them. leaving many of them stranded and sleeping on cots. >> i think we have a shortage of staff across the system. we're moving people into the areas of greatest volume and greatest need. >> reporter: the problem, a record 2.2 million passengers a day, on average. and the tsa simply doesn't have enough screeners. 117 walk off the job each week. more than 6,000 officers a week. neffenger and his boss, homeland security secretary jay johnson, promising officers would be reassigned to chicago's airports by mid-august. 58 within the next three weeks. 100 more part-timers in chicago would be promoted to full-time. a move the tsa hopes will quell the fury of frustrated travelers. >> airlines estimates tens of thousands of passengers missed
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their flights since the 1st of the year. neffenger also establishing a tsa incident command center at headquarters in washington to track daily screen operations and shipped officers to airports as needed, to speed things along. >> tom costello, thank you. in the presidential race, things getting nastier between donald trump and hillary clinton, while bernie sanders takes shots at both of them in a new interview with nbc news. we have it covered, starting with n brbc national correspond, peter alexander. >> good morning. this race is hitting another low in may. donald trump's latest attacks on the clintons revisiting sexual misconduct against bill clinton, that fox host bill o'reilly commented on. >> reporter: defending attacks on hillary and bill clinton. >> they've been dirty players, and i have to fight back the way i have to fight back.
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>> reporter: the latest attack, seemingly unprovoked, digging up clinton's sex skand ls. this video posted by trump on instagram, superimposing clinton over past accusations of conduct that clinton repeatedly denied. three of the accusers joining sean hannity's show. they had this to say. >> i'm so appreciative to donald trump for bringing it. i couldn't. it's very tifrlt for me to bring it forward because it's still too painful. >> reporter: hillary clinton's aides insisting she won't, quote, follow trump into the gutter. >> hillary clinton won't go for that. this is somebody who has a steel pack bone. >> the last thing we need is a bully in the pulpit. >> reporter: clinton arguing trump's policies are bad for working class voters. >> he can bankrupt america like he bankrupted his companies.
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>> reporter: the clinton campaign has a new video highlighting the billionaire's comments from 2006. appearing to root for the housing market to collapse. >> i sort of hope that happens, because then people like me would go in and buy. if there is a bubble burst, as they call it, you know, you can make a lot of money. >> reporter: bill clinton pressing trump to release his tax returns. >> her opponent, who never tires of telling us how much richer he is than the rest of us, won't release his tax returns. >> reporter: the bottom line, both trump and clinton remain widely unpopular. these word clouds from our new poll showing how voters describe them. clinton, time for a woman president. better than trump. the number one answer, liar. not trustworthy. trump, scared, good businessman and leaving the country. the presumptive nominee meeting privately with head of the senate foreign relations committee. >> i have no reason whatsoever to believe that i'm being
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considered for a position like that. >> donald trump is criticizing former president bill clinton on the past allegations of sexual misconduct, and now on a murder conspira conspiracy, questioning the 1993 suicide of a clinton aide. when asked about the foster case by the "washington post," trump called the theories of possible foul play, quote, very serious, and the circumstances of foster's death very fishy. matt and savannah? >> thank you. also this morning, a long-time ally of bill and hillary clinton is facing possible legal trouble. georgia governor is under scrutiny for campaign contributions he received when he ran for governor. pete williams is following this for us. good morning. >> good morning, savannah. the justice department and fbi aren't commenting, and the lawyer for the governor's campaign says he knows nothing about it. officials with knowledge about the investigation say it's been
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underway for the past several months. >> thank you. thank you. >> reporter: federal officials say the fbi has been looking at whether terry's 2013 campaign for governor accepted funds forbidden by law. he's a friend of the clintons and a former chair of the party and co-chair of hillary's 2008 campaign. officials say that's not a focus of the investigation. he's a one-time board member of the charitable foundation set up by former president bill clinton. records show 120 donors contributed to the foundation and his campaign. investigators are looking at those overlaps and are especially interested in contributions from a chinese politician. contributions by foreign nationals are barred, but a spokesman for wang says he has personal u.s. resident status and his contributions were legal. an expert on campaign laws says the fbi may be looking at whether the money wang gave came
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from a chinese-based company he runs, which would be illegal. the investigation was first reported by cnn. a lawyer for the campaign says he nor the governor have been contacted by the fbi, and, quote, contributions to the campaign from mr. wang were completely lawful. >> also, the lawyer says they know nothing about the investigation but they'll cooperate fully if asked to. >> pete, thank you. while hillary clinton tries to look ahead to november, bernie sanders is saying don't count him out yet. he opened up about the road ahead, including what he expects at the democratic national convention to feeling confident about his chances here in must-win california. sanders insisted a prolonged democratic fight is good for democracy and resisted any suggestion he may be wounding hillary clinton in a general
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election. >> reporter: bernie sanders rallying a crowd of more than 6,700 people in santa monica monday night. >> show the world you're ready for a political revolution! >> reporter: after our fiery one-on-one interview. >> we don't live in an authoritarian country. >> reporter: sanders struck a deal with the dnc to play a major role in shaping the party's platform, and he is predicting the convention could be messy. >> the media often takes words out of context. the context of that was that democracy is messy. that people will have vigorous debate on the issues. >> will the convention be messy? >> well, of course it will be, but everything -- that's what democracy is about. >> reporter: and sanders balked at any suggestion he might be hurting hillary clinton's chances against donald trump, even as polls show her lead against the republican slipping. >> when you look at those numbers, how can you argue that this primary battle is not, in
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some ways, hurting her in a general election and hurting those numbers? >> i guess if we take your assumption, and clinton supporters' assumption, that that is the logical assumption. you know what we should do? we should go back to a monarchy. not have any election at all. >> reporter: what if sanders doesn't win? >> would you say you'll campaign for secretary clinton? >> right now, my focus is to win the democratic nomination. >> will you campaign -- >> excuse me. at the end of the day, we hope to win a majority of the pledged voters. >> reporter: insisting he has a path at victory, sanders also took a swipe at clinton for refusing to debate him in california. >> she is really insulting the people in the largest state in our country who have a right to hear a vigorous debate on her views. i am disappointed, although not surprised. >> reporter: sanders sidestepped a question about party loyalty. >> do you feel a sense of loyalty to the democratic party?
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what would you say to democrats? >> i have a very strong sense that donald trump would be a disaster if he were elected president of the united states. >> as for the democratic debate, the clinton campaign said they declined the offer to focus on campaigning in california and preparing for the general election. clinton and sanders will barnstorm this state in the coming days. sanders vowing to rally as many as 200,000 people before the june 7th primary. matt and savannah? >> kristen welker, thank you. in other news this morning, several tornadoes touched down in texas and oklahoma overnight. the severe weather is far from over. al, once again, we're looking at this section of the country. >> could be lasting until almost the early part of the memorial day weekend. take a look at texas. you have a lot of hail. we had torrential downpours and a couple of tornadoes touching down. luckily, very little damage. but this extended all the way up into the upper mississippi river valley. look what happened in minneapolis.
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all the beyonce fans waiting for a concert, they had to evacuate while severe storms moved in. they eventually got back into the stadium. boy, what a mess it was there. of course, the beyhive was all on twitter about that. you can see more showers and thunderstorms from wichita, kansas city, cedar rapids. here's where we have the risk of severe weather. enhanced risks of storms to the west of oklahoma city. the tornado threat from western nebraska to west texas. tomorrow, it stretches from southern minnesota all the way to northern oklahoma. 11 million people at risk for damaging winds, hail and tornadoes. thursday, again, abilene up to oklahoma city, 25 million people at risk, guys. large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. this could continue to track east into the memorial day weekend. guys? >> al, thank you very much. and bill cosby's sex assault scandal is back in the news this morning. the comedian headed to court in
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pennsylvania for a key hearing. at issue, is there enough evidence to send the 78-year-old to trial for an alleged 2004 incident involving a temple university employee. ari melber is msnbc's chief legal correspondent. good morning to you. >> morning. >> a prosecutor reopened a criminal probe into this after portions of a deposition were released. what happens at this hearing today? >> today is the first time bill cosby ever faces any real evidence criminally of sex crimes he is accused of here in 2004. the prosecution will walk through its case. the entire burden is on the prosecution to show they have enough to go to trial. we're going to hear from the prosecutor mr. steel. we might see paper evidence regarding any history or predilection mr. cosby has. we might hear from the accuser herself. >> we understand there is a
7:15 am
chance she can testify. it's a difficult decision for a prosecutor, whether you want the complaining witness on the stand at this early part of the case. >> this is like a preseason or dry run. you do not convict a defendant, bill cosby, today. you need to prove to a judge you get to go to trial. if you bring on the accuser, the key witness in this case, you're previewing that for the later trial for the defense. >> even if the prosecution finds there isn't sufficient -- the judge says, there is insufficient evidence, the prosecutor can still go refile these charges to a trial court. >> exactly right, matt, though i think we can all understand in a case like this, it would be a big blow if they don't clear the bar today. what they want to do is show they have more than enough evidence to get this to trial. that would be bill cosby then facing an accuser in a criminal context for the first time with his liberty at stake. >> ari, thank you very much. president obama ramped up his criticism of vietnam's record on human rights.
7:16 am
if came on day two of his historic three-day trip to the southeast asian country. in a speech in hanoi, he pressed vietnam to allow greater freedom for all its citizens. >> so it is my view that upholding these rights is not a threat to stability but actually reinforces stability and is the foundation of progress. >> the president said nations are more successful when universal rights are upheld. now to the latest in the crash investigation of egyptair flight 804. egypt's aviation minister says they are still a long way from finding the fuselage of that aircraft. he says search crews have only found small pieces of wreckage so far. the crash killed all 66 people on board the flight from paris to cairo last thursday. the french navy has sent a maritime surveillance ship to join the search. it's equipped with sonar that can pick up the underwater pings from the aircraft's black boxes. republicans and veterans are reacting after some
7:17 am
controversial comments made by veterans affairs secretary robert mcdonald. he compared wait times for va health care to the hours people wait for rides at disney's theme parks. he argues people shouldn't view wait lines as a measure of success. what is important is satisfaction with the experience. house speaker paul ryan called that flippant. he said, this is not make believe, mr. secretary. people died waiting in the lines. the va said it has a solemn duty that we take seriously. in hawaii, investigators are trying to figure out what caused two small, separate plane crashes hours apart. here's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: when rescue teams reached the first accident, a small single engine plane it was scattered in pieces near the port allen airport in kauai. four victims dead at the scene. another person rushed to the hospital did not survive. the plane was carrying two sky dive instructors, two jumpers
7:18 am
and a pilot. billowing smoke could be seen for miles as locals rushed to the scene. this morning, it's unclear why the cessna suddenly went down. >> the most tragic thing is the loss of life. five people lost their life and, of course, we're hoping we can get as much information as we can to the families. >> reporter: two hours later, off the shore of oahu, a second small plane gets into trouble. this one reporting engine problems before plunging into the ocean. the pilot and passenger, not seriously injured, rescued by scrambling lifeguards not far from honolulu. two small planes, two accidents, separated by two hours. this morning, the ntsb is investigating. for "today," miguel almaguer, nbc news. and we turn back now to mr. roker. i'm hoping for a good memorial day forecast. >> by the way, in case the beyhive is buzzing, it's beyonce.
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i mispronounced it. i guess i said "bay" hive. my daughter leila said, don't make that mistake. >> this thing started buzzing well. >> like a bee. >> honey, i got it. as far as your weather today, showers here in the northeast. they're going to be pesky as the low pressure system moves away. morning fog in southern california. showers in the pacific northwest. all eyes in the midsection of the plains, where we have that enhanced risk for severe weather. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ♪ ♪ it's time to get seriously silly, people. ♪ join red nose day to do some serious good to help fight kids' poverty. ♪ it's simple: just get your red nose, only at walgreens, and get your silly on, seriously. time is running out. get your red nose today at walgreens.
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we are in for a nice day with cloudy skies. it's 55 in the peninsula and 56 in san francisco with highs today there reaching 66 to low 70s expected for the peninsula as well as the south bay and the tri-valley looking at 70s. we'll have a slight chance of showers in the north bay. it looks like it will be a very slight chance. maybe a few thunderstorms developing. elsewhere, it stays dry and 66 in san francisco.ç
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a very good tuesday morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon a good samaritan is being credited for saving a san jose family. a person happened to be passing by the home when they saw smoke and banged on the front door waking sleeping family members. all six people inside the homemade it out safely including parents, children and grandparents. the fire was located in the attic and brought down part of the roof. the red cross is now helping the family until repairs can be made. kari has a look at the microclimate forecast. >> we start out with a lot of clouds. we look at healdsburg.
7:27 am
as you step out, a light jacket needed. we'll get peeks of sunshine throughout the day. 68 in redwood city. gilroy 76. san francisco up to 56. napa 71 oakland 68. 70s for the tri-valley. livermore looking at a high of 72. we have warmer temperatures in the forecast for the end of the week. let's head over to mike for an update on the commute. >> no major crashes. bad news, we see that build for the volume around the bay. looking to the south bay, the most appreciable differences in the speed. look at 87 and 101 show that bush north heading to mountain view. over by the bay bridge we have the upper east shore freeway bogging down at university. the maze not so bad. caldecott and walnut creek your typical buildup there. southbound 101 clear through san rafael. >> thank you. we'll be back with another
7:28 am
update in a half hour.
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♪ 7:30 now on a tuesday morning. it's the 24th day of may, 2016. we have some showers here in the northeast. we have a huge crowd of people outside. we'll go out and say hi to them in the next half hour. >> ponchos for every single one of them. good morning, everybody. the tsa is replacing the head of security, kelly hoggan, who has been the focus of congressional inquiries into staffing levels and bonuses, being reassigned this morning. the move part of a series of shakeups at the tsa attempts to address the frustrations over the long screening lines. nearly 10 million people across the midwest and the south are bracing for a new round of severe weather. several tornadoes touched down in oklahoma and texas with severe weather stretching as far
7:31 am
north as minnesota. and hillary clinton turned down an invitation to debate bernie sanders in california ahead of that state's primary june 7th. clinton said her time is best spent meeting voters and campaigning. sanders calling the decision insulting to the people of california. i want to tell you about a new role for oscar winner angelina jolie. she's been named a visiting professor at britain's london school of economics. how did that happen, and what will she be doing in her new post? nbc's kelly cobiella is there. kelly, good morning. >> this is one of the most respected schools in the world, matt. london school of economics produced world leaders, nobel prize winners and billionaires. now creating controversy by naming an actress as a professor. she's been called the world's most beautiful woman. the sexiest woman alive.
7:32 am
one of the most influential and powerful women in entertainment. now, angelina jolie is taking her red carpet glamour to a london lecture hall. tapping into her experience with refugees. >> never before have so many people been dispossessed and stripped of their basic human rights. >> reporter: for a new role as professor. the oscar-winning actress leading a masters class on women's peace and security this fall. the topic she explored in her directorial debut in the bosnian war, "in the land of milk and honey." it's vital we broaden the discussions on how to advance women's rights, jolie said. i'm looking forward to teaching and learning from the students. at the london school of economics -- >> there's a lot of buzz already. >> it'll be a weird class, standing with angelina jolie. if it was me, i couldn't focus.
7:33 am
>> she's a celebrity, but let's see what she can offer us. >> reporter: she's done a lot. a u.n. special envoy, humanitarian, even honored by the queen. not everyone is ready for professor jolie. completely inappropriate, said one. a joke, said another. and you have to be kidding me. are they going to ask george clooney to give a course on big money in politics next? they just might invite his wife, human rights lawyer amal clooney, known as professor clooney at columbia law school in new york. >> amal clooney was a guest lecturer this spring. when she was at columbia law school. angelina jolie's job, unpaid by the way, will be conducting lectures and workshops. students said they're already rethinking their fall classes. back to you. >> kelly cobiella, thank you very much. >> matt signed up to audit the class. >> see what happens. at home, a new report
7:34 am
accusing the nfl of a covert campaign to sway government research on football and brain disease. craig melvin has this story. good morning. >> good morning, guys. the attempt to influence funding decisions at the national institute of health. >> reporter: this morning, a bombshell congressional report slamming the nfl. harsh words aimed after the efforts to research and curb concussions. our investigation has shown while the nfl had been publicly proclaiming its role as accelerator of research, it was privately attempting to influence that research. nfl said it rejected the allegations. in 2012, the nfl gave $30 million to the national institutes of health. it was billed as the largest philanthropic gift by the league. but they reportedly backed out
7:35 am
because a researcher received $16 million of its money. democratic members said the nfl attempted to use its unrestricted gift as leverage to steer funding away from one of its critics. now, taxpayers are footing the bill for the concussion research instead of the nfl. the league admitted a link between the brain disorder c.t.e. and repeated head trauma in a march congressional hearing. >> mr. miller, do you think there is a link between football and brain disorders c.t.e.? >> there were a number of players diagnosed, so the answer to the question is yes. but there are a number of questions that come with that. >> reporter: days later, roger goodell was asked about these connections. >> the most important thing for us is to support the medical and scientists, to determine what the connections are. >> reporter: in 2013, brett favre opened up to matt about the symptoms he experienced after 525 sacks over his 20-year
7:36 am
career. >> you have no doubt this is a result of all those hits? >> i can't say for certain, matt. i mean, i would assume so, and most people would assume. i've got to believe that after 20 years, if you go back, i played four years in college, every game, and then high school, the toll has got to be pretty high. >> new jersey congressman frank pallone, who authored the report, tells us in a statement, in part, quote, the nfl's troublesome interactions with the nih is a long-standing pattern of attempts to influence scientific understanding of degenerative diseases and sports-related head trauma. this is as you probably know, just the beginning. >> craig, thank you. let us get another check of the weather now from mr. roker. >> okay. i thought -- >> do you know another mr. roker? >> i thought there was a today's weather is sponsored by. okay. a little game here. cooler or warmer.
7:37 am
let's show you. we're looking for a warm up. it's been cool here. for example, new york city, this month, it's been about 6 degrees below average. into the weekend, will it be cooler or warmer? >> cooler. >> cooler. >> warmer. >> let's find out. it's going to be warmer. look at that. temperatures getting into the mid-80s. let's go to washington, d.c. it's been 9 degrees below average. do you think it'll be cooler or warmer this weekend? >> warmer. >> let's find out. hold on, boom. come on. bam, it'll be warmer. finally, the windy city, chicago. it has been so cool there. in fact, for the month, they have seen temperatures 5 degrees below normal. this weekend, cooler or warmer? >> cooler. >> boom, come on. there you go, it's going to be warmer. see that? look how far this warmth is going to spread. throughout the northeast and, really, to the midwest, temperatures warm up into the 80s as we get into the memorial day weekend.
7:38 am
finally. boy, you can tell we don't rehearse, right? that's what's going on around the country. we are looking at nice cool temperatures today. at least to start. mostly cloudy skies and in the mid 50s looking for a high today of 72 in the south bay. peninsula 70 and some low 70s for the north bay. maybe a stray shower for those higher elevation areas. in the north bay as well as the east bay. 66 will be the high today in san francisco. east bay at 68. >> oh, i'm sorry. back to you guys. >> thank you, al. coming up, how well the popular repellants work against mosquitos carrying zika. the alarming new findings from consumer report, after these messages. hese messages.
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we're back at 7:43 with the growing danger from zika. as we head into this weekend's unofficial start of summer. >> this morning, new questions about the level of protection that popular mosquito repellants actually provide your family. nbc's tom costello has results of a new "consumer report's" testing. good morning to you. >> good morning. the bottom line here is many of the most popular repellants provided an hour of protection,
7:44 am
even less. that's a concern with zika potentially arriving in the united states this coming season. many of us headed to the beach, backyards and backwoods. >> reporter: the warning this morning from health experts, mosquitos potentially carrying the zika virus could be months or weeks away from spreading on the u.s. mainland. >> they can complete development in as little as a bottle cap full of water. i've raised 250 mosquitos in this frisbee. >> reporter: university of maryland bug expert michael roth says the mosquitoes could appear across florida, the gulf coast and even into the american heartland. >> this is a problem we must face. puerto rico is already having the significant problem. >> reporter: advice from the experts, especially for women who are or could become pregnant, cover up and wear bug repellent. 16 popular repellants were put to the test. while many ward off ticks, more than 1/3 of the brands tested lasted only an hour or less
7:45 am
against mosquitos that could spread zika. "consumer reports" tested with just four provided a half hour of protection on average. plant-based bug sprays whole appeal make them popular with pregnant women were not as effective. >> the oil of lemon eucalyptus would be the best choice. >> reporter: "kupds consumer reports" says the most effective repellents included insect wilderness formulas. experts recommend 15% to 30% deet in any repellant, a level safe for pregnant women. >> dump the wheelbarrel. clean the birdbath. get up and drain that gutter. >> we reached out to companies
7:46 am
whose repellents didn't perform well. one got back to us and said it's not registered with the epa as trying to be an effective guard but effective treatment against the zika-carrying mosquito. the bottom line is get rid of standing water in your yard and look for your community to do spraying. back to you. >> tom, thank you very much. ahead, how madonna is responding to critics of her prince tribute. and say it ain't so. why the great post-it war that captivated social media might be coming to an end. right after this. then add this. and this face... wait, we can do better. yeah... that's the one. and of course fresh brewed lipton iced tea. because it goes great with this. woops, more of these. and definitely more of this. ah, that can wait. but not you buddy. huh what's this? ah... i like it. what makes a lipton meal? what you bring to it. and the bright refreshing taste of lipton iced tea.
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to reveal complex layers of flavor experience excellence with all your senses and discover chocolate beyond compare try lindt excellence with a touch of sea salt. ♪ steppin' in a rhythm ♪ who needs to think when toyour feet just go? ♪ [ music playing ] ♪ there's a party over here. ♪ there's a party right now, hey. ♪ ♪ i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it! ♪ we're back at 7:50. sheinelle is in the orange room talking about a sticky situation. >> good morning. the post-it war heard around social media started a couple weeks ago. one advertising agency in lower manhattan created the word "hi" out of post-its on the window. from then, the war was on. leading to woodstock, cookie
7:51 am
monster and kermit, the simps simpsons, even trump. one of the building's landlords said the notes must come down by the end of the month. late last night, the people put together their grand finale, which spans the eight floors of their office. what better way to go out than with -- drum roll, please -- dropping the mic. their neighbors will be seeing this creation for the first time this morning. we'll have to wait and see if they'll fire back before the war officially ends in one week. see the hand and the mic? >> awesome. >> this was a team building exercise. we should try it. >> amazing. >> i'm sure productivity has been down. >> what'd you do at work today? >> decorated a window. >> we're $1 million over on the paper budget today, guys. >> exactly. sheinelle, thank you. coming up, are you struggling to get on board with the cry it out method to get
7:52 am
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good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist carry hall. we are looking at san francisco with clouds overhead. although we are seeing sun peeking out. that is what we can expect throughout the day. temperatures now in the mid to upper 50s. some cool spots in the north bay with highs today reaching mid to upper 70s. the south bay and the peninsula, 60s near the coast with low 70s for palo alto and san francisco, mission district 65. low 70s for the north bay. 70 in hayward and livermore today. we'll have gradual warming in the forecast for the end of the week. also for the weekend with some inland spots warming up into the low 80s. let's head over to mike with an upkate on the morning commute. >> north bound 880 slowing farther north at 29th getting into downtown. we have a stalled vehicle that may be clearing soon.
7:57 am
580 builds. so does the east shore freeway slowing at university and a crash on the shoulder there. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. flowing westbound across the san mateo bridge. crash north 280 and mull bray. activity on the shoulder. 101 has to go through palo alto and san mateo. heading toward mountain view is kicking in now. watch the south bay slowing north. a brushfire on the shoulder. not a major concern. happening now, manhunt in vallejo. police looking for a man they say set fire to a home where his wife and son lived. the boy died in the fire. we are talking with police and posting updates on our twitter feed. >> a long ignored permit process returning for those wanting to enjoy one of san francisco's popular parks. details on the plan and anger sparking at the top of our home page. >> sharks one win away from the stanley cup finals.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it is 8:00 on "today." coming up, let them cry? when it comes to getting babies to sleep, do you let them cry it out or run to the rescue? new information out this morning that could be the key to a b better night's sleep for the whole family. plus, think breakfast is the most important meal of the day in think again. why that advice from mom may not be true after all. and beat the heat. with the warm weather approaching, we have some best new gadgets and tips to keep your pets safe this summer, today, tuesday, may 24th, 2016. >> we came all the way from
8:01 am
arkansas to new york. thanks, mom and dad! >> all the way from california, we love "today." >> it's my 31st birthday. we left the twins at home. hey, everybody. it is 8:00. welcome back to "today" on a rainy tuesday. we are so excited this morning because we have someone very special on our plaza this morning. can we introduce everybody to chippy, who is 101 years old. >> amazing. >> here i am! >> you look fantastic. >> oh. >> you're 101 years old. >> got his own hair!
8:02 am
and your own teeth. >> you know what, i took care of myself. and that is a good example for you young people. do things in moderation and you know what, that means you got the other half. >> would you like to come inside? would you like to come inside this morning? get out of the rain? >> we're going to bring chippy insi inside. >> when a 101-year-old guy calls me a youngster, i feel good. >> more time with chippy this morning. coming up also, the hottest summer style trends flying off the shelves. we'll show you how to pull it off at any age. >> let's first get a check of the morning's top stories. tamron in for natalie today. >> good morning, everyone.
8:03 am
a shake-up is under way at tsa as a record number of travelers put a strain on airport security. the agency is facing a backlash over those long screening lines. the head of security kelly hogan was forced out monday after he became the focus of congressional inquiry. homeland security and the tsa are also promising to add more than 300 extra officers to the chicago airport, where passengers face some of the worst delays. in the race for president, donald trump is escalating his attacks on former president bill clinton. trump posted a video on instagram showing clinton and the white house and featuring the voice of monica lewinsky. on monday, trump told bill o'reilly the clintons are both dirty players and i have to fight back the way i have to fight back. meantime, the clinton campaign is releasing a new video that highlights trump comments from 2006 when he said, quote, he would make a lot of money if the housing bubble burst.
8:04 am
bernie sanders says hillary clinton's decision to skip a california debate is an insult. in an interview, sanders swatted down the notion he's hurting clinton's chances that she has to face donald trump in the fall. >> i guess if we take your assumption, and clinton supporters assumptions, we should go back to a monarchy and not have any election happen. >> sanders vows to stay in the race and says the party's convention will be messy because he says that's what democracy is all about. officials are investigating a wave of threats received by schools in at least 17 states monday. and the anonymous phone calls appear to be computer generated. some mentioned bombs. they triggered lockdowns, evacuations and searches at middle and high schools nationwide. there is no word of anything suspicious being found. and one of the more amusing traditions at the u.s. naval
8:05 am
academy, tackling a final freshman year challenge. they formed a human pyramid to scale this monument, which is slathered with grease. the goal is to knock off a freshman cap and replace it with a midshipman's hat. this year, they did better than average, one hour and 12 minutes. little factoid of the day, the longest it took. >> two days. >> four hours. the record, the record, 20 minutes. how long would it take us? >> chippy would be our winner. that's our ringer. >> tamron, thank you. a lot of doctors recommended letting babies cry themselves to sleep. up next, a new study that could help you get on board. >> and why you should probably forget what you always heard about starting your day with a well balanced breakfast. and the day after his performance at the billboard
8:06 am
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8:09 am
all right, we're back with chippy and his family. chippy is celebrating his 101st birthday with us today. 18 grandchildren, 22 great grandchildren. how about that? >> better get him on the smuckers jar. >> a study that could have parents of little ones resting easy. >> sheinelle following this one. >> your baby is crying and crying and can't fall asleep, do
8:10 am
you let her cry it out or pick her up? when it comes to getting their little bundles to bed, many americans struggle with the age old question, to cry or not to cry? researchers in australia studied infants ages 6 months through 16 months. the babies whose parents allowed them to cry it out fell asleep on average 13 minutes sooner and woke up a lot less often during the night than parents who didn't let babies cry it out. and stress tests showed letting them cry had no long-term effects. >> what we know is when babies are given opportunities to self-soothe, they learn how to stay asleep, not be awake as much, so the great news is babies aren't stressed, moms are less stressed, and babies sleep a little bit better. >> the american academy of pediatrics also supports crying it out. they say letting a baby cry for five to ten minutes at progressively longer intervals often can help a baby learn to fall asleep on her own within a
8:11 am
few nights. >> baby. >> it worked for new mom genevieve alan. >> she was waking up every two hours. >> she and her husband john say it wasn't easy, with their little bundle of crying joy, beatrice. >> we finally did cry it out at 8 months and it took us over the finish line, really solved our problem and beatrice sleeps now, which is amazing. >> if you can't stomach the crying, researchers found that parents who delayed bed time each night were about as effective. babies fell asleep almost as fast, but the trade-off, they would wake up more often than if you let them cry it out. whichever sleep strategy you use, pediatricians acknowledge letting babies cry is tough. we're hardwired to pick up a crying baby. >> some are never going to feel that's the right thing and that's okay too. either way we do this, we can create great bonds with our babies, and we can create great sleepers. but we do know that letting babies learn,0 how to self-soot,
8:12 am
they will have less awakening during their life. >> the most important thing is to be consistent, routine is more important than the method. if you're concerned about your baby's sleep challenges, talk with your doctor. we asked parents to weigh in on our website. 61% said the cry it out method worked for them. 24% tried it and couldn't go through with it. and 15%, i think i'm in that cat goir gwire, they tried it, said it didn't work. >> what are you doing? >> some version of -- >> the spoil method. >> capitulate. we have let her cry it out and it does work, she's a great sleep, she sleeps through the night. but sometimes she cries and we go in there and get her. it is hard. >> good luck. >> well, good. >> now to a story trending today, we all heard this expression, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. but, the most viewed story on
8:13 am
the new york times, the headline, sorry, there is nothing magical about breakfast. the author is a pediatrics professor and he says that many studies found the importance of breakfast are something of a mess. arguing there are major flaws in the research that suggest skipping breakfast would make you obese. and many of the studies are funded by, wait for it, breakfast food companies. his conclusion is breakfast has no health powers. >> i always feel better if i have a good breakfast. >> especially on the weekend. >> some people don't need it, i think this researcher said basically if you don't like it, fine. >> breakfast shaming. >> true. if i told you once, i told you a dozen times. what do you not do on the golf course? >> stand on the golf course. >> you do not do it.
8:14 am
the guy taking the video of a golfer. this is bud collie. he takes a swing. the guy has it covered. he has the camera there. >> oh! >> right in the chest. >> could have gone lower. >> it could have gone lower. no question. anyway he seems to be none for the worse for the wear and tear and gets to see that over and over. now to a little fun at her husband's expense. the wife accused the husband of being bad at parking. but he steered the car into a hole in washington state. only one thing to do. post the picture on facebook with a snarky caption, and he complains about my parking.
8:15 am
hell hath no fury like a woman whose parking has been scorned. madonna responding to critticrit critics of the prince tribute. the fake smiles of hollywood. >> we'll start with madonna hitting back at the haters of her prince tribute. she teamed with stevie wonder sunday night at the billboard awards. she sang purple rain, but many reviews weren't kind. some called the performance awful. on instagram, she had this message for her critics, quote, deal with it. the second post, she added, anyone who wants to do a tribute to prince is welcome to. whatever your age, gender or skin color, if you loved him and he inspired you, show it, i love prince forever. next, justin bieber, he performed at the billboard awar awards, but none of that means he likes awards shows. on monday, he posted this image of a crumbling church with this message, these awards shows seem
8:16 am
so hollow. i get the premise is to award people for their accomplishments but is it really. when i look at the audience, i see a bunch of fake smiles i'm privileged and honored to be recognized by my peers, but there is an authenticity missing that i crave. analyze that on your own. if you find the wrong name written on your sar starbucks cup this morning, you know you're in good company. helen hunt visited a starbucks, gave her order and gave her name. he said, we got this, you don't need to tell us your name. here is what he wrote, jody, thought she was jodie foster. the mix-up is understandable. hope her drink is yummy. >> i get denzel. happens all the time. >> remember when you and i went to that charity event on the intrepid, we walk up and some guy looks at al and goes willard!
8:17 am
>> high praise indeed. >> let's get a check of the weather now from willard. >> "today's" weather is brought to you by disney's "alice through the looking glass," in theaters on friday. >> i knew it was a bald guy. has to be the same guy. here is the big low pressure system, spinning off the northeast coast, bringing showers in here. they're going to pinwheel around for the next 12 hours. and then eventually taper off and get the heck out of here. and that will begin our redemption weather as we head toward the memorial day weekend. and you can see, rest of the country, the eastern half of the u.s. looking pretty darn good. we have the risk of strong storms from texas to the southern plains. we're looking at morning fog continuing in southern california, nice day in the pacific northwest. temperatures upper 60s to low 70 we have a lot of clouds
8:18 am
across the bay area and temperatures now into the low to mid-50s. we will get peeks of sunshine with highs today reaching 66 degrees in san francisco, east bay 68 degrees and low seventh for the peninsula and south bay. and we'll also gave some spotty showers possible in the north bay. and later on this afternoon, we could see a couple of thunderstorms popping up especially far off towards the north. san francisco today mostly sunny skies. >> and that's your latest weather. the new middle age is brought to you by aarp. real possibilities. and now to our special series, we're calling "the new middle age." >> as we get older, it's easy to let things get in the way of friendships. joan lunden's here to show us why that doesn't have to be the case. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. good to see you. so the question is how important is it to have close friends as we deal with the anxiety that
8:19 am
often comes with aging? i brought one of my closest friends along on an experiment that definitely put our friendship to the test. >> reporter: walking into a lab at the university of virginia, my friend louise and i are a little nervous. today we are research subjects for neuroscientist james cohn. tell us what we're in for. >> what we're going to do is we're going to put louise into the scanner to monitor the movement of blood through her brain. we're really interested in how people sort of regulate their anxiety. how do people deal with their anxiety. and to do that, of course, we have to create anxiety. >> reporter: cohn and his team strap electrodes onto louise's ankle. >> you're going to see two symbols. one is a blue circle, and one is a red "x." and when you see the red "x," there's a 20% chance you'll receive an electric shock on your ankle. >> it might not come. >> it might not come. so she'll never know. what we're creating is this uncertainty. we do that because we're really
8:20 am
trying to create the kind of anxiety that we experience in actual life. we're never really sure whether something's going to happen or not. >> reporter: louise's anxiety will be measured as she faces the threat of the shock alone, holding my hand and holding the hand of a stranger. >> i think of joan always when anything comes up. >> reporter: we've been friends since my daughter lindsay met louise's son, evan, almost 15 years ago, and now we share a granddaughter. that was lindsay's hair. it's a close bond, one that researchers say could add years to our lives. >> midlife friendships are really the key to thriving. it's this secret that no one talks about. >> reporter: for her new book, the science, art and opportunity of midlife, barbara bradley haggerty interviewed hundreds of experts. >> those people with a large network of friends actually live longer. they're less likely to have a stroke or heart attack. they're more likely to keep their memory intact. >> reporter: studies show that lack of social connections can
8:21 am
cause as much harm as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. the health risks even outweigh obesity. and middle-aged americans are only becoming more isolated. in 2013, 45 to 64-year-olds were 29% more likely to live alone than they were only ten years earlier. >> with each year, social isolation takes on increased urgency, has a -- really is a public health issue. >> so what actually happens in the experiment when you have somebody that's meaningful to the person hold their hand? >> yeah. what actually happens is that you see regions of the brain that are associated with everything from how we regulate our own emotions to how we sense the state of our body. it's quiet down as a result of the touch. >> you did great. >> did you notice a difference being alone versus being with somebody? >> oh, yeah. well, as soon as joan walked in and she grabbed my hand and i
8:22 am
felt like that emotional attachment that she -- like she had my back. >> did you feel i was, like, i got you, babe? i got you? i got you? and you felt that? >> oh, totally. when the stranger, whoever that was, the unknown person was in, i honestly felt like i could have been holding on to anything. it wasn't that same human touch as when joan was in there. >> reporter: as for louise's actual results, the areas in red represent regions in the brain where blood was flowing during the shock threat. we see lots of red when she was alone and slightly reduced with a stranger, but when i was holding her hand, gone. >> we're seeing how you, joan, take on part of the regulatory job of her emotional state. >> yeah. >> but there's so much more going on than that. when you have these relationships, you literally think differently. you perceive the world differently when you're embedded within that supportive social
8:23 am
network. >> reporter: proof that sharing your burden with friends really does lighten your load. i'm glad it's over. >> next time let's do something a little more fun. >> yes. >> that electric shock wasn't fun. >> we should also note that quality relationships are just as important for men as they are for women. it's kind of like an investment that we should all make in our happiness and our health. isn't that amazing? >> do you want to hold my hand? just watching that. very cool stuff. >> yeah. and we don't think about that as being so important to our health. but when all that blood's going up to your brain, it's not growing hair. >> why would you do that? look at me. >> joan, sorry, give it to me right there, okay? >> you could have looked over there, too. wow. >> this went south very quickly, joan. thank you. appreciate it. and tomorrow, we're tackling the topic of ageism.
8:24 am
it's a bigger problem than you might think. and you'll see it on display in the hidden camera experiment. all right? sheinelle. coming up, one of our favorites. will arnett, we're talking ninja turtles, legos and more right after your local news. my boys would be jealous. >> would they? >> of course. >> of me? >> you're a rock star.
8:25 am
8:26 am
i'm sam brock. a good samaritan is being credited with saving a san jose family from 245ir their burning home near the capital expressway. a appeapasser by saw smoke comi from the top of the house and banged on the front door waking up the sleeping family members. all six people inside the homemade it out safely, including parents, children and grandparents. generations of people. the fire was loemgtdcated in th attic. the red cross is now assisting the family. a quick check of your traffic commute with mike. what are you watching? >> we're watching a slower drive in a couple of key spots here. south bay, we have a lot of
8:27 am
slowing northbound 101, but it's jamming up toward capital expressway because there was a crash still blocking one lane northbound and that leaves a little bit of a break up where another crash able to clear. rest of the northbound routes standard through the silicon vall valley. east 580, we have reports of a small fire involving a truck and it's on the shoulder. one lane blocked by debris in the area. and through oakland and east shore freeway, a new crash may jam ythrough berkeley. >> we'll see you again in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back now at 8:30 on this tuesday morning. curious george this morning. we'll talk about that in a second. you like great music? >> of course. >> this friday, we have dierks bentley out on the plaza. >> huba, huba. >> memorial day, we have fifth harmony on the plaza, as well. two great concerts in a couple days. >> exciting. >> huba, huba. coming up, will arnett is here, tangoing with the teenage mutant ninja turtles for a
8:31 am
second time. from the mom jean to the pajama shirt, we'll show you how to wear the hottest trends this season. speaking of, the new innovations that'll keep your dogs cool and happy in the summer months. we are on the hunt for the next social media superstar. if you're at home and think you have what it takes to be youtube's next beauty blogger, vine comedian or instagram fitness guru, we want to hear from you. check out the rules and restrictions. the deadline for submissions is on friday. >> this is a big umbrella. >> as we head to al, start the chant of, put it on. we want to see him wearing this hat. take a look. >> not this hat. that hat. the man in the yellow hat. we are so happy to have curious george here. it's his 75th birthday.
8:32 am
the first book was written in 1941. george is giving away copies of the original book and stuffed animals to our fans. we also want to tell you, all nine seasons of the "curious george" series, streaming on hulu. in fact, matt had a starring role in the curious george movie back in 2009, as the voice of tv anchor, hark hanson. by the way, nbc universal owns the right to curious george and is a part owner of hulu. >> come here, al. >> look at that. look at good morning. i'm kari hall. we're taking a live look from emeryville with clouds overhead and some peeks of sunshine coming through those clouds. temperature-wise, we're in the mid to upper 50s all across the bay area. and expecting highs today up to
8:33 am
74 degrees in -- 62 at ocean beach, hayward 70 and livermore a high of 72. over the next several days, our temperatures will be warming especially this weekend. it. weather channel on cable. online. mr. lawyuer? >> thank you, al. will arnett is reprising his role as vernon fenwick in the teenage mutant ninja turtle sequel. >> they're breaking into headquarters. >> as the new guy in this band of misfits, do yourself a favor and just roll with it. >> i've been rolling with it since you were wearing baby t-shirts because you were a baby. >> police headquarters, 30 minutes. >> see you there. >> sia there.
8:34 am
>> he jusee you there. >> he just said that. >> nice. >> you can't see the socks. >> that's your classic look. >> i have to own it. >> i like it. >> it's partially a fashion choice, and partially, i run hot. >> you do? >> yeah. >> best way to cool down. >> yeah. >> embarrassment of riches for you right now. when you think about it, you have this movie, the mutant ninja turtles, which we'll talk about now. >> yeah. >> when we last met these characters, the shredder was trying to destroy new york. what's the deal? what's happening now? >> shredder tried to destroy new york. the turtles save the city. we pick up and my character has taken credit for saving the city because the turtles can't. because they're turtles, matt. you see me, i'm at msg with a victoria's secret model. you know, i'm given the key to the city. ultimately, it's all about them being able to come forward and
8:35 am
be who they want to be. >> you know what's fun about these guys? they have fans that span different generations. >> yeah. it's amazing. there's like an evergreen quality to them. when you say the name, teenage mutant ninja turtles, it makes you smile. they're goofy. a lot of the superhero movies are so serious. they take themselves serious, the music and everything. these guys are fun. >> you're also working on a movie that comes out next year. this is the sequel to the "lego" movie. >> yeah. >> this time, it's all about your character. >> yeah. i feel like we tapped into something kind of fun on the "lego movie" with batman. i was able to take an iconic character and mess with everything we know about batman. now, we decided to find out why batman is so depressed, really. >> what's his problem? >> his parents were killed in front of him. apart from that, what's his problem? >> do your kids think you're the
8:36 am
coolest dad in the world, between these two roles? >> not enough. i don't get enough. every day, i'm like guys, showing them clips and they're like whatever. >> do you ever use the batman voice at home, just to get their attention? >> i do. >> do it. >> i don't yell. i'll come in and say, you turn that ipad off right now. they'll be like, oh, my gosh. i feel badly because it's scary. >> they do have a cool dad. speaking of cool things, your show is picked up for the second season. >> yeah. we just started writing on netflix, and they've been kind enough to order more episodes. my partner and i started writing the second season. >> you were here not long ago, and we were talking about this show. you play a character that has a bit of an issue with drinking. >> yeah. >> you have shared not long ago that you are also struggling with sobriety, as well. >> yes. >> did you hear from fans? >> i lot. >> like what? >> a lot of people reached out and said, you know, when it was
8:37 am
just -- in reaction to the show coming out, and then i gave a candid interview where i talked about when i was making the show, i had my own struggles after many years. part of it was delving into my own issues while writing and while shooting. it was kind of life imitating art imitating life. a lot of fans reached out and said, thank you for sharing your experience. it's a very authentic depiction of what it's like to go through it. i kind of got into it with a few critics who said, i have no problem with people saying i don't like the show. i don't identify with it. people were calling me out saying, this is not an accurate depiction of sobriety. i said, man, this is happening in real time. i'm writing it as it's happening. for me, it's gratifying. wasn't what i set out to do. i'm not trying to say anything new, and i'm not trying to teach anybody a lesson. you know, i had -- the other day i was at a restaurant in new york city. i'll tell you this real quick. i was leaving with my friends. a guy was a waiter and came out
8:38 am
and said to me, i got 90 days. i watched your show and it spoke to me. he said, sorry to bother you. i said, bother me? you made my millennium. >> you're doing good. >> gratifying. >> good to see you. >> you, too. >> thanks, will. "teenage mutant ninja turtles: out of the shadows" is out june 3rd. coming up, the trends you can rock at any age. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
the memorial day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. there are new trends galore to usher in the new season. here to show us how to wear them, no matter our age, is "today" contributor, editor ott "marie claire." i see all the trends and think, can i really pull that off?
8:41 am
what's your advice to folks if they like something they see but aren't sure? >> it's a misconception, that trends have an age limit. you can wear any trend, 20, 40, 60 years old, as long as you wear it in the right way. >> our first trend, and i did a double take, mom jeans. >> it's back. the reason why? it's super flattering and works for any age. rocking it with this huge, lady-like top. it's a more modern, elegant way to do it. the key here is have mom jeans rest on the natural waist. >> has to be the high waist. >> yes. >> and emily is rocking nit a downtown, hipster way with a necktie. tying the shirt so you show the waist. the way of wearing the jeans is a little shorter. >> i remember it with a boot cut thing. >> we're staying away from that.
8:42 am
>> thank you so much. >> we have adrian and vicki coming out with the bare shoulder look. we've been seeing this a lot. >> the shoulder definitely the erogenous zone of the season. the beauty of it, your shoulders look good whatever age you are. the one place most of us don't put weight on. we have these wonderful looks here. this skirt i put with the perfect, any summer occasion look here. then we've done it in a downtown, cool way. unexpected here. this shirt is from zara for $40. >> very, very cute. the best thing, you can still wear a bra. at a certain age, it's very important. >> exactly. >> the next trend is pajama shirts. hi, ladies. >> one of the biggest trends on the runway. we're seeing slip dresses, pajama sets.
8:43 am
it can be extreme. we've taken the pajama top. this is a topshop version of it. styled in two ways. one, equally elegant skirt. the tank top underneath because it is silk and you want to smooth out lumps and bumps. she's wearing it as more of a blazer look, in a nautical way. then we've taken it to matchy, but it doesn't look like she's rolled out of bed. it's tailored and structured. both have the box bag, which is a big trend this season. >> one more trend. track pants. trackies as we call them. >> elevated. not for the gym. for that reason, we've styled gina in a way that's anything than for the gym. crisp shirt, great heels along with these awesome pants. it's a classical look with a twist. >> then a more athletic look on the other model. >> still street wear. she has two of the key looks. the jacket, ultimate layering
8:44 am
piece, and the shoe that doesn't mean running shoe but it's fashion and selling out. >> if you want to elevate the look, don't wear the sneakers you run in. wear your fancy sneakers. >> exactly. >> ladies, thank you so much. if you want more, including all the complete looks, head to good job. thank you. up next, natalie hangs ten with legendary surfer kelly slater and checks out his new machine that makes perfect waves. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
we're back at 8:46. kelly slater chased the perfect wave his entire life. >> now, he's helped to develop something that could end that pursuit and revolutionize his sport. natalie got a first-hand look. natalie, i'm so jealous. this looks so cool. >> you should be jealous. should have been there, matt. we were the first broadcast team to check out, up close, what the
8:47 am
kelly slater wave company has built here in california. people have been trying for at least 40 years to make a wave that's as good as surfing in the ocean. no one has come close until now. >> reporter: the perfect wave for pro surfers like kelly slater, that means a powerful wall and a precise, barrelling tube that goes on and on and on. >> the vision for me was to just make the best quality wave you could possibly make by man. >> reporter: that's exactly what kelly and his team have pibuilt here. this is no tropical paradise. it is a former water skiing lake in the middle of california's farm belt. when the first images hit the internet back in december, they sent shock waves through the surfing world. >> i probably watched it about 2,000 times. just to make sure it was real. >> do you worry at all that something like this is not going to give you that real-life
8:48 am
experience? >> nothing replaces the ocean, you know. we live our lives traveling and following seasons. this is never going to be intended to try and replace surfing in the ocean. it's a supplement. >> reporter: and a massive adrenaline rush. at the touch of a button. >> most waves might last about ten seconds for a pro surfer like kelly. but here, you get about 50 seconds of the perfect wave, for almost six football lengths. that's incredible. whoo! >> reporter: as fun as it is to ride, this technology is also about to change the sport. starting with the professional world tour. >> it is a fabulous, powerful wave that has a tremendous energy. we believe that in the short term, we'll be seeing new events this way. >> reporter: pro surfing is banking on its success. the surfing top executives say they've acquired the kelly slater wave company for an
8:49 am
undisclosed sum. >> you'll see this in a number of places. it's a game changer for all of us. >> reporter: the ability to create a stadium for surfing and schedule a contest without being at the mercy of the ocean may also play a role in whether surfing will be picked as an olympic sport. >> there is a conversation about man made wave, supplementing what they need for the olympics. whether this is it or not? i don't know. it'd be great if it was. >> reporter: in the meantime, kelly says he loves sharing the thrill from his friends. from champion pros like stephanie gilmore to novices like me. luckily, they can dial down the waves to make it beginner friendly. >> yes! all the way, baby! whoo. >> with surfing, you're traveling around the world looking for a perfect wave. looking for a fun time, good experience with your friends,
8:50 am
that kind of thing, meeting people. you know, here, that sort of happens. it's a total playground for people who love surfing. >> kelly told me this wave took more than ten years to design and build with a team of scientists who are experts in fluid dynamics. he say s it is a prototype now. they haven't talked about when or where the next ones will be built. matt, i'm sure you want one in your backyard. >> it's the cooler thing. it's perfect. >> amazing. >> i can see the x games can something like that. >> yeah. >> amazing. >> they got your bay watch shot right there. you look so good. i'm so proud. >> that's impressive. >> with a little help by kelly. thanks to his team. they were amazing. it was a fun day. >> well done. good for you. natalie, thank you. up next, we're going to the dogs with some gadgets to keep your pets safe this summer. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. we're back at 8:52. we've got a little cuteness overload here in our studio this morning. >> dogs everywhere. they're testing out some of the latest and greatest pet gadgets for summer. animal planet's pet expert andrea is here. >> good morning. >> these aren't just ordinary dogs, these are dogs that are famous on the internet. >> yeah, these are very, very famous dogs. some have as much as 1.7 million
8:53 am
followers. >> oh, my gosh. >> more than me and savannah combined. >> true. >> let's start with chase. what is chase showing us? >> how important it is to provide your pet with a safety tool when they travel with you in the car. this is from solve it. it hooks into the seat belt. you need to keep in mind, as cute as it is to see dogs with faces out the window when you're traveling in the car, it's really not safe. not safe for you because they can distract you, and not safe for the dog because if you do a shortstop, they can be hurt. >> who is this? >> evevine. you can get a leash with an umbrella attached, hopefully to encourage them to do their business outside. >> check out king bentley. >> you're going to hold that? >> can i give you to someone? >> king bentley is wearing the
8:54 am
bug blocker. he looks like he's one of the ghostbusters. the purpose of it is to protect your pets from mosquitos, horseflies, ticks, and also it provides 40% uv protection, which is important. >> is it hard to get him in the outfit? >> it wasn't, actually. no. >> looks good. >> seems fine with it. >> sheinelle has chloe. >> with the goggles. >> we're inside so we she doesn't have them down. these are intended to protect your pets from the sun. it is for dogs that are more sensitive, might have an eye problem. or dogs that spend a lot of time
8:55 am
>> melts my heart. 1.7 million followers. >> she's here to show how important it is for sun protection. we have sunscreen for pets. do not use a sunscreen made for people. you want one made specifically for them. you notice tuna has fair and light skin and for coverage, so you might want to use something like the pet wipe, you can wipe it over their coat or if there is a spray, be careful not to get it in their eyes. >> this is riley, riley is adorable. riley is a britney. riley is here to talk about how important it is to make sure you have something with you when you travel with your pets that you can keep them clean. so this is from curgo. this is a portable shower. you attach it to any bottle and tip it up side down and if you squeeze it. sorry, riley, the water won't
8:56 am
come out. ifbottle that is two liters, it will last for a shower. >> who is in the pool? >> chloe kardoggian. >> this is a pool float and lounger. chloe is a dog who likes to -- she really likes to lounge on cushiones in the water or not. good morning. at 8:56, more serious news now. a police manhunt continues in the area. authorities are trying to to track down a man they say should be considered dangerous. darrel is accused of killing his 5-year-old son by setting fire to the home where his son lived with his mother and brother. investigators say he used an accelerant to ignite a deadly fire sunday. the suspect's son ended up
8:57 am
trapped inside of the master bedroom and he died there will. the boy's mother and his older brother were also injured. vallejo police are asking anyone who may have information on his whereabouts to give them a call. and bob redell is talking with police with the search. he will be live at our midday news cast and posting updates in our twitter feed. and new evidence points to an explosion which brought down the egypt air 804. look for the update on our home page. mark zuckerberg has plans in the works for homes that surround his palo alto property. he purchased theed a ja ed a ja about p and a new posting is providing clues with what he will do with the land.
8:58 am
8:59 am
♪ what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints that you had to seek it out. nope, even easier than that. more like taking a left on that street where you usually take a right that wasn't so hard. and if finding that paint made you and your walls beam with pride, is it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other. find one of our 5,000 authorized retailers near you.
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," two words. blake shelton. the country superstar performs one of his newest hit songs. then internet sensation chewbacca mask lady gets the surprise of her life. and we'll catch up with a couple of nice guys, russell crowe and ryan gosling, coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today". it is tuesday morning, may the 24th, 2016. little drizzly outside here in new york city. inside studio 1a, i'm willie along with al and tamron. natalie is on assignment. al, love the morning jam. >> "just like fire" by pink.
9:01 am
this is from the new "alice through the looking glass" movie. >> yeah. >> i love a little pink. >> she's cool. we were talking about her yesterday. >> you love great artists. >> uh-huh. >> and -- >> i may not know how to pronounce names but -- >> al was doing his weather earlier. he was talking about a power outage -- >> there was a severe thunderstorm. >> excuse me. i blanked out after he said something. al was talking about a storm in houston that forced the evacuation of beyonce's concert in minneapolis last night. >> right. >> this happened a few minutes ago on the "today" show. i'll play this moment. what do you see is wrong with this? listen in. >> look what happened at the stadium in minneapolis. all the beyonce fans waiting for a concert. they had to evacuate for a while, while severe storms moved in. they eventually got back into the stadium. what a mess it was there.
9:02 am
of course, the beyhive was all on twitter about that. >> the beyhive. >> in al's defense, beyonce, you have to know beyonce. no excuse there. >> sometimes i've heard it beyonce. >> you never have. >> i've heard it. >> never. >> the beyhive, the way it is spelled, b-e-y hive, i can see mispronouncing that. i'll defend al on the second part, not the first. >> the best part, not just the beyhive joined in on social media, people were asking me and hoda to do interventions. one lady said, help al. your own offspring. >> leila texted me and said, it's beyhive. all right, very cool. >> did she say it calmly, like dad, it's beyhive. >> she wasn't all worked up like the people on social media. >> what have they said to you? >> beyhive rimes with live, and
9:03 am
get one. >> love it. >> someone said, i think al thinks it's pronounced beyonce. y'all help him. >> if that's the worst thing you worry about today, your life is in good shape. >> it made me laugh. it was so cute. beyonce. beyhive. >> you're working on the fly, as opposed to the bee. then you make a mistake. >> the only thing better was when leila took you to the drake concert. was it drake? >> yeah, four years ago. >> he did a vine, and he looked like, where am i? >> i'd never been -- i hadn't been to a rap concert. it's like, you know, rapper after rapper. four hours. i'm never going to get back, you know. and drake is a very talented man. >> i love it. the things you do for your kids. >> for 30 minutes, he's going, i see you in the leopard pants. i see you. he's walking around this thing. they're all going like this, you know. then he points kind of in
9:04 am
leila's general direction. she goes, oh! i was like, they're all buying this. this is good stuff. >> it's working for him. >> love it. >> love that story. >> for the record, beyonce and beyhive. >> they'll swarm on you. >> wouldn't it be break if bees actually did swarm like they do in cartoons, like to point in arrows and stuff like that? that's what i want. >> imagine what beyonce's beyhive would form. >> a noose or a gun or something. >> that went to a dark place. let's go to a lighter place. unless you've been living under a rock, chewbacca mask lady, you know. she's a woman from dallas, texas. bought a mask from kohl's, filmed it and had sheer joy with the mask. >> i'm a happy chewbacca. [ laughter ]
9:05 am
>> oh. >> this is worth every penny! [ laughter ] >> she's a mother of two. candiace payne post ted the vid on thursday and now 140 million views on facebook. unbelievable. last night, she took her now famous mask to the late late show with james corden and another special guest snuck into the backseat. >> i know you're a happy chewbacca. you have energy like chewbacca. but that doesn't sound like chewbacca. >> i have to disagree. >> thank you, j.j. abrams. i appreciate that. >> j.j., what are you doing here? >> been here the whole time. can i give you a director's note. do you mind?
9:06 am
>> no. >> it's less like this and more like this. >> okay. >> you got it. [ laughter ] >> james, you're missing out. >> oh, my goodness, you have to do it. come on! >> how's that? [ laughter ] >> what's wrong with that? that is perfect. >> and her hair is perfect for the mask. >> matches the mask. >> amazing. >> that's what i love, that's just joy. you know what? if that's what's good about the internet, we can spread joy as opposed to negativity like this next story. >> oh. i have to read this? >> candace's laugh is my ring tone. can we get a ring tone,
9:07 am
somebody? >> if we have the same ring tone, we won't know whose phone is ringing. >> phones aren't on during the show. >> thanks, dad. i'm trying to avoid this next story so bad. celebrity trainer jillian michaels, she's been criticized pretty much -- people are just going after her on social media. she posted a parenting meme. it says, i was so cute when i thought i was tired, back before i had kids. so cute. so her and her long-time partner/fiance, they have a daughter and a son, 6 and 4. people are asking, is it okay for parents to tell people without children they don't know what tired is? >> see, i don't think she is doing that. i don't think she's taking a slam at single people. >> i don't either. >> i think she's kind of relating to other parents. like hey, you know what? i didn't know what this was like until i had a child.
9:08 am
it's not negative against people who don't have children. >> i agree. >> get over it. stop. stop with the negativity. >> this is when the internet outrage machine kicks into gear because it thinks it's supposed to. ten people are upset, and it turns into a story. >> that's the thing. ten people or so, you know, 330 million estimated in america. ten people go in on jillian and, oh, there's outrage on the internet. and i'm never compelled, really, to go after someone. >> no. >> maybe a family member. >> of course. >> then i go full godfather. >> reading some of the comments, the levels of horrific name calling and all that stuff. listen, everybody is tired. you get up at 2:00 in the morning. i'm tired. you're tired. we all work hard. let's get along. >> why does it have to be a dance off? i picture the one guy doing the moves and the other one is doing it back. i'll see if i can fall asleep
9:09 am
before you because we're both so tired. i'm sick of the constant attacking of everything. the moms who lose the weight fast. >> right. >> people, i guess, say it's mom shaming. this shaming. >> it's not directed at you, so stop. >> the other day we were cooking chicken and you touched it. someone was outraged. >> you're going to kill everybody because you didn't wash your hands. >> it's on tv, and we made a mistake. it wasn't a rash of salmonella poisoning afterwards. >> and i hate the chicken afterwards. >> let's get you in a better frame of mind. ariana grande, one of our favorites, released a new music video for her song "into you." could this be a contender for song of the summer? ♪ little bit dangerous ♪ maybe that's how i want it ♪ little less conversation ♪ little more of my body
9:10 am
♪ i'm so into you, into you >> it's nice. >> it's good. it's good. >> i have the convertible. i don't own one, but in my mind, if i had one -- >> let's boost the hoods. go under, pull a couple things. now the internet will complain that i am telling people to boost a car. >> i do the convertible test. close your eyes and visualize you have your convertible. would you enjoy -- >> let's play a little justin timberlake. >> there you go. >> turning in the valet, throwing my keys. >> then the police coming because you boosted the convertible. >> picture yourself in a convertible. >> do you have to do that? >> yeah. i can't drive anyway. look at the guy in the car next to me.
9:11 am
>> this is like a bad video. >> wow. kind of like aretha franklin, one of the classic driving videos. "freeway of love." there's the song of the summer. anyway, let's show you a pink cadillac. another good one. looking at showers and thunderstorms from oklahoma up into iowa. we've got a risk of strong storms today from nebraska all the way to west texas and western nebraska. large hail likely. we could even see isolated tornadoes. tomorrow, we've got more activity from central minnesota all the way to northern oklahoma. 11 million people at risk for large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. thursday, enhanced risk, as well. we have 25 million people at risk for some sort of severe weather. large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. woodward all the way to central texas. for today, you'll see the storms moving through. large hail, isolated tornadoes. they will continue to fire up on wednesday. risk across the central plains.
9:12 am
into thursday, we're looking at the strong storms returning again. unfortunately, this may last right into the beginning of the memorial day weekend. that's what's we're getting a little bit more sunshine across parts of the bay area with clouds in other spots and now it is 58 in the east bay and the peninsula. san francisco high of 66 today with mostly sunny skies. slight chance of rain in the north bay as well as the tri-valley. south bay a high of 72 and 70 in the tri-valley and the upper peninsula. >> that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. coming up, hollywood's biggest stars together in the new movie "the nice guys." my conversation with ♪
9:13 am
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9:16 am
"the nice guys" takes place in 1970s los angeles. part action movie, part comedy. a private eye and hired enforcer team searching for a missing girl. i sat down with three of the stars. russell crowe, ryan gosling and matt bomer, along with director and screenwriter shane black, here in new york city. >> you beat people up and charge money? >> yeah. sad, isn't it? >> that's really your job? >> yeah. >> no way. >> yeah. >> how much would you charge to beat up my friend? >> what? >> reporter: they're an unlikely pair. russell's grouchy thug for hire teaming up with ryan's private eye, not good at his job. >> you're a private investigator? >> $20. just take it. >> you'd never worked together
9:17 am
before, right? you admired each other from afar. >> i remember seeing when russell went from "gladiator" to the "insiders," it changed my idea of what acting could be. i'd never seen that kind of an about face from one role to another. >> what about for you, russell? i'm breaking the agreement not to ask you questions. i understand. you get the script. >> you're also not supposed to look him in the eye. we learned that the hard way. he takes it as a sign of aggression. >> you heard ryan was attached to it first, or did you not know he was going to be in it? >> it was the other way around. i was gearing up to just not express any interest and go on to read something else. i had this elaborate -- well, specific plan, actually. i was going to soften him up before i told him i didn't want to do it. >> he said, i have bad news for you. i said, we have ryan gosling. he said, i'd love to do the picture. >> i could be persuaded. >> tell me about your character. >> i'm john boy, who is a hired assassin.
9:18 am
pretty cold-blooded individual. >> mind fetching your dad? >> he is running an errand. >> back any time soon? >> what did you see in matt that made his right for john boy? >> there's this iconic sort of old world movie star look to him. i thought, well, that's just perfect for a guy who is an absolute sociopath. who would take your mother's throat out, you know. throat out, you know. i think you can't take your eyes away from him when he's on screen. i'm having trouble not looking at him right this moment. >> reporter: sure, the nice guys have leading man looks, but they're not above a toss or a tumble. matt and ryan performed most of their own stunts. >> i was kind of nervous doing the stunts. i've never worked a lot with guns. i wanted to shake every bullet to hear the bb in it, to make sure they were all fake, you know? >> i had a conversation with shane at the beginning of the
9:19 am
process and said, listen, i know that you probably know that i do everything. i'm old now. he was very kind. he looked after me. get the old guy out of the way. >> reporter: with a little age comes a lot of experience. >> there's not much russell doesn't know. when they were in a car, bored and it was late, in front of a hotel and there are 50 flags, he goes, name the flags. i go, oh. charles, david, the twins. you know. i'm like, who can do that? he goes and nails them all. >> before we let you go, have to ask you, favorite ryan gosling movie. >> wasn't over. >> did you see "the notebook" and did you cry when they made out in the rain? >> even though i worked with rachel, i haven't seen "the notebook." sorry. >> that's fair. matt? >> for sure.
9:20 am
yes is the answer to the crying. >> don't move. >> if you've seen the film, a lot of people are going to be very surprised by the -- they're known for the dramatic roles. >> the way it's meant to be scene. >> holds up. >> take that as a win, fellas. job well done. >> i did have to watch it on my iphone on a plane, and it was excellent. "nice guys" is in theaters now. still ahead, blake shelton treats us to a performance from his hit song . .
9:21 am
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thought you had him. (vo) fitness in real life. now that's the good stuff. coming up, what do these 17 coming up, what do the 17 kids have in common? what every parent needs to know. tamron? >> all right. what you know to know, let's hit it, kids. it's hip to be square. we're tank gingham style. >> looks like party inthere. thanks a lot. also one of the biggest names in country music gets ready the perform for us in the studio. blake shelton with his latest
9:25 am
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authorities trying to track down a man they say is dangerous. darrell aun shaw shumake used an axel rant to start a fire on sunday. the suspect's son was trapped inside where he died. the boy's mother and brother were also inside the fire. >> and a good samaritan is being credited from saving a family
9:27 am
live from their burning home this morning. right near the capital expressway. that person happened to be driving by when they noticed smoke. they banged on the front door. they woke up sleeping family members. all people inside the house made it out safely. the fire turned out to be located in the attic and it brought down part of the roof. the red cross is assisting until repairs can be made. after the break we're going to e'ight
9:28 am
temperatures now in the low 60s. upper 50s for oakland and as well as concord. and low 70s for the high. little more clouds mixed in and 60s near the coast with 70s, inland. san francisco 66 and some 70s
9:29 am
for the north bay with a slight chance of a stray shower this afternoon. here's mike for is it roads. >> flowing north 880 around high street. but it is actually easing up. earlier incident is clear. still slowing in downtown but nothing unusual. in the south bay, northbound 280. still a little slow off the interchange but overall things lightening up. starting about 9:15, 9:30. easier drive. half hour with more update ps
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. toyota is recalling another 1.6 million vehicles in the u.s. over those faulty air bag inflaters made by takata. the gas in the inflaters can become unstable and send metal parts flying when the bags deploy. this latest recall covers toyota and tex 2006 2011. it was already the biggest recall in u.s. history. knee, hip and back pain. physical therapists say at ohio state it can be dormant butt syndrome. so many patients have aches caused by too much sitting. it puts extra strain on the
9:31 am
muscles and joints surrounding them. if you're stuck in a seat, walk around and stretch as much as you can. sports authority is getting ready to close all 463 stores. not before launching a going out of business sale. the chain filed for bankruptcy protection a few months back but attempts to restructure the debt failed. sports authority final sales are expected to start at the end of the weekend and last until the end of august. dairy queen getting buzz by jumps into the iced coffee business. dq is hoping to lure customers from mcdonald's and starbucks along with iced coffee. they're adding frappuccinos to the menu, made with coffee, soft serve ice cream. they're promoting the coffee by offering a discount from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day at participating stores. guess where i'll be at that time? >> sitting or standing to avoid
9:32 am
the dormant butt syndrome? >> i'll be standing with this new thing they've got. >> can you imagine, i want you to get you we have mostly cloudy skies across parts of bay area. temperatures upper 50s, low 60s. and we'll see some highs in the upper 60s today. north bay a high of 72. and tri-valley. low 70s for the tri-valley and the peninsula and south bay, 72 and warmer air for the end of the week. >> that's your latest weather. tamron? >> thank you, mr. roker. time for my tuesday trend. it's an oldie but a goodie. the checkered pattern pops this time of the year. i'm not talking about, of course, picnic tables. we've seen gabrielle union and
9:33 am
others taking it on in a wonderful way. rihanna also rocking the print, a pink version. even actors, brthey've done it e right way. here to pull it together, melissa, phenomenal stylist. >> thank you. >> i had a long night talking to my mother, and i forgot my dress. i had one i wanted to show you. >> i was like, she has an amazing dress. but you're good. you're beautiful anyway. >> thank you. this is the season for gingham. >> it's a trend that keeps coming back. everybody can wear it, and there's something for everybody. >> what defines gingham? >> the broad checks. stripes, it's plaid. it comes from the malaysia word that means stripes. >> if you're not ready for the full look, you have accessories. >> you can find everything in gingham these days. shoes, bags, home decor, dog
9:34 am
accessories, iphone cases. >> we have great looks for kids, dad, the dog. let's start in on our fashions now. >> first up, we have a more sophisticated way to wear gingham. we think of it casually, but this has a great pop of color. i love that we did gingham on gingham. if you're weary of trying the trend, this isn't as loud. that's some collaboration with lane bryant. any size, any shape can wear this trend. >> people associate white with summer. i associate gingham with summer. >> it's a summery -- >> you can wear white all year. you look beautiful. wow. >> who is next? >> next, we have saba. wearing another beautiful gingham trend. she has shorts. >> love this outfit.
9:35 am
>> flirty, fun and casual. great spring/summer outfit. again, they're combining gingham with modern silhouettes. off the shoulders and ruffles were huge trends this season. it's incorporated with the gingham. we did gingham on gingham again. big on top and little on bottom. >> mix the scale and it still goes. don't feel you have to have one size. >> exactly. >> i like that. >> not so matchy, matchy. >> next up? >> i was brave. i brought my whole family. they all belong to me. they maus be on their best behavior. >> this is the family that comes to the picnic and you're like, real really? my family has t-shirts and jeans. >> they don't always look like this. little harlow, perfect pink gingham dress.
9:36 am
and asher is wearing the broad kind of gingham, which is a classic gingham. a little more modern because we paired it with a sleek, white jean, which i love. and sam is wearing the smaller gingham, a good way to ease into it. from far away, you almost can't tell it is gingham. he also has a scarf on. it's larger, so it works. >> do you find boys that age wearing scarves like that? >> mine don't. he's like, i hate this scarf. i'm like, you're going on tv with it on. >> the dog has a bandana. >> and my husband, dave, had a vibrant, bright, gingham shirt with easy pants and a pair of sneakers. >> i love it. can we play our song? come on out, other models. for me, nothing says summer like gingham. up next, i have two words for you. blake shelton. he hits the stage with his latest single from the "angry
9:37 am
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9:41 am
number one movie in the country. >> here is blake shelton performing "friends" off his album, "if i'm honest." ♪ there's a moment in this journey that i gave up ♪ ♪ my boots just couldn't walk another mile ♪ ♪ and that cloud above me had no silver lining ♪ ♪ i couldn't buy a break with my last dime ♪ ♪ oh but when i saw you standing in the corner ♪ ♪ i'd never thought that you would have my back ♪ ♪ but when we rolled in like the thunder and the lightning ♪ ♪ threw some punches then we had
9:42 am
a laugh ♪ ♪ just some roughed up desper o desperados ♪ ♪ hanging tough through thick and thin ♪ ♪ kicking up dust wherever we go ♪ ♪ i can see that you and me are gonna be friends ♪ ♪ who'd have thought we'd wind up here together ♪ ♪ it's crazy that we're standing side by side ♪ ♪ fighting just like two birds of a feather ♪ ♪ who is gone that tell us now that we can't fly ♪ ♪ just some roughed up desperados ♪ ♪ hanging tough through thick and thin ♪ ♪ kicking up dust wherever we go ♪ ♪ and i can see that you and me are gonna be friends ♪
9:43 am
♪ to the end you and me are gonna be friends ♪ ♪ hey, hey you and me ♪ different as different can be ♪ ♪ you like to rock, i like to roll ♪ ♪ you take the high, i'll take the low ♪ ♪ whoa, whoa-oh, whoa-oh ♪ just some roughed up desperados ♪ ♪ hanging tough through thick and thin ♪ ♪ kicking up dust wherever we go ♪ ♪ i can see that you and me are gonna be friends ♪ ♪ to the end you and me are gonna be friends ♪ ♪ i can see that you and me are gonna be friends ♪ ♪ yeah
9:44 am
>> how cool is blake shelton? >> love him. >> thank you, blake. up next, 17 different kids all have one thing in common. find out what it is, and why everyone ought to know about it. everyone ought to know about it. what do you got?s. restrained driver in a motor vehicle. sir, can you hear me? two, three. just hold the bag. we need a portable x-ray, please! [ nurse ] i'm a nurse. i believe in the power of science and medicine. but i'm also human. and i believe in stacking the deck. [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right.
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9:48 am
of one organization. each one of these 17 kids around us represents 1 million people across the country suffering from food allergies which can range from mild to critical. 17 million americans are potentially just one bite away from a life-threatening situation. lindsey hall is a 12-year-old who loves gymnastics and also suffers from life-threatening food allergies. >> i'm allergic to dairy, eggs and nuts, butter, pizza, cake, almonds, cashews, peanuts. >> an estimated 17 million americans suffer from food allergies. >> if you are at a restaurant, they tell you there's nothing in it but you're not sure. and even like at home you have to check every ingredient. and there can even be like a tree nut. that can put you in an ambulance. >> her mom knows all too well the fear of keeping her daughter safe. >> i had to teach lindsey that when she went into a room and saw someone that might have
9:49 am
doritos and if they open that bag and the cheesy dust could come out, that could be dangerous. it's hard to know just one bite of something that lindsey could have could put her in a life-threatening situation. >> approximately two kids in every classroom have food allergies. >> i sometimes feel different from everyone else and i always have to bring food everywhere. have to call ahead and i wish i could just like not have to worry about any of that. >> 12-year-old jake also understands the struggles of live with severe food allergies to peanuts, tree nuts and sesame. >> i'll have times where i'll think, okay, i'm just going to eat this and finally i remember, wait, i have to check it first. i have this fear i'm just going to be alone and have something i shouldn't have and by the time i can like get some help, it will be a little too late. >> every three minutes a person visits the er with an allergic reaction. >> the word allergy is not a strong enough word.
9:50 am
i don't think people understand that it's a life-threatening situation for a lot of people. and it's so prevalent. >> a desire to end food allergies inspired kim to create the organization end allergies together to raise awareness and funds for research. >> it can be as small amount of a grain of sound equal to food. that's what a trace amount can be. even less than that. and so just a trace of that in food, inadvertently can send someone into a life-threatening reaction. eating is something you have to do every day, multiple times a day. and our kids are scared to eat. and they have to rely on the fact that whoever prepared their food didn't make a mistake. so our mission is to get everybody involved to help find a cure for food allergies. >> which they're doing with their campaign called do your 17. honoring the millions of americans who suffer from food allergies. >> 3, 2, 1, let's go! >> a social media movement
9:51 am
highlighting the number 17 and bringing the cause to new heights. >> i'm going to cheer for food allergies so that my sister isn't scared anymore. >> and a little after the break we'll talk to dr. peterson and some of the kids. we'll be back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:52 am
9:53 am
we're back with dr. peterson, an internal medicine specialist, helping us understand more about food allergies. dr. peterson, why is it -- do we have any idea why there is a surge in food allergies? why we're suddenly seeing this? it's been growing, it seems, year after year. >> when i was a kid, i don't remember any children in my class having allergies. nowadays, there's five or six kids in a class having them. it's not well understood. we know they're not inhgenetic.
9:54 am
maybe antibiotics may play a role. it's not clear. >> what are the early signs that a parent should look for in children? >> there's a lot of symptoms. respiratory symptoms include watery eyes, runny nose, coughing and sneezing. you can also get hives. it can affect the gi tract, nausea, nom vomiting. you can have the symptoms a few hours later. >> depending on the severity, it can be fatal. >> life-threatening. you can affect the airway, becoming compromised. you can get swelling of the lips and tongue. airway can swell and it can cause hoarseness. you can hear a funny sound when your child breathes. this can be life threatening. blood pressure can drop, causing shock. it is treated with an epi-pen. >> what's your name?
9:55 am
>> aaron. >> aaron brought up this -- how promising is this peanut patch we've been hearing about? >> the idea now is that if you expose a child to small amounts early on, you can sort of almost create an immune reaction to the allergen and, over time, you can reduce the reaction that they have to the product. unfortunately, peanuts and shellfish tend to be the allergies that last lifelong. meat, milk, dairy, eggs and soy and wheat, other common ole e allergens, kids outgrow them 80% of the time. for example, if your child is allergic to milk, it doesn't mean they only avoid milk. it's also in butter and cheese. you have to be aware of the ingredients in other products. also, they tend to be compartmentalized. if you're allergic to peanuts, doesn't mean you're allergic to wheat. >> we have more information on our (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
9:56 am
see what spam can! do... at our weather is basically on repeat. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. and temperatures from the 60s and low 70s. los gatos 734 degrees.
9:57 am
concord, 73. east bay. 73 in pleasanton over the next few days minor changes in our weather with warmer temperatures by the end of the week. let's check with mike. >> 880 still one of your sticking points. northbound towards the coliseum. this bus over on the shoulder. no lanes blocked. we hear there may be debris in the roadway. >> a long ignored permit process is going for those who want to enjoy one of san francisco's most popular parks and the sharks are now one win from some
9:58 am
seriously uncharted waters. the stanley cup finals. you can check it all out on our facebook page, what led to last night's big win in st. louis. another update for you in a half hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. well, it's a good day here. any time blake shelton is with us. it is boozeday tuesday june 24, also spanky tuesday, hoda gets excited about that. >> i wish blake would stick around far but i have a feeling -- >> he's on a strict schedule. but we have him not just to talk to us but also to sing. there's an older song called "hone.


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