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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 15, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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san jose woman. a break in the beating case of a beloved 88-year-old east san jose woman. a 19-year-old man is in custody, and it may not be his first time for this crime. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez. deputies revealed the arrests of one of two men wanted in the being. apparently the suspect was arrested for a similar crime a little over a year ago. he is 19-year-old zachary quin of san jose. a source tells nbc bay area quin
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was arrested at the scene of a different attempted burglary at a different home where the victim was can elderly woman like flo douglas, that when he was allegedly a juvenile. neighbors called 911 when they saw douglas' car where it be wasn't where it was speeded to be. santa clara county sheriff's investigators say quin and another on attacked the 88-year-old in her home, left her for dead, then returned to steal her car. neighbors are hoping to develop a plan to help protect each other better. >> this is a time where we come together as a community, as neighbors, and as humans to help each other out. >> we should know our neighbors and figure out how to help our neighbors. what is it? is it technology? is it -- is it phone calling to make sure everybody is okay? >> that meeting is tonight at 7:00 at the st. john community center near the catholic church. investigators are asking
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neighbors in the area to check their security cameras for clues and now, with an arrest, to check for video that could provide evidence to link that suspect to the crime. there is a press conference from the sheriff's department planned at noon. again, we hope to hear more details about the arrest then. we're also following a developing story. the latest turn in a police sex abuse case that's tied to several bay area departments. the alleged victim is now back at home after being arrested last month in florida. jasmine, who goes by celeste guap, could influence the investigation and several subsequent trials. nbc bay area pete suratos is joining us live. the news conference had been scheduled for 11:00. how are things looking now? >> reporter: good morning. that is an attorney speaking right now on her behalf. they plan to file a civil suit on behalf of jasmine. she has been at the center of the investigation involving
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several police officers. she took a plea deal in florida. the lawyers claim the richmond police department, one of the departments connected to the ongoing investigation, is the one who arranged for her to go to rehab in the first place in florida, something the city disputed. her lawyers claim this is just the tip of the iceberg and that jasmine is not the only person the law enforcement has taken advantage of. the department is pursuing charges against seven current and former officers. five have oakland p.d. we're going to listen in and have an update for you at 11:30. >> we'll check back with, pete. our coverage of the sex abuse scandal continues online. head to our website to watch the raw video from today's news conference in oakland. it's posted right now on new at 11:00 commotion on the peninsula this morning after
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s.w.a.t. and fbi agents served a search warrant there. this was the scene this morning. officers removing evidence in plastic bags and our crew also spotted several firearms being taken into custody. police have not said what this search was related to. some neighbors were awakened by flash-bang grenades and had to poke their heads out of their homes to take a look. >> i was excited. i just moved here. so for me, it -- this is like law and order, criminal minds, all wrapped up in one. >> no word on how many people were arrested or the charges they'll be facing, but we'll keep asking those questions. there are few crimes more reprehensible than stealing from a church, some would say. but that's what police in palo alto are investigating after a pastor says someone walked away with thousands and thousands of dollars of donations and cash this weekend. nbc bay area's bob redell is live at the cornerstone
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community church in palo alto. do they have a suspect? >> reporter: palo alto place haven't caught anyone. we just spoke with pastor joseph park here, kris. he tells us the biggest concern is not with catching the thief but, rather, reassuring his congregation that their place of worship is safe and they'll do a better job of protecting the sunday collection. pastor park has a message for the thief, if you needed the money that badly, why didn't you ask us for help. >> we wanted to help him if he asked for it, but the way he approached it was not right. >> reporter: where was it when this man -- the pastor tells us the thief attended sunday's korean service. he worshipped with him and the other 100 members of the congregation for almost 90 minutes. around 1:00, towards the end of the service, the man approached the collection bag sitting on
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top of a plastic stand in the front of the church. one witness says he pretended to donate some money and then grabbed the bag and theft. they believe the man stole thousands of dollars needed to pay for staff, overseas missionary work and feeding the homeless. >> we're just trying to process what just happened, you know. none of us are angry at him. if that's what you're asking. but we are upset at the situation, you know, how we dealt with it, and how we feel like we were violated. but, again, you know, overall, god is still good. so we are trying to do god's work and do as best we can as stewards of god. >> reporter: pastor park did not recognize the man, says this is the first time he has worshipped in the church. they're checking to see if one of the church's video cameras captured an image of the man. he was wearing a hoodie and he
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is asian around 30 to 45 years of age. the pastor said they were partly to blame for making the collection bag such an easy target. >> hopefully they'll track him down. happening in a few hours the man accused of shooting at passing cars in the south bay is connected in court. 30-year-old michael lewis terrorized local streets for four months. he was arrested two weeks ago. investigators say at least ten times he fired at cars in blossom hill neighborhood. no one ever died but police did say at least three people were injured by bullets or shrapnel. lewis faces more than a dozen criminal charges including attempted murder. investigators are asking for victims to come forward after a suspected kidnapper was arrested in antioch. bernard kane is in jail after trying to lure two girls on two separate occasions, the most recent happening just last tuesday. police say a 13-year-old girl
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was walking on 10th street on her way to school when kane allegedly grabbed her and attempted to sexually assault her. fortunately she was able to fight and break free. police say back in january a similar scene unfolded with another girl walking home from school in the same area. kane was identified as a suspect in that crime as well. he now faces several charges. a woman who accuses well known basketball player derrick rose of rape is trying to make a public appeal out of the start of her civil case. the woman is not identifying herself, but today in san francisco she and her attorneys planning on talking about her $20 million lawsuit. she claims rose and two of his friends raped her after a night of drinningiking in 2013. the attorneys are calling the place a money grab. stan dobbs is out of a job
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today. the board ousted him late last night in a meeting that went past midnight. we should learn more about why during a news conference in about four hours. >> mr. dobbs is corrupt. he is crooked. >> as for last night, it was a heated debate, as you hear right there. in the end, the school board members decided to terminate dobbs' contract after a three-month-long investigation. dobbs had been on paid leave since june after a decision to allow ex san francisco 49er ray mcdonald to speak to students last year. at the time mcdonald was facing sexual assaults charges. the board also reviewed a violent outburst that took place during a board meeting last year. we spoke to dobbs prior to the decision, and he claimed he is being targeted by the board. >> the issue is how do you respond to the vendetta. my goal has always been to stay professional. >> today's news conference is scheduled for 3:30, and we'll have much more on our 5:00 news cast.
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up next, hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail and donald trump releases his medical records. the latest on the race for the white house that's going first through the doctor's office. plus, advice this morning from the director of the fbi himself about how to protect your computer with a piece of tape! and this morning we are looking at clouds fading away across parts of san francisco after a cloudy start to day. things will heat up towards the weekend. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter, back with full details.
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. officers of the law -- >> breaking news. we're sending you to oakland. this is pamela price, the attorney for the woman at the center of the police sex abuse scandal that's affected multiple agencies in the bay area. let's listen in. >> you say that, then you say, but we can't do anything about that unless and until the victim returns to california. we understood that this child's life was now under threat. and it remains under threat. and we would ask you as the media to respect her privacy, to respect our efforts to ensure her safety. that is the number one
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imperative right now is to make sure that she is able and alive to testify in these prosecutions. and we call upon every district attorney and the california attorney general to make sure that there are prosecutions, prompt, effective, remedial action is a standard of the law. it should be the standard in criminal cases as well. and there should not be a double standard. i cannot commit a crime in alameda county and get a note from the d.a. that says i committed a crime. we know you committed a crime but we'll get back to you after we know the witness is available. that's not how our criminal justice system works for most people. it should not work that way for police officers who have engaged in the most heinous violation of the public trust. our safety requires public trust. that's true, again, whether you are the officer on the street or the mayor of this city. and so we reject efforts by the
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mayor of oakland or san francisco or richmond to validate and justify what these officers have done in the handling of these investigations and the prosecution of these individuals. we know that jasmine is not the only one. we know that she was trapped in traffic from the time she was 12. we know that there are 12-year-old girls and 14-year-old girls and 15 and 16-year-old girls out there now who are watching what we do. and that's why i went to florida, because i did not want another child on the streets. if i have the courage to come forward and tell what i am being subjected to, i don't want to be the one -- >> this is pamela price, the attorney for jasmine, the woman formerly known as celeste guap, who is at the center of a sexual
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misconduct scandal spanning several police departments. pete suratos is there and we'll check in with him in 15 minutes. another news. thehead of the fbi has a security tip for everyone. put tape over your computer's web camera. >> scott mcgrew, you've been saying that for a while now. >> i just use the corner of a post-it note and put it on my laptop camera. i got the idea from mark zuckerberg, the head of facebook, who was caught on still camera in his work station. you see right there, he has tape over his computer's camera and microphone. i thought, i had better do that to mine. now this morning the head of the fbi says he does it too. the hill newspaper which covers capitol hill reports fbi director comey suggested people mask their web cameras at a conference. saying if you lock your doors at night, why wouldn't you cover your webcam. comey, you'll recall, is the same person who testified before congress that the fbi needs a
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special back door into your iphone. he acknowledges the irony here. lots of cameras on this car. this is one of the new automated uber cars in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. you know how we were saying that robot cars will come faster than you expected. welcome to the future! riders say it's a fun, if somewhat slow, way to get around. apple says it sold out of the iphone 7 plus for now. no point in lining up at stores this friday for a plus. they have all been preordered. the company also says it sold out of the jet black version of its smaller iphone. fans really like the new color, but guys, apparently it is super fingerprinty with the glossy back. back to you. >> nobody likes that. oakland schools are getting a big boost in fighting back against the flu. the alameda county health department is teaming up with oakland unifies to provide free flu vaccines to children. the campaign is called shoo the flu and is entering its third
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year. it go be offered to more than 100 public, charter and private schools beginning next month. parents rejoice. kids, cover your ears. >> they like being healthy. from flu checks to health checks. donald trump released his medical records today, some of them. a letter written by his personal doctor says the republican presidential nominee is in excellent physical health. results of standard tests show his cholesterol levels are normal. his blood pressure registered normal, 116 over 70. the examination took place last friday and was administered by dr. bornstein, trump's personal physician for more than 30 years. after her bout with pneumonia hillary clinton is returning to the campaign trail. first stop, the battleground state of north carolina. here is nbc's peter alexander on where the race stands. >> reporter: donald trump in
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ohio while hillary clinton is recuperating at home taking new shots at his opponent's stamina. >> i don't know, folks. you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't know. i don't think so. >> reporter: but later adding -- >> in all fairness she is lying in bed getting better. we want her better and back on the trail. >> reporter: on the trail in flint, michigan, plagued by a serious water crisis. trump interrupted by the pastor at the church as he began to blast his rival. >> mr. trump, i didn't invite you here to -- >> okay. okay. >> reporter: after three days off clinton is back campaigning today. her doctor reporting she is recovering well with antibiotics and rest. her campaign trying to reassure voters about her health, releasing a fuller look at the 68-year-old's medical history. clinton's physician detailing her medications including one for they are thyroid and a common blood thinner, prescribed after suffering multiple blood clots since 1998.
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her doctor concluded clinton remains healthy and fit to serve as president of the united states. and for the first time adding, she is in excellent mental condition. for her former reality tv star rival, a more flashy reveal, with tv physician dr. oz. >> why not share your medical records? why not -- >> i have really no problem in doing it. i have it right here. should i do it? >> reporter: sharing the results of a recent physical. his diet, trump favors fast food, he told oz because he says he knows what's in it. his workout routine, all those hand gestures during speeches, he joked. >> you're 6'3", 236 pounds as i mentioned. in my mind i am thinking your body surface area and your bmi is high. >> yeah. if i had one thing, i would like to lose weight. it's tough because of the way i live. but the one thing i would like to do is be able to drop 15, 20 pounds.
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all eyes may be on the presidential campaign but our investigative unit discovered a lot of big california donors are giving to congressional races in other states as well. we teamed up with nbc stations around the united states to follow the money. and we found that silicon valley has now eclipsed hollywood as the area with the largest total campaign contributions to out of state campaigns. in fact, california as a whole gave more money to out of state races, particularly u.s. senate races, than they gave to races here at home in our state. more than $127 million in all. >> wealthiest groups in america are the ones that tend to fund these senate and presidential campaigns. certainly, there is a lot of wealth in silicon valley and it's funding the candidates. tonight our investigative unit breaks down the numbers to show you who has emerged from silicon valley as a major player this political season and where the money is going, which states
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are getting a lot of attention from california donors tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. if you have a story for us call our tip line, 1-888-996-tips, or send an e-mail to the unit at how about following the sunshine this morning as we look right now. anthony slaughter is in. that shot of san francisco looks clearer than it did earlier. >> it was fogged in all morning long. i have a nice time lapse to show you. let's start you off with the shot of the gold -- or the shot of the city. san francisco. not the golden gate bridge. the bay bridge, that is. fog fading away there. the rest of the bay looking good. temperatures warming nicely. 72 in the tri-valley. it will be a warm day for the tri-valley. a little bit warmer than yesterday, up to 85 degrees there. 76 for the peninsula and 83 for the south bay. even san francisco today is going to get up to 69 degrees.
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kris, here it is, the time lapse for you. the money maker. the fog and clouds we had this morning. if you like the cool weather like kris, enjoy today because after today we'll get rid of the clouds and fog and we're actually going to get rid of the cool temperatures. if you're headed down to the cardinals versus giants game later at at&t park this evening, temperatures will come down to the low 60s. a mix of sun and clouds as the fog returns and it will be a little breezy this evening as high pressure starts to build in. you can see the cool area of low pressure that brought us the drizzle and showers moves to the east. high pressure moves in to boost our temperatures over the next couple of days. today mid 80s in the valleys. tomorrow the 80s go back into the 90s and they will be with us for the entire weekend for the inland valleys. the coastline will be looking at temperatures in the 70s. so today, kind of an in-between
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day. temperatures warm up for the inland locations. 75 for oakland. 80 in redwood city. 83 for san jose and 86 or gill roy. 89 for fairfield. here comes the heat. seven day forecast. mid 90s expected as we head towards saturday and sunday. we'll start off next week warm, low 90s and begin a gradual decline. it's all about the weekend. temperatures warming up as we round out the final weekend of summer. temperatures cool for next week as we start to welcome in fall. fall, guys, begins one week from today! so get those pumpkin spice l lattes out. >> he loves pumpkin spice! galloping into the south bay, but not without some complaints, the frustrations voiced over a huge equestrian show in san jose.
11:24 am
the settlement in the death of an african-american woman found hanging in a texas jail cell. the waller county sheriff's office in texas will pay the family of sandra bland nearly $2 million and also change jail procedures. you can find that story on our facebook page. bad news for people dealing with the housing crisis in the bay area. the richmond city council opted to not pass an emergency 45-day ban on no-cause evictions and rate hikes. we have more on that story, and it's a talker. it's on our twitter feed. you can find it there. we will be back in two minutes.
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and thats excatly the issue for >> horse lovers are excited to see the equestrian show but that's exactly the issue for neighbors. they say they're not too happy about the big tent in the south bay. we have more on what's bothering the locals. >> reporter: crews are busy putting the finishing touching on the big traveling horse themed show. but neighbors say getting to this point has already been a problem. >> you come around this corner, you can't see anything. >> reporter: this man says big trucks and effort movers have been at it for more than a month bringing noise and congestion to their once quiet neighborhood. >> the apartment building down the street. there are a bunch of businesses here.
11:28 am
since these guys started doing this it's more crowded than ever. >> we are a little surprised. >> reporter: the show's marketing director says he personally leafletted the neighborhood and held two community meetings to hear residents' concerns. >> we invited as many neighbors in the closest area been 1,000 feet to attend the meeting and we explained how we're going to do, what we're going to do, the times, the dates, the impacts. >> reporter: he said they adjusted the show design to accommodate some of the concerns, including turning speakers away from the neighborhood. show directors also say street parking won't be an issue because a company is renting the parking garage owned by the social services agency on julian street. neighbors say it will be the big test. damien trujillo, nbc bay area news. city workers in san francisco are trying their best to clean up the growing number of tent encampments. they're using outreach teams to canvass the cities.
11:29 am
they announced a clear timetable for dismantling the encampments. workers are trying to move and assist those who need it. the mission district residents say they're skept tall. >> they used be to tenants. and they have no place to be. >> they'll just move on to another street without getting the help. we are learning more about that police sex abuse scandal. we started the news cast off with. dozens of officers are being implicated. what the lawyer has to say about their possible prosecution. =kris//2 shot= a "break" in the beating case of a beloved 88-year-old east
11:30 am
11:31 am
year old woman. sources tell nbc bay area that may an arrest in that violent home invasion and beating of an 88-year-old woman earlier this week.
11:32 am
sources tell nbc bay area that it may not be the first time the young man targeted an elderly woman in her own home. the sources tell us he was arrested as a minor for a similar crime. >> this is 19-year-old zachary cuen. today is his 19th birthday. in half an hour sheriff's investigators will hold a press conference regarding his arrest and the status of the second suspect in the case. they are accused of a violent home invasion and beating of 88-year-old flo douglas. she was attacked in her home sunday night and left for dead. deputies say they then returned to steal her car. tonight neighbors will hold an emergency meeting hoping to develop a plan to protect one another. >> this is a time where we come together as a community. we come together as neighbors. we come together as humans to help each other out.
11:33 am
>> we should know our neighbors. we should figure out how to help our neighbors. is it technology? is it phone calling to make sure everybody is okay? >> so nbc bay area's michelle roberts will be at the sheriff's press conference at noon, and we'll haven a update for you on social media. she will have a full wrap-up in our news cast at 5:00 and 6:00. the attorney for the young woman at the center of the police sex abuse scandal that spans several local police departments is speaking out. the news conference started about 20 minutes ago. pete suratos is live in oakland. he has been listening when we could not. pete, what did she have to say? >> reporter: good morning, guys. in the news conference that is still happening behind me you can hear pamela price speaking about her client, jasmine, who is not here. they're saying this was a public safety issue, a violation of trust between civilians and law enforcement. and they're standing by their
11:34 am
story that they believe richmond p.d. had a role in getting her to florida in the first place. they mentioned this message from jasmine and saying a sergeant with richmond p.d. told her she needed to go to florida for a vacation to get help for what they call a drug addiction problem. they are saying she is not adrug addict and are saying she didn't voluntarily go to florida and they put her on the plane and some were waiting at an airport. they claims the drivers didn't say a word. when she got there they told her she couldn't make calls to her father. they prevented her from doing so. they say when she was leaving they claim a number of people surrounded her and injected her with something. they claim it wasn't a guard. they reported all morning there was a guard. they claim it wasn't a guard. that's kind of what led to the assault. she has been cleared through all of that. this is a sound bite. the lawyer we just showed you speaking. her speaking about her client, jasmine. >> public safety requires public
11:35 am
trust. we have to know that the police are going to protect and serve. when a young girl is running away from a pimp on the street or trying to flee a life of exploitation and violence and fear, she has to know that, when she goes to a police officer, that he's not going to take her to the back of the police car, that he's not going to take her to a room, that he's not going to tell her about his buddy who is interested in having sex with her. that's not what we pay police officers to do. >> reporter: obviously this is a developing story and they're getting ready to leave soon. there are seven officers that the d.a. office plans to file charges against in connection to jasmine. there is no time line they've mentioned on that. more details. jasmine, as she wants to be known now, was a minor when she became embroiled in the sex
11:36 am
scandal implicating officers from eight bay area law enforcement agencies. oakland's police department began investigating last year following this officer's suicide. the scandal broke wide open in may when reports emerged linking her to officers in richmond, in livermore and in the contra costa sheriff's department as well. so far 12 oakland police officers face discipline or termination. 11 richmond police officers have been investigated, two former east bay sheriff's deputies face criminal charges along with one officer from livermore. our coverage of the sex abuse scandal continues online. head to our website to watch the raw video from today's news conference out of oakland. it's posted right now at kris, a lot of scared people after bystanders, animals and police were all shot with a bb gun. this happened in south san jose on santa teresa boulevard and bernal road. one of the bbs struck a man in
11:37 am
his leg when he was leave a vet clinic with his dog in his arms. >> the customer was holding his cute little dog, and i was standing here. he was standing right here. and it kind of just shot and hit him in the leg. just missed the dog. >> san jose police say the bb gunman also aimed at officers who were responding to the 911 call. police were unable to find the shooter. a 19-year-old woman accused of beating and torturing a homeless man to death is pleading not guilty to murder charges. she is one of six people accused of the crime. his body was ultimately found in a lake. cellphone video captured images of the suspects forcing the man through the park. the woman was arrested in arizona and extradited to san francisco. two men are charged in a northern california double-murder cold case this week. but believe it or not, they will not be eligible for the death penalty if they are convicted
11:38 am
because of what the law was back then. 12-year-old valley lane and 13-year-old doris derrybury were killed after vanishing from a shopping trip in 1973. dna evidence announced this week links these two men two the girls' disappearances and deaths. 65-year-old larry don patterson and 65 william lloyd harbor. both face murder charges but the death penalty was not an option because it was not legal when the girls were assaulted and killed. cracking cold cases by rehiring a familiar face. the san francisco police department is making a bold move. the sfpd is welcoming back a veteran homicide unit inspector. it's a response to the community asking for additional resources specifically dedicated to cold cas cases. the chief says he is pleased to bring back knowledgeable veterans to the force. you want to know what kind of improvements b.a.r.t. will
11:39 am
make to its service? just call them. b.a.r.t. is holding a telephone town hall. they come ahead of a bond measure up for a vote this november to provide b.a.r.t. $3.5 billion for improvements. one thing that's definitely going to be fixed loud and clear, san francisco's muni is answering the call for cellphone service for underground trains. a proposal that will cost the city nothing. right now when the muni trains go below ground cellphone service is lost. that doesn't happen on b.a.r.t. the supervisor says the city and b.a.r.t. and muni are teaming up to change that and having cellphone companies pay for it. >> cell companies want to do this. so we have a process in place that m.t.a. is working on to allow them to do this. they also have to pay the fees associated with that. >> i think it would be good maybe for an earthquake. because if we have that, at
11:40 am
least they could tell me where to dig out of, where to find me. >> that is a good point, in the event of an emergency. the plan is up for a vote by the b.a.r.t. board next week. underground muni cellphone service is not expected to book a reality for 12 to 18 months. if you're noticing more corporate shuttle buses on bay area roadways, it's not just your imagination. for the first time we're getting a clearer picture of the growing number of private tech company buses shuttling workers to and from silicon valley and beyond. bay area transportation leaders released the shuttle census. they counted more than 400 tech buses in operation daily in san francisco alone. typically shuttle buses are moving 34,000 passengers per day around the bay area. well, this is a new way to get around town. uber showed off its new fleet of driverless cars to the rest of the country. not here in the silicon valley. this is a test program that kicked off in pittsburgh with
11:41 am
self-driving cars picking up passengers there. the vehicles are loaded with features that allow them to navigate on their own. however, this is a driver behind the wheel to take control should something go wrong. an uber engineer is also in the front passenger seat. >> i would definitely feel comfortable riding in a self-driving car. i trust it over human drivers. >> i can't really speak for other people, but it's kind of scary. >> uber's current self-driving fleet are ford fusion sedsedans. one was spotted in san francisco but they say an uber driver was behind the wheel. a great day for warriors fans. what's on sale right now! plus -- a costly refrigerator doesn't fit in the kitchen as
11:42 am
advertised. we're still dealing with clouds at the coastline. we'll tell you when the clouds will fade away and when things will heat up coming up in the full forecast.
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nbc bay area responds to a
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concord woman who had problems with a sears appliance and could not get the company to help her out. >> consumer investigator chris ca muro is here with how you helped. >> lin wilson bought a counter depth refrigerator from sears this year. it was delivered in april and installed by sears in may. lynn said the refrigerator wasn't counter depth at all, that it stuck out from her counters by several inches. she told sears she wanted to return the refrigerator to the store, but the store said no, because it was beyond the 30-day return period. so lynn contacted us, and we responded. sears has now refunded her the full cost of the refrigerator, $3200. in a statement sears said its priority is ensuring customer satisfaction. if you have a consumer complaint let us know about it. call us at 888-996-tips or visit and click on the yellow submit tips
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bar. tomorrow morning, canceling the prepaid service contract on a car. have a great day. a warriors fans who aren't lucky enough to have season tickets, we do get another shot. single-game tickets are on sale right now. which means 41 chances to watch steph curry and the rest of the gang chase another championship. tickets can be purchased from the team's home page,, of course. they're also available in person at the box office oracle arena. >> i think it's a pretty good day to be outside if you're in a long line waiting for tickets for a little while. >> not too bad. >> doing anything outside will be nice. getting ready for the weekend, it will be a little hot. this is the last full week of summer and the last weekend of summer coming up. in fact, fall begins september 22nd, next week. our average high, still inland range in the 80s. at the coastline we still see
11:47 am
the temperatures up to the 70s. in september we start to see showers. a little bit of drizzle in san jose earlier this week. i don't think we'll see much as we round out the month of september. on average this is the time when we start to see things moisten up in the atmosphere. unfortunately we're not going to see it in the next seven days. 72 in the tri-valley right now. temperatures starting to warm nicely. later this afternoon you'll feel the heat build especially across the tri-valley, up to 85 there. 76 for the peninsula today. 83 for the south bay and 69 for san francisco. here is a time lapse from ocean beach this morning. started off gray and cloudy. right now we're not looking at much sunshine there. the beach weather we had last week, not here today. hang on if you're trying to get to the beach this weekend. it looks real good. temperatures at oceans beach in the 70s. the giants versus the cardinals tonight, temperatures around 62 degrees at 7:15. it will be breezy as the high
11:48 am
pressure builds and fog restreets from the coastline and the winds start to shift offshore. that's going to be a warming wind. look at these temperatures as we put them into motion. mid 80s today all the way down through the central valley. on friday, 90s, even for walnut creek. 94 on saturday and even warmer for sunday. the heat will peak on sunday and then temperatures will start to come down. if you making plans to get around anywhere this weekend. maybe sonoma wine country. 90s. monterey bay looking pretty good as well. keep in mind we have the fire still to the south. a lot of burn scars down there. getting around may be a little problematic. not at the beach. 73 on saturday. santa cruz, mid 70s, even close to 80 on sunday. so highway 17 will be packed this weekend. here is your highs for today. comfortable all around the bay. temperatures, you start to warm up. here is the 7-day forecast for
11:49 am
the inland valleys. it will be a scorcher of a weekend. maybe if you have plans off, head to the beach. mid 70s expected there. >> leave five hours to get over 17. thank you. coming up, keeping the artists in san francisco. we'll bring you a project that hopes to keep art alive in the city. ♪ dogs - sure can be messy. but with nexgard, their flea and tick killer doesn't have to be. nexgard, the vet's #1 choice for dogs, is a delicious, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks.
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driven artists out of the bay we've all heard stories about how real estate prices have driven artists out of the bay area. >> a new project in san francisco is aimed specifically at helping them stay put. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. takes us inside. >> i love making art. i look in sculpture and installations. slide it this way. >> reporter: there is an electricity to the art dana hemmingway makes, sort of. >> the thing that's often hidden i am making the central focus of the artwork. i love having a sense of humor. >> reporter: she finds nothing
11:52 am
humorous about finding a place to make art. >> there is definitely a lot of people who have lost their spaces in the bay area. >> reporter: high rents and rampant development have driven artists and galleries out of san francisco. >> it was not only stagnating. it was going becoackwards. >> reporter: a new studio space dedicated to artists has popped up in a former warehouse. >> a building with 30 studios, for 35 working artists. >> reporter: the studios are part of the minnesota street project, a gallery opened by a pair of san francisco fl philanthropists. >> the building whas been committed for studio space for artists for a long term period. >> reporter: artists like this build without fear of losing work space.
11:53 am
it's an aberration among the city's difficult arts landscape. the building has a workshop, a digital media lab and places to gather. it's a respite for displaced artists. >> my partner and i were facing an eviction notice. the conversations we were having were basically like moving to another city. >> reporter: after recently landing studio space in the new project. she decided to stay put. >> it's kept us here in san francisco. >> we had 300 applicants for 30 spaces. >> reporter: they hope others will mimic the project to help to preserve the city's unique arts scene. >> this is a drop in the bucket but at least it's something positive. >> what they say about drops in the bucket. little by little, a little becomes a lot. >> start an entire movement, we hope. >> we'll be right back. ♪
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of.' now is the planet pluto guilty of vandalism? >> da, da, da. >> nasa scientists now say, sort of. stay with me. turns out recent nasa images show a large red spot on the pole of one of pluto's nearby moons. scientists couldn't figure out how the spot got there until now. a study finds chemical transformations on the planet pluto are emitting a gas that get trapped on the nearby moon and coating its poles. the temperature is so cold the buildup remains for decades, turning red in the process.
11:57 am
did you get all that? basically scientists conclude pluto is actually spray painting. >> kris, we talk about this all the time. you get too pale and pasty. you are looking for a little bit of color. that's what's going on there. >> yeah. >> you get the rosy cheeks when you get cold. >> that's true. >> we're going to spray tan you. >> chemical imbalance. >> we're going the opposite direction. total opposite. we are talking about 80s for inland valleys today and over the next several days, rosy cheeks nowhere to be found. mid 90s. >> maybe sunburns. 70s for the coastline, including san francisco. not a bad forecast over the next seven days. waiting for some rain now. >> i am looking forward to it, even with all this hair. have a great day. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. keep in touch on our digital platform for the updates on the breaking news.
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♪ stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ > america has voted. >> she did it. grace vanderwahl wins agt. >> america's got talent, highest rated season in five years because of the talent that they have this year and grace, i think, is a shining example o


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