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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 4, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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san francisco. the city bus ling with to tourists and media are on the go. one day aweiay from the opening ceremony. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> very good thursday morning to you. thank you jor joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. cooler weather also starts right now. three cheers for that. >> i'm so happy about that because we can open up the windows and give the air conditioning a rest and enjoy lots of sunshine. after the morning clouds clear out. let's get a live look outside now. 66 degrees in the peninsula. 53 in the north bay. mostly some 50s. already made it up to 60 in the south bay with a high of 80. and it will be cooler, breezy winds up to 63 degrees today in san francisco. we'll take a look ahead to the weekend. it has so close. that's coming up in a few
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minutes. mike has a new crash now in fremont. >> yes, the freeways are moving well. we'll take you off just off of 680. this new crash northbound 680 heading up towards scott creek road shy of that off-ramp. a single car spun out in over toward the center divide. no injuries and no lanes blocked from where we understand, chp will give us an update. meanwhile this crash off of 680 and pleasant hill. that cleared to the shoulder approaching 242. in san francisco, there's that activity just off 280. not a major issue for the commute but it is an issue. a big one, back to you guys. breaking news we're following this morning. a police standoff now in its 15th hour in san francisco. a man is barricaded himself inside a home and is refusing to comply with officers. the home is on miramar and ocean avenues. "today in the bay's" bob redell is there live. what's happening right now, bob? >> well, within the past minute, two minutes, laura, we saw
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somebody lift up the blinds of that window here in this apartment building here on miramar and ocean. they lifted it up and then quickly shut the blinds. we didn't get a look as far as who that person was but you can see sfpd has lit up that window the which is on the third floor of this apartment building in ingleside district. this is where a man has barricaded himself since 1:30 yesterday afternoon. now, one reason police are being so cautious. they believe this man is armed with some sort of weapon, not clear if that's a gun, knife, or something else. they were trying to arrest him for a crime he committed earlier yesterday. pd won't say what it was. the man did allude officers. ran into a -- police believe he is in building. s that s.w.a.t. truck, patrol vehicles as well. they have the building surrounded, the entrance, that is. a negotiator has tried to coax that man out with no luck so far. and there is no indication whether or not he has anyone hostage inside. again, this building they believe is the man's home.
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reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. new details coming in a short time ago about a deadly stabbing rampage in london. in the last hour the woman killed in that attack is from the united states. police in london say a 19-year-old man right now is in custody accused of stabbing six people in total near a british museum. it took place in russell square. another american is listed among the injured. there's been no update though on that person's condition. we do not know yet the identity of the woman who died. police believe the attack is not terror related. investigators say mental health was the primary factor. also happening today. raymond "shrimp boy" chow is scheduled for sentencing. they convinced the gang leader in january. today is his legal reckoning. he will be sentenced on 162 counts. among which include murder in the aid of racketeering. this is for 2006 murder of two
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rival gang members. that count alone carrying a mandatory life sentence. teenage girl is hospitalized with serious injuries after being hit by a car in daly city. it happened yesterday afternoon on west moore and south mayfair avenues, a block from the busy skyline boulevard. the car hit a 12-year-old girl. daly city police say the driver remained on scene and cooperate with police. investigators have not yet determined fault but neighbors say crashes are common along that stretch of road. a man is recovering from a knife wound he says he received playing pokemon go in san jose last week. kris says a man and woman thought he was recording them with his phone. the two attacked him. the man eventually slashed his face with a knife. other players helped him and called police but his attackers got away. he still says this kind of thing will not stop him from playing. right now a developing story that we continue to track very closely out of yolo county. more problems this morning from the wildfire that's burning east
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of lake berryessa. clouds of ash are choking the skies. you can see it there. winds coupled with hot, dry conditions fueled by oakwood land present a very different problem for firefighters. here's what we know as of right now. evacuation orders remain in place for all of those living in the area. helicopters are using water from lake berryessa and transporting that over to the fire to stop it from raging in the steep rugged hills that cover three different counties. that fire started tuesday and it's quickly grown to 4700 acres. containment at this point is about 10% with 600 firefighters working to extinguish the flames. they face walls of flames and are concentrating on the north end of the fire while working to hold fire lines along highway 128. that road by the way remains closed. so far no structures have been burned and there are no injuries thankfully to report. we'll bring you a live report coming up in our next half hour. it is 505. certainly switching gears. oakland raiders haven't been to
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the playoffs in more than a decade but there's hope the team can change this year. garrett car and omari cooper lead the offense. they roomd together to boost their chemistry. and now defense is improving, too. past rusher bruce irvin jumped in from the seahawks and joined the raiders. cause a little bit of trouble for the opposing quarterback. the two are building a relationship on and off the field. raiders say arizona cardinals a week from friday for the first preseason game. here we go, opening ceremony for the rio games just one day away and nbc bay area has you covered. working months to bring you all the local connections. look at this. views from the beach as well. >> not a bad looking city skyline there. you're looking at live pictures from the beautiful copa, copacabana beach. >> the official games begin tomorrow. some of the competition actually to the surprise of many but this
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is how it goes, have already started. >> a couple of days before opening ceremony. >> "today in the bay's" jay gray is live in rio. how is it going down there and the big question everyone has been wondering for a long time, is rio ready? >> sam, laura, good morning from rio. if they're not ready, they're pretty close. sam, with the rendition of copacabana i think i pulled a hamstring dancing for that. i may be out for these olympic games. they're doing finishing touches here. there's a citywide holiday today because the torch is making its final tour around thousands expected to be a part of that. we know that from the mountains to the beach to the olympic park where we are everyone is fired up, if you will, to use that torch lingo, for those games to begin including the american athletes finally on the frowned ground and really excited about the chance to compete here. you talked about the soccer match last night. 2-0, u.s. won over new zealand. it's not unusual to have a few
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events take place before the opening ceremonies. that was an important one, team usa, women's soccer team, heavy favorites to win the gold here. they started on the right track. carli lloyd, a really key figure on that team scoring the first goal and getting things rolling. there was an interesting part of the game though, hope solo, controversial keeper for team usa had paukd v talked about concerns over zika and accommodations here in the months leading up to rio was boo'ed roundly by the brazil yaps in the crowd. every time she placed the ball down in the stop or after a goal to kick it they would start chanting "zika zika." when asked about that, she said, look, i'm a firely competitor, i'm used to this. only stirs me to play. should be interesting to see opening ceremonies. one addai away. and standard bearer for
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olympians for across the world, michael sfephelps. >> you nurse that hamstring there, jay. thank you very much. your nbc bay area is your home for olympics. jessica aguirre is in rio as well along with jay. we're going to start her live reports of the games and local athletes on "today in the bay" tomorrow. jess will be reporting for us tonight as well. >> always such an exciting time. >> so many games. women's soccer team. unfortunately the men's did not qualify this year. men's soccer is playing today, too. >> we'll have all of that and more include aggregate looking forecast as we get closer to the weekend. >> the weekend is almost here. quick look at the forecast of rio because right now it's temperatures are in the upper 60s. heading into the low 70s today. breezy wind kind of like the weather we will see here except it's cooler to start out. mid to upper 50s. today's high expected to reach up to 63 degrees in san francisco. and oakland, 68 degrees.
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santa rosa, 78 with lower 80s for fairfield and concord. livermore, 86 degrees with san jose up to 78 degrees. let's head over to mike now for a look at live traffic. >> we have our live sensors showing us no real slowing. that's the good news. we do have a couple of issues going on for fremont. all lanes are cleared. this -- all lanes are clear eastbound 84 but just before you get to 680, the alvarado area, the car went down off the side of the road. crews are still there. i don't think they're going to try to pull that car because no one is inside of it. clear it out later on in the morning. see our live camera shows westbound 580. good amount of traffic. no surprises, no slowing. back to you. >> good to hear, mike. thank you very much. let's check in with scott mcgrew and see what he's working on. >> good morning. pay equality at apple. $1 for $1 no matter what you are.
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okay, everybody, settle down, settle down. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you >> hey. >> hey, that's pretty adorable. all of those cameras that popped up when people started singing. it is president obama's birthday. he was serenaded a day early by guests of the young africa leaders summit in washington, d.c. yesterday. the 44th president turns 55
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today. the president will be celebrating his birthday amid controversy. the administration defending action fr sending hundreds of millions of dollars to iran. >> at the same time that iran freed four american prisoners. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live from washington, d.c. tracie, the iran issue being overshadowed by donald trump and mounting pressure for him to tone down his campaign. >> right. and we're hearing that people like newt gingrich, rudy giuliani, the head of the republican party want to sit down and have an intervention with the trump campaign to try to get it back on the right track. >> our families, the love in that room -- >> reporter: donald trump raising military families after publicly criticizing one. today veterans in washington will pressure republicans to denounce him. >> there's nothing he's going to do to dissuade me from voting for him. no way. >> reporter: sources tell northbound the party may intervene over trump's refusal to support top republicans.
5:15 am
they would wrath her him focus on hillary clinton. trump claims she initiated negotiations for a $400 million cash payment to iran, the same day hostages were released. >> so far as i know it had nothing to do with any kind of hostage swap or any other tit for tat. >> it happened years after clinton left. the obama administration insists the payment was for a canceled contract, not ransom. >> it is not, it was not, we said that from the beginning. >> reporter: team trump isn't buying it. >> folks, how stupid are we? >> hillary clinton and barack obama essentially put a price tag on the head of every american traveling abroad. >> reporter: clinton is focusing on trump's businesses. >> i really would like him to explain why he paid chinese workers to make trump ties. this is one of them. it's got his name on it, of course. >> reporter: she tours a small business in las vegas today. and her lead is widening over donald trump.
5:16 am
the latest fox poll shows hillary clinton with ten-point lead right now. >> all right, tracie potts live from d.c., thank you. major points for apple which says it's achieved absolute parody at the company that men and women are paid the same for the same jobs. >> scott mcgrew, one of the first silicon companies able to make that claim. >> that's right. do the same job, get the same pay, laura. apple gave us the data on diversity in its company. it said it made slow progress increasing the number of women and minorities at the company. and the progress is coming from its hiring. apple is hiring women and minorities at a higher rate than the general population. apple says, quote, women earn $1 for every dollar male employees earn. tesla is losing more money and faking fewer cars than it meant to make or told us it would make. 14,402 cars were delivered in the past quarter. its own target was 17,000 and
5:17 am
tesla lost $293 million. on the phone call with reporters and analysts s elon mk said what we have under development is going to blow people's minds. it blows my mind. one of the developments is a new model beyond the model 3. a small suv tentatively called the model y. let's get the rest of the news before the bell. landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> hi, scott. good morning. wall street will attempt to add more green arrows today. futures are highing this moring. shrugging off early losses to close higher. the dow snapping a seven-day losing streak. energy stocks leading the way as oil prices rose 3% back above that $40 a barrel and you want to look for data this morning on unemployment and manufacturing. the dow raising 41 points to 18355. the nasdaq up 22 to 5951 -- 5159, scott, rather. back over to you. sam and laura, you will
5:18 am
probably have trouble recall that intel made a fitness watch. now they don't. intel says you should stop using its peak basis fitness watch right now. apparently the watch gets so hot it can actually cause burns. intel says it will give everybody a refund. but, you know, i try to keep track of every little tech development. that one escaped me. intel has a sports watch, or had one. >> reformulate it. >> they tried to bring down the heat with a software fix and it didn't work. they're saying, you know what, forget it. >> cross it off your christmas list. silicon valley start-up is making one giant leap in a modern day race to the moon. the faa has given mountain view's moon express clearance to land on the moon. this is the first private company to receive the distinction when express already has plans to land an unmanned robot next fall as part of a google x prize competition and one day wants to mine the moon's
5:19 am
resources. >> silicon valley we even call something impossible moon shot. we have a moon shot. a real moon shot. >> the real thing. more than a dozen teams are still part of google's competition. the first team to land on the moon successfully travel 500 meters on the surface and send back some bids is going to win the grand prize of $20 million. >> just a few things to pull off there if you can do that. >> first the moon, then mars. who knows where after that. >> right now we're just going to stay on planet earth. >> the weather is nice. why would you want to? we're doing to have some great conditions over the next couple of days. a lot of sunshine, some breezy winds. and some cooler temperatures as we get a live look outside there now. we will continue on with a clouds for the next several hours in san jose. we see the clouds as we start out this morning. also improved air quality once again because of the winds picking up. and we don't have that wildfire smoke coming in from the soberanes fire farther to the south. right now, 60 degrees heading up
5:20 am
to 78. and it will clear as we go into mid morning, early afternoon. staying nice and cooler than normal with those temperatures and some breezy winds throughout the day. this weekend it looks like we will see the highs reaching into the mid 80s for the inland areas and some 60s along the coastline. so put that in the beach plans. that you may need a kt gentleman as well. we'll start out this morning in concord at 57. napa, 54. and 56 degrees now in palo alto. our winds coming in from the north but we'll turn more westerly as we go into this evening. also picking up to about 15 to possibly 20 or maybe even 25 miles an hour with some of those higher gusts. you can see the fog that reaches farther inland and then as we go into tomorrow, still breezy with the winds blowing onshore giving us our natural air conditioning. and today we'll keep it cool, up to 78 degrees in san jose. 75 degrees in redwood city. financial district at 62 degrees. some mid 70s for napa, fairfield. 80 degrees. it's coming off the 90s you had
5:21 am
yesterday. and walnut creek, 9 degrees. and 87 degrees today m in pleasanton. so high pressure that we've talked about, it's been so stubborn. it's had a hard time getting out of here. finally tit is doing so. moving into the pacific northwest and giving us once again the stronger onshore winds and our temperatures will be backing off into the 70s and 80s. meantime in san francisco, we'll only reach into the 60s by sunday we'll be up to 65 degrees and for the inland areas, it will be nice these next few days. reaching into low 80s. but by next week, starts to heat up again. we'll see those 90s returning. heading over to mike now with a look at where you may be slowing down on the roadways. >> a lot of those places, that's the good news. early in the commute still. looking over towards 680 northbound. counter commute drivers. on the right-hand shoulder, northbound 680, scott creek. earlier crash, the spinout, a
5:22 am
tow truck is there. a little more distraction again. no lanes blocked heading up towards sunol. smooth flow of traffic through the maze and upper east shore. same thing for the north bay. let's look at oakland, 880 past the coliseum. northbound with the headlights and bay bridge toll plaza, look there. no backup just a few folks pause for that cash pay as you have to. coming up next, new revelations in the deadly crash in central california. why friends of the driver say he had not been sleeping well lately.
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deadly tour bus crash in merced county. authories update to tuesday's deadly tour bus crash in merced county. authorities are now saying four people died. that's down one from the initial report of five. in the meantime, more details are emerging about the driver mario vasquez. family members say that he was distraught over the recent death of his wife and had not been sleeping well. however, they insist he would not have taken the wheel if he were too tired to drive. vasquez survived the crash. investigators are planning to interview him. it is 5:25. more on the breaking news we brought you yesterday. the crash landing of a jetliner in the middle east. this is video captured by people in the terminal at dubai international airport. one firefighter died while helping rescue people from that burning plane. the emirates jet was flying in from southern india and as it hadded it skidded across the
5:26 am
runway. passengers scrambled out of the fire engulfed that plane. all 300 passengers and crew remarkably made it out safely before the plane exploded. a blast, you might say from the past, as a former bash brother tries to make a second splash in baseball. after more than a decade away jose can seco is returning to play in the east bay. the 52-year-old former all-star reportedly agreed to terms with the pittsburg diamonds. the diamonds play for the independent pacific association of baseball clubs. the team majority owner says conseco has incredible knowledge of baseball that's going to help his player, would act almost as a mentor. conseco last played for the chicago white sox in 2001. she's back. barbra streisand taking a victory lap. streisand performs tonight at the s.a.p. center as part of a tour. her performances are rare but this tour is even more special,
5:27 am
it's a celebration of her achievements. streisand broke records last year by becoming the only artist with a number one album in each of six decades. i feel like i shouldn't be talking right now. >> just listen. >> the concert tonight will be full of hits like "memories." each of those decades and song from he's upcoming album. tickets are on sale online at 8:00 tonight. >> you sound like you're a fan. coming up next, standoff right now between police and suspect in san francisco that's about to enter 16th hour. plus -- >> cold fire continues to grow in yolo county. we'll have all the latest detail osen that fire coming e g uing .
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[snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. good morning. 5:30 on your thursday. thanks for joining us on "today in the bay." i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're inching closer to that weekend. friday eve already. >> yes, it is. >> who is counting? >> who is counting, right? we are all counting, because it will be cooler, we'll have some great weather. looks like a nice weekend ahead so make plaps to get outside. right now as you step out getting ready for this thursday morning we have 54 degrees in the tri-valley. 60 in the south bay. 53 degrees in the north bay. it will be much cooler today than yesterday. only reaching into the 80s. and some low to mid 80s at that. 73 in the peninsula. while the san francisco area and the coastline will be at 63 today. now let's head over to mike. he has new crash for the east
5:31 am
shore freeway. >> looking at more traffic throughout the bay but nothing alarming as far as speed sensors go. westbound, 80, commute direction, sounds like everything is off to the shoulder. no injuries. minor distraction there for the upper east shore. but getting towards the bay bridge you just fine there. lak up there. at the toll plaza, live look because we should see the metering lights, yes, and backup forming. the metering lights should have just turned on seconds ago. there's the backup we expect. we have breaking news to bring to you from san francisco. you're looking at video of a ms. standoff which is now entering its second day. we've been bringing you live reports since 4:30 this morning. police called the man inside that home a wanted suspect but they're not revealing what he's wanted for. police say he ran into his own home at 1:30 wednesday afternoon. this is all unfolding on miramar avenue near holloway on the
5:32 am
border of ingleside. they closed miramar to traffic in that area. bob redell will bring us another live report as the situation continues to evolve in the next half hour. international news. new details coming in about a deadly stabbing rampage in london. in the last hour we've learned the woman killed in the attack is from the united states. police in london say a 19-year-old man is in custody right now accuse of stabbing six people in total right near a british museum. the attack took place last night the n. russell square. another american is listed among the injured. there's been no update on that person's condition. police believe this attack is not terror related. investigators say mental health appears to be the primary factor. that attack came just hours after the announcement police in london will be carrying more weapons. some londoners say that's not a bad idea. >> i think the rest of europe has everyone on high alert and i
5:33 am
think there is a lot more anxiety rolling through london right now. >> at this point we do not know the identity of the woman who was killed. besides the american injured in the attack, the four others are british, israel, and australian. now to a story that continues to develop near napa in yolo county. a wildfire spreading amid unpredictable weather conditions. it's a story we've been bringing you life coverage on since yesterday morning right here on "today in the bay." our pete suratos is back this morning. pete, what are crews telling you at this hour? >> reporter: we're on day three of the cold fire in yolo county and as you mentioned, this fire has more than doubled in size since yesterday morning. now at 4600 acres and roughly 10% con tapeme tanment, we're still at highway 128 near pleasant valley road. that road is closed as crews come in and out. but that fire started on tuesday afternoon just east of lake berryessa. used helicopters yesterday to do
5:34 am
water drops in that steep terrain. we just spoke to cal fire and they tell me that more than 600 firefighters are on the ground battling the fire just last night. and fire crews were primarily working the north end of the fire yesterday. but that cal fire pio just told mow the focus is shifting more to the southwest and of the fire. while they're making progress, once again today, it's the weather that could play a big factor. >> you can probably feel right now there's a pretty good breeze coming through here. this was anticipated. and it's kind of that third element between dry fuels, hot weather, and a little bit of wind and that's definitely affected the fire. >> reporter: now the forecast at winters will be somewhere in the 0s today. mandatory evacuations were put in place for canyon creek resort and golden bear. they could be returning home soon depending on how much progress they make in the area. live in winter, pete suratos for
5:35 am
"today in the bay." >> thank you, pete. as soon as today we may learn of seven men charged in the murder of a bay area mother will stand trial. police say shah mill pierce died in march of 2015 trying to protect her children from gunfire in west eoakland. police arrested seven men now charged after working with neighbors to find the shooters. today's preliminary hearing will determine if there's enough evidence to move that case to a full trial. a teenage girl is hospitalized with serious injuries after being hit by a car in daly city. it happened yesterday afternoon at west moore and south mayfair avenues, a block from busy skyline boulevard. the car hit a 12-year-old girl. investigators are not determined fault but neighbors say crashes are common along that stretch of road. >> my niece was hit here. it was a day like today, foggy, a little bit darker, and she was hit by a car.
5:36 am
>> have you seen people hit out here? >> a lot. almost every month. almost got hit three times already. >> you almost got hit three times? >> yeah. >> daly city police say the driver remained on the scene and cooperate with police. a follow-up to breaking news we brought you wednesday morning on "today in the bay." hours after a deadly crash in which a car went over a cliff in saratoga the unlicensed driver suspected of fleeing the scene surrendered to san jose police. 18-year-old woman died when the car went over a cliff early yesterday morning. a pregnant 15-year-old girl also suffered major injuries. police say alex eduardo garcia left the scene and later turned himself in in san jose. he is charged with felonies that include hit and run, vehicular manslaught manslaughter, and driving without a valid driver's license. the opening ceremonies for the rio games is just one day away.
5:37 am
northbou nbc bay area has you covered working all the local connections to it all. >> you are looking at beautiful live pictures this morning from the copacabana beach where it's 8:00 in the morning there. >> the official start of the games is tomorrow when the opening ceremony gets under way but some competitions have already started. >> jay gray is live from rio. women's soccer was getting all the headlines yesterday. also getting headlines, whether or not rio is ready for the big events. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam. good morning, laura or bon jia. a few finishing touches yet especially here in olympic park. crews are working and say they will be ready. now, look, there is a citywide holiday in rio today declared by the major as the torch makes its final tour here. thousands expected to be a part of that. i can tell you from the mountains to the beach here in olympic park. this place is on fire, excited
5:38 am
for these games to begin. rio is for the foes part ready. crews are putting a few finishing touches on the venues. while the olympic celebration has already started in the city. >> team usa is on the ground in rio and getting settled into the athlete's village, joining 18,000 competitors from around the globe. >> i think overall our team is so strong right now, it's incredible to be a part of this team. >> reporter: but even before the opening sar pony and pre-game workouts the american athletes can feel the intensity of the olympics. >> the energy almost punches you in the face. just everyone is getting after it and working hard. >> reporter: all working toward the same goal, olympic gold. and probably no huge surprise here but the man with the most medals in olympic history and the most gold med talls in the olympics, michael phelps, the standard bearer for olympic alt
5:39 am
leaths around the world will be the flag bearer for team usa. that's the latest live here in rio. sam, laura, back to you. >> a new tight to his name. and also, jay, he is michael phelps is also the captain for the first time, too. a lot of firsts there. nbc bay area is home for the olympics. jessica aguirre will start her live reports of the games and local athletes tomorrow. >> our crew talked to her this morning. she is getting ready. >> she was born ready. how many portuguese has she picked up? >> we're going to check out the rio forecast. four hours ahead of us. already enjoying the sunshine. the temperatures will be heating up in the upper 80s. coming off heat and we will be at 68 degrees today in oakland, fairfield. 80 degrees and livermore today, 86 degrees. in to the weekend we will have a nice one heading in.
5:40 am
i'll talk more about that. now checking in with mike that crash is still there in fremont. >> we're talking about 680 northbound. as we get a look at the rest of the roadway we see the speed sensors are not a problem. light commute right now. we'll show you another indicator of that in a second. northbound 680. the crash there. now a tow truck there. a distraction as you're heading up in towards fremont, no problems in either direction. tri-valley, slowing around 680 and southbound there. same thing for 880, blip, speed below the limit in through hayward no problems. the push start pentagon. a little increase across the san mateo and dumbarton bridge. there's the tri-valley. look at the bay bridge toll what sa. we did have the metering lights turned on. this is the light. the fastrak lanes fill in quickly as the metering lights are turned on. this being a thursday. we don't expect friday light because that would be a friday, thus the name.
5:41 am
track this here. on the peninsula side, easy drive. still have that one lane closed eastbound. standard construction, eastbound 92 counter commute. back to you. let's check in with scott mcgrew who has your business and tech news. >> look at numbers. sam, donald trump's challenge is trying to convince you the economy is getting worse. but the numbers don't support it. we'll show you coming up in business and tech. the person who attacked and
5:42 am
5:43 am
stabbed a person playing "pokemon go" in san jose. the victim says he believes a misunders the search is on this
5:44 am
morning for a person attacked and stabbed on a person playing pokemon go. >> sam, it's a story we've been following since last night on nbcbayarea news at 11:00. kris sanchez is more on what happened. this is another story, unique o one, of this app causing problems. >> reporter: right. but perhaps not in the way that you think. we've seen other story where people were targeted because they were distracted. in this case perhaps not everybody knows what pock pokemon go is and not everyone thoughs what it look likes when people are playing. that led to this violent misunderstanding for one san jose player. this is kris who was back out on the streets playing pokemon go. it's what he was doing one afternoon last week about 3:00 in the afternoon in downtown san jose when he came upon a couple on san carlos second trestreet. he had his phone out in front of him and the couple seemed confused and angry about why.
5:45 am
>> they thought i was recording them. i was like, no, i'm playing a game on my phone. that's all, you know. i kept walking. he was holding a knife. i didn't realize it until later. he got me in the chin and i turned and it cut my face open. >> reporter: now, because pokemon go is so popular there were other players nearby who jumped in to help him stop the bleeding and call for help. an ambulance did take him to the hospital. he got more than 15 stitches in his chin but he says he's going to keep playing pokemon go. san jose police is not blaming the game nor peguidi but remind people to be aware of their surroundings. is suspects are at large. the victim did show us the picture of the attack, we thought it was a bit much for this early hour but if you have the stomach for it go to and you can see more of this story that our reporter also got last night. in san jose, kris sanchez,
5:46 am
"today in the bay." >> thank you very much. expect more complications today from the strike by court clerks in the south bay. santa clara county superior court clerks hit the picket lines yesterday demanding a pay raise. the strike resulted in a slowdown at the county's court facilities. majority of cases are being continued. but if you have been summoned for jury duty you must continue to check whether or not to report. that the point no new talks are scheduled between the court and employees union. a supreme court decision on transgender bathroom use has some local lgbtq leaders concerned. virginia student born a girl but identifies as a boy cannot use the boy's bathroom at least for now. that is the temporary ruling. supreme court handed down yesterday. the school district that the student attends requested the high court to make that ruling. while the school district appeals a lower court ruling which does allow the student to use the boy's bathroom. the lgbt community is concerned
5:47 am
it's a step backwards. >> if we lose this election then we're going to be seeing ruling after ruling like this and it's not going to be a temporary hold. it's doing to be a situation where our lives are gradually chipped away from us and no longer able to function as a full citizen in this country. >> supporters of yesterday's ruling says it protects the basic expectations of bodily privacy, close quotes, for high school students. the high court make take up the issue again later this year. bay area economy, hot job market. still hot. >> go out at get them. scott mcgrew has been going over the numbers. >> they're the latest numbers from the labor department. when we look at the bay area the numbers are very strong. with a lot of jobs very obviously coming from high tech. so keep in mind the national unemployment rate is 5.1% but here in the bay area, san francisco is almost a full percentage lower, 4.2%. san jose at 4.1%. if you're saying, hey, where's
5:48 am
oakland? the government in this case considers oakland to be part of san francisco. in fact, the government thinks much of the east bay down to fremont is part of san francisco. now the angle to these numbers. if you're donald trump you trying to convince voters the economy is lousy, right? statewide, california has an unemployment rate of 5.4%. higher than average. but unlikely to go trump's way. key battleground states employment actually relatively strong. florida, 4.7%. ohio, 5%. pennsylvania is in play. if your campaign is based on saying the economy is bad you're going to do okay in pennsylvania. it's above the national average 5.6%. speaking of jobs. wall street looking ahead to tomorrow when we get the monthly jobs report. keep in mind last month's jobs report was a blowout. nearly 300,000 jobs created. one of the highest numbers we've seen in years. this new number will come at 5:30 our time. obviously this time around as it has in the last couple of months. a political aspect to it. that one definitely went hillary
5:49 am
clinton's way last month. we'll see how it goes this monday. >> you want to see a show? >> yes. >> people in las vegas always a show there. look at this. lighting up the night sky there. not from all the neon there but from nature. light anyone storm played out across the skies over the city. cameras catching it just brampling out across the vegas skyline there. slash is pretty quick but they're so bright lit up the hills and the mountains behind. so the stars shining brathly there in vegas. >> as they always do. >> elvis. >> cirque de soleil. let's get a check of your weather here and a cooldown is in store. >> it's going to be a nice one today and the weekend. getting ready for sunshine and not the sweltering heat that we had last week and to start this week. as we get a live look outside now, we are seeing some low clouds that will be with us for a little while longer. a look at the golden gate bridge. cars making it across just fine without the windshield wipers. we haven't seen the fog and mist
5:50 am
but we may see that here after a little while as the low clouds continue. here's the view from the castro. it is 57 degrees there. and mostly cloudy skies. we generally have some 50s and low 60s as you get this thursday started. our wind direction, a huge factor today because we have quite a few wildfires burning in the area. and as we look at the north bay, the one that is just around the -- lake berryessa area, the winds will be rushing in from the southwest as we go into this evening. for the rest of the bay area, breezy. low clouds moving in tonight. and then we'll also have a gusty wind coming in from the west as we go into the day tomorrow. so as we go through the day planner in oakland, it will be 59 degrees to start out. some upper 60s today with some gusty winds. and mostly sunny skies as we go into this evening. a look at all of the microclimates expect it to top out at 79 in morgan hill. 76 degrees in palo alto and the financial district at 62. maybe even a light jacket needed
5:51 am
there. not so much in fairfield. it will be much more comfortable because yesterday you had the 90s there. we're only expecting it to hit 80 today. hayward, 72 degrees. pleasant on the, high of 87 degrees. so our weather pattern is changing as this high pressure that's giving us the hot weather continues to move away as it weakens. and an area of low pressure moving in from the north will replace that and give us some cooler temperatures as the onshore flow gets much stronger. we'll have morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. especially in san francisco with those highs reaching into the low 60s. mid 60s for both saturday and sunday. it does get a little bit warmer next week. that will also be the trend that we'll see for the inland areas. a little bit of a break with below average temperatures for the rest of this week. into the start of the weekend but you see by sunday those temperatures start to go back up and before you know it we'll have 90s to start out next week. let's head over to mike now. tracking some crashes. have they cleared from fremont? >> they have. all the crashes have cleared from the chp blotter from
5:52 am
fremo fremont. 680, scott creek. off alvarado. approaching 680, may be activity later on, recovery from an earlier crash. look at the speed sensors. we do have a little slowing. this is before you get to the crash which is over on the shoulder at san pablo avenue. we do have slowing just off highway 4. typical pattern as folks head down toward the bay bridge and toll plaza. maze looks great are in san francisco. pretty standard at the bay bridge. halfway mark for the lanes, all lanes at the toll plaza. behind there the cash lanes seeing a break. bring some cash and get a fastrak, faster there. san jose, the build. the little build on the map is right there at 101 and 680. back to you. >> thanks, mike. workers atta hotel and casino once opened by donald trump have learned the hotel will soon close doors for good. >> trump opened the taj mahal in atlantic city back in 1990. it's now owned by investor carl
5:53 am
icahn. but the casino announced yesterday it will close later this year. the manling company top can that entertainment says taj mahal is losing millions to a massive workers strike. it survived bankruptcy in 2014. this will be the fifth atlantic city casino to close since 2014. 3,000 jobs will be lost. we are getting close to the opening ceremony. coming up next, the opening ceremony for the rio olympics is now just a matter of 30 or so hours away. the competition in brazil, women's soccer. you see right there has already started. the women's soccer team has taken the field against new zealand. >> the excitement already under way. but first, happening now, silicon valley tech company is on its way to olympic opening ceremonies. plus, based in milpitas, light things up on michael phelps ralph lauren's jacket. a bark beetle outbreak is killing millions of trees across california. find out what you need to know now on our facebook page. a serial killer on the loose in
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
phoenix, arizona- is now being tied to another shooting. serial killer is on the loose in freengs, arizona. now being tied to another shooting. in this case, police say a man and his 4-year-old son were sitting in his car when someone shot at them. it happened on july 11th. thankfully neither was hurt.
5:57 am
this was the ninth shooting now tied to the gunman. before this shooting police believe a string of attacks ended in mid june. that's when the community was put on high alert. the search is over this morning for man authorities say shot and killed a bay area woman while she was on vacation in texas. u.s. marshals arrested mccray in atlanta. investigators say he had been on the run since he allegedly opened fire at a popular entertainment district in austin over the weekend. the victim is tanika mulltry, a school bus driver. she was visiting family in texas at the time. a follow-up on a big clue for investigators searching for a man accuse of sexually assaulting a teenager at a concord swimming pool. police say this newly released surveillance video shows the attacker before he snuck into the gates of the pool at the walnut country crossings clubhouse. you can see the faint image of a 16-year-old lifeguard walking into a shed, then a man gets up
5:58 am
and follows her. police say the man started to touch the girl. she told him to stop. cameras eventually show her there running away. another lifeguard rushed in to help. >> he was really short, south american, short hair. skinny. >> for an individual to come into an area like this and do that is just extremely, extremely upsetting. >> a 13-year-old girl has also now come forward saying the same man targeted her inside the nearby tennis courts. now to a story we first broke on nbc bay area news last night at 6:00. sheriff's deputy in trouble after being accuse of trying to smuggle contraband into an inmate by hiding it inside a burrito. we learned the deputy in question attempted to deliver a bag to murder suspect michael green. inside the hall of justice last friday. tucked in that bag was a cellphone stuffed inside a burrito. we're told the deputy managed to bypass metal detectors but law enforcement was able to
5:59 am
intercept the phone before it reached the inmate. the deputy is under investigation and is now barred from going into the jail, into any jail. the san francisco sheriff released this statement saying, quote, the introduction of any contraband into the jails is a matter of great concern. cellphone, in particular, can be used to intimidate witnesses and p perpetuate crime. crews are scouring parts of the national forest for 21-year-old reilly zicle. last week he went backpacking and was supposed to be in seattle by friday but he never showed up. he goes to lewis and clark college in portland and his classmates are now joining search efforts. right now at 6:00, undate to breaking news out of san francisco we've been following all morning long where a police standoff has entered its second day. the new information we're learning about the man hold up inside the home and what neighbors living nearby need to
6:00 am
know. plus, a night out playing pokemon go takes a dangerous turn as a man is stabbed in the south bay. the misunderstanding that likely led to the attack. live look right now from rio de janiero this morning. the opening ceremony for the 2016 olympic games now merely hours away. we'll take you right to the center of all the action right now on "today in the bay." right now i want to say a very good thursday morning to you. and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we may not have the copacabana beach but we have awfully nice beaches around here and cool weather if you're headed that way today. >> lit be cool today. cool for the weekend. if you have beach plans you may want to include a blanket or a light jacket. it will be chilly in spots. as we get a live look outside now, 54 degrees in the tri-valley as well as the north bay. at 60 in the south bay. highs today reaching the low 80s. so coming down out of those 90


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