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tv   Today  NBC  December 1, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody, welcome to thirsty thursday. we're so glad you chose to join us. it's the first day of december, hoda woman. >> it's already here. >> yesterday's song by hunter hayes. my daughter loves him, thinks he's great. >> adorable. >> we have a good show. >> two british beauties are here, elizabeth hurley and her son damian. she's back in the series called "the royals" on e! and her sonic mas his acting debut.
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it's going to be fun hearing how much she likes watching him work. >> or how difficult it is for him. it's tough enough to be a teenage son, then mama's the boss, ooh. then two women who have come to new york to celebrate will have a trip to remember their city in ambush makeover chairs right now. one them had a lot of haircut off. >> plus, littlliana's going to t the most luxe look of them all. >> and in our kitchen over there, chef alex guarnaschelli is in the kitchen. what you got for us alex? >> i have the sandwich to end all sandwiches. >> your mom's sandwich you were talking about. >> it's a december sandwich. >> sandwich to end all sandwiches? nobody says that. >> it's unbelievable. okay, we're looking forward to it. our dear friend max lacato is here today.
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he's written like five books since the last we saw him. we tease him. he's a pastor down in san antonio full time but he also writes some of the most amazing really profoundly moving and spiritual books. he's here with his beautiful wife. this also has a coloring book to go along with it. >> his books, you want -- >> "because of bethlehem." >> you want to read his books with a highlighter. he has such profound beautiful thought. you're like, oh, my god, that is beautiful. it's genius. >> almost like he's writing just stream of consciousness because it just flows the way his conversations do. so welcome. >> welcome, welcome. >> they flew in, in that weather last night. i can't believe planes were landing. what time did you land? >> about 8:00. it was storming, it was serious storming. >> when the concert started -- >> by the way -- >> bad, right? >> the christmas tree lighting. >> the traffic. >> we know about the traffic but the weather. >> you got to give a hat's off
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to the people at the tree lighting. we had umbrellas. you weren't supposed to have umbrellas out there. it was torrential. >> at one point, it was a monsoon. when you looked around at everybody who was there drenched, can i tell you something funny, happy, they were all -- one was like, hey, it's my 40th birthday. her winter coat was soaked all the way through. she was with her kids. they kept saying we might have forgotten something like this if the weather was perfect but we'll never forget this night because we ended up having a good time. minus the monsoon and such. >> al and you were the perfect people to be doing it too. the most optimistic suniest people. if that had been me, it wouldn't have been good. matt and savannah were totally -- they had a heater -- >> matt goes, you shouldn't complain. did i tell you what happened to me and savannah? somebody put a little hole in here and i got two drops and savannah got one. al and i were like literally drowned rats outside. >> i was looking forward to
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watching it at home with my fire blazing and my puppies close and our power went off completely and i didn't get to watch dolly's movie, i didn't get to see you drenched. >> she did a great performance. garth brook, tricia yearwood. and the ones who actually pushed the button. >> is that neil diamond? love him, love him, love him. >> 3, 2, 1. >> and here's the moment. >> go! >> it's a big tree this year. >> it's a beauty. okay, so if you stayed up extra late last night, kelly ripa appeared on watch what happened live last night with andy cohen and then we heard that somebody's name came up. let's take a look. >> i have some potential guest hosts and you bang your gavel to declare whether you think they're hosty or not hosty. >> okay. >> okay, here we go. what about you and kathie lee? i mean -- >> oh, yes, yes. >> okay, i would love to see that. >> well, that's nice.
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i'm honored. but because we work for dueling, you know -- >> networks? >> competing networks. >> i think she could come in here and fill in for me one day when i'm off with you. >> tomorrow, you're not here tomorrow. >> don't you have a guest co-host? >> not yet. >> you're going to bounce her? >> come opn, kelly. >> for kelly, wouldn't we do that? yeah, we would. >> i hope she's not watching. the person who we can't reveal. by the way, "watch what happens live" airs sundays through thursdays at 11:00, 10:00 central on bravo. great show. >> he just recently revealed he discovered because of kelly a melanoma on his lip. >> you got to pay attention to these things. >> you do, hoda. >> it is december 1st. in honor of this brand-new month, dunkin' donuts decided to add two new doughnuts. here they are. this is a candy cane one, the one with the pink stuff. they crushed up candy canes and
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put it on top. it's pepperminty. the other one is a boston cream croissant doughnut. what's it called? a cronut. they're 99 cents for the candy cane one and the other one is $2.49. worth it. >> yes. >> of course tit is. >> yes and i don't even go for the sweets. that is delicious. >> we got to reveal -- remember yesterday we had the scott brothers on. i know. we had the scott brothers on. well, we were deciding which kitchen -- >> yes. >> we did a -- the property brothers takes new orleans. so the two kitchens were drew's versus jonathan's, remember? >> uh-huh. >> that was drew's and that was jonathan's. the winner on the show last night was -- >> what would you guess? >> i said drew's. >> you'd be right. drew's kitchen won. i can't believe they had me judging anything like that. like, what would i ever know about something like that.
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>> even if you're not an expert, you know what you like, you know what your heart responds to. oh, hoda, you have to try that. >> tee up this i-hoda because area going to love it. i'll tell you why it i went to see wicked and there's a song called for good from the show wicked. i was cliktty clarky online and i saw a version. anna kendrick is an actress who likes to sing. >> great singer. >> you could tell she was nervous doing a duet with kristin chenno wi yoowethchenow. here is the two of them together. so let's take a look. ♪ who can say ♪ if i've been changed for the better ♪ ♪ i do believe i have been changed for the better ♪ ♪ and because i knew you
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♪ because i knew you >> look at these two. >> that's so sweet. ♪ because i knew you >> can we finish it out please? no. no, we're not. the whole thing is -- >> the whole thing -- >> changed for you. >> oh, i can't believe they did that. anyway, but it's beautiful. can we say hi -- >> that's called musical interruptus. thank you for coming. they come -- yvette's come before. and we're glad to have the whole group with us. >> this cronut is fabulous but it's messy. lo look who's in our kitchen. >> elizabeth hurley, damian, oh, wow. >> by the wait, if you want to find all her stuff, it's on i-hoda on apple music, right? >> yes, it is. we can't wait to sit down and talk to you guys in just a little bit. to watch mother and son. >> i don't know who's more beautiful. >> i can't stop looking. >> all right. >> you can always find us on
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sirius xm 108 and find hoda woman there every monday and wednesday at 2:00 with her radio show. >> shall we say, is it okay or not okay to give unconventional baby names. celebs like the duggar, kanye west, kim kardashian, have been known to give babies unconventional names. here's what we say about it. >> parents are allowed to name their kids whatever they like. however, they should also consider if their child is going to like it as they grow up. >> ah, i say of course it's okay. you want your kid to stand out, right? #peaches. >> what? >> what? >> we don't even know what we say. >> yeah, when we say these thing, you have no idea. >> please ignore them. >> she's a royal beauty, he's her little prince, although hardly little. >> elizabeth hurley introduces us to her look-alike son damian us to her look-alike son damian as they get set to hit the small ♪ us to her look-alike son damian as they get set to hit the small when you color your hair with preference, it's a love thing. superior preference by l'oreal. with up to 12 tones in each luminous shade.
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you can too. ♪
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it's got all the juicy scandal you'd expect from the british monarchy but everyone in this royal family is extremely good looking. >> no kidding. elizabeth hurley is back in e!'s hit series "royals." >> the new season promises a battle royale for control of the crown as the queen tries to get a handle on the monarchy after a lot of drama last year. >> how are you? >> fine, busy. i have shakespeare birthday gala, symphony and two separate
10:14 am
benefits. >> oh. >> i cleaned my room. a few weeks ago. >> liam, good. elena, not good. >> not good. >> she's such a troublemaker. >> fans will be seeing a new face this year. elizabeth's real-life son damian is joining the show in his television acting debut. take a look. >> i am the crown prince of liechtenstein. bow down to the crown. nobody understands what it's like to be royal and beautiful. nobody. >> i understand. >> oh, that's so nice to welcome you back and welcome you, damian. how is your character going to fit into this royal scene? >> well, he's a real crown prince of liechtenstein. he happens to be a huge reality tv show. his part of this is me sick in
10:15 am
bed, turning on the tv and becoming enthralled with this little prince. >> so you're not related at all. >> no. >> as royals. >> okay, that would have been a little weird. >> do you have scenes together or is it mainly you're watching him? >> it's always intercut. it's me watching him or it's the princess watching him. we all sort of become enchanted with this spoiled brat. >> are you anything like that in real life? >> i hope not. let's see. >> this is your debut though. how did -- were you always interested in going into the family business? >> i always have been but it was just sort of an ongoing joke of one day you'll get a part in "the royals." one day, one day. then something happened. it's amazing, it's great. >> was it what you were expected? when you were on the set, you had your side, you had to do your stuff? >> i felt at home. like, wow, okay, relax now. >> well, he'd watched me do it a lot. for the first two seasons of "the royals" he was on set the entire time. he fed the actors their line. he was on set with them.
10:16 am
>> oh, that's great training. >> of course when the camera turns on you, you never know what's going to happen. but in fact, it was fantastic. >> he nailed it. >> he did nail it. >> you nailed obnoxious and arrogant. >> deep down. >> are you tempted elizabeth, to give him tips? because you have been in the business for a while. >> do you know what, i was quite careful not to. i've never encouraged him to go into the business. no parent does. never put your daughter on the stage mrs. worthington. all that stuff. i never encouraged. i wanted to be there if he wanted to. if you want help, i'm here, i'll run your lines. i gave him a little help with the german accent but it was lucky because his dad's half german. >> so you picked that up easily. >> yes. >> he was kind of cool. he said he wanted me on set. i said if you don't want me on set, i won't come. but he wanted me on set. he really held his own. he didn't need me on set. >> so this is what we call an arc in the series, right. you did how many episodes for it?
10:17 am
>> just the one. >> oh, just the one. >> well, that's enough. surely he must come for a royal visit. >> well, we'd like him to come back. so if we come back for season four, which fingered crossed, we will, i'm told that prince hansel is -- >> and you can remind your notty little daughter elena that she invited us to -- >> she did, didn't she. >> we've been waiting patiently. >> thank you so much for remembering that -- >> did she even -- >> no, we get it. >> have you been bitten by the bug now, damian? >> i'm addicted. >> you are, you're in? >> i am. >> he's begging for me. >> well, damian, you're so sweet. elizabeth -- >> and got the great et jawline i've ever seen. >> ever. >> elizabeth, thanks so much. so nice to see you, elizabeth, merry christmas to you, and damian, thank you for being with us. "the royals" returns sunday on our sister network e! >> ambush makeover squad. a flattering trend that's made
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we're gonna live forever! oh, littlliana. >> we hear there's a trend we probably have in our closet at home, right, a few seasons back. >> this is a trend that never goes away. it's velvet. you can find celebrities like chloe grace moretz rocking a hot
10:22 am
jacket. elizabeth olsen. zendaya in a blazer. we found some amazing finding under $50. starting with this gorgeous maxi skirt. >> i'm madly in love with this look. i just love the combination of textures. i love a long lean velvet. it's just so sexy. but lady-like and beautiful. >> exactly. this is a perfect holiday party look especially if you're hosting people at your house, you want to be comfortable but still really put together. this skirt is 40 bucks at >> the fabric alone. >> it's all that mixing texture on texture. >> next lovely lady. >> shoulders. i've never met a woman who doesn't have fantastic shoulders. so show them off. this top is available at >> where would you wear this outfit? >> i date night. i'd wear it out with my girlfriends. especially with the casual
10:23 am
jeans, super easy to do. >> love. >> okay, now -- >> yes. >> we have the slip dress. it's back in a major way, also very '90s. from american a touch of velvet. we layered a turtle neck underneath the slip dress which is a huge trend going forward. let's talk velvet accessories, if you want just to dip your toe in the trend. these are velvet stickers from we took plain white sneakers. you can actually decorate them with little velvet appliques. >> but what if you're not 6? >> okay. what about these? these are for grown-ups. >> oh, those are cute. >> and look, rocking the velvet. >> love. >> i didn't even know that. our friend jill martin. i had no idea. >> jill has the best stuff. the other shoes are from windsorstores as well. under $60. velvet choker, must have
10:24 am
accessory, these are from cha charming charlie. and a velvet slipper, a flat. >> these are great. >> thank you so much, baby girl. >> all right, we hope you're hungry because we have the ultimate double decker sandwich. the sandwich to beat all sandwiches. >> a double dose of gorgeous, ambush makeovers, right after your local news. my budget and i are way better buddies since we started shopping at first down! as close as two friends trying to annihilate each other can be. ahh, interception! that's because with we can shop over 700,000 items from brand names like samsung, keurig and sony. go to to get low monthly payments and the credit you deserve. and get great stuff like this awesome flat screen tv. [doorbell rings] fingerhut man's here! oooh! maybe he brought you some defense. 'cause that's a touchdown, buttercup! ♪ ♪ oww! ♪
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fremont's washington high school is under arrest. happening now, a teacher at fremont's washington high school is under arrest. they said the pe teacher had an inappropriate relationship with a student. a male student.
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a live report in our midday newscast. we're also posting developments as they come in via our twitter feed. two san jose jail inmates are back behind bars. authorities arrested the second one just yesterday. on our home page find out more details about the latest arrests and how soon each escapee will face new charges. we have a look at weather and traffic coming up after the break. over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance.
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and a lot of sunshine in san francisco after the chilly start. it's such a high of 58 degrees. 60 tomorrow and a nice weekend is on the way with finally some dry weather. but the showers return early next week and that rain chance also coming in with some very chilly temperatures, ee special r specially for the inland areas where we may have a freeze. highs in the 60s this weekend. you better get out there and enjoy it. mike, what's happening for this morning's commute? >> we have to buy some fleece. we have slowing in both directions. crash in pennington and elvor rad doe. one is clearing the one northbound looks like it might have one lane blocked. two lanes blocked on 84 at the dunbar bridge. doing their job and hopefully reopening soon. we have the crash cleared off of 287. another crash there and make your way to calavares, that's the latest slowdown.
10:30 am
101 mild slowing and clear up towards elsewood. >> join us at 11:00 for our next newscast and latest out of free month and the rest of the day's news it's thirsty thursday. tourists were taking in the bright lights on the rockefeller center christmas tree. and we found two ladies for ambush makeover. >> courtesy of our "today" c contributors louis licari, la, la, la. >> and jill martin. >> hi, how are you? >> in a festive mood. >> are you kidding? the tree is up and that sets the mood. the crowd is big. there's so many people to pick from. it's really exciting. >> it's going to be busy. up through new years. let's get our first lovely lady. she's 59 years old.
10:31 am
from sullivan, missouri. this is debby's first time to new york. she drove here all the way from missouri with her daughter danielle because danielle just got a job here. right before coming to the plaza, debby cut 3 inches off of her hair and it was still too long. let's listen to her story. >> i think you're more nervous than mom but i know you really want this for her. >> i do, i want it so bad. >> i'm ready to throw up because i told you we're cutting all your hair off? >> not all of it. >> a lot of it? >> yes. >> are you excited though? >> yes, i am. >> she deserves this more than anybody. she's selfless, does everything for me -- >> aw! all right, we're going to take care of you. don't worry, we got you. >> thank you. >> danielle is in the house. you got your blindfold on, are you all right, sweetie? >> i am. >> you got a lot of hair yourself. >> she said her mom's going to freak. here's debby before. all right, debby, let's see the new you!
10:32 am
oh, wow! all right, get ready. you ready to take off your blind fold? >> i'm ready. >> look at your mom. >> oh, my god! >> you look beautiful. >> you look so beautiful. >> oh, oh! >> all right. all right. debby, are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> i'll get you one. >> okay, spin right around. take a look. >> oh, my god! i love it! you look -- >> i love it! >> this is great. >> i absolutely love it. okay, lewis, tell us about the hair. >> i figure, you deserve a great haircut. a good hair color. >> great everything. >> great outfit and the whole thing. what i did here is of course i softened her hair. she had -- her hair was entirely natural by the way. so we cut off i don't know how many inches and there's still a
10:33 am
ponytail she's donating. then i give her these highlights as well to just brighten it up. notice all the hair is darker at the root, lighter at the ends, but looks beautiful. >> the cut is beautiful. >> do you know the jacket? >> we all own your jacket, the blazer. >> i love the jacket, i love the outfit. >> you told her you wanted her to look cool. the faux leather with the hardware. machine washable. >> will it fit me? >> it will fit you, don't worry. >> and then a pair of black jeans for fall you can mix and match. those are from tall bolts. >> i absolutely love it. >> it's a 10. >> debby, come on. join your daughter. >> all right, our second lady is shirley, she's 60, from mount vernon, virginia. she turned 60 today. today. she served in the navy for 16 years. and now volunteers with the elderly. to prepare for ambush, her friends threw a pizza and poster party to make sure that they had the signs that would stand out. let's hear her story.
10:34 am
>> well, shirley is 60 and wants her sexy back! >> yeah. >> i'm not sure how we noticed you. so why do you want this so badly? >> oh, i just need -- it's the icing on the cake. my girlfriends brought me up here and we spent the last 24 hours just walking in the rain and having fun and this is the topping. >> are you ready to see a sexy shirley? >> whoa hoo! >> oh, she's adorable. >> these are her friends, lea, pat, ginger and lynn. >> they're fun. >> all right, let's take one last look at shirley before and bring out the brand-new shirley. oh, my god! >> oh, my gosh! >> all right. >> get ready. should they take them off? >> yeah, ready, ladies, take them off! >> oh, my god! >> shirley! >> amazing.
10:35 am
>> shirley. >> fantastic. take another look. why not. you look beautiful. >> shirley, look in that camera please. >> we can't handle it, shirley. >> tell us about it. >> happy birthday, shirley. this is the best present we could have given you. >> yes, absolutely. >> she wanted her sexy back. she certainly has it. a great sexy haircut. the best there is. and then of course i played with her hair color. we lightened it. we softened it. just to give her that edge. so that, you know, i guess a lot of money will be turning their heads. >> my husband said he's not going to recognize me. >> he said it's not the girl he married. >> i think i know who that dress is by. >> and this is a great way to wear blues and towurquoise in t
10:36 am
fall and winter, with the black overlay. >> let's have a big round of a plus for both of our ladies. >> two class ic sandwiches all rolled into one. >> we hope you brought your appe [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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so many of us have memories of our moms cooking in the kitchen making those comfort dishes that always remind you of home. >> chef alex guarnaschelli is one of those people. she's on the food network's "chopped." when i met her at the greenwich wine and food fest develop, i asked her what she would make for me if i was in her home. >> she is here with her mom's double decker goodness. >> yes. >> you said the sandwich to beat all sandwiches. >> i grew up across the street from the deli. so this is really the sandwich. it's a double decker. it's egg salad and tuna salad,
10:41 am
toasted rye and it's got barbecue chips on top. >> what? and the crunch. ooh. >> you need really a soda where the bubbles go up your nose to go with it. >> it's got all the stuff. >> yes. >> i love everything but gotta have the scallions in it? do you have to? >> absolutely not. that's the green vegetable component. >> i see, all right. >> so you don't feel so bad. >> so you boil up some eggs. >> we can do that. >> bring it to a boil. 8 minutes, cover. >> do you dunk them in ice? why does that help? >> i do dunk them in an ice bath so that they stop cooking. because i do find, much like a steak, eggs keep cooking too. like meat. they keep going like a rolling river. so if you stop 'em, drop 'em in ice water, doesn't really make them that month easier to peel but it definitely -- >> it stops the cooking. >> because we want that yellow. >> not green or whatever. >> i'll have you mix here. some mayonnaise and smoky paprika in here with salt and
10:42 am
pepper and you are doing lemon juice and mayonnaise. >> vinegar. i like white vinegar. >> i do too. >> however you like your tuna, right? >> ways thhat's this one? >> smoked paprika. >> you don't put a lot of mayo. >> no, we go kind of light. >> everybody loves a certain kind of mayonnaise. what kind do you go for? >> you mean brand? >> do i dare say? i'm a helmann's girl. i do like dukes. >> i've never had that. >> i like kewpie. mama likes kewpie. >> something for everybody. >> then we assemble, right? >> this is really the fun part. it's like a cookie decorating party. we start with just egg salad on the bottom. >> egg salad on the bottom. >> toasted rye. you got to toast the bread. you can skip the scallions but you gotta toast the bread.
10:43 am
skip the scallions. >> i like scallions. >> then what? >> i kind of make a pile in the middle. and then i press. look at that, how it comes to the edge. ooze out of it. and then tuna on top. the thing is is you got to make sure you go to the edge of the bread because the first bite is the edge, right? >> some people don't put enough there. >> it's like when people say the hamburger bun doesn't matter. the first thing you bite into when you have a hamburger is the bun. >> when alex is right, she's right, people. >> oh, you guys are so sweet. then we just do like tree decorating with these chips. it's so fun, right? with. >> it's totally fun. >> i like it. >> very american. >> you can use a different kind of chip if you like though, a regular like potato one, right? >> oh, totally. salt and vinegar. >> i love salt and vinegar. >> since you like vinegar in your tuna. >> smash again? >> come on, this is like crunching fresh fall leaves. >> to get this recipe, you got to go to -- >> we have to try it.
10:44 am
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sit up, everybody. over past two years, "new york times" best selling author tim ferris has interviewed nearly 200 world class performers and icons for his pod cost. >> the show recently passed the 100 million download mark. its popularity has earned him the nickname, who wouldn't love this, the oprah of audio. >> now tim has compiled the best tips and strategies from his guests for a new book called "tools of titans, the habits of billionaires, icons and world class performers." >> and they never interviewed us. >> hello. >> that's all right, tim.
10:50 am
we're going to interview tim so we can find out how to do this better. how you doing? >> doing great. i'll have to take you on the road with me, that was incredible. >> being called the oprah of radio, that's a pretty big headline. >> it is. think it's the resemblance honestly. but it's been a passion project for last two years. it was an accident. it was never expected to really do much of anything. so here we are. >> some of the best things are. you were doing what you lowed a loved and you had a passion for it. >> exactly. >> when you interviewed all these successful pea, which i think is so awesome, was there a thread, something that went through the people? >> there were a lot of common threads. one of them was at least 80% have a daily mindfulness or meditation practice. a few things are interesting about that. for whatever reason, men tend to gravitate towards transmetal meditation. the women tend to gravitate towards depasana. it's just two different types of
10:51 am
meditation. even arnold schwarzenegger meditated for a year. he did that consistently for a year. stopped. and saw the benefits for the next two decades. >> what does that mean? they're sitting at home dh-- >> is that like prayer? >> that could be considered a form of meditation. there are many different types. the simplest types of meditation, guided, listening to 20, 25 minutes of audio to help you achieve a certain emotional state. let's say identify what you're greatful for and set the stage for a successful day. a less reactive day. >> they know the power of that, just separating yourself from the world we all have to live in. >> yeah, i think that's true. >> what is the next thing? >> journalling is another. morning journalling very common. there's a simple one called the five minute journal. >> what is that? >> it's a handful of bullets you fill out in the morning for five minutes and then you do a post game analysis for five minutes at night before you go to bed. for instance, i am grateful for
10:52 am
one, two, three, bullets. then you have i am, affirmation, bullet, bullet, bullet. i am unrushed. i am complete as is. all these things are intended to prime you for an optimal day. the first 90 minutes or so of each day are very important. for most of the people i interviewed. >> it's like self-realization. >> yeah, yeah. >> sleep. >> visual. >> is prioritized. you find people using weird gadgets like something called the chilly pad. >> what is that? >> helps you sleep at your optimal temperature. it is a lifesaver. it was introduced by -- >> the chilly pad. >> that's cute. >> that's what i want for c krs, hoda. >> you got it. >> also if you have two people in bed that run at different temperatures, it solves that problem so you're not fighting over the covers. >> these are all great. >> do you do all those things yourself? >> i do, i do. i've tested everything in the book myself. that's how it was vetted. and on my friends and on my listeners. >> you have a chilly pad? >> i do have a chilly pad. >> it's always great to have
10:53 am
something like this, a reference point, where if you want to push your life ahead, you can see people who have done it. thanks, tim. >> so nice to meet you. >> you also have a very winning, very lovely way about you. >> i appreciate it. >> very receptive human being. it's nice to meet you. "tools of titans" is out on tuesday. >> something special is waiting for deserving kids all over the country. >> find out what they're getting behind the curtain. adorable. >> this is "today" on nbc.
10:54 am
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our 23rd annual toy drive continues as we celebrate the generosity of our wonderful donors this holiday season. >> let's meet today's generous donors. it is executive vice president of product development chris wilson. >> yeah. >> hi, chris. >> how are you? >> what do you have? >> well, i have pet toys from pet mate. we have a launcher. part of our chuck it line of toys. you pick up the tennis ball and
10:57 am
throw it. this one is shaped like a lacrosse stick so you and i can play together. >> how many of those are you giving away? >> there's a lot. and $150,000. >> wait, did you say 150,000? wow. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> pleasure. >> that is so great. thanks for everything you do during the season. >> absolutely. there's a lot of families out there the with pets and some of them are challenged at some point. if our donation can help them turn their resources to other things, that's great. >> chris, thank you so much. >> you can donate kids up to 18 on our plat za or online. >> tomorrow, mimi herself, the great mariah carey. >> plus, we'll catch up with another fabulous diva, miss
10:58 am
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between p-e teacher and a male studt right now at 11:00, an inappropriate relationship between a p.e. teacher and a male student is the allegation in fremont. the teacher is out of a job and out on bail accused of having sex with that student. thank you for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm sam brock. >> parents got the news via e-mail this morning. we're learning more about the charges. nbc bay area's bob redell joins us live from fremont. he has been posting updates to twitter and talking to school officials. what do you know now, bob? >> reporter: good morning. coren audiat who until recently taught


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