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tv   Today  NBC  July 21, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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off of 880. other crash, better news, cleared. slowing there. >> all right. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back in half an hour. >> see you then. >> have a great thursday. ♪ good morning. convention in chaos. the rnc erupts as senator ted cruz takes the stage and pointedly does not endorse donald trump. >> vote your conscience. vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom. >> as shouting breaks out trump unexpectedly walks in and literally steals the spotlight. an unprecedented moment overshadowing indiana governor mike pence formally accepting the vice presidential nomination. >> when donald trump becomes president of the united states of america, the change will be huge. as donald trump prepares to
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give the speech of his life tonight, we talk to the woman who will introduce him and ask can he get things back on track today, thursday, july 21st, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today." at the republican national convention with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from cleveland. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." it's thursday morning. we're here at the republican convention here in cleveland and who was it that said conventions are boring, scripted affairs, nothing happens. >> take the word boring off of the list. this thing is not boring at all. it's the fourth and final day of the convention and should be a really big one for donald trump. this morning it is that snub, his primary rival ted cruz, delivering a snub that everyone is talking about. >> it was quite a moment on the floor. i was there. cruz was booed and then donald trump sweeps in and steals the moment.
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by the way, we'll talk to ivanka trump later on about what she thinks about her speech tonight and the whole melania speech controversy. >> big night for her. you mentioned earlier, ted cruz had the room for the bulk of that speech until that moment where he did not endorse. >> the crowd didn't like that one bit. we have a lot to get to. let's start with nbc national correspondent peter alexander. hey, peter, good morning to you. >> they say they have never seen a convention quite like this. so much for party unity within the last few minutes ted cruz for the first time addressed those comments about donald trump, the billionaire and reality tv star just hours away from facing the biggest audience of his life. ahead of donald trump's night, an even billed as the republican ticket's debut. >> i accept your nomination to run and serve as vice president of the united states of america. >> reporter: trump joining indiana governor mike pence on
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stage, the new running mate, trading handshake for an air kiss before trump walked off. >> we will make america great again. >> reporter: overshadowing their triumphant moment, a cruz missile. >> i want to congratulate donald trump on winning the nomination last night. >> announcer: after a rousing and powerful speech, ted cruz refusing to endorse his party's nominee. >> don't stay home in november. stand and speak and vote your conscience. >> reporter: the convention floor erupting in a chorus of loud boos. the trump family watching from the vip box in silence. >> i appreciate the enthusiasm of the new york delegation. >> reporter: as cruz was jeered off stage, his wife was escorted off the floor out of concerns for her safety. punctuating the drama, trump heard his son eric stepping on
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the end of cruz's speech. >> wow. wow. >> eric trump capturing in few words what most were thinking before showering his father in praise. >> you are my hero. you are my best friend. you are the next president of the united states. >> reporter: this morning speaking to the texas delegation, cruz defended his remarks, saying he had given the trump campaign plenty of heads up and didn't rule out an endorsement in the future. >> what i don't intend to do is go out and -- i don't intend to criticize donald. i intend, like a voter, like all of us just to listen and make the best judgment i can. >> reporter: as for pence the mild mannered good western displaying warmth and self deprecating humor. know me, which is most of you. >> reporter: taking on trump's
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democratic opponent. >> hillary clinton wants a new title and i would too if i was the secretary of the status quo. >> when donald trump becomes president of the united states of america, the change will be huge. >> reporter: one example trump talking to "the new york times" this morning saying as president he wouldn't automatically come to the defense of nato allies as required by the alliances charter. if russia attacked its baltic neighbors, trump says he would decide whether to come to their aid only after reviewing whether those countries have fulfilled their obligations to us. the clinton campaign blasting those comments overnight, saying the president is supposed to be the leader of the free world. donald trump apparently doesn't even believe in the free world. matt and savannah, a big night ahead. we'll see you there. >> peter alexander on the floor at the q. thank you. >> let's get more on how ted cruz's nonendorsement is playing with delegates, donors and donald trump himself. nbc hallie jackson has that pa
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of the story. hi, good morning. >> good morning to you, matt. we spent most of ted cruz's speech back in the texas section here where the delegates were on their feet the entire time. but when ted cruz said those words, vote your conscience, many seemed stunned. the real furry coming from the new york delegation, anger and shock and another episode of chaos here in cleveland. donald trump's review now in. >> that was a remarkable moment. what did you think? >> i loved it. >> trying to brush off ted cruz's refusal to endorse him, trump tweeting, wow, ted cruz got booed off the stage. didn't honor the pledge. i saw his speech two hours early but let him speak any way. no big deal. some trump supporters think oerz. >> to me ted cruz showed america what he really. he is a fraud. he is a liar. he is self centered and disqualified himself for ever being considered for president of the united states. >> i just think it was an awful
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performance by someone who showed himself tonight to not be a man of his word. >> reporter: cruz, returning to his hotel overnight to hug and cheers some texas delegates supportive of his on stage stance. this isn't my party. we don't do this. we might disagree. we can talk it out. but we don't do this to each other. we certainly do not do it to a u.s. senator's wife. >> the trump batting down questions about party unity. >> everyone booing him off stage because i think everyone else in here has the sense to realize the number one goal is to make sure we beat hillary clinton. >> reporter: cruz and trump's relationship over the last year a roller coaster ride. the texas senator embracing trump in the early part of the primary, memorably tweeting he is terrific, #dealwithit. >> things changed as trump amped it. >> we call him lying ted.
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>> reporter: coming to a head after trump retweeted a photo of his wife. >> reporter: will you support him as the nominee? >> i'm going to beat him. >> he didn't beat trump in indiana. the cruz campaign's final blow. >> we gave it everything we've got. but the voters chose another path. >> reporter: coming just hours after trump insinuated cruz's father played a part in fact assassination of john f. kennedy. his mess ang here on stage aimed not just at the delegates here but at conservative grass roots republicans around the country, cruz may face fallouts from some big money republicans which reports this morning he may have been denied entry to one of the donor suites here in the arena. matt, savannah. >> thank you very much. >> paul manafort is the chairman of the trump campaign. paul, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> anything happen last night? >> quiet evening in the trump world.
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>> peter king said he is a liar, chris christie said he was self center. do you agree with all of the above? >> look, donald trump wanted to demonstrate to both his opponents in the primaries and republican party and to the american people that he views the primary process as over. he invited his opponent to speak at this convention. his invitation had no conditions to it. he wasn't asking for endorsements. most people understood what it meant. so people like governor walker and marco rubio and others who spoke you know, said in various capacities plan to support the republican ticket. ted cruz took a different path. >> two schools of thought. one school says he should have never let this happen, knowing that he was going to use the words vote your conscience. there's no reason to give that spot to him on a wednesday night. the other school is you guys are crazy like foxes and you knew when he said those words that would be the reaction on the floor and it would be one of the more unifying moments of the convention so far.
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>> well, i'm not sure, but as far as i'm concerned the party is unified. last night despite what senator cruz did the party came together because they see that donald trump is making an effort. you saw paul ryan with a great introduction of vice president to be pence. you saw -- tonight you will see a fantastic speech by trump. >> you said in the last 24 hours you thought ted cruz would be part of this campaign. moving forward i would assume this morning you will retract those words? >> it's up to ted cruz not up to me. >> you would let him come back and be part of the campaign? >> our position is we want to embrace all republicans who are prepared to work and support trump/pence ticket. >> even after he betrayed that goodwill you just talked about? >> i think cruz used very bad judgment. he didn't meet them. >> let me just go back to
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something we talked to you about on monday morning or tuesday morning excuse me the morning after melania trump's speech where it was widely believed she had plagiarized portions of that speech. you came on to other shows and this show and said, no, there nofs plagiarizing, there was no cribbing. you even went as far as to blame hillary clinton. we now know in the last 24 hours it was a mistake on the part of the speech writer. that person has taken blame for it. when you said when hillary clinton is threatened by a female, the first thing she does is try to destroy that person. would you offer secretary clinton an apology for blaming her? >> look, first of all, you have to put the situation in context. it wasn't the speech writer. this is something -- >> part of the trump campaign. >> i didn't even know she was involved in the process. when i spoke to melania trump, she said that she believes and still does that she did not put those words in there. she did not know that they were words from michelle obama her specific words. >> go ahead. >> prior to that statement said
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the exact opposite and trump knew two days ago that in fact melania had sent this speech. the question is really not about whether she did or she didn't it's really a matter of candor and whether you knew that that came from michelle obama's speech. >> i did not know. i was told by mrs. trump and believe mrs. trump -- she personally put those words in that speech. as far as by mrs. mciver is concerned, i didn't know her existence. i asked the speech writers -- they said no. i asked mrs. trump, she said no. as far as i was concerned -- there was that was my position. >> huge tonight for your candidate. what is he going to say? what do you want him to say? >> he can speak to the american people. he understands the magnitude of his speech. he understands this is his moment to speak to 40 or 50 million people and assess his vision of the country. during the course of the campaign, he's distinguished himself from republicans as far as getting the nomination, but now he will be distinguishing
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himself and talking about change versus the establishment and he is the change agent. >> paul manafort, thanks for your time this morning. >> appreciate it. given last night's chaos, tonight's theme is well timed. it's called make america one again. the gop saying speakers will tackle ways to turn challenges into opportunities and focus on what units us not what divides us. >> again the highlight of the evening, donald trump accepting the republican party's nomination for president. as we mentioned, he'll be introduced by his daughter ivanka. we speak to her later. let's bring in nicole wallace and mike murphy. good morning to both you've. what happened last night? >> well, something we've never seen before. it's one thing to be not endorse trump but to get on the podium before the vice presidential nominee, pull a lightning bolt out of your pocket and throw it to trump's eyes. cruz blew himself up. will cruz be able to say purity on ideology and purity on trump. very risky, big move. does it hurt trump?
7:14 am
it does not help. we'll see how trump does tonight. that's what counts. >> nicole, you take a different view, somehow, some way this is a party more united more than ever now? >> i think that cruz accomplish what had the trump campaign has not been able to do so far, he united more republicans behind trump. what he did was the equivalent of going into someone's living room, breaking all the furniture and stealing the food out of the fridge before you run out. it was bad manners and he squandered so much goodwill. we were in the room. that room was behind ted cruz until he got to that moment when he just put the knife right in ted cruz's front. >> i want to talk -- i'm sorry donald trump's front. >> i want to talk about donald trump's speech in a second, but can we just spend one second on staging again. we talked about the staging of the vp announcement a couple of days ago. the moment last night there seemed to be a lack of coordination as mike pence was ready to leave the stage and donald trump came up. was there an attempt to embrace but then they left each other?
7:15 am
what's going on with this? >> let me for the second time this morning defend the trump campaign. he won because he is an outsider and doesn't know what you're supposed to do is grab your running mate's hand and waive it above his head. he won because he doesn't have any idea what you're supposed to do and people that like him still like him because he hasn't built a campaign around him. this is what it looks like when you run a pirate ship instead of a normal campaign. >> on the other hand, if there's anything trump really knows how to do is create an image, create a moment. we saw the entrance. what do you think about that? >> the rule book of the trump campaign is to tear up the rule book. the problem is a lot of rules are there because they work and the narrative of this convention has been train wreck so the pressure on trump tonight to really perform is immense. >> in an interview with the new york times when asked what he wants people to take away from this convention, donald trump said and i'm quoting -- the fact that i'm very well liked -- >> yeah. >> now, generally speaking, isn't it true that a candidate wants people to take away that i
7:16 am
have the vision, i have the policies to take this country forward for the next four or eight years. what do you make of that comment? >> well, that was an extraordinary interview. i'm sure we'll talk about it more in the days to come. he also laid out some really outside the mainstream ideas on foreign policy. i'm told the candidate will not double down on any of the ideas tonight. tonight it will be about the themes that got him here. but this idea of being liked is what animates his entire candidacy. that's why we heard the first ten months of his campaign, he would start by reading out all thele pos, our polls and others. so the problem with the analysis and the problem with that strategy is you need to leave being liked by more people than like you when you got here. i'm not sure yet if he accomplished that. >> the me, me, me school of presidential campaigning has got to end or he will not get out of where he is at now. you can't have a casual commitment to the nato security alliance eventually donald trump has to say something serious. the whole fly by the seat of the pants thing is showing up in policies now. that can be deadly.
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>> mike, thank you very much. nicole, thank you very much. >> thank you. got a lot more from cleveland just ahead, including savannah's conversation with ivanka trump who will introduce her dad tonight. reminder, you can catch complete coverage of the rnc all day on msnbc and get mr. trump's speech live in primetime 10:00 p.m. eastern, 7:00 p.m. pacific on nbc. another big story this morning, southwest airlines is waiving ticket change fees for tens of thousands of passengers today after a major computer failure forced the airline to cancel or delay hundreds of flights and the trouble may not be over just yet. let's get right to nbc's tom costello who covers aviation for us. good morning, tom. >> good morning. this is a real mess. southwest says it was forced to cancel 700 flights yesterday, 20% of its flights, even more delayed. that's a huge number. this morning the ceo says the computer systems were restored at 2:00 a.m. they're hoping for a more normal schedule today but it could be a very slow recovery.
7:18 am
it all started mid afternoon with the company's website and computer systems crashed. the backup failed. then the restoration attempts failed. the problems only grew worse through the day. at one point, the airline held all flights still on the ground as it tried to work through the issues. ticket agents were writing out tickets by hand. the lines inside the terminals stretching for hours with tens of thousands of passengers delayed or missing their flights. this morning flight aware shows just under 200 flights cancelled before 7:00 a.m. east coast time today. the airline says it's still in a recovery mode. it's urging customers to check the status of your flights online before arriving at the airports but it could be another rough day as it tries to accommodate everybody who missed a flight yesterday. back to you, guys. >> tom costello in washington. thank you. let's talk about the stifling heat and humidity blanketing a large portion of the country. al's got that. al. >> thanks so much. i want to show you this great drone shot from illinois.
7:19 am
it's about 60 miles west of chicago. the reason we showed this, the reason we show this is we talk about something called the corn sweats. that's right. the humidity emitted from huge fields like this can add to the feels like temperature, which is humidity makes it feel that much warmer. look at all the moisture around that field. that adds to all the heat and humidity and makes you feel worse. today could be the hottest day in the continental united states since june 30th of 2012. i mean, think about it, 91 million people under excessive heat advisories. stretches for 24 states, just shy of 1 million square miles under this heat dome that just drops the warm air falling down. we bring in the humidity. temperatures are in the mid 90s from rapid city to st. louis. it feels like it is over 100s into the weekend. the same as you move further to the east.
7:20 am
we're looking at temperatures, air temperatures in the 90s. humidity levels will add that up to make it feel like it's over 100 degrees. dangerous heat that stretches all the way to the east coast this weekend. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. clouds have rolled in across much of the bay area but it won't stick around. we'll see it through mid morning. it is clear in spots in san francisco. 58 degrees.
7:21 am
and 53 degrees in the north bay with highs reaching up to 81 degrees. we'll also have some low to mid 80s in the south bay and the tri-valley. 70s for the east bay and the peninsula and san francisco today. a breezy 63 degrees and some hot weather expected this weekend. that's that's your latest weather. matt, we were talking of the corn sweats this weekend, i'm planning on the meat sweats. >> i would like that after being here in cleveland, i have some meat sweats. thanks, buddy appreciate it. >> hearing talking about the corn sweats sh love it. coming up, we'll go one on one with ivanka. her thoughts on the drama here in cleveland so far and why she is so-called terrified to introduce her father later tonight. >> i would be nervous as well. what hillary clinton also is planning for the democratic convention to combat the attacks she's faced here in cleveland as she prepares to announce her vp pick later this week. but first this is "today" on nbc. ♪
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seriously... double miles... everywhere. what's in your wallet? . a very good morning. 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're following developing news this morning. firefighters still battling a massive fire in millbrae. it's at community center in central park on lincoln circle. fire started about 4:00 this morning and quickly grew to four alarms. many more firefighters were called in for backup to help fight the flames. the fire was burning in the attic of the building which is making things very difficult for firefighters. people living around community center tells the center has been a very important part of that community for decades. there are no reports injuries at this time and it's too early to determine the cause of this four alarm fire. let's check the forecast now with kari. >> laura, we start out with clouds across parts of the bay area but here at ocean beach it's nice and clear.
7:27 am
i think we will see clouds at some point here. it's 58 degrees. and it's 57 in concord. 56 in livermore and san jose. starts out the morning at 59. highs this afternoon will be pretty much like yesterday but a little bit warmer in spots. like in fairfield, concord, up to 88 degrees. livermore, 85. and 68 degrees in oakland. and santa rosa up to 80 degrees. and palo alto expecting a high of 77. let's head over to mike now for a view of what's happening on the roadways. >> the overview looks great. standard here. northbound out of san jose reports of two separate crashes. one just shy of 237. that's causing that slow zone and heading through the area. it's lightening up but still over toward 237, standard cloe westbound across the sum barton. and recovery conversations but a slow recovery to the upper east shore experienced a crash that cleared. heading down towards the bay
7:28 am
bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. thank you for joining us as well. another update in half an hour.
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welcome back, everyone. 7:30 on a thursday morning. it's the 21st day of july, 2016. enthusiastic crowd here in downtown cleveland. day four of the rnc. we can't wait, by the way, for another big concert tomorrow back in new york city on our plaza when superstar celine dion performs for us. >> there's a lot of business to attend to here at the republican
7:31 am
convention. ivanka will be in the spotlight tonight as she introduced her father to the delegates. we caught up with ivanka to talk about her speech and adjusting to life on the campaign trail. if i told you a year ago that you would be at the republican national convention, you would be introducing your father who is steps away from the presidency, what would you have said? >> i am not surprised in retrospect because i've never seen my father apply himself with determination towards a goal and not achieve it. last night actually standing alongside both of my brothers when the count went over the top during roll call and he was officially declared the republican nominee, i got very emotional. it's been an unbelievable journey. i'm incredibly proud of my father. >> are you nervous about introducing him tomorrow night? >> i'm terrified. i am terrified. i have never spoken in a stadium like this.
7:32 am
but really i just want to make sure i do a great job for him. you know, it's a real honor and privilege that he asked me to do this. i think it's a testament to him as a parent. >> how did he ask you? >> in a pretty casual way like my father does things like that. ivanka, would you like to do it. you'll be fine. don't worry. it will be great. >> what do you want to convey tomorrow about your dad? >> i know the man as a parent and i can share how he raised me and my siblings and the father he was. but also i can talk about the man he is as a leader and entrepreneur and business builder and visionary. knowing him from those two very different vantage points but seeing similar attributes transcend both words gives me a unique perspective in that regard. >> there's been controversy in the last couple days because melania gave her speech and
7:33 am
campaign acknowledge d there wee parts similar to michelle obama's speech. what have the last two days been like for her and for you and what's your reaction to this? >> i love melania so much and i'm proud of the job she did. she's a very private person and for her to come out on that stage and speak from the heart and share her story about coming to this country, this is such a personal experience for her. she shared it in such a graceful and articulate way. i am enormously impressed with her ability to do that and have great respect for it. >> have you developed that politician's daughter's thick skin yet? >> the last year has helped. definitely a little thicker than it was at the beginning of this. i think the most helpful thing for me is the fact that i know who my father is as a person so a lot of labels get bantered
7:34 am
around and people can say some vicious things. i know the truth about my father. i couldn't support my father if i didn't know those things to be pure fiction. i know the man. that gives me great comfort. >> your brother went after hillary clinton. he definitely went on the attack. should we expect that from you? >> i'm going to speak about my father. that's really what i want to be talking about. that's obviously what i know most intimately. that's where my focus will be. >> how do you feel about the convention and what you hear and what you see? you're on the floor. you hear the excitement. you hear the chants. sometimes you hear chants like "lock her up" or "guilty." are you comfortable with that? >> it's exciting. it's quite a production. it's definitely a different experience. never been to something like this. >> what are you going to tell yourself as you walk out on stage thursday night?
7:35 am
>> don't trip? after i get to the podium, you know, i think i'm really comfortable with my speech because it comes from my heart and hopefully i'm able to deliver it in an articulate way. i think at the end of the day i know i'll go home to my children and they'll love me as much regardless. even if i bomb, my father won't hold it against me. >> i understand why she said she's terrified. not that she doesn't know the subject better than anyone. it's a huge stage. >> i think anyone would have their hearts in their throats. a huge stage right there. you have thousands of people to say nothing of the audience of home. a big honor but also a big job. >> look forward to watching that tonight. >> in our next half hour, we'll hear from eric trump. this morning he has harsh words for ted cruz over what happened on that convention stage last night coming up in our next half hour. >> over to al for a check of the weather. >> thanks so much. got a great crowd here hanging
7:36 am
out. the weather here for cleveland and convention has been spectacular. under a dome of high pressure. our heat will start rising. a secondary situation with this heat dome. the jet stream up to the top. we call these storms that will develop ridge riders. they ride along this ridge of high pressure so for today we've got the risk of strong storms in the upper great lakes. isolated tornadoes possible. and then where it dips down, the jet stream dips down into the east, tomorrow we've got the risk of strong storms in the northeast and new england. we'll be watching for possible tornadoes in new york and pennsylvania. already we're seeing strong storms firing up in the western great lakes. we have severe thunderstorm watches and warnings developing. after a cloudy start this morning, we're in for a lot of sunshine. 54 degrees in the peninsula and 58 in the east bay. highs today reaching into the 70s for the east bay and peninsula while the south bay, north bay and tri-valley will be
7:37 am
in the 80s. san francisco will be in a nice and cool 63 degrees. also breezy there with mostly sunny skies. along the coastline will be in the 60s and into the mid to upper 80s for the inland valleys and it continues to warm as we head into this weekend. >> and that is your latest weather. guys? >> all right. thank you so much. coming up, how will hillary clinton respond to the attacks she's faced here at the rnc? plus, politics and pizza? the unexpected reason more of us are ordering out for dinner. but first on a thursday morning, these messages.
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save money. live better. walmart. welcome back where republicans are in the spotlight this week of course. >> that's right. we've also heard a lot about the presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton so how will she respond at the dnc in philadelphia next week? nbc's andrea mitchell is here with more on that part of the story. good morning. >> good morning to you. and then it is her turn. after today, hillary clinton gets her turn planning a convention designed to prove that she's not the demon the republicans have been portraying all week. speaker after speaker attacking hillary clinton with razor sharp rhetoric. >> it was hillary clinton who left americans in harm's way in benghazi and after four americans fell said what difference at this point does it make? >> the cost of hillary's dishonesty could be the loss of america as we know it.
7:43 am
>> reporter: expecting donald trump to continue the onslaught in his speech tonight. the clinton campaign this morning releasing a video featuring a more complimentary trump. republicans spent more time this week trying to demonize hillary clinton than praise donald trump. democrats will try to strike a different tone next week. just as another clinton helps clean up his image after a bruising primary with a gauzy film in 1992, hillary clinton will star in her own bio pic by the same producers highlighting her role as first woman with a chance to break politics highest glass ceiling. >> the dreams we share are worth fighting for. >> we're trying to tell the story of who hillary clinton is. >> reporter: while the republican convention is three states away, democratic leaders
7:44 am
are showing up. on thursday, hillary clinton introduced by her daughter, chelsea, who made her first convention appearance as a curly air 12 year old in 1992 and elizabeth warren appealing to disappointed bernie sanders supporters and plenty of hollywood sizzle. as clinton hopes to shore up support among younger voters. >> she understands she really has some work to do there and she's eager to do it. get out there and talk to young women and young men about stakes they have in this election. >> reporter: but perhaps the most important step clinton will take to counter republicans is choosing a running mate and that decision could come at any moment? >> who is that going to be?
7:45 am
>> i would put my money on tim kaine. >> thank you. coming up, donald trump's unusual path from businessman to presidential nominee and we'll look at that as seen through his many, many appearances on "today" over the years. plus, much more from here in cleveland on a thursday morning. cleveland on a thursday morning. burst, the cleveland on a thursday morning. burst, the i had a wonderful time tonight. me too! call me tomorrow? i'm gonna send a vague text in a couple of days, that leaves you confused about my level of interest. i'll wait a full two days before responding. perfect! we're never gonna see each other again, will we? no-no. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back. 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. ♪fx: boop this back to school, unleash their creativity...
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7:50 am
just ahead from downtown cleveland, what eric trump is saying to us this morning about ted cruz's snub of his dad last night. but first, famous moments from the convention speeches of other republican presidential nominees and presidents over the years. take a walk down memory lane. >> government start working for you again and get this country back on the road to prosperity and peace the. >> read my lips. no more taxes. >> we came together in a national crusade to make america great again. with our beloved nation at peace, we're in the midst of a springtime of hope for america. greatness lies
7:51 am
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good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a live view from concord right now we have mostly sunny skies. it's 60 degrees there. a look at all of our temperatures. 64 in napa. san francisco, 58. and 59 now in san jose. it will be warm for the inland areas but a lot of sunshine and actually it will be cooler than average. up to 84 in los gatos. embarcadero, 63 degrees. mid 70s for napa. low 80s for san rafael. livermore, looking at a high of 85 degrees. let's see what's happening on the roads now with mike. >> kari, our shot of 880 past the coliseum northbound, a lot of traffic stacking up. hit their brakes. looks like that's the only thing going on because now moving smoother but still slow through that stretch of oakland. not unusual for your map. the south bay shows similar northbound slowing. tim call for sill can valley.
7:57 am
right approaching the san mateo bridge toll plaza. crash moving to the shoulder. westbound across toward the peninsula where the build is on for the bay shore freeway. jammed on the peninsula southbound at 101 around cesar chavez. may still have activity there. both directions slow 101 jams up. earlier crash at the 280 split. also affects traffic. back to you. happening now, firefighters continue to battle a four-alarm fire in millbrae at a community center on circle drive in central park. the fire started about 4:00 this morning. it's been burning since. we're posting new video of that fire on our nba bay area app. trending right now on a police chase ends right in front of the new correction alpha tellity in redwood city. started when officers tried to stop a suspected drunk driver. the man kept driving. finally stopping outside the jail and then running straight into the facility where he was
7:58 am
arrested. another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it'ss 8:00 on today, coming up, texas-sized snub. ted cruz creates a stir on the convention floor by not endorsing donald trump. >> i appreciate the enthusiasm of the new york delegation. >> the former trump rival upstaging the nomination of his own party's vice president and as donald trump gets set to make the biggest speech of his life, we'll look back at three decades of the donald on "today." >> 33 years old, worth all this money, you didn't want to be worth a billion dollars. >> i just want to keep busy and active and be interested in what i do and that's all there is to life as far as i'm concerned. plus training like a champion. as we count down to rio, natalie takes us inside the olympic training center for a rare peek
8:01 am
at the state of the of the art technology that team usa is depending on. i feel like it's kerry and me. i love this. and sets her own personal best in the pool. and born to be a star. >> i know you're looking for something. let me help you find it. >> oscar winner stops by studio 1a to talk about teaming up with matt damon in a highly anticipated new install of the bourne franchise. today is july 21, 2016. [ applause ] >> welcome to cleveland! >> good morning, cleveland, ohio! >> matt lauer, meeting you has been on my bucket list since 1992, can we meet today? ♪ ♪ >> al roker rocks.
8:02 am
>> oh. >> ohio! >> hi everybody, good morning, hello, cleveland, and welcome back to the republican national convention. we have loved our time here. we've loved it, you might see we're on the love train. >> this is savannah's throwback thursday song, love train by the ojs. little bit of a con trix, you heard it on the floor, but the ojs are part of tsop, the sound of philadelphia, that's next week. >> okay, i did not know that. by the way, you know who loves them some love train? >> who? >> chuck todd and lester holt. this is the other night, we couldn't help it. we were boogying down like it was our job. >> the ojs will do that to somebody, no question. all right. while we're talking about the convention, let's get right to the drama last night, highlighted by ted cruz being booed off stage after he failed to endorse donald trump. nbc's peter alexander just spoke to trump's son, eric, to get his reaction to all of that.
8:03 am
peter, good morning again to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning, make no mistake, this has a dramatic, at times chaotic convention, no better example than what happened last night. that lasted 23 minutes, ted cruz became clear would not be endorsing donald trump, the republican audience, especially the new york delegation would have none of it. cruz faced boos and jeers as he walked off stage. and at that very moment, donald trump arrived in the arena to loud applause. there was that moment as it took place. i just spoke to trump's son, eric, about donald trump's speech scheduled for tonight. he says it will be honest, it will be optimistic, and during the course of our conversation, just within the last 30 minutes, i asked him which donald trump we'll see tonight. >> i can't take the suspense out of tonight. >> you know? >> he cares about the country.
8:04 am
this is not for fun. this is not a joke. he's put his life aside to run for the most powerful office in the world. you know how daunting this trail is. this isn't easy stuff. it's stressful stuff, it's incredibly hard work. i gave him amazing credit for putting side his life to do this whole process. and he's passionate about it. this country has given him everything in the world and he wants to give back to a nation that's, you know, really done everything for us as a family. >> reporter: that moment last night, when ted cruz delivered those remarks, you weren't here, but we saw your siblings, they were stone faced. what did your family think of that speech? >> i was i think about ten feet behind him. i think the audience spoke for themselves. when you have 22,000 people booing you at your own party's convention, i don't know, i think that's pretty -- >> reporter: does it make him seem sympathetic? >> don't come out if you don't want to be supportive. i think he lost a lot of political credibility yesterday. i think he did a lot, maybe a lot people calling it political
8:05 am
suicide, i don't know if it is that or not. when you have 22,000 people booing you in a room of your peers. i mean that's a pretty bad thing for your career and listen, i almost heard he didn't have that many friends in washington, d.c. and not in this room last night. >> reporter: the final night of this convention, there'll be two big moments, donald trump, of course, the highlight, but introducing him tonight, of course his daughter, ivanka, i asked eric about his big sister. she will be elegant, she will be smart and poised. and given all the conversation this week about melania trump and those lifted lines from michelle obama's speech just a couple years back in 2008, and don trump jr., who had some words that have been used in a magazine article only a couple months ago, eric tells me his dad wrote much of the speech, some of it with help, but that he has put in tremendous thought and passion into the marks he delivers tonight. matt and savannah. >> thank you very much. you can catch more of the convention on msnbc and live in prime time, 10:00 eastern, 7:00
8:06 am
pacific time right here on nbc. let's get a check of the other top stories. chanel jones in studio 1a, good morning. >> good morning, southwest airlines is apologizing for flight disruptions now stretching into their second day. the company says technical problems forced it to cancel more than 700, even more were delayed. the main computer system failed and then the back-up failed, then the restoration failed. they got it working overnight, but southwest is advising customers traveling today to check their flight status online and get there early. it's also waiving rebooking fees for anyone affected. new video taken just moments before police shot an unarmed black man is raising questions this morning. the self-video shows charles lying on the ground with his hands in the air. he is a therapist who was helping an autistic patient at the time. north miami police they were responding to a call of a man walking around with a gun. at some point, police shot him in the leg, but that portion of
8:07 am
the video not seen in if this video here. he suffered a nonlife threatening injury, the state attorney is now investigating. russian track and field athletes will not compete at the rio olympics. this morning the court of arbitration for sports rejected the appeal by 68 russian track and field athletes who are seeking to overturn an imposed ban following allegations of state-sponsored doping and cover-ups. it could influence whether the entire russian olympic team is banned from the games. hot weather health alerts have been issued in more than 20 states as a dome of heat spreads over much of the country. nbc's blake mccoy is in illinois with more on the dangerous conditions, blake, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we're coming live from rural illinois talking about the heat this morning because of corn sweat. al roker brought this up. there's so much corn here in the midwest it can actually impact the temperatures. that's because the moisture gets sucked up into the atmosphere,
8:08 am
creating more humidity and the corn sweat can actually make things feel even hotter. with corn sweat adding to already sweltering temperatures this morning it is dangerously hot and getting hotter. in minneapolis, those forced to work outside are trying to cope any way they can. >> it's a wet towel, so it kind of keeps you moist a little bit. >> near triple digit heat is setting in for parts of the west, midwest, and south. the hot, sticky weather will build and move east by the weekend. here in chicago it's going to be so hot, people are warned to stay indoors. we have a team of correspondents working to beat the heat across the country. here in southern california, it's beginning to heat up in more ways than one. >> the temperatures will be near triple digits and the fire threat here is critical. >> in south florida it's so hot, even a dip in the pool won't really cool you off because the water temperature is, 94 degrees. >> it's always hot in texas this
8:09 am
time of year, but there is increased concern for both people and pets right now. after a police dog in the dallas area died due to heatstroke. >> reporter: outside st. louis, a 90-year-old woman died when her air conditioner stopped working. prompting a reminder to check on the elderly. >> when i say check on them, physically check on them. >> reporter: in many cities, cooling centers are being opened. and parents everywhere are looking to keep smiles on their kid's hot faces. he looks like he has more than his feet beat. >> he got a lot more than his feet wet. he's having fun, so he'll dry. >> reporter: i want to show you how hot things have been in some parts of the midwest already. look at video from rapid city, south dakota, it got so hot there, triple digits that a car dealership, they actually decided to start baking cookies on the hood of the car. they were severely undercooked still, but they did make some progress actually and they had a thermometer that was reading well into the triple digits. it is really going to be hot out
8:10 am
here live in illinois, we're expecting actual air temperatures to be in the 90s today. it's going to feel like triple digits and chanel we know that that corn sweat is a reason why it's going to feel warmer. >> i've seen people frying a egg, but nobody bake cookies. maybe that'll be a new one for reporters around the world. >> exactly. >> thank you, blake. all right, let's go back to matt and savannah in cleveland, they baked cookies outside. just with the -- how hot it is outside. >> necessity is a mother of invention. >> you no e what goes well with corn sweat, cookies, yeah, really well. >> milk shakes. >> i would love to, and pickles too, hint, hint. just ahead, does a ten-year-old need a smart phone? the surprising age most parents give their kids their first smart phone. plus gwen stefanny, the role she could have got. and what donald trump's more than 100 appearances over 36
8:11 am
years here on this show have taught us about the man who wants to be president. we'll walk down memory lane right after this. be president. we'll walk down memory lane ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the new 2017 ford fusion is here. it's the beauty of a well-made choice. ♪ you made with your airline credit card.these purchases hold only got double miles
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8:14 am
hmmm. rookie mistake. all right. all right. we're back, time for what's trending today, it's not trending anymore without nicole wallace. we have to have her. >> you're stuck with me. >> i think your more of a pop star. >> really expertise. >> we've been talking all morning about ted cruz getting essentially booed off the stage last night at the convention. well, before that, he actually experienced kind of another embarrassing moment earlier in the day. the senator was addressing a crowd at a rally, but was quickly overshadowed, take a look. [ booing ] >> that was pretty well-orchestrated. jeb, did you order them to fly
8:15 am
the plane right when i said that? >> that was donald trump's plane making a dramatic appearance right in the middle of cruz's speech and drowning it out. >> actually, and i think it was at the moment he was like, well, someone else got the nomination and the crowd's like, oh no, and then all the sudden, whew. >> and you can hear trump on the plane saying, circle for another minute. >> i was outside when this happened, and it was very loud. you could hear that everywhere. but, you know, this was really ted cruz's no good, very bad day. that was an omen. >> impression for what was going to happen. >> another moment on the floor last night wet just have to talk about, take a look at this. okay. this was at the end of the speech. and you see donald trump coming on to the stage to greet mike pence, and we need a presidential historian because, nicole, is this the first convention air kiss? let's see it one more time. >> i can watch that all day. >> followed by the finger gun.
8:16 am
finger gun, and then he retreats. thoughts. >> i mean, two hands of donald trump's to keep pence in place and i think donald trump enjoyed that moment more than mike pence did. but they're still getting to know each other. i think chemistry will come next. >> it was cute. it was a great picture, you know. >> maybe it's a new york thing, kiss. >> air kiss. >> most new york men don't air kiss other guys. >> no, they just go in and kiss. >> exactly. >> no air kissing. let's talk politics and pizza now. it seems deliveries for pizza are on the rise, way up as more americans opt to stay home instead of dining out. that might not sound earth shattering to you, but new research provides an unusual reason why. analystic key bank says look no further than our divisive police climate. from his research, and he's from key bank, we have to believe it, he inferred that people would rather remain safe and sound at
8:17 am
home as opposed to risking going out and running into some kind of political conflict while eating out. >> like an argument breaking out? >> like that there's too many opportunities you run into someone and get into a heated political discussion. >> that's a stretch to me. >> i have a lot of discusses for eating pizza, but having a fight about trump and clinton is not one of them. >> quarterly report. >> let's go to new york and get pop start from carson. >> good morning, guys. got an air kiss, unbelievable. we're going to start off with james cordon the comedian was back in action last night with his famed car pool karaoke. that skit's gone viral several times with guests like justin bieber, adele, jennifer lopez, and joined by the first lady of the united states, michelle obama. she gave him a tour of the white house grounds and then they jammed some tunes with missy elliott, have a look. >> this is the white house and we're passing the rose garden. as you see here.
8:18 am
>> yeah. >> thrz the oval office. my husband 12 in there somewhere. >> is he in there right now? >> he better be. that's where he said he was. ♪ ♪ >> there's missy. first lady missy elliott recently collaborated on a song as let girls learn initiative if you want to watch that full video, please, it's great, head to "today's" facebook page. on to other musical influences, gwen stefanny on wednesday doing an interview on the radio show. the singer opened up about a movie role she auditioned for, the role of jane smith, as in mr. and mrs. smith. gwen said i feel like i almost got it, went to auditions, it was very competitive and i wanted to do, but i wanted to do music more. as we all know, angelina jolie snagged that role. that is the film where she met her new husband, brad pitt. and shannon dougherty
8:19 am
sharing hard breaking news, known for charmed and 90210 has been battling breast cancer. she posted pictures to her instagram showing the pros of shaving off her hair. the candid images show each step of the emotional undertaking, sad to see, but shannon at the end there with a smile on her face. she was diagnosed back in march, 2015, of course we here at the "today" show wish her all the best in her fight against cancer. guys, back to cleveland, that is your pop start for today. >> thank you. >> let us get a check of the weather now from al. now from a. >> announcer: today's today's weather is brought to you by camping world. get one stop shopping for everything rv at your nearby camping world rv supercenter. >> of course the big story besides how great things are here in cleveland is the heat. and we're talking a lot of folks. we're looking at this heat dome and we expect to see those temperatures to really skyrocket
8:20 am
with the heat and humidity from the midwest all the way into the northeast. and as far west as parts of southern cali couple days across the bay area. right now, it feels nice and comfortable. we're in the mid to upper 50 skpz low 60s with a high of 75 degrees expected in redwood city. and 81 today in san jose. in the tri-valley, mid to upper 80s. in santa rosa. 80 degrees into the next several days. some of these valleys will be reaching into the upper 90s. >> what's your name? >> zachary. >> nice to meet you, zachary. back to you guys. as donald trump prepares to deliver his big convention speech tonight, we thought it would be interesting to look back at his many appearances on "today." >> more than 100 in all dating
8:21 am
back to 1980 each time mr. trump presented a different version of himself, interest, endeavors and more. take a look. >> as republican presidential candidate donald trump has been a frequent presence on "today" -- good morning. nice to see you. mr. trump, good morning. >> good morning. >> but this is the trump we first met nearly 36 years ago. >> take a look at my next guest. this is donald trump. >> august 21 of t, 1980. from the start, the conversation turned to bigger aspirations for the still young real estate tycoon. >> what's left in your life. you're 33 years old. you're worth all this money. you said you don't want to be worth a billion dollars. >> i want to be active and interested in what i do. that's all there is to life as far as i'm concerned. >> do you have the genes to be a successful politician? >> you never know. i'm outspoken. that's not a good thing in terms of a politician.
8:22 am
>> appearing on our show numerous times through the decades, trump boasted of his empire. >> i love playing with toy blocks and somehow i guess in my own way i'm just doing the same thing. >> we were there for the rise. >> you walk down the street sometimes and people will touch you just for the good luck. >> i never figured that out. i never really understood it. i have to consider it a compliment. >> how much of a blow was it personally to have so much detail about your finances made public? >> i think that i've become very resilient over the years. >> and the comeback. >> trump park is over there. trump international is right over there. this has been the best business year i've ever had. >> not content with just business, trump tried his hand at entertainment. "the apprentice" appears tonight. >> i've been firing people all my life. it's not a big deal. i never had a drug in my life. never had glass of alcohol. i do go out with beautiful
8:23 am
women. >> he's called them his achilles' heel. >> i sort of like having people around me that are like me that i like and whether it's marla or somebody else. >> while donald seemed ready to write off marriage -- >> it's always been easy for me. the marriage stuff to me is very much more complex. >> love found him again. >> what made you want to get married again? >> i have had the best five years of my life. melania has been there. i assume she's made it that way for me. >> trump's one constant is his family's love. >> you love daddy? >> it was weak. >> i've seen what he's done both as a parent on a personal level and as a leader. >> but for those who dare to clash with trump in the past, there's no love loss. >> i believe in an eye for an eye if you have a chance. >> why not be bigger than that? >> i like being small. i don't mind. >> his most famous feud with
8:24 am
rosie o'donnell. >> i think i rather be fat. >> the donald has shown he can take the occasional hair joke. >> how did i do on the hair? >> very great. i wish i had the hair. >> whether he was conquering real estate, reality tv or relationships, there's always been that lingering question, first asked in 1987. >> am i running for president? i have no interest in running for president. >> in 2000 he announced a possible run here on "today." >> presidential race, are you serious? >> i am serious. >> even picking his ideal running mate. >> i think oprah would be great. >> seriously. then again in 2011. >> this time i really do have an interest. >> even testing waters by testing the president. >> you spent a lot of time talking about president obama's
8:25 am
birth certificate or lack thereof. you're not convinced he has one. >> i would like to have him show his birth certificate. >> but the fourth time seems to be the charm and this time donald trump is not holding back. >> why are you parsing her words? >> making sure everything in his presidential campaign -- >> the republican front runner joins us live on the plaza. >> just like everything in his life is huge. >> i had forgotten about a lot of those appearances. >> that's like walking down memory lane with you and donald. >> his hair stayed the same. mine went away. >> thank you, matt. look who i have here in studio 1a. we have alicia vikander. she's in the new "jason bourne" film franchise. >> i'm a big fan. >> we'll chat about i'm . ====wee flowg delong ws tg
8:26 am
a very good morning to you. we are following developing news this morning. firefighters still on the scene of this massive fire in millbrae. it started about 4:00 this morning, quickly growing to four alarms, meaning more firefighters were called in to help battle those flames. the fire burned in the attic of the building, which is making things very, very difficult for fires. people in the community says the center has been an important part of the community for decades. now they're looking for hot spots. let's check in with mike. >> i'm looking for hot spots. different ones. slower traffic. we'll look around the bay. here's the unusual pattern for
8:27 am
85 in the south bay. there was an earlier crash causing extra slowing. this is probably the best we've seen the south bay all week. friday, hopefully even lighter than that. the east shore freeway continues with a tough drive. the latest issue was a disabled vehicle. that has cleared in the last few minutes. some more slowing in oakland northbound towards high street. that just kicked in over the last few minutes. no junior issues. >> that's a good thing. another update in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
12 f. snoors
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 on a thursday morning. the 21st day of july, 2016. check out parade the circle. combination of dancers, still walkers and steel drum players. just saturday night at savannah's house. they perform for 27 years here in cleveland all part of a community outreach program provided by the cleveland museum of art. >> awesome to have them. by the way, it's almost that
8:31 am
time of morning that we look forward to so much. time to eat. more cleveland food on "today's" menu. local favorites, barbecue. back to you. >> they got politics down for sure. they got the food down no problem. guys, check out what we've got. we've got puppies from little shelter animal rescue in nearby huntington, new york. they're helping us get the word out about clear the shelters, a nationwide pet adoption drive. >> a few of us have dogs. i have blake. al has pepper. natalie has zara. natalie will host this post-adoption special next friday here on nbc. >> here's the deal. this saturday more than 625 shelters across the country will be reducing or dropping adoption fees for one day only. find one near you, check out >> my guy is hamilton. >> mine is glenda.
8:32 am
>> "jason bourne" store, alicia vikander is here. we'll talk to her about co-starring with matt damon. calling all "harry potter" fans. one week from today a huge contest to celebrate the release of the new book. come down to the plaza next thursday dressed as your favorite harry potter character. join us here on the plaza. >> you can win a copy of the new book and a vip trip for you and a guest to universal studios hollywood. and the first 250 entrants receive the first seven "harry potter" books. to enter, you need to be 13 or older. carson, you're in. and parents. come along with your kids. >> back to you guys in cleveland and al.
8:33 am
>> all right. you were born for that little one. all right. we're feeling the cleveland spirit. we're here with cleveland state cheer team. got their mascot. and by the way, we've got buckeyes. it's actually a candy. they're known as a nut. this is actually a candy. chocolate covered peanut butter. what's wrong with that? and you've got a little something for us here? very nice. thank you so much. never eat a buckeye and try to do a forecast. here's what's going on as far as your weekend is concerned. let's start with tomorrow. you'll see that we're looking at a slight risk in the northeast and also in the northern plains. plenty of sunshine out west. and along the gulf coast. friday, slight risk continues in the upper mississippi river
8:34 am
valley. sunny skies. hit or miss thunderstorms in new england. and also down through the gulf coast and sunday, sunday, we're looking at more wet weather around the great lakes and ohio river valley. cleveland may see some showers. that will be after everybody is headed home from the big convention. where's the hat there? look at that. look at that. we will see the clouds, spotty here and there. will be clearing out as we go into the afternoon. right now, upper 50s to lower 60s. in san francisco, expect a high of 63 degrees today. 66 degrees tomorrow. and we'll be slightly warmer into the weekend, but still very nice. and some very hot temperatures of inland areas. right at about average today, trending well above average with sizzling temperatures especially on sunday.
8:35 am
get your weather any time you need it. make sure you watch the weather channel on cable. guys? >> al, thank you very much. you know what? this is tom brokaw's 23rd national convention and he's going to make it -- i thought you would correct me there in the middle. 24 next week in philly. >> amazing. such a resource to have as we watch this. a lot of people have said this is such an unsettled time. i know you've been looking back and there's nothing like your first convention. >> my first convention was 1968 after bobby kennedy had been killed. dr. king had been killed earlier. we were in vietnam at the time. i remember vividly going to chicago with a sparkling beautiful day and thought this would be a good time and then it turned out to be a nightmare. let's take a look at the convention in 1968 and the world at that time. >> 1968 was my first convention year. i thought the world was coming apart. almost 16,000 americans died in
8:36 am
vietnam including a close friend. >> i will not accept the nomination. >> president johnson was forced not to run for re-election. >> martin luther king was shot and killed tonight. >> dr. martin luther king and bobby kennedy were murdered. the democratic convention in chicago was chaos in the hall and in the streets. richard nixon was taking the gop south. george wallace played the race card. and racial uprisings were everywhere. this obviously has been a very tough summer for relationships between african-americans and police in the country but it's nothing compared to what happened in 1968. there were effectively wars in detroit, omaha, washington, d.c., and here in cleveland in an area known as the glenville
8:37 am
neighborhood. the black nationalist had a home here and police suspected he was storing weapons of all kinds. the fight broke out and the fight quickly became a war. it was war so violent cleveland's black mayor barred white police from the neighborhood and brought in the national guard. it didn't work. it went on for three days. nine people were killed. policemen and black nationalists. a major cleveland project to rebuild black neighborhoods started before the uprising came to an abrupt and bloody end. it was that kind of year. the other thing about that time, quite honestly, it was not just all that we're seeing there but there was a cultural revolution. the young people were defying everything their parents stood for, the generation i call the greatest generation. they rejected it. it was a time of much more
8:38 am
turmoil than we're going through right now. >> you say back then people thought the world was coming apart. you did as well. people say that now and it's nice to know that we recovered from 1968 and hopefully have the same chance of recovering coming out of this. >> the inherent strengths of this country are there and we're not paying attention to the great strength of america at the moment is out there in the cities away from washington. they're doing very well. very strong governors in both parties. cities are doing well. economy is beginning to work in those areas. most of all, they have to take a deep breath and say remember who we are. >> nice to keep it in perspective. thank you for helping us do that this morning. >> we're going to make a turn. up next, oscar winner alicia vikander stops by studio 1a. she'll talk about joining the wildly popular "jason bourne" franchise. first on a thursday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
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8:41 am
back now. the popular "bourne" movie is back. this time it's "jason bourne." >> alicia vikander plays an expert with a difficult task of trying to reel in one jason bourne. have a look. >> i'm not in charge here. i wasn't here when you went missing. i can see you're going through the old files. retracing your history. i know you're looking for something. let me help you find it. >> i'm in already. >> i want in. >> good morning. thanks for being here. congratulations on your oscar win. >> thank you so much. >> that thing is heavy, huh? >> it was. you needed two hands. >> real hardware. >> what's that like when you
8:42 am
look back at that moment? >> when i see that photo, it still feels kind of surreal. >> did the offers just come flowing in after you won that oscar? is that what happened? >> i've had that question. actually, i have been -- i went two days after that night straight back to "jason bourne" set after that and the next film i'm doing it's been in development for two years that i'm producing. i don't know yet. >> you have three films coming out in the next year. you were filming this movie. you and your roommates were flat broke living in your flat instead of having money to go to the pub, what would you do? >> we had this thing. we had the trilogy in our flat and we didn't have anything else to do or money to do anything
8:43 am
else, let's just watch "jason bourne" again. normally when you meet the director for a film, you go in and have a chitchat and talk about the film. and then i just went in and said i've seen the film 40 times. >> had you met matt damon before? >> no, i hadn't. >> how was that working with him? >> he's known to be the most sweet guy. he is all that. it's something about -- i grew up watching him. i saw him as a character actor in a lot of dramas and then suddenly he stepped in as jason bourne and became an action hero. >> so many projects coming up. how do you know you'll pick a winner? >> when i look back, i think it all comes down to the people that you get to work with. i think the filmmakers, you can
8:44 am
have a fantastic story and a role that's engaging but it's really the visionary behind it and the people involved making it that makes the film. the actors and the filmmakers involved. >> this was shot in las vegas. you get into las vegas. you get into a cab. the cab driver tells you a few things you should know of what's happening in vegas right now. >> and you know, you could be lucky. you might just see matt damon on the street. >> where were you for that action scene? >> i wasn't in that scene sadly. but they blew up 170 cars in the scene. normally you assume that everything is screened so i went
8:45 am
to the top floors of the hotel and watched it. >> so many good ones. "life between oceans" is coming out that i hope you'll tell us more about. >> thank you. we appreciate it. >> "jason bourne" hits theaters next friday, july 29th. coming up next, we'll take you inside the olympic training center where the world's top athletes have just a few more days to prepare for rio. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc. when consultant josh atkins books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and think big. and when josh thinks big you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some... he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. look at that pie chart! boom! you've never seen a number like that! you feel me lois? i'm feeling you. yeah you do! let's do this! watch out he just had a whole thimble full of coffee... woot! woot! the ready for you alert, only at
8:46 am
la... quinta! yeah!
8:47 am
and we're back with today's olympic start with just 15 days to go, hard to believe. a small army of 10,500 athletes are descending on rio. >> they have massive appetites as you can imagine, consuming anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000 calories a day. >> uh-huh. >> you've got to accommodate all of that, they're going to
8:48 am
prepare 60,000 meals per day. that is approximately 275 tons of food. >> what's on the menu? >> brazilian staples, rice, black beans, barbecue meat, tapioca. >> what is that? >> what's that? >> i have no idea. >> work it off. >> it's delicious though. >> besides doing a lot of eating, team usa athletes are also hard at work training, natalie had a great chance to visit them at the training center in colorado springs. >> reporter: it's where high altitude meets high performance and high-tech. u.s. olympic training center is in colorado springs where the world's best come to get even better with the help of state of the art technology. it looks like the bat cave with the gadgets and all of the high-tech training that the athletes do here, right? >> yeah, we have lots of gadgets that we can use with our athletes to really get that extra 1% out of them.
8:49 am
>> reporter: my day starts with a run inside the alter g. anti-gravity treadmill that reduces your body weight to caught down on the wear and tear of intense training. >> we can adjust the weight and take 1%, 2%, 10%, 60% even more all depending on what you're doing. >> i feel like it's carrying me. i love this. i wish i could train this like every day. this makes it so much easier. >> reporter: some of the most intense conditioning takes place inside the high altitude training center. sealed chamber that can adjust to any temperature, humidity, and altitude from the rare oxygen of over 24,000 feet to the sea level of rio. already at sea level. wow. >> we went from 6200 feet to sea level. >> reporter: and my guide is two times silver medallist and current world champion, cyclist sarah hammer. >> that's the easy part, and i'm huffing and puffing.
8:50 am
>> reporter: those machines are also mixed with the low tech, like strength training with gold medallist swimmer connor dwyer. >> this is good for underwater kicks, floor strength. >> reporter: my form looks nothing like your form. >> reporter: proper training also means recovery. like soaking sore bodies in hot and cold plunges. >> we keep that about 51 degrees. >> reporter: that is cold. and using sports medicine in preventing injuries. >> our real goal is to prevent them from occurring. if we can take care of some of the soft tissue things before they become a significant factor, that's definitely a plus for the athlete and for team usa. >> reporter: hey doc. which can mean an ultrasound to check muscles and tendons. >> and you have a perfect looking tendon. >> reporter: i almost feel like an olympian. so it's time for me to compete like one in the pool. >> you look the part. we got you a cap. >> reporter: look at that.
8:51 am
>> team usa. >> reporter: olympian sometimes use a towline as part of their training. to take them along at a certain pace. helps me set a personal best with a little help. >> natalie's still there and she's training for rio. >> exactly. >> can i tell you something, odds on favorite for bronze. >> she finished, got eggs and bacon, came back, and she still was done with the meal. just reminder, you guys -- >> i will run to five guys and back. >> the rio olympics begin with the opening ceremony friday, august 5 right here on nbc. coming up next from cleveland, what makes the city style of barbecue stand out from all the rest? you know the answer? >> no. we're going to find out, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
summer. things are heating up for the wta. time to play when the emirates airline us open series hits stanford for the bank of the west classic, join the celebration of summer where the action off the court, is just as hot as the action on it. now through july 24th. it's time to shine brighter than you ever thought possible. the emirates airline us open series. we're serving up the best of summer. don't miss the wta action while it's in stanford.
8:53 am
welcome back from cleveland, everybody, with today's pack to. we have chowed down on corned beef, polish dogs, milk shakes, milk shakes, and much more. >> well this morning, barbecue and buck eyes are on the menu.
8:54 am
this is the chef and owner of fahrenheit restaurant. >> good morning. >> we have just been delighted by the cuisine here in cleveland. so what are you going to make today? >> we're going to do different things. this is a beautiful city with a lot of great things going on and barbecue is just one of them. first thing al over here is the different style chicken wing. when i say different, it's about different things. tomato basis, very cleveland, vinegar-base is very cleveland. hoist and bsh queue is what makes this more interesting. fresh squeezed limes. these are not fried wings like in buffalo, these are baked wings, 30 mike pennutes on each. nice, light -- >> hang on, you're talking, we need to taste and taste. >> oh, i got paper towels everywhere. >> both sides. >> i'll do that for you. please, help yourself. >> go ahead. >> yeah, little lime over the top. it's a good start. >> there you go, buddy. >> does that mean it's like diet food? >> it is, take the skin off as
8:55 am
well. savannah, you don't have to, but you can certainly. it's a good way to look at things as well as -- >> i've got paper towels on both sides for everybody. >> in the second part of the process, the old school barbecue sauce, vinegar-based, back 100 years ago, hot sauce williams, 79th an carnegie, we know about them well. well. vinegar based. tomato all day long. that's what we've done here and that's the first tomato old school barbecue sauce. i want to talk to you about something real important. it's about the brine. we have a pork wrap. more meat. cleveland is about bigger and better. more meat. garlic powder. cayenne. chi chili. pinch of salt and pepper, sugar and everybody has to have a salt box at home. sea salt. all that stuff. >> what about pulled pork? >> we're going there. we do this and do this. i have pickles. a little bit of pulled pork or
8:56 am
beef. this is crispy beef. pork as well. we do pickles. we do kraut. slaw. shoulder sandwich cleveland style. >> we'll run to break. you're on the plane with us. you're coming back to new york. we're not stopping here. rocco, thank you very much. >> youi'm.. ==too==shs fed a ro good thursday morning at 8:56. shots fired at a large party in brisbane overnight. police responded to reports of a party near the intersection of bay shore and industrial. they arrived on scene to find roughly 300 people partying in a field near a warehouse. as police were shutting the party down, they heard gunshots. right now, police are still
8:57 am
searching for the shooters. also on the peninsula, a police chase ends in front of a correction facility in redwood city. officers attempted to stop a driver suspected of dui. the chase kept going back northbound. minutes later, the car pulled over in front of a jail. the man jumped out and began running towards it. he was quickly taken into custody. happening right now, tesla ceo elon musk unveiling his master plan. it includes self-driving cars and a car-sharing service to rival uber. we will see you in 30 minutes. ♪ ♪ award winning interface.
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9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," oscar winner matt damon on bringing a bigger and badder jason bourne back to the big screen and a musical showdown. you know it will be good and find out why life is a cabaret for tony danza. all that and so much more coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> here we go. welcome to "today's take" on this thursday morning, july 21st. >> thanks so much, hoda. >> you guys know willie, tamron, al, all in cleveland at the republican convention. since we're doing this
9:01 am
throwback -- >> what's this? >> this is my morning jam. this is redbone. >> i like the vibe. were you making a cleveland reference with this? >> no. it's just redbone "come and get your love." oldie and goody. makes you happy when you hear it. carson and i later in the program are going to play a music game. you and me going head to head. >> what time on nbc can you start drinking alcohol? i signed on to work with you because i thought we could have a cocktail. it's next hour they're telling me. what about 9:48? >> there should grace period. all right. so what is your favorite junk food? what do you like? >> i'm a sucker for cheese-its. i like potato chips.
9:02 am
>> what about fritos? >> who doesn't like them. >> i'm a sweet person. i loved ho-hos. >> that's a long story, hoda. i didn't eat ho-hos number one. when i think of junk food, i think of the chip in the salt which world. >> this is how eye i used to ea them. you would unroll the ho-ho. you took it apart. this one is not so fresh. when they are, you can unroll them all the way. >> did you have twinkie dipped in chocolate? >> how about these? black and white. one of our producers for the first time tried a black and white cookie. >> very east coast. in l.a. they don't have those. >> not normal cookies. they taste like cake. pieces of cake. yeah. good. there you have that. >> get your junk food on today. now what are you going to do?
9:03 am
>> it's your turn. you do this. >> so you have family come to stay with you. the question is how long is it when it's too long that the family is there? we have three kids. they're young. i don't know exactly how old they. 2, 3 and like 7. don't ask me birthdays. we have family come in because we need help because it's wonderful. when you have family come for the holidays whether you have kids or not, there's a line. for us, we love -- we have a great family. modern family. lots of moving parts going on between our families. i think there's a two to three-week thing there. >> for families, i think you're right. what about when you have friends that come in. we'll be in new york or in the area, we want to come. >> i say here's a list of hotels. great deals. i do all of the hard work. i did vetting for you. >> i like a weekend and maybe if they're my best friends they can stay long. i think for people who you just kind of know because --
9:04 am
>> what about for your family? >> they can stay as long as they want. i have a small apartment in new york. we're on top of each other. >> my answer is my family can stay as long as they want. thanks for throwing me under the bus. i'm kicking my mother-in-law out at two weeks. >> as long as they want to stay. >> "the washington post" had this column. her parents want to visit for a month after the baby is born. that's a long time. they plan to rent a place nearby but the woman feels the visit is too long. when she told them, her mom was not thrilled and she screen their calls when they're in town and see them on schedule. that's hateful. >> they can help you out a lot. >> how often do you have family come? >> a lot. we do. we have holidays now turned into "home alone." kids running everywhere. the pizza kid -- anybody going
9:05 am
to pay for this pizza. we have that now. we all stay at my house for christmas. so much fun. >> are you a strict parent? >> i try to be. parenting is an important role for me. this is fun. number one is parenting. i love my kids to a fault i will argue. >> what are rules when you try to be strict with them? >> i think everything in life is really about the balance for me. you have to find that balance of -- i'm not going to be your best friend but i'm your parent and want to guide you through life to where you don't get hurt. a time and place for that parenting. they can't all be fun and going to the park and pizza. has to be discipline. >> i wondered if you were strict. you're a fun loving guy on the set. >> i work so many jobs that what i'm at home, i try to take that role on. i'm certainly not afraid to get in there. i'll be bad cop. i don't mind. >> by the way, while we're here,
9:06 am
willie, al and tamron are in cleveland. tamron has highlights. >> good morning, hoda and carson. another great crowd who stuck around to say hi to us. there's a lebron for president maybe sooner or later but last night the talk of the town and convention center ted cruz's speech. the texas senator took to the stage and did not endorse his party's nominee. here's the moment. >> to those listening, please don't stay home in november. [ applause ] if you love our country, and love your children as much as i know that you do, stand and
9:07 am
speak and vote your conscience. vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the constitution. >> so, guys, it took a minute. people thought for a second the audience was saying cruz. they were not. those were boos and trump entered the arena as senator cruz was wrapping up. it was -- they say not orchestrated but it certainly seemed like something that would be scripted in a hollywood movie. donald trump walks in and attention ramps up. after the speech, heidi cruz was escorted off the floor out of security concerns as people were heckling her and yelling things at senator cruz's wife. donald trump tweeted out ted
9:08 am
cruz got booed off the stage. the night was supposed to be about indiana governor mike pence giving his vice presidential acceptance speech and spoke to his heart and talked about his mother and children and wife and small town roots. >> for those of you who don't know me, which is most of you, i grew up on the front row of the american dream. i was raised in a small town in southern indiana in a big family with a corn field in the backyard. if dad were with us today, i would have a feeling he would enjoy this moment. and probably be pretty surprised. but it's such a joy for me to tell you that my mother is here. [ applause ] would you join me in welcoming
9:09 am
the light of my life, my mom, nancy. >> very sweet moment. nancy there emotional seeing her son now take on this great responsibility of being on that ticket. donald trump's son, eric spoke. today is a big day. this is the finale. the theme of the day, make america one again. ivanka trump will speak introduce her father, donald trump and a lot of chaos, hoda and carson, that people have talked about, pundits here say this now lies on the shoulders of donald trump. he has to pull this convention together and really make people forget about the speech issue with melania's speech. the big moment with ted cruz and not endorsing him and some of the other chaotic things that happened behind the scenes. here back on our set, it's phenomenal.
9:10 am
the nice people. every day we've ended my toss to al with food there. you are eating. this wasn't brought by al roker. >> it wasn't. what's your point? don't talk with your mouthful. >> sharing is caring, al roker. >> that was almost as awkward as last night's donald trump's air kiss with mike pence. this was a special moment. >> if someone did that to you, what would you do? do you lean in? do you lean back? >> guys generally don't care kiss. >> maybe he wanted it to land on his forehead. >> he wanted to kiss his head and then he gave him the finger gun. it was good. great moment. you just keep eating. >> i am. >> that'
9:11 am
as you head out, we have some cool temperatures. we're still in the 60s now. it's 62 degrees in okayland. 60 in livermore. as we head through the day, we'll continue to warm up but stay cool along the coastline. there will be up to 63 degrees. and cooler than average in san jose with a high of 81. we'll be slightly warmer for those inland areas from fairfield down to morgan hill. with those highs in the low to mid-80s. >> that's your latest weather. one of the greatest air kisses, you remember jim lange and "the dating game." let's throw a kiss to hoda. >> back at you. there you go, al. thank you so much. >> our theme is make america snack again. >> coming up next, after nearly a decade, "jason bourne" is back. we caught up with matt damon and we caught up with matt damon and oscar winning clean food.
9:12 am
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one hero was on a mission to pasave snack time., watch babybel in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. i am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you! and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary. what's in your wallet? it has been a very busy summer at the movies and it's about to get busier because "jason bourne" is returning to the big screen.
9:15 am
>> dylan caught up with matt damon. >> so much fun. the movie is great. i sat down with matt damon and alicia vikander to talk about how this film is bigger in every way. "jason bourne" has been reactivated after nine years in hiding, the unbreakable super assassin is back and brought matt damon with him along with oscar winning co-star alicia vikander and director paul greengrass. what did take so long? >> we didn't have a story. we didn't have a story. we didn't want to force something that wasn't there. that's why it took us nine years to get here. >> setting the stage with this particular story, what has bourne been up to and what is he doing now and where is he going? >> that's a good question. that is one of the first things
9:16 am
we had to wrestle with. he has to be in the shadows and haunted and hunted and the adventure rests on that. >> and shoulders of a 45-year-old matt damon. first movie you were late 20s. now you're 45. >> i was like her age. >> i call him up. i'll see you in six months. >> the first shot on you looks like you've been living well. >> damon got into the best shape of his life and then for good measure added a couple oscar winners to the cast. tommy lee jones and alicia vikander. she plays heather lee. in your character, i still now after seeing the movie don't know if she's a good guy or bad guy. >> that's the big mystery. >> they're complicated people. that's a hallmark of these movies.
9:17 am
you have strong opposing forces battling in a world we recognize as our own. >> you were a fan of the films before you got involved. >> i was happy when i got a chance to meet paul for a lunch in london and tell him i had seen the films. >> thank god because everyone in hollywood is trying to get her in their movie right now. >> it's true. you had to drop out of two other movies to do this one? >> at least two other movies. >> for me it was clear that i wanted to do this film. >> with the award winning cast set, the pressure was on. "bourne ultimatuultimatum" bigg all films. were you nervous about bringing him back? >> a lot. obviously you don't want to make another one that's not up there with the ones that we've made. >> so they went bigger than they've ever gone including shutting down the vegas strip
9:18 am
with 2,000 extras and 170 cars for one of their signature bourne car chases. i have to ask without giving too much away, the ending was very tantalizing. there's got to be another one, right? please. >> don't look at me. >> i'm completely tethered to him. >> everyone here like me has been a fan of the previous films will feel like this has now taken to the next level with something new and issues that feel current and in our world at the moment but feel like it's back to meeting the old jason bourne. >> the old jason bourne. >> that's not at all -- >> with a walker. that's the next one. i'm running as fast as i can. >> "jason bourne" from universal pictures hits theaters next friday, july 29th. you do not want to miss it. it's so good. >> stand sideways for a second.
9:19 am
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9:22 am
>> we know that we can cutdown on sugar. you would shocked to know how much your kids consume every day. >> jill and jessica are here to give us a reality check and tips on how to limit the sugar that our kids and families intake. hey, guys. >> in one year, 50 pounds of sugar. 50 pounds of sugar. >> what does that mean per day would you guess? >> i'm going to show you exactly. by the way, 50 pounds of sugar equates to more than 4,500 gum balls. >> this is added sugar actually. this is not what's naturally occurring in fruit and yogurt and milk. every day we give them 15 teaspoons of added sugar. >> why? >> because it tastes delicious.
9:23 am
>> lemonades and even with meals. sugary breakfast cereals. the whole trick and idea is to decrease some of the sugar throughout the meals and leave treats alone so your kids don't feel jipped. >> let me ask a question. what's wrong with sugar? what are the risks? >> it leads to weight gain but also things that we think of as older people diseases like diabetes. >> what's the number? how do you figure this out? >> i'll show you a couple tricks that parents can do. first, i think yogurt is a big staple for kids when they have breakfast in the morning. >> tackling breakfast is an easy way. >> first thing you can do is have kids doctor up their own yogurt. buy plain yogurt have them add
9:24 am
berries or low sugar cereal and have fun with it. if they love a particular brand, also let me say you don't have to avoid sugar. you can add in one teaspoon of sugar or maple syrup or honey. greek yogurt is great because it's higher in protein and will keep them fuller for longer. you can also go with a brand that they already like. let's say your child loves blueberry flavored yogurt and love the brand. pick it up but a plain version and mix it up. >> talk to us about pancakes. that's something kids love. >> we put syrup on them. we're back to butter. fat is not the big monster we thought it was. sugar is actually what we need to be taking care of. so something like peanut butter that's low sugar version gives them protein. >> even light cream cheese or whipped butter is fine as well.
9:25 am
>> take us to snacks. >> so after dinner have fun with fruit. you can put it on kabobs. whip cream. that's fine. or freeze it. >> i love it. >> they are delicious. >> joy and jessica, thank you so much. coming up, our guy tony danza right after your local news. if o sell your car carmax will give you seven days to consider their offer. why seven days? science. join me as we walk through the seven stages of decisioning. 1. consideration. 2. questioning. 3. deciding. 4. queso. 5. nap. 6. sudoku. 7. tambourine practice. i think i made my point. they'll give you an offer for your car, you take seven days to think about it. ♪ i'm batman! i'm batman! i'm batman! i'm batman! sfx: "boop" i'm batman!
9:26 am
kids' character tees, 24 designs available, $6.97 each save money. live better. walmart. good morning, i'm sam brock. firefighters are still on scene of a massive fire. this is video from earlier this morning. broke out just before 4:00 a.m. it's the community center on lincoln circle. that fire started at 3:52 and quickly grew to four alarms meaning more firefighters were called in to help fight the flames. they are making things difficult for firefighters. people living around the community center say what the center has been an important fabric of the community for decades. there are no reports of injuries at this time. it's too early to determine the cause of the four-alarm fire according to the responding agencies. police in berkeley arrested several people in connection with bb gun shootings this week.
9:27 am
officers arrested the subpoenas shortly after a shooting tuesday morni morning. they found the suspect's car a short time later and a bb gun inside of it. the group is believed to be behind an attack monday outside the international house that left one person injured. after this break, we have a look at your weather and traffic. we'll be right back.
9:28 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we get a live look at the golden gate bridge. it's 60 degrees. still nice and cool. we'll have highs reaching 63 degrees and some mid-60s. as we head into the weekend, it trends more to the 70s. even comfortable, but that will not be the same story for the inland areas reaching 85 degrees today. then we'll jump up to 92 degrees tomorrow. this weekend we're expecting highs in the mid- to upper 90s and that kind of weather continues into the start of next week. let's head over to mike to see what's happening on the
9:29 am
roadways. we had slowing southbound away from us at 101 through pal lo al to. you see on the peninsula side, you see a slower drive there. the south bay continues to improve as far as the speeds. the earlier issue at gillman has cleared but took awhile to recover. 880 from downtown to the coliseum, that's where you see northbound at the coliseum slows towards high street. southbound from 98 down toward fifth. back to you. plenty of time to sit and admire the coliseum. that's going to do it for us. we'll see you in 30 minutes with more news.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines, southwest airlines says it fixed the computer problem that grounded nearly 1,000 flights. the company says more than 200 flights have already been canceled today. about 700 were canceled wednesday with hundreds more delayed. although the system is back up, southwest is advising customers traveling today to check flight status online. the tsa and united airlines are hoping to shorten security lines at three major airports. they announced wednesday that automated security lanes will be installed later this year at united hubs in newark, chicago and los angeles. delays will feature automated belts that feed bags into x-ray machines and return bins to the passenger lane. suspicious bags can be diverted for closer screening without holding up everybody else. russian track and field
9:31 am
athletes will not compete at the rio olympics. this morning the court of arbitration for sports rejected the appeal by 68 russian track and field athletes who were seeking to overturn an imposed ban following allegations of state sponsored doping and coverups. it could include whether the entire russian team is banned from the games. a minnesota soccer team was thrown for a loss wednesday night after their goalkeeper accidentally scored a goal for the opposing team. trying to pass it back to his teammates but he held on too long and threw it into his own goal. that counted as a goal for the visiting team from england who went on to win the game 3-0. let's get a check of the weather from al in cleveland. >> announcer: thanks to our sponsor the knickerbocker hotel.
9:32 am
>> let's look at our weekend. looking good into the northeast. slight risk of strong storms in the plains. west coast, good weather. much of the country baking under that dome of high pressure. saturday more of the same. slight risk of strong storms. rain in ohio river valley. heat continues. sunday, sunday, we are looking at more wet weather through the ohio river valley, western third of the country. plenty of sunshine. heat is on. that stretches really just about from coast to co we're in for another day of a lot of sunshine. slightly cooler than average temperatures. expect a high of 84. redwood city, 75. 63 in the mission district. up to 77 in napa. okayland at 68. mid- to upper 80s for the trivalley. over the next few days, you'll want to make sure you enjoy this kind of weather because it will be heating up, especially for
9:33 am
the valleys. we'll be in the upper 90s by the end of the weekend. >> another thing they're doing this cleveland. it's the ewok breeding program. >> al, thanks so much. tony danza burst on the small screen in the late '70s and '80s as a boxer in the hit tv series "taxi" and our favorite housekeeper in "who's the boss?" >> now he's hosting his own cabaret show right here in nyc. tony, tell us about it. >> you know what's funny? you do this. they show pictures from 35, 40 years ago and then boom, they cut to you and everybody there falls off their couch. >> they are amazed at how good they look.
9:34 am
>> you're in great shape. >> i appreciate that. thanks. yeah. >> you're in terrific shape. you need to be for this show you're doing, right, tap dancing. >> the show is -- i can't wait to play this place. i used to hang out at studio 54. that's another story. to work there and to work in new york and to do the show and michael feinstein took the place over. it's even cooler and i'm there tuesday and wednesday of next week. you know what i'm trying to do? i'm trying to be more adult in my act. i've been doing a live act for a while. now it's more about the music, about the american song book, about the songs that i like. i wrap it around stories of my experiences in hollywood. one of my great ones is one of
9:35 am
the great moments of my life, carson, i introduce my mother to frank sinatra. my mother used to say when you introduce me to sinatra, then you're a star. so this was huge. >> what was that moment like? what did she say to him? >> he was unbelievable. he treated her so wonderfully. it was great. i tell stories about that. and just some insight into -- one of the things about a cabaret act is you have to connect with the audience. i rely on the songs. some of the songs that have been written over the years and it just -- i think about all of the songs we grew up on and songs are about love. everything is about love. have love. lost love. i miss love. it turned out the way it did. >> you do soft shoe. will you show us a little? a lovely little tap. >> a little tap.
9:36 am
♪ >> this is the slowest soft shoe. >> what can't you do? >> he has a tee shot. >> you know about my tee shot. >> a boxer and teacher and actor. >> two things. by the way, if you come to new york, come to little italy. it's one of the most special parts of new york city. they close mullberry street and make a mall out of it every weekend. 1892. on the corner of grand and mullberry. we make mozzarella every day and supply restaurants and pizza parlors. so come down there. and then police athletic league, we've been trying to -- i'm on the board of directors of the police athletic league. in an attempt to attract more kids, i pitched an acting
9:37 am
program to them. when you teach a kid how to act, you teach a kid how to act. we started tuesday night up in harlem installation. fabulous night. great kids. hope they come back tonight. >> they'll come back. >> we love you, buddy. >> beginning july 26th. threebaowback thursday. all of the way back. >> let's do it. ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow... ♪ for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever. entresto helped more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine.
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are moments gained with excedrin. #1 neurologist recommended. [heartbeat] good is a catalyst,ue diamond almond. good is contagious. and once it gets going there is no stopping what you can do. get your good going. blue diamond almonds. proud sponsor of the us swim team ♪ >> it's time for throwback throwdown between two self-proclaimed music lovers. we have hoda and carson daly. we're ready. i'll ask you questions that correspond to an era of music and you guys have the corresponding music device and you'll throw it over your head
9:42 am
if you know the answer. it doesn't have to get into the trash can behind you. >> is the question coming from vinyl? >> audio question from the vinyl era. this throw back dance craze is still thrown out there by deejays everywhere. number one hot 100 charts two different times. name the song and artist behind the '60s classic. >> the twist chubby checker. >> on billboard top 100 in 1960. >> another audio question. the 8 track, this song, one of the biggest hits of 1975, appeared in the format. name it. >> van mccoy, 1961. >> who got it. that was a tie.
9:43 am
>> okay. cassette tape didn't take off until hip-hop created the culture. multiple choice, dj cool -- >> you have to wait for the host to call on you. how dare you. >> carson won the toss part. cementing cassette place in history was invention of the walkman. portable listening device ruled the '80s as did this band. name the band that produced 1987's best album. "slippery when wet." >> that's bon jovi. name that band. >> cassette ruled the '80s and cds ruled the 90s.
9:44 am
in 1998, hosted by charming carson daly here pictured with madonna, name this music video first ever number one on the show. play the video. ♪ i rather die >> back street boys. >> which song? ♪ i'll never be your heart >> tie breaker. ipod saw the release of this one-hit wonder. single of the year and audio question. name this song. lifehouse lifehouse. >> we have a prize. >> what is it? >> a record player. >> this is one of the old techniques used in the park.
9:45 am
>> i don't think it has the same effect. >> speaking of music, we'll help you get your kids concert ready with cool fashions coming up after this. sfx: boop ♪ this back to school, unleash their creativity... with this crayola 24-pack for just $.50. save money. live better. walmart. ♪ ♪ this is the sweetest thing anyone's ever done. that one's from my friend caitlyn.
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9:49 am
kellogg's frosted flakes gives you the sweet spark to go all in and let your great out. they're gr-r-reat! >> back now to our special series "soundtrack of styles." if teens like to dress for favorite music stars, we have looks they'll love. >> with must have trends to get them concert ready, we have lilliana. >> let's start with our first concert. it's pop concert. it's the music of the moment.
9:50 am
she's showing us essentials from jcpenney. what we did to make it more pop centric was add a fun legging, chuck taylors and to give it more of a pop star vibe, she'll throw on this sparkly sequin jacket. >> when lights from katy perry's concert hits the jacket, it will be amazing. >> moving to our deejay booth. christian has got it. >> grand master flash. >> this is big. electronic dance move it huge. you'll take your kids to one of those soon. >> he's showing off great essentials. glow in the dark dinosaur t-shirt. and then show us your camo pants. look at that. how cool are those. effortless cool for him. to transform his look, we'll add
9:51 am
basics here. a cool hat. i'll put that on you and then just to dress him up a little, a button up shirt. sleeves rolled up. >> leave it open and show the dyno love. >> the kicks he has on are cool. >> pop of color on the kicks. they are cool. get in there. >> you also will undo this and put this in your pocket and walk around rocking the headset. >> that's great accessory. >> why didn't we think about that. >> country concert. >> obviously country has a huge movement. you're a huge country fan. >> huge. >> so here we have of course essential denim. great for summer. relax the fit. white tank top here. what we did is we're going to add a plaid shirt. they are tying it around their waist. >> that's what blake shelton does all the time. >> what? >> it's what cool kids are doing. so tie it around the waist. and then one of my favorite trends is denim on denim.
9:52 am
we're going to throw this over her shoulder. >> how cute is the whole thing. shoes and jeans and everything. >> don't forget fringe bag goes a long way. >> it's now time to announce we have a winner of our fashion play list contest. we asked a bunch of people to send in photos of themselves dressed in coolest looks. what does the winner get? >> the winner gets to come to new york with a friend to hear a concert on the plaza of their choice. >> who is our winner? >> our winner today is -- are you ready? there she is right there. this is so cool. we asked people to submit the outfit that made them feel concert ready. she submitted a one of kind custom dress that was made for her by a tribal dress maker in tanzania which totally caught my eye. in africa volunteering earlier this summer. she says that this dress remind her of that incredible experience. >> how exciting.
9:53 am
>> can you hear us? >> she's excited. >> we're excited. bring a friend and come to the plaza. you get to pick the concert. >> great concerts coming up. you have a good pick there. >> thank you so much. we'll be back in just a moment. first, this is "today" on -- >> nbc. >> that's what they say.
9:54 am
9:55 am
a big show. remember sophia grace from the "ellen" show we have her on the show. ambush makeovers. >> lots of great stuff still coming up.
9:56 am
head iing into the day, we' get some more sunshine across the bay area. temperatures still slightly cooler than average in some spots like san jose. we'll be up to 81 degrees and 75 in redwood city. san francisco topping out at 63 with upper 70s for napa. low 80s for santa rosa.
9:57 am
in concorde today, up to 88. 20 degrees cooler in oakland. and in livermore, expect a high of 85. let's head over to mike to see what's happening on the roadways. >> a lot of slowing. we have a smooth flow of traffic through most of the south bay. still sticking points by the airport. also 101. this is a problem. you see a big rig around treasure island off ramp. one lane is blocked. a big distraction and slowing out of san francisco heading towards oakland. a little slowing there. and also south 880 itself maybe some sweepers going on. west 580 shows up as well. this crash has traffic laid back. happening now, firefighters are still at the scene of a four-alarm fire that tore through a community center. the flames broke out just before 4:00 this morning in central park on lincoln circle. right now on our website, we have reaction from people who
9:58 am
regularly use that now damaged center. plus right now on our twitter feed, we posted a link to senator ted cruz responding to his choice to not endorse donald trump during the republican national convention. more local news in a half hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news this is "today" with cathy lee gifford live from studio 1a in rockefeller plauz sa. >> hello everybody. we're so happy that you're with us. that's wherever i go with one republic. >> i love them. >> i do too. i went to college with ryan's dad. >> what? >> yeah. >> you're one degree away from everybody. she has had a weird connection and where's waldo. >> yeah, ef to go over here firs


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