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tv   Today  NBC  July 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. breaking overnight. hacked? new concerns that a computer program used by the hillary clinton campaign may have been breached as part of the dnc cyber attack as the campaign shifts in high gear. donald trump promising no more mr. nice guy. fear in florida. officials confirm four people inspected with zika after bitten by mosquitoes in the u.s. the first time this happened in this country. how bad could it get in this long hot summer? horror on the track. two pit members hit by an out-of-control car during a race
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in pennsylvania. both are doing okay this morning. and ready for harry. it has been nearly ten years since the release of the last "harry potter" book. the wait is over. big crowds expected for "harry potter and the cursed child." already a popular play in london. now you can get your hands on the script. today, saturday, july 30th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm sheinelle jones along with jeff rossen and stephanie ruhle. along with our fill in here. dylan has the morning off. >> that was a mouthful. my mom is in florida. yeah. this harry potter thing is crazy. ten years. they may do this to build up the excitement. >> tell me about it. >> they don't need to. people love it.
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there are parties going on everywhere. you have butter beer served everywhere. wizard rock bands. >> are you dressing up? >> i love owls. i love a costume. >> i will play quiddich actually. >> we have more on that in a bit. >> more harry potter stuff in a bit. our top story with over 100 days to go until the election, every day and every moment will count for hillary clinton and donald trump. this morning, there are fears a computer program used by the clinton campaign was hacked. we have casie with the campaign. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. they are setting out on what was supposed to be the post convention bus tour. this morning, there's new fallout from the hack of the democratic national convention and new questions about how much it may effected the clinton
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campaign. hillary clinton back on the bus. >> hello harrisburg. >> reporter: behind the scenes concerns with aides acknowledging that edxperts are trying to figure out if they were hacked. a clinton spokesperson saying, quote, to date, they have found no evidence that our systems were compromised. the news comes days after donald trump called on russia to find some 30,000 deleted e-mails from clinton's days as secretary of state. and in the general election first full campaign day, threatening more confrontation. >> trump is going to be no more mr. nice guy. >> reporter: the new democratic ticket road tripping on a three-day family bus tour in pennsylvania and ohio. >> i'm not satisfied with the status quo. are you? >> reporter: trying to convince
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working class white voters that trump is not the solution to the economic pain. >> my plans will create millions, millions more jobs than trump. >> does anybody here believe one word of what he says? >> reporter: the former president back on stage decades after the clinton's first campaign here. >> pennsylvania has been very good to our family. >> the first time i campaigned on a bus and came to pennsylvania was way back in 1992. >> reporter: now democrats will privately worried that they will give donald trump the keys to the white house. donald trump's off the campaign trail today, but hillary clinton and tim kaine will head further west to pittsburgh, pennsylvania and youngstown and cleveland, ohio. all places they need to win if they hope to win the white house in november. sheinelle. >> kasie hunt, thank you. >> harold ford jr. is a former
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congress member. and jordan is a former adviser for rand paul's presidential campaign. both are msnbc political analysts. thanks for joining us. how much of a distraction is this for the clinton campaign? >> campaigns are full of distractions. you have to begin to wonder the margin of error for both campaigns now it has ended. for donald trump, he refused to release his tax returns. this takes on another level of urgency around the russian piece. his campaign manager was unable to say if he had investments from russia. it seems odd he continues to push this and invite foreign nations to investigate or hack e-mails or candidates in a political party. i think mrs. clinton has to hone
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other economic message and not attacks, but raising concerns of mr. trump and his temperament and ability to manage foreign affairs and domestic affairs alike. >> while hillary clinton is now back on the trail, she and tim kaine on the bus tour going through ohio and pennsylvania. these are major swing states. what kind of chance does donald trump have? i think pennsylvania, i think democrats. >> but donald trump has a message anti-free trade that is resonating. you see how well he did in michigan. some of the most enthusiastic delegates at the rnc were from the rust belt states. if donald trump has a chance, he will do well in the rust belt. >> let's talk hillary clinton. you mentioned the tax returns. does she fight back with him? does she go tit-for-tat with him? >> that is a great question.
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you will not beat this guy going tit-for-tat. you have to lay out your message. i think the last four or five days for the democrats are spectacular. wednesday night, i don't recall that kind of star power in any convention. vice presidents, presidents, former presidents. you did not have that kind of power at the republican convention. that being said, we move past it and you build up for the first debate on september 26th. i think she can't do it. she has to hone the message. get serious about what she will do with empowering the middle class. let donald trump go off the rails. democrats should not take him lightly. >> what would you say to donald trump if you were advising him?
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we saw primary trump off message? >> i don't think he is pivoting enough. you look at his response on friday and what he was talking about was insulting mayor bloomberg and general allen who led the effort against isis. he was focusing on petty grievances and not the message for america. it is a problem he cannot shift to a general election candidate and start to look more presidential. by contrast, hillary clinton is going to step up to the plate and he has to stop the immature behavior. >> elise and harold, thank you. we will take you to florida. officials are confirming four people have been infected by mosquitoes of the zika virus. we have sarah dallof with us this morning.
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finding out what is being done to prevent the spread of zika in the u.s. >> reporter: good morning, stephanie. this neighborhood north of downtown miami is known for the murals and its art galleries. now emerging as ground zero for the country's first suspected cases of home grown zika. this weekend, miami in the heat of battle against zika. as experts say the four cases of infection in the city may be just the start of the spread by mosquitoes here in the u.s. >> we are testing suspect patients and reporting those results to the health department. >> reporter: with that comes a renewed emphasis on education. mosquitoes control workers going door-to-door and testing standing water. with zika linked to microcephaly, pregnant women are of concern. her doctor advises she carry mosquito repellent.
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>> she said i should not go out often. >> reporter: zika is transmitted by mosquito and sexual contact. and blood banks are now stopping collection until they test for zika. >> it is all automated process. you will see a tube of blood that is from the donor that will go through the testing process and the results are known within 12 hours. >> reporter: the area of active transmission for the home grown cases is believed to be a one-square mile north of miami in the trendy arts district. >> i know it is something you don't want to have. >> reporter: businesses and visitors trying to balance daily life with the looming threat of zika. >> i'm aware. i'm not overly worried. i'm cautious. >> reporter: officials picked this area after learning that all four of the patients visited near here or around the time
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they were infected. that coupled with the fact the mosquito traveled less than 450 yards during the lifetime helped establish the one square mile. stephanie. >> sarah, thank you. pope francis is in poland and he started the mass dedicated to late john paul ii. another russian team has been banned from the rio olympics. russian weightlifters will not compete following a ruling by the international weightlifting federation. they found multiple doping cases. the track and field team has been banned from the scandal. and a sad loss for us to report this morning. susan rice has died. showing national recognition of
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her work of autism speaks. the wife of former nbc member bob wright. susan wright died after a battle with cancer. and a terrifying accident was caught on tape last night at poconos race way. a car heading into the pits slammed into two crew members. the two were hit when the car had brake problems and could not stop. both men were able to walk away and did not suffer major industri in injuries. our friend dave price is here from wnbc. >> everyone feeling better now the heat wave is subsided a bit? don't make me bluff. let's look at the weather picture. looks like we're in for a wet start to the weekend especially working toward the east coast. let's look. scattered showers and moist air brought up from the gulf at this
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point. low pressure system continues to move eastward and ahead of the front, fair amount of humidity. widespread showers especially in the mid-atlantic states down i-95 corridor and stretching into the carolinas as we head into tomorrow. all of that moisture will continue to advance and instability is around. local flooding is a possibility throughout the northeast and scattered showers as you head further south. as we take a look at what we can expect, it is going to be steamy as you head to the deep south. temperatures feel like they are 104 in jacksonville. 109 in savannah. augusta at 103. myrtle beach at 104. no relief. as we look at the national map, relief stretching from arizona to nevada. nice weather in california. mid section of the country with a slight risk of activity. especially in rapid city, south dakota. that is the look at the
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good morning, bay area. clouds and fog in san francisco. from the san bernardino cam, just low clouds. in the bay area, there is sunshine like the tri-valley, 64 degrees there, and south bay in the low 60s. later on this afternoon, it's not as hot for some of us. still warm, but san francisco, you'll be in the upper 60s, so comfortable there, but north bay, 85 degrees, and south bay, another warm one at 93. take it easy. and that's our first check of weather. >> dave, thank you. still to come, the ships are still coming in after a year sailing around the world. what will it feel like being back on dry land? but first this is "today" on nbc.
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the family favorite. yoplait. we are back now. hello. on a saturday morning with the long awaited return for the
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sailors. where am i? i'm all turned around. they have patience. their lives have been tested for the past year. the round the world clipper race coming to an end today. these are beginners who got a chance to sail around the world. plenty of drama every step of the way. nbc's kelly cobiella has an update in london. >> reporter: what a welcome home. you expect as much from all of these people here to see their loved ones after they spent 12 months at sea with thousands of miles on the water. the clipper teams say after this, nothing is the same. an epic race around the world. amateur sailors battling storms and monster waves and the first time in race history, the fear they might not survive. just days into the atlantic,
6:18 am
tragedy. 49-year-old paramedic andrew ashman struck and killed on deck. then in the pacific, sarah young swept overboard by a wave. with months to go, the team pushed on. so did 69-year-old texas native linda mcdavvot. that's her high on the mast fixing the sail. we first met her in london last year. getting her team in shape with a pole dancing class. at sea with no showers, she shaved her head. remembering loved ones who battled cancer. >> it just made me feel more like a sister to my friends. >> reporter: sailing the philippines, she honored her dad. a prisoner of war there during world war ii. this year on the water has changed her. >> i am much more tolerant and patient and laid back.
6:19 am
i feel like a little kid. it is time to kick off my shoes and jump around and really enjoy every moment. >> reporter: living the motto today is a gift. that's why it's called the present. and just now, the final boats are about to pull into the dock here. part of the reason why you hear the cheering. one final note about linda. she survived the 12 months without a single injury. until late last night, she was evacuated off the boat with a dislocated shoulder. she will reunite with the team this morning. she said at least i got a helicopter ride. >> we are leaning in because we are trying to hear you over the cheers. >> oh, i hear better now. thank you. >> there you go. thank you, kelly cobiella. >> would you do it? >> in a minute. >> this is my husband's dream
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good saturday morning to you. it is 6:27, and we're giving you a live look outside from the bay. cloudy now, but let's check with anthony slaughter to see what the day has in store for us. >> well, another warm one. no big surprise there. >> yeah, surprise, surprise. >> clouds and fog this morning allowing us to cool offer a little bit. talking temperatures inland valleys coming down from 100 to 95. it's relative. we'll see a cooler day, but, again, i like to say it's not going to be as hot. 62 in livermore. 64 in san francisco, and 50 in santa rosa. the north bay, not as hot up there in wine country. 70s in oakland and santa cruz,
6:28 am
but hot inland, even palo alto, 85 today. 94 in morgan hills. the garlic festival, a lot of sunscreen and water. >> yes, good warning. anthony, thanks. a daughter on a mission for justice after her mother was violently attacked. she tells us she has surveillance video hopes help track down the man and woman who stole her mom's car and ran her mom over with it. the pair has been driving the car all over the north bay and east bay using the victim's credit cards. well, it's not the most convenient time for a bart closure this weekend. big crowds expected for the giants' games, san francisco marathon, and other festivals, but still bart is shutting down the track between glen park and daly city stations for repairs. this is the first of seven weekend closures for maintenance work. the transit agency is adding
6:29 am
shuttles to help get around the closure. coming up on "today in the bay," the family reuniting with the dog, an unbelievable he made it to mexico and back again. that, the top stories, and weather, of course, we'll take any cool down we did get at this point at 7:00. right now, back to the "today" show.
6:30 am
we are back on this saturday morning, july 30th, 2016. great crowd on the plaza this morning as we finally get a break from the heat and humidity. the dome has lifted. we will say hello to these folks, but first, headlines today. new fears of hacking with the clinton campaign. fbi investigating trying to figure out if a computer system used by the campaign was hacked as part of the dnc cyber attacks. drew peterson who has been convicted of killing his third wife, will spend another 40 years in prison on top of the 38 he is already serving. he was sentenced to the
6:31 am
additional time in prison for trying to hire someone to kill the prosecutor who convicted him. and a huge turnout expected at book stores for the release of the newest harry potter books. "harry potter and the cursed child" will go on sale at midnight. the latest in the jk rowling. this is a script of a play which is currently playing in london. >> i could have made money by sitting there and transcribing. now to the download. >> from the democratic national convention to a controversial decision about a man who shot president reagan. it was a busy week in the news. those are some of the stories that caught our attention. >> hillary clinton making history. the first woman at the top of a
6:32 am
major party presidential ticket. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> a lineup of heavy hitters. singing her praises at the convention. her husband. >> the best darn change maker i ever met in my life. >> president obama. >> i'm asking you to join me to reject cynicism and reject fear and summon what is best in us. to elect hillary clinton as the next president. >> and the first lady. >> all our sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be president of the united states. >> but the democratic convention was not without its drama. >> a rough start. sanders delegates holding up signs. many booing when clinton's name mentioned. >> the hacking of the democratic national convention e-mails. enraging bernie sanders supporters and putting donald trump in hot water.
6:33 am
>> russia, if you are listening, i hope you find the 30,000 e-mails missing. >> after four trials and no convictions, the baltimore prosecutor dropped the remaining cases related to the death of freddie gray. >> the death touched off weeks of unrest and riots in baltimore and federal investigation into brutality. >> because of what she did in bringing charges, now we have cameras in the van. >> 35 years after john hinckley jr shot president reagan. a federal judge has ordered his release next month. >> hinckley can stop living at the mental hospital where he has been treated since 1982. >> i don't think anybody tries to nullify an election with a bullet should ever be walking free. >> prince harry showed a new side this week as he shed light on a personal cause. the backyard party was for the mental health charity heads together. >> everyone can suffer from mental health. >> new proof this week that the
6:34 am
ice bucket challenge was a big success. international research team has identified the new als gene. it was discovered after large study conducted with the help of the ice bucket donations. pokemon go? one beyonce fan says pokemon no. >> pokemon and beyonce singing. right where he is. she is next to the stage. >> and matt imitated golfing great jordan spieth pulling off a trick to remember. >> i hit the ball and the marshmallow was right in front of my face. that was my first taste. >> that was pretty cool to pull that off. i'm not a golfer. >> i don't think golfers do
6:35 am
that. >> i am a jordan spieth fan. if you are not a golfer, how about a putting lesson? >> you are an amazing golfer if you can do that. >> bravo, matt. he knew something was going to happen. >> it was a genuine joy. >> he was shocked. >> he couldn't believe it. >> yes. >> one final thing. >> look at that. >> i love that. pure joy. >> the last thing before we run on the of time. playing pokemon at a concert. i love how another concert goer gets on another guy. not just any concert. beyonce. the point is you probably paid a good penny for the seats. you are standing up in the front. enjoy the concert. >> don't interrupt beyonce. >> dave price is on the plaza with another check of the forecast. dave, feel free to weigh in. >> no, no. you guys are having fun in there talking.
6:36 am
the real fun, you guys are okay. these guys are terrific. we have a bunch of birthdays here. 40 right here. we have an 18-year-old right here. congratulations. let's walk over here. to a 50th birthday and sweet 16. let's take a check of the weather and see what is happening all across the country. shall we? it looks like a cooldown. good news for folks in the sections of the upper midwest. it was feeling like it was over 100 in minneapolis. down to 83. still high heat for the northwest. reno, 98 degrees. missoula, 102. checking the national map. expect soggy conditions in the northeast. the four corners, showers and a slight risks of severe weather through sections of south dakota and into, again, the west coast
6:37 am
where we are going to begin to see improvement and relief from the heat. temperatures are going to be around 85 degrees in southern california and los angeles. 80 degrees as you head into sections of portland, oregon. that's a quick look at the national maps hey, good morning, bay area. clouds across most of the bay. we have some sun in spots like the tri-valley, but most of the bay, it's patchy fog and low clouds. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. throughout the day, clouds move out, continue with sup and warm temperatures. talking 60s at the coastline, the cool spot, 58 in san francisco, but everyone else is 70s, 80s, and 90s. 95 today in the tri-valley. at your weather picture. it is evan's 10th birthday
6:38 am
today. give him a round of applause. >> happy birthday. just ahead, the top yelp certify et searchers for the conventions in pennsylvania and ohio. do you think it is a good dive bar? and vice presidential joe biden getting his shot on the small screen. we will tell you which tv show we will tell you which tv show he is about squuuuack, let's feed him let's feto the sharks!sharks! yay! and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway! i never said that. they all smell bad too. no! you all smell wonderful! i smell bad! if you're a parrot, you repeat things. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. squuuuack, it's what you do.
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we are back on a saturday morning. our favorite time of the morning. our time to trend. >> i would love to dance the trend dance with you. >> please do not. i'm sorry, dave. the conventions are over, but we are getting new information about what people were doing in cleveland and philly. >> with the candidates? >> no, the people who went. yelp did a study and checked out what people were looking for at the convention. based on the search results for each host city. dining. the rnc in cleveland. 623% spike for hawaiian food and 28% increase in comfort food. after the dnc, searches for
6:42 am
mongolian food and kosher food and vegan food. and rnc leisure is massage therapy and shopping. and dnc, leisure searches forego-carts and tattoos. >> i don't know what to say about that. >> people walking away from the dnc with tattoos. >> a big donkey across your arm? that's a big no. >> first of all, go-carts? we have an hour between meetings. let's go-cart. >> hawaiian food known to be especially strong in cleveland, ohio? >> 628% spike. >> we want to answer the earlier question. a 40% spike for republicans who are looking for a dive bar. the next one for the single ladies and men. thousands of users on reddit pulled together what you should not do with your online profile.
6:43 am
mistakes will hurt your dating chances. don't use excessive emijis. or then don't write i hate fake people or i don't like drama. don't post a ton of pictures with you and alcohol. stephanie? >> this one is slightly different. it does not involve alcohol or dating. it is for parents out there. ready? how much would you pay for a doll that claims to help your kid sleep through the night? here we go. it is the lulladoll. it retails for $71. desperate parents are willing to shell out $350 for this sold out toy on e-bay. the doll was designed by a mom in iceland. she plays a real life reporting of a breathing child at rest.
6:44 am
it can aid in helping a child fall asleep. >> i put my heart beat on this thing and give it to my child and it should smell like me and have my heart beat. the baby hugs the doll. here you go. >> that's fascinating. >> sign me up. >> i would pay $500 for this one right here. >> i don't get it. >> i'm in a state of anxiety. i don't think my children could sleep with that beating heart. who are those people who figure out this would be sold out. buy it up. stockpile in your garage. sell it on e-bay. >> you can hear it when it is up to your ear. here is the microphone. it is like calm breathing. >> just put the dog in the baby's room. >> $350 on e-bay. pop start. >> from the dnc to svu. the vice president has a new
6:45 am
gig. joe biden filmed a cameo on svu. he plays a detective who says joe is in the building. and biden's episode is about the rape kit backlog and efforts to end violence against women. this is biden's first time on svu. he will be playing himself. next for kanye west. he is doing what he does best. making headlines. this time with the release of his latest music video from the life of pablo album. take a listen. ♪ i need you now ♪ about to love you ♪ about to >> say what you want, it will be a hit. in it, models are wearing the clothing line and people cannot keep their hands off kim kardashian. literally. hands all over her face. also in the video, kim and kanye
6:46 am
show every once and a while all you need is a good cry. and finally, one of america's favorite made for tv movies, "sharknado." who would have thought about the movie with tornadoes and sharks would become a culture phenomenon. after three wildly successful installme installments, the latest is almost here. it's an exclusive clip from "sharknado:the 4th awakens." >> jill! >> come to mama. >> come on. come on. >> wow. >> can you pre-order that trilogy? >> this is sophisticated. >> the movie takes place five years after "sharknado 3." it premieres tomorrow night on syfy. are you ready for a new bush
6:47 am
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there may be new bush dynasty coming to the white house one day, but it is not what you think.
6:50 am
here is nbc's kerry sanders. >> reporter: the bush family. highly educated, experienced, ready to serve. surprise, not those bushs. and no, we're not talking about the political stage just yet in washington. it's the graduation stage. at florida atlantic university. >> this has to be america's most amazing family. >> reporter: meet the bushs from south florida. overachievers who stand at the ready to serve their country. 19-year-old gabrielle graduated with health administrations. a year later, earned her masters and her goal is secretary of health. >> i want everybody to have access to health care and it is affordable. >> reporter: at 16, her sister graduated high school and college in the same week. she earned her masters in public
6:51 am
administration. >> to be the chief justice of the united states supreme court. >> reporter: when her firstborn graduated, she had degree in urban design. two years later, a masters degree. at 21, she is already working in her chosen field. her goal is secretary of housing and urban development. >> one of the biggest issues is affordable housing. >> reporter: at 15 years old, bobbie lee is more about the music. so no surprise in this family of prodigies. he was selected to play warm-up for phil collins. before their advanced studies at florida atlantic university, they were home schooled. their tiger mother says she believes education is more than
6:52 am
just books and memorizing. >> what is the secret sauce? >> the secret sauce is dedication, commitment and hard work. >> reporter: a family to watch and name to remember. that other bush dynasty from south florida. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news, boca raton. >> wow. >> impressive. >> the bushs we know, they are feeling like under performers. i'm sure they never felt that way. >> i want to spend a summer with them to get a doctorate. we feel like we're not that impressive. we will be back in just a moment, but first this is "today" on nbc.
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honey nut cheerios ...get their delicious taste from real, honest ingredients. real oats. that's a big bowl real honey. yeah, honey. and real patience. hurry up! i like that bee. thank you for waking up with us. that will do it for us on this saturday morning. tomorrow on "today," willie goes on tour with luke bryan.
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coming up next, on today in the bay .... vo a fight in downtown san jose hours ago... sends a group of people to the hoal good morning, coming up next on "today in the bay," a fight in downtown san jose hours ago sends a group of people to the hospital, some for emergency surgery. also, yesterday's car crash that claimed the life of a 15-year-old girl and why witnesses say it never should have happened. and a break in the nearly 2-year-old homicide investigation in san francisco's valley. the suspect charged with four murders. (adlib)
6:58 am
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7:00 am
good saturday morning to you. it is 7:00, and giving you a live look outside in san jose. it looks hazy out there, but the sun is trying to breakthrough. boy, it's been warm. we really appreciate your joining us. i'm kira klapper. it there any relief? this week was hot. >> here's the small silver lining. there is relief because air quality improves. fires


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