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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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going to be periods of wet weather moving in. the doppler is starting to pick up anywhere from light to moderate rainfall from the north bay down to the south bay. most widespread coverage here in marin, napa, sonoma counties from santa rosa down towards novato. in san francisco, a pocket of heavier rainfall now approaching the embarcadero that moves over towards oakland. not much in the south bay yet. just a few areas of spotty showers by 11:30, we expect the rain into san jose and for tomorrow morning, areas of scattered rain that continues. things that i'm keying in on with the wet weather lasting until friday morning is pockets of heavy rain, winds up to 30 miles per hour and anybody heading to lake tahoe not only dealing with snow but a potential of freezing rain as well.
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i'll be back with my full forecast in about 15 minutes. >> you can download our nbc bay area map and get updated forecasts and use the same doppler radar that jeff and his team uses. tonight, there are many new developmen developments surrounding the warehouse fire. 36 people lost their lives there. authorities confirming that the oakland fire is the deadliest fire in the united states in 13 years. our team coverage begins with nbc bay area's elise kushner. authorities are clearing up rumors about the source of the fire? >> reporter: that's right. fire investigators say it started on the first floor. it quickly spread to the second trapping victims there and we've also found out in the last hour, agents from atf have set up a mobile command unit. you can see it here live. they are in there with a team of
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fire investigators, electrical engineers and fire engineer researchers all helping to determine the exact cause of the deadly blaze. exposed wires, boarded up windows and a wooden staircase barely standing. cell phone video shows what the so-called ghost ship warehouse looked like before the fire. >> this was senseless. >> this former tenant believes it was just a matter of time before the building that felt more like a maze went up in flame g flames. 36 lives were lost in what's being called the nation's deadliest fire in 13 years. >> i've had families share their moments with me. >> reporter: sergeant ray kelly says the investigation has taken its toll, specifically as they hear stories of people sending texts to family members as the fire burned. >> messages of, i'm going to die. i love you. and so those have been hard. >> reporter: five days after
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fire engulfed the building, they have searched the entire warehouse. >> we will no longer find any victims. that's huge. >> reporter: now they are focused on finding the cause of the fire. >> by all accounts, the fire started on the first floor. >> reporter: this special agent said the flames were most likely sparked by electrical issues. party goers were trapped and unable to get down the two wooden staircases. >> the occupants of the building were consumed by smoke before they were able to get out of the building. >> mack paid nearly $600 a month in rent and the leaseholder seen here refused to make the building safer and profited off those living inside. >> he's not a victim of the housing crisis. he's a predator of the housing crisis. >> reporter: and back here live, you're looking at the mobile command post that atf has set
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up. fire investigators have told us that the warehouse did not have fire alarms or sprinklers inside. investigators also say they have ruled out arson as a possible cause of this blaze. it is unclear how long investigators will be here. i am told it could be for some time. reporting live in oakland tonight, elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. oakland mayor libby schaaf said the top priority is making the city safer and the first step is to perform a task force with national experts flying to oakland right now. >> my immediate priority for this task force are enhanced building safety, event safety and complaint procedures. some areas where we'll be considering new regulations include smoke alarms and carbon monoxide monitors, enhanced fire
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inspections, stronger emergency exit requirements. >> the mayor also said that the ghost ship tragedy certainly doesn't mean getting rid of all of the artist work spaces but says she will involve the artist community to help figure out what to do about these types of warehouses. an astonishing admission from oakland building department. no inspectors have been inside the warehouse for 30 years. >> that means we had no applications for permits in the last 30 years and there were no violations that were submitted for interior work within the main building attributed to that street address. >> that city inspector says that the records reported an inspector visited this property in november. they show that visit was to a vacant lot next door to the warehouse. an inspector was acting on a citizen's complaint about an illegal structure or garbage and
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also to address that it was for the vacant lot and not inspecting the warehouse. >> there's no way to get their lives back but there's a way to honor those who died. these were artists, musicians and students with unique souls. garvin thomas has a glimpse at how they lived. >> raj, unique souls but they shared something in common. a love of beauty, music and art. they called the gathering at the warehouse that night as an underground party but there was nothing quiet or hidden about the talents or passion of those who gathered. like johnny igaz, his life revolved around music, producing, buying and selling it and on the night of the fire, he was the deejay providing the music all had come to hear. nicole siegrist, originally from lincoln, nebraska, was also a
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musician. outgoing and often outrageous, she was half of the pop duo. griffin madden, a berkeley grad, getting to know and appreciating all forms of entertainment. hanna ruax, who had just moved from finland to be with her fiance who also died in the fire was known for her skills of making jewelry. amanda allen kershaw's art of choice was photography, originally from massachusetts, musicians at work. amanda's favorite subject. billy dixon, his friends say always had a hug ready for everyone he met. he was also a respected deejay and accomplished beat boxer. alex vega was in beauty of all types. in clothes, cars and, of course, music. described by some as an intro
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vert, dancing is what brought him out of his shell and what brought alex and his girlfriend to the warehouse that night. ara jo's passion, promoting writings of all kind and loved to paint as well. vanessa plotkin was a berkeley student and ended up at the warehouse as part of a night out with her college roommate. those were all the names released to the media by the city of oakland today. there's one more name we learned about late this afternoon, wolf gang renner, 61 years old and from oakland. we have all of the names and profiles of each of the victims of the fire on our website for you to check out at >> and they are very nice profiles. thank you, garvin. a touching scene at warriors headquarters a couple of miles from the fire scene. >> our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and the loved ones. >> we'd like to express our gratitude to the first
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responders working on this unthinkable recovery effort. >> as players, we are joining forces to make a donation to the relief effort. >> you can see steph curry there and the entire squad. the players and coaches taping this message right at practice, pledging $75,000 to the ongoing relief efforts and this is coming directly from the players and coaches. the money is in addition to the $50,000 the warrior organization donated earlier in the week. the raiders and a's have made significant pledges. well, the tragedy in east oakland has other repercussions as well. it's brought oakland businesses to a near standstill. some restaurants are unable to open up their doors and others have seen a steady stream of customers slow down considerably. scott budman is live. >> reporter: well, peggy, the business owners we spoke to today say first and foremost, their thoughts are with the victims and their families. they also told us that because
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of the fire, some of them are struggling to make ends meet. with traffic diverted and the investigation continuing, the area around fruitvale and international has come to a near standstill. keeping people away from businesses, like margarita rodriguez's insurance office. >> a lot. actually, you know, i'm lucky that i have one client right now because they have been calling but it's impossible for them to drive. >> the restaurant next door has been nearly empty. mary car man came in for lunch just to help. she says she knows the owners make their living from their business. >> it's just a shock. >> luis owns this cell phone business and four days of closure has left him unable to pay his staff. >> we had a roundtable with our employees and keeping them up to date, see what is happening.
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>> reporter: what are you telling them? >> they might not have a job. >> reporter: but help may be on the way. city officials say they want to steer some emergency federal money to these businesses. >> it also allows the local residents or businesses who have been impacted by this disaster to get funding to help them in regards to their businesses. >> now, city officials are not putting a timetable as to when that funding will reach local businesses. they say they are optimistic it might save some jobs. reporting live in oakland, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> absolutely. scott, thank you so much. we certainly have more on the oakland warehouse fire. you can find that on our website in addition to all of the stories. you can also find a slideshow of photos that were taken inside the warehouse before the fire. in other headlines, a vacant building went up in flames due to arson and investigators say
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they know who did it. robert honda is live in san jose. this was initially a concern but firefighters were told homeless people could be inside? >> reporter: that's right. investigators say at this hour they are still searching for the man suspected of setting fire to this building, which is surrounded by warehouses but appears to be more of a single-family home. a group of homeless people were living here and they got kicked out and that's what led to the trouble. san jose firefighters swarmed the building quickly because at first no one knew if it was actually abandoned. neighbors said a group of homeless had been staying inside the boarded-up structure but after cutting into the building, crews found no one inside. investigators and neighbors say there have been so-called squatters living there but they were removed by police yesterday and at least one man was very upset about it. >> today. >> -- today there were people
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still squatting in the business. >> witnesses saw someone setting fire? >> that's what i've been told, yes. >> reporter: some neighbors say they know the suspected arsonist and they were sympathetic but angry that it threatened their own homes. >> the tragedy in oakland was enough and we're just praying that the guy who may have done this gets some help. >> reporter: it turns out, the neighborhood has had this kind of problem before. >> there were squatters in a building and then a suspicious fire afterwards. >> reporter: investigators have not released a name but they are looking for a tall, thin man who may have started the fire. robert handa, nbc bay area news. we talk with a man about his experience trying to do it the right way when we come back. oakland fire victims.
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we start with "nick gomez- hall." and throughout our newscast, we'll be remembering the oakland fire victims. we start right now with nick gomez hall. he worked as an administrative assistant in berkeley. his co-workers say that he made everyone feel like they were his friends.
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many of the warehouses in oakland. p in the past few days, we've exposed the various problems with many of the warehouses in oakland, problems that the city has been aware of for years. but tonight, we hear from a man who's doing things the right way. senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen is with us for his story. >> reporter: a developer himself lives in a converted box factory in west oakland. right now, the city of oakland doesn't have enough resources to bring these buildings up to code but he believes they can and he's willing to put his money behind his belief. for the past 30 years, john has made his living where many others didn't see a place to live. >> we are in the city with thousands of old structures and there's a lot of competing
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interests in this city. many people say demolish them all. >> reporter: working with partners, he bought buildings and converted them into live/work spaces like this lost. the city has permitted tenants for everything from dog walking services to a business teaching juggling. >> do you sleep easy knowing that so many people are living in these buildings that you've retrofitted? >> absolutely. we've taken care of the life issues. i live in one of these buildings. >> reporter: it cost about $1.5 million to retrofit this four-story building to bring it up to code for fire and earthquakes. >> there's just no way to cut corners. you've just got to do it. >> reporter: friday's fatal fire highlights the need to expand inspection services. permit applications that used to be approved in a day now take 6 to 12 months. that, along with ignorance by buildings owners and lack of
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enforcement can create deadly consequences. >> give our regulatory authorities more resources to be able to go in and work with all of the property owners in this community to bring the buildings up to code. >> reporter: is it doable? >> absolutely. >> reporter: without displacing the artist community? >> oh, absolutely. >> mayor libby schaff says she's convening a task force to streamline how the city responds to complaints. he says the city needs to better educate warehouse owners about how to make their buildings safe. >> thank you, vicky. head to our website to watch our investigative reports surrounding this story about this deadly fire. we've posted it right on our front page at well, the rain is back and for some neighborhoods it could lead to major water problems. rick, neighbors have suffered from ongoing flooding issues?
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>> reporter: they have indeed, peggy. with the rain coming down, although it's not heavy, it's on the top of people's minds throughout this area because when it rains, it pours. >> i lost my car because it was parked in my grandmother's garage and the water level at that point was six feet. >> reporter: frustrated with water, her family home near the mission district is constantly under siege when there's aggressive rain, forcing her and a long list of others over the past few years to turn to legal action to get the city's attention. >> the city is breaking its promise. they are breaking a promise for focusing in on solving the problem and they are breaking the promise on we're going to handle your claims quickly and efficiently and pay you. >> reporter: damage claims part of a never-ending problem and several hot spots to the mission. >> i thought of selling but who do you sell to? it's like, oh, the building
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floods. do you want to buy it? >> reporter: this is one of the worst areas in the city prone for flooding. >> so when there's a heavy rain, it bursts out of the manholes. >> reporter: businesses and residents are now forced to install their own barriers to hold off water when this happens like in the past. the problems are drainage lines, sewage and storm drains share the same pipe, leaving not only a messy sludge but a disgusting smell. now the city of san francisco says it has a plan to combat the problem. these water-filled barriers will line the streets to stop water when extreme, heavy rain moves? >> we're only doing it right now at the 17th and folsom area because it's a hot spot for flooding. >> reporter: many residents have requested an overhaul of underground pipes to stop images like these and the city says repairs are now in motion. and san francisco water is also giving a chance to be part of the problem solving here.
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they are going to put their money where their mouth is. up to $30,000 for individuals who can make improvement to their property to prevent flooding to happen. so if you have some ideas, contact them immediately and get that check. we're live in san francisco, rick boone, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, rinck. it's 6:22 and his rain jacket is on but it's not quite there yet. >> yes, some is holding off a little longer but we're starting to get moderate rainfall moving in across the bay area. we'll get you outside to our microclimate weather. in san jose, we have had some rainfall tonight. nothing super heavy right now with 54 degrees but we expect it to develop as we head through 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 this evening. let's get you to the doppler radar. light to moderate rainfall. san francisco starting to pick up but an area that we have seen heavier rain over the past 15
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minutes has been vallejo. wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour. this is heading off towards the east. likely impacting concord and also clayton as we head throughout the next 25 minutes. as we get you down towards san francisco, you can see a heavier pocket of rain impacting the marina and downtown s.f. that's the nature of what we'll see over the next couple of days. the 580 corridor, it's picking up here now in downtown livermore. in terms of the weather tonight, at 11:30, we expect widespread coverage here with light to moderate rainfall with us and that likely continues into tomorrow morning's commute. where do we go after this rain chance tonight and tomorrow morning? let's get you to the extended forecast and we'll keep a chance of rain on thursday. chance the scattered rain on friday's forecast. once we hit saturday, possibly in the morning of a few showers
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and we dry out by the afternoon and on sunday we get a chance of afternoon showers and a few spotty chances next monday and tuesday. it's active over the next several days and it looks like tonight through friday will be the biggest chance to pick up our accumulations. with the rainfall arriving, we also have something else. here to track the weather, it's storm ranger. it's here for our 11:00 shows and through tomorrow. stay tuned tonight. it's our mobile doppler radar on wheels. we'll have it in position tracking this wet weather. another update in about 25 minutes. tensions mount in oakland as one woman voices concern that a warehouse nearby could become a death trap. i'm marianne favro, that story is coming up in a live report. and we want to remember donna kellogg, one of the 36 people who died in this fire. donna worked at highwire coffee shop in berkeley. her friends say she was
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free-spirited, candid and quirky. a male student at stanford could
6:26 pm
have been stopped from sexually assaulting at least four female happening now, a male student at stanford could have been stopped from sexually assaulting four female students if staff connected the dots. this whole story you can find on our home page. several bay area artists are headed to the grammys. it includes best electronic
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album and best contemporary music. more news in two minutes. not just the sadness...there is
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now a sharp tone of anger in oakland. the owner of a well known restaurant -- is concerned about a neighboring warehouse. not just sadness, there is a tone of anger due to concern about another warehouse. >> marianne favro is in oakland with details on the confrontation. marianne? >> reporter: yes, there was definitely a heated exchan exch. dorothy king owns this on second street. she's worried if there was a fire at that warehouse, that lives could be lost. you can see a mattress up against the window at this warehouse on second street near jacqueline square in oakland. this is one of the concerns that dorothy has about the building
6:29 pm
next to hers. she expressed her worries today. she says if a fire broke out here, the warehouse could become a death trap and often sees long lines of young people waiting to attend events here. >> i know for a fact, there's only one way in and one way out. >> but tenants at the warehouse say it's safe. >> i'd like to state that this is in fact untrue. there are two walkways where you can exit. there's also a fire escape which reporters might have noticed is at the front of the building. there's several massive windows on hinges that open up on to roofs next door and so on. >> reporter: today, some in the artist community accuse king of a witch hunt to evict artists have spaces. that's when tampers begin to rise. >> you don't tell me what i did right or wrong. >> my son died. i can tell you what i want. >> and i sympathize with that. >> reporter: king says she supports the artists and used to live in a warehouse herself and
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can no longer stay silent about her concerns. she wants the city to help tenants stay here but wants to avoid another tragedy like the ghost ship warehouse fire. she admits that she's not been inside the warehouse in five years. we reached out to the city of oakland to see if there are any code enforcement violations but have not heard back yet. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. and tonight, investigators say that the fire in oakland began on the first floor trapping people on the second floor. what we've seen here in the last hour that could help determine the cause of the blaze. and now, remembering benjamin who died in the warehouse fire. he was a talented jazz musician who played with bands all around
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the bay area. we have new answers from federal
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investigators, about the deadliest u-s fire in 13 years. well, we have some new answers from federal investigators about the deadliest u.s. fire in 13 years. the final death toll in oakland, 36. >> perhaps the most chilling detail that we learned today, many of the victims had no chance. they said they were trapped upstairs while that fire raged on the ground floor. elyce is joining us there.
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they are clearing up rumors about the source of the fire? >> reporter: that's right. they are focusing on the first floor saying that's where the blaze began. as you just mentioned, it quickly spread upstairs, trapping all of those victims on the second floor. and now atf agents are settling in here. in the last hour, we've seen a mobile command post set up with a team of fire investigators inside all helping to determine the exact cause of this deadly blaze. exposed wires, boarded up windows and piles and piles of stuff. cell phone video shows what the so-called ghost ship building looked like before the fire. this tenant believes it was a matter of time before the building that felt more like a maze went up in flames. >> this is exactly what i was trying to avoid. >> reporter: 36 lives were lost in what's being called the deadliest fire in 13 years. >> i've had families share their
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moments with me. >> reporter: ray kelly says the investigation has taken its toll, specifically, as they hear stories of victims sending messages before they burned. >> messages like, i'm going to die. i love you. so those have been hard. >> reporter: five days after fire engulfed the building, first responders have now searched the entire warehouse. >> we will no longer find victims. that's huge. >> reporter: now they are focused on finding the cause of the blaze. >> by all accounts, the fire started on the first floor. >> reporter: special agent jill schneider said the flames possibly sparked by electrical issues quickly spread to the second floor. partygoers upstairs were trapped and unable to get down these two wooden staircases. >> the occupants of the building were consumed by smoke before they were able to get out of the building. >> reporter: and fire investigators also told us that people inside had no warning. the warehouse did not have fire alarms or a sprinkler system
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inside and sources here are also telling me that there was so much evidence gathered here and that continues to be gathered from the warehouse that it could take weeks to go through everything. reporting live here in oakland tonight, i'm elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. >> elyce, thank you. the so-called ghost ship warehouse had not been inspected for a decade. the building's address was somehow left out of the 12,000 commercial buildings to be inspected every year. >> each day, oakland firefighters are guided by a list and they go out into the community to investigate buildings. our investigation shows that that effort has long been criticized as inadequate. >> we do the inspections that the fire marshal gives us. >> reporter: zach unger is an oakland fire union leader.
6:37 pm
he says the city has long known that there have been problems in getting inspections done. in fact, the 2014 civil grand jury report found that half the city's 12,000 identified commercial properties were not inspected each year. of the 6,000 missed buildings, a third involved owners who refused to let inspectors in. in the rest of the cases, the properties were simply ignored. why were they ignored? the grand jury cited competing priorities within the fire department. the city has promised to do better but our investigation found an even more serious problem. it appears buildings like the ghost ship warehouse are not even on the city inspector's raid are da. when we asked for fire inspection records for the building, officials told the investigative unit that they did not have any. we later learned that's because the building was not included on the list drawn up in 2006 of 12,000 properties that are supposed to be inspected each
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year. had such an inspection been conducted, it's clear the building owner would have been cited based on what photos show, says a retired san francisco fire inspector. >> the biggest thing that i saw in those photos that concern me, it wasn't so much what was inside it based on the photos, was there was no fire separation between the units. fire-rated construction is required. >> reporter: so how did this building fall through the cracks? it may be because oakland firefighters don't typically inspect build thaings that are occupied or are abandoned. he has only six fire prevention inspectors and firefighters have long been sounding the alarm. >> i don't want anyone else to have to go through this. the best way to save a life in a fire is to never have a fire in the first place.
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>> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> we did reach out to the fire department for their story but did not hear back. just two hours ago, oakland's interior city and planning director said no building inspector has been inside that warehouse for at least 30 years. he says inspectors only visit an address when following up on a permit request or a complaint. there's so many layers to this tragedy. among them, the skyrocketing renting market. oakland is nearly as pricey as new york city. zillow shows the median monthly rent is $2900, just below the rent in manhattan. rent has gone up 70% in the last five years. the tech boom is partly to blame. higher paid workers fork out more money for rent. the blue collar workers and artists have been displaced. it's the end of an era.
6:40 pm
how barbara boxer bid farewell to capitol hill in this incredible speech. that's coming up next. and now we remember amanda kershaw, one of the victims in this fire. kershaw, a photographer, moved here to san francisco from texas with her husband in 2008. she's ascribed by her family with an incredible sense of humor and positivity. amanda kershaw was 34 years old. she has seen it all....
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6:42 pm
barbara boxer may be retiring, but she's certainly not well, she has seen it all. barbara boxer may be retiring but she's certainly not stopping. that was her message today on
6:43 pm
the senate floor. >> it's going to be an interesting transition. after two iraq wars, five presidential administrations and 33 years in congress, boxer is leaving the senate, turning over her seat to kamala harris. she says her few regrets includes washington's changing temperament. >> if you learn to be tough in the right way, you can find the sweet spot, even in this atmosphere where the parties have grown so far apart. this is one of my biggest regrets, how far the parties have grown apart. >> she has worked as a tireless public servant for decades here in california. senator boxer hopes to continue doing great work and looks forward to coming home instead of commuting all of those years all the way to d.c., coming home to california. she says it's a state that stands for everything that she believes in. we thank her for her service. >> absolutely. the uphill battles that she's
6:44 pm
had to face many decades ago as woman in politics. an amazing career. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. >> you know, a nice welcome home. a pretty good thing here for us on the doppler radar. it's mainly light to moderate. something totally different, if you're headed to maybe kansas city, it's going to be cold for the game right here on nbc bay area tomorrow night at 5:25. again, right here, temperatures in the low 20s for kickoff. i'll have the rain forecast and how much we'll get in a few minutes.
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over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today. well, the raindrops are back. the first raindrops of december. >> it is. and that's certainly a sign of
6:47 pm
what can be coming our way. a weather weather pattern headed our way for the next 14 days, which is good news as we try to dig out of this drought. the storm system is just offshore. the center of the storm with the heaviest rain, strongest wind will be pulling away from us but we'll still manage to see a decent amount of wet weather just due to the southerly moisture that will flow into the storm system over the next two days. it's going to stall out and that's why we have decent rain chances not only tonight but possibly into friday evening as well. so a look right now at the doppler radar, everyone has had raindrops so far today. it's mainly light to moderate but we have seen a few heavier pockets develop. one of them right now is moving across the east bay and it's just passed over oakland and san leandro. it's on a pretty quick clip. roadways dangerously slick out here tonight.
6:48 pm
please just take it slow. it's been a few days since our last rain. a lot of oil being brought up on the roadways. for the peninsula, wet weather from san mateo to redwood city. it's knocking on your door in palo alto as well. for tonight, areas of scattered rainfall continue at 11:30 throughout the entire bay area and then we'll likely see a chance of wet weather even into 8:00 for tomorrow morning. so at this point, it does look wet for everyone on that morning forecast with clouds in place. temperatures, though, not as cold as it has been in the past several mornings where it was down in the 20s and 30s with the clouds moving in and the warmer subtropical air. 54 in the south bay. mid-50s in the peninsula and 52 for the tri-valley. for the east bay, 54. san francisco, 53. 50 across the north bay. let's push the rain timeline out through thursday. we talked about that, rain returning into tomorrow morning
6:49 pm
as well. we'll likely see the scattered periods of on again and off again rainfall into 5:00 in the afternoon. into friday, it's the same scenario. so what i really want you to know is that it's not going to be nonstop rainfall from tonight all the way through friday. again, we'll undergo some areas of drying and then the wet weather returns. how much rainfall, we are all locked in across the bay area for at least a half inch. you can see the blue on this map that correlates with a half inch to one and a quarter inch. that's our rainfall across most of the bay area. up across the sierra, headed that way tonight through tomorrow, snow. four inches in truckee, freezing rain is possible late tonight early tomorrow morning. be extremely cautious. it's otherwise known as black ice. your car can slide off the road. you'll want to take it easy. as we head into friday, scattered rainfall continues.
6:50 pm
a chance of rain early saturday morning and then we dry out. another chance by sunday afternoon and lingering spotty chances by monday and tuesday. there's a lot of rainfall on this extended forecast near san francisco and also the inland valleys. really the best chance of accumulation is on thursday and friday. with the wet weather arriving, we have something else arriving from our l.a. station and that is storm ranger. it's our mobile doppler radar on wheels. we'll have it fired up tonight at 11:00 and also throughout tomorrow's shows. we can move it to wherever we want and we'll be able to scan the radar better than any other places in the bay area. i get super excited. >> it's very ominous as well. >> i know. >> very observant. up next, we're less than 24 hours away from one of the biggest games that the raiders in 14 years. so what's the plan for that 20-degree weather for kansas city tomorrow night? that's next. and it's 20 consecutive
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victories for the oakland athletics."@:11 ==raj//contvo== holy toledo. there's a high drive. it's gone and it's a victory for the oakland athletics! >> i remember that night specifically. that's the legendary voice of baseball's newest hall of famer, the late great bill king. king had been a finalist for the hall of fame seven times and finally got in today. for those of us listening to his calls on the radio, this is a special day. he was the broadcast voice of the a's, warriors and the raiders.
6:54 pm
he lives on a house boat in sausalito. great mustache. he died in 2005 at the age of 78. >> what a nice honor for him. >> it calls for the raiders, amazing. tomorrow night in kansas city, thursday night football, right here on nbc bay area. >> very excited. the biggest game in 14 years and it's going to be cold. we're talking about temperatures in the 20s. here's nbc bay area's col colin resch. >> reporter: this is a short week, on the road, frigid temperatures, a win and the raiders will have a two-game lead in the afc west. >> all of the elements, all of that stuff it's taking place and at the end of the day, you know, we're going to go out there and try to get a win. >> the chief have beaten the raiders for a fourth consecutive
6:55 pm
time. >> reporter: any time you lose is a bad taste in your mouth. let's see if we can get some redemption here. >> absolutely. any loss you take leave as bad taste in your mouth but we know they stand in the way of our goals and so we need to take care of them tomorrow. that's all that needs to be said. >> reporter: say no more. in oakland, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> he's going to have to take that beating off. >> you can watch the raiders in kc tomorrow night right here on nbc bay area. our coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. kickoff begins at 5:25. also, appointment television for musical fans. after months of preparations and rehearsals, of course, nbc is unveiling its latest musical. it's "hairspray live" at 7:30 with a countdown to the show and
6:56 pm
then "hairspray" begins at 8:00. a lot of people looking forward to seeing this. >> that's going to be fun. >> we'll all watch "hairspray" tonight and the raiders game tomorrow night. >> there you go. >> and this is perfect tv weather, right? >> i know, right? everyone is going to be inside. we have rainfall with us tonight and through tomorrow, rain at times. on and off periods of wet weather. wind, 15, 20 miles per hour. temperatures in the 50s. scattered rain on friday. early chance on saturday and clear out for saturday afternoon and sunday a slight chance in the afternoon as well. a few other chances next monday and tuesday. a lot of rain in the past hour or two. really thursday and friday and we'll see the most accumulations about half an inch to one inch on average. >> great to see that, though. >> it is. >> you grew up in seattle. >> i love it. it's good for everybody. good night. see you at 11:00. >> good night.
6:57 pm
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trump's person of the year cover. >> and breaking news about her deal at fox news, is she staying? now on "extra." >> extra, extra. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the queen of fox news eyeing a move to morning tv? >> can you set the record straight. >> from the kelly ripa rumors to the personal toll her job's taking at home and one of her favorite topics, this guy. >> trump, person of the year. what do you make of that? >> new video behind the scenes of the shoot. >> nobody saw what was going to happen. >> as president-elect trump goes off on "snl" again,


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