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tv   Today  NBC  September 19, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1 is in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. hope you had a lovely weekend. it's fun day monday. it's september 19b blth and we' happy you're with us. that is kenny chesney. a good reason for it. >> we'll explain in a little bit. >> yes. >> we have a great show. >> can you believe who's here? ever read "team beat" or "tiger beat," remember, from the '70s, a heartthrob.
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>> yernlgts and remember, "beauty and the beast," the voice of the beast and it's a major milestone now with robby. we'll talk about that in a little bit. he's become an amazing director. >> he really is some. >> a sweet guy. >> and dolly parton has something new to share and getting millions of youtube hits for it. and also "today's buzz." >> and little jana vazquez was there. look at her. last night's emmy awards and bobbie's here, favorite looks and red carpet changing. >> when xshe flips the outfits. >> yeah. >> a reason we're dirked o deck pirate gear. >> yes. >> today is national pirate day. >> hoda likes to talk like an egyptian. only for pirates. did i say pilots? pirates. krispy kreme provided us with pirate doughnuts. they're really kind of cute. >> if you go to krispy kreme
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today and you speak like a pirate, you get a free doughnut. >> are you gotting to do is go -- aaargh! or, ahoy, matey, and you get a free one. come dressed up, a patch, a bird, a hat. >> three items that make you look like a pirate, you get a dozen -- >> you get a dozen of them. >> free. >> glazed. >> i think that's great. right? such a deal, okay. there you have it. >> a big weekend for both of us. last friday i went out to fairway. >> yes. >> in pellum and nice folks came to say hello and taste a little stuff. >> you are rockin' it at your "stuff" celebration. >> there i am with my cutout. nothing weirder than that. but i want to thank -- it's a that's my crowd. that's the only people that came. that's not true. everybody was so sweet. you know, when people have been -- especially what kills me, people come -- i've been watching you my whole life, and they look 40. you know? or -- your whole life?
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>> it's the truth! >> yes. >> and then, before that i had one -- the loveliest day. it was gorgeous out. elvis duran, and this is -- having so much fun. there they are. >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah. we had a delicious lunch. i just love elvis, and steven is the sweetest guy in the world. >> by the way, what a beautiful -- can i just look at that beautiful setting, too? what a spectacular day for a lunch. >> hard to get rid of people like that. i didn't want to get rid of them. we had a couple things. >> big trouble. >> it was first of all joel's sister's birthday. had to be back there, if you wouldn't mind. joel's sister beth is back there. hold on. not yet with those. sister beth is here. his aunt claire is here. cousin michael and michael's husband kelly. anyway, the gang's all here. >> and joel is stuck in traffic.
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>> joel's going to come, but he can't make it! >> then we ended up going to the giants' game after that, and that was something really cool. so first of all i want to say, thank you, to kathie lee, christine and all the people. >> no, not me. and sheila made it all happen. >> on the sidelines, decked out. here's the thing. we were decked out in saints attire, and that was not -- go through some of the pictures, if you wouldn't mind. so that is harry. >> the sweetheart. >> i mean, crazy -- >> yep, yep. great giant. >> one of the greats. >> hall of famer. >> that -- ooh. got to tell you this. archie manning texted me. show this to klg. >> uh-oh. >> there's a picture of eli. he goes i just want you to -- you don't mess with the eli. because i told heim got my saints jersey on. on the sidelines, a little boy with a 10 carved into his hair. anyway -- >> probably he had -- >> there's only about 8,000 of
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those kids there. probably one of them. >> one of my favorite moments, though, when amanda avery, one of our producers and loves the saints so much is there's in we were face timing her mother, on the sidelines and then shot this little video. >> oh, good. >> look. >> hi. >> ah! >> and it just is on a loop. it's on a constant and total loop. >> hi! >> if you've never been down that close to the action it really is thrilling. >> yeah. >> you can't even believe it. it's like beak court side at a knicks game. the ball comes -- the guys stumble all over you. it can you hazardous but it's a life memory for sure. >> it was great. i want to say, thank you. one the my favorite, or "the" favorite memory of the whole game. they put up a tribute on the big screen to frank. you could have heard a pin drop in the stadium at that moment. i looked around at everybody and i looked up at everyone looking at that big screen. it showed frank when he was
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young and recent years and a current interview. i have to kel you, kath, one of those beautiful moments i said, wow. how lucky am i to have known that man. >> well, thank you. i feel the same way. he's a beloved, beloved giant, and the fact that he was so faithful to the team. >> yeah. >> never played anywhere else. all 12 years, in the pros. he was -- >> beautiful. >> yeah. we've made lifetime friends, and -- >> john was mad at me, too. >> yeah. >> i'm sure. >> john was here -- i made everyone hug me. come here and hug me with my drew brees shirt and we all made ouncht all righty. i'm sure you weren't watching the emmys last night, too. big winners. >> yeah. the people versus o.j. was a huge winner last night. took home nine awards, including -- i mean, they -- all the big ones. >> and then "game of thrones" was the other one that won all of them. >> it has now won the most emmys in television history. >> crazy.
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>> 12 awards. >> yeah. it was -- >> i have to watch that one of these days. >> yeah. oh, wow. lots of -- >> who's that? >> i don't know. someone kissing someone. >> all right. >> one of my favorite -- >> "game of thrones" people, i think. >> "veep" did really, really well, too. >> one of most moving moments, julia louis drives, seemed nervous. very unusual for her. usually relaxed, who cares? >> didn't know what was going on. papers shaking, giving a speech, she's still nervous and all of a sudden looked down and she -- we have the sound? >> we do. >> oh. take a look. >> i'd like to dedicate this to my father, william lou louis-dreyfuss, who passed away on friday. i'm so glad he liked me, because his opinion is the one that really mattered.
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thank you. >> hmm. >> i feel the same way. don't you? >> yeah. we've all lost our father, and -- so grateful i had a father like i it. >> yeah. me, too. >> so we send our condolences to her. we just love her. all right. her ninth emmy overall but six for best actress in a comedy giving her the most wins ever beating out mary tyler moore. ann candice bergen. candice bergen took herself out of the running years ago. you wonder how many more she would have won for "murphy brown." >> you have ever watched "veep," i guarantee you, if you haven't busted out laughing at some point. >> guilty laughing. >> so crazy. >> a shout out, you've got a mom who thinks they dresses just right or needs a lot of help in the fashion department but doesn't know she does, we want to show her how to wear the trends at any age. >> go to our website, hit the connect button. send us a photo of your mom.
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include her age -- >> if she'll let you. >> -- where the two of you live and why she needs a little help. >> my favorite thing a little later is one of those things that might help some of you -- how should we say? more mature ladies. >> and they're comfortable. >> did you try them? >> no. because i was scared. >> i'm going to try some. >> i will. >> and at the emmys, revealing secrets from your favorite shows. i can't wait. she gives if you haven't heard the news, prepare to flip out.
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hollywood rolled out the red carpet last night at the emmy awards and the after parties are still going on as we speak. >> and guess who's still out there having fun. our girl lillian na vasquez. she caught up with the who's who of the most fabulous stars. >> i'm on the red carpet at the 68th annual emmy awards where the only thing hotter than the weather are the stars. >> wait, wait, wait, i can't have you sweaty for the nomination. how does it feel? >> amazing. >> no, the nomination, not the fan. >> so amazing. >> are you so hot? >> wonderful service, thank you so much. >> what is your red carpet routine? >> i woke up, had a massage. ate a burger. that's what most people do, right? >> this girl knows how to do a
10:14 am
red carpet. why many ai singing? >> you're no stranger to these awards shows. does it ever get old? >> yeah, it does, but not with him. it feels like my first time right now. i'm very excited. >> what are some of the trends that you're seeing? you guys are fashion pros here? >> a lot of color. a lot of blue, a lot of yellow, a lot of red. pops of color. metalli metallics. >> architectural, streamlined and then more feminine. >> you know what i've been seeing? a lot of sweaty armpits. that's what i've been seeing. i did see you on the red carpet, very nice, very mermaid. i was thinking how are you going to sit in this. can you sit? >> no. it's a standing dress. >> but you know what, it fits like a glove. it's beautiful. >> which emmy award winner would you rather live across the hall from? valerie harper, row da, or jennifer aniston and friends? >> i'm sure jennifer is a lovely human being but i grew up on valerie harper. >> which emmy award winning
10:15 am
coach would you rather have leading your sports team or your team in training, craig t. nelson of coach or kyle chandler? >> kyle chandler. >> clear eyes, full heart? >> and he's really cute. >> which emmy award winner would you rather have protecting this country from terrorism? kiefer sutherland in 24 or claire danes? >> claire danes and kiefer so h sutherland. i think they make a perfect team. >> who was the biggest sweet tooth? sophia. >> sophia. >> who is always early to set? >> julie. >> who's most likely to play a practical joke, the kids or eric? >> the kids. >> who's most likely to be hung over? >> me. >> who has the messiest trailer? >> probably me. definitely me. >> favorite show you're watching
10:16 am
right now on tv? >> mr. robot. >> this season i'm really obsessed with silicon valley. >> what is the last show you binge watched? >> power. >> what is the last show that you binge watched? >> "breaking bad". i'm binge watching it now. i am binge watching it a second time now and "game of thrones," second time through. what? come on, the night manager? what? hoda, this is for you. why the why oh, why oh, why ♪ ♪ maybe i better go home >> that was great. we're just trying to figure out -- >> why oh, why ohio was. >> way to go. i liked that. >> very cute. she does it after every award show. >> bobby's here with her fashion tweets and touchups in her red
10:17 am
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the results are something to savor. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. it's time to have a little fashion fun with bobbie's red carpet remix. >> while you were sitting back, enjoying the emmys, "today" show editor bobbie thomas hard work reimagining the hottest looks from the red carpet making a few swaps and touchups. not to put anyone down, to make
10:21 am
it more accessible so sorries could wear it at home. >> totally fun. know that i love women and want to jump right in with someone who is stunning. heidi klum. >> gorgeous. >> we love her around here. when you have a body like that, it's -- it's no wonder she's known for loving her risque dresses on the carpet. not afraid to flash some skin. the challenge that i had with this, she's so pretty. so many things to look at. the strap. the one shoulder. the cutout and the thigh-high slit. i wondered if we added a little more fabric to the top what it would look like if we created a little more fluidity, where it's almost as it the cutout became sexier? >> yes. yours. >> yeah, me, too. >> you see this sort of line. the eye flow, but she's stunning. just an idea that sometimes less is not more. >> oh liove off the shoulder.
10:22 am
>> america ferrera. >> this jenny packham dress in person on video, stunning. love this, and it's this great navy sequin. now, she looks fantastic. this is an a for me. the a-plus would have been, because i know she's petite and i have the same issue, i wanted to see the idea of something balancing out the volume here, to help elongate. so -- >> yeah, yep. >> you see here? when you're looking for a dress and if you feel you're on the shorter side, if you have the height, this is great, but you can look for something that's a higher neckline to give you the -- >> i like the neckline. beautiful. >> very slimming. >> yellow was hot last night. right? >> yeah. >> so nice to see so much yellow. >> the color of the evening. again, both of these ladies hit it out of the park, on trend, they'll be on all the best dressed lists. ire was curious. taraji has such a beautiful skin tone, what the cutouts would look like with some contrast and minnie is so tall. you see here. kind of dropping her. i wanted to see them swap
10:23 am
dresses. >> what happened? >> thought that would be kind of fun. >> oh, i like. >> you see the contrast and cutouts. works with her darker hair and then on minnie, she's classically beautiful. flows on her frame. >> you're doing -- every single one's working! >> i hope so. >> what's next? >> and na -- >> we love -- >> adorable. >> an amazing designer. a gown on the runway. there's a lot of fabric here and i want to give her kudos for trying something. >> tiny, though. >> she is. i wanted to see, that this is a moment a lot of people are wearing trains and capes. but there was also the neckline and the bubble hem that were competing. >> yeah. >> here on her. because you have to be a giraffe to get rid of -- >> yeah, yeah. >> i wanted to see, if we took the volume down a little around her neck and, you know -- >> yeah. >> a straighter hemline. the only reason i do this. she looked great. at home thinking i want to wear a cape or train to a special
10:24 am
occasion, look for a classic bodice that will let the drama stay, you know, in the cape or the train. >> let's do a couple more of these. so we've got laura carmichael. right? >> again, a dress some people are on the fence about. it's a red carpet risktaker. >> it is, yes. >> from "downton abbey" almost looks completely different than her character on the show, but this dress is actually really sweet and most people forget about the hair. so the hair a gorgeous. i think it's kind of competing. looks a little casual. because this dress is so special. it's like art. let's see the after. >> see the after. >> whereby, pulling the hair back, it let's this become the art, and so if you're going to go this is an nbc news special report. here's lester hold. >> good day from new york. we're coming on the air to bring you a new conference on the
10:25 am
bombings in new york city and new jersey. law enforcement officials say the suspect being saw the in the bombings ahmad khan rahami was taken to the hospital after a shoot-out. >> today our efforts were successful thanks to the brave police officers from the new jersey pled, they captured this dangerous individual, ahmad khan rahami. however, in doing so, we had two police officers that were injured out in lyndon, new jersey. i wish them the best and flo
10:26 am
hopefully a speedy recovery. this all started on saturday. i went down to the scene on 23rd street to see the devastation from the blast and the response by not only nypd, by the fbi, the atf, the fire department, ems, port authority, state police. they all went to the danger. for my first day on the job, it's my first day on this job but certainly not my first day on the job, i was just so proud of what i saw that day, the work that was done and how it was done together. all the agencies, the level of cooperation was impressive. we're joined by the assistant director in charge of the new york fbi office, bill swieeney o give you information about the case but the case is still very much active. our objective has been to identify and and handa person
10:27 am
responsible for these crimes. now that we have the person in custody, we can go on to see whether he worked alone. i want to thank everyone for bringing this individual to justice. it's a tough way to start my new position as police commissioner. again, i've always been so proud to be a member of this agency of the new york city police department. mr. mayor? >> thank you very much, commissioner. i want to also say our first responders from the very beginning of this situation performed with extraordinary skill and courage. nypd and our state partners and federal partners, i want to thank them all. i also share a deep concern for the two officers in new jersey and we are hope they go will have a very speedy recovery. this is a situation where we have rapidly unfolding
10:28 am
information. you're going to hear some from us now. i'm sure there will be a lot to say in the coming days. there is some we will not be able to talk about. we'll do our best to give you what we can give you. i received a call a few hours ago from president obama. he wanted me to tell the people of new york city how much he admired the resilience of the people of new york city, how our people handled this crisis with strength and resilience, and in addition the president offered his congratulations to our first responders for all they had done. now, we have, as i said, a lot more information is coming in all the time. we have so much more information, obviously than we even had a few hours based on the information we have now, we have every reason to believe
10:29 am
this was an act of terror. we will be going into some detail. there is still a long investigation ahead but now we have, as i said, every reason to believe was in an act of terror. in addition, i want know that because this is an ongoing investigation, all new yorkers should remain vigilant. at any given point new yorkers may find a piece of information, hear a conversation, see something that could very much aid the nypd, the fbi and our partners. i want all new yorkers to be vigilant and to provide that information if you get it at any given point in time. 1-800-577-tips, call with any information you have. we activated earlier today a messaging system used by our office of emergency management that allowed us to get information out to all new yorkers across the board and it had an extraordinary effect, also reached many people in the metropolitan area.
10:30 am
we were able to reach all of our police officers simultaneously because of the technology they have now as well. that is something that proved to be very helpful in this instance, getting that message out broadly, putting everyone on alert in a mutual way. we believe that was very helpful in this equation but there is still information that we'll need going forward so i want people to be patient because it will be an ongoing investigation. i want people to be vigilant. and, finally, even though this suspect is apprehended i said over the last 24 hours we will have a very strong and visible nypd presence because of this incident and obviously because of the united nations general assembly. you will continue to see throughout the week a strong visible nypd presence, especially from our critical response command, our strategic response group. you will see heavily armed and
10:31 am
heavily trained officers, you will see officers in the subway, bags being checked, bomb sniffing dogs. that will continue throughout the week. we want that high level of readiness of course from the nypd. i ask all new yorkers to continue your vigilance and continue to share information with law enforcement. i want to thank assistant director sweeney for the exceptional work and the great cooperation for the fbi in this matter. >> thank you, sir. >> good afternoon. since the last briefing we provided you yesterday, hundreds of personnel from the new york and newark, new jersey jttfs along with the nypd detective bureau have been working around the clock developing and tracking lead, reviewing surveillance fatage, employing sophisticated investigative techniques and executing searches. based on our evidence collection and supported by other analysis, the jttfs began to focus on
10:32 am
ahmad khan rahami working on his whereabouts. last night they conducted a traffic stop near the bridge in brooklyn. that vehicle had been involved by jttf person nel. the jttf executed a stop of that vehicle. no one in that car was under arrest. based on our evidence collection supported by other analysis, searches and interviews were conducted at residences in elizabeth, new jersey and in perth, new jersey. additional leads were followed and we turned to the public this morning for assistance, using a more recent photo of rahami. a short time ago rahami was
10:33 am
arended arrested in left-hayndon, new j. two officers were involved in that arrest. i do not plan to answer specific questions about our technique or devices other than we have specifically linked rahami to devices. the work of the law enforcement and contributions of an engaged public have been exceptional. thank you. >> obviously a lot has happened over the last 40 or so hours. i want to add my comments to those of the people standing behind me.
10:34 am
condolences to the officers and the victims in new york. i believe there's going to be a charge based on the shootings of the officers. we are not rushing against each other to bring charges. we have been all racing together to try to catch the perpetrator here and that's now been done but we're going to take a lot of care and time to make sure if we bring charges in the manhattan district court that we do it in a way that's careful and thorough. >> do you have any knowledge if mr. rahami had trained overseas in bomb making, since you did say he's been associated with devices in new york and new jersey. >> we have no knowledge but the
10:35 am
investigation continues. >> reporter: are you ruling out last night what happened in elizabeth? >> we're not ruling anything out. the investigations take a while. the evidence collection at different scenes takes some time so we're absolutely not ruling anything out. >> reporter: and who was in that car -- >> i'm not going to comment on that. >> reporter: would you please speak to whether there are cells now under investigation, anything that at least gives us some inkling of where this investigation might be leading. >> i have no end case that there is a cell operating in the area or in the city. investigation is ongoing. i have no indication there is a cell operating here. >> reporter: for sweeney. was the photo that was put out, i understand there may have been
10:36 am
a photo which triggered to call in? >> i believe it was a help. i don't know that for fact myself, but i believe that's what initiated the call to the lyndon p.d. but you would have to confirm that with new jersey. >> reporter: [ indiscernible ]. >> i don't have any information on that at all well. >> reporter: the city has invested a lot of money to train for events like this. were you able to use facial recognition or surveillance cameras or -- >> i won't comment on the types of tools we used other than to say that the tools in this city are fabulous, they're exceptional and necessary. i'll leave the other comments to the commissioner. >> so a lot of technology involved in this but a lot of good old fashioned police work,
10:37 am
too. this is a pretty quick turn around. this happened 50 hours ago and we have our suspect in custody. i think it's a tremendous job by all involvement. i think the alert system is very helpful to the police department and the fbi in this and in other instances also, it gets everybody involved. it's that as soon as of shared responsibility. there's 36,000 of us, a number of fbi agents. if we can get everybody in the city engaged in helping us keep us safe, i think this is the way to go. >> reporter: the pressure cooker, how significant was that in terms of gaining information? what did you gain from that? was there any detail that helped you with that? >> i won't comment specifically on something from the pressure cooker that led us somewhere. any piece of evidence that we obtain, whether it's a piece, a fragment, something whole, is worthwhile. would i lea
10:38 am
i would leave it at that. >> reporter: was there anything significant about the particular day, saturday? >> that's going to be part of the investigation as we go forward here. >> reporter: was rahami on a radar of any kind? and do you believe there are any other bombers or bombs you are actively looking for? >> i don't have any information we are actively looking for any device. >> reporter: of ram hami on you radar? >> we had a report of a domestic incident but the allegations were recanted. we'll keep digging. >> was governor cuomo invited here? are you working with him? and is there criticism you
10:39 am
haven't had as many joint terrorism -- >> yes, he was invited. we're working with him. we got together at the site and spoke to folks at the community. a lot of close coordination with the state, with the federal government, et cetera. i think we're all -- you can see the results of this kind of combined effort and as the commissioner said, including the people very deeply in helping us get to the solution here has made a huge difference so high-level coordination. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> you'll have to speak to his team about that. >> reporter: does the suspect have a record? and at what point, stage, did he become radicalized? >> i do not have information yet to show what the path of radicalization was. your first question was about a record. i do not recall what i read in the record. i'd have to get back to you.
10:40 am
>> reporter: law enforcement officials probably go back to some type of profiling in order to prevent [ inaudible ]. >> i think right now we are addressing a specific crisis and i think even though it's a perfectly fair question, i don't think we want to talk about partisan politics at this point. i would say i'm very, very proud of the work of the nypd and the fbi and the way they have so quickly found the suspect and the kind of cooperation that's going on. i have a lot of faith in law enforcement and how they do things right now. >> reporter: mr. mayor, what are the chances there could be another device and what they should be looking for as [ inaudible ]. >> at this point we're extremely grateful we're able to apprehend the suspect out in lyndon, new
10:41 am
jersey. as i always say, we always have to be in a state of alert in new york city. we are the number one target in the world. but as far as this investigation and working again with the fbi, i think i'm a lot happier today than i was yesterday. so i think all new yorkers should feel secure that the nypd and all the other law enforcement agencies in new york city will continue to keep them self-and will continue in in investigation to make sure that we get to know who was involved and why, which are the important things. >> let me just add to that, first of all, there is no other individual we're looking for at this point in time. that's very important, to answer your question. second, vigilance is called for. and it's very, very important if people see anything unusual, particularly an unattended package, that they report it immediately. call it in or find a law enforcement officer. so i think the commissioner is
10:42 am
exactly right, we are very, very appreciative for all the men and women who did this work to get this suspect, but we want to remain vigilant. >> reporter: so can anybody give us a feel on the apprehension itself and how -- are you glad that the suspect survived the apprehension? how valuable is that to you? >> the apprehension myself i'm definitely much more relieved than i was last night, the fact that he survived is excellent, both from an investigative value and from the fact that we didn't lose a life. >> reporter: can you tell us who he is, where he's from, where he's been living? can you tell us who he is? >> i can't tell you who he is. we're going to have to build out that whole picture. i don't know have enough knowledge in my head to fill that all out. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> in new jersey, i would have to go back and look at address
10:43 am
history and i'm not in a position to do that. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> not right now. >> reporter: on the emergency alert, can you be specific how that was helpful in this case given he was caught in intelligent and given it was the first time it had been used for a manhunt purpose -- >> several questions there obviously. we think it's a very valuable tool, we think it created a lot of focus and urgency. our colleagues in new jersey will be able to fill in the blanks for what the positives were but it definitely contributed to the successful a apprehension of this suspect. there was obviously an imminent threat and it was an appropriate situation in which to use it and it another example of the
10:44 am
innovation going on with the nypd and oem that there was a way to reach people, no longer a wanted poster on the precinct house wall. this was a modern approach that engaged the whole community. i think it was used in this case was the specific potential danger, it made sense to do a very broad alert. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> i'll let the chief talk about that. >> we identified that we have a video of two persons who picked up the bag, took the device out it have and then walked off with the bag. we went back to see where they came from, they looked like they were two gentlemen just strolling up and down 7th avenue at the time. we have no information that would link them to this at all. however, we still want to talk to them obviously. we're considering them witnesses right now. once they picked up the bag,
10:45 am
they seemed incredulous they picked up the bag and walked off with it. we'll get their photo out. >> based on what you know, do you you believe this guy is -- >> that's all going to be public. right now we have what woo need to have. we're going to talk to family, talk to friends and see what the connections are. this is part of an investigation. >> are you seeking an accomplice? >> right now we're not actively seeking anyone. >> reporter: is there any indication [ inaudible ]. is there any way to tell -- >> it's a question to be determined once we speak to them. it's difficult to say right now if they inadvertently even pulled a wire. that's something to talk to them when we go forward. can't say that now. i don't know if they played a
10:46 am
role or not. >> reporter: chief, while you're there, are you confident in saying that the undetonated pressure cooker was in fact a device? can you say that definitively? and does this arrest at all make you rethink central park? >> again, with the central park, we'll go back to that, from what we know, two separate incidents completely, two different devices and right now two different incidents. the other question i can't answer. mr. sweeney might be able to. >> reporter: can you say the undetonated pressure cooker was in fact a device? >> no, i'm not willing to say that. i'm not going to describe the device and how it would work. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. are they still in custody and can you describe whether they could potentially still face charges? >> five individuals from last night are not still in custody and i'm not going to discuss what they could face in the
10:47 am
potential future. >> reporter: mr. sweeney or commissioner o'neill, did the suspect make statements during or after his arrest? >> the questions about did the subject make any statements during the apprehension today? no, not that i'm aware of. but new jersey and the team from the newark jttf are out there. so that will continue as well. >> how valuable were surveillance cameras in identifying rahami and/or his snoshts. >> that's the word we're living in now. as we go through the investigation, as we continue to gather more surveillance video, it going to help us move forward and make sure the subject is brought to justice and pays the
10:48 am
maximum price. >> reporter: what kind of terrorism are we talking about? we assume that it's [ inaudible ]. can you talk about fundamental or criminal terrorism and what specific criteria is here today that wasn't present yesterday that makes you now willing to say this is terror? >> so, in understanding how to reach a terrorism charge in a criminal investigation, you have to understand the difference between a bomb going off on a crowded street in new york city is terrifying act. whether that's an act of terrorism requires that you find out who did it, which was something we didn't know at the early stages of yesterday and why they did it to meet
10:49 am
statutetory charges. our first goal was to understand who was behind it and bring that person into custody. our ability to see through the rest of the optic, why they did, it what was behind it and whether it was terrorism required us first to understand who did it. the searches conducted last night, the interviews being conducted today, the broadening understanding about the suspect who is in custody right now for the shooting of a police officer or police officers is going to be the part that brings the elements forward that will eventually result in a charge and it will be laid out in those charging documents. so that's kind of the process piece behind your question of how do you get from there to
10:50 am
terrorism. and the amount of progress that was made in 24 hours between the work of the jttf, the intel team, some extraordinary work by the detective bureau in terms of surging the number of people to do the video canvas in the immediate area and then expand that out in concentric circles that brought us to the identification of this person were all the steps to get us there. that's a question as bill sweeney has said, it will be part of the investigation but those questions are still be gathered. >> can you without divulging trade secrets, can you tell us what believes to you believe the explosion on 23rd street and the park are linked.
10:51 am
>> how do we link the device at seaside park to the device in jersey. the only this evening i can say abo -- thing i can say about how we do that is through evidence and analysis and i can't go beyond that. >> the news conference concluding here in new york city, officials updating us on the apprehension of the suspect in a series of bombings and bomb attempts in new york city and new jersey. let's go to nbc's pete williams. pete, watching a news conference, a lot of things come to mind. the first thing is wow, how quickly and how scientifically and all the assets the law enforcement brought to bear to make this arrest very quickly. what do we know about the suspect rahami? >> he's from afghanistan originally, a u.s. citizen, 28 years old, lived in elizabeth, new jersey. police have searched that location and federal agents and found, we're told, bomb-making materials consistent with the bombs in new york and new jersey.
10:52 am
interestingly from this news conference, we heard for the first time today that the fbi says that they can directly link him to the new york and new jersey bombings, the placement of the bomb at the 5k race on saturday. so that is an important point. no indication of any cell. there was lots of talk this morning about whether there's a cell. they say they were only looking for one person, they're still only looking for one person. they want to know whether others are involved but haven't made any conclusion on that. they say what we've been told earlier, which is he was not on any law enforcement radar. they have to figure out what rad alliesed him and that will come in the days to come. we're told what led to him here is a fingerprint found on one of the unexploded bombs, exploitation of the cell phones that were attached to the bombs used as time and power sources, data or numbers where one thing led to another and the surveillance video that they say showed him walking on the street
10:53 am
in new york at the time the two bombs were placed. >> and we should note for those of you watching and listening to this new conference, there was a lot of talk about an alert system and new technology. that was something many of us got here, an alert on a cell phone, much as you would on a flash flood or amber alert with a picture of the suspect and asking people to be on the look out. all of this came to a head in lyndon, new jersey, where the suspect was stopped by police and there was a shoot-out. let go to miguel almaguer. there's new video as well. >> reporter: this manhunt ended in a shoot-out. this shows the suspect running away from police and then later engaging officers in a gun battle. the police officials here tell us that the suspect shot two officers who are recovering and
10:54 am
doing well today. one of those officers may have been hit in a bullet-proof vest. it was a very short and chaotic scene just over my shoulder here, lester. they say just down the block here someone called about the suspect apparently sleeping inside the doorway of a local business. they didn't know that was the suspect at the time. when police got here, they awoke the man, they then recognized who he was. that's when they say mr. rahami pulled out a weapon and opened fire on them. they engaged with him, officers were hit, the suspect was hit. >> there is no suspicion of an active cell in the area. right now the man in custody is the only suspect they are looking for. they are trying to connect dots as they note and they continue to remind people in this area and around the country to remain vigilant but they believe they have their suspect and that they have connected him to all of these bombings and apparent bomb
10:55 am
attempts. we will have a full report when we see you later on on "nbc nightly news." for now i'm lester holt, nbc news, new york.
10:56 am
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main suspect in several bombings in new york and new jersey. this is video of "ahmad rahami" as he is handcuffed to a gurney... and taken into custody after an intense shootout with police. and just minutes ago, new york city's mayor said the incidents were acts of terror. kris/2shot good morning, and thanks forjoi sam/2shot and i'm sam brock. that bombing suspect--- ahmad rahami--- is at a new york-area hospital. ==sam//2 shot== eye--- as he reportedly tchful undergoes surgery. ==sam//take suspect photo== the arrest comes just hours after investigators released his name and photoothen unprecedented "mass alert" on social media and through a new take vo== within hours, the owr, reported someone asleep in the doorway of his business. a police officer went to


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