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tv   Today  NBC  December 19, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody! happy fun day monday to you. december 19th. so happy that you're all joining us today. work from home, baby, which i did friday. good harmony. ♪ got to go to work >> love them. making big news today. get to that and much more in "today's buzz" with our stackable. >> if you want a smoky eye or updo for the holiday, does our ambush makeovers, here to show
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you how to get glammed up and gorgeous for the holidays. >> and you know that guest that just won't leave? >> yeah. >> uh-huh. or the one who bring as friend or two to your party? mister manners himself, thomas farley good advice for you over the holiday. wouldn't be a special occasion count inviting. >> both: our two favorite winos. >> we love those two kooky kids. >> crazy. >> creative cocktails to toast the holidays. >> excellent! >> okay. and really good work. hoda, you need change agents. honestly. every time you turn the tv on, there's hoda woman! >> all right. can we just say, welcome to the world to dylan dryer and her husband, had a little baby -- that baby came on her due date in a snowstorm. calvin bradley faschera. 8 pounds 3 ounces. dylan said, thinking, oh what to
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name that baby. >> he is gorgeous. >> watching tv sawed name calvin. ooh, i like that. >> that's how we got cody. watching a football game. god bless her. boy, was she ready. >> she was so ready. >> but she was so cute when pregnant? >> adorable! >> she -- yes. not everybody is that cute when -- right up to the very end. she was just -- >> adorable. >> darling, yeah. >> who else i got to see this weekend, charlie. savannah's little baby. got to sneak over to her house. fell asleep right there in the crook of my neck. oh, my god. he's sleeping. look at him. the cutest cheeks and cutest little outfit. look how little he is. >> the hodi looks. >> conditioner on my hair and put a hat on. adorable. >> you took the -- >> took the subway, baby. >> took the one train. >> awesome. the way to get around in new york, anyway, during this time of year, so smart. brought some of the crowd in, by
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the way. friends here. head of the zac brown band here, ski cap on and auction winners. >> welcome, everybody. >> ladies, gentlemen, thank you for coming. >> apparently there's a cute video. haven't seen it yet, but a cowboys, plays for the dallas cowboys and does a kettle hop. yeah. >> he got a touchdown. often they celebrate. this guy thought, what am i going to do to celebrate? aye know. i'll jump into the salvation army kettle. boom! he jumped in, and he was celebrating. now, that player is ezekiel elliott and he -- he's one of those amazing players. so the guy might get fined for doing that yes. >> but he said he'll take whatever that fine is match it, and give it to the salvation army which is -- >> one of the greatest organizations year-round. not just at christmastime. usually -- >> what is wrong with that? >> frank would have said, come on, act like you've been there before, but whoa have liked that one. because it's for a good cause. it wasn't showing off.
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it was to draw attention to something big. >> i kind of like when they jump into the fans. fans get to hug them. doesn't feel like showing off. >> i know. celebratory. >> yeah. reboonchts excited about this? >> are you? >> i loved it. one day at a time. >> i was too old. >> you were on tv. we were watching tv. you were on tv. that was the difference. we were all -- >> i missed everything. >> here's the thing. you didn't miss a thing. while kathie lee was creating things for us to watch the rest of us were sitting with our hands on the dial clicking through the channels. >> you were growing up, hoda woman, but -- yeah. what they're doing is, taking all of the norman lear works, "all in the family," "one day at a time" brilliant, brilliant shows and rebooting them on netflix. >> this one you remember, bonnie franklin, divorced, two daughters played by valerie bertinelli and mackenzie phillips. dying to see how they do-look at that. i loved that show, and the song.
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oh, and the station wagon. look at new version. >> look how young! >> yes. ♪ together >> what happened to your face? >> what happened to your face? >> i'm sorry. hanging out with my friends. it's hard to turn it off. >> i went to war. i got hurt. and when i came back, there was some organizations set up to help me and other veterans get the help we need. >> we're not going a regular debate. we argue the opposite side to better understand each other. >> i'm you. >> so you want to crush my heart into pieces? that's not me. that's her! >> you make me sound like i have an accent. >> fabulous i. love that. >> genius about it, they're shooting the same scripts to see if everything holds up. >> so smart. >> all of these years later. norman lear is a genus. i bet they do. brand new casts. >> yes. doing it for "all in the family." remember all of those norman lear shows?
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revive a lot of his old shows with original scripts i. can't imagine who would have to step into those shoes, though, for "all in the family p." >> didn't you live eeade eade-e. i bet they hold up. the more you think about it -- >> they were so on timely. so -- they really pushed the envelope even back then. >> they did. >> racism is racism, and, you know, so many of the subjects they discuss are still around. >> still around. >> unfortunately. demi moore daughter -- got to say, not just her daughters, it's -- ashton kutcher? >> no, no, no, no. bruce willis. sorry. >> forget. >> brain tumor there. 25-year-old, 22-year-old and another daughter and rumer willis start add singing, an acting career and now she and her sister scout are launching a
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singing career together. >> oh. i want to hear. >> here's a little of them together. we'd like to hear what they sound like. ♪ healed you i still feel the same ♪ seem i still hurt the same way ♪ >> all right. that little sound together, you wonder who's shooting the video? [ laughter ] somebody. [ laughter ] -- >> you know what? plopped the phone down. positioned it and thought -- they'd be in it. sound good. >> currently writing music for an album together and we wish them the best. >> here's a question. do you think lying by omission is still a lie? when you -- purposely omit an important detail from a statement. like, your boyfriend will ask, how was dinner with friends and everybody was there? do you say, like -- here's an example. if i go out and have a fun, fun
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night. >> yeah. >> and joel couldn't go. i'm not going to go on and on about how fun it was. oh, it was fun. why would i go on and on? >> i don't think that's a lie. you're saying it was fun. >> but omitting some details that might really round out the picture. >> how much fun are you capable of having when he's not even there? >> yes. >> but that's not lying. that's not lying. >> admitting part -- omitting part of the story. >> only to not cause pain. >> yeah. do it to not cause pain. >> what is your motivation. >> now. >> what? >> if you said something like -- say you had plans with somebody. >> yeah. >> and then you weren't feeling so hot. >> yeah. >> and you said, i'm not feeling so hot, and then you went out with somebody else. >> oh. well, that's just a lie. >> yeah. >> yeah. that's a lie. if you omit -- yeah. >> so research shows -- lying by omission is very
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common. hopefully because people don't want to cause pain, and they found to the teller sounds more ethical. something between the truth and a total lie. not all for situational ethics. i'm all for preserves somebody's feelings, if possible. >> you don't want to crush feelings. >> yeah. we got lots of favorite things. >> i got two pet-related ones. one is this book, and it's called "hello family, i'm home" by beth bowen and met angle, about a little kit hoon gets trapped in a car. >> yes. >> you know, because he feels it's warm and cozy. goes on a great adventure and winds up meeting some amazing other animals. >> and a whole new family. >> a whole new family 23457 one is $18. it's and my cute little dog was in the snow. everybody with a puppy, out in the snow, look at blake. he was prancing! >> same person is running the
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video. >> but, look, look -- >> and, go! >> does he go? >> go! >> good boy. got to go, you got to go. but he loved it. what are you up to, kath? >> i have a book written by a young woman "fear fighting: awakening courage to overcome your fears." $11.26, available pre-order january 3rd on amazon. a lot of people battle fear. >> i'm sure. >> schae in her own life. how she was able to overcome it. this is really cute. this is "the little christmas angel" $24.99 includes the doll. it's got a wonderful little message. >> how cute! >> about christmas and a precious little book to read and a little baby. these are like last-minute gift ideas. >> yeah. >> cute. all right. >> all right. >> a big show coming up. don't we? >> rumors of a kardashian breakup true? breakup true? >> and a lot
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if you were busy wrapping and shopping this weekend, you probably didn't have time to catch up on the celebrity scoop. >> you can count on us, because we've got all the juicy gossip in -- >> both: "today's buzz." >> here to fill you in, entertainment weekly writer tim stack -- >> stackable! hello. >> jaw dropping devastating news for fifth harmony fans? >> we do.
10:15 am
a fourth harmony. no longary fifth. they're a fourth. >> it's a done deal. >> a done deal. camila cabello, one of the premiere members of fifth harmony, very cute. she sang on all of their songs, worked from home, but she announced last night she is leaving the band. well, announced via one direction -- sorry. fifth harmony's social media. informed by a representative she was leaving. i don't think she, like, told them personally. >> some of this back lot? they're friends? >> they're a huge group. work from home one of the biggest singles of the year, but all discovered on "x factor" as solo artists. they were put together. i don't think they ever thought they would be a group. like they didn't go into t. weren't friends from the beginning. >> not built on a long-term friendship. interesting. >> things can happen that way, too. and put them together and -- >> sort of the most solo
10:16 am
success. a song with sean mend hawn mend >> with justin timberlake. >> timberlake/zane. >> has zane had a huge solo career? >> pretty good. not heard his song with taylor swift? >> who's taylor swift? >> from the new "50 shades" hoef. >> ymovie? >> on fire! >> and the will smith movie startled me. >> "collateral damage." >> it tanked. terrible reviews. open the $7 million. >> how is this possible? >> a huge cast. it's his lowest opening ever in his career. lower than "concussion." his movie came out two years ago. >> brilliant in "concussion." >> somebody told me this morning, i think jenna bush. watched the film and loved it. >> that happened to me last
10:17 am
night watched "bridget jones' baby." loved it. >> audience scores. >> "collateral beauty." >> the title is not great. no one uses the term collateral beauty. not a term anyone uses. never been, kathie lee, all the collateral beaut any this room. it's wonderful. like, i don't know what that means. >> something has to suffer for it, right? >> i didn't hear advertising for the movie. am i crazy? >> no. such a sweet movie i. wa. >> i want to see it. dwarfed by "star wars." "rogue one" killed everything. $155 million. >> move on 0 blac chyna and rob kardashian. >> i love talking about them. don't you? oh, it's wonderful. [ laughter ] no. america's sweethearts, rob kardashian and blac chyna, they are no longer. she moved out, had taken the baby.
10:18 am
it began saturday. her instagram hacked. using air quotes, by someone very mad, implied it's rob maybe allegedly hacked her instagram accounts and her social media accounts and he uploaded -- someone uploaded all of these text messages she portraying her in a not awesome light. but then he basically went on instagram saying she's left, took dream renee kardashian, my favorite kardashian name, and then blac chyna did her own instagram, saying she was done with rob. this year's been so intense and blah, blah, blah, terrible. kind of like a war of words right now. but everyone's wondering is it real or fake? they just had their birth special on last night. >> oh, lord. >> and just picked up for another -- >> another season of the show. is this real? it's one of those things, it's hard, because -- you know, well? >> time will tell. >> i feel sadly for the little baby in the middle. >> yes. dream renee. i love the idea of them yelling
10:19 am
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come on r2! we gotta go! ♪ woohoo! the best place in the galaxy for everything star wars. walmart. it is now time to surprise our -- >> fan of the week. drum roll, please, while we spin the globe and today this is taking us to -- whites borough, new york. >> lyn watches. how are you? >> great. >> a good connection for a change. listen -- >> who is that? >> tom brady! >> tom brady. all right. tell everybody why you were chosen, barbara. watching our show since our very first episode. you love ambush makeovers and guess what her favorite part is? >> both: when we speak at the
10:23 am
same time! >> and guess what, hoda woman, she relates to you, because schae a large head, and hats never fit her either. >> oh, yeah. look at it. it doesn't fit. barbara works as senior business consultant and loves to golf with work laesds, comes from a huge family, mother of two beautiful girls, kara and alexandra, barbara and her husband chris want to go on a vacation together. >> hope to make it come true. fan to the test with a trivia question. 15 seconds and just one guess. a little more difficult one. >> okay. every wednesday i share something with our audience. when i do kathie lee often closes her eyes and goes like -- that. does this happen during ihoda, words of wisdom or brain teaser tuesday? >> "words of wisdom". >> both: yes! >> you're going. >> it's -- >> was that her or the dog? >> that was me. >> you and more husband chris
10:24 am
head to beautiful colorado springs. >> wow! >> colorado, you'll spend five days, four nights at the stunning broadmoor resort. it's beautiful. >> gorgeous. included in your trip, breakfast in the lake terrace dining room, dinner for two at the restaurante dellago and two wonderful spall treatments. >> and also enjoying tickets to take the broadmoors pikes peak cog railway. gorgeous. top of pikes peak and two passes to the broadmoor seven falls and round-trip airfare of course included. >> can you stand it, barbara? how about that adventure? >> you'll have a wonderful time. thank for being our "fan of the week." >> thank you. merry christmas. >> merry christmas, barbara. what do you do were an uninvited guest shows up at your holiday party? >> mr. manners weighs in on all of those dilemmas. >> plus holiday hair secrets for we asked woman to smell two body washes and pick their favorite. they both smell good. i like b better.
10:25 am
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what? >> all three of us in a completely -- >> hey there!the chp is investi caused a driver to lose control of a big-rig carrying packages for the u-s postal happening now the chp continues to investigate what caused a driver to lose control of a big rig carrying packages for the u.s. postal service near dublin this morning. that truck driver died on that crash. it's been causing big backups on
10:27 am
southbound 680 as well. we are talking with investigators and we will have a live report in our midday newscast. watch for developments anytime on our twitter feed. we are monitoring the aftermath of a deadly accident in santa clara where a woman pushing a shopping cart was hit and killed. we have a look at weather and traffic after the break. =trx at ck=
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10:29 am
ck traffic maps highs this afternoon will reach into the mid 50s after a very chilly morning. it will be milder later on todah and still some long sleeves needed. over the next several days we keep it dry with some warmer air moving in. it won't be until friday when the next storm service arrives and could bring in a couple of rounds of rain in time for the weekend. friday as well as christmas day. temperaturewise we are in for some temperatures about average for this time of year in san francisco, reaching 59 degrees on wednesday and once again, some showers in the forecast in time for the weekend for both san francisco and the inland areas. now let's check in with mike for an update on traffic. >> you know, it's december to a light flow of traffic all over the bay, pretty nice commutes for most of your commute. we have a slow down south 880 past 92, a crash there in the middle of the roadway, should clear that truck quickly. this one has yet to clear, that last lane, one lane remains closed south 680 at el pintado.
10:30 am
that slowing only there, no backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. jien us at 121:00 for our next newscast. oing us at 121:00 next newscast. us at 121:00 for next newscast. un day 1:00 for our next newscast. season for ho, ho, ho, but we're about to show you how to -- >> right. about to get your glam on for all the festive get-togethers. here to help two fabulous stylists. >> the hair genius cuts and styles our ambush makeover ladies, our friend. >> both: arson gurgle. >> and founder of mally beauty. >> both: mall cl roy roncal. >> two lovely ladies you're going re-do. >> right. actually show twou ways, don't have time to look festive what can you do at home. actually show you amy's picture before. >> before shot. pretty good. >> naturally curly hair.
10:31 am
used a little smoothing thing you can use. >> revealer in a minute. don't you worry. >> kind of make it smooth. >> how did you make it curly? >> we used -- all curls saturated with smoothing gel. >> that's all did you? >> curling iron, too, arson's that does not happen like that. come on! it's okay. >> it's a little bit -- polished the curl. show you actually how to -- on a tonytail. >> i love these. >> it's so easy. >> look. you only need -- a rubber band. >> okay. >> very transparent, dilute it, dissolve it into your hair. >> yeah, okay. >> and then what? >> then what you do, make space. and you twist this ponytail into this. >> yes. >> see hoda woman? >> that's one, and then can you -- put another one. >> oh, and keep going? until it's over. >> correct. >> so until you run out of hair. so while demonstrating, mally, tell us about --
10:32 am
>> it's pretty. isn't it gorgeous? >> tell us about her makeup. >> we love a smoky eye, ladies love a smoky eye. always a brown or a gray something like that. for holiday, kick it up. use green, use a beautiful plum. what the great thing to do use, like, a shadow stick. they're fast and easy. with these, it's like a primer, it's built right into it. sneak right over here. >> sorry. >> watch what we do. take the plum and put it all over the lid. >> all over. >> yes. lash line to crease and then blend it on. moosh it in, y'all. moosh it in. ath a little secret. feel like it's two holes in a bed sheet, real dark a. ghost look. >> like a ghost look, right, pop it make it look a little open. shimmer, pop that in inner corners and on the lid. that's the fast way. >> you're rinchts gorgeous sm. e
10:33 am
>> gorgeous smoke but a little light. >> and the before picture. beautiful, straight hair. spin her around. talk makeup first. >> there we go. talk about highlighting. because everybody loves a little bit of highlighting. you like a little highlight? >> yes, yes, yes. >> lifts. makes you look like you've had eight hours of sleep. glowy j. lo thing going on. for holidays, pop it up. take a little highlighter, we know where to put it. right on the cheekbones. makes you look like you had a face look -- not like you need it, sister -- a dewy look on the tip of the nose so it doesn't look like a big matte po tait pope know what i'm saying? >> yes. arson is taking down curlers. >> does not want to be in curlers. >> shall i -- >> always told me she actually wants volume. the trick is these small rulers. >> little velcro rollers.
10:34 am
>> make sure they're not hot. it's not the hot rollers. velcro rollers, hot rollers give you curl at the ends. >> when do you put those in? amp a blow dry? >> your hair can be natural. doesn't matter, you can put them in. >> show us what this is going to do. >> oh! >> oh, my god. >> what? >> look at her before. and look -- >> whoa! >> oh, my gosh. >> where are you going to lunch? >> isn't this festive for five seconds? really? >> beautiful. >> awesome. >> beautiful. >> heat these rollers, keep in two minutes, put on makeup as mally did. take off once, cooled off. >> run the blow dryer when in? >> heat them in and then pull them out. >> got it. >> you look great. gorgeous, a little bit, makes a big difference. >> to see how our models looks were created go to the facebook page. and what do you do if a guest bring as pet to your
10:35 am
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the holidays bring together family and friends, but sometimes with great gathering comes sticky situations. >> yep. from uninvited guests to those who don't know when to leave. we are going to show you how to handle awkward etiquette conundrums with help of mr. etiquette himself, thomas xlr. >> is somebody at the door? >> i think so. >> come on in, please. >> oh, it's kate. >> what's kate doing? >> you know, kate if you wouldn't mind, would you just take off your shoes. we have a little spot over here. >> oh, no. these are new. >> so is the rug. so, yeah, if you wouldn't mind. >> if you want to stay, kate -- take them off. all right? >> maybe she has a hole in her stockings. >> here's the key if you want guests to take off shoes. be welcoming but let your guest know in advance. not wearing wholly socks.
10:40 am
>> just took two? >> kate is -- >> next? [ doorbell ] >> come in. >> oh, hi! >> i brought a friend. >> we have -- >> luna. here you want a drink? maybe not. you'll probably drop it. >> maybe in a minute. >> did luna do her business before she got here? >> she did. i promise. don't worry. she'll be very good. >> emily come with her dog and we were not aware. >> that's a no-no. >> this is not a chihuahua, obviously. this dog will be known. the key here is some of our guests may be very afraid of dogs. >> that's it. letting all the heat out. >> we don't know if our guests are comfortable with this. >> and also not appropriate -- >> too big. >> thank you, sweetie. >> i have shown up with bambino on occasion. >> letting the host know in advance is the key. [ doorbell ] >> i don't remember inviting any of these people. >> donna's here. >> i thought per effect to bring
10:41 am
olivia. >> olivia is our rogue relative. estranged from the family. not seen olivia. >> nobody likes olivia. >> donna decided, a nice family idea -- >> decided to make nice with everybody. yeah. >> yes. >> you know what? let's move, because this door does not work here. >> good! >> had it repaired malt pultipl times. >> can't get it right. somebody's at the door. >> hey, guys. >> they got the memo. >> the lights. so sorry. >> please, don't worry about it. >>y broke the lights outside? >> that's okay. >> done the right thing. as a host you want to refuse and diffuse this feeling of guilt. you want to refuse -- refuse the money -- don't have to worry about replacing them. >> people are more important than things. >> look how nice. brought food. >> so nice, though. >> takes about an hour to heat up. [ laughter ] just have to reheat t. thank you so much. lovely. appreciate t. it's very sweet, but i don't think it's going to fit in our oven.
10:42 am
>> it's not fitting in the oven. no room at the inn. we have no room at the oven. >> what do you say, thomas? >> thank you so much. appreciate this. see if we can find smaller bowls to put it in and maybe heat it up in the microwave. >> oh. >> minimum, don't want it to take the place of the main course. >> also making more work for the host, or hostess. >> spiesed to lighten the load. >> i know you didn't mean to. >> but she did. maybe can you do something with these later. >> okay. >> thank you. >> i wonder who's at the door? >> i don't think there's anybody else. >> no. there's somebody else! >> no, there's not i. think we're done. go see the guests. >> visit with the guests. one more. >> everybody come on in. okay. all right. wow. this partien been fun. going on for hours. >> wait. we never really got to the bottom of this. donna brought -- where's donna. she left. >> donna brought, in a strange relative and now leaves the party. so what are you supposed to do?
10:43 am
>> they couldn't handful. too contradictory. >> come here, donna. you can sit here. >> as the host, you never want any of your guests to feel awkward. we're explaining situations at the door, of course, for viewers. maybe sure everybody feels comfortable including the rogue relative. be nite nice. for a moment, take a moment, the two of you can talk, we have our kirchs differences, for the sake of the evening -- >> and holiday spirit. >> all right. i didn't invite any of you. >> what if there's a guest who won't leave? one last question. party's over dock the dishes. there's always somebody hovering. >> break out your line. it's been wonderful seeing you. thank you so much for coming. we've made terrific memories tonight looking forward to next year. >> bye! >> exactly. >> next year. >> thanks, guys. >> thank you, everybody. >> cheers, everybody. merry christmas. >> offer your guest as drink and here with creative cocktail ideas to toast with after this.
10:44 am
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my agent thanks you. >> my gosh. look who won't leave the party. >> always somebody. >> time to go home. >> all right. raise glass to the holiday season with our favorite he said/she said team. >> the author of wine for women, leslie. hi, kids. you're back. >> hey. >> happy holidays. >> happy holidays. >> back together. >> we love it when you visit. >> and brought cocktails. >> how you make it through the holiday season, as you know. >> all of those etiquette problems over there, solve them with this. >> perfect, lady. >> first off, punches. the one i started with, italian spritzer punch. basically like a spritz with a little galiano added to it. pretty, festive. >> what is galiano? >> italian herbal liqueur.
10:50 am
crisp, light, really, really lovely. >> pace yourself, hoda. there's lots of these. >> delicious. >> dump it all together in a punch bowl, a little ice ring. >> unusual and like it. you know me, i'm not into -- but that's delicious. >> i have a big old, the one-two punch. ginger spice punch. this has bourbon, baby. >> yes. >> so bourbon is the way. >> bring that over here, leslie. >> the way you solve holiday issues. no family problems there. >> oh, my gosh. >> we're not suggesting that. >> no, we're not. >> sometimes it enflames the problem. >> that's true. >> this is just a dash of bourbon. one part bourbon to five parts ap the-of-al cider. >> festive. >> and time. >> next up, calls the merry merry mojito. a variation of a mojito. you basically create like the usual. simple syrup, mint and lime. >> muddling, aren't you.
10:51 am
>> i'm muddling. i love to muddle. >> what is that? >> we'll muddle through. >> that is rum. a littlehite rum. >> you could put vodka if you wanted, i bet? >> could you put vodka in. and then you pour into the glass, and instead of -- normally use sparkling water. for the holidays, i'm thinking champaign. >> of course you are. >> why not? more fete istive, fun. >> limey. >> zincy. >> a little festive sprig that is so for me. that is a delicious drink. >> takes you to mexico. doesn't it? >> it does. >> ray is winning now, i'm hearing. >> yes, i a. that's good. yes. >> all right. so i made a fourth-hour fizz, i wanted it to look beautiful and festive just like you two ladies. >> she was asking for votes. >> there we go. >> asking, begging for votes. the fourth-hour fizz. easy to make. a few ingredients. basically take vodka, put it into a shaker, about 1.5 ounces.
10:52 am
a little elder flower liqueur. then you shake that up. it comes from ed s fros from es >> i said cody likes that. you know it minute you taste t. aren't they distinctive? >> floral. >> yes. >> add a little color. this is an argentinean lightly sparkling red wine because you want the color. you can add more tonic. you want it to be festive. any red. >> lambrusco, any red, then at alongside green color. >> red and green. >> fourth-hour fizz. >> all right. >> moving on to warm, sort of by the fire holiday, nice cocktails. coffee. this one's for you. >> oh, no. this one. >> this is -- essentially a variation -- >> not as -- >> brandy.
10:53 am
a little bit of creme de cocoa, kahlua. >> this, a very, very low-cal version of eggnog. no egg and no dairy. egg and delicious, stir it up, a little cinnamon stick, and it is yummy. >> and -- >> dairy-free. >> voila. >> find off of these drink recipes at, and donnadorable about to pull back the red curtain with a big, big surprise. thank you, guys, for everything. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> that's what i meant to say. go donna, go donna!>>
10:54 am
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this is the final week of are annual tour drive. dlivd millions across the country. >> which generous spurn behind
10:57 am
the curtain today? drum roll, please. >> both: chief content officer mary cullenaid! >> nice to see you again. >> we have $350,000. >> what? >> wait. did she say -- >> both: $350,000? >> worth of books. >> we love to do that. >> 15,000 books for kids who clearly will be able to benefit from having access -- >> your books are works of art. really are. >> brought classics. "'twas the night before christmas," "polar express" thrilled to do it every year. >> how many years? >> about four years, for me, and it's before me. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for being here. >> awesome. >> you have until friday to donate. stop by the ploz sa, do it online at our website has details. >> right. tomorrow, kevin costner pays us a visit. >> what? >> yes. we love him. plus a song from tony bennett.
10:58 am
>> and the scottos are right now at 11: the search is
10:59 am
11:00 am
on for the gunman who shot and killed a man in san jose... propelling the number of homicides in the cy, right now at 11:00, the search is on for the gunman who shot and killed a man in san jose, pro pepelling the number homicides in the city more than it's been in ten years. thank you for joining us. >> it has been a violent year on the streets of san jose. we still have is a few weeks left in the year 2016. a shooting had police canvassing an area near a gas station at the canada border all night long. bob, this latest homicide brings san jose to territory we have not seen in a long time. >> reporter: unfortunately, you are correct. good morning to you, sam and


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