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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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another cold morning in the bay area -- the day after christmas bringing chilly temperatures and frost. we're tracking how high the temps will get. pete/live another cold morning in the bay area, chilly temperatures and frost. we are tracking how high temperatures can get. folks could pay a big price if they park illegally at b.a.r.t. a fallen star. george michael passes away on christmas day. we look back at his life and career. "today in the bay. starts right now. good morning and thank you for joining us on this day after christmas. >> hanukkah ongoing, as a matter of fact. >> yes. i'm the only one not in blue.
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>> thp's okay. it makes it diverse up here. what we are dealing with is cold temperatures. how hot is a relative term. >> that's why we are wearing blue. it's all blue on my maps out there as we look at temperatures and very chilly air. it's now a live look outside in san jose. all clear skies and we will continue to see once again a very blue map there freezing temperatures in napa and santa rosa. very close in livermore and morgan hill, you may have frost on the car. you have to deal with that before you get on the roadway. i'll detail that coming up. let's look outside from some of our traffic cams. looking at the big map showing there is no big problems out there. all dry but you have to deal with that cold air across the richmond bridge and san mateo,
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no major problems yet. we will keep you updated throughout the rest of the morning. this morning the world continues to remember british singer george michael who was found dead inside his london home on christmas day. >> you might remember george michael burst on to the early '80s scene? wham. then he was a solo performer. "faith" sold more than 10 billion copies. ways known for his facial stubble, aviator shades and he became a championship for the lgbtq community. >> prince, madonna and michael jackson ruled the decade of the 1980s. >> michael's manager says the star died of heart failure. he was just 53 years old. 4:32. as we get ready to ring in 2017,
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we are getting ready for a parking crackdown. b.a.r.t. is increasing fines. >> pete suratos. >> good morning. those fines are going to be two-fold. you are going to get fined if you park illegally in the daily spots and permit spots let's break down what those fines will be. if you illegally park in a daily spot. if you come to the b.a.r.t. station, that fine will jump from $35 to $55. if you do that illegally park in a permanent spot, that fine is going to double, nearly double from $40 to $75. if you have a fake permit pass that fine will be $150. b.a.r.t. wants to make it more costly for riders who would deal with the fines because it was cheaper than paying for bridge, toll and parking.
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we are talking about san francisco stations. those fines will start january 2. in the next half hour, we'll tell you what happens if you make that mistake to illegally park several times in a year. we'll talk about those fines in the next half hour. pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> heads up if you're planning to use mass transit. cal train will operate on a saturday schedule because a lot of people are still off work. if you have to head to work, cal train will offer six additional trains between san francisco and san jose. that schedule includes a round trip between san francisco and gilroy. charitable spirits in the south bay, an overflow of volunteers showed up for the annual christmas lunch and dance event for seniors in san jose at the roosevelt community center downtown. many people look forward to this
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event because of its inclusive environment. >> providing meals for seniors particularly here in the downtown in many affordable housing developments. this is a wonderful way to bring you together. >> organizers hired performers to sing in several languages to represent the diverse community. it is the first day of kwanzaa. a week-long celebration in the african-american community honors a different principle each day such as unity and creativity. in the bay area there is a kwanzaa celebration at noon at the museum of africa diaspora. kwanzaa continues through new year's day. also in fran, thousands of people in need got an early christmas dinner at st. anthony iodining room yesterday. >> a big piece of ham, big breast of chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy.
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you get that sense of abundance which this is all about. >> chefs prepared enough food for 3,000 people. the dining room opened at 10:00 a.m. and football players from indiana universal were there to help serve the meal. those players are in town for the foster farm bowl happening at levi stadium wednesday. 4:36. post christmas cold. people waking up to freezing temperatures. freezing temperatures in spots in san francisco. it is 44 heading up to 54 today. as you head out, bundle up. more in the microclimate forecast. tragedy on christmas day in the south bay. a woman's car collides head-on into another vehicle killing a teenager. the reason investigators say she caused the deadly crash.
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good monday morning. 4:39. a live look outside at san jose. patchy fog, very chilly temperatures. we'll warm up into the mid 50s today. cooler than the average high of 57. a warmer weekend and dry weather ahead. that's coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> thank you very much.
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investigators believe that drunk driving was involved in a deadly crash in the south bay. the suspected drunk driver was killed along with a 14-year-old boy who was in another car with his parents. police responded to that crash just after midnight sunday on capital expressway. a woman droecve over the center median and crashed into another car and the teenager was killed. the parents are expected to be okay. those deaths mark the 49th and 50th traffic deaths in san jose this year. police looking for a shooter who opened fire outside a san francisco night club early christmas morning. two people were injured in that shooting. it happened early christmas morning outside the grand night kr club. police say the two men on the sidewalk had both been shot.
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according to the club's website, there was a christmas eve event going on at that time. frightening moments on christmas day. 30 customers were evacuated from a chinese restaurant in san ramon when a fire broke out in the kitchen. the fire was recorded at 7:00 last night at uncle you use's. one person suffered from smoke inhalation but refused medical treatment. the fire started on the stove as employees were cooking. firefighters were able to stop the fire from spreading beyond the kitchen and attic areas but the restaurant will remain closed for some time. tsunami warning putting chile coast on alert. the 7.6 quake hit about 700 miles south of santiago. the area is sparsely pop ultd, but the quake did many force
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evacuation of thousands of people. that was called off 90 minutes later. coming up, another star continues to remain hospitalized. what we are hearing about carrie fisher's condition. san francisco slowly waking up a day after christmas. last week's storm dumping a lot
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of fresh snow in the sierra. this is video taken at kirkwood mountain resort near lake t last week's storm dumping fresh snow in the sierra. this is lake tahoe. officials say about four to six inches of fresh snow fell between christmas eve and christmas morning it was a white christmas there. heavenly ski resort reporting about five inches of snow. >> beautiful. >> we are going to kari hall who is pulling double duty this morning, weather and traffic from this beautiful lady. >> thank you. it's nice and quiet starting out this morning, but it is cold. we'll look at some of those temperatures. here is a live look outside at oakland. no issues there as you get out at 4:45. not expecting major issues early this morning. and looking at fairly chilly temperatures.
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it's only 34 in the tri-valley. 38 in the peninsula and 36 in the south bay. 29 in the north bay. freezing temperatures once again. the highs this afternoon will be much more comfortable, reaching inthe 50s in the peninsula. 55 in the north bay. san francisco with a breezy 54. as you travel across the region, dry for the most part. a few showers off the coast of l.a. that is not expected toç cause major problems there. here in san francisco, it will be 42 at 8:00. another chilly start. probably be wearing long sleeves and nice warm jacket all day with highs reaching into the low 50s. it will be breezy. winds coming in from the east and northeast at about 10 miles per hour along the coast. 22 mile-an-hour winds at half moon bay. it stays breezy all throughout the afternoon with more of a calm wind for the inland areas.
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we will see temperatures warming through the week. a couple of weather systems across the region. nothing major moving into the bay area until about the weekend and toward the start of the new year we'll be watching another storm system moving in. in san francisco, expect a high today once again 54, dropping down to 39. 57 for tomorrow. look how it warms up as we go through the week. looking at highs of 60s wednesday and thursday. this weekend will be nice. highs in the 50s. inland areas warmer, reaching 63 and 64 for the middle of the week. this weekend once again for the most part will be fairly dry, quiet. temperatures will be turning cooler. as we look at the roadways, we are seeing fairly smooth driving conditions, no red or yellow here showing that everything is slowing at speed. as we go through the rest of the morning, we'll continue to keep
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an eye on that. looking as you head across the bay bridge looking now at smooth flow early in the morning. we'll continue to keep an eye on that. i'll have another look at weather and traffic coming up. thank you very much. all new this morning, loved ones are remembering the victims of the russian military plane that crashed over the weekend. memorial was held at the airport in sochi. all 84 passengers and eight crì% members on the russian military plane are believed to have died when it crashed in the black sea shortly after taking off from sochi. the passengers included dozens of singers, russia's famous military choir. rescue teams are searching the crash site in the black sea. russian officials say pilot error or a technical issue, not terrorism, is likely the cause of that crash. new details on the nephew of the suspect in the berlin christmas attack.
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he was arrested on friday but prior to his arrest, he told the associated press that more investigation was needed over who could have aided in the attack. he said amri may have had help evading authorities. investigators announced friday the nephew and two other people had been arrested on suspicion of belonging to the same extremist network. an update on the condition of actress carrie fisher. debbie reynolds, her mom, said her daughter is in stable condition after suffering cardiac arrest mid flight on friday. 60-year-old fisher had a heart attack on a flight from london to l.a. and rushed to the hospital after landing. reynolds will keep fans posted throughout her recovery process and thanked her daughter's fans and friends for their support. coming up, a holiday message
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from outer space. we have the message from the crew aboard the international space station. we'll tell you about the gravity-defying meal they had on christmas. first happening right now from the good to know bucket, several new laws are coming soon to california. don't get caught in the dark. a comprehensive list. the tutu wearing therapy pig. read all about this new star on
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a live look outside san
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jose. typically that time of the year when you say, how much food i did just eat in the last 48 hours? hope you had a great holiday as we continue this christmas week. >> i have no guilt about what i ate yesterday. speaking of the end of the year, we have a look back now to 20 years ago. it's when a high school quarterback had to make a did e decision, one he believes was not the right call. >> santa cruz. say the same and certain scenes, certain sports come immediately to mind. football though is not one of them and not without good reason. >> we had a reputation, i wouldn't say was for good football. >> in 1996, wally was the
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quarterback of the harbor high school pirates. a team the year before won just a single game. not wally's year. >> we shocked the city and rivals and other teams. >> the game of their life. >> undefeated and playing for the league championship against their bigger, stronger rival, the also undefeated sarn lorenzo valley cougars. it was a rainy, sloppy affair. the end of regulation was tied 14-14. back in '96, there were no rules for overtime in high school football so that was it. the teams were co-champions, except the referee offered to stick around if the teams wanted to keep playing until there was a winner. just for bragging rights. the ref turned to the harbor coach who turned to wally. >> i turned to my coach and said
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let's take the tie. >> it was a decision wally had five seconds to make and 20 years to live with. san lorenzo valley players, never missing a chance to call him out for quitting on his team. >> wally and i played together two years after high school. we still raz him for it every day. >> wally says it never bugged him too much until a facebook post two years ago brought up the game once again. wally looked back as a 37-year-old man and didn't like what he saw his younger self do. >> it bothered me enough where i wrote a letter to my teammates and said that day, i realize i'm not ashamed of quitting, but not asking you guys or looking to you and saying i don't want to do this, but you saying i got you. >> you can't fix a mistake alone 20 years later, or can you?
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the past two years wally has been recruiting as many players of that game to hold a rematch and settle a score. his old coach even flew in from washington state. >> 100%. when he said they're in, whatever i can do. >> the record books wouldn't change, but one man's story might. >> we do things that aren't in our character sometimes. how often do we get to maybe correct it or maybe do it again? >> so this past saturday, the pads went back on and the 1996 pirates and cougars went out to battle one last time. it wasn't the prettiest of games, but it certainly wasn't for a lack of effort or intensi intensity. and after four quarters, it was tied again. except this time you can bet
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they played overtime. san lorenzo finally scoring a touchdown and harbor unable to answer. it's a loss on the scoreboard that wally considers a win in life. he says there's a saying in football about leaving everything on the field. for wally, at least on this day, that includes regrets. in santa cruz, garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> that's incredible. they got the same decision again 20 years later. talk about a holiday celebration out of this world. >> the crew aboard the international space station sent a holiday greeting back to earth before they chowed down on their christmas eat. >> we are going to eat very well up here in christmas. of course, we are all going to miss our family members, but
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we'll have a great time up here. >> that santa hat sticking straight up. the meal included traditional dishes from each restaurant's hometown. the u.s. menu included turkey, stuffing, chocolate cake and hot cider, ox tongue and join gingerbread. it is the morning after christmas. another chilly start. >> we have freezing temperatures over the weekend. that continues this morning. very chilly temperatures as you get ready to head back to work or no i'll have a look at that forecast. >> if you're headed shopping today, stores are getting ready to open with post christmas deals. we have a live report coming up next.
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together, we're building a better california. the day after christmas bringing chilly temperatures and frost. bay area this morning, the day after christmas. bringing chilly temperatures, plenty of scarves out there. tracking how high the temperatures will get. >> park illegally at b.a.r.t. at your own risk. new fines set to kick in next week. a fallen star. '80s pop sensation george michael passes away on christmas day. this morning, we take a look back at his life and career. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning to


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