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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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=sam/cont.vo= an emotional couple of days there's really not much hope left, but you know, every time that phone rings, i get this feeling, he's calling. it's a mistake. >> an emotional couple of days  for the bay area and families here. we are getting a closer look at the aftermath of friday's deadly fire. we dive deeper into the investigation into how this happened. good monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. it's a story we've been covering all weekend long. the tragedy continues to unfold. we are learning more about the recovery efforts under way right
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now. >> let's get straight to pete live at the scene of this horrific fire. the death toll this morning is at 33 and that number could and likely will go up. we are expecting to hear from officials in about an hour and a half. >> reporter: we just spoke to oakland fire and the details changed a little bit. we are notified there was a work stoppage at 10:00 p.m. the issue is in this structure there's damage that has the ability to collapse on firefighters. this is a safety precaution. work stoppage stopped as of 10:00 p.m. they will bring in engineers to look at this it will be determined as to when officials will go back inside to start searching if there are more bodies inside. let's give you the latest. we know 33 decreased bodies were found. eight victims have been notified by the city. one is a minor. seven victims have been identified.
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officials with oakland fire and public works searched close to about 40% of this oakland warehouse. that includes the use of heavy equipment to move debris out of this warehouse. there are so many questions surrounding this warehouse. there have been previous complaints regarding debris in this warehouse we are being told was a 24 hour art collecting. lives were lost during this party inside of it friday night. one life hit close to home. >> we had disclosed today one of our officers, a person i work with lost his son here. that's very difficult. >> difficult time all the way for everyone involved in this process. we confirmed with oakland mayor a criminal investigation team is on site working with oakland police. we are expecting a news conference around 6:00 a.m. since there has been a work stoppage, not sure how much detail we will get in that news
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conference. live in oakland pete suratos. a live look right now from oakland. this is a camera that is usually signatured by our coliseum. we turned it now to the location of that warehouse fire 31st avenue and international boulevard. you see that light off in the distance on the right hand side of your screen. that is where the scene continues to be parsed right now. firefighters shine bright lights as they prepare to renew recovery of thes. 4:33. we are pushing for answers on a criminal investigation being launched into the art ist collection ghost ship. the man who found it and ran it is on felony probation. that is video of derek ion.
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after the fire, he said, "confirmed, everything i worked so hard for is gone. blessed my children and micah were at a hotel safe and sound. it's as if i have aweaken from a dream filled with pop lens and hope to be standing in a poverty of self-worth. these are photos what the ghost ship looked like inside before the fire. his posts received thousands of comments, many critical of his message. they say he showed more concern for his material possession than the people lost in that fire. >> when there is a party to have, everyone pitched in and created this beautiful space. after the party, it splits into
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madness. >> our investigative unit reached out to ion for comments but have not heard back. >> the memorial continues to grow at the scene of the fire. you can see from these images that were shot late last night, one nearby area is becoming surrounded with flowers, candle. eight victims have been identified. 32-year-old donna kellogg was a barista attending culinary school. brendan chase witte 2346r7b auer. cash askew. nick gomez-hall, david clines. 30-year-old sarah hoda. friends call her a teacher,
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gardner and hard working person who loved children. we are also hearing some of the harrowing stories of survival. >> two women who lived inside tell us of the frantic moments when the fire broke out. >> the power went out and i jumped off of the loft which is 10, 11 feet, grabbed a head lamp and used it to grab my cat and phone and my keys. and then tried to get out of my gate and out the door. people at that point were trying to push their way through. >> this is our home. one of the other residents was standing in the doorway with all this smoke pouring out trying to light the way for people still trapped inside. >> he was trying to get people out of there. at some point i think whether you got out or you didn't.
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i think that timeline was under 10 minutes of when the fire started to when there was no chance for you getting out. that had to have been under 10 minutes. >> harrowing moments for people. when something like this so tragic happens, people want to help. across the bay area and the country really many are offering their support. >> we've been telling you about the caring page. we have a full list where you can do that on our website. less than two hours ago, president-elect donald trump making a major announcement tapping former rival ben carson for a position in his cabinet. he's been picked to become the next secretary of theรง departmt of housing and urban development. carson recounted his childhood as son of single mother in inner city detroit and his books and motivational speeches. trump released a statement
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saying, "ben shares my optimism about the future of our country and has been part of ensuring that this is a presidency representing all americans." much more to get to from oakland. first, rain in the works for the bay area. not just yet. first let's try to get through monday. it will be cooler today. we are starting out with patchy dense fog. visibility down to 1/4 mile in spots. we'll take a closer look at that and the microclimate forecast. >> this is the bay bridge toll plaza. backup there because not all the cash lanes off to the left are open. the lower visibility is an issue. we are tracking your speed. emotions are overwhelming for many people after the tragedy at oakland. the way many will try to heal today.
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will be held for the victims of the deadly fire. this is the facebook event page of the event. tonight a candlelight vigil will be held for the victims of the deadly fire. this is the facebook event page of the event. nearly 5,000 people say they're going to attend. it starts at 8:00 tonight. our coverage continues on our website. we are updating all our digital platforms constantly. our coverage will continue all morning long. stay with nbc bay area for the very latest. coming up next, stopping a major project from moving forward. just what it did to take the
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dakota access pipeline organizers to rekor their plans from moving forward. nice start of our day looking san jose this morning. a change in the works for the rest of the week. kari has a look at that full forecast.
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this monday mornining. here's the latesf welcome back. our coverage of breaking news continues on monday morning. here is the latest from late friday's deadly warehouse fire in oakland. there are 33 confirmed deaths at
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this point. officials have identified eight of those bodies. one was a minor, only 17 years old. that name is not being released. a few minutes ago we got an update from crews. they searched 70% of the building. we are expecting an update from officials, a press conference planned for 6:00 a.m. >> there is a look at the staging area and the podium where oakland officials will be addressing the media. we are expecting that press conference 6:00 this morning. it's 4:45. there is more traffic out there people are up and about. mild temperatures. >> mild temperatures. we have dense fog in spots. so we are watching that as you head out. that may slow you down so allow extra time to get to work or school this morning. as we get a live look outside. there is the visibility. you can't tell where that is. that's what we are seeing on quite a few of our cameras.
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we'll check in with mike to see how that may affect your drive. 53 degrees heading up to 63 later today. visibility down to 1/4 mile in oakland. napa, 1/2 mile and about 3/4 mile in santa rosa. other spots are all clear. south bay just a few clouds 53. feeling mild in the tri-valley. 45 and 49 in san francisco. while the north bay has dropped down to 38. we'll be up into the upper 50s again today. low 60s in a few spots. we are going to have a nice mild start to the week. it turns much cooler tomorrow. we'll see those temperatures dropping and then rain moving in late wednesday into thursday. it looks like a soggy end to the week and also start of the weekend. we may have several rounds of rain moving in. then we'll have more rain possible next week. it looks like over the next six days there will be the potential of over an inch of rain for the
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south bay. then look how much that goes up to for santa rosa. you could have three inches of rain this week. it is looking very wet starting once again late wednesday and continues into the rest of the week. temperaturewise in san francisco, enjoy it today. it will be breezy with a few peeks of sunshine. talking about morning low temperatures could dip into the 30s over the next several days. as we head over to mike, how is that fog affecting the drivers? >> folks should be slowing down. we are not seeing any appreciable change to our speed sensors. that is great news. san mateo, things are socked in earlier today. it will drift around. we'll let you know if there are major problems. i do want to show you this earlier crash. chp activity in san jose. 87 connector in downtown san
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jose. chp on the shoulder from an earlier crash. doesn't sound like any more activity in the lane. we are looking to your drive times across the bridges. a smooth drive toward the peninsula for the san mateo bridge. bay bridge from the maze to san francisco. let's show you the live cameras. emeryville camera shows the tower well lit typically. you can hardly see anything. folks are able to navigate the bridge just fine because it is well lit. if you're taking the b.a.r.t. under the washington on time. no delays for mass transit. that is a great start to your morning commute. we expect more cars than last week coming back from vacation. it is 4:48. their protests worked. there are cheers and victory dances after the army corps of engineers blocked the dakota access pipeline from moving
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forward. the secretary of the army corps said the current route for the controversial pipeline will be denied. the sioux tribe and environmental activists have been demonstrating against the four state oil. >> paula:line which is 85% constructed. they say it could pollute water sources and destroy sacred sites. the decision comes after months of clashes between protesters and law enforcement. more news in politics. president-elect donald trump threatening u.s. companying with heavy taxes if they move their businesses outside the u.s. let's check in with kate rogers at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you. wall street is set to start the day in the green this morning, u.s. futures are higher as investors eye new york federal reserve william dudley's upcoming speech. investors aren't expecting the fed to hike interest rates and his speech could offer clues.
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>> donald trump threatening heavy taxes for u.s. companies that move their business operations abroad. trump took to twitter early sunday to announce a 35% tax on products sold in the u.s. by any business that fired american workers and built new facilities overseas. this comes on the heel with the air conditioner maker carrier to keep 1,000 jobs in the u.s. >> apple reviewing self-driving technology. director of product integrity wrote to u.s. transportation officials saying apple is investing heavily in the study of machine learning and out mags and the company is excited about the potential of automated systems including transportation. at 4:50, a daring burglary after they drove a rented suv straight inside the apple store. happened 4:30 in the morning saturday. they stole several phones and
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computers, but ditched them with the rented car when trying to get away from officers. investigators say eight to ten people were involved. four of them are now in custody. the other two suspects are minors. this burglary comes after a series of thefts across the bay area. this store in san francisco marina district was robbed twice last week. the thieves grabbing phones off the table then run off. all in a span of about 10 seconds. no arrests have been made. 4:51. a follow-up to a story we broke on our twitter feet involving a heartless crime in the south bay. generosity from the community has a charity back up and running. thieves helped themselves to food, clothing and medical supplies that were supposed to be distributed to the homeless population. the mercy mobile was burglarized days before it was set to deliver those goods. the pastor says supplies will be given out later today thanks to
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donations coming in from the community. 4:51. games went on but not without a moment of silence for victims in the fire. how they paid tribute. raiders getting the win there, too. our investigative team has been hard at work looking at the oakland warehouse fire according to records we obtained. the so-called ghost ship was under investigation for structural deficiencies before the fire. a judge orders michigan to recount its votes and start at noon today that. could make it more likely the state will complete the count ahead of a december 13th headline.
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a day after the team honored the victims ofr this morning, a live look at the oakland coliseum. one day after the team, the raiders, honor the victims of friday night's deadly fire. raiders held a moment of silence before yesterday's game. the team also joined the oakland athletics and donated $30,000 each to the families of the victims. nice to see there. the warriors are also extending their support financially. the team announced on twitter they are donating $50,000 to the online fund-raiser. that money is going to go to the unity council in the fruitvale district. 4:55. senator dianne feinstein tells us her heart is with the victims of the fire and questioning the building's safety. the senator released a statement saying, the warehouse was not permitted for residential use and likely did not meet appropriate building and fire codes. party organizers also did not obtain the permits required to host that event. this is particularly troubling
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because there are other warehouses in the area are that are in use and may be just as dangerous. >> no doubt we'll hear a lot about that in the weeks to come. kari hall, we have a lot of rain in store but not today. >> not today. and much cooler. we are dealing with fog in spots. south bay still looking clear. we'll look at the microclimate forecast. >> 580. tough to see through this fog. pockets of fog through the tri-valley, east bay. we'll let you see how this is affecting your drive. new details about the tragedy in oakland. the search for answer is is on hold right now. the reason crews are kept off the site.
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=laura/cont.vo= coming to terms with a tragedy.. it could have been any of us. it could have been my brother, it could have been me. coming to terms with tragedy. remembering the 33 lives lost in the horrific warehouse fire in oakland. the latest on the oakland warehouse fire live from 31st avenue and international boulevard and new obstacles firefighters are facing this morning. the man who ran that warehouse has been in trouble with the law.
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the conviction that sent him to jail. a number of people who died inside that deadly fire could still increase. we are learning more about who they were. a very good monday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. this is a heart wrenching story we have been covering 48 hours straight. with every passing hour, new stories of survival are emerging. the death toll remains a staggering figure of 33 lives. >> that number sadly still expected to rise. we have new video of a coroner ivan leaving the scene overnight as recovery efforts are on hold because of the danger of falling walls. officials just told us this morning they only searched 40% of the building so far. >> team coverage to get you up to speed with all the latest developments over night, what we know about the victims to the
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investigation how this tragedy started. pete is live at the scene with a break down of what we know so far. we heard varying reports about what percentage of that building is actually searched. good morning. >> good morning. last time we were told by fire officials it's at 40% they've been able to search. there's been a work stoppage as of 10:00 p.m. last night. issues with some of the warehouse a safety issue for firefighters. they'll have engineers come in later this morning so they can determine how they are going to move forward. here are the latest numbers. 33 deceased inside of this building. the city notified at least eight victims, one of the eight victims is a minor. seven of those victims have been identified. officials with oakland fire and alameda sheriff's office and public works searched for those bodies. they've been using y


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