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tv   Today  NBC  July 25, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> your day just looked up, right? hell everybody. so glad you're here with us. it's fun day monday, july 25th. hope you had a great weekend. that is "shattered" by o.a.r. after 25 years, they're still churning out music. they'll be performing all summer long in front of sold-out crowds and will sing this song for us in a little bit. >> they also have done a video for the rio olympics that i'm excited to see. >> and we are here with our --
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if you're wondering what we're doing, this is a fan. >> this is so wild. >> hoda's -- what -- >> hot flash. >> it's over. >> it's on your mike, baby. >> i don't even have that. they're just fun to wear. you know it's 98 degrees. maybe that's why. you can walk with this around your neck and it blows the air up. while everyone is sweating, you're like, it's fine for me. >> we're going to be here with a whole bunch more gadgets to keep you nice and cool during this heat. remember when everybody was complaining how cold it was, how frigid? >> not anymore. if you were not inviting to j.lo's vegas birthday bash over the weekend we have all the juicy details on who was invited and more. she had on a really hot outfit. i saw pictures of an outfit that were so -- joanne, you would love it. it's kind of that coffee chocolate caramel kind of color. >> ooh. >> yeah, looks good. more celebrity news in "today's" buzz in a few minutes. and steve guttenberg has all
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these gadgets. how was your weekend? you took a couple of days off to be with your mom and sister. >> we went to the bahamas. it was spectacular. the weather was great. we hung out, went to restaurants. look at my mom. >> first of all, it looks like a professional picture. you all look fantastic and air brushed out the wazoo. >> this is one of the ones where you're in the restaurant and someone goes, do you mind if we take pictures? >> you look gorgeous. everybody looks so wonderful. >> they come by and it's $30 after. but you have to buy it. >> it is a professional picture in that sense. >> they snapped it and put it in a thing. we had fun there. spent time on the beach. we literally had one of those weekends where one of us started cracking up and then everyone started laughing and we just couldn't -- only the three of us knew what was so stupid and funny. we had one of those. >> good. >> we lost big at the casinos. everything else was perfect. >> told you to go to my house down there. we have to hear about this. >> none of us knew what to expect.
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we haven't seen a lot of celine recently. very rarely do we see her in unguarded moment. >> sure. >> she's been a star forever but one of those celesti al beings. >> larger than life. >> i told her i know you've had a hard year and i know what that's like and you may not be ready to talk about certain things. she was ready to talk about pretty much everything. she came to play. she was so great. she did have a few things to say about you, hoda. >> oh. what? take a look. >> hoda, thank you so much for not being here. hoda, are you okay? are you okay, hoda? >> oh, now it's "oda." regis calls her coda. hoda with a "ha." >> thank you, hoda. because i'm having a great time. it's a scam. something is wrong over here. >> we didn't have time.
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>> she's so excited. show them what you've got, honey. >> to keep the record straight. >> what a diva. she got her own card. are you happy now? >> thank you, darling. i had such a great time. i don't know if it's about the wine, new york city, the fans, you. i don't know what it is but i had a great time. >> people have fun when they come here. >> she's funny. >> she was funny. >> i knew she was a great singer and really heartfelt but i didn't know she was so funny. >> she's quirky. you don't quite know -- she sang through the entire show. >> she did? did you love it? >> oh, i loved it. >> what was she singing? >> "proud mary." >> what? >> some dylan, i think. >> in the middle she just broke out in song? >> you think i break into song? >> yes, i do. >> but you're happy when she does, you know. anyway, celine had a big impact on this brilliant christina bianco. >> does impressions. >> she tweeted this video which looks like a snap chat face
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swap. ♪ hoda are you working hoda are you working ♪ thank you so much. call me. >> that's not a face swap. that's her face. yes, it is. >> no. >> i don't think so. >> roll it again. that is christina bianca's face. roll it again. she looks like -- i think it's her. hoda are you working? >> no, the elongated thing. >> thank you so much! >> can we please do some research? >> no, no. she was elongated her face. >> but it was her features, right? it was her but with her own face. >> you can face swap with a picture. >> please investigate this situation. i'm so excited. so, megan trainer and james co corden did a little duet over the zblend tweekend. >> two of our favorite people. ♪ like i'm gonna lose you
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i'm gonna hold you like i'm saying good-bye every second i won't take you for granted you'll never know when when we'll run out of time ♪ >> those are two of the best people on the planet together on stage. >> does he ever take a day off? >> don't you love him? >> he's everywhere. yeah, he's fantastic. so, adele also had some fun with somebody in the audience. >> she was in vancouver. there's a super fan who loves, loves, loves adele who happened to be in town from nigeria. >> he went all the way from nigeria to vancouver. >> to see her. >> yes. >> did you ever have one of those awkward moments where you're not sure if someone is going in for a hug or a kiss and you turn? one of those awkward things happened and she actually kissed him. take a look. >> how old are you?
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>> 21. >> and where do you live? >> look at him, like trying to get his phone out so he doesn't get the, ahh! he didn't want to miss it. look, did i get it on snap chat? >> that's such a commentary on our world today. he's on the stage with adele, looking for his phone instead of being there with adele. you know? you just lose the moment. he also ended up creating a moment which i'm sure went viral. >> yes, it did. >> it would have been a kiss on the -- >> cheek. >> it wouldn't have mattered. wouldn't have been as sweet. >> he did it that way. i could have used one of these bags at the airport. i told you part of the story but i was -- i had a flight i had to make on wednesday. i was trying to race to it. and it was -- the flight was leaving at 5:30. and it was 5:15 when i got to the airport. i said i'm never going to make t
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i make it through security, lickety split and i'm sprinting. it's gate 17. i have to go from gate one to gate 17. seems to go on forever. i'm sprinting up the gate, running. 5:25, door open. >> thinking i made it? >> lady at the clickity clak. i go, are there seats available? great, i'm on the 6:30. can i get on this one? she said no, you can't. >> i said really? >> no can do. >> the guy who lets people on the plane says you can do it. she said no, we've already printed the manifesto. we can't go. >> don't wave it in front of my face. >> you know when you're on the verge of a breakdown? >> you've been working and you want to get home. >> my flight after was delayed. anyway, i was trying to be calm but i could have used this bag. it's called a moto bag. you sit on it and it goes fast. i could have ridden and made it on time. >> up to 260 pounds, hoda. >> what does that mean?
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>> battery operated. faa approved. >> you it meal you're not going to run into people in the airport? first of all, the airports are packed. >> it fits in the carry on? >> oh, my gosh. >> what? >> of course it would have to be. >> the only problem would be getting through the throngs of people. >> it has a charger for your phone in it as well. i mean, come on. >> it's $1,000. >> well, if you have a bad back or something. >> you're right. you're right. >> saving chiropractic bills. okay. >> oh! so we love all things carrie underwood and her darling little son of hers, isaiah, 17 months old. >> did his first belly flop. oh! wait. he loved it. look at him. he wants to do it again. isaiah, do it again. >> nice belly flop, buddy. >> do it -- and --
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>> i don't know if it's just because it's a cute baby or its hers. whatever reason, it works out great. a shout out for our friend, susie welch. are you raising a mini shark in your very own home? >> if your son or daughter has one of those great ideas, you think my gosh, that should a business. if you're a parent of a child entrepreneur, we want to hear your story. we want to find out how it parlaid in parlayed into something that was a real company. go to klg and and hit the connect button, please. find out why alfred hitchcock's thriller "psycho" might be breathing new life. you won't believe who might be in it. >> who? >> i won't tell you. i'm going to let rob schuter tell y ♪
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if you want to be in the know before you go, we have all the juicy scoop in "today's" buzz. >> and naughty rob shuter. hi, rob. j.lo had a birthday. >> jennifer lopez had a birthday. she turned 47. because she's jennifer, she worked her tail off on stage in veg vegas. then after the show, she had a birthday party after the show, thrown by her long-time boyfriend casper smart and
10:15 am
manager, and there were a lot of celebrities there including -- >> who? >> kim kardashian and calvin harris. i'm not really sure why kim is holding the cake but it was jennifer's birthday. but it had everybody talking. had everybody talking is that calvin and kim have recently had a little bit of bad blood with taylor swift. if you remember, kim videoed a phone conversation and put it on live. taylor was not happy about that at all. and calvin harris has just broken up with taylor swift. now taylor has confirmed she actually wrote that song that's a huge hit for them. so a lot of people have been talking about kim. >> not "famous" one. >> right. people are talking about what did these two say together? pictures of them dancing and having a good time. lot of celebrities there, too. we saw iggy azalea, john stamos, maria menounos was there, too. after, let me say -- i saw the show. after an incredible show. >> you were there?
10:16 am
>> i was not at this party but i had been to her show. >> she puts on a great show. >> you don't want to sit down. >> and afterwards happy birthday party. >> i can't believe she has that kind of energy after that show. >> sometimes you're more energized after a show like that. you know, all the times. >> pumped up, adrenaline flowing. happy birthday, jennifer. >> what about calvin's girlfriend? >> this is interesting. he broke up with taylor swift only two months ago. it's pretty recent. and we've seen him out a couple of times. this lady called tanashay, r & b star. we saw him in malibu with her, in the soho house in l.a., sort of fancy elite club. these two have not confirmed that they are, in fact, dating. and their reps are being very, very -- >> so they are. >> nobody licks their wounds very long in tinsel town, do they? >> two months. >> they're young. >> these two are enjoying each other's company. >> from taylor's ex to her current boyfriend, tom
10:17 am
hiddleston. >> last time we saw them together, they were in australia, having a fantastic time in australia. now they're both back in america. he is in san diego at comicon. he has a new movie coming out "kong" the king kong movie. tlefs to put out a trailer. there were no questions allowed about taylor on the panel. after the panel, our friends at "people" magazine cornered him and asked him about taylor swift and basically said it's about being authentic. there have been a lot of rumors that this relationship was fake. he's saying that's absolutely not true. and in the public eye as long as you're authentic and tell the truth about who you are, everything will be fine. hopefully, those two have a long and happy time together. >> oh, you're cute. >> and there's one more. one more little bit of info out of comicon. "psycho." >> i love. the janet leigh role, one of the most famous roles, i guess, in the history of film where she was killed in the shower in
10:18 am
"psycho," she is going to be played in bates motel, a prequel to "psycho" by no other than rihanna. she's taking on that role. how she got the job, she said in "vanity fair" she was a huge fan of this tv show. and the producers approached her. the lesson is, if you really want a job, put it out there and maybe you'll get it, too. >> that's how helen mirren got in the next "fast & furious." >> exactly. >> why don't we say we want to do something? >> never worked for me. keep your phone close, steven spielberg. we're about to dial up our fan of the week. couple who snooze together lose together. the joy fit club couple who lost nearly 300 pounds. >> secrets t cathy's gotten used to the smell of lingering garbage in her kitchen yup, she's gone noseblind. she thinks it smells fine, but her guests smell this... sfx: ding, flies, meow (after cat lands) music starts febreze air effects heavy duty has up to... ...two times the odor-eliminating power to remove odors you've done noseblind to
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it is time to surprise our fan of the week! >> drum roll, please. while we spin the globe to see where it's taking us today, tell them where it's landed, hoda. >> buffalo, new york, that's where our fan, miranda, watches on wgrz 2. amanda! >> she is with us now. hi, amanda. >> oh, my god! >> did you ever think that was going to happen to you? >> she's getting mobbed by her kids. >> amanda, hang out. we'll tell everybody why you were chosen. amanda is a work-at-home mom with three beautiful girls, emily, ella and avery. she watches our show every day with them.
10:23 am
even records it while they're at school so everybody gets to watch it together. >> amanda and her husband, joe, happened to getv gotten engaged on this date 13 years ago. this trip would be the favorite way to celebrate her favorite part of the show which is when we -- >> speak at the same time! >> one guess to win. hope you get this. are you ready? >> uh-huh. >> you have three daughters. kathie lee has one daughter. what is kathie lee's daughters name, is it chloe? >> cassidy. cassidy. >> it sure is. >> you and your husband, joe, or whomever you choose -- it better be joe -- will head to scottsdale, arizona, where you'll spend four days, three nights at the resort. >> dinner for two at the restaurant, plus be treated to a spa experience for two, round trip air fare also included. it's gorgeous there. >> do you think joe is going to want to go and celebrate with you, sweetie? >> huh? >> will joe want to go? >> yes, i think he'll want to
10:24 am
go. >> i think so, too. >> thanks for being such a great fan. >> thank you! >> your kids are adorable, and your dog. >> one of the daughters keeps holding up the dog in the back. all right. coming up, the power breakfast that helped our newest joy fit club members lose 300 pounds. >> unbelievable. stay cool by the pool and everywhere else with this summer gear everywhere at y (kids laughing) what's going on? shhh! gasp! you going to shut it down?
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what's it called? >> in the pool. it's a water bottle that has a misting feature built into it so you can cool off. it's anti-makeup, anti-hair. >> da massive wildfire burning monterey county is happening now, a massive wildfire burning in monterey county is creating air quality concerns for the bay area. our chuck right now. he'll update you on the midday newscast. you can link to fire update on our twitter feed as well. a story trending on
10:27 am
is this hardly for neighbors who oppose tennis courts in pleasanton. demolition crews are supposed to begin work on the courts this morning. on our home page, why the o pents are upset. weather and traffic coming up after the break. trt: 33
10:28 am
=trx at ck= ck traffic maps in san francisco, it will gradually warm up hitting 76
10:29 am
degrees by tomorrow. on wednesday, 73 degrees, it will be slightly above average. but still, very nice and comfortable with breezy winds and not as much morning clouds and fog. it won't be so comfortable for the interior valleys with a high of 88 degrees inland. and 96 degrees tomorrow by wednesday. we're hitting triple digits in a few spots and upper 90s through the rest of the week. let's check in now with mike for a look at realtime traffic. >> you see that. over here, out of the way, you see slower spots. not a whole lot. the bay bridge toll plaza. northbound 101. we had a crash that cleared in the last 15 minutes. north 101 at great america parkway. you know the exit depending at south or north. drive heading north and the rest of the bay shows the south bay and we still have that in palo alto and number one right around
10:30 am
that lane shift and we know what to expect. >> thanks. make sure to join us at 11:00 for the next newscast. see you then. we are back on this fun day monday. if you were out in this scorching heat this weekend you know it's a must to stay hydrated and cool. >> here with all the gear you'll need to stay cool is steve greenberg. >> batting 1,000 lately. >> i'm trying to keep it going. this is aqua bot. little water bottle you can drink from. if you pump it up with air it has a misting effect. you can stay cool that way. >> watch out. >> turn the dial a little bit you get a stream of water which will look a little messy. look out. and actually open it all the way. if you want to wash off your feet from the beach. >> multipurpose. >> pump it up. ready to go.
10:31 am
it's bds 26. the bigger one is $28. >> okay. >> next, aero chill pillow from traveling breeze. this is a pillow you can take to the beach with you. backyard. it has a fan built into it. it blows cool air. try that. >> no, feel it. isn't that cool? >> outdoors, indoors. >> hot flash. >> great for hot flash problem. beach, just a nice breeze. >> how much? $26.99. good price from traveling this is called the slice from icemeister. this is a sled. the bottom of it has ice. you put it in the freezer. can you have -- >> you can sled in the summertime? >> on a hill. >> had an? >> flip it over and slide on ice? >> exactly. >> that's cute! >> and probably lasts for two rides and you freeze it again. >> then it goes back in the freezer again. >> how much is that, steve? >> that is about $80. >> okay. >> next, the great coaster. these are coasters that work in the sand on the beach. >> can i just say -- >> what a great idea. >> genius.
10:32 am
another mom and pop inventor idea. >> it doesn't get all filthy. what a great idea. >> put it in the dishwasher afterwards. >> stack them up and take them with you to the beach. >> absolutely. set of six are $12. >> those are good. >> this is called the -- this is the thirst mate. it's a little gadget right here. you screw in empty soda bottles into it. then you can throw this whole thing into the pool and you have a floating coaster. >> genius. >> in the pool. >> all these are mom and pop inventions? >> mom and pop invention. >> love that. >> this is called -- i used to love remote control boats as a kid. this someone you can buy from the folks at hobby co, aqua craft models. got to turn it on, of course. we've got a little -- obviously in a big body of water. it flips over, it will flip back automatically. it's waterproof. we don't worry about water getting into it. >> watch it go round and round. >> and really beat up that
10:33 am
kiddie pool. reasonably priced about $89. from aqua craft models. mom & pop inventor. she's here, in fact. this is called atta handle. use it for a bunch of different things, paint can, carrying a bottle of wine to the beach. >> thank you so much. >> look at this, carrying all your beach supply. >> what a great idea. >> brilliant! >> great idea? >> brilliant. wherever she is. she rocked it. >> right around here. >> good job. >> the sphinx lounger. it's dual purpose. >> by the way, steve has the best feet for a han i've seen in a long time. >> men do not have good feet. steve does. >> look at my feet, zblv okay. >> lay back here like this. very comfortable. very nice. >> yeah. >> or it's also designed so you can flip around, put your book over here, sit like this. on a lounge chair, beach. >> that's a great idea. >> which i think is great. >> so good. >> how rich we would be if we had invented all these things.
10:34 am
>> these people are smart. >> folding table, must-have for the beach. goes in there. folds up. >> what's this dumbo lounge? >> dumbo lounge sack is an inflatable sack you inflate yourself. no pumps or anything. you open it up. grab some air. big chunk of air. it's hard to do indoors like this but trust me -- >> when you're outside. >> it's really easy. and it turns into this. and this is delicious. if you want to hang out, it has a coaster here. it has a bottle opener on the end, place to put your smart phone. >> no wifi? >> no wifi. >> you don't float in the water in it, do you? >> it's waterproof. it can go in the pool, beach, dorm room. >> thank you, steve. thank you, gadget guy. husband and wife who turned their lives around and lost their lives around and lost nearly, get this, ♪ to protect
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time to meet our newest members of the joy fit club, inspiring couple who ate together, drank together and basically lived unhealthy lives together until they turned it all around. >> together they lost a total of 291 pounds. here to tell us how they did it and reveal their slimmer, healthier physiques, the leader of the joy fit pack, joy bauer. >> it's a married couple who did this, as you said, together. they started dating right after high school. both of them are from littleton, colorado. it's brandon and megan anderson. they have two beautiful kids. and, like you mentioned, they partied together, lived an unhealthy life together. before they knew it, each one of them had surpassed 300 pounds. >> wow! >> here is the turn iing point. brandon goes off with his pals to las vegas for the weekend and he eats junk and he smokes cigarettes and he drinks. he comes home. he feels physically awful.
10:40 am
his 2-year-old daughter at the time -- they have two beautiful kids. she looked up and she said, daddy, please, no more cigarettes. they're bad and they're stinky. >> oh. >> that comment blew him away. he re-evaluated his entire life. >> good for her. >> cleaned up his diet, started exercising. he recruited megan. together, this couple has lost about 300 pounds. >> incredible. >> before i bring them out here, i do have to tell you that a couple of days ago they were getting ready for the "today" show. brandon was on his bike. he got hit by a car. a guy was texting. >> oh, my god! >> and sent him to the hospital. he broke his back. but he said i will make it to the "today" show. >> whoa! >> he's about to make it out here. >> he flew here with a broken back? >> he flew here with a broken back. they're down collectively about 300 pound. >> let's bring them out, shall we? you see the before pictures.
10:41 am
let's bring out megan and brandon. come out slowly. >> slowly. >> here they are. go slow. go slow. >> wow! >> look at that. >> oh, my gosh! are you kidding? >> can you imagine? >> are you kids kidding me? >> where are the real people? >> shake it, megan. >> first of all, how are you doing? are you all right? >> i'm doing all right. >> you are? >> little bruised huh? >> got my face a little bit, cut my leg up. >> how is your back? >> my t-12 vertebrae is crushed. so i have a little bit of a broken back, but it's not bad. >> we could have had you in like a month or two. but you wanted to come now? >> yeah. >> tell them what the doctor said, though. because you're in shape -- >> just because i was in such good shape and had such a strong core and everything like that, the injury was far less than it would have been and my recovery time will probably be a little bit faster. >> and he's here. >> and you have a good nurse, right? >> yeah, you do. >> by the way, i can't believe when you guys walked out. looking at these before pictures, do you even recognize the people in those pictures
10:42 am
anymore? >> no. >> we're different people. >> totally different people. >> you must have so much energy, not just for yourselves but for your kids, huh? tell us about that. >> definitely more energy. they're 5 and 7 now. so we get to run and jump and play and go down slides at the playground. and they are running with me sometimes, which is extra awesome. >> is that what you do? you go running? >> i do it all. >> you do? >> and you'll be able to walk her down the aisle some day and you won't be stinky. >> she's an amazing cook. tell them about this. >> yeah. what did you make? >> you went from this, right, colas, beer and all that. >> that was like an evening. >> in one evening, this is what brandon would drink. there's two cocktails, two sodas and two beers. when i was working out the math with him, it would have taken him over three hours of biking just to burn off the thousand calories in the liquids alone. >> what did you create? what kind of healthy meal? >> i wanted to come up with something that was balanced and give me energy. i never understood about the way the foods go together to give
10:43 am
you energy. so i learned about quinoa and the amazing benefits of it and added that. of course, spinach is such a super food, couple of eggs and feta and coined it my megan's power breakfast. >> looks delicious. >> i eat it constantly. >> i'm going to tweet this out right after the segment. >> all right. congratulations. >> we're so glad you made it. >> glad i was able to. >> thank you. thanks, megan. you can find megan's recipe for megan's power breakfast plus the weight loss secrets of six of our most inspiring members on o.a.r.
10:44 am
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. rock band from rockville, maryland, who first began to develop their unique sound way back in high school.
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>> 20 years, 13 albums and millions of fans later, o.a.r. is about to head out on tour once again with new music off their upcoming album called xx. >> first, here is o.a.r. with their 2008 hit "shattered." ♪ in a way i need a change from this burn the out scene another time another town another everything ♪ ♪ but it's always back to you ♪ stumble out in the night from the pouring rain made the block sat and thought there's more i need it's always back to you ♪ ♪ but i'm good without ya yeah i'm good without you
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yeah yeah yeah ♪ ♪ how many times can i break till i shatter over the line can't define what i'm after i always turn the car around ♪ ♪ give me a break let me make my own pattern all that it takes is some time but i'm shattered i always turn the car around ♪ ♪ i had no idea that the night would take so damn long took it out on your street and the rain just falls push me back to you ♪ ♪ but i'm good without ya
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yeah i'm good without you yeah yeah yeah ♪ ♪ how many times can i break till i shatter over the line can't define what i'm after i always turn the car around ♪ ♪ give me a break let me make my own pattern all that it takes is some time but i'm shattered i always turn the car around ♪ ♪ give it up give it up baby give it up give it up now right now ♪ ♪ how many times can i break
10:52 am
till i shatter over the line can't define what i'm after i always turn the car around ♪ ♪ all that i feel is the realness i'm faking taking my time but it's time that i'm wasting i always turn the car around ♪ ♪ don't wanna turn that car around i've got to turn this thing around ♪ >> o.a.r. new album xx is available august 15th. you can preview it now online. our favorite things are next. first this is "today" on nbc. >> yes, it is.
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thanks for sticking around for our favorite things. mine is this marc jacob makeup. beautiful bronzer. >> that's where you're getting that. >> so beautiful and compact. matte and pretty. dream contour powder. the makeup -- people have been using these on me the last month. >> real buttery. >> marc jacobs for $49. >> not -- the price is right. >> yeah. >> i have a book kids are going to love. it's called buddy bison's yellowstone adventure. i met her in rehoboth. you can buy this little bison with it. it helps kids get to know about the national parks and it's a little adventure. buddy the bison is in the book. it's really cute f you have a little one, it's for kids at local parks. stuffed bison, $10 each. >> okay. so this young lady, christine bianco, we featured her earlier. you wondered if celine dion was
10:57 am
a face swap. she's on the line with us. hi, christine. >> is that a face swap? >> hi. hi, hoda. >> hi, sweetheart. was that a face swap? >> it was a face swap, yes. >> we don't have a great connection. go you go out on a little celine for us like ♪ papa can you hear me or something like that? [ poor audio ] >> must be -- >> wow, that was nothing like what i asked for. not your fault. technical problems. god bless, christine. >> bye, honey. thanks. >> fun day monday. some wildfires burning across
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
california. thousands of homes in their path. and firefighters are rushing into action. scott/2shot good morning, and thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm scott mcgrew. kris/2shot and i'm kris sanchez. ==kris//map== this map shows where the two major fires are burning at the moment. the "soberanes fire" is located in the garrapata state park, north of big sur. while the "sands fire" is burning in santa clarita in southern california. ==kris//take vo== right now -- the monterey county sheriff's department is issuing a pre-evacuation warning for several nearby communities near the firelines. roughly 16-hundred homes are threatened. ==scott//add rail== here's the latest numbers -- so far, the fire has burned nearly 15-thousand acres. twenty homes have already been destroyed along with two


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